Ahna Tessler, John Harrison To Have A Boy And A Girl By C-Section

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Friday could be your lucky day. The numbers are all lined up — 11/11/11 — and at least one Manhattan couple is taking advantage.

As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez found out, they are scheduled to deliver twins.

Shortly after their wedding last fall, Ahna Tessler and John Harrison decided they wanted to start a family.

A quick pregnancy was just the beginning of their lucky streak. Ahna’s first sonogram was a shocker.

“I was like … I don’t know what that is. And she goes ‘one, two … two baby! You have two baby,’” Tessler said.

And talk about hitting the baby jackpot!

“Everyone’s like … you’re blessed; you’re blessed. It’s a boy and a girl. It’s amazing,” Tessler said.

Ahna’s doctors said although she’s due Nov. 25, she couldn’t carry her twins to term and needed to schedule a C-section. As luck would have it, Ahna chose to have the two little “ones” on Nov. 11 – 11/11/11.

“Twins … it wasn’t in the cards for us. And I felt so out of control. And so this is one thing I have control over … is to chose their birth date, which is going to be so cool for them to do for the rest of their lives, and just writing 11/11/11,” Tessler said.

So Ahna will be delivering her 11/11/11 babies Friday morning at what time?

Nine. You can’t always push your luck.

The couple has already named their twins, Elliot and Madeline.

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  1. ariana vasquez says:

    john harrison is my teacher
    so happy for him

  2. CSI says:

    How is this lucky. She chose to have it today. And I am sure there are plenty of people going into natural labor with twins today.

    1. I Agree says:

      I agree. There is no luck. Its a planned c-section. Hopefuly everthing goes ok. She is deliving a few week early.

  3. michaelfury says:

    On September 11 Flight 11 hits one of the twin towers that form a giant 11.

    As the attack is happening, more than $100 million is stolen through the WTC computers of a bank whose logo resembles a “flag” comprised of three 11s.

    Imagine the odds.


  4. Pete says:

    The odds are the same for any day of any month and any year. In fact there will be as many sets of twins born on 11/11 as there will be on 11/12. There is nothing unique or special about this. Who cares?

  5. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

    Absolutely cool! Blessings and best wishes for the entire family!

  6. Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport says:

    Got a new umbrella. Hope it doesn’t get f–ked up by the wind again.

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