NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There could be a showdown in Zuccotti Park between Occupy Wall Street protesters and the park’s owners after campers were seen putting tents back up on Monday.

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The owners of the park, Brookfield Properties, issued new rules earlier this month that said tarps, sleeping bags and tents are prohibited in the park, as well as lying on the ground and on benches when it becomes an interference for others.

But with the temperatures going down, the tents are going back up.

So far, Brookfield hasn’t tried to enforce the new rules, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg said if they ask for help from the city, they’ll get it.

“If Brookfield were to come to us and say their rules are being violated and they’ve asked people to stop or to leave and those people aren’t doing it then it’s an issue of trespass and the police department will do what it has to do,” said Bloomberg.

But Bloomberg also acknowledged that encampment at Zuccotti Park has become a tourist attraction and demonstrates the right to freedom of speech in America. 

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  1. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  2. Daniel says:

    Why do people care so much?? Just let them stay. Trying to throw them out just gets them more media attention. If they start hurtting people or destroying property, then feel free to arrest them. Otherwise, just leave them alone…what’s the big deal?

  3. Janet says:

    Enough already! I think NYC has bee more than accommodating and patient with these folks.

  4. Janet says:

    They certainly are making a mess of our pretty little park!

  5. beachkat says:

    Imagine how many of these people could have found jobs in all the time they have spent complaining… that is all it is, complaining with no ideas or lobbying for real ideas and change…. bitch bitch bitch….. boring already….

  6. jokey_smurf says:

    can’t someone just come with a bulldozer

    you could be a real American Hero

    or where are those right wing nuts with the guns when you need em… is your chance..eternally memorialized

    1. Michael H. says:

      Ah, yes. Advocate the murder of American citizens exercising their first amendment rights. You’re a real class act.

  7. The Realist says:

    It seems that O.W.S. executives are collecting “wealth” (i.e. donations) and NOT sharing with the “little people”!! They’re turning into one of those big, bad corporations that they claim to hate.

  8. Trish says:

    It is time for the police to take the same stand they did last night in San Jose. Throw them all out, regardless, no questions asked. Let them move on to some beach or preferably a slow boat to China. They have caused enough disruption, and enough filth, so lets get rid of them already. And they stink to high hell as well…………….

    1. liz says:

      Trish, I agree with you 1000%. Enough is enough! Gloomberg —–please show some leadership —-get these losers the hell out of there. I really feel sorry for all the people who actually pay rent down in that area, what a God Damn shame. These FLEABEGGARS have made a mockery out of this City and the Police Force. It’s really time for someone in government to step up and step in and show some God Damn leadership. PLEASE!!!

      1. Todd & Meagan says:

        Trish, Liz,

        OWS is of the opinion that you both smell like Cana street in August.

  9. MF says:

    The city of new York lost take power away from the police and that’s what you have. The city is one big joke. And a lot of people are not laughing

  10. Bridget says:

    The tents, tarps and sleeping bags have been there since the beginning. I have no idea why this article is indicating that they are going up again. I walk past this park every day and in the morning everyone is sleeping in tents and sleeping bags.

    1. CBS News says:


      Sometimes we have to ‘make up’ stories.

  11. bullett says:

    I can’t wait until winter. Then we’ll see who last the longest before ducking into a warm building or bed.


    The right to protest is a perceived human right arising out of a number of recognized human rights. While no human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to protest, such a right to protest may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech

    1. Phil says:

      And that doesn’t apply when trespassing on private property.

      1. harriet says:

        no but zuccotti park is not just public propety. It is subject to an easement which requires the park to be open to the public 24/7. It’s not traspassing to be there at all times.

  13. Kazoo says:

    THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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