Families Terrorized By Swarms Of Underground Insects That Invade HomesBy Dave Carlin

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — An insect invasion is terrorizing New York City homeowners, making life miserable, even dangerous, for many families. Parents have been forced to take extreme measures to protect their children and their homes.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin investigates the growing Upper West Side mosquito mystery.

These rare mosquitoes are extra blood-thirsty and active year-round. Carlin saw some of them in a lab after they were collected in the unlikeliest of places, Bernard Lagan’s home on West 84th Street.

“They trapped 150 mosquitoes in the basement in a 24-hour period coming from underground and into the basement and up in to the house through the air vents and it’s the same story as the other brownstones on this block,” Lagan told Carlin.

UPDATE: Rare Breed Only Feeds In Darkness

It’s an invasion that has almost every resident of 84th Street between Riverside and West End Avenue slapping, scratching and suffering.

“They’re hungry. They’re hungry,” said resident Susan Nicholson.

“Three on this ear; one on his cheek; one on his neck,” another woman said, illustrating the bites on one of her children. “And there are some on his arms going up his arm.”

Frustrated neighbors said after numerous complaints to the city and no concrete action, they feel abandoned. So like busy bees, they’re taking matters in to their own hands: covering cracks, vents and drains, both inside and out.

“Every vent is covered with mesh. It helps. It cuts it by 50 percent,” resident Pauline Galiana said.

In bedrooms on the block you see mosquito netting over the beds. Residents told Carlin it is the only way to get an uninterrupted pain-free night of sleep.

“This mosquito is well known for being in sewers in New York,” said Dina Fonseca, a professor at the Rutgers Center for Vector Biology.

Fonseca said the blood suckers’ scientific name is Culex Pipiens Molestus and that they thrive year-round in sewers and feast on humans at night.

“The best way to address that is to close all connections to the sewer and do aggressive mosquito control in the sewers, but that’s a tall order in these old cities like New York,” Fonseca said.

“Eliminating them, we are told by the Health Department, is going to require ripping up the road, treating it and putting the road back down,” Lagan said.

But Lagan said he is tired of waiting, and so are his kids, 7-year-old Rosie and 9-year-old Gracie.

“All on the walls there are mosquitoes and blood,” Gracie said.

“I just get bitten really all over me,” Rosie added.

Carlin contacted the Health Department to ask when something will be done. He has not heard back.

“It really is unacceptable for a city to ignore this kind of plague,” Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal said the Department of Transportation must provide some relief.

“I just saw coming up from these holes a whole bevy of mosquitoes. If the city were to patch up the holes in the street it would take care of at least some of the mosquitoes,” Rosenthal said.

Residents vow to bug every city agency they can think of to make all these pests buzz off for good.

Residents said the problem started last summer and got progressively worse. They said, initially, they were told because getting rid of the mosquitoes was not a top priority because they tested negative for West Nile Virus.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dave Carlin

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  1. Erin Stanton says:

    THANK GOD this was covered. Literally covered in bites. Calling 311 is completely useless (they won’t open a case, they won’t look into it, they won’t tell you who to talk to, they won’t give you information). The line i received 20+ times is we have no information on that at present.

    1. Prussiantiger says:

      collect as many as you can and then turn them lose on the city government by letting them lose in their building. That should at least get their attention!

      1. Tom Menino says:

        LOL… yes every NYC resident should capture a couple of hundred in a jar and release them in Bloomtard’s office.

        1. kurt says:

          Bloomtard? That’s funny!

    2. elda says:

      Why do people call the “City” when things like this happen? What ever happened to fixing things for yourself. The city does not produce insects or bad weather.What a bunch of babies.

      1. tom hoser says:

        People tend to call the city when the city infrastructure has something to do with the problem. The problem is in the street or the sewerage system.We don’t live out in the woods where we could, say, drain a pond. We in the city are not babies we pay the highest taxes in the country including city taxes and deserve service for our infrastructure.

        1. G-Jean says:

          Does not appear, right now, that you are getting much for all of those tax dollars. Good luck getting rid of the pests!! Don’t like mosquitoes either!

  2. Terry says:

    Lift the ban on DDT. It is the most effective insecticide agains mosquitos.

      1. Margaret Pickett O says:

        Wow! I can’t believe the ban was lifted in 2006. Imagine how many lives could be saved if they used it in Africa – no more malaria. Imagine if we used it here – no more dengue or lice! Probably would get rid of the bed bug problem too.

        1. Mike A says:

          They do use it in Africa. It has saved millions of lives, but newer, safer, and even more effective methods need to be and are being looked into. Lots of interesting scientific studies are being done regarding the genetics of the mosquito’s olfactory senses and different possible control measures that result from these studies.

      2. LovinFL says:

        “Carson materially misrepresented DDT science in order to advance her anti-pesticide agenda”

        Hmm, sounds like the Global Warming scientist of today misrepresenting their science in order to advance their political agenda and pocket book size!

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          I haven’t read the book, but from what I have read about it, her comments were that the overuse of DDT was creating strains of mosquitoes that were immune to it (they were) and it would lose its effectiveness. And she DID NOT recommend that DDT be banned for disease vector control. Apparently her writings were distorted by militant environmentalists to get measures taken that she did no approve of.

      3. Alan says:

        DDT is still banned in the US, but yes, it can be used overseas. The ban in US was largely political – chemical companies could not make a profit on it so it was a no-brainer to give up.

        Nonetheless, residual sprays on resting areas will be effective for at least 3-4 generations, even in a population with resistant individuals. It will help knock them down for a bit.

        Best approach is an integrated approach – get rid of standing water (including water in containers). Hit the large breeding areas (like sewers) with an insect growth regulator (like methoprene) as well as a biological such as Bti.

        Also – get in touch w/ the American Mosquito Control Association, see if they can hook you up with Harris Co. Mosquito Control (Houston) – they can give you the specs. for their rig that they use to fog inside the sewers (resmethrin would probably be a good choice).

        Yes, I know way too much on this subject

  3. George Johnson says:

    Yeah, Heaven forbid that some people should actually have to take action themselves!! Complain the city for months at a time, and then when finally, nothing is done, we’ll “have to act on our own”…. My God, what sort of America are we raising here?
    Can you whiners do ANYTHING for yourselves??

    1. Mike Notsaying says:


      1. Kruelhunter says:

        For Pete’s sake Mike don’t read/watch The Stand by Steven King. Judging by your paranoid comment you’d probably be driven into a heart attack.

        Wait – maybe that’s just another plan to get you because you know too much!

        1. Tom Menino says:

          bush’s fault

          1. Lilith says:

            Yes, Yes, Obama can fix it by only adding 2.3 trillion more to our deficit and ramming another bad bill through congress. And of course it is Bush’s Fault 😛 LOL

        2. kjc says:

          Don’t be so quick to dismiss his RATIONAL FEAR…..

          These mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill — their own children.

          Researchers on Sunday reported initial signs of success from the first release into the environment of mosquitoes engineered to pass a lethal gene to their offspring, killing them before they reach adulthood.

        3. Mike Notsaying says:

          heres the news articles argue with them >>>>>

          heres a article from gene watch world foundation http://www.genewatch.org/sub-566989

          im aware of reality but hell if you think a statement like “dont watch the stand” is significant well i hate to tell ya but this issue effects you , and if ya want to live in ignorance and not face the wrongs perpetuated in this world i will leave you with this thought :

          If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. — Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776

      2. Clarity-jane Seer says:

        PLume Island

      3. ali3nation says:

        Mike, it’s BRED, not BREAD, otherwise, very intelligent comment, stay informed

    2. LovinFL says:

      LOL, You deserve a blue ribbon for that post!

      BTW – I have little sympathy for anything that happens to NYC or Kalifornication! They both deserve what they get. Maybe they were released to “take care” of the occupiers.

  4. Susanna Gordon says:

    Meantime, let’s keep building those wind turbines that are environmental catastrophes. Hundreds of thousands of Migratory bats a year are killed by them – these are bats that eat millions of mosquitos a night.

    They don’t fly into the turbines. If f they fly anywhere around them, the suction created by the turbines causes the bats’ lungs to collapse. They suffocate and die.

    The turbine industry tries to keep this quiet, as they do with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Raptors, per year. Twice as many bats are killed as Raptors. Horrible carnage, and bad for the environment – all for a business, that along with solar, creates less than 1% of our energy.

    their population is declining swiftly in the U.S.

    1. A. Reenan says:

      Hundreds of thousands? Really? So, exactly what flavor is the kool-aid you’re drinking?

      Do the math folks, were these numbers to be real, the technicians who work on these killing machines would be using SHOVELS to get to their turbines. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS!!! How hysterically funny and patently inaccurate!

      Oh! And the “suction” created, and the lungs collapsed??? Also either a fabrication of a fertile and imaginative mind, or another full-to-the-rim glass of kool-aid. This one is even better than the woman who claimed her husband was killed by cancer caused by the wind turbines emitting or leaking toxic materials.

      And as for the “less than 1% of our energy”? Last I checked it was a little bit higher than that at 2.3%. While that is not a massive amount, it is second in the world. By state it’s a bit more obvious the contributions. Iowa gets more than 15% of it’s power from wind.

      People, think for yourselves and for the love of truth, look stuff up! Don’t take someone’s word for it! Especially if it’s someone working for some foundation or an organization with “people’s” or “world” in the name.

      Hundreds of thousands? Anybody got a shovel?

      1. Tom Menino says:

        If we didn’t have wind turbines, the unemployment rate would be 15% instead of 9%. I read it on the internet.

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        I looked it up:
        “In a Washington Post article, Merlin D. Tuttle, president and founder of Bat Conservation International was quoted ‘Take the most conservative estimates of mortality and multiply them out by the number of turbines planned and you get very large, probably unsustainable kill rates. One year from now we could have a gigantic problem.'”

        1. proudnot2bliberal says:

          just becasue its in print doesnt make it so! There are books written by nutjobs that say 9-11 was an inside job because it was cheaper (to kill 3000 peopek crash 4 airplanes & spend billions on awar ) than to remodle (aka rosie odonnel) Mein Kampf is also in print doies tahtmake it true? Morons

      3. merlin1246 says:

        “Hundreds of thousands of Migratory bats a year are killed by them ”
        “the technicians who work on these killing machines would be using SHOVELS to get to their turbines.”
        >>> Why don’;t you learn how to read. It was clear that person was referring to all wind turbines collectively, not just one or another.

      4. eor says:

        When 3 raptors (different species) are found under one turbine you know it is bad. The rodents and misquitos will take over!! This was reported in our area.

    2. April Romero says:

      Yes, and who do we blame for the turbine industry? Oh of course it must be Bush’s fault.

    3. Pogue Mahone says:

      There are no turbines in the middle of New York City. These mosquitoes are not affected by some turbines somewhere else on earth. Earth and life on it will survive with or without wind turbines.

      If these people just took care of things themselves, instead of picking up a phone and demanding other people to do it for them, the problem would be gone almost immediately. Thinking outside the box is easy when you haven’t had it taught out of you. It’s why the very people that these urban Upper West Siders like to snicker and laugh about are the very ones who can deal with problems like this at any time without batting an eyelid. Sometimes the government can’t or doesn’t come running to your rescue. Some in America will have to relearn this, via mosquitoes or otherwise.

    4. tom hoser says:

      Boy are you misinformed! The pressure differential between the front and back of the blades of a turbine is not enough to effect a bat’s lungs in any way

      . A few bats, birds, kites, and balloons do get into the machines from time to time but not in significant numbers. You have to realize this technology has been around for over a century pumping water on farms throughout the world; it’s just harnessed to a generator.

      The fact that alternative energy represents just a small but significant portion of our energy mix is because the commitment via government and corporations has been lacking. Also, people like yourselves who are ignorant of the facts set the progress back.

  5. JR says:

    Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so eliminate it anywhere near your living space, including and most especially, basements. Install screens. Use DEET products. There are even organic ‘natural’ products on the market. Start doing some research. Don’t hang out outside with your family unless everyone is swabbed down with something.

    I’m a coastal transplant to the Midwest and mosquitoes are ubiquitous in summer. No one lives with them IN their homes. You may not be able to deal with the outside until the government does something, but you sure as heck can deal with your own interior living space.

    But you have to be willing to work, especially with older buildings. You CAN install screens over interior heating vents, you can run around with a tube of caulk and patch cracks in your apartment, etc.

    What you don’t do is just sit there and be a buffet for the critters while you endless wait for someone else to do something. That’s just plain ridiculous.

    Police your home.

    1. Lilith says:

      Good advice 🙂

    2. Alan says:

      Back when I was a grad student working on mosquito ecology at LSU (Geaux Tigers), there were folks that lived deep in the bayous that would report mosquito ‘biting / landing counts’. There was one woman in Vermilion Parish that only bothered to report if she was bit more than 15 times while sitting in AM ‘doing her business’ (yes,indoor plumbing, but window was open).

      I’m not smart enough to make this stuff up

  6. mike says:

    I used to use insecticide canisters that released a lot of insect killing chemicals into my home. I don’t see why they can’t put and release such inexpensive insect bombs in these sewers until the problem has quieted down. A few thousand dollars worth applied daily over weeks might do the job.

    1. John says:

      Because then they couldn’t spend a few million dollars paying city union employees to do it. The point is not to solve problems for citizens, it’s to funnel as many tax dollars at the unions as possible.

      I know because I used to work with the NYC unions, I saw every day how your tax dollars were simply poured down a drain.

    2. Clarity-jane Seer says:

      Not so have you heard of the overuse of insecticides? Better check Plume Island and their evil genetic experiments. They created Lime Disease!

  7. Hope44 says:

    For those who have filled/covered holes with mesh, try using steel wool instead.

  8. steve says:

    What a bunch of whiners. Come to Alaska where we have “real” mosquitoes.

    1. mrkwooley says:

      Or Texas. My dog was sucked dry in 2 minutes by a swarm of Galveston swamp mosquitos. He was gone before we could get to him and all we had to bury was his bones and fur.

      Everyone who lives near a coastal marsh knows that I’m not lying. Those suckers (no pun intended) fly in formation…

      1. Mikey says:

        I spent a few days in Port Aransas last year and the mosquitoes were absolutely unbelievable. We literally had to sprint from car to building to keep from getting covered by them. I swear they were trying to break through the windows of our car!

        Thankfully I live in north Texas so we only have to deal with the moderately rabid mosquitos…

        1. Jerome from Layton says:

          I used to think NJ had mosquitoes. Then, I was assigned to Pleiku, Vietnam. Those highlands critters bred in the grass and it took two nets to keep them away. Sooner or later, a malaria carrier will get bit and then “life” in NYC will get very interesting. George Washington caught his malaria as a surveyor in Virginia.

  9. Rocket man says:

    You libs on the Upper Westside know the drill. First, blame Bush. I’ll bet you can trace these mosquitos to Texas some way. Then, insist the city raise it’s personal income and property taxes so you can also use other people’s money to pay for this. Afterall, it’s so unfair that this is only hitting the upper Westside. And don’t forget to call Rev. Al so he can demagogue the issue for you, always a crowd pleaser.

    1. mmr says:

      Hey Rocket Man Your comment is great!

  10. Princess D says:

    I live in a 2 family home in Brooklyn and I’ve been bitten by the same type of mosquitoes and my reaction to them is called cellulitis. Just this past Sunday night, I was bitten on my right hand and by Tuesday morning my hand had swollen to twice the size.

    1. Lilith says:

      Sounds like you need to do some work on your health then. People don’t just get that if they are healthy. You can also do things to protect your home.

    2. RealDoc says:

      It’s not cellulitis, it’s a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

      I’ve seen this misdiagnosed scads of times.

      Think about it. Even “normies” get localized swelling and redness (erythema).

      You are just having an exhuberant reaction. It involves the same parts of the immune system so you get similar presentation to cellulitis.

  11. Ronald Moscatello says:

    Blood Suckers !!!! Don’t they look a little bit like Barney Frank !!!

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Except the bodily fluid that he’s gargling in his throat when he talks isn’t blood.

  12. BobtheMoron says:

    Is this the first of the plagues on the godless city of New York? Or is it just OWS filth?

    1. caligula says:

      So they’re calling the OWS protesters mosquitoes now, eh?

      1. LovinFL says:

        That is an insult to mosquitoes everywhere! I wouldn’t even want to insult a rat by calling them rats.

  13. Sum Guy says:

    If you pour a very small amount of gasoline in a pool of still water containing mosquito larvae, the gasoline will form a very thin layer on the surface and larvae will start to die within seconds and will all be dead in a few minutes. In a confined area the gasoline odor will be noticeable, but will dissipate in a few hours.

    1. caligula says:

      or just dump the water out…

    2. Randy says:

      Kerosine works as well, and is not as volitile as gasoline.

  14. Bugged in SWFL says:

    In southwest Florida they have a fleet of DC-3 aircraft that regularly flyover and spray. It’s the only way to control these Tiger mosquitoes. They bite through your clothes and attack in large swarms.

    I’ve often returned from a walk only to have a series of large bumps all over my back.. Find a good bug spray and apply it before you go out.

    Large scale spraying works. I think it’s the only way to control this problem.

  15. JoeCamel says:

    Designated Smoking Areas = Natural Selection Safe Zones

    1. Harley Davidson is all show says:

      Wow, so Bill Gates has already released his vaccination mosquitoes?
      Well, I guess there is no where to hide from their cancer viruses now.
      Mosquito predator drones are now out circling the land looking for us, their victims.
      They said they were going to reduce the population and it looks like its in full swing now.
      Make the politicians obey the tax law, and stop funding your own death through Bill Gates, government, and the other murderer war-criminals.

  16. Happydots says:

    DDT anyone??

    1. Joey Ramone says:

      DDT did a job on me.

      1. GOD says:

        IT DID NOT, JOEY

  17. JAY BECKER says:

    try pouring cooking oil in the sewers and drains!

  18. Ed Anger says:

    I’ve experienced these little buggers in hotel rooms and pensions in Italy, as well as my apartment in an older building in Hoboken years ago. We stayed in a nice hotel in Florence and were attacked at night. Earlier I had the same experience in Rome, awakening from a dream that I was being bitten by swarms of biting insects. Looking around I noticed that there were bloody marks on the walls where previous guests had swatted them. They are truly voracious, and make sleeping impossible. I suspected that they were breeding in the basement, since closed windows have no effect. My experiences have always been in late summer and fall, also. This is the first article that I’ve seen about them. Good luck getting rid of them…

  19. Buck O'Fama says:

    How can you tell the difference between these and the bloodsuckers in the capital house? These fly on their own wings whle the elected leaches fly on our dime.

    1. mystic says:

      Tell that to unelected Michele who likes to fly on Air Force One on her weekly luxury vacations during a depression.. And she can bite.

      1. TheRealKingMax says:

        Ummm, I didn’t know about that.

        I know Michelle SUCKS big time, but not bite.

  20. Anon says:

    NYC is a toilet. Its residents live in said toilet. This is not news.

    1. CrooklynBoy says:

      Yeah, that’s why it’s the most valuable real estate in the world, because it’s a ‘toilet’.

      Uh, huh. surrrrreeee.

      1. toilet refugee says:

        Wrong. Toilet dwellers almost never notice they’re living in a toilet. They’re used to it.

        NYC is beaten by Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Helsinki, Stockholm, Madrid, London, and even Beirut of all places.

        NYC is expensive only by American standards, and that only because bankers prefer to live high up on a toilet tank where they can look down on all of the people living in the toilet bowl. It’s just more enjoyable that way.

    2. Gang way! says:

      You’re a toilet, and I’ve a dump brewin’.

  21. Jerzey Boy says:

    Gee, I thought the all went to Zuccotti Park

  22. Izzy says:

    The flyer from West Side Rag has information about who to contact to tell your story and complain: http://www.westsiderag.com/2011/10/28/rare-breed-of-nasty-mosquitoes-attacks-the-upper-west-side-welts-bandages-and-hospitalizations

  23. MarkT says:

    RARE Mosquitoes??!

    Don’t tell PETA or the Sierra Club — they’ll be protesting to have the little blood-suckers placed on the Endangered Species list, and then then Obama’s little environmental police force will start handing out FINES if you slap one dead!


  24. Mandy says:

    Oh no. This means more of these crazy New Yorkers will be moving south to ruin our states like they have in NY. Stay in NY and straighten out the mess you have made there. We don’t need you down here, raising our taxes and installing wasteful stupid government programs that don’t work and just waste money.

    1. CrooklynBoy says:

      Amen to THAT!

      I’m comin’ any ways, tho…

  25. robert g says:

    Time to bring back DDT

    In April 1972, after seven months of testimony, EPA Administrative Law Judge Edmund Sweeney stated that “DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. … The uses of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife. … The evidence in this proceeding supports the conclusion that there is a present need for the essential uses of DDT.”

    Two months later, EPA head [and Environmental Defense Fund member/fundraiser] William Ruckelshaus – who had never attended a single day’s session in the seven months of EPA hearings, and who admittedly had not even read the transcript of the hearings – overturned Judge Sweeney’s decision. Ruckelshaus declared that DDT was a “potential human carcinogen” and banned it for virtually all uses.
    The EPA has been bad for society for years.


    1. Ted says:

      Great to see someone else that holds the EPA accountable for their Nazi-like tactics to help destroy the US economy. No telling how m,any people have died or been put out of business because of these thugs. I hope a REAL President will have the stones to eliminate the EPA and get rid of their stupid, destructive regulations.

    2. Pale Male and Lola says:

      Your totally wrong about DDT. It is really dangerous and it is bad for the environment. A long time ago we had an incredible amount of relatives living around here but they were all getting sick and dying because DDT was found in our food chain.. So we all moved away.
      About ten years ago we decided to give it another try and flew back. Now we have a small place overlooking Central Park .Our kids have left the nest but still live in the area. We’re all healthy and happy and it’s all because they discontinued using DDT. Please don’t bring back DDT!!!

  26. diane herman says:

    the comments that purport to know the income of the people who live on the upper westside are so stupid and ridiculous. a) there are plenty of average middle class families in that neighborhood; b) what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? the media has done a great job of spreading and instilling petty jealousy and class warfare into our society. the internet as well encourages anonymous nastiness. proud of yourselves are you? grow up people. as for the mosquitos they better call roscoe!!

    1. Melvin Shiznit says:

      Relax, baby…here…let me massage those shoulders….how’s that, better?

      I thought so.

      1. Mikey says:

        I literally laughed out loud Melvin.


  27. dareisay says:

    There was a story out last week, where scientists have genetically modified mosquitos, with making the male sterile.

    Several yrs. ago, I watched a program of scientists modifying them so they would be “tiny little hypodermic needles flying around vaccinating everyone.”!

    Scientists! Always messing around with nature….environmentalists, always hindering the death of some of the worst insects, etc……at the expense of people all over the planet!

  28. oceangopher says:

    I find it interesting that all of these people first expected the city to solve a problem inside their own homes. My first reaction would be to address the problem myself and ask for outside (taxpayer funded) help only if I couldn’t solve the problem myself.

    1. dareisay says:


      1. Faustina says:


    2. CrooklynBoy says:

      The 1st thing I would have done was contact a professional exterminator and get an expert opinion…

  29. None Of Your Business says:

    Do the people on the Upper West Side contacting city agencies for help with the mosquitoes really think that New York City’s municipal agencies are going to do anything except waste taxpayers’ money?

  30. vagabond a-z trader III says:

    You don’t want effective pesticides to be used, suffer the consequences.

  31. stan_in_usa says:

    Just import lots of bats – mosquitos are a main staple for them.

  32. Sick of LEECHES says:



  33. Arn says:

    Wait you haven’t yet met the tiny Asian Tiger mosquito. They’ve recently taken up permanent residence on this side of the ocean. Talk about a voracious feeder! They do their work in perfect silence. If you see one you know you’ve already been bitten. They aren’t active at night and thrive in greenery – but if you have a garden you best bury it under concrete.

    1. Tom Dewick says:

      I met them at Jones Beach about 2 weeks after the hurricane. They are extremely aggressive. I opened my car window to pay the toll and they started flying into the car. When they bite they hang on tight and you have to rip them off.

      1. Guys Against Women says:

        are you talking about mosquitoes still or just asians??

        1. Tom Dewick says:

          Haha. Yes, they were asians. Little people with small feet and sharp teeth.

  34. Dave-o says:

    Another reason to avoid New York.

  35. Josh says:

    I live 10 blocks north, in a large apartment building facing West End Avenue, and have been getting bitten regularly at night for several weeks. My wife’s eye was closed by one bite. Thanks for reporting this. It’s not funny, or quaint. And to those making comments about the “rich”, my building couldn’t be more middle class (what’s left of it). One thing most people in my building do have, thzat seems to be lacking from some of these comments, is education and half a brain.

    1. Nancy says:

      Completely agree! Most of the comments made here are by uneducated and ignorant people.

    2. Guys Against Women says:

      who bit you and why didnt you report it to the police? sheesh ….

    3. Guys Against Women says:

      also im thinking this is a convient excuse for why your wife’s eye has closed up after what happened between you two last night…

  36. Hedley Lamar says:

    Next plague after this – Frogs

  37. chukker says:

    Now that the mosquito plague has hit the Limosine Liberals in their own backyard rather than that of the “expendable little people” in the Third World, we’ll hear them howling to repeal the ban on the much maligned, life-saving DDT.

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      Bilderberger Bill Gates is right on it with the introduction of mutated mosquitoesfor eradacation of them or us or both.

  38. Former Resident on that Block says:

    Rich or poor is not the issue here people. This is a public health matter. When you are making insensitive comments, keep in mind that mosquitoes are quite mobile, so if the problem is ignored, it will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Would you then want the people on 84th Street complaining that they don’t want their share of tax dollars (which you assume to be quite high) being spent to help eliminate the issue on your block?

    1. MarkT says:

      >>> This is a public health matter

      Yes, yes — more, bigger Government is ALWAYS the answer, isn’t it?
      Just what NYC needs … a new Mosquito Tax.

      Oh hey, you forgot to add that it’s “for the children.”


    1. Mr. Science Guy says:

      Oh, ye gads, no! That harms the eggs of birds; we can’t have that. (Even though Rachel Carson fudged the research…)

      Furthermore, thanks to bans on pesticides like DDT, we have a wonderful resurgence of bed bugs.

      Save the birds – who cares about the people. Malaria? Give ’em nets. Science without scientific method (i.e. emotion) is not science at all and a dangerous tool for use by those pushing agendas.

      1. oceangopher says:

        Are you talking about Al Gore?

        1. MarkT says:


          >>> Are you talking about Al Gore?

          No, Al Gore created the internet and made millions off the Global Warming hoax.


  39. Mark Feemster says:

    welcome to the south, jeeze what a bunch of cry babies.

  40. Slim Pickens says:

    Could these be the genetically modified mosquitoes that Bill Gates has unleashed?

  41. West 84th Street Resident says:

    Thanks to CBS news for covering this. I would just add that a number of us have had allergic reactions to the mosquito bites, some severe and requiring steroids and visits to hospital units. For some reason, these mosquitoes seem to trigger stronger allergic reactions. The potential threat of West Nile is just one concern.

    1. Bruce Wayne says:

      Get yourself a bat, man!

  42. Itchy says:

    the mosquitoes have been attacking us for weeks on W. 98th Street too!!!

    1. commonsense says:

      Install a bug zapper! Call a contractor, seal the holes! help your self, man! I would flush a gallon or 2 of bleach down the toilet see if that helps.

  43. bullett says:

    Want to eliminate them? Use a CO2 extinguisher.

  44. factchecker says:

    Proves that most posters are ignorant

  45. dion reed says:


  46. factchecker says:

    Not everybody in the upper west and east side is wealthy, in fact the upper 80s/90
    tend to be poorer and even housing projects/ SRO’s exist,

  47. Jeff Devon says:

    This was reported on the neighborhood news website West Side Rag one week ago. Not an “exclusive”: http://www.westsiderag.com/2011/10/28/rare-breed-of-nasty-mosquitoes-attacks-the-upper-west-side-welts-bandages-and-hospitalizations

  48. Joe Schmo says:

    Didn’t know that mosquitos were part of the 99 percent.

    Payback can be a bitch.

    1. sally rogers says:

      Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!! Was thinking the same thing. They have money, let them pay for whatever the issue is.

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