NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The 59th Street Bridge was ready for its close up Saturday, but drivers were not.

The upper level of the bridge was closed well before dawn and stayed closed for the better part of the night. The closure was put in place to make way for the cast and crew of the upcoming movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” but with bumper to bumper traffic greeting drivers trying to cross the East River, Batman wasn’t gaining any fans.

“Right now I don’t want to watch that movie,” one driver said.

Drivers were kept so far away they couldn’t even watch the stars in action from their vantage point. Production trucks and trailers were parked nearby.

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Some drivers say they didn’t have any notice about the bridge being shut down.

“I wish I had known that because we would’ve went a different way,” one driver said.

“It’s getting outrageous here in New York. All their filming, all this ridiculous filming and we aren’t getting anything for it,” another driver said.

Despite the traffic tie-ups, the city actually does get a return from the entertainment industry.

According to the city’s website, productions contribute more than $5 billion to the Big Apple’s economy each year.

Even while stuck, some drivers agreed it’s a good thing for the city, but others hoped for real life super heroes to swoop in and save the day.

“They should have had more cops out there directing traffic at least or something,” one driver said.

The upper level will be closed again Sunday morning at 1 a.m. until Sunday night at 10 p.m.

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  1. Koch The NYC Builders Mafia says:

    I don’t mind the movie productions they come do there business and go.
    What repulses me is naming the Queensboro bridge after that crook Ed Koch.
    But no one knows anymore who Major Deagan was and Koch’s name
    will fade as well over the years,his ego however will still be around to make sure
    no one will call this bridge the 2nd name it was given by non crook New yawker’s
    the 59th Street bridge.

  2. TheSGC says:

    Sounds like less of a problem with the production crew and more of an issue with the city.

  3. Valmeow says:

    It may be good for the city, but was poorly produced by Bloomberg’s office. On Saturday night, Lexington Avenue was also shut down due to a street fair making for total gridlock on the eastside. I had tickets for a concert at the Beacon Theater at 7:30, left my apt. on 37th at 6:30 and got there at 8:10. Inexcusable!!! (Not to mention the price of the cab)!

  4. christyL says:

    the traffic control was horrible. took me 2 hours to get from van dam street to 33rd and lexington.

  5. a common man says:

    If production trucks and trailers take away parking from the neighborhood, suspend Alternate Side Parking for an equal number of streets nearby; if a major artery for traffic is closed (e.g. The 59th Street Bridge), suspend construction work around the area to allow for the increased traffic to flow freely. Just a thought. Makes sense to me.

  6. :) says:


  7. Ben Lugo says:

    Making movies is part of what makes us New York. We are an iconic city, the biggest and best.
    Besides, where else would, or should a Batman movie be filmed, afterall, this is Gotham City.

    1. Eric Haugen says:

      Chicago is Gotham City, not NY

  8. Bane says:


    This is bigger than your pick up. It’s bigger than all of us. It’s Batman.

  9. John Gordon says:

    Yes, it is good for the city and no it is poorly arranged and organized. Couldn’t they have scheduled it for a weekday? Was stuck on 57th for over and hour and would have taken a different route if signs were posted, plus they had Lexington shut down. What genius decided to let them do it during peak hours? Caused me to miss my pick up (Limo Driver) and lose money.

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