NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A ticket-fixing scandal has now ignited a virtual civil war in the NYPD.

The stunning investigation had 16 officers in Bronx Criminal Court Friday, answering to charges. Hundreds of their colleagues were there in a dramatic show of support as all the officers pleaded not guilty in connection with the investigation.

Photo Gallery: NYPD Ticket-Fixing Arraignment

The accused allegedly fixed tickets for family and friends, but the investigation has broadened to include other kinds of alleged corruption, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

“They would either remove the actual ticket — the property of NYPD — from the  precinct or they would alter the ticket in a manner to cause it to be dismissible,” Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said.

“Those actions are crimes under the law and can’t be glossed over as courtesies or as part of an acceptable culture — they are not. Those who try to rationalize it are kidding themselves,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

No one expected the turnout Friday featuring 1,000 cops outside the courthouse and another 400 inside, many of whom chanted “Ray Kelly hypocrite.” Only about 100 could fit in the courtroom, so the rest were in the hallway outside.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

Among those lending support was paralyzed officer Stephen McDonald, who was wheeled into the courtroom to a rousing ovation.

Officers held up signs that read “It’s A Courtesy, Not A Crime” and “Just Following Orders” and a quote from Mayor Michael Bloomberg saying “It’s been going on since the days of the Egyptians.”

As recently as April, Bloomberg tried to downplay what had become a major investigation.

“I’m sure there is somebody who went over the line, but they’d be very few and far between,” he said.

Officer Jose Ramos was the first to be arraigned. In addition to allegedly fixing tickets, he is suspected of associating with a drug dealer. Ramos and his wife were arrested Thursday night. He pleaded not guilty in court Friday.

“He sold his shield, he violated his oath,” said Assistant District Attorney Omer Wiceyk.

The DA’s office said they even have Ramos on video telling a drug dealer he can use his badge and uniform for anything: “I can drive a dead body in the trunk of my car across the city, and not be caught.”

Pat Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, made it clear his rank-and-file was not there for Ramos.  Some of the officers facing charges are officials within the PBA.

“If I could’ve turned my back when that drug dealer walked in without disrespecting the court, I would have done that,” Lynch said to applause.

Lieutenant Jennara Cobb of Internal Affairs also pleaded not guilty to allegedly tipping off officers about the ticket fixing probe. The remaining officers pleaded not guilty to official misconduct and obstructing governmental authority charges.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports

Also charged were Bronx union delegates Officers Joseph Anthony, 46; Michael Hernandez, 35; and Brian McGuckin, 44. Officer Virgilio Bencosme, 33, and Officer Luis R. Rodriguez, 43, both of the 40th Precinct; Officer Christopher Scott, 41, of the 48th Precinct; Officer Jaime Payan, 37, of the 46th Precinct; Officer Eugene P. O’Reilly, 39, of the 45th Precinct; Officer Christopher Manzi, 41, of the 41st Precinct; and Jason Cenizal, 39, a former delegate from the 42nd Precinct.

Jacob G. Solorzano, 41, was Ramos’ supervisor. He was charged with misconduct. Sgt. Marc Manara, 39, Officer Ruben Peralta, 45, Jeffrey Regan, 37 and Officer Christopher Scott, 41, of the 48th Precinct were all charged with covering up an assault for a an acquaintance. Some of the charges also include ticket fixing.

Some 500 cops and union officials came under some level of scrutiny over the last two years. CBS 2 learned 80 cops have been disciplined by Commissioner Kelly for various minor offenses stemming from the probe.

The investigation began two years ago when Internal Affairs said they caught officer Ramos, of the Bronx, talking about tickets during an unrelated narcotics case.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports

This week, federal investigators also arrested NYPD officer William Masso in a gun smuggling case. They say a FBI informant also got him talking about fixing tickets.

“In late 2009, the C.I (confidential informant) who was seeking to fix NYPD traffic tickets in exchange for payment, was introduced to William Masso, the defendant, as a person who could fix the C.I.’s traffic tickets,” said U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

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  1. XCOP says:

    Here is a great plan Ray Kelly and Mayor Mike..
    Police Offices should no longer have the power to write tickets . Traffic agents should be the only ones authorized to write a summons to the public this way the police can deal with real crime and community issues

  2. riri says:

    Ticket fixing, big deal. Can anyone who posted on this site say they never got a discount on anyting because of who they knew.

    My grandfather was a cop in the 60s, courtesy was always a perk of the job.
    Go work in Best Buy or any store and you get courtesy in the way of a discount same thing.

    Lets just get rid of all the cops and live in a lawless New York.

    Hope none of you fools calls 911 or if you do hope nobody shows up.

  3. Me says:

    Ticket fixing comment only. Face it….the only citizens complaining about ticket fixing are those citizens who haven’t been on the receiving end of the courtesy. In EVERY position and career, there are perks and advantages that come along with a capacity. EVERYONE, INCLUDING ALL OF YOU judging the issue at hand, are GUILTY of being on the receiving or extending end of “A COURTESY or COURTESIES.”. EVERYONE has received a courtesy from someone they know, and/or has extended a courtesy to someone they know, because of a held capacity. SERIOUSLY EVERYBODY!!!!! ALL of you haters are SO full of crap! While you all are assessing and judging, check yourselves. Seriously! Stop being so SELF RIGHTEOUS!

  4. d law says:

    Throw the book at the this pigs. I get a $115 ticket picking up my kids at school and all they say is law sir. PBA is the biggest issue the NYPD has.

  5. Retired 44 says:

    Ticket fixing “Couresty” cost NYC 2 million dollars a year. I support New York’s Finest, but the PBA position that this behavior is a courtesy, not a crime is absurd. It’s corruption, no matter how the PBA sugar coats it. Most New Yorkers must pay parking ticket fines. why should family and friends of cops be exempt?

  6. goblin says:

    These tickets are garbage and issued by selective enforcement. Nothing but a way for the city to manage a budget that’s out of control with fines so high, they in no way match the violation.

  7. Whatajoke says:

    Just to be clear, the issue here is not simply that ” this is a courtesy, so its okay”, the point is that squashing summonses is nothing new. It is something that is widespread throughout the dept goes all way upto the mayor and police commisioner. Its all about who you know. Anyone who does not see this fact, is in denial. To place and limit the liability to a selected few is wrong. If punishment is to be served, it should affect all. That is the issue here, and that is why these officers have plead not guilty and is also why most of these cases will go eventually go away. Stay tuned because once these cases go trial and names start getting dropped, that’s when things will really get interesting.

  8. The Realist says:

    Did the “removed” tickets still count toward their quotas??

  9. rashed says:

    corruption: when doctors selftreat each other and friends without medical expense! courtesy: when doctors give discounts, or free service to the general public.
    corruption: when teachers give their own kids “A”, because they want their own kids to go to a good school; courtesy: when a teacher gives someone an “A” so that that child might feel good about himself and study harder for a future test
    corruption: when business leaders make profit with insiders-trading! courtesy: when business leaders give their employees bonus for a job well done
    corruption: when cops keep each other out of jail…courtesy: when cops find criminals

    finally: a courtesy must be recognized by everyone, not just the cops themselves!
    If a ticket represents a wrong-doing it should stay for everyone…no one should be exempted from punishments

    1. mj says:

      don’t you think its a bit different when it comes to laws ? where do you draw the line ?professional courtesies are one thing…. crimes against societyy’s laws are quite the othe

      1. rashed says:

        yes i agree 100%,,,sorry i didn’t mention it

      2. rashed says:

        i was only trying explain what REAL COURTESy means…not the standard set up by these cops…
        their courtesy is actually a taboo…not really a real courtesy!

        1. mj says:

          ok no prob….. cool

  10. rashed says:

    WOW!!! incredible! it’s amazing these cops actually think that the public is OKAY! with the idea that ticket fixing is a “COURTESY”!
    I guess they never got enough education to realize that they could be tarnishing their profession claiming courtesy….
    They should be punished or else corruption will only increase! Everyone else should keep quiet and go back to work..

  11. anon says:

    “It’s a courtesy..NOT A CRIME” wow that’s vert disturbing….i think i understand why more uneducated folks own BMWs and Mercedes these days….

  12. rashed says:

    we need cops who care about their profession, and who’ll find the bad cops and weed them out

  13. Run for the Hills says:

    20 and out. thats why the cops flee this filthy rotten ungrateful city when they can. Its citizens have become so anti-cop its just not worth the sacrifice.

    1. Nik says:

      How in the world do they “sacrifice”? They brutalize us all on a daily basis and then want us to be grateful for it. They should all be thrown in prison. We didn’t become anti-cop in a vacuum. They brought it on themselves.

  14. rashed says:

    it these cops are declared innocent, all those who were caught and jailed for insider-trading should be freed immediately…cops are #1 in corruption…and this is just another example…more to follow….Applause to ray kelly…we need decent cops not ghetto cops who do it for money and power…

    1. run for the Hills says:

      I can only hope this becomes true. Then i hope all those “innocent criminals ” move in right next door to you and your family and those corrupt police never show up. That would be justice.

  15. Yahudah shemyahudah prince says:

    Eye to eye compliments of the day regards ,
    When the citizens Chose to become police officers /and serve the public and took their oath of Service office to do that !.
    There was no clause to state that they were taking the job to become friends with fellow citizens who took that same oath .
    It was never about you and your family in providing Professional courtesy ? Where in the oath and pledge to serve Did you include fixing summonses under the auspices of professional person is that outlined ?
    So what was their purpose of creating the courtesy shield , card ? .
    Since most of those police officers have chosen to stand behind the 16 or 18 ,Perhaps they are guilty of the same thing .Is that Policemen benevolent association there to serve you when you are wrong ? .
    To the wall and back

    1. concerned citizen says:

      Parking tickets??? What about a detective who refuses to bust a meth lab operating in an apartment building, because it would hurt property values and for political reasons? That’s not corruption? Yet, no one does anything about it. What is Ray Kelly doing about that?

    2. concerned person says:

      Parking tickets? What about a detective who refuses to bust a meth lab operating in an apartment building, because it would hurt property values and for political reasons? That’s not corruption? Yet, no one does anything about it. What is Ray Kelly doing about that?

  16. mj says:

    i may be wrong but ALL cops are NOT heros. lets take a look lately at the nypd’s scandal de jour. MOST cops PROTECT only themselves (apparently friends and family too) and SERVE their own interest .

    1. wonderboy says:

      NYC police force number over 32,000 people. Does anbod think that a town of 32,000 people does not have any crooks or nut jobs in the population? Just because the are cops does not make them immune to weakness.

      1. mj says:

        if they want to be police officers they should understand that they will be held up under a microscope and be held to higher standards the the ordinary citizen

  17. Mike says:

    College dropout douchbags!

  18. vinster says:

    If you drive 85 in 55 mph zone and a cop pulls you over, you are getting a ticket and rightfully so. You could have caused an accident and someone could have died. If the same happens and you are the wife of a cop with one of those police shields suction cupped to your driver side windshield you will be told to have a nice day sorry to have bothered you, no ticket. HMMMM.

  19. Meme Meyagi says:

    you can see how widespread this problem is. i venture to say that 99% of cops think they are above the law. daily i see cops speeding and yapping on cell phones. this is yet another reason why this once great country is coming apart.

    1. says:

      This is not why this country is “coming apart.” It is because retards like you live in this country and ruining it.

        1. says:

          Funny, but you are still a retard.

          1. Meme Meyagi says:

            and ur still a pig

      1. rashed says:

        apparently you seem to think that calling someone a retard makes you a smart indvidual…

        1. Jerry says:

          Bravo Mame and rashed,
          You should ignore the 1010wins mental case. He is a lost soul and should stay that way! He’s probably a cop in denial.
          Hopefully ,His mindset is the exception not the rule??Hopefully?

          This scandal should pave the way for an investigation of all the inequities that not only favor cops over the public, who they swear to protect and uphold,but endanger all of us too.

    2. Drink and drive? says:

      Is that why all the bars at night only have cops and firemen drinking?

  20. M.J.Barrett says:

    I guess what these NYPD folks forgot in doing this criminal deed is
    that they are legally ah hem! “Officers of the Court” not officers that
    do favors for friends or for money.

  21. Kelly must go!! says:

    Ray “Nero” Kelly is fiddling while the NYPD burns. Is he blind, or just a pandering Eunoch. Lets lower the standards again Mr. Commissioner, seems to work well for the NYPD. Are you really consideringrunning for Mayor? You don’t have the Idiot Mayors Money, you have no chance.

  22. Slim pickens says:

    New York’s finest? This,gun running and thugery downtown leave quite a bit to be desired under Mayor Gloomberg.

  23. David says:

    They held up signs that read “It’s A Courtesy, Not A Crime” and “Just Following Orders” and a quote from Mayor Michael Bloomberg saying ”It’s been going on since the days of the Egyptians.”

    Oh, well then, that certainly clears it up.

  24. Citizen X says:

    You have to love all the BS comments that people are making on this site. Just because a Police Officer helps a relative have a summons taken care of, which is an age old COURTESY, the BRONX DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S office decides to ARREST Police Officers. How many citizens of NYC have been pulled over by Police and been given a WARNING? More citizens of NYC get WARNINGS as opposed to an actual SUMMONS. What is the difference? I don’t want to hear, “Well, the Officers fixed a ticket that has had been already issued.” What if the NYPD Officers just write EVERYONE now? Who will suffer more in the long run? The Citizens of NYC that is who. All you COP haters out there are a JOKE. Especially District Attorney Robert Johnson. How many CRIMINALS does the Bronx District Attorney’s Office let go on a daily basis? Why don’t you people go ask the BRONX District Attorney’s Office how many ROBBERY, BURGLARY, and RAPE Recidivist they set FREE on a daily basis? It doesn’t happen in Manhattan or Queens. Not to mention the number of people they let go on Homicide or on gun charges. The Bronx District Attorney’s Office is a Joke and it’s time for Rob Johnson to seek employment elsewhere when the Bronx has the highest rate of letting people out of JAIL SENTENCES. What about all the protesters in the parks causing NYC millions of dollars a day? I agree, if a Police Officer took Money or Gifts to ifx a summons it’s wrong. Where is the UNION? You have approximately 25,000 members? Where is the strength and UNITY in the PBA? This should have never even come to this. The most important tool on a Police Officer’s belt is, “DISCRETION,” You take that away from a Police Officer and you have a ROBOT. Just remember this citizens of NYC, you will ultimately pay the price when they FORCE Police Officer’s to WRITE a summons for EVERYTHING or Arrest you for every minor infraction. SO, I say, Write them all and arrest them all. It will be a matter of time before the system gets to clogged and cannot operate. The PBA UNION and the NYPD Officers need to step up and put an END to this BS… Unity only works in numbers and if everyone is on the same page. I understand there are those who will not comply but that is where the UNION must step in and allow Officer’s who are not willing to participate in the UNITY, to be emancipated from the UNION and be on their OWN!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck NYPD and screw the Bronx DA’s Office for this shameful RETALIATION on Police Officers. PS, alot of Great Police Officers are also currently serving our COUNTRY and are Prior Military. They have served our COUNTRY and our CITY. What have you done?

    1. Cahill says:

      “This should have never even come to this. The most important tool on a Police Officer’s belt is, “DISCRETION,””

      …naah…this one is too easy.

    2. Ramos is a Criminal! says:

      It was an IAB Rat who started this whole thing. Go after Cops who commit crimes like the Perp Cop Ramos.

    3. Meme Meyagi says:

      Citizen X, you are clearly part of the problem. you think you are above the law and da will go after you at some point. its not funny how twisted your mind is.

    4. mj says:

      spoken like a true cop …. or is that frend or family of a cop ?

    5. Jeff Rosen retired NYPD sgt says:

      Great post!!

    6. N Y P DrP I G S says:

      oink oink

  25. highestcorruption says:

    All of you in support of these rogue cops, you can bet your bottom dollar that if they’re engaged in one type of illegal activity they’re also engage it other worst illegal activities. What’s the motivation for citizens to follow the straight and narrow when the ones in charge of upholding the laws and making the rest of us behave are cimmitting crimes at an alarming rate? Believe me when I say, these are not isolated incidents taking place in just New York. They are taking place on some level all across the country in law enforcement agencies in most every city, town, state, parish and county. Drug abuse, drug dealing, sexual assaults, child molestation, domestic violence, DUI, DWI, murders, murder for hire__you name it, they can all be found taking part at the hands of your local law enforcement.

  26. k says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    At the corner of Calaveras and N. Park Victoria in Milpitas California two corrupt DEA allmost caused the death of an elderly lady while they where harrassing a suspect.
    The elderly lady was crossing the street about 15 yards ahead of the suspect’s car that was going west bound on Calaveras after having just pulled out of the Shell station. One of the DEA in the bus stop near the Shell station tried to gain the attention of the suspect thereby almost causing the car to hit the elderly lady. The other DEA was at the Shell station.
    They have also recently, on several occasions, entered my home while I was not there so that they can get better access to my vehicle and loosen steering linkages, remove wheel weights, tamper with breaks, tamper with transmission linkages, etc… Every time I detect that they have entered my home, my dog looks like he is not feeling well. Why take my insolence out on a dog?
    They are also shooting BB guns at my car while driving. One instance they shot a BB gun at my car in a very busy intersection of highways 680&101 while I was traveling 55+ mph.
    They have been harrassing me for 20 years.
    The DEA is part of the problem and not solution. Apart from being the proxy force for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the NSA, they have been a failure since Nixon’s inception. The DEA could benefit from a large buget cut and employee rift to remove the corrupt ones.

  27. Peggy says:

    A thug with a badge is still just a thug.

  28. viv says:

    Fix a ticket, then a robbery, next a drug deal, then a murder. Where does it end. Stop it at the beginning and the power they feel they have will not escalate. If their job description does not include ‘giving special perks to family & friends’ people shouldn’t ask them to do it.

  29. BOB says:

    You people who side with the ticket fixers make me ill i sure hope that one of those people who got away with breaking doesnt break the law again which they will cause the can(get it fixed) doesent run over you or a loved one the next time they break the law then ill bet you will want to HANG THE COP RIGHT

  30. Martin Fee says:

    And to think Obamas Job Bill will put more cops on the street. Crooked cops and union officials…. business as usual, yet ReichFuhrer bloomberg does not want you owning a gun to protect yourself. who else is going to protect you when the cops and criminals are one in the same?

  31. M in MS. says:

    If the charge is only fixing tickets for family and friends without recompense, then what the heck is the big deal? Considering what our officers with minimal training have to face on America’s ugliest streets, being able to keep the slate clean for some family and close friends is small comfort and small thanks to what could happen any day on the job. Seriously people, remember the addage “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Who amongst us has not taken advantage of an unwritten perk of the job, or even a perceived perk? Stop wasting tax payers dollars on irrelavent, needless, baseless, and out and out immaterial charges against public servants who endure a mostly thankless job. So what, someone was guilty of speeding or such and got out of a ticket, while you got caught and had to pay up … go cry me a river.

    1. OBEYTHELAW says:

      M in Ms.

      Are you joking? What’s the big deal, you ask? I then ask you, where and when does it stop? Do YOU get to decide what is “ok” to let go, and what is not? The point is, it is against the law to fix tickets….period. Under your logic, what is the “big deal” if a politician looks the other way when he or she influences a deal going to one of their friends. What’s the big deal, right? Politicians make little money, so let them help their friends, right? WRONG. And stop with the “dangers from America’s ugly streets”, did they streets suddenly get ugly, or did they know when they got the job that being a police officer entails risks? They all knew, it is just these small percentage cheats want to pull some favors to show their friends and relatives that “they have pull”. Well have some fun “pulling” while you are in jail.

    2. 8UP says:


    3. Martin Fee says:

      Either you uphold and support the law or your no better than the people who sell drugs or stick up banks.
      Either we are a nation of MAKE UP YOUR MIND

  32. BeBop4000 says:

    The earth may start shaking here, when I write my opinion, but here goes….I actually side with the cops on this one ! Ordinarily, I would say “throw the book at them” but we are talking a miniscule offense here, fixing a traffic ticket for a family member. Hell, if you can’t help out spmebody close to you, specifically now, when times are hard, what’s next? C’MON….let ’em fix a ticket or two for Uncle Jack and Aunt Millie ! No harm/No foul !

  33. Mark says:

    There are more crooked cops and icity officials than everyone realizes, there are some honest ones, but there are some you are CROOKED as you can get!

  34. Mark says:

    Well, what do you expect. It’s part of a Banana Republic!!! Together with the politicians we look like a Central American Republic! But we vote for these crooks who hire crooked persons. And don’t give me the “put ervry day there lives on the line” crap. Nobody forces them to be a cop! My apologies to the few, honest and hardworking cops and politicians!

  35. Joe Bolton says:

    Just wondering if Ray Kelly ever fixed a ticket ? If you think Bloomturd never called him to squash a summons your nuts! Now taking something other than a simple thank you is wrong and should be punished. Thats why the Mayor and PC are downplaying this. Would love to get them on a stand under oath!

    1. laura says:

      Thank Joe, you have no idea how many tickets the Mayors office has asked to be fixed, not to mention the DA’s office! this is nothing but a witch hunt. Its a disgrace.

  36. David says:

    They get paid to do their jobs, no different from anyone else. They should be help to the same standards as everyone else, throw the book at them.

    1. Norm says:

      OK, of all the things we can be spending money to investigate. Ticket fixing? Are you serious? All those that think these officers should be prosecuted, think of this… time an officer pulls you over for an action, be it your error or knowingly, and he let’s you go with a warning….”beg” him to give you a ticket instead of the warning. Bet anything, you’d take the warning, huh?

      1. Jeff Rosen retired NYPD sgt says:

        Good post!!

  37. Tom says:

    I can’t believe the fools that are commenting that this is okay ,give them a break because they suffer so.What a bunch of BS. All these people that take oaths have a moral responsibility to do the right thing. CASE CLOSED.If you can’t do that go find a different job. Don’t rob and cheat the people your suppose to protect.

    1. mj says:

      AND paid to serve

  38. edward says:

    If Bloomersberg had any morale compass he would tell the cops to go about their business…………….he has been fixing things with G. Soros and his will be remember for caving on the Occupy wall street idiots………….

  39. rtg says:

    Fixing traffic tickets, really???? Considering what they do for us, I find it very hard to get upset about some tickets. If it was drunk driving that would be an entirely different story, but drunk drivers get hauled off to jail, they don’t just get written tickets. It makes me think the NYPD should be a bit more concerned with real crime instead of wasting taxpayer dollars on misdemeanor tickets.

    1. mj says:

      i personally have seen cops let drunk friends go thru checkpoints. i also have seen cops deal in stolen property and drive drunk themselves and be lert go by other cops .WHERE do you draw the line ?

  40. roberto norori says:

    They are policemen and because they ruisk their life everyday in the job (?), they aare entitled to do whatever they feel like it or come down to the level the crime they are suppose to fight against. Gen, if this is whinning against the police of the firemen and asking for something they are not suppose to do wich is protect and do the right the thing, so let it be, I am whinner.

  41. Wake Up America says:

    Well Officer Friendly, thats why it’s called a brotherhood. Walk a mile in their shoes, and you too would get a break. Is it right, probably not, but guess what, it goes on in every profession, Doctors covering for Doctors, lawyers for lawyers
    and on and on and on. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it is the way of this life.
    Like I said, walk a mile in their shoes before you Judge. Let me ask you this, have you ever spoken to serviceman just back form a war ? Guess what, you won’t, because unless you’ve been serving, they feel they cannot talk to you because you could never relate. It’s not personal, it’s just the way it is.
    Let me tell you something else, don’t think Cops/Fireman/Lawyers/Doctors don’t turn on one another, oh believe me they do, but they’re black listed once that happens. Thats called Professional Suicide. That too is just the way it is.
    The only thing I could add is, not everything is black & white. It’s not easy having your life open to scrutiny everyday of your life, but in these Professions it is, and not that it excuses you, but it comes with perks that the average person doesn’t get. And like I said, It’s not personal but just the way it is. It’s called Courtesy, Professional or whatever you want to call it, but thats all it is. And of course it only goes for certain things, not anything major, and this stuff believe it or not, is not major. It’s definitly a career buster, but criminal, no. It is now because of strictly Politics, and that hurts more than anything……
    I could on and on and on. Not enough time……

    1. THEVETMAN says:


    2. oinkers says:

      Wake up America, you are on tard stauts sir!

  42. Wake Up America says:

    Yeah JCB, and what do you do for living ? Do you work for free ? Do you put your life on the line when you go to your pathetic job.
    Oh, your proud just to be a taker. Whats a taker ? Look in the mirror, now you would be looking at one.
    You seem to have no use for anyone thats willing to sacrifice they’re lives, the lives of their families or their futures to make a measley living. Oh I bet your the type that think these people are making a killing being Cops and Fireman.
    Well I’ll tell you what, next time you need help, go to someone where you work, or even someone in your family. Let me know how you make out with that, but don’t bother calling “911”. Oh I forget, your self sufficient, you won’t need any help from your friends/family to bail your sorry ass out, because your a “TAKER”.
    Thats what TAKERS do, with you it’s all about ME ME ME, God forbid you should help someone. Ya see TAKERS don’t do those sought of things. But you would already know that. Ya see thats another talent TAKERS have, they know it all, so your good……..Wow !!! Loser, Loser, Loser…….

    1. Tim R. Barnes says:

      If the job does not pay enough that gives you the right to be corrupt? That is what is wrong with this country,cuz those corrupt politicians feel the same way,having to make all those tough CONSTITUTIONAL decisions every day,and the pay,my god movie stars make more than them.

    2. DP4LIFE says:

      Were police officers drafted? Are they forced into these jobs? NO. So spare us the “put their lives on the line every day”and “sacrifice every day” story. This job was THEIR choice, and if they don’t like it, here’s an idea….then QUIT. But you can’t, because it is the best job you can get. The problem is, these idiots who break the law thought it would be great being a police officer at the age of 20 (nice pay, no college needed, great benefits, carry a gun, retire early etc.), but now at an older age and realizing they will always be middle income while their friends and neighbors can make a lot more money, they get angry and start doing illegal stuff to line their pockets or to show off their power. You are the loser, my friend, for defending these idiots, while there are great cops who love their jobs and don’t break the law….and they are the one who get my respect every minute of every day.

      1. Jane Adams says:

        Here in NY they need to have a college degree… check your facts. And even with these numbers, the percentage is still low…. it is not as if NYC has only 80 police officers

        1. factchecker says:

          wrong Jane, they could bypass the college requirements with just a high school degree and two years of military. Check your facts before you pretend to be an expert.

    3. Me says:

      So said the NY city cop! lol…

  43. OfficerFriendly says:

    Cops helping out other cops… Gee, what a friggin NOVEL idea. I was with a friend once, he was quite drunk and was driving. He was also … a cop. Yes, we got pulled over and it was obvious that he knew my friend was drunk, but, quick as snot my friend pulled out his badge and said that he’d be careful and he was let go with a simple admonishment. That would NEVER have happened if it was not a cop driving the car. These sorts of things STILL OCCUR on a daily basis.

  44. Americian says:

    Bloomberg you need to watch your POLICE DEPARTMENT instead of the NYC TEACHERS

  45. Wake Up America says:

    What is this crap, your posting comments to quickly. Yep this is a Yuppie running this show…..

  46. Att. Hoar says:


  47. Wke Up America says:

    There is a well known statement that is made in Civil Servant anals: Everyone loves a Firefighter, no one loves the Police, that is unless you get something from them, but the minute they do something for themselves or someone they know and care/love, “Oh Hell No, throw them right into the Polkie.” It’s ok to have them deal with all of society ills, but God forbid they try to take care of one another “Oh, I have to pay for that, how come you don’t” Well the reason why, you are not part of the whipping post, if you want to be, no problem, every three years or so they give out applications for the same job, why don’t you try it and see what it’s like. “Oh I don’t want that Job”. You people are nothing but a bunch of whiners. You want and want and want, and just when you think someone is getting away with the something, “Oh throw them right under the Bus, we’ll get someone else that won’t do what they did.” Another want moment. To me all of this should have been handled internally, Criminally, now thats a stretch. Well at least all of you WANT PEOPLE got exactly what you wanted, you just turned all of these people into criminals. You think you solved this problem ? The only thing you just solved was, you got another lawyer a way to rape the system, another media reporter reporting another Hi-Paying worthless job. You people are nothing but a bunch of dopes, but you got what you wanted. Let Mr. Rich man rape your savings account right from under your noses, but thats OK, right ? Come on America, get your priororties straight…..

    1. stevil says:

      I am not sure what you are implying. Are you saying because they are cops they should get some special treatment? I do agree with you though…firefighters are held in a higher regard that cops…and I agree with that 100%. They say that there are a few bad apples in any police precinct…however, there should not be ANY bad apples in the police…not a single one…because in this case, yeah, the few bad apples DO spoil the bunch.

    2. Andre says:

      I like to think I can trust the police. They didn’t take the job by force and should be the type of people that want to serve and protect.
      Ticket fixing, driving drunk and being allowed to proceed on or gun running are all illegal and no matter who they are, should have to suffer the consequences of their actions.
      I have a lot of respect for any law officer as long as they remain honest and not have become criminals. There is no justification for that.

  48. JCB says:

    How nice! Public servants sucking off taxpayer’s money. Jail the ones who deserve it and fire the rest. To protect and to serve. Remember that motto?Seems to be a recurring theme whether it’s cops, fireman or politicians. I especially like the fireman who openly brag about how little they do at work but start raising holy hell whenever there is talk of laying any of them off. I’d love to see more volunteer fire departments. It’s time to rid the system of such financial leeches.

    1. bob says:

      Right on brother!! I like when thet say the are volunteers, but i thought volunteers dont get great wages and life long pensions?

  49. Gilda Provenzano says:

    More involved. What a shock.

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