NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn family bid a final farewell Thursday to their baby boy who died after receiving an adult dose of medication.

Ummay Sultana and Amain Ahmmad said their 6-month-old son Amaan Ahmmad got the adult dose of antibiotics when being treated for pneumonia at at Brookdale University Hospital last Friday.

It was roughly six times what he was supposed to receive. Sultana noticed immediately that her son was having trouble breathing.

“I’m like ‘Look, look my baby’s dying, my baby’s dying,’ and then nurse came over and said ‘No, you’re baby’s pretty good. He’s sleeping’,” she said.

Amaan soon went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead later. Earlier Wednesday afternoon, the New York City Medical Examiner ruled his death an accident.

The ME said the death was the result of complications following administration of an adult dose of of the antibiotic azithromycin, which is commercially known as Zithromax.

Hospital records showed baby Amaan was brought to the ER “alert and responsive.” With the exception of a fever, which was reportedly around 100, the nursing staff did not list any other visible symptoms.

An examination led to a diagnosis of clinical pneumonia. Amaan was transferred to the pediatric unit and given a dose of the azithromycin through an IV drip in his right arm.

According to the nursing notes, at least 36 minutes passed before the hospital staff realized something was wrong.

CBS 2’s Jay Dow spoke with the parents Wednesday and asked the boy’s father who he blames for his son’s death.

“Hospital management, doctor, nurse – of emergency,” he replied.

“I’m like ‘Look, look my baby’s dying! My baby’s dying!’ And then nurse came over and said ‘No, you’re baby’s pretty good. He’s sleeping,’” Sultana told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

A copy of the hospital’s discharge summary states the child was given “Azithromycin (500mg), in error” — which led to “cardiac shock.”

Family pediatrician Dr. Suzanne Loiselle said that dosage is more typical for an adult, not a 17-pound baby like Amaan.

“Nobody can feel worse for the family than the doctors and nurses that were involved in this child’s care,” Loiselle said. “About 80 milligrams would be appropriate for a child roughly in his weight class.”

Less than 24 hours after the overdose, Ummay and Amain were told their son was brain dead. Amaan was taken off a respirator on Monday.

“They told us there is no hope because his head is totally collapsed,” his father told Hennessey.

Brookdale Hospital would not answer questions from 1010 WINS or CBS 2, saying only: “We are investigating the circumstances of this tragic incident and express our condolences to the Ahmmad family.”

“I never think like that he pass away forever,” Sultana said. “I thought he’s gonna come back.”

The two first-time parents said they are both devastated and outraged over a fatal medical mistake that cut short their baby’s life just as it was getting started.

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  1. Christopher Jerry says:

    I’m Christopher Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation. I’m also, the father of Emily Jerry, the beautiful little girl who died in 2006, just a few days after her second birthday, from a tragic IV medication error in Cleveland Ohio. The core of the Emily Jerry Foundation’s focus is on protecting our nation’s babies and children from the all too redundant medical errors that occur in hospitals across the nation. These countless mistakes are killing our children and are most often avoidable. We are increasing public awareness of these issues and striving to get better legislation in place across the United States. Unfortunately, “human error” will always be a component of medicine. With that being said, The Emily Jerry Foundation is committed to finding technology and better safe patient practices that are clinically proven to reduce or minimize this “human error” component in medicine and will help eliminate these types of tragedies from happening over and over again.

    Please visit The Emily Jerry Foundation website at

    1. peaceandlove says:

      We must remember that doctors and nurses are not God. They are human and they make mistakes, I work in a NY Hospital and I have seen horrible mistakes. You have doctors and nurses that are addicts and they are still allowed to work with patients, I DO NOT agree with this. We cannot allow these arrogant people to work in our hospitals. They treat patients like trash, I am not saying that all of them do this but one would be surprised how many work this way.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    …what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?…

  3. Christopher S. Jerry says:

    I’m Christopher Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation. I’m also, the father of Emily Jerry, the beautiful little girl who died in 2006, just a few days after her second birthday, from a tragic IV medication error in Cleveland Ohio. The core of the Emily Jerry Foundation’s focus is on protecting our nation’s babies and children from the all too redundant medical errors that occur in hospitals across the nation. These countless mistakes are killing our children and are most often avoidable. We are increasing public awareness of these issues and striving to get better legislation in place across the United States. Unfortunately, “human error” will always be a component of medicine. With that being said, The Emily Jerry Foundation is committed to finding technology and better safe patient practices that are clinically proven to reduce or minimize this “human error” component in medicine and will help eliminate these types of tragedies from happening over and over again.

  4. Laura says:

    As you can see by my user name…I am a nurse. I have been a nurse for 17 years. I feel horrible that this baby died because of a preventable error like this. I will tell you this much..hospitals these days are huge businesses. They run the nursing staff into the ground by understaffing and overworking everyone. The patient to nurse ratios in some hospitals are literally terrifying. Sometimes because of lack of staff and too many patients, nurses rush too much when caring for their patients and rush too much when administering medications. Another problem? Many hospitals are using poorly trained or untrained personnel who are allowed to administer medications under the not so “direct” supervision of an RN. We have no way of knowing if this was the case in this tragedy. There should NEVER be anyone other than an RN (NOT LPN or QMA) allowed to administer drugs to anyone! Don’t think for one minute either that there are not some lazy, stupid RNs out there too. Some people go into the profession because they know they cannot make a decent living doing anything else and subject sick human beings to their stupidity and lack of caring. In the 17 years I’ve been a nurse, I ALWAYS look at the drug I am administering three times to make sure I am complying with the 5 R’s of med administration. Right drug, right patient, right dose, right route, right time. I then check once more to make sure I have the right drug and right dose before I finally give the drug. That being said, people really need to understand that hospital management and senior administrators don’t seem to give a damn about patients until something like this happens. Registered nurses are the last line of defense when it comes to patient safety, but we are the first ones the hospital wants to come after when they want to take a shortcut to save money….God forbid the hospital CEOs take a pay cut!

    1. Haile says:

      You are so right. Many ERs are short staffed. No beds available is a disgrace. Many administrators are out trying to save there positions. When you have an adm who is caring, senior adm staff looks down on their behavior. Keep up the good work!

  5. collin says:

    It is NOT bad people! It is bad hospital systems, these comments which blame our caregivers are horrible. If we focus on a culture of blame, then nothing will ever be learned from this mistake. Watch Chasing Zero on the Discovery Channel, it’s free to watch on the web, it focuses on the story of Dennis Quaid, who’s twins we’re overdosed as well with Heparin, not once but twice! Instead of looking for who to blame he is spreading the message to help our failing healthcare industry focus on systems improvement. My heart goes out to this family, as a parent this is a truly horrible tragedy.

  6. l mays says:

    this is sad whomever ordered that medication and whomever administered is should be fired and stripped of their license their is no excuse whatsoever for so called “mistakes” in the medical field this was totally stupid on the entire medical teams part especially when a parent states their is something wrong with my baby hello you not only administer the wrong dosage but you cannot even recognize a drug reaction?? where in the hell did you go to school ?? right drug right dose right route right patient Hello does these simple words mean anything to you so called professionals??? every drug I give this goes through my mind before I ever ever give it and if it does not look right I call a doctor and get cllarification and if it still does not look right I get another opinion so there is/was no excuse for this tragic mistake god bless this family and rip little baby

  7. Molly says:

    Don’t just get mad. Make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    The Emily Jerry foundation is working hard to try to prevent pediatric dosing tragedies such as this. One of the things the foundation recommends is Dr. Broselow’s pediatric dosing guide, available as an app (called SafeDose) or through a hospital subscription for the web. This is being used in over 200 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Used properly, it would have prevented this tragic error.

  8. daimenbokk says:

    What is being done about ONE complete idiot named meme meyagi?

  9. Laurie Love says:

    My heartfelt sympathy to the Ahmmad family. Rest in piece, Baby Amaan. Heaven has indeed gained another angel. May God have mercy on the people who caused this baby’s death.

    1. Angelina LaCrosse says:

      i had a similar incident on sunday night. My daughter could not breathe. I was going to sleep with my husband and heard my daughter having difficulty breathing, deep desperate sounds. with my pj’s on I rusehd to the ER at Richmond university medical center in staten island and a doctor refused to see her until over 3 hours after she arrived. when I complained about the danger they put her in , they called ACS and said my husband and I were drunk to take the focus off the medical neglect.

      1. Laurie Love says:

        That is HORRIBLE, Angelina! Please tell me that everything turned out okay in the end for your daughter and for your family!

        1. Angelina LaCrosse says:

          nope I am going through hell. i could not take my daughter home until acs came to inspect my house. that was the weekend acs worker. on monday night, the nasty case worker came, nasty and cold. i reported the acs case worker for being nasty and the supervisor said she is just being “professional’ I am going through absolute hell with my family now as a result of these negligent mother fu……. Parents have no rights here in new york city.

          1. Dr meh says:

            See an attorney and file a charge against the hospital. Sue the hospital, this would be the right reason to do so.

            1. Queens rider says:

              Why do they have to sue? Maybe they should look to have the involved parties disciplined rather than have some ambulance chaser help them cheat the system.

  10. Dorene says:

    It is very sad that doctors and nurses get away with murder by calling it an “accident”. I think the parents should sue the hospital for murdering thier child.

    1. Tae Chan says:

      Maybe you should learn the difference between what is murder and what is homicide (accidental). Unless it comes out that someone intentionally gave this child a lethal dose of medication with the intention to kill him then his death will remain an accident, caused by errors on the parts of the doctor(s) and nurse(s) involved. Medical personnel are humans, they make mistakes too.

      1. daimen bokk says:

        There is NO excuse for a mistake like this, two people look at the orders before the meds are given and a trained nurse should know before they administer the drug. This is plain and simple negligence, not a accident. They just did not take the time to do their jobs properly, like reading before they turned the knob to open the IV line!

      2. Dr meh says:

        Hospitals have multiple procedures to prevent these mistakes from happening. This should not happen. Not a murder…negligent homicide or manslaughter should be the charge. Can’t do math, should not be dispensing mess.

  11. Andy says:

    dude are you on drugs this is a little baby it does not matter what religion or race the little baby is, you are a sick person. and you need help

  12. t dubs says:

    nothing yet, i am waiting for you to do something about it

  13. t dubs says:

    everybody makes mistakes. just because you are a doctor or a nurse doesnt mean you dont make mistakes. hopefully they dont get fired but learn from this tragic mistake

    1. Andy says:

      Really? if this was a white kid they would be all over the news and we would not hear the end of it. They should get fired and sued.

    2. Heather says:

      Lives were ruined by this mistake. A life was taken because of this mistake. These profesionals go to school to make sure they dont make “mistakes” like this. Im guessing you dont have children T Dubs. A barber messing up a haircut is a “mistake” not this. License should be taken away at minimum.

      1. t dubs says:

        a mistake is a mistake. why can a barber make a mistake and not a doctor. everybody is human. i am in medical school and there is no class to make sure we dont make an mistake. we try our best and sometimes we mess up. these patients take a risk by taking their patient to the hospital. if they dont like that risk, treat the patient themselves.

        i also learned from school that usually the doctors who make a mistake, learn from their mistakes and will be more careful and this will never happened to them again.

        1. Dr meh says:

          If that’s your attitude please change your profession to be a barber and save the world from grief. The last thing I want is a doctor with a clown attitude like yours touching my kids. Plus your grammar and syntax is horrible, please don’t be a doctor. You will misread a chart or write the wrong prescription and kill someone…but hey you tried your best and it was a mistake so you should be entitled to be a doctor.

          1. Chris Konar says:

            I agree…t dubs needs to quit his day job/schooling. What an ignorant reply.

            I hope we never run into this cat. Try reading the chart idiots. I’m the village idiot and know 500 mgs. is not appropriate for a child of that weight. Jeez!

            1. t dubs says:

              i hope i meet you guys when i start practicing medicine. i wont kill you, but ill make you suffer

              1. Laurie Love says:

                You need to be far removed from ever treating any person for anything, based on THAT response! It’s people with your bad attitude who ruin the medical profession. I really hope the medical board or some authority at your “medical” school sees this comment. There are ways to track you down in spite of your bogus screen name. You are SCARY, if this is the way you think!

                1. t dubs says:

                  relax, it wasnt meant to be taken seriously. i’m spending all this time now studying, to learn to help and treat people.

                  dont forget this doctor made this 1 mistake, but what about all the patients he saved in his career. he must have treated thousands of patients and done a good job. he is still too valuable to society to fire him. who will replace him? there are doctor shortages in america.

        2. DaEmph says:

          Wow, I hope you have that optimistic attitude if this was your kid.

        3. PRISCILLA says:

          So the mistake was giving to much meds…But the negligence was when the ignored the signs!!


    3. daimen bokk says:

      Hopefully they get fired AND lose their license. All they have to do is do their job as they are required, read the orders and the label on the bag before they turn the valve on the IV.
      You would be saying the complete opposite if this were YOUR child

    4. PRISCILLA says:

      I PRAY THEY DID!!!!

  14. brooklyn4ever says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. May your boy rest in peace and live on in your heart and thru your memories.

    1. Dr. David says:

      Thank you.

  15. jessica says:

    This is so sad. And what makes it worse is that it happens more than you think.

    My son was sick a few months ago. He is 4 months old. The doctor gave him an antibiotic. I got it filled at CVS and when I was about to give it to him I noticed it said 2 teaspoons now (10 ML) and 1 tsp for daily for the next 5 days. I used to work in a pharmacy myself and not only did this dose seem extremely high for a 4 month old (it is the adult dose) but I could have sworn the prescription said 2 ML now and 1 ML daily after that, not teaspoonfuls. So, I called the pharmacy to check. I was ASSURED by the pharmacy staff that this was the correct dosage and that it is always given like that. I even reminded them it was for a 4 month old, but they told me that it was still correct. I poured out 2 teaspoons and was just about to give it to my son when my mothers intuition kicked in. I decided to call the doctor first. And sure enough the Pharmacy had the prescription filled wrong. It CLEARLY said 2 ML and 1 ML on the prescription. What makes matters worse is that I called to double check and was assured that it was correct….which tells me that no one even bothered to check the prescription when I called because if they did they would see it was wrong. Besides that, the pharmacist who signed off on the RX didn’t even notice that this dosage was so high for a 4 month old? She blamed the incident on her intern but shouldn’t she be the one checking to make sure everything is filled correctly. I called CVS Corporate and they said they would take care of the situation but both the intern and pharmacist are still working there. To think my son could have died from this had I not listened to my gut feeling is so scary. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t have thought twice about the dosage and just given it. I will never go to that pharmacy again and now I always double check dosages and prescriptions before I have them filled.

  16. J says:

    The doctor should have given the order for the medication. Whoever was giving the medicine should have questioned the dose, for a 6 mos. old baby, why would any one give that much medicine to a baby? The doctor and the person who gave the meds should be held responsible! R.I.P. little angel.

  17. david says:

    Frightening coincidence.
    Our son was also the victim of Brookdales neglect.
    today is the anniverary of his death.

  18. brooklyn4ever says:

    What a beautiful poem. Thank you for posting it. It is more than true.

    1. TBECK says:

      your welcome

  19. brooklyn4ever says:

    I was born in Brookdale 50 years ago and my mother said it was atrocious then. I can see that in half a century not much has changed. They should all be fired and not allowed to be anywhere near the medical profession ever again. My heart goes out to this family on their senseless, incomprehensible loss. Rest in peace baby and may your family somehow, someway find comfort.

  20. vik says:

    RIP little angel.

  21. vik says:

    I can’t find the comment from Mayor MIke but regardless. Tune him out folks because he sounds like an pathetic loser. Brookdale Hospital is the worst — stay away from it at all costs.

  22. TBECK says:

    May this poem bring you some peace and to know that you are not alone

    God’s Lent Child – Unknown Author
    “I’ll lend you for a little while
    A child of mine” God said –
    For you to love the while he lives
    and mourn for when he’s dead.
    It may be six or seven years
    or forty two or three
    but will you, till I call him back,
    take care of him for me?

    He’ll bring his charms to gladden you
    and, should his stay be brief,
    you’ll have his nicest memories
    as solace for his grief.
    I cannot promise he will stay,
    since all from earth return
    but, there are lessons taught below,
    I want this child to learn.

    I’ve looked the whole world over,
    in my search for teachers true,
    and from the things that crowd life’s lane
    I have chosen you.
    Now will you give him all your love,
    nor think the labour vain,
    nor hate me when I come to take
    this lent child back again?

    I fancied that I heard them say,
    “Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done”
    for all the joys thy child will bring
    the risk of grief we’ll run.
    We’ll shelter him with tenderness,
    we’ll love him while we may,
    and for the happiness we’ve known
    forever grateful stay.
    But, should thy Angels call for him
    much sooner than we planned,
    we’ll brave the grief that comes
    and try to understand.

  23. Arun says:

    The blame lies on the hospital management for overworking the staff and not hiring enough nurses and other medical professionals to provide quality care. Until they change this trend events like this will occur. A tired nurse or doctor cannot make rational decisions. Demand they put an end to this.

    1. vik says:

      Bullsheet Arun! This was an infant — YOU DON’T GIVE A BABY 500mg of an antibiotic or any antibiotic unless there’s a doctor NOT A NURSE present!!! You feel tired?! Quit the profession because you’re in the wrong one!!! Hope they hang all who are responsible for this senseless death. What a stupid thing to say — overworked my foot!!! They’re just plain incompetent and stupid. Like you!!!

      1. Arun says:

        Vik, I am not a medical professional but I do know several who are and I have heard how they keep working double and triple shifts to make up for lack of help. You think you won’t be tired after working for 16 hours straight? You think your judgement won’t be clouded? Try it out sometime pal. You should not be driving while extremely tired. Same reasoning applies here. We know who the real stupid is commenting on issues having no knowledge of the environment.

        1. Dr. David says:

          Arun, (Listed as David above) – The first thing you learn in medicine IS DO NO HARM. You are also taught the three R’s of drug administration. RIGHT ROUTE – RIGHT PATIENT – RIGHT DRUG. IF YOU ARE SO TIRED YOU CAN’T FUNCTION HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DOUBLE CHECK WHAT YOU ARE DOING

          1. Arun says:

            David, I am in no way justifying the nurse who administered the medication. But we need to drill down to get to the core issue. What if everyone was busy at the moment ao there was no one available to double check the medicine? There should be more staff available so that the hospital can guarantee the proper care of patients. Even someone like you may err when overburdened – even on simple tasks that you may have done a thousand times.

            1. daimen bokk says:

              There is no excuse for this, the main fault is the person who did not read before he/she turned the valve on the IV. The bag or other label always says the dosage and ANY trained nurse would KNOW that this is too large a dose for an infant. I am not trained in medicine, but even I know that dosage was too high because I had MRSA and because I am not an idiot who just blindly accepts whatever medicine they try to give me, I read my own labels.

              1. Arun says:

                This is why nothing ever gets fixed. The first line always takes the hits while those in the background just throw some cash the victims way and resume the old practices. Again, I am not saying the one who did this should not be held accountable, but address the REAL issue people.

            2. Chris Konar says:

              Let me tell you this. I am not a medical person, but have had children, pets, etc…500 mg is too much for any living being of that WEIGHT. Period.

          2. Arun says:

            Also, I truly am sorry for your loss. I have a little girl and I wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to her. The better the staff who are caring for her feel, the better care my daughter will receive – if she ever needs it.

      2. don says:

        to the business the corporation that owners this hospital is fully responsible for this child’s death because you are not a patient or a person , you are a number a $ sign only so the staff is short and over worked . the staff does have to pay more attention to medications they should be required at the hospitals cost to be more aware of medical doses especially in the pediatrics (classes)
        I can’t imagine the loss to this family.

  24. shohag01 says:

    It is scary that a hospital failed miserably to treat a simple fever. It’s disgrace that the individual who gave the IV was fired and everyone is pointing figure in that direction now. I am sure the decision came from the top- everyone that was involved should have their licenses revoked and be thrown in jail. They should not be allowed to practice medicine until recertification, and the school where they initially received their certification should also be investigated. There are some worthless institutions that are handing out permits to heartless zombies who can’t practice compassion, let alone medicine. There is NO EXCUSE for travesty of this magnitude! If a mother is concern about a child dying in the hospital, a decent staff member of the hospital team should have looked and reexamined the condition of the child. PLAIN and SIMPLE! THISIS AN ABSOLUTE & A COMPLETE FAILURE ON THE ENTIRE HOSPITAL TEAM INVOLVED!!! My condolences to ANAM’S FAMILY!

  25. Robert says:

    All I have to say is shame on all of these people who took care of this poor baby. As a father I would be devistated to say in the least……I would make these people pay, I would have their license so they cant do it to anyone elses kid!~!!!!!!!

  26. Tc says:

    This is so horrible! Only licenses professionals should be giving meds to children,
    Little angel , rest in peace ,

    1. Bridget says:

      I am not sure what you are saying. Nurses and doctors are licensed professionals. Obviously a big mistake was made. Not sure if it was the doctor or nurse. If the doctor ordered a 500mg dose for an infant then a good nurse would by all means catch it and bring it to the doctors attention. If the doctor ordered the correct dose then the nurse must have administered the wrong dose.

  27. MO says:


    1. daimen bokk says:

      It does not help to get your point across by yelling, that caps lock key can be turned off. Perhaps an English class would help you before you post a comment that makes no sense.

  28. Leslie, RN says:

    As a licensed RN, why is Evie, a medical assistant student, being trained to give medications? Only licensed professionals, nurses, doctors, and a few others can administer medication to anyone? THIS is scary. My heart does go out to the family, this is a very sad event.
    As to the baby, medications errors occur every day in hospitals, usually not resulting in death for the patient. I applaud the hospital and staff for admitting it quickly and trying to save the baby’s life. Also, many ER’s don’t have pediatric providers, they have “ER physicians” who treat both adults and kids. These docs frequently treat children as “little adults”, using meds inappropriately.

    1. sad says:

      Where did the story state it was a medical assistant? and where did it state the “nurses name” or “medical students” names….

      1. Leslie says:

        I was referring to a comment by someone named “Evie”, who stated that she is studying to be a medical assistant, and that she is training to give meds!

    2. daimen bokk says:

      Evie was only saying how important it is to be aware of meds and how they should be properly administered, EVERYONE would be better off to learn about meds and dosages like Evie is, she never said SHE was administering meds, only learning the importance of learning correct dosages. She will become a competent medical assistant, I would worry about your competence as you misread Evie’s message and that tells me you may mis-read other things. I want to know about meds and dosages just as a patient; because, just because someone is a doctor or nurse does NOT mean they are smarter, they only completed school, maybe even at the bottom of their class!

  29. MikeD says:

    I pray that some good will come from this horrible tradgedy, to prevent such future devastation to any family. My heart felt condolensces to the family. May your angel rest in heaven.

  30. yo says:

    Azithromycin IV is not approved for children under 16 years of age. However, it is routinely used in this age group. Oral azithromycin is approved and is used all the time in this age group. The adult dose was given when the pediatric dose shoul’ve been calculated. Mistakes alll the way around … doctor for orderin … pharmacist for preparing (maybe) … nurse for administering.

  31. Liberals Are Evil says:

    God has a new angel.

  32. jant1215 says:

    Have you ever had to go to Brookdale? This doesn’t surprise me.

  33. evie says:

    I am a current student studying to become a medical assistant and the ONE thing my professor stresses about is the importance of medication dosage, ESPECIALLY when giving meds to children. My condolences go out to the family.

    1. daimen bokk says:

      The most important thing is to read the orders before administering anything to anyone, after you have made yourself aware of the orders, be sure the actual med’s label is accurate. If you ever doubt, ask someone to verify, then YOU will never make the same mistake.

  34. Buffy says:

    Just got to work and read this, tears soak my face 🙁 That entire staff involved should all be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Belinda Ashley says:

      Indeed–especially the nurse who tried to say that the baby was only sleeping. . .at the very least, when the parents said that something was wrong with their baby–someone should have inspected and not just ‘looked’!

    2. Lee says:

      Yes definitely fired!
      Rest in peace beautiful baby x

  35. Linda says:

    The pain of losing a child would be horrific enough, but when caused by sheer negligence by medical staff, it is difficult to make sense of. My heart goes out to the parents. Very sad story.

  36. Tina says:

    I feel so bad for these parents. As a nurse you should always double check any medication to be given to any newborn, infant or child to be sure its the appropriate dosage. I hope the hospital gets what they deserves and the parents gets to recover from this tragedy some sort of way.

  37. Tiffany from East new york says:

    my heart goes out to the family. im so sorry to hear this horrible news. my 3 month old son was a patient at that damn hospital. that could of happen to him. once again my heart goes out to the family.

  38. Danni says:

    Exactly, Ann. Mayor Mike, you are heartless human being with no life. We all know your type. You ramble on blogs just to get a rise out of people because you are that starved for attention. My heart and prayers go out to this poor family. I can not even imagine what they are feeling.

  39. mike says:

    Take this advise nothing can return your child. But make sure the hospital pays. Sue the crap out of the hospital so that they fired the dumb nurse administering the iv. Where was the supervising pediatric doctor.

  40. kc says:

    What a heartless, ignorant, cowardless thing to say. Get over yourself!

    1. kc says:

      Mayor Mike needs a train run over him.

  41. katana says:

    You are an insensitive asshole. Its people like you that should get the wrong doses of meds that make one go braindead cause you should be!! Jackass!!

  42. Susan says:

    Thank God I have never lost a child. But I have lost other family members and when you have a heart and love your family especially a child you don’t just get over it. I have lost a family to a medication “error” and you just don’t get over it. !!!It is has been 26 years since I lost my cousin and I still think of her.! I am thankful you are not my family member if you care no more than this.

  43. Ann says:

    Mayor Mike , Would you still say get over it, if it was your son/daughter?

  44. Debbie says:

    To the parents, my heart is heavy for you. As a mother myself, I wish there was someway I could relieve your pain.

  45. tb says:

    gi, i agree with you,,, what a heartless piece of crap to think a bench or train is more important than a baby

  46. Rosalyn Yalow says:

    A heartless moron posted the previous comment. Makes the case for the virtues of illiteracy,

  47. Tanveer says:

    Baby’s death is an error, Azithromycin IV is not recommended in pediatric patients under 16. Question is why it was written that way and why was it prepared and administered ?

  48. gi says:

    Hope a train runs over your dumb ass

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