Brookdale Hospital Investigating How 17-Pound Baby Got An Adult Dosage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn family is dealing with absolute devastation after their only child died following a fatal mistake. Their baby boy was taken to the hospital with just a fever and was given what turned out to be a deadly dose of medication.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, the New York City Medical Examiner ruled the death of 6-month-old Amaan Ahmmad an accident. The ME said the death was the result of complications following administration of an adult dose of of the antibiotic azithromycin, which is commercially known as Zithromax.

1010 WINS’ Eileen Lehpamer Reports

Instead of looking forward to a lifetime of birthdays, the family is now making funeral arrangements for their child. Ummay Sultana and Amain Ahmmad said their son became ill last Friday, so they took him to Brookdale, where he was born.

“He catch cold and we took him to the emergency,” Sultana said.

Hospital records showed baby Amaan was brought to the ER “alert and responsive” and with the exception of a fever, which was reportedly around 100, the nursing staff did not list any other visible symptoms.

But an examination led to a diagnosis of clinical pneumonia. Amaan was transferred to the pediatric unit and given a dose of the azithromycin through an IV drip in his right arm.

According to the nursing notes, at least 36 minutes passed before the hospital staff realized something was wrong.

CBS 2’s Jay Dow spoke with the parents Wednesday and asked the boy’s father who he blames for his son’s death.

“Hospital management, doctor, nurse – of emergency,” he replied.

“I’m like ‘look, look my baby’s dying! My baby’s dying!’ and then nurse came over and said ‘no, you’re baby’s pretty good. He’s sleeping,’” Sultana told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

A copy of the hospital’s discharge summary states the child was given “Azithromycin (500mg), in error” — which led to “cardiac shock.”

Family pediatrician Dr. Suzanne Loiselle said that dosage is more typical for an adult and not a 17-pound baby like Amaan.

“Nobody can feel worse for the family than the doctors and nurses that were involved in this child’s care,” Loiselle said. “About 80 milligrams would be appropriate for a child roughly in his weight class.”

Less than 24 hours after the overdose, Ummay and Amain were told their son was brain dead. Amaan was taken off a respirator on Monday.

“They told us there is no hope because his head is totally collapsed,” his father told Hennessey.

Brookdale Hospital would not answer questions from 1010 WINS or CBS 2, saying only: “We are investigating the circumstances of this tragic incident and express our condolences to the Ahmmad family.”

“I never think like that he pass away forever,” Sultana said. “I thought he’s gonna come back.”

The two first-time parents said they are both devastated and outraged over a fatal medical mistake that cut short their baby’s life just as it was getting started.

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  1. JMasi says:

    This is tragic to say the least, but lets not be quick to judge who made the mistake. If it happened in the ER, the medication was most likely taken out of Automated dispensing cabinet, where it would have bypassed the pharmacist, and the doctor or the nurse.Most clinical information systems have rules which would pick up on dosing errors like this. My condolences to the family and hope that this never happens again.

  2. Natasha Rampersad says:

    I can only imagine the devastation of both parties there are no winners in this case only losers a family losing a child and a nurse who will not be able to practice due to aspects of negligence. This is an indication for the risk managers to incorporate more safety criteria for nurses who work very hard to save peoples lives each day. there needs to be better safety measures when administering medication s in facility. One safety checks, two Coded medications specifically for children and adults. Three better communication between health providers for clarity of orders. These are just some aspects to improve the quality of providing care and sadly this tragic loss of life should be a lesson for all providers to be more careful !!!!

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  4. David Cobbs says:

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  5. Surfin Bird says:

    now they will sue

  6. jamie says:

    Terrrible terrible thing that has happened and could have been avoided. My deepest sympathies for the family.

  7. skorpio68 says:

    To DAN TE, you are a STUPID person. Somebody should DIFFUSE YOU.

    To SHALOM, What pharmacist ?

    People LEARN how to READ & SPELL so your comments make SENSE, and express yourselves appropriately



    1. Nina says:

      Skorpio – the pharmacist behind the scenes who is supposed to ensure the drup is appropriate for the patient.

  8. gene says:

    I m so sorry for the ahmmed familys lost. as a brookdale patient, I ve had 4 operations there. i ve had a few problems myself. but people should alway ask questions about what medicine they are getting before it is administered. these doctor, nurses,aides should all be fired. my prayer are with you.

  9. coldplayer says:

    Wow! That is just awful. Poor baby. I feel awful for the family. A true nightmare. I smell a huge malpractice lawsuit

  10. James says:

    That has got to be one of the worst things. I’m an atheist so I don’t pray for you but I’m feeling emotional for you dear people. Just hold it together. That was an adorable baby.

  11. javid akbar says:

    “inna lillahi wa inna elayhi raje’Eun” Who say: when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.”

    1. SAINT says:

      God who is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! makes the immpossible possible. I believe they should have atleast gave their baby a chance and not take him of the respirator so soon and wait on God for a miracle! My heart goes out to them! FAITH plays a major role in your miracle! May the soul rest in peace!

  12. Naomi N. says:


  13. Shalom (R.Ph.) says:

    At least three professionals failed in this case: the doctor who ordered the inappropriate dose, the pharmacist who filled it without questioning it, and the nurse who administered it without checking it.

    People, be more careful out there. Lives depend on you.

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