NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)— A 4-year-old boy is in the fight of his young life after he was shot in the chest during a botched robbery in the Bronx.

Police said the gunman, identified as 17-year-old Mauricio Acosta, pulled the trigger while trying to steal an old coat that belonged to the boy’s father.

The father was bringing his son, 4-year-old Cencia Balthazzar, back to the women’s shelter where the toddler lives with his mother on Grand Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when police said Acosta and two other teenagers tried to rob them.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports one person is in custody

Sources told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria the father and Acosta apparently got into a struggle and the gun went off shooting the young boy in the chest.

“I seen the baby. The legs were spread apart and the mom was trying to hold her or him, whatever it was. The baby wasn’t moving at all,” witness Neftali Negron told CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports two young men rushed the boy to get medical attention. The child was transferred from St. Barnabas Hospital to Columbia-Presbyterian. Investigators say he has lost consciousness three times.

Police said the father wrestled a gun away from one of the alleged muggers and ran after one of the suspects, shooting the teen in the back of the head.

Officers found the 17-year-old alleged assailant shot nearby at Grand Avenue and Evelyn Place.

“He was saying ‘Please I need help. I need help. Somebody call an ambulance.’ I called the ambulance,” one witness said.

He was listed in critical condition at Saint Barnabas Hospital.

Guzman reports police have tracked down the third suspect.

Police are questioning the father.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

“I think this is totally unbelievable and whoever did this needs to get caught because you hit a 4-year-old. My sympathy is out to their parents,” said resident Rahrah Hernandez.

Do you think crime in the Bronx is on the rise? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Scott says:

    Why display your ignorance so publicly? Someone’s tragedy is an opportunity for your politics? That’s pretty sick. You’re small and should be ashamed.

    1. Metara5 says:

      The post you commented on might have sounded strong worded but he is correct that liberalism and the entitlement mentality is bringing down our society. That’s what Obama is pushing and now he is campaigning already instead of trying to free up regulations so we can get some jobs created. Jobs that would help young kids stay off the street and learn the dignity of a pay check.

    2. Akela says:

      Scott – Because it IS about politics. It’s about 50 years of entitlement and political correctness, and people like you who make excuses for animals who should never have been allowed to walk the streets in the first place. The politics continue today. EVERY major city with this kind of daily occurrence is run by a black democrat. Don’t like that? Tough. It’s a fact. Deal with it or just go ahead and vote for your messiah one more time. One day it will be YOU who is lying on the street in a pool of blood because of the same type of creature your personal guilt just HAD to defend.

      1. David says:

        I guess you mean except New York, which is run by a white millionaire Republican. The politics or race of the mayor has nothing to do with this sick crime.

        1. Luke Gardner says:

          David: Get your facts straight. Michael Bloomberg was a lifelong DEMOCRAT until he first ran for mayor in 2001. He switched party affiliation only to get into the race because Mark Green had the Democrat endorsement locked locked up. Bloomberg won

          When Bloomberg next ran in 2005, he had quietly dropped out of the Republican party and identified himself as an independent. Bloomberg is NOT and never really has been a Republican. Think of his identification with that party as a form of political “Taqiyya,” and nothing more.

        2. Ziggy Stardust says:

          Please stop insulting Republicans. Bloomie is an independet…and quite lame. How did the guy get a gun, I thought they were illegal in NYC.

          1. wayneman311 says:

            Guns are illegal in NYC…only illegals get to carry them…

        3. Pete Gaughenba says:

          Bloomberg is a RINO.. Nothing he does is either conservative, republican, or Republican.

    3. Pauli Gela says:

      The real tragedy is our government creating this pahiah that is contrary to our self evident rights.

      1. Pauli Gela says:


    4. Luxomni says:

      You may keep your head in the sand, but that won’t make it go away. There is a problem here. There is a cause here. It is caused by the government usurping authority over and replacing the family. We have replaced hard work, responsibility, religion, nuclear families, and the potentials for great success and the chance of failure with handouts, drugs, entitlement and indolence. We have reaped what the government has sown.
      Political Correctness is a politically correct way to say Lie.

    5. Robert Maughman says:

      He’s right, though small.

  2. bob says:

    “Police said the father wrestled a gun away from one of the alleged muggers and ran after one of the suspects, shooting the teen in the back of the head.”

    After the schmuck dies, deport his parents and burn down his home.


    1. Clark Nova says:

      If he lives, feed him into a tree shredder, feet first, SLOWLY.

        1. Liberty Jane says:

          Wow. That sounds perfect for pedophiles, too.

          1. Gerry says:

            Yeah. Park a big one at Penn State and get busy. From the media reports, Penn State must be Pedophile Central for the state of Pennsylvania.

            1. Joe Guzman says:

              Agree! lets find the customers!

        2. Theodore Baar says:


        3. David Hollander says:

          There needs to be a “like” button for some posts. Yours would be one of them!

        4. Robert Maughman says:

          all this tortuous death sh+t is just an exercise in your own barbarism. Just matter of fact, shoot this piece of sh+t (today).

          1. Ralph says:

            Actually “tortuous” means overly-complicated or full of twists, as opposed to “torturous” which means painful.

            But tortuous works too. You could have a Rube Goldberg machine deliver the final shot.

      1. Pauli Gela says:

        Excellent idea. But slow down the shredder so that it would take an hour to devour him.

        1. Dave Turner says:

          And at the very least have rubbing alcohol on a steady stream going in to the shredder so as to keep it sterile – and make it even more painful as he’s fed in.

          1. Anna Brooks says:

            Damn that’s genius!

      2. John says:

        Fully agree. But before you do that, put his head in a vice and play with that a bit, but not to the point of killing, just extreme, horrific pain. And please don’t forget a blow torch, some sledge hammers, pliers, boiling oil, an extension chord that can be stripped of the protective coating by several feet and wrapped around various regions of the body then plugged into any convenient outlet.

        All of these useful tools are readily available at any hardware store.

    2. Joshua Arguien says:

      We need more intestinal fortitude in this country!

      1. Pauli Gela says:

        Yes, we need to practice our unalienable rights, as it is our duty and obligation to do so, and if we do so, that would nearly end criminality in this nation.

    3. wayneman311 says:

      I was a cop for many years…and I thought then as strongly as I do now that some people need to be taken out behind the barn and shot.

    4. bullrider says:

      Deport the parents, burn the house, I say go for it. And send the parents 1000 miles south of the US border and leave them in some tiny village – not just over the border where they will be back in a day.

    5. Greg Thompson says:

      If you see something say something

      I see your New Word Order, Luciferian, Orwellian surveillance system

  3. Marie says:

    I wouldn’t even visit New York! The Father did the right thing by chasing down the perpetrator, and shooting him. Had he not, the kid would probably have gotten away and shot someone else within a few days. Black or white, New York breeds criminals. I pray the little one will survive.

    1. Pauli Gela says:

      Citizen soldiers of our unalienable rights would fill the bill.

      1. Herman Vogel says:

        Citizen Soldiers??? Sounds like Brown Shirters to me, you must me an Obama supporter.. No we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books and reopen work camps and road gangs. We need to stop making prisons a place to “Get your Bones” for the street. It should be like Joe Arpio’s tent city.

        1. derf121 says:

          Right wing dipspit, “we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books”, do any of you right wing robots ever think for yourselves, or are you all human parrots repating everything you hear on 8 hours of sewer radio.

          The laws dont work because they are not administed equally, if you are poor you get one type of justice if you are rich another, so why should someone who is poor have any respect for the law when it has no respect for them.

          1. The hairy unwashed says:

            Take a writing class, then try to wrie a response with a real argument without resorting to name calling. You will find you have more sucess winning anargument.

          2. MorganGray says:

            That’s right.

            But not in the way you mean it.

            If you’re black, commit a crime, you’re a protected minority, you get off. If you’re white and commit a crime, it must be hate, you get sent away and charged with a thought crime too.
            If you’re rich, you are automatically guilty of something and you need to be lynched in the street. If you’re poor, you are a protected minority and you deserve to be given everything that once belonged to that lynched rich person.
            If you’re gay, or latino, or democrat, you’re automatically innocent.
            If you’re white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, conservative, pro-life or straight, you’re automatically guilty.

            “Why should the poor have any respect…” you ask? Because it’s the LAW, you anal orifice! You don’t get to pick and choose. You get to follow the laws of polite society, or you get to go to jail. PERIOD.
            If you don’t like a law, well, boy-howdy! There’s this thing, you might have heard of it, called CONGRESS? Maybe you should run for it and change the laws you don’t like. There IS a process for that you know? Or do you? If you went to a government-run school, you may never have been taught basic civics.

            Lissen, knucklehead… when we say enforce the laws on the books, we mean, if you commit a crime – black, white, purple, rich, poor, whatever, you take the full freight for what you did.
            Stop plea bargaining murder and rape and violent robbery down to spitting on the sidewalk.
            Stop sentencing criminals to life, then letting them out in six months.
            Stop prosecuting citizens who defend themselves against these goblins.
            Stop making the victim the criminal and the criminal the victim.

            The bottom line here is I don’t give a rat’s rump what color, religion, or orientation you are, you commit a crime, you go to jail.
            You try to commit a violent crime against me and mine, you better hope the cops get there soon, or be able to run faster than 900 f.p.s.

            1. ignoranceissad says:

              seriously? didnt conrad murray just get convicted and casey anthony got off???

          3. bullrider says:

            Of course the laws are not enforced equally:
            1. If you are white you can get in trouble for racism, but if you are a new black panther the Justice Dept. has no interest if you harass voters at the polls.
            2. If you work and pay your taxes you can be fined or jailed if you underpay those taxes – but if you jump the border and come here illegally (as an unregistered Democrat, oops, illegal alien) then you are entitled to everything and anything for free when you should be told NO and deported.
            I could go on but I think you get the picture. We enforce laws on those for whom doing so is most politically expedient or beneficial. We need to enforce ALL of the laws equally, and this administration is going a worse job of it by far than any previous one.

          4. bullrider says:

            By the way dert121, you started out with calling names in first few words of your post – true to form for a Left winger. The Left ALWAYS calls names like little kids on the playground. Grow up. (And maybe you’ll see that conservatives make sense instead of pushing doctrine BS.)

          5. siylence says:

            So in your opinion, because some rich people are able buy themselves out of the full penalty they deserve for their crimes it automatically makes it OK for poorer criminals to “commit crimes” and somehow expect to be rewarded for rejecting what is right and rebelling against the rule of law; for stealing, killing, raping other human beings, for choosing to commit heinous crimes of their own? You do know that rich AND poor people get away with crimes in this life, it is not mutually exclusive to the rich, but “everyone” will face God and “no one” will escape judgement on the last day. The ineffectual excuse that, “well, he did it and got away with it so I did it too,” won’t spare anyone. We make choices in this life, on our own, and we are ALL accountable for our OWN actions.

        2. Mo Hughes says:

          stfu with obama supporter chit wtf does this have to do with obama take ur head out ur a*s

    2. Pete Gaughenba says:

      This being NYC the father will probably be prosecuted for possessing the gun he took from the mugger, and for assaulting and attempting to kill the man that shot his son.

      1. Mo Hughes says:

        no grand jury will convict him though

  4. CommonSnensePls1776 says:

    If guns kill people, then cars drive drunk.

    1. Scott says:

      That has to be one of the best pro gun statements I have ever heard. Even a Dem can’t argue with that one.

      1. FoolKiller says:

        True, but when have facts ever stopped them from trying??

  5. eve jayne says:

    This story put real fear in my gut. I dont want to live on this evil scary planet any longer. Jesus, please come back.

    1. Daisy says:

      God help us all.

    2. mywords says:

      Just keep deluding yourself by WISHING that some god inspired zombie is going to change things for you or anybody else. Giving it up to some manufactured god is ignorant. People need to protect and think for themselves. Just my opinion. I anticipate a LOT of hate responses from caring and well meaning religious zealots.

      1. Pauli Gela says:

        The Founders were believers, and believed that we are given unalenable rights from a Creator, and believed that those rights were self evident, but to be sure we understood, they stated these rights in the amendments. These amendments must be practiced, however, as we as citizens are obligated to dutifully practice them. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to defend ourselves from government and individuals, when either transgress those rights. However, our government has ignored these rights, and now a storm front is coming which will re establish those rights by those citizens willing to give up their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to do so.

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        We pray for you.

      3. justanotherChristian says:

        Zombie Jesus is as incorrect as it is ignorant. Since I’m sure you want to sound like the intellectually superior atheist that you no doubt are, you should educate yourself. Reanimation is the fictional process that produces your zombies, ghouls, and other forms of undead. Resurrection is the act of bringing the dead back to life. Resurrection happens in hospital emergency rooms everyday, and once it occurred in the sepulchre.

        1. expsredemption says:

          Actually… resuscitation is what happens in the emergency room everyday. Resurrection is what happened in the “sepulcher” . One that is resuscitated will die again. One that is Resurrected will not die again.

          If you are going to correct someone… the least you can do is get it right.

          1. Robert Maughman says:

            jstanthrcrstn, great post…..xprsrdmshn, you’re “Pickin’ the fly sh+t out of the pepper” As my dad would say.

      4. Sheila says:


        You wrote, “Just keep deluding yourself by WISHING that some god inspired zombie is going to change things for you or anybody else. Giving it up to some manufactured god is ignorant. People need to protect and think for themselves.”

        You anticipate “hate responses”, eh? Was your comment supposed to be loving? You’re a true liberal – insult and denegrate, but if someone responds in kind, the responder is the hater.

      5. Theodore Baar says:

        Ah, I suppose in your impovershed intellect that you don’t know the phrase “God Save the Mark!” I dare say the father’s shot placement was inspired if not directed. .

      6. Edgar Friendly says:

        Yes, leave it all up to us humans instead. Humans will fix it all and very soon we will have a utopia on this earth.
        We’ve all done such a great job so far right?

        Go on believing in how great man is, and how wonderful and caring and giving we all are.
        And ride your unicorn to Candyland where the good king Obama will give you some of his stash of money and you will never have worries again.

        geez, and you make fun of those that believe in something higher as being stupid…

      7. abt4u says:

        I pray for you, mywords, and hope you someday find peace.

      8. MorganGray says:

        Oh,my yes. Just like your loving and tolerant post, right “mywords”? You hypocritical hater, you.

        Oh, and “just my opinion” is a coward’s way of saying “I’m right. You’re wrong, and I wont, or more likely can’t have an informed debate on this subject with you, so shut up.”

        I can, and do protect myself and my family. It is a God given right.
        Yes, I believe in Jehovah God, and Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I also believe they gave me the ability to think and reason and arrive at my own conclusions. And guess what? I have reasoned that there is a God and Christ and Holy Spirit.
        I believe God gave me good eyesight, steady hands, and a skill with a Colt 1911A1, so I can defend myself and mine.

        Does that make me a zealot, in your book?


        I will wear that name proudly. It puts me in good company with Washington, Lincoln, Lee, King, and a lot more.

  6. David Maxwell says:

    Terrifying place. I always fly direct to Heathrow from California. It’s a great circle route and there’s no chance of being diverted to NY in case of mechanical issues. Anywhere, but not New York. I won’t subject you to the story.

    1. who Cares says:


      It’s the Bronx. I guess you don’t hang in south central aka Watts or Oakland either do you?

      1. changomango says:

        Watts, Oakland, the Bronx–guess what they all have in common?

        1. Pauli Gela says:

          Why is the Oakland Bay Bridge called the Disney Land Bridge?

        2. Pete Gaughenba says:

          The highest crime rates in the world and a mostly black population?

  7. Mike Alright says:

    America is becoming more wonderful everyday. But don’t worry, the government will take care of you. I hope the kid recovers. But the fact remains that FEMINIZED America will continue to go downhill.

    1. George Johnson says:

      Mike, you’re partially right.
      It’s LIBERALIZED America.

      Almost ALL of America’s problems can be blamed on liberalism. Crime, drugs, housing collapse, economic collapse, jobs going over seas, destruction of the family unit, almost TOTAL destruction of the black family unit. poor schools…. the list just goes on and on. All blamed on LIBERALISM.

      1. Pauli Gela says:

        Yuri Bezmenov on youtube agrees with you and lectures on the destabilization techniques used by the left over these many years.

      2. Pete Gaughenba says:

        All blue state and blue city problems. The darker the blue the bigger the social problems. Imagine that.

  8. Ken says:

    I’ll bet the executives at CBS NewYork reading the comments; are wondering where all these “Bitter-Clingers” came from

    1. Michael H. says:

      I’d venture a few guesses. There’s not enough of you to be Drudge, so possibly FreeRepublic?

    2. Metara5 says:

      Maybe we’re the people that tend to not live in the hell holes and therefore don’t vote for entitlements thinking that is the only way to survive. The entitlements have absolutely ruined poor families. I can’t imagine growing up in areas like this one. We are just supporting the growth of a population that has nothing to look forward to except more entitlements. While the middle class work their butts off and much of the time have less medical care than the poor. It’s screwed up and the fact that the CBS elite don’t get it is because their rubbing elbows with other elitists that live in little insular bubbles like college campuses and Hollywood, etc.
      Liberal practices are breeding desperate people who will do anything for survival and many of us see it everywhere and it’s only getting worse…

    3. Pauli Gela says:

      We are not bitter. WE are beginning to awaken to the truth concerning the tyranny of our gvernment

  9. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “Police said the father wrestled a gun away from one of the alleged muggers and ran after one of the suspects, shooting the teen in the back of the head.”

    Surely he had the good sense to empty the clip…

  10. Ray says:

    If the assailant was black, you would never have reported the name. Not saying he should not be shot, but if he was black the I’d would have been hidden

  11. zone says:

    Society has a bad habit of returning criminals to do more damage.
    We have enough trouble without the criiminals.
    Once they have served notice on society that they are unqualified for freedom by such acts, place them permanantly in labor camps.

  12. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Degenerates that seem to be multiplying as fast as fruit flies. Get the Raid.

  13. jnsesq says:

    I’m waiting for some Democrat DA to bring charges against the father in this Orwellian/Kafkaesque once-great city they’ve created. Meanwhile, watch that salt and second hand smoke, eh, Bloomie?

  14. Stating Obvious says:

    Clearly this story is incorrect. we all know guns are not allowed in NYC

    1. Pete Gaughenba says:

      And I’m sure the father of the victim who briefly possessed that illegal gun will be prosecuted!

  15. demetrius says:

    an armed society is a polite society, think about it

  16. Firedog says:

    “shooting the teen in the back of the head.”

    Great shot for the father! The witnesses should have just let the POS lay there and die instead of calling an ambulance.

    1. Bearcat says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If I knew what he had done, I wouldn’t have called.

      1. meeester says:




    2. vinko says:

      Should have finished him off, now he’s gonna run up a million dollar tax payer bill. Maybe he can get on the Obama health care plan for a pre-existing condition

  17. Tex A. Montana says:

    Open borders often lead to open wounds.

  18. josetoyou says:

    The whole East Coast is a hell hole as far as I am concerned. There is not enough money to get me to live among the animals who reside there..

    1. DawnJ says:

      Ignorance breeds hate, ignoramus.

      1. Firedog says:

        But it’s true, whether you like it or not, bed wetter.

      2. jnsesq says:

        So does being victimized by lowlife vermin. Check your demographics — it ain’t Swedish/Jewish/Asian gangs doing the preying…

      3. Phil Mckracken says:

        Well Dawn how did your ignorance breed? From your parents, obviously…

      4. Bunky says:

        look into the mirror.

      5. Michael Warren says:

        So, by your standards, Dawn, knowing more about the Nazis, the Klan, and child molesters, would give you a better feeling toward them? Knowledge can breed hate also.. I hope you’re never selected for jury duty on a case involving a capital crime.

    2. Hey You says:

      You’re right. We need to left the east coast go its own way and everything west of the Mississippi secede.

      1. IVDAD says:

        Are you certain that you want California, the Land of Fruits and Nuts?

        1. Dixie Normus says:

          And Flakes!

      2. bearcat says:

        Isn’t that Mexico?

        1. mywords says:

          same thing

  19. Abbey says:

    Do we all remember John Rocker, who, when he first arrived in NYC commented to the effect that ‘this doesn’t look like America’ ? And he was castigated for it. HE WAS RIGHT!!! Our own country doesn’t look like America, anymore. And these creatures keep on coming in….

  20. HansJurgen says:

    After he shot him in the head he should have shot him in the crotch so if he survives, hopefully he won’t be reproducing more animals.

    1. Clark Nova says:

      He’s 17. Probably has half a dozen kids.

      1. jnsesq says:

        More Democrats.

        1. salliemae says:

          dont downplay other views because they are different than your own. that just makes it hard to hide how truly ignorant u r.

  21. Abbey says:

    Is he an ILLEGAL????

  22. tellicoresident13 says:

    great going. three more verrmin breeders off the street.

  23. Heavily Armed Irishman says:

    Get away from the cities in NY. If (when) the government collapses and the food stamps stop it will be Rwandan genocide all over again, but with guns. Cannibalism cannot be ruled out after two weeks.

  24. Rick Simm says:

    “Only a coward supports gun control. You know how to stop a car jacking? Shoot the car jacker. If someone is going to kill me for my Buick, I’m gonna shoot until I’m out of ammo –
    -Ted Nugent

  25. Rick Simm says:

    “Only a coward supports gun control. You know how to stop a car jacking? Shoot the car jacker. If someone is going to kill me for my Buick, I’m gonna shoot until I’m out of ammo –
    -Ted Nugent

  26. Clarity-jane Seer says:

    OMG now can things get so bad this happened?America you are a doomed county!

  27. Hadenuf says:

    Hispanic culture, ain’t diversity wonderful?

    1. Abbey says:

      And they keep coming…..I bet he’s illegal……so many of them. If I lived in NY I would get a gun, for sure. This country is insane………..

  28. norgasta says:

    It dont matter who pulled the trigger! The asshole was one oof the robbers and got caught. He suffered the fate of the other asshole who did pull the trigger. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY!

  29. norgasta says:

    LMAO I hope tht little ^&*(ing teenager DIES! Parents talking about they know their children. I love it! The father did what he had to and out of hurt fear and his baby he did exactly what I would’ve done! KILLED THAT NIGGA!

  30. Andrew Nutra says:

    I hope they send him to OWS Zuccotti Park for the rest of his life!!! (too harsh?)

    1. Rachel says:

      I don’t know, that’s pretty harsh. : )

    2. Dixie Normus says:

      Come on man, he only shot a four year old.

  31. Malcolm says:

    can’t be too mad… pardon the error

  32. Malcolm says:

    I hope the teenager that tried to rob them dies!….a 4 year old shot in the chest because you wanted a jacket??…. and had the nerve to ask for help after you try and rob someone…I would just watched him die….sooo sick of all of these senseless crimes…. if only the father could have shot and killed the other 2!….it would be 3 less criminals in NYC….3 that the taxpayers don’t have kick out room and board for….but he got one so I can’t be to made. Just hope that kid makes it!…..

  33. Memphis Bill says:

    This story doesn’t make sense. The Daily News reported the father recently got out of jail for dealing drugs. More likely the robbery had something to do with drugs rather than stealing an old jacket.

    1. Edgar Friendly says:

      Doesn’t matter about the father’s past or why he was out that late.
      Dude tried to take his coat and shot a 4 year old.

      A four year old that had no clue what was going on with any of it.
      An innocent child.

      Sumbitches must pay, period.

  34. NYCGIRL says:

    Mike – you’re an idiot of the highest degree. Life happens and people end up in shelters and visitation with the father has to be at that time, don;t judge the poor victims here – their child is in critical condition.
    Take a look at the hoodlums who commited the crime and slander them instead, heck slander thier parents for not raising more responsible children who think that is it NOT OK to steal, carry weapons and MURDER A TODLER!!!!!
    Cheers to the father who took matters into his hands and defended his family!

    1. That Guy Bob says:

      WHEN YOU USE CAPS, you should also spell check. TODDLER. Just saying.

      1. That Guy Bob says:

        And just so you know… Fellow NY’er here and just having a little fun with you last comment.
        If that was my daughter or son, I would be back there with a full arsenal of death and take out the whole neighborhood. Sorry about the “good people” getting hurt, but yeah my son was the one shot by the people in your hood you all all too afraid of actually doing something about their behavior.
        My (ex)neighbors were prostituting and dealing crack. I had a talk with them about the 2nd and fourth amendment rights and that I will no longer call the police, and just take care of it then and there myself. They shut up and didn’t hear a peep from them for 3 months until they moved out.
        You have to speak to these people in a language they understand. You hurt a member of my family, I remove your family’s entire existence from the timeline of history. Its fair, hell, my tax dollars are paying for you and your spawn to live.

        1. John_B says:

          Your a real rational guy there Bob ( I used the incorrect spelling just to hack you off some more). Something tells me you don’t have many old neighbors that would like to have you move back into the neighborhood

  35. mike says:

    Ur an idiot for bringing a 4yr old to a homeless shelter at 10:30pm ..and Y is a 4yr old living in a homeless shelter w his mom? Ridiculous .. Sad .. If ur mentally unstable u shouldn’t bring a kid into this world. If ur dirt poor and expect the gov to pay all ur food and livn’ expenses u shouldn’t have babies..

    1. DEE NYC says:

      Thanks for writing that. Parenthood is not a right, it is a privilege. You have to plan for it, then PAY for it. I am so sick of paying for idiots to have children they can’t afford, and have no clue how to raise.

      1. Barry Hirsh says:

        With all due respect, Dee, parenthood and the control of the upbringing and education of your children IS a right – a Natrual Right.

        And, like all other Natural Rights, it needs no one else’s approval.

        1. Van Wehrle says:

          It needs no one else’s money then either.

  36. Animal Trainer of the thugs says:

    Ghetto thug bites the dust.

  37. BL R Pigs says:

    THE BRONX ZOO. Borough president: King Kong. You can’t reason with “Da Animals”.

  38. Can't reach them all. says:

    I think many of you have lost focus of some of the real issues here. Also the “thug” as you all put it that was shot by the father was not the one who pulled the trigger. The one who pulled the trigger initialy got away, however now in custody. I have no respect for you Mauricio. You could have turned out to be a real man but you chose to continie to make bad bad choices. You are a worthless.

    1. Al Tango says:

      All three of these criminals are responsible for shooting the child. That is the risk they take by working as a criminal team. All three should spend the rest of their lives in jail. If the child dies, all three should be put to death.

  39. XNYbobInFla says:

    What, the police didnt arrest the victim like the guy at McDonalds? Good thing he didnt fight back with a grease fryier stick.

    1. John_B says:

      Excellent point

  40. thug is a looser says:

    lol the thug brought a gun to the party and got shot with it. Well done dad. I hope your son recovers

  41. mj says:

    if the father shot the right guy …. GOOD FOR HIM let him go

  42. Brooklynknight says:

    Open and shut street justice, give the dad a cigar and a hero’s parade, not criminal charges for the shooting. This sends a message. I hope the thug dies and the baby survives with a quick recovery. Death penalty is the *least* these smug thugs with guns should get! End this c/r/a/p now!

    1. injun says:

      I agree!!

  43. warrior-woman says:

    Probably the first time that thieving POS teen ever said “please” in his life.

  44. Att. Hoar says:

    Aww you know you Love us… c’mon now, gimme some sugar

  45. Proud Dominican says:

    You should take a trip there on a dark night maybe it would do you some good…..would wipe that racist comment right off the back of your head!

    1. injun says:


    2. G.W. says:

      See violence is only what the ghetto know. Lte’s return the favor. It’s only racist if it wasn’t true.

    3. John_B says:

      You have a right toe be proud PD, but who are you mad at? And aren’t you making the point about cities being unsafe when you talk about a dark night and how it would end? I guess you own the night.

    4. Smashicus says:

      What do you have to be proud of? If the place you came from is so great, what are you doing here?

      1. Logan says:

        Thank You Smash. I tell imiigrants that all the time.

  46. Glof Clap says:

    Nice shot by the dad! Hopefully junior pulls through.

  47. Ivan Cuevas says:

    I think crime has went up. I think cops should be aloud to check who ever they think is carring a gun. To many young kids have Guns. we need to get all guns off the street.

    1. NYC42A says:

      They have been trying to do that since guns were invented. You need to get the crimminals of the streets. The police weren’t there to prevent the little boy from getting shot. If the father was allowed to carry a gun then maybe the boy would never had gotten shot. Just like the father, the only thing we have to protect our familes is your hands. This absurdity needs to stop. If you want to be defenseless against some punk who doesn’t respect life then let that be your choice. I on the other hand want to defend my family.

    2. Shockerleatherneck says:

      And how do you plan on getting all the guns off the street poindexter?

    3. cm says:

      how about letting citizens defend themselves?
      how about CRIME control, instead of GUN control?

  48. friend says:

    Im a father, I probably would have done the same thing or even worse!

    1. thi=ug is a looser says:

      Exactly!…letting that thug get away is not an option. If he did then it would have tormented him knowing that he should have done something. i would have done the same in a heartbeat. I would have no problem doing time if a thug tries to hurt my family

      1. Pauli Gela says:

        You are correct. The second amendment guarantees our right to do so.

  49. Surfin Bird says:

    what is a 4 yr old doing out in the street at 1030pm?

    how old are the parents?

    1. regularposter says:

      …coming from church?
      …from a late night earlier E.R. visit?
      …from the sitter after work?
      …from a relatives house for the short walk home?

      How old are you?

      What difference does it make?

      Do you as a bird drop yer stuff everywhere or only on this board?

      1. Surfin Bird says:

        1030pm isnt chruch time on a Tuesday

        1. nrichard says:

          your an idiot – if you weren’t you would have had your information already – he was dropping the child to the mother – it is neither here nor there – who the hell are you to insinuate that the parents are the issue??? moron.

          1. Surfin Bird says:

            B-but, I’m Surfin Bird! I’m not a moron. Let’s hug.

          2. Bridget says:

            I think you are the idiot. What dad would bring a 4 year old home at 10:30 pm. Also, he was bringing the child to the mother who lives in a homeless shelter that is for victims of domestic violence.

            1. Surfin Bird says:

              Maybe the mom had something to do with this incident. And could have also been drug deal gone bad.

              1. John_B says:

                I think I’ll stick with you are the idiot, at least we have more proof of that fact than anything the story offers on the family’s situation

          3. Surfin Bird says:

            in a seedy area at 1030

            1. Brooklynknight says:

              You seem to be familiar with drug activity at that location. Is it because you have frequent it earlier times in the day to pick up ‘seeds’ for your comsumption and hurry back to your mommy’s basement in Queens before it gets too “seedy’ at nights, birdbrain? Or are you just looking for a bigoted excuse to shift the blame on the parents for obvious reasons? Or possibly you’re jealous that you don’t have the cojones to to take care of a punk, even if they kill your enrire family under your nose and they freely put the gun in your hand to shoot them back? Pendejo!

              1. Brooklynknight says:

                typo NOT “enrire” BUT ‘ entire’

              2. michelle says:


    2. smrtrthanu says:

      what you can’t read? or you do not understand what you read? he was with his father…what difference does it make what age his parents are?

    3. tish says:

      minding his own business

  50. bullett says:

    This article appears to be missing info that was broadcast earlier. News reports vary of the father shooting the alleged assailant who shot his 4 year old son. If true, I say the father did nothing more then I would have done in the same situation, except I probably would have stuck the gun into the mouth of the assailant. If the father was carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) it should bring attention to all elected officials that the streets of America have now become part of the old wild, Wild West. One must be prepared to defend themselves and family. After all the police can not be everywhere at any given time.

    1. Pauli Gela says:

      Correct. OUr unalaienable rights guarantee our right to do exactly that, and any judge or politician that ignores this right must be put down too.

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