NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A McDonald’s cashier jailed for beating two irate customers with a metal rod (click here for video) says he was only trying to defend himself.

Rayon McIntosh was arrested Oct. 13 after a wild fight inside a McDonald’s in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan.

Video recorded by a customer showed two furious women vaulting a counter to attack McIntosh after some sort of dispute.

McIntosh grabbed a metal bar and fought back with savage force, continuing to deliver crushing blows even after the women were incapacitated on the floor.

McIntosh tells the New York Daily News in a jailhouse interview published Saturday that he acted to protect himself.

He says the women came in angry, and he was just trying to keep things calm when they “attacked for no reason.”

One of the women has a fractured skull.

McIntosh, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon while the two women were charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

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  1. EugeneMcCarty says:…Your intro says “NYC Cashier Who Beat Customers Claims Self Defense”
    In the 1st place you use the “who beat customers…” When the women slapped employee and JUMPED counters, at THAT point, they were no longer “customers”, then they became “assailants or attackers”. A HUGE difference…. Then you use the words: “Claims self defense” indicating it is hollow claim. Sheesh! I believe it has been said : “Journalism is dead”. If this piece is any indication, then that quote is right. These women opened a can of hornets. Look, you just can’t go around slapping people. You don’t know who is at their last bit of patience. They started it and he finished it. Let’s just say, I doubt they will jump another counter soon. No matter, McD’s will pay all their medical bills an probably give them a huge settlement. We have created a politically correct prison that none of us shall escape from. are one of the builders with so called “reporting” like this. Unbiased..ha.

  2. Corey Glancy says:

    When animals attack and humans defend themselves.

  3. Mike says:

    That’s what I love about the state of Pennsylvania, we have the castle law, plus the right to carry a concealed pistol.. If you feel threatened you can shoot to kill, and no one can do anything about it. In this case 2 worthless problems would have been taken care of.

  4. Karl says:

    EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR! If they were KKK members attacking him, he would be given the key to the city, but they were stupid fat women who got what they deserved, now he’ll get 2 felonies.

  5. shabby dog says:

    They got exactly what they DESERVED. Where do I send $$$ for his defense?

  6. Joe says:

    Hero? Are you people crazed? He kept hitting them with a metal rod when they were down and deserves to go to jail.

    1. Nita says:

      @ Joe No he does not need to go to jail. He did not start anything. He was where he was supposed to be. Making a honest living when these two dummies attacked him. You have no idea what you would have done had this of been you and two people attacked you. Even once they were down. If they went back there they most have thought they had something for him but were they wrong.

  7. hokie says:

    As a prosecutor I would charge him because there became a point when he was not defending himself but rather just beating a person down on the ground. As a juror however I would find him not guilty.

  8. Boxite says:

    Customer service is cruel and unusual punishment. Let the guy walk.

  9. john says:

    They attacked him. Their attack was stopped. We all have a right to self-defense and survival. The women acted like animals and were treated as such. Never write a check your ass can’t cash.

  10. Doug says:

    I only wish it had happened closer to the deep fryer and he had been thinking a little faster.

  11. Amish11 says:

    Is it not possible that these two young ladies were just misunderstood? The customer is always right!

  12. Opinion counts says:

    The women shoved first….he shoved back in defense and shoved a bit harder…I figure it was adrenaline….the women were to blame here. This is what they call a knowledge bump to the head…cut him loose.

  13. Bagheera says:

    The women started it with a “Big Whack,” but it ended with a “Quarter Pounding with Cheese.”

  14. Wesley Harris says:

    I’m sorry, but what exactly is up with the NYC CBS local affiliate presenting this so one-sided-ly? The guy WAS acting in self defense initially. He just took it a bit to far.
    Yet the CBS affiliate is presenting it as if the ladies in question did nothing wrong of note. This wreaks of sexist bigotry, and MUST be stopped, no matter the cost.

  15. Travis says:

    How interesting this story is. It completely leaves out that the women assaulted him first. They didn’t just jump the counter as this story would have you believe, but they struck him in the face prior to jumping the counter. Why the double standard? Why the cover up? Why defend these vile, useless human beings? They got what they deserved.

  16. mr sane says:

    he SHOULD have beat those two idiots senseless, he is a absolutely correct, you are not getting away with that double standard anymore you two idiots, good for this guy!!!

  17. Ed says:

    The rod-bearer’s co-worker inched toward him with trepidation, repeatedly telling him to quit, and after a few tries, eventually got the rod from him.

    The co-worker apparently thought it went way beyond self-defense…

  18. Brian Cavalier says:

    Yep two all beat patties and a shakedown.

    1. Jewfromhell says:

      Loved it Brian!

    2. Finbar says:

      Brian, you so cavalier.

  19. dhall says:

    those females got what they were trying to dish out- it is tim emore folk began kicking some ass when attacked. it is time to let the man go back to work and keep the females in jail where their fat asses belong. this is the type of crap that has so many people packin’ nowdays.

  20. Raleigh Guy says:

    Those girls mistook that fast food restaurant for BK, they can’t have it their way in MC Donald.

  21. danthefan says:

    i didnt see it mentioned, but i’m guessing the two violent women were black. most humans dont act like that.

  22. Ken says:

    Woman want total equality but they don’t want the equal responsibilities that goes with it. Take the sexual language out of this and the defender walks. The attackers go to jail. But justice is not blind, She peeks. Hope people learn from this. You never know who your messing with until your in the hospital or worse. Hope he walks and keeps his job and my be sues those two for lost wages and the trauma they put him through.

    1. An Educated Woman's Opinion says:

      Stop generalizing. Just because these animals behaved like the savages they are doesn’t mean that half of the population is like that. I think you can narrow this type of barbarism down to a specific demographic. The behavior of these beasts is by no means emblematic of all women.

      1. annie says:

        Traditionally, men solved problems with their fists, you’d be surprised what’s going on out there in the realm of now, female, behavior w/regards to physical violence. They want to emulate all their heroines in the movies and “kick butt” just like all the new uber violent females in the uber violent films out there. It translates into real time, and girls are actually hitting guys now, thinking they can scrap it up (see the new movie “Footloose”, I’m calling it” gratuitous fighting” for females), “I can do anything you can do better” and all. Yeah, right. Feminists cannot speak to this cuz they caused it.

    2. Thomas Preston says:

      hes working in a mc donalds
      i dont think his job is an issue or thatmuch of a loss.
      The injustice of it all is those women will file a suit against mc donalds and mc donalds will settle it out instead of fighting it. They will become very wealthy.The question is why a maetal rod behind the counter
      ? was it a tool used by mcdonalds or did he bring it in?

    3. Jean Poole says:

      Ken, please tell me that you did not go to college.

      English written here. ‘YOU”RE’, ‘MAY BE’.

      1. Liberty Jane says:

        Too easy. LOL

  23. evefromeden says:

    He is innocent. Even behind the counter they still tried to get up and attack. One was doing the ghetto walk and one thought she was ms queen. He was calm until they attacked him. They could have had a gun or knife. I thought they were bringing that out next. These females can strut and roll their neck elsewhere. Perhaps Africa where they belong. He did his time. Whats their past? He needs a trial. He’s innocent. He is my hero and I want him for President. Act like a man. Get treated like one.

  24. Open minded model/student says:

    Are you crazy? These girls are people too, right?

    1. rjm2238 says:

      Judging from their behavior I would say no, they are not.
      Rich in New Mexico.

    2. monstersdoexist says:

      No, you are incorrect. Those women were acting like wild animals and he acted appropriately in putting them down.

    3. Grizz Mann says:

      Could say those trespassers are people too.
      Possibly those criminals are people too?

    4. David Conard says:


  25. josh says:

    It was self defense.. I would of took the hot grease and threw it at them if they attacked me.. The women should be forced to pay their own hospital bills… The drunken hoes learned a lesson not to mess and act stupid…

    1. evefromeden says:

      I would have put their face in the hot grease too.

  26. Open minded model/student says:

    You cant be serious, he cracked the skull of a future architect or physician. This is so wrong on so many levels. She could have been the next Mozart, you dont know. I am a white college girl and i have learned first hand with urban minorities(who are soooo disadvantaged)to let them finish whatever act of violence they commit on you. It works everytime i am violated, and he should have let them finish, he is a barabarian.This is soo not cool what he did.

    1. GL Lee says:

      …and you’re an idiot.

      1. johnny says:

        And you’re apparently too low-IQ to know sarcasm or parody when you see it. Are you really so angry and small-minded that you can’t see an obvious joke (that is actually on your side of the argument) when you see it? She was parodying liberal white sheeple, dummy! But I guess you just wanted to go off on someone…. Gee, just like those thugettes in the video! I guess you do have something in common!

        1. Jason says:

          Maybe GL Lee was being sarcastic…

        2. annie says:

          Actually you can’t be sure it was sarcasm, you have no idea how stupid college students are; the things they believe and say are just like that girl’s comment.

          1. Kevin Pearson says:

            Uh, check the extras “oooo”s in so. and the “every time”, means that it has happened more than once – meaning that if it wasn’t sarcasm, then the poster is likely posting from beyond the grave.

            Believe me, the first two sentences, she had me going thinking that she was serious. This was very very cleverly written.

      2. ConservativeRedneck says:

        I believe that was sarcasm.

      3. moose says:

        a little slow aren’t we Lee

      4. sherry says:

        This is the problem with blogging. It is difficult at times to read tone. No rolling of the eyes accompany remarks.
        I doubt that Open minded student (is that sarcasm too?) is an idiot. Probably just a literal reader.

    2. Logic says:

      Yes, let them finish whatever they are doing and go on their way.
      Stupid white girl.

    3. hwoa says:

      I believe it was sarcasm.

      1. johnny says:

        Yes — funny how many people are so quick to go off without thinking it through or seeing the obvious sarcasm…. They managed to look as dumb as the people who got beat. Reading comprehension fail….

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          They obviously only read the first two sentences before reacting, which is behavior that I would expect from a liberal

    4. CNote says:

      There should be a sarcasm font.

      1. carl says:

        i LIKE that idea…

        1. Zexufang Fang says:

          “Sarcasm font”. Brilliant.

          1. Pat says:

            /sarcasm off

            Placed at the end

      2. Bradley Green says:

        And it would defeat the purpose of sarcasm, which is subtle humor that requires a degree of intelligence to understand…

        1. Jake V says:

          well said, sir.

      3. Kavana says:

        There is. It’s called “Comic Sans.”

    5. Chuck Weezer says:

      If these “MOZARTS” would have came into my house like that, A fractured skull would have been the least of their worries. (double tap).

    6. t. west says:

      Wow… Can you say sheep?

    7. Jack says:

      That had me roaring! Very funny! I pray this fellow walks and sues the two women if they don’t go to jail for attacking him. It is obvious from the videos that they were coming after him. I am sorry he didn’t kill both of those idiots.

      1. Testlead says:

        I’ve never seen anybody squeeze money out of a turd

    8. Siobhra says:

      Finish a post where you use sarcasm with /sarcasm. The back slash is the sign for finish. Thus /sarcasm would tell people that what was before that as sarcasm.

      There are a lot of future architect’s or physician’s that might miss sarcasm unless you tell them. /sarcasm

      1. Chimmy McPee says:

        That’s actually a slash, and not a backslash FYI

        1. Jake V says:

          thank you for clarifying that. I personally can never recall which is which.

    9. Common Sense Please says:

      A future physician or architect would not have conducted themselves in this manner. Wake up you fool, you are a future welfare addict.

    10. leftis wack says:

      Uhhh…what!? NO one could possibly be as dumb a fool that you are…uhh except a white lib chick…I hope ur post is BS but just in case…architect…physician, surely you meant crack dealer or thug…Gawd watta dumbass bitch hahahahaha

    11. Nita says:

      Are you being sarcastic or are you really stupid? Who the hell let you attend their college, other then to mop the floors?

      1. Jean Poole says:

        “other then to mop the floors?” Other THAN!!!!

    12. Kip Noxzema says:

      Is it your fault or mine that they are SOOOO disadvantaged? Really? Black men and women grow up with good standard and values, and they don’t end up like this. So if you let people walk on you like that…

    13. blksqrrl007 says:

      I am laughing at your comment above. You are way too optimistic.

    14. bob says:

      they got what they needed that for here or to go please

    15. Bosco says:

      Hey sweets, stay in college. Maybe you’ll wake up someday, and see life for what it is. Mozart my S. She slapped him and went over the counter to attack the poor guy and he didn’t do anything until she jumped the counter to impress her lesbian girlfriend. She’s lucky she made it alive out of McDs.

      1. ra says:

        What does being a lesbian have to do with it??? Ignorant..

    16. Bob Sloggin says:

      LOL…. You’re a liberal twit, more precisely. a libtard. Please return to your OWS group, they are worried about your absense.

    17. loueylouey says:

      future architect? Haaaahaaa what BS. The guy deserves a medal.

    18. Finbar says:

      Some people need that sarc flag, you know.

    19. The Truth says:

      A future doctor eating at McDonalds? Get Real!!!!

    20. J.STEVENSON says:


      1. Jake V says:

        When netiquette-dumb people come online and ‘yell’ in all caps I ‘hear’ something like:

        blah blah blah I AM A DUMB COMPUTER USER blah blah I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING blah blah blah PLEASE SLAP ME CAUSE IM STUPID blah blah blah blah

        …in other words I didn’t get your point because you’re yelling like a moron.

    21. BDSC says:

      You need some help girl…I guess you are OK with the two gminorities that crushed the scull of a transgender in NY 3 or 4 months ago. They finished their attack alright, blind in one ey, brain damage, and has convulsions.
      They got what they deserved…a royal a$$ kicking. Architect or Mozart? You are an utter libtard. Get some real help.

    22. Daniel says:

      The next mozart??? Are you serious?? No, those were violent ghetto slime

    23. Freedom says:

      You are a college liberal what a shock.. Those 2 so called women were acting like animals and got treated like the rabid animals they were, a well deserved beat down. Hopefully the rest of disgusting trash that act’s like them well understand people have had it with acting like trash. You want to act that way get ready to be treated like the animal you are.

    24. sethimfree says:

      I really hope this was sarcasm.

  27. Ace Wipe says:

    This just goes to show the savage nature of this entire race of people. It has been shown time after time, in study after study.

    If you would like to learn more about African Americans and their culture of destruction, please feel free to drop by this site that explains it all perfectly.

  28. jdp from tulsa says:

    Too bad NY doesn’t have a concealed carry law, then he could have just killed them and guaranteed that they would never get smart-a$$ed with anyone else. I hope they both have brain damage,…. oh wait, I meant more brain damage.

  29. wildbill6996 says:

    THANK YOU Betty Friedan !!!!!!! Those TWO BITCHES should be the ones in the jail cell. You SLAP some guy behind the counter and then BOTH of you come behind the counter, YOU EARNED EXACTLY WHAT YOU GOT….Bet the next time YOUR PEA brain will kick in before those BIG FLAPPING MOUTHS !!!!!!

  30. Dumbbitches says:

    Two baboons attacking an ex-con is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

    The animals got what they deserve. The ex-con is a hero. Nuff’ said.

    1. Open minded model/student says:

      These names for black women are sooo hurtful. Am I wrong here or are they not human beings too?

      1. Omaha Bob says:

        Can’t you focus on anything but PC? Some chick got her skull broken with a pipe and you are angry about what people are referring to black women as. They are human being, but they are acting like animals. Maybe the authgr of the comment was referring to just them and not all black women. In your uber-PC mode you just made that assumption. Yes, you are sooooo wrong!

  31. Omaha Bob says:

    I’m lovin’ it!

  32. Carol says:

    Does anyone know if the guy is white ( I did’nt get a change to watch the video)? If so, then we know why he was arrested.

    I would have done the same thing if two apes jumped over the counter, it’s just human nature to defend ones self.

  33. Markq says:

    I think he should be commended for defending himself..
    To expect him to just stand there and take a beating is ridiculous.
    II think they got exactly what they deserve for behaving like animals.

  34. Omaha Bob says:

    He should have asked them first “Do you want one lumo or two?”

  35. Kent says:

    Love this guy. Anyone have a link to where we can donate money in support of his defense?

  36. Tom Davidson says:

    The video shows the women assaulted him first. (= Self Defense!)
    “Felony possession of a weapon?” You would have to prove the ‘metal rod’ was designed to be a weapon, and that it should not have been back behind the counter. If (as I suspect) it was a legitimate tool (such as a handle for the French Fries Basket) used in the moment of opportunity as a self-defense weapon, then it was no more a ‘felony possession of a weapon’ than the #2 pencil in my shirt pocket.

  37. CH says:

    He should not be in jail. HE should get a medal.
    Those women were thugs They were the aggressors attacking him. Then they leaped over the counter to chase him after hitting him in the first place. Nothing justifies their actions. They got what they deserved. Its no wonder what a mess this country is in when the victim is the one who is put in jail for defending himself. A nation of wussies is what the authorities are trying to turn us into. Its not okay to defend yourself when you’re attacked? BS.
    I don’t know what has gone wrong in this country that the criminals get the public support when they obviously instigated, provoked, attacked and escalated the incident.

  38. Leo Leone says:

    Aw, he was just giving it them their way…Like they was asking for.

    There’s a lesson here: Don’t bring the ruckus and nobody needs to get hurt.

    Now, would either of you ladies like some fries with that?

  39. stesse says:

    The customers trespassed over a clear boundary intent on attack, which justified the defensive position taken by the McDonald’s employee, but when the women were down and his supervisor demanded that he stop beating on the women he failed to cease. His defensive position turned into an obsessive overkill.

    1. Farmer Bob says:

      You’re in no position to know. Neither was the cashier. All he saw was two apes flying over the counter to get at him after they’d already assaulted and battered him. For all he knew, he was fighting for his life. For all he knew, one of *them* might have picked up the bar and used on him. Even a martial arts expert would unlikely be able to control a situation with the degree of precision you’re requiring from this cashier, where two people attacked him. This is what happens when you start something. It goes out of control. Frankly, if he had killed them both, he’d still be not guilty.

  40. jmflynny says:

    You would think that the thousands of comments regarding this story, just last week, might have a little impact, but apparently not. Even ex-cons do not forfeit their right to self-defense ad he was clearly defending himself.

  41. Farmer Bob says:

    The females deserve prison. The guy deserves compensation for false arrest. The charging officer deserves dismissal. And McDonald’s. . . McDonald’s deserves a boycott for refusing to protect its customers and its employees and for unjustly firing this one.

  42. WhoDatMan says:

    Just a shot in the dark here, but is there any chance the young ladies were black?

    1. TrueStereotype says:

      You are correct. How sad is that?

      1. glen says:

        Not sad just predictable!

    2. jan says:

      yes they were but then so was he, i personally think they shud have been charged for attacking him. He was only defending himself, a little to much maybe but whos to say what they would have done to him had he not.

      1. donnieboy says:

        yupper. what if they were to grab the grease bucket from the fries pit and throw it in his face? would that have been ok to feminists. they’re lucky he didn’t kill them.

    3. amplitude jones says:

      young ladies? NO…but the attackers were black (please stop referring to female animals as LADIES. Ladies are ladies, animals are animals!)

    4. Camelot says:

      Yes, but so was the guy.

    5. len says:

      does it matter if they were back? i recently read a story about white fathers pimping their white 7 year old sons out to battle in a child’s equivalent of extreme cage fighting-MIA style. Black people don’t have a lock on depravity as many of you whites should know from your child molester relatives and evil ancestors .

      1. beef says:

        lol, u madbro

        1. Beef says:

          Got enough secret sauce yet ? Books didn’t work, but I bet that metal rod imparted a lasting lesson on these animals

      2. joe says:

        Len…face up to the reality that this behavior is much more and I mean MUCH MORE common and almost relevant in the black community….do something about it instead of denying it!!!

      3. Jake V says:

        Tell me something….

        …does it suck to be the racist black guy who has a chip on his shoulder about everything?

        Sounds like it.

        The real issue with this case, and the virtues of many others in recent times is the underlying issue. That underlying issue is class warfare with a robust helping of good ‘ole racial tension. The Dunkin Donuts and recent inner city flash mobs are perfect examples.

  43. DBBlaine says:

    Could not have said it better, myself!

    1. Alexandra says:

      I wholeheartedly agree,, but we know our legal system always protects criminals…this poor guy will likely be convicted and the women will receive a large insurance payment for their crime. When are we going to say enough already to the corruptionl?!

      1. Vince says:

        So, if someone gives up, cries uncle, and is begging for their life you’re gonna keep beating them???? These girls definitely did the wrong thing slapping the guy and going around the counter. But he knocked them down and they were taken out. Then they were hurt bad and were BEGGING for him to stop. Did he stop? He tried to KILL them. That guy has major issues. When someone GIVES UP, you BACK OFF! Ever hear of that?

        1. Frank says:

          Yes. Once you jump a counter and try to inflict violence, every thing else from there on out is your own fault. Once a fight starts, adrenalin kicks in and the rest is the fault of the instigators. That’s why police don’t shoot to injury or maim – they shoot to kill.

  44. JOe Dutra says:

    I vote ‘Not Guilty’. And those trollops can pay his legal fees.

  45. Robert says:

    They came in to beat him, instead, they got a beaten, the hunters got hunted.
    Does a VICTIM have to be an INJURED VICTIM to clam self-defense…?
    I guess we will have 2 new millionaires, they will both sue this young man and
    next they will sue McDonalds for whatever reason and McDonalds will settle
    out of court giving them a big lump sum and McDonald’s doesn’t want anything to do with this guy anymore. If he did nothing, he’d be in the hospital or six feet under on the 6 o’clock news. The lladies need to face justice for the crimes they committed by the fullest extent of the law they are the true criminals here……

  46. badbob says:

    He is management material…..nuff said!!!!

  47. steve says:

    I agree , he is a hero. Put up a paypal account where people can $$ express their support for him. Oh, and those ‘victims’ remind me of so many of the off-the-chain entitled, disruptive, uncivilized females that populate Baltimore.

    1. annie says:

      Women used to be a civilizing force in society; now, w/their “liberation” they are expected to be just as “bad ass” as men, but with a caveat, men aren’t supposed to fight back. How twisted we have indeed become.

    2. 12wlw12 says:

      I’ve always said a male has no right to strike a female UNLESS SHE HITS HIM FIRST! They got a pass for the first slap. He tried to remove him self from them.. as he should have done. They went after him. He had every right to defend himself. He should not be forced to defend himself again from the so called justice system. A paypay account for him is avery good idea. Court appointed lawyers are a dead end and private lawyers are expensive. I’m willing to contribute to his defence.. just let me know how…………..

      1. Vince says:

        It went way beyond self defense. Look at the video. He beat them nearly to DEATH while they were DOWN. There was NO justification for that. He was taken over by rage. We are responsible for our behavior and if someone slaps you then you don’t have the right to KILL them. Or maybe you think you do. And that’s an even bigger problem then what these girls did.

        1. dean levi says:

          Nobody died you bleeding heart moron. HE probably saw the two girls who beat the tranny to a seizure at KFC awhile back and was terrified for his life. Suppose he had just politely hit them once, they probably would have just gone away, right? Once somebody is attacked it is hard for the victim to use some tightly controlled use of force. That’s why we have police. Stay on your own side of the counter if it seems too risky for you.

          Maybe he should have waited for granny to come talk some sense into them.

        2. Jim Harrington Sr says:

          It looked to me he hit them when they tried to get back up. They were not bright enough to “say when”

          If you are man enough to hit me, be man enough to be hit back!

        3. Pat says:

          Those two thugs should thank their lucky stars that they are in a state that has all but outlawed self defense. In a state with a little more common sense a law abiding citizen with a licensed concealed handgun might have used something a little more deadly than a stick to protect that cashier.

  48. Matt says:

    Looked like self defense to me. They were coming right for him!

  49. Bob Jones says:

    IF it was a woman that used a rod to beat two attacking men, she would have been given key to city. Double standard. Women/men should be equal.

    1. Pumpkin Piper says:

      exactly right, we live in a menstrually retarded society . If that had been a woman who defended herself against the other attacking women, again the double standard would bill her a hero because she’s female. This society grows more decayed and utterly disgusting by the day , as do the women .

      1. SusanP says:

        I agree with the negative comments here about how women act nowadays, and I’m a woman. My daughter feels the same way. We hate feminism and all the constant male bashing everywhere you go. We HATE it. Feminism is one of the biggest scourges ever foisted on the earth. Please know that all women are not like these nasty wenches. And I think this guy deserves a medal an d lots of money

        1. sherry says:

          Well said!

        2. CJ says:

          The women didn’t act that way because of Feminism, they acted that way because they’re New Yorkers.

          1. jan says:

            it’s not just new york, it’s everywhere it’s like the they have become barbaric and the only way to fix a problem is by violence. i blame our lax judicial system on recourses for such behavior. both of these women shud be in jail right now, the fact that he has a criminal past is being used against him and that is no not fair.

            1. Chris in Toronto says:

              Exactly right. And not one word has been mentioned about these women’s past. Do they have records of bad behavior?

          2. nina says:

            No, they acted that way because they are low-life entitled losers.

          3. connie says:

            They act that way because of their culture and raising.
            Remind you of all the mobs attacking in cities of this kind of culture. I think the owners should give this guy a raise. I bet NO ONE else comes in that place with an attitude or to show their ass. I am sick to death of reading about such crap. Hooray for the guy and for Gods sake, somebody get that hero out of jail and give him a job.

          4. Drue Chilleymost Valence says:


            1. Hugh G rection says:

              Both of these savage women should be caged. They deserved the beat down when they jumped the counter to attack. One had already assaulted him! Was he supposed to wait for more? You can learn the truth about this beh
              havior here:

        3. Cease says:

          I completely agree with every comment with in this thread! Also add they invaded is work space where he should feel some safety and comfort he reacted. the two responded and were aggressive LIKE MEN and my personally thought process on a situation like that is if you as a woman keep coming at me as a tough masculine man then I reserve the right to damage you as such, a man beating/protecting himself from another man!!!

        4. Cara C says:

          Don’t forget that feminism arose to give women rights when they were oppressed. Years ago, they were denied the right to vote, to be educated, to compete for good jobs, to hold public office. Their husbands could beat them and cops would look the other way. Their bosses could sexually harass them and they had no recourse. They could be paid less for the same job done to the same standards just because they were women and could be fired if they got pregnant. Feminism arose to right these wrongs.

          I agree with you, however, that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, and we now tend to demonize men and masculine traits. This man had the right to defend himself against these attackers.

          1. Deeperiver says:

            Where are the feminists when it comes time to look a real human rights issues globally. Although the absence of movement’s most generally vocal advocates has been commented about frequently the silence remains deafening.

          2. Farmer Bob says:

            Women always had “the right to be educated” in this country, as well as many other rights of long-standing among western peoples. Feminism was indeed a commie plot by misanthropic commies like Betty Friedan to undermine the basis of “bourgeois” society, namely the family. Now it is men who are “beaten” by women, emotionally, financially, and now finally, physically, while the authorities look the other way or even abet it, AS IN THIS CASE. There are good women, but we men owe feminism a debt of gratitude for showing us just how rotten the bad ones can be when unleashed, and how many there are. Frankly I’d like to see a movement to take your “pendulum” and beat you over the head with it.

            1. amoena says:

              Way off topic…..
              I have been doing genealogy research on my family line. Many were from Alabama in the early 1800’s. All the women went to some sort of schools of the day. All could read, write and were involved in family business ventures.

              In the 1900’s the women in the family went to high school and on to college. On my husband’s side they even went into nursing.

              I have always been taught women had no “rights”. When I found all these things out it was very confusing.

          3. Max Hathaway says:

            Feminism was not and is not about “righting wrongs” but is a Marxist transfer of power from the family, church, and society to the Federal Government.

            Women were deceveid into believeing that Big Nazi Government would protrect them better than their own fathers, husbands, brothers and children.

            As a result of feminism, many women now don’t know their fathers, have no need for husbands, narcisisitcally choose to be childless just to keep their fugures, and count rap and hip-hop crimninal as their “brothers.”

            White women have substantially allowed our society to be Negofied, both by embracing the animal instincts of wild animals and by refusing to maintain a birth rate that would preserve Anglo-Saxon culture—the peak of civilization.

            Now we descend into a dark age in the once dominant value of Christian Anglo-Saxons are repalced by the animal instincts and jungle-impulses of dark people.

            Soon, we will reach a point where, as the Collective intelligence is dragged down to the Average IQ of the African Americans, we will no longer be able to protect ourselves against more intelligent (and more civilized countries like China.

            In the end, white women’s embtace of Marxists-feminism will have result in the demise of the country and its annihilation.

            1. Sharell Dupree says:

              OK you are racist we all came from africa !st of all and if it wasnt forthe slave trade america would not be what is today we built this country white ppl are the ppl that destroy ad turn things upside down where there were no problems time and time again white ppl their ideas and religion to dominate the culture and then enslave them

              1. Pat says:

                Actually you’re own people enslaved you. Do you think the white man was the one who raided African villages and kidnapped them and sold them as slaves? Better read your history

        5. Portia2708 says:

          OMG…get a life and take responsibility for yourself W/O a man…feminism is responsible for the liberation of millions of women…thank goodness for Betty Freidan and ALL feminists…however, I agree that these two women are the real culprits here and should be punished…it’s hard enough to work at those places without fearing for your life

        6. Portia2708 says:

          I just love how many people on here are all upset and blaming feminism….yet, not ONE person asked a more pertinent question…did these women have involved fathers in their lives…why is it everyone always wants to blame women for everything wrong in the world…mothers are constantly being castigated for messing up their kids’ lives…where are the men in the equation? All you men on here screaming about feminism should demand your own gender takes some responsibilty…and, that means to stop whining about child support…you make them, you should help raise them OR keep your zipper up!

          1. Pat says:

            So you don’t need a man and in the very next sentence you ask ” where are the fathers?” What a maroon. You have never seen the other side of the equation. Women (like my ex wife) use their gender to manipulate the system and it needs to stop. The feminazi movement needs to recognize that it has gone too far. I am a father and in spite of his mothers interference I am very involved in my sons life. As involved as I can be anyway. Btw I do pay my child support (probably more than your mortgage payment) and I will whine about it as long as it is used to pay for her Hawaiian vacations while my son runs around in ratty worn out Walmart shoes. It’s not men who are the problem. It’s female cheauvanistic pigs like you who demonize every man because of their negative experience.

    2. donnieboy says:

      100% agree but as you know, we’re a minority. i watched the video 3 times. they came over the counter at him. there is no way he provoked that. now where does that mind set come from? the evil seeds of feminism have infested the dying carcass of society and there is no way out boys. keep your head down and your zipper up ’cause self preservation is all we have left. they own us, they know they own us and there isn’t much we can do about it. thank liberal men for the mess.

      1. Chili Boots says:

        Those 2 women ‘crossed the line’ when they
        jumped that counter, and invaded Staff space:

        The man was justified in use-of-force, after that.

        1. Pat says:

          Should’ve thrown boiling grease in their face. Would you like fries with that?

    3. Chicago Guy says:

      No doubt Bob

    4. Joe says:

      yep…..The guy should not be in jail and I hope he sues and gets rich…..

    5. Les says:

      I fully agree. That’s similar to someone breaking into your home and attacking you. Sometimes when you come after someone with ill intent you get just what you deserved. And they did.

      1. Daryyl says:

        Amen I agree with you 100% PERCENT Those women jump that counter with the intent to do what? 2 against 1 is always unfair where I come from and it has nothing to do with a persons sex. How I see it, act like a man get treated like a man.

    6. Tim-Sarasota, FL says:

      I suppoose we need some sort of “rules of engagment’ for victims. How would I react if I’m attacked……….I.don’t know the rules so I guess I’d be arrested too.

  50. Mr. X says:

    The two woman got what they so richly deserved.

    I hope he gets off – we ALL have a right to defend ourselves from violence initiated by others. I I would do the same thing; this increasing public violence must be stopped “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”.

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