Area Near Barclays Center Said To Be Troublesome; Prices Likely 'Reasonable'By Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s rarely easy finding a spot in New York City, but now a new proposal could make your life a lot less stressful.

City residents may soon be given neighborhood parking permits, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Imagine gaining membership in an exclusive club, one that reserves 80 percent of the parking spots in your neighborhood just for people like you.

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“It’s an idea that’s long overdue. In communities from downtown Brooklyn to western Queens and upper Manhattan, people don’t measure the amount of time they have to drive around in minutes. They’re measuring it in hours,” said State Sen. Daniel Squadron, D-Brooklyn.

“You can do it in a way that protects small businesses and it improves quality of life – you don’t have folks circling for minutes or even hours,” Squadron told 1010 WINS.

And that’s why Sen. Squadron has introduced a bill that is finally getting traction to establish residential parking permits. The cost has yet to be worked out, but it would be a “reasonable” annual fee.

“In other cities it’s everything from as low as $20 to as high as about $100, never prohibitive,” Sen. Squadron said.

The local parking issue is a big concern in Brooklyn neighborhoods near the new Barclays Center, which is set to open next year with only limited space in its parking lot.

“A study found that 40 percent of all parkers in the downtown Brooklyn area are commuters,” Squadron said.

“There are only 1,100 spaces, which I think is a lot for a surface parking lot but never the less it’s 1,100 spaces for a 19,000-seat arena,” Brooklyn community activist Joanne Simon told Kramer.

“Parking is horrendous. To have a dedicated spot would be great,” Park Slope resident Ben Nachumi added.

“I think residents should get a preference,” another person added.

But people who have to work in local neighborhoods raise questions.

“Bad idea. I’m a visiting nurse and I don’t get a parking permit and it’s hard enough to park over in this neighborhood as it is,” Maspeth resident Mary Ide said.

“It would be way harder to find a spot for the people that work here so that would be a bad idea for me,” added Maspeth’s Gregory Jaworowski.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supported residential parking permits as part of his failed congestion pricing plan, but now he says he’s not so sure. He’s worried about parking for local businesses.

There is a City Council hearing Wednesday on the proposal, which would allow the city Department of Transportation to sell permits on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

Under the proposal, some of the permit fees would go into New York City Transit to improve bus and subway service.

“A lot of folks who drive and then park in another neighborhood aren’t doing it because they want to, they’re doing it because the public transit options aren’t as good as they should be,” Squadron told 1010 WINS.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    even if permits start out costing 1 cent, before long you will be paying major money for it. just look at what happened with tolls in new york city. you give government a minor foothold, and before long, you become slave to it.

  2. Susan Druss says:

    The City Council has some GD nerve. With all the perks that they get they have new ideas to punish people who live and owrk in this city. How dare you. I would like to know the names on the council that want to push this through.

  3. vy says:

    I live in Queens, within 2 blocks of a subway station. My car is registered at the same address. I would support this idea as long as it’s strictly enforced to be given only to cars registered in the affected neighborhoods. As far as people outside NYC who complain, they should look at the parkibng policies near commuter train stations on Long Island, Westchester, northern NJ and CT. Those commuter rail station towns tightly restrict parking to town residents only.
    So any crying from non-New York City residents should be 100% discounted and not be taken into consideration at all.
    The cost should be held down to under $100 per year.
    That money should go into improving mass transit.
    And the license plate number of the car the permit was granted to should be on the permit in big letters and numbers so the permit could not be used for other cars not registered in those areas.
    (the idea is to avoid a permit for car A not to be used to park car B).
    That will stop black market transferring of parking permits.
    The permit renewal process should be tied (via the NY State DMV) to the annual re-registration of cars registered in the effected area.
    That will stop the renewal of permits for cars that are no longer registered in the effected area.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      if you like permit idea, move to area that issues permit. otherwise stfu. what you say should be done, won’t be done, because things that make sense are never done. this is just another money grabbing ploy for the city

  4. The Realist says:

    This idea has been floated before and was rejected specifically to protect people who fraudulently register their cars out-of-state. (If your car “lives” in Pennsylvania, then it doesn’t qualify for a Brooklyn residency permit.)

  5. mike lestratu says:

    Bloomberg is the worst thing since 9-11.Why do you stupid NY people fall for every rich man that runs for office? You work for your money.They Work for your money too.They take it and give it away to fix streets that don’t need fixing,welfare,illegals,your all a bunch of morons………..

  6. fhwa says:

    It sounds like a great idea but I think it will be a bigger issue rather then solution. Residence are not happy with commuters taking their parking, then Commuters would be upset since they won’t be able to park/ride if the Permit parking goes into effect, and what would happen to people that lives near a police station or fire house? would they get to have additional space to alleviate spaces lost to official vehicles? I don’t mind paying for the permit since I have multiple vehicles in my family. But on the other hand, once I have the permit I should be able to park without a hassle. All ideas coming from City Hall sounds great but once implemented, majority of the time it never works correctly or mismanaged in every way.

  7. gm says:

    As a Queens resident who lives in Berkeley, I support an idea similar to the one they have here. Visitors here can park up to two hours in a residential spot without a permit, and can park overnight without a permit, as long as they move their car by 8am plus the additional allotted timed for each visitor. Although in NYC, I would also favor some nighttime restrictions, as I have spent 2+ hours on a few nights for a spot.

    Also I do not see why having permits requires payment for these permits. Local residents can get the permits free.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      this is what will happen. you will have lots of people paying lots of money for permits, and yet the parking situation will be the same, because everyone will have permits. the only winner is the city getting all this money.

    2. martin weiss says:

      i would like to know where to get these permits for free I have never saw it or heard of it. I know that MY hubby is disabled and cannot always park in the front of his house or use the driveway because it is constantly blocked and trying to get these illegals out of it is almost impossible so the permits would be a good idea and also the use of handicap signs in front of the house would also help to allivate the problem.I do intend to agree with the permit idea if it is applied.

  8. marcus says:

    they do this in my brooklyn private community, sea gate. parking after 1am requires permit or ticket will be given. beneficial for homeowners, detrimental to visitors who don’t have a pass/permit.

  9. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    This idea is an outrage. I live outside the City limits, so I’m more entitled to use your streets than you will ever be.

  10. Danny says:

    This is very welcome news for my neighborhood. Forest Hills is a tough place to park. Finally, a permit that makes sense.

    1. Rikki says:

      I am a driver, and you are a greedy selfish NIMBY old coot.

      If you have a car then either park in a garage or buy a place with a parking space included..

      I rent from a landlord that has a 2 family house and has a space in the back so I have never gotten an alt side ticket in 8 years!… I made sure there was on street parking before I moved in….most houses on the street have a driveway and /or a garage…so people dont park and let it sit for a week

  11. goblin says:

    Yeah, just what we need. Another garbage permit that gives the city even more money. When does the madness end?

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