Cold, Drenched OWS Members Ask Homeless For Winter Weather Survival Tips

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Saturday’s snow storm made life in Zuccotti Park miserable for Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Demonstrators were left drenched with rain and then snow as the storm moved through the region. Central Park set a record for both the date and the month of October with 2.9 inches of snow.

Those camping out in the park have been stockpiling donated blankets, scarves, coats and have been trying to get more tents, cots and tarps.

PHOTOS: October Snowstorm

According to an “urgent” alert on their website, OWS is looking for a number of other donations, including waterproof boots, gloves, hats, hand and foot warmers and disposable foot covers among other things. The site says the protesters “are in need of emergency supplies crucial for cold weather survival (and occupation).”

The site says they also need cots to get protesters off the ground, adding that they don’t have any and “could really use these.”

Reportedly, some have been even getting winter weather survival tips from the homeless.

They say they’re also looking for thermal heaters after fire officials removed six of the protesters’ gas-powered generators from Zuccotti Park on Friday, saying it was safety issue.

“The argument could be made they just wanted to get at our power source,” said demonstrator Brian Najdanik.

Without generators, protesters were left with just flashlights and lanterns. Lights, cooking equipment and the media center at Zuccotti Park were all turned off.

Fire officials say storing gasoline in such packed quarters is simply too dangerous.

But the protesters are coming up with a new solution – a stationary bike and generator connected to a battery.

“We’ve got five bike-powered generator systems that are coming from Boston and we’ve got five more plus other ones that are going to supplement as well so we’re completely, completely off the grid,” said demonstrator Lauren Minis.

Insiders at Occupy Wall Street say they expect to have their media center and the food service area fully powered and illuminated by Monday.

The movement is also expected to reveal just how much money they have raised and spent in the first five weeks of the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

OWS has reportedly raised nearly $454,000 and has spent more than $50,000 so far for things like food, clothing, medical supplies, laundry, media and other expenses.


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  1. MarineOne says:

    The occupation is looking a lot like the homeland they so long for…a communist third world where everyone is equally poor and unable to seek a better life.
    The life of a Bolshevic seems to be their goal. The Bolshevic Revolution ended very badly just like the Occupy Wallstreet movement is destined to fall…if this is the best they can do, just think of what true American Patriots would do to save our Republic from the likes of these Communists who wish the end of our great country. Don’t bet against loyal American. You will never win!

    1. Lt Scrounge says:

      Did you happen to miss that a major reason for the American Revolution was the level of taxation rates that were severely impacting the capacity of people to earn a living?

      1. Casual_Observer says:

        Don’t forget about these very important facts that were also huge stepping stones in moving towards the Americna Revolution. 1) The British Military (a standing army. . . Hmm crazy just like these militarized riot police) were policing well more like terrorizing colonists much like our police do today. 2) The banking system that brought on much of the heavy taxation, exactly like we have today a fractional reserve banking system. These early revolutionaries understood that you could not have true freedom with these oppressive systems in place. History truly does repeat itself and it is because of the majorities inability to learn from it.

    2. Pilot.Dave says:

      Would you be so quick to give away your Second Amendment rights like these guys First Amendment rights? (Freedom to bare arms, Freedom of Speech and peaceful assembly since you likely don’t understand.)

      My wife is former USSR and really is concerned that We the Sheeple are so easily swayed by the buys on wall street who make $1,000,000,000.00 and only pay 15% taxes but get the morons like MarineOne to root for them…. WOW.

      1. realistic_01 says:

        Your wife should be concerned that all these useful idiots of the Democrat party are trying to lead the U.S. towards a government that resembles Russia and not the government that has allowed a multitude of people to actually earn a million dollars, and hundreds of thousands more hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions more tens of thousands of dollars each year.

        It is very sad that “sheeple” like you and the Trespass on Wall Street crowd believe the bs that those making a million only pay 15% in taxes. All one need do is look at a tax table to see that isn’t true, but then those someones would need to be able to think for themselves.

        1. Pilot.Dave says:

          Oh, but she and I are concerned very much about that Path… just don’t throw the baby out with the wash water…

          on the tax table, I meant to say BILLION – the table does not apply to the top “earners” on Wall street as they receive ZERO salary, but a BILLION per year in “capital gains” and yes, it is only 15%… in taxes.

          You appear to be blinded by the Football Game – Red team VS Blue team.

          1. jekyllisland says:

            So you only care about how how people pay, not what they do or produce. So how much do you want them to pay because they are different from you?

            Sounds like your wife frying pan to marry the fire.

            Stop being envious of others & what they have compared to what you don’t have & realize that this problem is not Wall St but Main St’s stupidity to allow bailouts in the first place.

            It is no coincidence that there was a bail out in the trillions and now the income disparity is this country has widened.

            We allowed the government to take money from the poor to give to the rich because most us including you were too dumb to see the truth.

            1. mique says:

              |The poor do not pay taxes. In fact the so called rich pay for almost everything in this country. Half the people in the U.S. take money from the other half that you resent so much. Why dont you all just work for your share like the rest of us.

              1. Scott Batten says:

                I beg to differ. The poor DO pay taxes. They pay the most regressive of ALL taxes. When you tax a corporation, that corporation then ADDS the taxes into the final COST of the goods produced. Right now that averages 22%.

                I understand what you are saying, but the answer is to simplify the tax code and make it less burdensome on everyone across the board.

                1. angelabaumbarger says:

                  Sorry Scott, but that is NOT true.. How do you figure they pay more then anyone? First of all, they have a lower tax rate, then add deductions.. tax credits for child care, tax credit of earned income credit..(money given to them without earning it ).

                  I can’t figure out why people are against making money? Isn’t this why people come to this country from other countries, like Mexico?

                  Buffet started this class warfare, based on lies. First, his secretary does not pay more then he does, if he didn’t try to get out of paying his taxes. He has been fighting the IRS and hasn’t paid his taxes.. maybe that’s why he said that.
                  The people who make money are not to blame for the economic crisis, the government did. Plain and simple

                  1. KansasGirl says:

                    Excellent analysis.

            2. Pilot.Dave says:

              Sorry Jekyl,

              Not me at all… When was the last time you stood in the office of a man making $600 per minute? For me, 6 months ago. I am glad he makes that because he is worth every penny. He also gets it in a W2 and pays takes. Sure he has deductions I don’t but he earns a lot more than me… the “Investment Banker” is an entirely different animal – $1 BILLION a year for one man? Show me he does not pay just 15%….

              Nope, Dr Paul have my vote. He will end these giveaways… and the forien governments buying out laws…

              1. akw says:

                Just FYI, there are only a handful of people in this country that make $1 billion or more per year.. WHO CARES? “Wall Street” only accounts for 14% of the top 1% of wage earners in this country. 14% of 1%. If we confiscated 100% of everything those people earn for the next 10 years, it wouldn’t make a DENT in one year’s budget.

                These people protesting on Wall Street aren’t protesting in order to get the government to provide a climate in which these people can work as hard and smart as they want to to earn as much as they want; they want the government to GIVE THEM what the rich have, to take it from the rich and give it to everyone else, to forgive their loans, to provide free education and health care. GIMME GIMME GIMME.

                47% of workers in this country pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. The top 1% pay 34%, and the top 10% pay 70% of all federal income taxes collected. So, who cares if some of the top 1% only pay 15% capital gains tax? It’s a drop in the bucket, and it makes NO DIFFERENCE to how much you or I make.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  And your solution ? Spend more Porkulas money ?

              2. Mark James says:

                Dave, your heart’s in the right place but you need a bit more history and economics and common sense. No one of ANY financial stature has a legal or moral right to take from others, regardless of their wealth. The only ones who should be taken to court are those that received large benefits and payments from the Feds. The banks, financiers and crony businesses and yes UNIONS who were “bailed out” need to have this money returned immediately to pay down the public debt. Dr, Paul is a great man and I support most of his views but the only difference between the eventual collapse under his plan is it will come sooner and be instantly devastating. I prefer a slightly more elongated crash to allow the maximum number of people time to prepare.

                The simpletons in the tents are just the useful idiot foot soldiers of the Mobsters in government and unions and supposed non-profit collectivist weasels.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Mark, not at all even suggesting redistribution – the USSR found out that does not work :-0

                  We just had a perfect example here in Michigan of government for sale… we need a second bridge with Canada in Detroit as the 80 year old Ambassador is privately owned by a dude who all but won it in a card game… so he bought the State law makers who are not even in his district but control commerce sub-commities. Canada will bank roll it 100% and it will be a joint venture like our tunnel that can not carry trucks with auto parts…. But no, Mike Kowall is owned by “Matty” Moroun and Mike will not allow the bill to come before the full state legislature for a vote…

              3. John Politano says:

                Wrong again Dave. Where did the money they are investing come from? If I earn a dollar, then its taxed at 50%, then I invest the rest and make another dollar I have not made a dollar fifty. I made a dollar. It shouldn’t be taxed at all! That’s how you can get the people to invest in their own futures. Let capitalism rein! I am a firm believer that the more income you generate the LOWER your tax rate should be! Who would deny that a person like Steve Jobs gave the world so much that at some some point his reward would be NO TAXES! Geez, the guy generated Billions, And possibly Trillions in revenue and commerce. I think LOWERING the tax rate on “The rich” would cause them to invest capital into all the various sectors of the economy, thus creating more commerce, thus making them even richer and in turn repeating the cycle. You don’t seem to grasp the concept that successful people should be an inspiration and they should be encouraged to produce, not punished. I am not rich, but I would like to be someday, and therefor I invest my time and my money wisely. I have never asked for a handout, I never took a student loan and because I am self employed I can never get unemployment compensation. Why is it that I should pay for someone else to have more “benefits” than I do. Stop with the envy already! We don’t need an entire overhaul of our economy as these dolts want. We just have to expand the proverbial pie.

          2. mique says:

            You obviosouly do not understand capital gains or the tax system .|Nobody is payed in capital gains. The money that is invested originally was earned income. Each time that money is invested in equities and the equities are sold capital gains taxes are paid.Long term capital gains tax is 15 % but that profit is taxed each time it is rolled from an investment and reinvested. The same funds are taxed multiplt times.The 15% rate was passed to give the common working stiff a break when he cashes in his 401 |K. By the time a person has made billions of dollars he has paid an actual tax rate of close to 80% . You sir are an economic nincompoop. Capital gains are return on money that you earned and invested. That is not something you recieve and spend .

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              😀 Thank you for the complement. When a Simpleton calls another white collar dude an “economic nincompoop” it must be good.

              Read about how they play games with “salary” to avoid paying taxes you and I do…. That is assuming you pay taxes.

              1. Capt Dave says:

                You lost all credibility when you revealed your source as Huffington Post.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  And your source Caption Dave ? 😀 That was just at the top of the very long list of sites google produced.

                  Sounds like you Vote for your team no matter the topic – Red team VS Blue team.

                  Get back in your Toyota and drive back to your house filled with goods from China like most in America – no worries about American jobs.

              2. Suzy says:

                Truly a moron

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Suzy – can’t say more than three words at a time… so smart, she (he?) is so smart. Smart smart smart.

          3. Hawkeye says:

            Pilot, 15% applies only to LONG TERM gains, of which hedgefunds have extremely few. SHort term gains, 95% of the gains hedgefunds realize are taxed at 35%.
            As for no salary, again you show that you do not have a clue…Hedgefund managers recieve their salary as part of the expenses of the fund.

            Finally, how many people do you think they employ?
            How many do you employ?
            Do some due diligence before you open your mouth to educate people about your ignorance.

          4. Suzy says:

            U are a moron.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              And your solution Suzy ? Get in your over priced Toyota or Honda SUV and drive to China-Mart ?

              Remember if you still have the capacity to recall, you are calling me a moron because I defended their rights to protest until I leaned (Not from this article you also are reading) that they are criminal at this park… And, that our Government has been sliding into corp ownership for years…

              1. Mark James says:

                Dave my friend, again you are missing some of the point. The government has NOT been sliding into corporate ownership although the effect of 80 years of crony capitalism has them deeply in bed together. This is called “Statism” and in Europe it was labeled Fascism. The only philosophical difference between Communism and Fascism is whether or not the state owns everything or just controls everything though legislation. This is why the Communist/Socialism entity in this nation calls everyone a Fascist. Fascists and Commie are like fraternal twins locked in a death struggle for supremacy.

                Cain for POTUS, Rand Paul for VP, and ask the elder Paul to run Treasury.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Wow, Mark,

                  I don’t know much about Cain, but assuming you are on to something as you mention the 2 Paul’s in such good light, Cain might be what it takes to get real governance back….

                  I still stand by my statement that our government has been for sale. – I first noticed it when the Jetta diesel went from EPA 49 to 42 as the Toyota Prius swapped places with it for top highway MPG (they had the administration change the cycle test to favor their hybrid at the expense of the diesel)
                  To the latest with GE – everyone in the business knows they have the best tax lawyers and “Lobbyists” – including the CEO being tight with POTUS>

          5. Little Elvis says:

            You fail to mention that the tax on capital gains is from dividends on investments only. The billionaires regular salaries have already been taxed up to 50%. The biggest problem I have seen from the protestors is their lack of factual data and objective research and perspective. Becoming wealthy is an equal opportunity possibility. Ask Michael Moore and all the other celebrities that support OWS.

            1. IAMCORRECT says:

              Are you a human or a random word generator?

              What would make you think that anyone’s salary is taxed “up to 50%”?

              1. mique says:

                Because it is true

      2. Neil Moss says:

        OK Pilot.Dave lets take your points one at a time. First, are you a mind reader? How do you know MarineOne is not a bornagain gun control fanatic? Also what does it have to do wity any of the points he was making. Where did his post even mention taking away anyone’s first amendment rights ( just because you type in your computer that someone said something doesn’t make it magically happen, you see most of us can read what his actual words were.) Secondly, which OWS or Occupy movement has been totally peaceful and free of violence or lawbreaking? Thirdly, your wife must have either been a baby or competing with Forrest Gump cuz the sheeple as you so eloquently put it were the people who allowed the socialists/communists to take over. Guess who the OWS “sheeple”( also coincidently liberal democrat “sheeple”) most identify themselves with? It sure isn’t feedom loving capitalists who love a democratic style of government. You might also want to check out which folks receive the most money from those guys on Wall Street and which party the majority of them identify with? It is quite obvious you will be shocked if you dare to search for the truth. Lastly, you might also want to check out the IRS’s own website so that you might see just who it is that pays what in taxes, I warn you there again you are going to be shocked by the truth………..WOW!

        1. pilot.Dave says:

          Neil, of course there are criminals there…. just like one of your neighbors and mine are also breaking the law…. Its the right to protest I am talking about. Soviets had no such right…

          Taxes, here’s where you could educate yourself on how the wall street bunch gets “paid” – CAPITAL GAINS…,,id=106799,00.html

          1. DP says:

            PD: capital gains are taxed twice — once as corporate profits and secondly — at 15% for long-term and 20% for short-term — for the individual’s/recipient’s income. I see that you are ignorant of the fact that taxing income twice is wrong…

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              Errr, as ignorant as you are that the “investment bankers” get paid for their “labor” not as income but as a capital gains… not taxed twice as they are not a corporation… if they were a corporation, I guarentee you they would take an “S” election so the corporation pays ZERO taxes and they only pay 15% for the “long term”…..

              Show a W2 for a single one of these Billion / year income makers 😀

              1. Scott says:

                Pilot.Dave, In our Capitalist system we have incentive to work which doesn’t have to come from the barrel of a gun.

                CitiGroup CEO John Havens was paid in stock instead of cash. He now has some small ownership of the company, benefits and risk. The stock is a piece of paper. If the company’s value goes to zero, so does his stock and his 9 million dollar pay package becomes as worthless as the stock certificate.

                As the CEO, his actions can influence the value of the stock which affects his pay. If he does a good job running the company and increases its value which he can make back when he is finally able to sell the stock, or a portion of it. You also have to realize that he has to be able to sell his stock to someone.

                This is how Capitalism works. Take risk, work hard, build value, profit.

                And as for the S-Corp zero tax nonsense, realize the owners of the S-Corp pay the taxes on their personal returns. So for your average family business your kids are deductions on that corporate income which you rarely see anyway since it goes back into the business.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Well Scott, I’ve owned 3 (one was an LLC) so how many S Corps have you created ?

                  What’s your solution to BIG business buying laws (including tax code) from our government ? Obviously these clowns in OWS are criminal, but not all of the spew 100% garbage…

                  Lets hear it from you since you are a better businessman than I.

            2. Kevin Pearson says:

              No capital gains are the just gains on sales of investments. It is dividends that are subject to double taxation.

              In a fair society, the right thing to do would be to allow companies to deduct dividends so that they would be paid in before-tax dollars instead of after-tax dollars, 0 and then they would be subject to normal marginal tax rates, but there are too many Democrats in Congress for the tax system to make any sense at all.

          2. oldmarine says:

            For the love of god, stop using capital gains tax rates, to justify your argument. The capital gains tax rate and the actual tax rate on normal income are two different things. This is exactly what Obama tried to do when he was quoting Warren Buffett and as is normally the case with Obama, half truths and embellishments.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              OK, to put it more simply – the tax code needs to be scrapped… too many “special deductions” bought by those with billions to keep. Ron Reagan had a stab at it back in the day… its time to clean house again.

              1. Ohio says:

                Pilot Dave, perhaps you should go get the Reagan Diaries, by Douglas Brinkley. In it Ron R talks about being deceved by the Dem in power, how Tip O’Neil would agree with RR on Ec Policy, then go on TV blasting away at the same policy he was agreeing with. OR telling lies about how those nasty Rep were going to do away with social security. As for Tax codes and two ways of paying. Regarding Buffett, he takes no pay check from his company, only takes Capitol ains, which was 62 million of which he still paid 15% in tax or over 7 million.. I would love to be paying 7 million in taxes. As it is, I pay 68% last year over allin taxes.. Mikey Boy Moore, was at OWS last week, THEN goes on some PMSNBC show to say OH I guess With all the money I have, I AM A 1% ‘er.. Oops.. BUT the OPWS wackos are too stupid to see their hero is a 1%’er. Even Obama is a 1%’er as is Biden. Former Qeen Nancy, who Obama can’t wait for her to get back in charge, husband and herself is way over the 1% mark.. She herself is worth 60 million. Nice to have a husband and stock in those NASTY Corp in whichshe has made tht much.
                I think Pilot dave, walk a mile in my shoes or the reallmiddle class, those who don’t saw I Took $$$$ in student loans and am or have paid them off, no help from the Gov’t, notlike these OWS who are yelling I OWE $80 K in student loans BUT I Want someone eles to pay for it..

                Your point of viewis so wrong and yet youare not able to see how wrong you are. Then again way before youwere born I was a teenager who was fighting a unjust war, only to get back to the World and see people protestoing for “THEIR RIGHTS” Please.. Don’t even compare OPWS to the 60’s nor The TEA PArty people. When a Tea Party rally is held, they get permits, then when those permits are – time wise-over, theyleave, pickingu what trash may have been thrown onthe gournd. These OWS in DC have destroyed $450k of the grass in park they are in. Guess Pilot dave, who will wind up paying for the damages inthe various parks where these OWS are? Easy Answer. Taxpayers. So I will please ask you put the joint down, get out of your Mommys basement and stop pretending you know crap.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  WOW Dude, I’m sorry you are still in NAM…. You really don’t understand what I said at all. The US Constitution is for all of us LAW abiding citizens. These jokers obviously crossed that line when they arrived at this privately owned park in the first place… not clear in the story.

                  Don’t pick and choose who gets what part of the Constitution dude, or your fallen buddies still in the rice paddies will have died for less than nothing.

          3. mique says:

            no one is paid in capital gains. They are the result of selling an investment .The money to buy that investment is taxed at the regular rate . You are dumb.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              I may be Dumb, but you are Dumber since you don’t understand that when you pay someone with “investmetns” like stocks, and they SELL them for CASH, they pay CAPITAL GAINS rather than INCOME TAX….

              🙂 Simple. Just read the 72,536 pages (as of now) of the 2011 tax code and you might understand what I am talking about…


              1. mique says:

                hey ,I have been payed in stocks and stock options and you pay regular income tax on the value of the stock at the time you recieve it.You pay capital gains on the amount of the difference in value when you sell it. The second thing is no one has paid any taxes under the 2011 tax code yet .Ask any tax guy to explain it to you because you know zero about economics and taxes.And yes I have read, or my accountant has read most of the relevant tax code. |You obviously have not . They pay taxes when excercising options on the value as regular income and capital gains when they sell.
                You sir are not well informed and should consult a tax acct before you make more of a fool of yourself.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Really ? Really ???? You have paid ZERO in 2011 teas so far??? WTF ??? How do you get away with that? I look at every one of my pay subs on line and there it is – taxes paid for 2011 !!!

                  Now, since you are claiming to pay as you go, that would mean no W-2 so no pay stubs to pay as you go, but you are required by law to pay quarterly unless you earn not much…

                  which is it? You don’t make enough to pay quarterly 2011 taxes or you are a tax cheat, or you are a liar ??? ALL three you say ? 😀

              2. Little Elvis says:

                You need to take your meds or get off the meth. You are just informed enough to be dangerous.

                1. mique says:

                  Ypu are talking about quarterlys and withholding which are PREPAYMENTS on 2011 taxes. . No one has actually paid their income tax for 2011 until april 15, 2012. Rates and tax law can continue to change up to December 31. Quarterlys are estimates on what you might owe . Withholding is also an ESTIMATE for the tax bill you will owe on April 15 . You are subject to penalties if you underpay by not filing quarterlies but are not required to .Usually stock options, sales and conversions are subject to withholding prepayments .The amount on your pay stub is withholding for taxes you do not owe yet. There isnt time or space enough here to explain to someone without any background ,or intellect to understand tax law.Someone with a little knowledge and even less understanding such as yourself makes it difficult. Quarterlies are not based on how much or little you earn but on your estimated tax bill that withholding will not cover.

      3. Vintage says:

        I’m a former Soviet and what you’re saying is hogwash. Real former Soviet citizens are looking in horror at what the occupants are doing. This looks eerie familiar to those of us who’d spent our childhood watching movies about the Russian revolution where a bunch of know-nothing, led by the scoundrels set on seizing the power, have an almost bloodless coop, which then turn into a protracted civil war, in which millions are killed or die of starvation and disease.

        A former Soviet would never talk or think in terms 15% taxes or millionaire bankers. We learned the lessons of the revolution: you don’t get something for nothing. Being rich is not a matter of money but a state of mind. Same goes for being poor when you live in the U.S. and not in a jungle.

        Your wife might not have lived in the USSR when she was an adult because she spews the same crap as most American recent college graduates.

        1. Neil Moss says:

          Huzzah! Vintage Huzzah!

        2. pilot.Dave says:

          You must have been a Russian… My wife was in the ORANGE Revolution… some good that did….

          You no more understand our Constitution than she does…. than most of the Sheeple on this post – its about defending the rights under our Constitution of even those village idiots who you do not agree with.

          You would have likely kept “Separate but equal” in the USA too as it did not affect you.

          1. DP says:

            PD: You’ve got it all wrong! No one here is against the flea-baggers’ right to peacefully assemble or speak freely. However, the FBs are illegally trespassing and committing many illegal acts of violence, sexual assault, theft, etc. AND THAT IS NOT A RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!…

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              You are absolutely correct. I was mis-reading the comments – mis-lead by the one sided report, and did not know the park is privately owned and they have been told to leave… then seeing the motorcycle cop being pushed over….

              Yeah, send them home to Ma Ma…

          2. Former Soviet Citizen says:

            Orange you said? That explains everything! What’s next – Bandera was like Robin Hood? Nazis were good people because they were killing Russians? I net bol’shego schastiya, chem chtoby u soseda korova sdohla? (There’s no bigger happiness then to see neighbor’s cow dead) You should learn some wisdom lessons from Vintage. Tho… darn! I forgot, he can’t be right because he’s been a RUSSIAN!!! or may be even worse – Moscal! And speaking of Russians – do you and does your wife see any difference between Russians and comminusts/bolshevics?
            When real rich people were gone (Russian Immigration) or killed and their redistributed wealth didn’t make anybody rich (you better take a pen and write it down) Bolsheviks still needed money to create their equality paradise. And they found a new target – kulaks, not so rich but not poor either because they were hard working people. Does it ring the bell with 250K and then with 200K? (write it down too) My grand-grandparents were farmers (ukranians, just for your wife’s info) and their whole family worked hard so they had bread to feed their kids. Since they had horses and cows then, according to Bolshevist agenda, they weren’t honest people because “honest” people couldn’t be “that rich” and “honest” people are always poor because of folks like my grand-grand-parents. 99% vs 1%, anyone? (I hope you are writing) Bolsheviks’ solution was simple – take away their “dishonest” earning, give it to “honest” people and send this nasty “rich” family to Siberia to pay for their sins. All young children, half of the family, paid them alright – they didn’t survive and died of starvation on their way to Tomsk. Did the bread they couldn’t eat any longer improve anybody’s life? Hell, no! Write it down too, you might need it when one day somebody will knock into your door because you make, let’s say, 30K which makes you “rich” and it’s time for you to pay your debt to society of “honest” people in a local kolhoz or, if you make, God forbid, “filthy” 50K, then Kolyma will be your final destination . Now that you wrote it down you can donate it to those neo-leninists from OWS you and your wife support so much. I hope they don’t accept cash and blankets only but useful reading as well. And I hope it’s not a “forbidden literature” there. S uvazheniem, former USSR citizen

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              Blin Clinton !!! Perhaps I did not speak clearly, we are on the same page you and I…. well, sort of. Our Constitution must be protected. While they were being peaceful, they had the rights to protest in Public…

              This does not mean I agreed with their ideology. As you know, the Russian’s milking the Ukrainians to death (how did your Great Grand parents get away with not sending ALL their food to Moscow during the 2 times Stalin starved the Ukrainians to death???)

              No, we have the oldest continuous country in the world today. The best system. The Commies and Bolsheviks have been prevent wrong as have the Socialist and wealth re-distributors….

              What we do have, is our government and its laws including the tax code, being bought and paid for by a few at the top. Very similar in effect as they Soviet times. We need another course correction back to the Constitution… That is what I am saying.

              1. Mark James says:

                Your support of protestors rights is laudable and I support it 100%. The right of free speech was established for political speech. It does not apply to pornography and other deviant personal expressions. It doesn’t support yelling fire in a theater and it doesn’t support illegal encampments on private or public ground. It covers lawful, peaceful protests. The protest is illegal on many fronts. One, they didn’t apply for and receive a parade permit, they instead claimed the protest was “spontaneous” even though being planned in March. The present encampment is an illegal settlement because they are building the capability to stay for a long time. That makes it a permanent settlement existing without permits for the design of housing, the sanitation system, and power and water supplies. Mayor Bloomberg should be impeached for refusing to enforce the laws.

      4. mike says:

        15% of $1,000,000,000.00 is 150000000.00 id say that would be a fair share

        1. Pilot.Dave says:

          Cut my taxes to 15% too and you have a deal I can agree with !!!

          1. markc says:

            Quit your job and become an investor. Then your effective tax rate would be 15%. A lot of the upper middle and upper class wouldn’t mind having our taxes raised if it wasn’t for the wasteful way our tax dollars are being spent. As long as the Government is paying $400 million a year to study the mating habits of microscopic brine shrimp, I will be against any tax increase.

      5. Canof Sand says:

        Since when does the First Amendment give you the RIGHT to squat on PRIVATE PROPERTY? Yeah, that’s right, Zuccotti is a PRIVATE park, and its owners told the deadbeats to get off. They refused. To avoid a confrontation, and after being INTIMIDATED BY ELECTED OFFICIALS – yep, that’s right, per Bloomberg (a liberal, need I remind you?), Zuccotti’s private owners were INTIMIDATED BY ELECTED OFFICIALS – they decided to let the leeches stay. They are useful idiots and worse. I hope these tools get a clue and discover who the real enemies of the people are – and that this includes many of their Lefty heroes – but barring that, I hope they are exposed for who they are, or at the least, that the weather shuts them up so they get out of the hair of the residents and businesspeople trying to live their lives and do some honest work. (In truth, they’ve been exposed plenty already for all intellectually honest people who are paying attention, but there are too few of those.)

        1. Pilot.Dave says:

          WOW, so their very act of being in the park is criminal tresspass… Very good point. That means none of their “first amendment rights” are protect while they are there….

      6. Bobster says:

        You always have the right to “bare” arms, but it will be difficult to stay warm. Frankly, I’d rather “bear” arms.

      7. J. taylor says:

        Freedom to BARE arms? Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

      8. nealinvestments says:

        Pilot.Dave, you get what you pay for, mail order Russian Brides are pretty but lack any brainpower. Sounds like she is swaying you. by the way 15% of 1B is 150Million dollars if you can do this math. Also, this is usually after tax income that has been invested, so it’s already been taxed once at 35% federal and x% state wide. So, learn your facts useful idot and quit trying to get advice from your mail order, she can’t be very smart to be with a moron like you!

      9. Frank Johnson says:

        Very few pay only 15%, and by the way what is your tax rate?

      10. Jeffrey says:

        Look up an inflation adjusted chart of the DJIA note the period after 1981, that was when cap gains taxes were reduced from near 45% or so to the 15%. You will see a rally that carried us all the way through the tech bubble, a surge in investment that brought us Apple, Microsoft, and other world changing companies. Now in one of the worst recessions in history you wish to do the opposite? Keep in mind the 15% only applies to investments held for over a year, anything less is taxed at your normal rate. Raising the rates makes it harder for someone to start a business as the reward for outside investors is reduced. Hmmm wonder why Warren Buffets complaining about the cap gains rate… perhaps with a higher tax rate investors would be less apt to take chances and more inclined to stick with the ever reliable Oracle of Omaha. You can tell what issues scare the elite 1% because neither republicans or democrats can get them off the ground, simplify the tax code, undergo a thorough examination of the Fed’s mandate focusing on its contribution to consumer price inflation, destroy the lobbying industry, enact true campaign finance reform, and term limits in congress.

      11. Michelle says:

        Wall Streets simply the vehicle used in this trillion dollar Ponzi scheme perpetrated on Americans called “stimulus funding”. The perpetrator who used wall street to move around trillions were the Federal government along with elitist con men like George Soros. Look who recieved our tax dollars and look how much people like George Soros donate to politicians. Everybody got greased including the unions. America got scammed. Occupy is a diversion, you cant put “wall street” in jail, and the con men are laughing all the way to their off shore accounts. Ha ha

      12. Bob Billings says:

        Oh for crying out loud. You are being melodramatic. Who is denying them their 2nd Amendment rights? They are not behaving like protesters anymore. Their collective self-view is a little inflated and it’s time for them to go home. It is my right to hold that view. It’s also my right to submit what’s left there are malcontents who don’t realize they would be beaten and taken away for years in the former USSR.

      13. AlbertG says:

        I think everyone in the world has the right to have bare arms. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms.. you know.. like weapons? Or do you mean the right to arm bears?

        Next time you call someone a “moron” you’d better take a look in the mirror.

    3. realistic_01 says:

      Yeah, the people who were standing up to the British were working their butts off to survive and not camped in a park asking for handouts from those who were working. They were forming a government based on a constitution, not raping, pimping, stealing from each other, fighting over the $500,000 in donations. And you conveniently forgot the “socialist” part of your “loyaly (sic) and nationalism” statement. Nazi came from the English pronunciation of Nationalsozialistische, i.e. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

      1. patmurphy1965 says:

        tell him!

    4. Buck Ofama says:

      >Loyaly and nationalism was what German troops stood behind in the early 1940′s.

      WRONG. They stood behind the philosophy of Nazi socialism: take the land of others because we are more equal than anyone else.

    5. Art House says:

      OWS should be camped out in front of GE headquarters in Fairfield CT. They made $4 BB in profits, banked in offshore account and paid no US taxes, moved their 115 year old subsidiary to China and cut 1,000 jobs in the US. Why is OWS not protesting in front of Immelt’s home and GE?

      1. Pete says:

        Because Immelt is Obama’s job czar and part of team Obama. How much money did Obama get from GE in campaign contributions? Is there a correlation between GE not paying ther “fair share” of taxes and being a “friend of Obama (FOO)”?

      2. Allan Szast says:

        you forgot yhe 3.2 billion dollar tax refund

      3. mewp says:

        I would say because most of these people do not really understand whatever it is they “stand” for.

      4. Richard Sweeney says:

        Why lets do that , maybe they will get so sick of it they will move all the rest of U.S. jobs to China as well! Lets protect in front of every corporation so they move offshore, lets tax them right outta the country! Let get everyone of those people with enough money to create the few jobs we have left to close shop! Yes Sir the logic of this moment is flawless. Make them afraid till they turn their backs and leave the country! Oh things will be Sooooo much better.

        1. Mark James says:

          Or we could reduce government interference, reduce taxes, and go after the Mafia run Union Monopolies so that good paying jobs could stay here along with the company and the supply chains. The reason so many jobs were pushed overseas was excessive taxes, and unions taking so much for the companies that local supply chain jobs supporting the union companies were driven over seas. Read about the GM bailout, it will make you sick.

          1. Pilot.Dave says:

            Don’t forget about the bankers bailout to loosen credit for business that never happened, and how they quickly paid it back against the contracts so they would not have to limit executive bonuses….

    6. Canof Sand says:

      “Being an American is standing for what is right.”
      By that standard, OWS is not American.

    7. Pilot.Dave says:

      Wow, their First Amendment rights that I would defend even though most of what they talk about I do not agree with, are no longer protected as they have gone from PEACEFUL to criminal….

      Bring in the dogs, horsemen, water canons, etc and clear this mess…

    8. Philip Scheurer says:

      Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        I would prefer a freezing rain and leaves the entire Zucotti Park covered with a hard sheet of ice.

        1. marty says:

          A -40 temp would be my choice…

    9. Commonsense58 says:

      I also find it interesting that they had employed “gasoline” powered generators! Hmmm aren’t these “green types” embarrased by that! I mean afterall Gasoline!!! Ha! Chevron presented gasoline!!!! Ha! what a crying joke!!! In other words god forbid I use gasoline to power my vehicle to work but then it’s okay for them to use gasoline to power their generators to stay warm! these fools are a loud obvious joke.

      1. Pilot.Dave says:

        Yes, no matter how much I WAS in support of their freedom of peaceful assmebly, using genny’s is a real joke. Glad they sent them packing….

      2. Bob Billings says:

        You are right. The Demo party is full of self contradictory factions. It’s like the hundreds of thousands of birds killed every year by windmills. The left is stupid. It’s becoming more clear all the time because the left hasn’t the monopoly it used to have in the media. The left is stupid and when you prove it to them they just get louder and stupider. “Why is it those who know the least know it the loudest.”

    10. Shon says:

      WOW……..You people never pass on an opportunity to call us normal, patriotic Americans NAZIs.

      Your public school education clearly left out the fact that NAZIs were Socialists and Statists. Gee, exactly like the Dems and Libs of today. Go figure!

      1. Texas Freedom says:

        Right on.

    11. Johnny B Goode says:

      You and your kind know nothing about freedom and liberty, You are a Children’s Crusade looking you mommy in the form of government to take care of them by taxiing the producer, the self sufficient. Your kind are made of weak men who have been castrated and are unworthy of calling yourself an American. F you slime ball.

    12. Abortdemocrats says:

      So the Occupy losers are real Americans and anyone NOT an Occupy protester is the equivalent of a Nazi? What a loser you are, and your ignorance knows no bounds. Keep making statements like that and see how much sympathy it garners your “cause”. What is your cause, exactly? That you are lazy, untalented and undereducated, own no home and have a substantial amount of unpaid debt that you don’t want to be responsible for and you are demanding that others accept your responsibilities?

    13. Kevin Pearson says:

      If you know your history you would know that a lot of people did.

      Valley Forge was owned by a Friend, otherwise known as a Quaker. They were a lot more prevalent back then and they were opposed to all war. They made up a larger part of the population back then and would have been opposed to the war on religious grounds not political grounds.

      1. markc says:

        According to Benjamin Franklins biography, Quakers opposed all war, but helped out in the American Revolution because they needed their Quaker freedoms protected too. Cold weather is the least of OWS’ worries. They are encouraging rape victims to not report the sexual assaults to the police, but to report it to an OWS committee so they can protect the rapist and ignore the victim. How do you think the Quakers would feel about that?


      In modern day politics, the MOST good for the MOST people, including upward mobility and basic freedoms IS THE PROPER GOAL. The goal of OWS seems to be how much can we debilitate capitalism to where everybody is even, regardless of their contribution. Whether you like it or not, everybody has a chance in this country…EVERYBODY. Yes some people have a better chance…some of those screw it up, some don’t. BUT the reality is EVERYBODY HAS A CHANCE!

    15. Nonyabisnass Patrick says:

      The occupiers are clothed by capitalist, They communicate through phones provided by capitalists. They eat food made by capitalists. They protest on streets that capitalists paid for. They sleep in tents provided by capitalists.
      What a bunch of hypocrites!

      1. WithoutPhilosophyYou'reBrainwashed says:

        If I’m not mistaken, for capitalism to function as an economic system, it requires a free market. Could you please explain how “Too-Big-ToFail” fits into a free-market? Also, I have another question, if a company or organization is so large that they can drive market price (I.E. OPEC, Labor Unions, Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, most health insurance companies), how are they not similar to a goverment enacting regulations?

    16. alfogue says:

      Most probably the great majority believe that the earth is getting warmer1

    17. Mark America says:

      Meanwhile, Occupy Oakland votes to shut down the city:

    18. don myers says:

      Here’s a novel idea, why don’t they go home, shower go back to works if they have a job and stop treating our cities like toilets

    19. DanB says:

      So now they want more “stuff”, like generators, to charge their cell phones and ipods, all created by evil corporations, whose stocks are listed on Wall Street. If these people were really serious, they would eschew all such things, and make their own clothing, and communicate on stone tablets. Misguided hypocrites looking to take from those who produce value in this society.

    20. WithoutPhilosophyYou'reBrainwashed says:

      Don’t be base. Bolshevic Revolution was a mad grab for power from the hands of a dying, unpopular monarchy. Communism is only communism once the “establishment” relinquenishes control to the people. In case you accidently misunderstood the Communist Manifesto (or maybe you didn’t read it which means you have no clue what you’re talking about), Communisim doesn’t have a government. It’s the people living together communally. Until the government dissolves, you don’t have communism. That’s why Soviet Russia was FASCIST, not communist.

      Based off that reasoning, we don’t even have capitalism. Until all the rich, too-big-to–fail relinquish their control and influence over the markets, THERE IS NO FREE MARKET.

    21. Thought Patrol says:

      Congrats! You are officially a useful idiot.

    22. Terry says:

      This whole thing has gotten me so upset ! I was thinking if it wasn’t so shocking you would have to laugh. THEN, I found a Video that finally made me laugh out loud!
      This guy made an Occupy Wall Street Dinner Party! I showed it to my kids and we were not only laughing, but started to talk about what it all means ! EXCELLENT LINK here: XD XD XD Try it! It will make your day

    23. Leo Leone says:

      If you think an American is someone who has a right to trash a public park, urinate on city streets, tax municipal services. rape and rob their fellow citizens, and harrass local police–officers who truly do have better things to do with their time–than you must be one of these protestors.

      Look, if you have nothing more constructive or lawabiding to do with your time than you need to Occupy a Jail Cell. Word.

    24. Roberts says:

      It appears that on many more (similar) occasions, being American is standing up for what’s wrong or ill-considered.. If you count the occasions of brainless herd mentality against those rare inbstances of original and courageous individual thinking you will find most of what you admire are groups adhering to exactly the same thought…essentially mindless mobs who could not articulate what the SEC does, how investments in the stock market are made or any of the other things they are so loudly protesting.

      It’s just a cheesy version of Woodstock…same mud, same feces but no music. Very unoriginal and dull. But what else can we expect from these followers of anything noisy and noisome.

    25. Barbara says:

      Amen Brother!!!

  2. carl6352 says:

    this is so funny. the first time it has snowed in new york this early right about the time the retards showed up. is mother earth telling them something? i think she is. she’s telling them to go back to the rock they crawled out of and get off the grass. lol instead of let them eat cake i say let them freeze! lol

    1. skyfloating says:

      What? They they are asking for “emergency supplies”.

      They “are in need of emergency supplies crucial for cold weather survival (and occupation).”

      What emergency? All they need to do is go back home to mommas basement – and voila – no more emergency. Sad part is that – all of these emergcy supplies can help those who really need them and will just get wasted.

      What a sad ending to a movement that neves is/was….

      1. Janelle says:

        They need to clean up after themselves and find jobs.

        1. PILOT.DAVE says:

          JANELLE, if that is your real name.. my friend is an Attorney. He was unemployed for more than 18 months until recently…. what JOBS would you be talking about? General Electric got a $4BILLION dollar tax refund for last year as they hid their billions in profits “off shore” last year, and now want a “tax holiday” like in 2005 so they can pay their SHARE HOLDERS without paying the 35% tax they should have…… We The Sheeple – keep smacking these “protesters”….

          1. realistic_01 says:

            Corporations don’t pay taxes, customers do. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s just tax the hell out of all corporations in the U.S. until they move all their operations to another country. That’ll show ’em!

            How much of GE’s profit was earned overseas? You think they should just move all that profit back to the U.S. so they can pay taxes here on it in addition to the taxes they already paid in the countries where it was earned?

            Obama appointed the CEO of GE his “jobs czar.” Why aren’t the Trespass on Wall Street crowd camped out in front of the White House?

            Get a clue.

            1. Art House says:

              OWS should be camped out in front of GE headquartyers in Fairfield CT. $4 BB in profits. Paid no US taxes, moved its 115 year old subsidiary to China and cut 1,000 jobs in the US. Why are they not protesting in front of Immelt’s home and GE?

              1. pilot.Dave says:

                Their profits were much more – they got $4 B in tax REFUND errr rebate.

                1. Kevin Pearson says:

                  But what were their losses in previous years. Corporations, unlike personal tax returns, are allowed to carry their losses into future years.

                  The bottom line is that corporations don’t pay taxes, Only consumers pay taxes through the retail prices. Corporations should pay taxes at all.

          2. Mek86 says:

            Although I am really sad a lawyer doesn’t have work. I’m sure he looked everywhere and didn’t collect unemployment at all. GE will be smart and make money however they can. If that’s keeping their money in another country , then that’s their rights. Why should someone have to pay more then another? What happen to equal rights

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              Ah, I see you missed the part where GE wants their bought and paid for budding the the White House to grant them another “Tax Holiday” so they can bring those billions back to the USA without paying the 35% tax the law calls for… just like in 2005…

              And you know this time, will be no different than 2005 – they will reward their share holders with dividens rather than invest in America with that Tax Hiliday… I have no problem with them making big bucks – they are the largest company in the Free world (P.R.C. owns everthing larger than a Chop Sewy stand in China) – its just the games they are playing with the tax system the rest of us can’t because we don’t have enough $$ to buy a lawmaker.

          3. Neil Moss says:

            So Pilot.Dave I must assume that you don’t believe they should have to clean up after themselves or get jobs? Glad your not raising my kids.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              Are you kidding ? If I kid were there now, I’d call the cops myself to put him in jail !!!

          4. deeno says:

            What jobs you say??? Well..out west…there have been very little jobs until the oil sands project in North Dakota. OIL???? You betcha! It’s a veritable BOOM town in North and South Dakota and Eastern Montana. They are crying for people to work…work where? how much? How about being a waitress for 15.00/hr. No kidding! Driving a dump truck for over 70K annually. They need people to build houses for all the folk who are moving over there to work, construction, truck drivers, and all the support jobs that go along with a rolling economy. Yeah. It’s big. And you know what you will NOT see? Occupiers. Why? People are too busy working to give anyone handouts. Another good place to find work. Salt Lake City metro area. One person that lives there recently told me, “If you can’t find a job here…you aren’t looking.” So… there are jobs available. But you must be willing to move.

            1. Kevin Pearson says:

              I would love to go out there myself, but I just know that as soon as I get out there, the EPA is going to shut the whole Bakken field down.

          5. Japes MacFarland says:

            Another point to the one below. Much of the death and misery in the middle east for decades now is a result of you leftists not allowing us to gather our own resources. This oil sands boom recently is a result of mew technology, so your leftist friends haven’t found a way to destroy it yet. The whole country, including those in areas with no resources, would be doing far far better if it wasn’t for the meddling, Statist Left.

            “the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
            Dennis Prager

      2. Bruce Frykman says:

        Their Mammas threw them out, got tired of picking up after them.

      3. SI says:

        These losers are nothing but a bunch of squatters. Instead of expecting someone to give you gear, how about getting a job and buying it yourself, freeloaders. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

        1. Art House says:

          Did anyone from the OWS crowd think that they should be camped out in front of GE headquarters in Fairfield CT. They made $4 BB in profits, banked in offshore account and paid no US taxes, moved their 115 year old subsidiary to China and cut 1,000 jobs in the US. Why is OWS not protesting in front of Immelt’s home and GE?

      4. Kevin Pearson says:

        For these asswipes, emergency supplies should include brain cells, not fuel cells.

      5. FC says:

        I don’t understand why they can’t use the 500k they have raised. What’s all that money for?

    2. Michael L says:

      Message from God. Translation: GET OFF YOUR COLLECTIVE —ES, and get a life.

      No, of course I don’t think God sent the snow as a message. But the net effect is pretty good, either way. Thanks, Global Warming! Thanks, God!

      1. BadActor says:

        I do. I think God did make is snow to force these idiots out of their SLOTH – it is one of the seven deadly sins, you know!

    3. karl anglin says:

      There is a saying
      Man makes plans, God laughs!

    4. AlicePolarbear says:

      And I wish the developers and boosters of the UN’s Agenda 21, a scary and evil plan that these idiots no doubt support, would join them and they’d ALL freeze and eat dirt!

  3. KTYBOFF says:

    Bring on the body bags

  4. Steven Senior says:

    Occubaggers are’t really that bright – mater of fact pretty darn dim!!!!! HAHA

    1. Jim says:

      Heh. irony, I see.

    2. Eliot says:

      oilforjesus, “matter” is spelled with two “t”s. Perhaps you should learn the English language before you mock fellow speakers.

    3. not sure says:

      er, oilforjesus….I believe the word you’re looking for is “matter” of fact houses etc.

    4. Donna Robertson Holloway says:

      Please do not be the grammar police. My son has dyslexia and it makes spelling hard for him. Do not judge–everyone has a right to an opinion.

      1. Phel says:

        Donna I’m sure your son is a big enough boy that he can be responsible for his own comments. He’ll get over it.

      2. FlushTheToilet says:

        Eveybody has a right to an opinion. However, it’s important to realize that everyone ELSE has the right to completely ignore it if the opinion writer appears not to know how to use language or writing skills. After all, if someone won’t spend the time to learn these things, then how much time do they really spend thinking before they write? So, while all have a right to an opinion, some opinions are just worth more than others.

        Most (and I do indeed mean most) college kids today write like 8- or 10-year olds. I fear their reasoning skills aren’t much further along, having had to read what they do manage to write. “Grammar police” are the only folks, it seems, who are keeping us from turning into Babel.

        It’s like having a president who can’t pronounce “nuclear”, but runs around saying “nukeelar”, yet whose finger is on that button. How really good is his opinion and process of thought? Are you sure?

        1. Dan says:

          Asswipe is too a nice a term to describe you

    5. Eagle35 says:

      I didn’t “hear” any one “speaking”! Did you, oilforjesus? I am not mocking though!

    6. Dunce Biden says:

      Oilforjesus is a dope!

      Long live Capitalism!

    7. CoachHouser says:

      Occubaggers!! hahahaha Best laugh I’ve had in a week!

  5. DawnJ says:

    I’d rather give my coats, hats, and gloves to the homeless, not this selfish, irresponsible bunch of brats.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Maybe they could hock those iPhones and iPads to buy some cots if they are really sincere.

      1. kansas says:

        But that would be capitalism.

      2. PatsyMac says:

        What will they do when they can’t power up their iPads and iPhones? They will go berserk! I say let them keep this up. The more publicity they get, the more stupid they look. More and more real Americans will see them for who they are, Marxists and Socialists!

        1. realistic_01 says:

          I want to see a picture of someone riding a bike to generate enough electricity to power their iPhone. It could be used as a poster for Obama’s green initiative.

          1. CB says:

            I completely agree, I think it will be clear when they have to pedal for an hour to get 20% on their Iphone battery meter when they were able to charge 20 iphones and run their MACs in that same 1 hour with an Evil Gas Powered Generator.

            How many of these folks will swear off the green movement after pedaling for a hour only to see that 20% charge some one else’s Ipad.

        2. Art House says:

          These morons should be camped out in front of GE headquarters in Fairfield CT. They made $4 BB in profits, banked in offshore account and paid no US taxes, moved their 115 year old subsidiary to China and cut 1,000 jobs in the US. Why is OWS not protesting in front of Immelt’s home and GE? OB and Immelt would end that protest immediately – that will show the true colors of this laughable event. At least Woodstock people still treasure their experience – these bums will disavow their participation later in life in shame of their ignorance.

    2. themadjewess says:

      ‘I’d rather give my coats, hats, and gloves to the homeless, not this selfish, irresponsible bunch of brats.’

      1. KansasGirl says:

        You won’t last long with that reasoning.

        These people aren’t going to wait for you to “give” them anything. They will take what they want.

        Luckily my family will be out of harms way. I’m not so sure about you and yours.

        Anyway, good luck.

        1. Jaye Southworth says:

          II bet I live further out in the boonies than you do. Those fleabaggers would be scared poopless coming into my territory. If they think tear gas is a downer, people around here have something far more lethal, and it’s legal.

    3. JenB says:

      Exactly. They are not in need. They are their by choice. I cannot understand why anyone would donate supplies to them.

      1. jenb says:

        there* ugggh…dang typo – ready for the spelling and grammar police.

      2. Bud says:

        They are funded by the unions and others looking to CAPITALIZE on this.

    4. prt says:

      where do you get this characterization from? Such venom – what is it about protesting injustice that is so hard to comprehend?

      1. Jean Poole says:

        prt, you’re on the wrong site. Go back to the Huff Post.

        1. Pilot.Dave says:

          Jean Poole – Wrong Side ?? My God – you are every CEO / Politician’s dream. A true We the Sheelpe who views this as a football game – Red team VS Blue team…

          The only sides you should be rooting for is the American side VS everyone else… go to the store and demand MADE IN USA….

          But, I bet you drive that over priced Toyota AKA Lexus…

          1. Japes MacFarland says:

            You don’t seem to understand that there are very distinct and irreconcilable differences between leftist values and small government, Judeo/Christian, individual liberty first type values. There really is a red team vrs. blue team. You can’t just wish that away.

      2. Son of Bob says:


        Seriously, since when is people who do nothing expecting others who work hard to give them things for free considered “protesting injustice”?

      3. 53percenter says:

        prt, look who’s behind this whole thing:

        Really? Protesting injustice? Ha!

      4. KansasGirl says:

        Exactly what “injustice” are you talking about?

      5. GoodTimes says:

        Ha, the only injustice here is the 100 grand you probably spent on a worthless education you got from Libtard U.

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          That’s Libturd

      6. AlicePolarbear says:

        I found it amusing that they didn’t want to share their goodies, food, etc., with the truly needy, the homeless. They don’t CARE about injustice, prt, they just want freebies paid for by someone else.

        And I’ve read in several sources that when someone steals something of theirs, they bitch instead of rejoicing that they are sharing with The Collective. If they want to protest injustice, they should move to Iran or Somalia.

        1. Jaye Southworth says:

          I can’t compete with all these excellent answers. It was a pleasure reading all of them. Excellent!

      7. losers go home says:

        These losers are trying to cover up the rapes and attempted rapes going on in the park saying they handle it internally.They are losers on all fronts.They need to change the name to rape park.

  6. Gene Zucker says:

    They’re OWS-souls!

    1. bumpkin says:

      heeheeeheeomigosh! OK. -People! They are TRYING to do something they believe in. Note is has nothing to do with work, uplifting others, or personal accountability, but…”always remember what’s taught is what’s known… the memories of children are written is stone….” (a song) …and, did they get their ideals from their parents? And, did their parents teach them common sense, like when to pull the plug on the ‘bathtub’, and just go home? If they weren’t getting PAID, you KNOW they would be gone. Hey! Maybe they signed a contract that stated if days they leave, they wont get a red cent for all the happy days they spent there- maybe they only get paid MONTHLY for being there! EEEK!

      1. bumpkin says:

        heeheeeheeomigosh! OK. -People! They are TRYING to do something they believe in. Note is has nothing to do with work, uplifting others, or personal accountability, but…”always remember what’s taught is what’s known… the memories of children are written is stone….” (a song) …and, did they get their ideals from their parents? And, did their parents teach them common sense, like when to pull the plug on the ‘bathtub’, and just go home? If they weren’t getting PAID, you KNOW they would be gone. Hey! Maybe they signed a contract that stated if they go home early, they wont get paid for the days they leave, they wont get a red cent for all the happy days they spent there- maybe they only get paid MONTHLY for being there! EEEK! (This is what I THOUGHT I was posting… sorry some of it flew into cyberspace, apparently.) Don’t feel sorry for them, but don’t hate them, either. Just avoid their park. Wont be long now till the Mayor builds them a shelter…

        1. Tricia Goecks says:

          Excellent point!

        2. wooo says:

          It’s not THEIR park!!!!!

        3. Kevin Pearson says:

          Let’s do to them what they did to Noriega. Set up loud speakers all around the protest zones and exercise OUR First Amendment freedom of expression and play Hank Williams Jr and Lee Greenwood at full blast.
          These urban “souls” will scatter like rats.

  7. Deb Budd says:

    With half a million in the bank, why are they asking for donations? Could it be they don’t want to spend their own money but prefer to beg for freebies? This is my surprised face 😮

    1. DawnJ says:

      Pretty much sums up their entire demonstration.

    2. TravlnTexan says:

      Typical “Entitlement” mentality…”I” buy what I WHAT…”You” supply what I NEED.

      1. bitters says:

        I could not have said it better..thank you..

    3. Tricia Goecks says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

    4. MadCharles says:

      Why are they using a bank ?

    5. Herm says:

      Are they paying taxes on the donations? Are they a 501c3 ?

    6. Richie says:

      This OWS protest is going to prevail. The money they now have is nothing, they are standing up to the cause and it costs money to do that. The movement is growing larger every day and it won’t be over until the OWS takes over this country.
      Thank the protesters, don’t condemn them, they are not the enemy. If you don’t believe in what they are doing then you must be the problem. So just shut up and listen to them. You may learn something.

  8. Sugahdaddy says:

    Any good looking hippy chicks can come to my place I’ll keep them warm…but they’ll have to leave with the rest of the trash in the morning.

  9. rightcall says:

    Has anyone done an environmental impact study for the short and long term effects these ‘citizens’ are having on the local area? With the weather turning, perhaps some hot tea might be in order?

  10. Temple J says:

    Now we break out the water hoses!

    1. slim says:

      get the snow plow out and shove these dumasses into the hudson.

      Waste of human flesh moochers freeloaders never learned how to work.
      Maybe a little hard labor would make them appreciate things a wee bit.

    2. Bododoy says:

      just make sure that you spray a soft fine mist. These citizens are delicate.

  11. blancojoe says:

    A large snowplow going right down the middle of the park and then back up will do a nice job of cleaning up the snow and debris. If he misses anything, make several more runs.

  12. Al Right says:

    OWS Movement has collected over $500,000 in donations so far, and yet they get angry when the homeless try to eat one of their 5 star chef prepared meals!

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Check out more of the stats on OWS at my website.

    1. hankreardon says:

      How long before all that money goes missing?

  13. maggier says:

    Call home on your iPhone and ask Mom and Dad for winter stuff.

  14. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    The poor pitiful weevils are huddled,( i.e. Occupards) in donated blankets while their cheerleaders, the likes of Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, are basking in the warmth of their 1% manisons.

    What a dishonest crock of greedy hypocrites.

    1. yama says:

      “basking in the warmth of their mansions”……while the dumb a sses freeze in the snow. Let me go to my warm kitchen get something hot to eat, and sit on my warm couch that I’ve aquired with my sweat and watch them freeze. Too funny!

  15. D Carter says:

    Why doesn’t Soros or some other rich liberal pay for their hotel

    1. JMc says:

      You can’t be an effective martyr from a hotel room. Duh!

  16. Swamp Thing says:

    Suck it up, trust fund babies. Snow hurts when your nanny isn’t there to take you in for a hot chocolate after your mittens get wet.

  17. Rayban64 says:

    Isn’t it ironic how many things they so desperately need that those evil corporations manufacture?

    1. Queenie says:

      hahaha…. so true about the things they need that the evil corporations manufacture. Why should our city use its resources (NYPD, FDNY etc.) so that a bunch of disgruntled babies can go around venting their anger? What is Occupy Wall Street’s goal? What do they expect to accomplish? And celebrities, please, you look so foolish out there supporting an aimless group.

  18. radsupporter says:

    hold firm,, huddle together in groups and shout give us back our electricity, block the roads and demand the return of the generators,,the world has heard the message, the corrupt money based upon a screw and optimize has harmed billions of lifes and needs to end.

    1. Kingfish says:

      Best solution is to light one of the protesters on fire, it should keep the rest of them warm for about an 1/2 maybe longer if they layered their clothing.

    2. Michael L says:

      OR, I dunno: maybe get JOBS? It’s worked for me since I was 17; I think it just. might. work. Unlike the sniveling parasites in Central Park.

      “Give Us Back Our Electricity”? Really? It’s always something starting with “Give”, with you people isn’t it? How about “Give Us Back Our Public Space, and Go Get A Life”? Yes, block the roads. Good idea, because it’s all about YOU, isn’t it? Could you be any more self absorbed?

      The harder you work, the luckier you get. The sheltered, immature little professional complainers in OWS would do well to learn that, and apply it.

    3. ertdfg says:

      And when you get your generators and gas back and set yourselves on fire.. do you blame the FD for not keeping you generators, the police for allowing you to squat there, or the Mayor for not enforcing the laws designed to stop you from doing that?

      Don’t pretend you’d allow yourselves to take responsibly for your own actions; you’ve made it clear 6that will never happen with this protest.

      My only consolation is once you’ve removed all security checks you’re sure to have more self-inflicted injuries than I can imagine. If I were the FDNY or NYPD I’d have everyone sign a waiver to be there, fence you in, and leave you to your own devices.. once a couple dozen of you died to tings easily avoided and preventable maybe some others would realize they didn’t ant to stay.

      Enjoy setting yourselves on fire on accident.

  19. What's In a Name? says:

    This is really rich, the OWS protestors are asking the homeless for cold weather survial tips, after pitching a fit and turning away the homeless because the OWS cooks were tired of feeding the homeless and the OWS crowd wants only their kind taken care of.

  20. lazy losers says:

    Notice how 99% of these kids are white and lazy ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Steven Senior says:

      Yea – stupid crazy crakers

      1. FlushTheToilet says:

        Is it really racist, if it’s true though?

        1. Pedro says:

          @ Flush,
          So what you’re saying is that all of those stereo types of blacks or any other race aren’t really racist observations either?

      2. Tiredoftheleft says:

        Marxist! –

        In the USA, which is worse calling (actually screaming) someone a racist (with no proof) – or being a commie?

        You might be a commie if you don’t know the answer.

    2. JMc says:

      Good observation. Maybe they were a little to coddled.

    3. stevefraser says:

      They still need to learn how to game the welfare system.

    4. CheckBoxesAreUs says:

      Actually, I’ve seen lots of checkboxes involved…but they did look more homeless than not, but perhaps it was their common disposition, and I am not use to hanging out with them.

    5. Richie says:

      The only loser is you stupid. Go back to school and learn something you dummy.

  21. Betty says:

    Great, now they’ll all get sick and clog up the already overwhelmed ERs. We’ll have to foot the bill while they get back to their mommies’ basements.

  22. Homeless are better says:

    I would rather give $$$ to a homeless begger than to a white , middle-class art major who is lazy and full of himself

    1. Neil Moss says:

      What the heck does color have to do with it. You wouldn’t mind giving your money to a black, middle class art major who is lazy and full of himself?

      1. Japes MacFarland says:

        The point is, genius, that you on the Left *obsessed* with the fact that there were far more white people at tea party rallies than black. Now that it’s your turn, and it turns out that you have relatively, hardly any black kids, why can’t we shove this back in your accusing face? You’ve been demonizing millions of people (like my mom) for over two years now, and with hardly any evidence. The handful of examples of racism (if that) at the thousands of tea party events, in science or logic is what’s called a statistical anomaly. Which means it *proves the opposite. And this with millions of video phones owned by leftists like yourself. You incessantly try and dehumanize decent people of the tea party (like my mom) for years, and then can’t take a little back. The lack of self awareness on the Left is astonishing.

  23. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    The weevils will soon return to the comfort of Moma’s flour cannister.

  24. AngryDunmer says:

    Here’s an idea for the OWS bunch: GO HOME! Seriously you idiots, enough is enough. Why the hell aren’t the cops arresting you morons for trespassing?

    1. Braden says:

      Exactly. If you want warm blankets and beds, then go home. They have accomplished absolutely nothing, and the longer they stay there, the more people are going to get tired of them.

  25. whosthis says:

    They’re asking for donations of warm clothing, blankets, etc. that at this time of the year would usually be going to the poor and homeless. Of course, they made it clear earlier this week that the homeless were not welcome in their free food lines. Looks like there is a hierarchy of the 99 percent.

    1. Rich Torquato says:

      And don’t forget, the organization has $500,000 in an evil bank.

      1. theslowgringo says:

        they tried to keep it in a laundromat but thought that was too obvious! Remember it is not the source of the money, it is the intent for which it is given.

    2. skyfloating says:

      this is what we call man made catastrophe / stupidity if they continue with it.

    3. Larry Burdge says:

      What would you expect out of these adult “children”???

    4. Pam says:

      Ha! Looks like their little taste of “Socialism” isn’t working out quite so well for them. “Twinkle down” to the home 20 there misguided.

    5. John Decker says:


    6. Michelle says:

      All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    7. Stoned Cold Losers! says:

      Who are you lazy axxholes gonna hire the ride the power bikes? Maybe some union workers at $60 an hour ,how long will your $500,000 last then! LOL. Everything move you make ,everything you do or say smacks of hypocrisy! You guys can’t do anything for yourselves! You are just being used by the powers that be to distract from Obama poor job performance. Obamas in with the banks,when are you gonna understand that. Obama= Wall Street= Soros=Unions= Useless Idiots! you don’t care about free speech ,you just want to rip up what you can’t belong to!

    8. OMA says:

      I’ve got some extra flip-flops, shorts and sleaveless T-shirts I’d be happy to donate.

    9. Andy says:

      Hypocrisy is the standard of the libtards.

      1. tklokker says:

        nonono, andy, a libritarian wouldn’t have asked for help, they would have figured it out for themselves, “I got myself into this mess, I will get myself out.”

    10. darnhank says:

      Good one. I wish fire department would give them a good hosing down at 2AM.

    11. Diane McBride Hibbs says:

      They need to GO HOME. No one gives a hoot about them!

    12. LaughingatOWS says:

      REAP : SOW

      I want yours but you can’t have mine.

      I hope we get ICE RAIN in the week to come, and if Al Gore will visit, its Guaranteed.


    13. JustJane says:

      Why are they even asking for donations of warm clothing, blankets, cots and such if they have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars? Seems to me they should buy their own…but I guess they want others to pay their way even when they could do it themselves…how surprising.

    14. Paul Darrin says:

      The lefties are idiots. Maybe if they tough it out long enough comrade father Obama will come to the rescue

    15. three rivers says:

      AMEN… my thoughts excatly…

      always wanting a ‘hand out’ get a job and provide for your selves..this entire event is laughable and is the Obama adminstration…hurry up 2013…

    16. mike says:

      >>According to an “urgent” alert on their website, OWS is looking for a number of other donations, including waterproof boots, gloves, hats, hand and foot warmers and disposable foot covers among other things. The site says the protesters “are in need of emergency supplies crucial for cold weather survival (and occupation).”<<<
      There's no emergency situation!!! Just Go Home!!!

    17. edith says:

      How sad that they have all the rights to defecate in the park take over the park and not allow peaceful people from using it trash everywhere and they have this expectation that society should feed and clothe them I would love to see the kinds of homes they were raised in. They obviously believe that feeding at the public trough is a right!!!
      Too bad the public officials in New York don’t have the b…. to clean up the mess or better yet make these freeloaders clean up their mess before they are ejected And YES they should pay for all the damage they have done to this park they have taken over!!

    18. jondos says:

      Evidently, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. It is so easy when YOU want something from someone else, but when OTHERS want something of YOU, it is a very different story. Typical of the hypocrisy of the left.

    19. Michael Wolfe says:

      Some lazy bums are more equal than other bums.

    20. stephanie crum says:

      Want to make sure I understand;
      They’re protesting Banks…yet they have nearly 1/2 million in a bank
      They ask for donations…yet they aren’t willing to share
      So what point are they trying to make?

    21. WW West says:

      Sure, it’s 1+1+1+1…….

    22. AlicePolarbear says:

      Whosthis, you are EXACTLY correct! How many homeless, perhaps veterans, will freeze to death because blankets that could have gone to them went to these overaged trust fund babies instead.

    23. Dee says:

      These people…most of them anyway – probably 99% – have no clue what they’re doing out there. God love us for giving the right to do what they’re doing…God help them for not having the sense to come in out of the cold.

    24. Dee says:

      lol…from what i see posted in here, these people are less than the 1%… 🙂 You go the Rest of America…

    25. elihu says:

      Hey, I wholeheartedly agree. Most of these ‘people’ don’t even know what they’re protesting. I’m sure some (many) don’t even know what day it is; or care!
      Do I feel sorry for them? NO! Do I enjoy seeing their current ‘plight’? YES!

    26. Warrior 07 says:

      So what happens when the sickness breaks out and spreads through the tent camps? Pneumonia, cholera, etc.

    27. Tony Brzozowski says:

      oh i love the way you said that ……we are starting to see just who these people really are

    28. Raymond A. Collier says:

      “they made it clear earlier this week that the homeless were not welcome in their free food lines.” Where’s the “We’re The 99%’s” Compassion? Love For Humanity? Caring For Fellow Human Beings? I guess that left (no pun intended) it when they started this little escapade. Didn’t they? Sounds like they only care about themselves! Just like the “Ones” (the 1%) that they’re Protesting Against. So, I’d like to ask them (The Occupy Wall Street Protesters), what’s the difference between You & the 1% that you’re Protesting???? Not Much, Huh????

    29. Rose Shoafstall Young says:

      I find that quite contrary to their message. Do not donate to these idiots. The way I look at it, they are taking from the true homeless. Despicable.

    30. tom says:

      Braden, they are looking for something they do not have at home, people with something in common, a purpose where they do not have to work, free food and now the weather goofed everything up. I worked for food all my life.

    31. Red Head says:

      Why in the world do they need donations when they have over $454,000 in cash? They can buy their own darn blankets, cots & coats. Sounds like the OWS movement is no better than the folks they claim to be protesting. They have plenty of money yet it is still not enough – they must take from the poor too.

    32. Gerry Kau says:

      What a surprise!!

      Reminds me of the Party elite’s access to the best restaurants, cars, clothes, houses, stores — in short, the best of everything rubles could buy in the people’s free and equal utopia, the USSR.

      More control and power to the government = more of everything — only to those who govern.

    33. flashman1854 says:

      Exactly, plus the freeloaders NOW want donations of creature comforts (cots, clothing, etc.) that were designed, produced, and distributed by, oh GOSH, corporations! You know, Wall Street backed companies.

      Golly jeepers Batman, can it be true?

    34. Tom Dewick says:

      Go home, idiot.

    35. bearcatvol says:

      “Reportedly, some have been even getting winter weather survival tips from the homeless.”
      Yet they don’t feed them.
      I really wish the mayor would do his job and remove THESE bums.

    36. Temple says:

      Teach a man to build a fire and he will be warm for a day.

      Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

    37. ima nurse says:

      brilliant observation

    38. tim says:

      Whining hypocrites.

    39. crypticguise says:

      Of course these parasites already have over $ 500,000 in their bank acount. Why don’t they just purchase the few items they need? Beggars all!

    40. Rita Ippolito says:

      have to laugh… these nit-wits want wealth re-distribution for everyone else but them…. they tell the hungry homeless to take a hike when they are sitting on over a million dollars in donations…… incredible hypocrisy……

      so typical of the socialist – lefty mindset… they want social justice using SOMEONE ELSES money…

      moral of story … wealth redistribution for America.. just not for OWS

    41. WyntersRose says:

      Aw! The losers who want the rich peoples money are now begging again… THERE ARE HOME:LESS PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT REALLY NEED THE THINGS YOU ARE BEGGING AND FEEL ENTITLED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB and find your own way like we all have had to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No handouts for people who do not want to work!!! No handouts for people who are begging for their necessities!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF ALL OF THIS BEFOREHAND!!!!!! You are sucking everyone dry and you do not seem to care!!!! You are ALL Losers!!! I have kids in college and they are not down there whining their arses off. They KNOW they have to PAY FOR THEIR LOANS!!! Many of us before you had too and we still are paying…. The American Dream is what YOU make it… WORK!!!!!! If people come to our country knowing they have to work to make it… how did you young ones get to feel so entitled… Your Mommies and Daddies may have catered to your whims and gave you everything… paid you with all things money instead of all the love you needed… Spoiled your arses too much…. but the rest of the world DOES NOT have too! Grow up and take your place in the working world. Make your dreams come true. Quit expecting the rest of the world to just hand it to you!!!

    42. Kellbell says:

      I think this is God’s way of saying “Hey dummies, GO HOME…you remember you have one right?”. Because of their “movement”, businesses are failing, people are losing jobs, they are taking much needed supplies from the REAL homeless all in the name of obama. Please. 99% of them don’t even know why they’re there.

  26. Michael Phillips says:

    pick up a shovel and make some money .. or are you too lazy to do that , too

    1. BobbyONJ says:

      What’s a shovel?

      1. vera says:

        Obamas job creator.

        1. mutt says:

          Too FUNNY!!!

        2. justsmithers says:

          This whole occupy thing is just another Obama shovel-ready project: getting major funding and producing nothing; living off the taxpayer and begging for more; full of self-esteem but for all intents and purposes, totally worthless; taking up space and stinkin’ up the place; being green and totally inefficient; costing the taxpayer money for police protection while sh! tting on the police car that protects them; full of useful idiots who are merely slaves while the ‘haves’ like Michael Moore lecture them and then go back to their multi-million dollar mansions, and while their hierarchy sit on $500,000 and don’t give it out to their own needy in their distress during a snowstorm; they are whole-heartedly endorsed by Obama (at least until the reality of the situation can no longer be glossed over by Obama’s darlings (the MSM) and public anger sets in, in which case they are wholeheartedly abandoned by Obama, who will then blame it on someone else, like Bush, or the fact that he really didn’t know what it was all about).

          And then they beg for more. They must think we’re stupid.

          1. Tim says:

            NOT begging….DEMANDING!

    2. JMc says:

      “Oh no, earning money would be against our…hey, wait a minute….”

  27. Susan Dupree Keller says:

    Go home you idiots the party is over. Mom wants you to clean the basement.

    1. Bobo says:

      I will not clean then basement. It’s clean enough for me and Suzie to live there and have sex,.

  28. wildwood15 says:

    You’re acting like these people are actually NEEDY. Why don’t they go back to their homes with the parents who encouraged them to take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans for ART MAJORS?

  29. hk3 says:

    Obviously mother nature has no use for the occupiers either. If they really are discontent with their place in the economic pecking order perhaps they might think about putting more effort into hard work and trying to accomplish something other than an impersonation of a leech.

  30. pen says:

    Let me get this straight – they wont share their food with the homeless but they will certainly ask them for tips???? Can you say hypocrite?

  31. JWS says:

    this OWS stuff has now become pathetic. why should anyone donate to this petulant camp out? What started as an idea to address corruption in government and on Wall Street is now a bunch of idiots who haven’t enough sense to go home when a blizzard hits. How did ows BECOME A ABOUT A PARK?

  32. Gordon Corey says:


  33. Lone Gunman says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of morons!! I hope they get 36 inches of the stuff and freeze their gonads off!

    Go home idiots and try to do something constructive with your miserable lives!



  34. 1cliff11 says:

    HaHA! Useless Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lizsalander says:

      Yes, you do have the right to protest, as guaranteed by our constitution – but if you don’t see the hypocrisy of the OWS campers, then you are being intentionally dense – they have half a million in the bank, which they are fighting over amongst themselves, yet are still begging for handouts and donations, all the while complaining about the truly homeless eating their food, stealing their belongings, etc, while disrupting the lives of the people who happen to live on or near ZP with noise, filth, and trash. Surely you are capable of seeing the blatant contradictions in their behavior, and why most of us find nothing admirable about it at all. Plus, their selective outrage shows their intellectual dishonesty – they fawn all over Sarandon and the bloated Michael Moore, and give Soros a pass.

    2. Richard Halavais says:

      God Richie, what a moronic rave. You very obviously have very large psychological problems and should immediately check into the nearest mental hospital for a very long stay. You’ll feel much better on your meds,

    3. Andy says:

      Unlike you jackass, the real 99% of America DOES know what’s going on. Because the real 99% aren’t a bunch of dope smoking retards that want everything for free. If you people really were the 99%, you could have taken over every city in America in one day, because the Police, the Military and most of the politicians would have been right in there with you. Now go home boy, you people have already made absolute fools out of yourselves. Save some of your dignity at least.

      1. fast says:

        Pilot, you are a lier, and a George Soros MERCENARY,you don’t give a crap about the Constitution, you are using the Constitution as an excuse, to defend your boys, the Obama’s encampment dwellers who represent the 0.00099% of the population; you are one of those who DEMONIZE THE TEA PARTY,

    4. JapesMacFarland says:

      Wrong Richie. If you were smart, you would know that it was a dumb idea for the government to tell banks they could give loans w/out having to worry about being paid back. Of COURSE banks and big buiss. are greedy! That’s nothing new. What’s new is the government coming along and taking away their risk. It was risk that held their inherent greed at bay.
      You should be in Washington, but you’r leftism won’t allow you to see the obvious in what I’ve just written.

      1. 1cliff11 says:

        Very well said JapesMacFarland

        Once the government removed that risk of failure, (back during the Clinton years), greed was unbridled throughout the banking industry.

        You see Richie, it wasn’t the lack of regulations that caused this mess. It was the fact that the government let the banking industry know (under Clinton), that the Taxpayers would be on the hook, when this would all come crashing down. Which it finally did in 2008.

    5. John Benson says:

      Richie… You know the Mel Gibson character in “Conspiracy Theory” ? That’s what your nonsense reminds people of.

      You sonny, have let your “creedo ” turn you into a nutburgers with fruitcacke on the side.

    6. yama says:

      Hey what are you doing using a computer from a big corporation and telephone lines and electricity from another corporation?!? Go play in the snow with the rest of them!!!!!!!!

    7. OBOZOSUX says:

      I suggest you put a rock or two less in your crack pipe before you post. it’s better to to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. P.S. Get a job parasite!

    8. Son of Bob says:


      Actually, since the communists are funding this phony protest it kind of blows a hole in your theory.

    9. Rascal69 says:

      Geez Richie! Having an opportunity to speak freely doesn’t necessarily mean I have to freeze my A$$ off in a tent pitched to receive the full impact of the rain, snow, sleet coming down from the skies above. Who ever said that to have free speech you need to slam your lazy A$$ down in the middle of a park and wait for handouts? The answer to that question would be: An idiot.

    10. Leo Leone says:

      You want to be praised for your sloth, drunkeness, ignorance, litterbugging, and peeing in public parks?

      That’s not what built this country, you dullard. And we’ll thank you to stop trying to associate yourselves with the majority of Americans who spend their time more wisely and productively..

    11. justsmithers says:

      “If you don’t like what I’m saying…just shut up and like it .”

      I guess you define Free Speech as anything that you agree with, right? I like the fact that three lines earlier you emphatically state “These people are exercising their first amendment right to free speech.” Well, what about the Free Speech of people who DON’T agree with you? You know, the real 99% of America?

      Hypocrite and useful id10t. The blind enabling the blind and not having enough sense to come out of the (frozen) rain. Living in your own filth voluntarily, while much of the world actually suffers horrors you guys can’t even dream of during your drugged-up twinkle sessions.

    12. Blah Blah Blah says:

      This from someone that would take away my 2nd Amendment right in a blink of an eye.

  35. jj says:

    OWS – art majors with $150,000 student loans freezing their asses off because they have no jobs …. who cares and won’t find one

    1. oilforjesus says:

      You have the English skills of a 9th grader…

      1. not sure says:

        and you would know

      2. JapesMacFarland says:

        And you’re just a name caller. lol 😉

    2. Tricia Goecks says:

      and they picked a major that doesn’t pay very much for most graduates and they financed their entire college plus living expenses plus drinking money because…..why?

      I graduated from a Catholic university with only $2,000 in student loans. I lived at home, took courses at a community college, commuted an hour each way to school, worked part time, and kept my partying down to a minimum. Mommy and daddy didn’t pay for my education. I did. The fact that they are swimming is student loan debt and have poor job prospects is because of the choices that they made.

      1. Just a guy says:

        Amen. Could not have said it better myself. Debt is something you incur to generate more income than it costs to borrow. No one made you sign on the dotted line – and if you were too stupid to figure it out then how am I to blame? We TRIED to give you a basic understanding of economics in high school – and you thought that ‘stuff’ was ‘dumb’ and ‘how was it ever going to be meaningful in my life?’

        Admit it – thats what you thought when the adults around you were trying to educate you about reality – you were a teenage idiot who thought your parents were uncool, and the lessons in character were things the dweebs learning in the boy scouts and those who got good grades while you got high, or drunk, or hung out with your friends.

        Personally, I actually learned something in college and then graduate school and took time off between college and grad school to learn a career and then apply it so that when I got my advanced degree someone would be willing to pay for me knowledge. OTOH – you were painting pretty pictures or getting an English degree – or some other worthless major like Women’s Studies or Minority or Diversity Studies for which there are no jobs and never have been – except for other fools like you who got a college teaching position.

        I worked almost full time while in Grad school and earned a degree and minimized by debt. I NEVER went to Spring Break at some sunny or ski destination – I could not afford it – and my mother was poor as dirt and my father left when I was 6 months old and I LEARNED the school of hard knocks and the life I did NOT want to learn.

        I have no sympathy for those who claim they are looking out for the downtrodden and won’t share their food with those who are truly down on their luck, mentally ill, or needy. You embarrass me.

  36. Mike says:


    Back to mommy’s basement

  37. RightWay2012 says:

    There is plenty of logic in Andrew’s statement. OWS protesters hate big corporations. So it would be hypocritical of them to use material from bit bad corporate America. You know, things like their cell phones, A&F clothing, etc. Someone in the group should make the clothing and give it away to the others. You know, communist style. The leader could determine who is best equipped to sew, they would obey their leader and work hard to make the clothing, then give it to their leader free of charge so that their leader could choose who gets the clothing. Of course, the leader will choose those most loyal to the communist party. Absolutely! Andrew’s statement makes perfect logic.

    1. willis says:

      It’s not about corporations.

      It’s about ME! ME!! MEEEEE!!!!!!!

  38. Puddintane says:

    Let them eat global-warming.

  39. crypticguise says:

    The OWS numbskulls already have over $ 500,000 in their pockets. They are also using a non-profit, communist associated organization (legal organization) to front their non profit status.

    They can pay for what they want, just as you or I have to pay for what we want. I think most who pay attention to these IDIOTS are sick of their nonsensical whining and moaning and bitching about corporations and banks without an iota of understanding what a corporation is.

    They should move their stinky butts to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and go to the source of their PROBLEMS. Then again, most of them aren’t really informed sufficiently to realize that the government has created this mess.

  40. IAMRIGHT says:

    These dirty, greedy dirtbag parasites should go back to mommy’s cellar, nasty Flea Party members. Rotten theiving, disgusting rapist fleabaggers. Hell, they won’t even feed the homeless, they’re too greedy hoarding stuff people GAVE them. Spread the wealth, you fleabagger hypocrite filth.
    I’m no fan of police brutality, but i’d love to see these anti-American filth bonked upside the head many, many times. THAT would be good TV

    1. BobbyONJ says:

      In what state is Valley Forge?

      1. Ibedavey says:

        “In what state is Valley Forge?”

        OWS probably believe it to be in a state of foreclosure.

    2. justsmithers says:

      I think they should be renamed the “Free Baggers” as they want it all for free. I was going to write “Free Party” members, but that name would unfortunately be associated with the freedoms that Americans enjoy, and some id10t would vote for them.

      Either way, they have all become squatters, living off the taxpayers’ contributions and taxes. Heh, for a moment there I thought I was writing about the politicians in Washington, D.C. My bad.

  41. willis says:


  42. Redneckjoe says:

    Those OWS freaks better be glad I’m not the mayor of NYC. Now would be a great time for the NYFD to spray down the park to clean it up don’t you know 🙂

    1. IAMCORRECT says:

      Why do you hate America?

      1. Andy says:

        Why are you stupid?

      2. JapesMacFarland says:

        I think his angst comes from believing it is they who hate America. Trouble is, the leftist, State run schools haven’t taught us what America really means, or why it is more special than any other country, ever. People are ignorant on both sides.

  43. Yorkshire says:

    Gimmme, gimme, gimme. NO. Do what I didi – work

  44. SandyK says:

    What happened to the $500K they have stashed away in the bank? Maybe they should spring for the stuff they want, hmmmm?

    1. BobbyONJ says:

      It’s now in the “Acorn” coffers.

    2. Ernest Zavala says:

      They used a bank? LOL

      1. BobbyONJ says:

        By “coffers” I could have meant the trunk of a car.

  45. bitteritpro says:

    I am sick to death of hearing how these people want free stuff given to them. “I wan’t some else’s money given to me”, “I want my school loans forgiven”, now it’s “give us blankets and warm clothing so we can keep sitting here and moan for other people’s stuff to be given to us”. Do these people know nothing else other than to be envious of others and demand they be given free stuff?

    1. Bill Smith says:

      They can have free snow and cold, and most likely a free grave.

  46. Tim says:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…The chicken has the brain the size of a pea, but even it knows when to come in out of the bad weather.

    1. RS says:

      Pretty sad to compare the gimme whiners to Valley Forge.

      Shame on you.

      1. BobbyONJ says:

        IAMCORRECT = Not a shred of shame.

    2. TJM says:

      you really think that’s the right analogy? Give it some more thought

    3. Tom B. says:

      Continental Army these chickens are not, YOUARENOTCORRECT.

      1. BobbyONJ says:

        Think IAMCORRECT is posting via IPhone, IPad, or some other heathenly produced product right from Ground Z? Yes, you’re right. The 30 year old is posting from mommy and daddy’s basement.

        1. lvh says:

          U really have to see some of the “basements” on the east coast. I always laugh at that comment.

          I have a basement that serves quite well for anyone who needs accomodations.

          On the east coast they are not “root” cellars.

          Not saying I agree with them…just an observation.

    4. chic says:

      To compare this group of spoiled people, who live in the best country on earth, BECAUSE of the Continental Army, WITH the Continental Army is beyond delusional and offensive to every American who knows their history.

    5. JR says:

      You’re really comparing these fools with the Continental Army?

    6. NOYOURENOT says:

      Yeah, that’s the same.

    7. IAMRIGHT says:

      Go take a shower, you smell bad, fleabagger.

      1. BobbyONJ says:

        Fleabaggaer? Name calling #2. You need new material Moochelle.

    8. Chazman says:

      Comparing the Continental Army to the vermin infesting Zuccotti Park is specious at best.

    9. GodisProLife says:

      Are you serious? The Continental Army was fighting for freedom. These idiots are fighting for everyone else’s money. No comparison whatsoever.

      1. JMc says:

        The only ‘freedom’ they want is freedom from a work ethic.

    10. Marion Iori says:

      So many brave American miltary fought and died in the snow all over the world. Don’t bother with the nasty remarks. Don’t you dare compare this mob with our fighting men and women.

    11. Son of Bob says:

      You’re seriously comparing a bunch of freeloading hippies to the Continental Army? Lol…idiot.

    12. XNYer says:

      Don’t even go there!!

      These people wouldn’t have lasted 30 minutes at Valley Forge.
      They are a pathetic bunch of whiney dopers who couldn’t survibe on their own.

    13. AZ All Day says:

      Your name should be “IAMAMORON”

    14. bumpkin says:

      Hmm. I bet it HURTS today to be a wo/man of one’s word today, huh! Perhaps they will all change their minds and let the improvement of the Nation start directly with them, each, individually?! IF WE ALL would just determine that we would each never lie or cheat again, and that we will strive to keep GODs commandments in our own lives, we would have NOTHING to complain about. However, it would take every last one of us, and that would mean there is no room for athiests.

      1. Greg says:

        Read your Bible. Gods commandments were given to us to stir up sin and help us see that we cannot do it, and thus cry out for God’ grace.

        1. MJ says:

          Don’t you not think the Creator might be multi-faceted enough to have more than one reason for giving the commandments?

    15. Redneckjoe says:

      IAMCORRECT : These pea brain chicken dopes are fighting for freebies not FREEDOM, you jibblet brained enabler!

    16. Redneckjoe says:

      IAMCORRECT : These pea brain chicken dopes are fighting for freebies not FREEDOM, you turkey brained enabler!

    17. Deathbyliberals says:

      Comparing yourselves to the Continental Army is a bit of a stretch. They had a legitimate cause; Fighting for the right to pursue their own happiness by freeing themselves fom government oppression. Not to demand the government provides their happiness which can’t be done and all vain attempts to do so just end up as more government oppression.

    18. BrianL says:

      What kind of moron makes that kind of analogy? The Continental Army risked their lives for freedom while these idiot protestors are foaming at the mouth for more government. But you already knew that.

      I fail to believe that you are so stupid as to make that ridiculous comparison. What you ARE doing is making a desperate attempt to give the spoiled-brat protestors an ounce of legitimacy, but it won’t work.

      What these kids should do is make a personal protest against their own laziness and earn a living on their own. Start like a lot of successful people do by waiting tables, cleaning dishes, or (oh, the horror!) mopping up toilets. But no, that’s not what entitlement is all about. For these buffoons, the only work that is good enough for them is blogging or working in an environment where they get paid to be professional complainers.

      But I say give these kids what they want. Give them a nice plot of land in the midwest where they can grow their own food, make their own clothing, release themselves from the shackles of corporations by tossing out their iPhones and WiFi, and share everything with each other. We’ll see how long it takes before they change their mind about capitalism. It will probably be around the same time they get sick because they couldn’t create penecillin.

      1. producer says:

        Yeah, I’ve done all of the above jobs, and worse, since I was 16. Because of that, I pulled myself up into the top tier. The OWS are a bunch of pansies and are now showing us that they can’t pull their own weight if their life depended on it! Thanks for providing the exclamation mark, Mother Nature!

        I’ve worked with a bunch of losers like those OWS—so many jobs are too beneath them. Those are the types corporate America has shed over the past few belt-tightening years. Those corporations are doing just fine without them!

        Hard work is a real good lesson, IMHO. It’s unAmerican to think that there are any (honest and legal) jobs Americans wouldn’t do!

      2. viper says:

        HEY, I live in the Midwest, how about just south of Tucson, AZ. Maybe they can get jobs as mules. How about Death Valley? North Korea? The Marianas Trench?

        1. lukenev says:

          Hey Death Valley is a great place not there. I’d like to donate a swift kick in the hind end and a “get to work jackass”.

    19. brightlts says:

      Hey, IAMCORRECTl you Liberal Socialist Drone that think you part of the solution instead, you are part of the problem. The difference between a winner and a looser is the winner keeps getting up after being knocked down.

      I live in a neighborhood that is over 90% immigrants (first US generation) from Vietnam. It is a newer middle class area. These people came here knowing they could get ahead by working hard (none are Doctors or Attorneys) or by eduction or both. Since none have degrees they all work very very hard and ensure their children do well in school. They are successful, happy, healthy people and FAMILIES not looking for any handouts from the Government. Most are even are taking care of their live-in parents.

      So, “Fair Share People” if you want to make something of your life (its never too late) then get up and dust yourself off. If not, some legal immigrant who dreams of being part of the “American Dream” will pass you by!

    20. Sam Adams says:

      The Continental Army was at their Home. If this king hessien had an “R” after his name, you aimless cry babies would be yelling Peace Now. O has added 3 more wars w/o notifing Congress: Libia, Uganda and Yemen. And O has an assination list that included an American Citizen.

      1. chris dallas says:

        reminds me of stalingrad… but the true SOCIALIST YUK would have just taken from the Jewish to keep ther hellish sorry souls warm. I hope good will overcome the crap we are putting up with now.

    21. Good One says:

      Well said! I had chickens. They had a puny brain and they definitely knew enough to come in out of the rain – and they contributed eggs to boot. So far, chickens 2, OWSers 0.

  47. Andrew Nutra says:

    The warm clothing and tents they’re using better not be made by corporations!

    1. BobbyONJ says:

      Yes there is. It’s just over your head.

    2. Janelle says:

      You are anything but correct.

    3. horn says:

      There is no logic to your statement.

    4. porchhound says:

      so when does the lack of logic stop YOU from your inane posts?

    5. carlton jenkins says:

      ha! especially if the stuff is made in China!

      1. JMc says:

        No, China is ok because they provide jobs for children. Just ask Apple!

    6. Joseph Klein says:

      You are totally wrong and misinformed. One fact among many you ignore is that this mob is a creature of the far Left which wants to overthrow capitalism. Occupy Wall Street’s fiscal sponosr for IRS non-profit tax exempt donation purposes is the radical Alliance For Global Justice. The Alliance is also the fiscal sponsor of such ‘worthwhile’ charitable organizations as Anarchists Against the Wall and the World Can’t Wait (sounds alot like the Obama campaign’s mantra “we can’t wait”).

      1. IAMCORRECT says:

        I assume you masturbate to Hannity.

        1. Larry Burdge says:

          If you’re asking if I have a “tinggly” feeling run up and down my leg every time I hear Obama speak,,, The answer in not just no, But HELL NO. cracker

        2. workordie says:


        3. JapesMacFarland says:

          You disgusting, leftist, parasitical racists are ‘coming out’ in force. It’s pretty gross to watch.

  48. JoeAstroturf says:

    To protest this horrible corruption of capitalism I think George Soros should give some one’s family a million dollars if their willing to freeze to death for the Wall Street protest cause. He can use some of the 2 billion dollars he made with Obama’s Brazil oil deal for it. I know he won’t get one of his paid lackeys down on Wall Street to do it but one of the idiots might go for it. If any of the hot looking chicks down there want to take his 30 year old girlfriends place he would like them to drop by.

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on yotube

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 235 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    1. BobbyONJ says:

      Name calling? The definition of “moonbot”. So predictable……

    2. Michael Phillips says:

      Looks like someone who thinks they’re right all the time is the idiot.

    3. Shady says:

      IAMCORRECT, why don’t you supply some argument rather than just shooting down others with pathetic 1-liners?

      It’s obvious that you’re in favor of OWS, but afraid to voice any original thought since it will expose your lack of knowledge on the subject.

      1. viper says:

        “These aren’t the droids your looking for.” “These aren’t the droids were looking for.” They can go about their business.” ” They can go about their business.” “Move along.” Life is not like Star Wars; (Censored). That took restraint-Learn From it.

      2. IAMCORRECT says:

        Because you are not intellectually capable of comprehending what I would write, so I will not waste my time on you.

    4. 12thLegion says:

      I guess someone had to stay home in a nice warm house, behind their corporate made computer and defend these moochers by calling others names. Nice for you that you were chosen.

      1. greenbananas says:

        like a famous musician once wrote:
        You gotta stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything:

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