NEW YORK (WFAN) — If Jose Reyes is indeed looking for a Carl Crawford-type contract (seven years, $142 million), it seems he should start his search outside Flushing.

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets “are not comfortable” offering more than four years to the All-Star shortstop.

Six or seven years? That “almost certainly will not” happen, Martino reported, citing sources.

Last week, the paper warned the Flushing faithful that New York will likely make “a modest offer,” then step aside and see what other teams are willing to spend.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson admitted this week that Reyes’ free agency “is going to be a slow process.”

“We’re not going to punt 2012 if Jose doesn’t re-sign,” he said.

The question is: How much money — and how many years — should the Mets, who are expected to cut nearly $30 million off their payroll in 2012, offer a fan favorite with troublesome hamstrings?

And will Reyes find a new home with the highest bidder, or stay in Queens on what’s likely to be a hometown discount?

If you were Reyes, what would you do? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. Alan says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about this always hurt fake batting champ fool. Let him go and screw up some other poor sucker team.

    1. Mark says:

      Bernie Madoff punched Reyes’ ticket out of town. The Mets will not even offer him a contract

    2. michael says:

      Met fans never see the big picture Reyes needs to go by the time the METS start to compete your going to wish we had never signed him. Wake up Met fans think with your heads not your hearts

    3. miichael says:

      Met fans need to cut the cord he is not worth the investment

  2. D-Jack says:

    The mets should offer Jose Reyes a competitive salary contract if they hope to draw any fans into citifield over the next several years. If they lose him in free agency, they need to trade David Wright, Jason Bay(they need to trade Bay whether they keep Reyes or not) and a healthy Johan Santana and REBUILD from scrach.

    1. . says:

      So winning is not more important as the Mets signing Reyes. This is foolish.

      Winning is what draws fans to a stadium not one player, especially a player that has never carried a team to a title.

      This is like those foolish fans who said they will not go to Citi Field if the Mets did not hire Backman. Yeah, you pay money for a seat to see the manager sit in the dugout with a piece a paper in his hand and at times scratch his nuts.

      I bet if the Mets do not resign Reyes, which they’re not, and come June of next year and the Mets have a winning record you will be the first one on line buying season tickets, why? Because they are winning.

      Think about it this way, they have lost all those years with Reyes, they will loss without him, you will not miss anything.

  3. A says:

    You can count me out, I have had enough.
    Why don’t they sell and buy the Dodgers since that is the team they wanted anyway.

    With satellite I can root for any team and watch all the games.

    BYE BYE.

    1. HELLO, HELLO says:

      that sounds like a great idea, the problem is that the Wilpons would want the Dodgers back in Brooklyn and then have the new Mets owner move the Mets to LA.

      So you’re right on you having satellite, you will need it in order the watch the
      L.A Mets

  4. John says:

    As a Mets fan, I am very disheartened at the possibility that Jose Reyes will not be coming back. As usual, the Mets front office will f–k it up all over again. But hey, who cares! The Wilpons are Dodger fans anyway! It only took three years for the Mets brass to realize that the outfield wall should be blue and not black, Bunch of dirty misfits.

  5. Break the team up says:

    Article in today’s NY Post has a person who regularly spends time with Reyes states that the facts Mets probably aren’t in on the cusp of a playoff contention may kill the Mets chances of resigning Reyes.

    The Mets were not only in contention in ’07 & ’08, but were pretty much playoff bound until September came around and they choked and a very healthy Reyes, by hitting just .176 & .240 respectively for the entire month of September in both years, was one of the reasons why the Mets failed not only in winning the division, but did not even making the playoffs and this after being in first place.

    Reyes had his chances when really needed in helping the team win and failed both times.

    1. Matt B says:

      Reyes was not the reason the Mets choked in 2007 and 2008. They had the worst bullpen in MLB history, which blew more than a dozen saves down the stretch both years.

      1. Break the team up says:

        You’re exaggerating in the bullpen as being the worst in history. Bullpen had ace close Wagner, Feliciano, Mota, Sosa

        To say a key everyday player like Reyes performance during that terrible fall had nothing to do with the choke and blaming someone else is stupid.

        Stop with the excuses, Reyes was part of that team, the Mets depended on him to get on base and he failed. You want to include the bullpen, that’s fine, but Reyes was a big part of the reason for the choked.

        You want to make Reyes to be this big time player, well down the stretch he failed when he was needed most, not once, but twice.

        Those are the facts

  6. AC says:

    A $30 million cut in payroll is the big story here.
    The Wilpons are experts at mismanagement and greed…they are not up to the standards necessary for owning a N.Y. team.
    Last place team for years on the way.

  7. MET FAN says:


    1. Just a question says:

      Einstein, how can the Mets trade a player who’s a free agent?

      1. bob says:

        Yeah, I was reading what Met Fan wrote and was confused. How would the Mets trade a free agent?????? I’m guessing Met Fan is new to baseball.

        1. bob says:

          Forgot to add…..With his injuries, even though the Mets will be worse without him, they should not Minaya overpay! Remember 3 years $36million? How did that go? As much as I’d like Reyes to stay but with the amount of injuries he had and then last year he reinjured his hamstring; he’s not worth the huge contract he’s possibly looking for. Take a hometown discount please. What I would like to see and probably won’t in the near future; rebuild. Alderson needs to start a major rebuilding project.

  8. Rob says:

    I wish I could afford to bring my kids to more games. Once possible, now cost-prohibitive, that experience only becomes more difficult as player salaries pile higher and higher. So I say let Jose go. I follow the team, anyway–not the player.

  9. Frank in brooklyn says:

    This is why I will never enter citi field and will boycott going to games until the Mets put a respectable team on the field.

  10. ace11 says:

    See You Jose

    Met fans…and Coutinho….He’s NOT signing with the Mets

    1. Re: See You Jose says:

      Coutinho has nothing to say at the moment. He’s hoping & praying the Mets get lucky & resign Reyes so he can say “I told you so”

      Until then he’s on vacation.

  11. Phil says:

    Greed, Greed, Greed
    Miss the old days, 60’s & 70’s. When a player stayed with one team for along time. And it didn’t come down to money.

  12. Dawg says:


    Go choke (’07 & ’08) with another team.

  13. Pete Nabel says:

    Sandy, enough with the games. Lock Joes up now!!!

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