NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The New York City Health Department is launching a new campaign to show just how much sugar is in a can of soda.

The health department says drinking one soda a day equals 50 pounds of sugar a year, which can lead to problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Sugary drinks are the largest single source of added sugar in the diet, and a child’s risk of obesity increases with every additional daily serving of a sugary drink,” said New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley in a statement.

Cathy Nonas, director of the city’s physical activity and nutrition program, says that 50 pounds of extra sugar can be harmful to the body.

“When we’re looking at a city where there is an epidemic of overweight and obesity and we look at the diseases that are associated with obesity, even in young kids, 50 pounds of sugar a year, of added sugar to rest of the diet, is way too much,” Nonas told 1010 WINS.

That’s why the health department is launching a 30-second TV spot to talk about health issues associated with sugary drinks and to offer healthy alternatives. 

“We really want New Yorkers all over New York to reduce their consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, to drink New York City delicious tap water, to save a calorie and to preserve their health,” said Nonas.

There will also be subway posters that show how far a person would have to walk to burn the calories from a single sugary drink.

Back in August, federal officials rejected a request by the city to ban food stamp recipients from using their benefits to buy sodas, sports drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages.

For more information about the health department’s new campaign, click here.

What do you think about the campaign? Will it make you cut down on the amount of soda you drink? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. CBS stupid says:

    do the math, it dont add up, are the reporters at CBS stupid?

    12 oz can soda has about 1.4 ounce “sugar”

    or about 30 lbs so called sugar per year

    1. Brian S says:

      This would make a great band name or album title.

    2. whitesugar says:

      says U

  2. Hic...Belch! says:

    I drink soda, but I dilute it with corn-squeezins.

  3. EdC says:

    I stopped drinking soda ten years ago and have never regretted it. Too much sugar and the flavor doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Unfortunately no amount of advertising or information will change everyone’s habits for the better.

  4. Paul says:

    This expalins why diabetes exists, and McD is the reason heart disese exists,
    society is obsessed with junk food.

    1. p8nt says:

      Society is obese, because they are too lazy to get off the damn couch. Obese people just want to put the blame on everything else other than themselves.

  5. p8nt says:

    I love how people especially the DOH are blaming what’s in the foods that we eat. Wake up people!! Obesity IS NOT A SICKNESS OR A DISEASE!! Get up off your fat a$$ and work out, instead of being a lazy couch potato.
    As for people on food stamps, I have seen people at the grocery store with 2 carts full of stuff, and most of the things they have aren’t even the ones on sale. You should only be eligible to use food stamps if you buy the no-frills items, and it shouldn’t be used for makeup and what not.

  6. David Adams says:

    What is High Fructose Corn Syrup and why is it listed as an ingredient of sodas instead of sugar. If there is no sugar in the sodas why does the media keep referring to them as ‘sugary drinks’?

  7. Karl says:

    A typical 12 ounce can (as pictured) of soda contains about 150 calories, or about 1.3 ounces of sugar. One year’s worth of them would only be 30 pounds. So a government hyped estimate is off by 67% from reality – what a surprise.

    1. Chris says:

      Just did the math myself…i see about 43 grams per soda (12oz serving). I wonder if they meant a 20oz bottle that seems to be more popular these day? That’d be 71g of sugar per bottle (not serving) …so 71.66667 * 365 = 26158 grams. At 453g per pound…that comes out to closer to 57 pounds.

      1. Chris says:

        For Coca Cola:

        They say 65g, which works out to over 52 lbs if you look at the 20oz size.

  8. Healthyman says:

    I drink a 2 liter a soda a day,I am a vegatarian,my diet conists of 3 large fries and mozzarella sticks for dinner every night ,breakfast and dinner is bread and butter and peanut butter and jelly and my cholesterol levels are 130 combined.

    1. NYU Med Student says:

      I highly doubt this.

      1. Healthyman says:

        Are you calling me a liar, college-boy?

  9. Ethan Kavet says:

    Over weight and obesity blamed on soft drinks?. How about people sitting on their asses all day playing with every type of electronic device possible.

    In my day we were out playing ball, bike riding or just moving about…with a diet of junk food and soft drinks. We burned more calories back then because we were more active.
    Lets place the blame on someone other than the soft drink manufacturers.

    1. Tommy says:

      You hit the nail right on the head Ethan. Kids today are couch potatoes and the parents are to blame. When I was a kid my mother threw me out of the house and told me to go out and play unless there was a hurricane coming. I did not have a telephone, TV, computer, X-Box or anything else in my room. In fact we had only one TV in the house and it was only on for a few hours in the evening after dinner.

  10. CM says:

    These studies are utterly inane. Lots of people in my family ranging from age 18 to 91 (myself included) drink soda regularly (some drink quite a bit more than one per day), and not a single one of us is overweight, has diabetes, or has heart disease. On the other hand, I have LOTS of friends who are obese, and every single one of them has sworn off soda. It hasn’t made even a small difference in their health. All of this is simply propaganda so that the government can raise taxes on soda. Leave people alone already! There are only two things that make people fat: eating too much and being inactive. Are we going to start taxing people for being couch-potatoes and/or overeaters?!?

  11. pete says:

    This is common knowledge for years, but nobody listened to it because it tastes good and there are billions of Dollars in profits involved. The voices to cut down on these sugary drinks were shouted down by the allmighty companies who had their corrupt doctors and experts on their side. This is one part against which the demonstrators against Wall Street protest. The corruption of the industry and the banks, which do not care for the wellbeing of us, but make a pact with the devil to get their hands on the profits and the money.

  12. Shirley Ranz says:

    We should all eat better,but why pick on sugared beverages. A candy bar a day is just as bad and snacks such as potato chips are also bad. and when you look at the caloric content of apple, grape, or even orange juice, they are all comparable to
    sugared drinks. Maybe the beverage industry did not contribute enough to the Bloomberg campaign.

  13. Rose says:

    I agree that food stamps should only be used for nutritious non -harmful foods – there are organic drinks and that can be purchased for maybe a bit more than soda but that healthy and as tasty as soda. Soda with caffeine is addicting. I used to serve it at home and I regret it because I think it added weight on my husband initially that he cannot lose. He sometimes orders a coke when we are out, much to my dismay. The ads for these sodas and other sweetened juices don’t help this situation at all. And basically Coke and Pepsi make you more thirsty therefore you go for seconds, while water is the only real thirst quencer. So, again, yes, I agree that food stamps should prohibit use for soda and drinks with high fructose, but not for natural and healthy juices and other drinks.

    1. Melissa says:

      I disagree. I think that the goverment should stop telling people what to do and what not to do, it is getting a bit crazy. People need to once again be held accountable for their actions.

      1. KPMc says:

        You want the people that are receiving food stamps to be accountable for their actions but those of us PAYING for those people have no say in how the money is spent?

        You think the government shouldn’t tell people what to do but those people can live off the government’s teet?

        The logic escapes me.

        1. Melissa says:

          I think that the government should not tell any of us what we can and can’t eat or drink.

          It is not those of us paying for their assistance that have a say in how it is spent, it is the government, big difference.

        2. Melissa says:

          Also KPMc,
          Do you really think that if they could get the government to agree that you cannot buy soda and juice with food stamps that they would stop there? They would next tell us people that are not on public assistance that we can’t buy soda or sugery drinks. It is a slippery slope when we let the government get so involved in our lives and everyone elses.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough. STAY THE $*&# OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! QUIT TELLING US WHAT WE CAN OR CAN’T DRINK! What, is breathing going to be illegal next? May as well.

  15. Dan Te says:

    I don’t drink soda….I only drink beer which is healthier.

  16. Cos says:

    I have one soda about every three to five weeks…. I guess I don’t know what I’m doing so the government must impose itself and tell me I can’t have any more… Huh?

    Big Brother Government… STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN ALREADY!!! Instead of legislating, try educating! There’s an old saying… You can feed a man for a day, or you can teach him to hunt/fish/farm, and you feed him for life. It’s all about education, folks…. Not legislation.

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