By Paul Murnane

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — H & H Bagels calls itself the world’s largest manufacturer of the doughy treats but it’ll be hard to keep that moniker if the company gets kicked out of its sole remaining space in Manhattan.

A judge has cleared the way for the New York institution to be evicted from the Midtown West building on 46th Street it uses to make millions of bagels for restaurants and stores around the globe because it owes nearly $600,000 in rent.

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It’s just the latest blow for H & H.

In June, the company’s original retail operation on Broadway and West 80th Street abruptly closed after facing a threat of imminent eviction.

For generations, H & H had been the place for New York bagels. Countless newspaper write-ups on the walls of the shop on 80th confirmed that, attracting customers from literally all over. Part of the allure was the doughy delights being baked right up front.

The plant in Secaucus, N.J. stopped producing bagels in the spring after facing bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Last week, Woodside, Queens-based Davidovich Bagels expressed interest in moving into the Broadway location to bring back fresh bagels to the neighborhood.

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  1. iggy says:

    it’s called rent. you pay it or you get kicked out. he paid the lawyers though, didn’t he? i have no sympathy what-so-ever

  2. Pat says:

    It’s a Festivus miracle…

    1. CT Native says:

      That’s FUNNY!!!!!

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