NEW YORK (WFAN) – A former child-abuse victim himself, former football grad assistant Matt Paknis believes Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse against children years ago.

Paknis joined WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Tuesday to talk about his time at Penn State.

LISTEN: Matt Paknis with Mike Francesa

Paknis was a graduate assistant on the Nittany Lions football staff in 1987 and 1988. He says Sandusky exhibited questionable behavior towards the players back then.

As a childhood victim of sexual abuse, he said he remembered thinking how inappropriate it was when he saw Sandusky tickle and pinch little boys during football camps, sometimes putting them in headlocks.

“I thought it was a boundary issue, more than anything else,” Paknis said.

Paknis described Paterno’s rule over the Penn State campus as absolute.  “I think he had more power in the state of Pennsylvania than anybody.”

When asked about the possibility that Paterno could not be aware of reports on Sandusky’s behavior Paknis said it was “impossible.”

“Joe knows everything,” he said.

Paknis also said that he could envision a scenario where Paterno attempted to cover up Sandusky’s actions.

How do you feel about Paknis’s comments? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Rob says:

    It’s time to take a step back and realize that top-tier college football is all about money. There’s entirely too much money at stake for any major program to NOT cover up scandals like this. Do you really think PSU is the only one with a sordid tale to tell?

    1. RufusVonDufus says:

      No, Rob, but they stepped out of the frying pan into the fire and therefore they are going to burn. Bet on it! If Miami players can get prostitutes why can’t tOSU players sell THEIR own property and why can’t Sandusky have his own little fun? They all need to go!

    2. quitwiththemoneyanglealready says:

      Frickin conspiracy theories. This is about friends covering for friends. If they would had come out immediately the financial impact would have been minimal.

      1. Mike R says:

        Yes, and there would have been a whole lot fewer child victims and Sandusky would be in prison, too! (Layers and layers and layers and layers of corruption and deception at Ol’ PSU…!!! Eck!)

  2. Mark says:

    Joe transferred the ownership of his house to his wife in July. The board of directors fired Joe within a week of the scandal breaking. The BODs knows more than we do. When we know the truth we will all be sickened. Put them all in jail. If you know of a crime and hide it you are just as guilty as the perp.

    1. USA says:

      so when is obama going to jail then?

      1. tommytomted says:

        Not in your lifetime.

      2. John DiPisa says:

        With a false CT SSAN, he definitely should be in jail for falsification. BTW you naïve voters, our CinC never lived in CT much less have a SSAN coming from CT.

      3. Steve says:

        Hopefully soon

    2. USA7 says:

      so when does obama go to jail then?

      1. EDWORD says:

        Not soon enough for me.

  3. Goodhubby says:

    The events at Penn State show that we must still have a big problem with children telling their parents or trusted adults that they have been molested by an abuser. And if they did tell, then parents should have gone straight to the police and not try to get satisfaction from Penn State or the charity. I sure hope we don’t find out that people were paid to keep quiet…

    1. mia says:

      As much as I agree with that statement, I think these kids were “targeted” because by the Second Mile’s own charter these were “at risk” kids. I don’t believe the parent(s) knew what was going on or didn’t want to believe it was possible that it could be happening. I think these were targeted because of an unstable home life – I think we’ll find there was a father figure missing in these kids lives. A single mother struggling – possibly overwhelmed who believed her child was receiviing that much needed guidance from a male figure.

      we had a case here where I live where pediatricians were doing the same thing to some of their male patients – in each one of those cases it was a home without a father and the mothers just couldn’t believe that a doctor would ever do such a thing.

      I am not blaming the mothers in these cases – I think Jerry Sandusky knew exactly how to find the right victim in these cases. And I think when you’re that young you don’t understand it and the trips to the bowl games, football games, access that these boys received – it was too much for some of them to stop it. Its hard sometimes the victim feels bad to say no. I pray everyday for these boys and their families.

      1. One Eyed Jacks says:

        You make an excellent pioint that not many have spoken of. Homosexuals look for kids who have unstable home and family environments; divorce, parents’ substance abuse, etc., things that affect a young kids sense of security and self. They are the easiest to turn out if they can get in a position to influence them.

        Second Mile seems to have been a clearing house of these types of kids. A steady source for abusers to take advantage of.

        Every one of these abusers needs to be arrested and thrown into prison for the rest of their lives.

        1. Paul says:

          So so heterosexual perverts. Wondering why you didn’t mention that….too close to home perhaps?

          1. Yirmin Snipe says:

            I’m not sure why… but it seem that most adult males that molest kids outside their own family molest boys…. women that molest kids outside their homes seem to pick boys…. Not sure why. But when you look at headlines that seems to be the norm.

            Frankly the other pattern you see is that female molesters seem to be teachers more often than not.

            1. bart hafner says:

              When young boys hook up with their hot female teachers that is not a crime, it’s lucky.

          2. clearasglass says:

            Ever heard of context? Sandusky targeted little boys. You can’t ignore the homosexual aspect.

      2. Herb says:

        Mia, you are absolutely correct. We watched the same predatory behavior occur in the Catholic Church when the priests turned their attentions to children lacking a father figure. Those were the most at-risk children. Sandusky designed this foundation to provide him with exactly that type of child. It was essentially his own little prostitution ring. I’m surprised, not that more victims have notyet come out, but that more pedophiles have not been associated with this organization.

        @One Eyed Jacks, you are incorrect that this is a homosexual issue. Many abusers are, in many instances, family men with a proclivity towards young boys and girls.

        Can anyone speak to the issue of pedophilia being a nurture versus nature issue? The one pedophile that I unfortunately encountered in the workplace was a victim of it himself. Was it in his nature or was he nurtured into being a pedophile?

      3. Thomas Clavin says:

        Extremely well put. Predators know where to hunt. Sadly, I’ve had to have that talk with my 6 and 5 year old sons and my 3 yr old daughter. I pray there is a special place in hell for these animals that prey on the most innocent and inherently most trusting among us – children.

  4. mdd94523 says:

    This is gay sex call it for what it is….lets not sugar coat the facts…

    1. Multipurpose Glue says:

      Gay sex is too broad a category and includes consensual sex. This is pedophilia between a man and boys.

      1. Joe Bob Jr says:

        Yes but it’s still gay

        1. Multipurpose Glue says:

          Yes, mdd cries for them to “call it for what it is.” They are pedophilia.

        2. Macungieman says:

          And if it were girls is is somehow different/more understandable/WTF is the difference?

    2. mpstp says:

      Exactly right, they don’t breed, they recruit. This is exactly why the cub scouts / boy scouts don’t want these characters in their organizations.

      1. paul says:

        So youi’re into young girls instead?

        1. Ghoul says:

          Paul we get it, you’re gay and you don’t want to be painted with the same brush. Guess what, take a look at the gays marching in San Fransisco with NAMBLA, Nancy Pelosi was there too, She obviously supports this lifestyle.

    3. Mary says:

      If it involved a 60 year old man and a 10 year old girl how would you characterize it?

      1. anna logan says:

        Same thing perversion! rape! wrong! immoral! wickedness!

      2. tommytomted says:

        Great comment Mary!

    4. your momma says:

      The majority of pedophiles are heterosexual males. So, I guess, based upon your reasoning, all male heterosexuals are pedophiles too.

      thankfully, not everyone is so stupid that they view others in this way.

      oh, and the majority of homophobes are men who are attracted to other men. I guess that makes those posting these ignorant comments about homosexuals just people conflicted about their own sexuality.

      btw, I’m female, not gay, have no problem differentiating between pedophiles and those who seek out adult relationships and also have no problem calling out assholes.

  5. Brett says:

    Homos and pedophiles are not the same thing idiot.

    1. Tom says:

      @Brett First of all, I don’t believe he said that homosexuals and pedophiles are the same thing. A homosexual is someone who performs sexual acts with someone of the same sex. In this case, Sandusky could be called a homosexual pedophile. How about next time you read a comment before you respond it. Maybe you did read the comment and aren’t smart enough to understand it. In that case, I apologize.

      1. Multipurpose Glue says:

        Tom, First of all, Brett didn’t say that Jon said that homosexuals and pedophiles are the same thing.

        How about you read a comment before you respond to it.

    2. Ernie Kaputnik says:

      “Homos and pedophiles are not the same thing idiot.”

      Yes they are, Jackass. They just refer to themselves by different names (Homo or Pedo). They are both sexual, psychological and spiritual perversions. Same evil illnes; Different names.

      Screw you, Buckwheat.

      1. anna logan says:

        I agree with you Ernie.

    3. anna logan says:

      But they commit the same wicked acts, one to a greater degree when it involves a vulnerable kid. It is perversion.

  6. Jon says:

    Don’t be fooled.

    The sodomites are coming for our boys.

    Be ready to protect them . . . lock and load!

    1. William R. Smith says:

      Google search – Dr. Louis Poetter, Anneewakee Boys camp, NAMBLA…..these guys always work under cover and have strong credentials, tenure and state pensions at stake….Never the less, just a nuch of closet queens.

  7. Jon says:

    The sodomites have infiltrated all echelons of society.

    Buy and gun to protect your sons!



    1. Bill Creighton says:

      There will be suicids when it breaks that Sandusky was pimping out the boys to rich pedo alumni/boosters at the bowl games. This thing is only going to get much worse.

      1. Rob says:

        That story will never break. There’s already one District Attorney who can attest to the power of the PSU boosters…..or who could if you could find him. Do you really think any of our pansy reporters will investigate?

        1. tommytomted says:

          Exactly who are you talking about here? Who are these reporters you call pansy?

      2. snh says:

        I doubt that will come out..I don’t know if you remember back when reagan was president there was a front page story i think in the Washington Times about call boys being secretly brought in to the white house to service politicians.The story never went anywhere.The higher up you go the less likely it will come out. This unfortunatley will end with Sandusky because the really powerful own the police and the judicial system

      3. BobbyONJ says:

        Bill, I totally agree. Like I said to my wife, these types know where and how to find one another. We are witnessing the tip of the iceberg. To say it’s gonna get ugly is a severe understatement. Sad.

    2. Kaiser says:

      I don’t get it, either. Basically sports fans are just paying one group of mercenaries to play games with another group of mercenaries. If you could make teams swap uniforms on game day, the typical sports fan idiot would probably never notice.

  9. Jenn says:

    If that young boy had been Paterno’s grandchild we would not be having this discussion. I believe Joe would have cured the pervert with a little lead to the head.

    1. PatrioticUSGlory says:

      Maybe 20 little boys, Jenn. And evidence coming out is strongly implying Paterno would have done no such thing. His firing becomes all the more justified as we learn more about these crimes, crimes that murder the psyches of its victims.

  10. bdf says:

    These JoePa/Penn St defenders are so off base it’s not even funny. Really? Sticking up for someone who turned a blind eye for YEARS? I was fortunate enough to play baseball in college. You learn a lot about your team and coaches when you spend that much time together. I knew which teammates were cheating on their girlfriends, I knew what flavor of Gatorade coaches liked best, I knew which teammates to avoid sitting next to on roadtrips b/c they snored. I knew which teammates had bad relationships with their father. You learn just about everything about people b/c you’re constantly around them. There’s no way JoePa did not know, or at least have an idea.

    1. kbernatovich says:

      Did you know which ones were child abusers? I am guessing your answer will be there weren’t any. Hmmm, how nice for you. Well, I’ve been an active duty Marine for over 20yrs and there have been times when I thought I knew everything about someone becuase we spent so much time together, but later on find out I didn’t know everything. Wait until the facts are out and you may be surprised.

      1. bdf says:

        Sandusky was asked “Are you sexually attracted to young boys” – he repeated the question, then went on a long rant, then finally said no. Ask any cop or fbi agent who interrogates suspects – the guilty ones do this all the time. Just like a child who’s parent comes into the room and says “who ate the cookies” the child will respond with “the cookies?”.

        To answer your question, not sure any were. We did think one guy was gay, nothing wrong with that, but if you told me he definitely was I wouldn’t be surprised – unlike JoePa et al who were shocked. Not equating the 2, but you get my point.

      2. PatrioticUSGlory says:

        While I agree you never know anyone thoroughly, all of the facts are unlikely to come out. Meanwhile, decisions about Penn State and Paterno should be made as soon as possible to spare the university and its students the ignominy of being tagged with the stain of having belonged to a place that did nothing about a head coach who let things go on, etc.

    2. jth says:

      You people should all calm down! You don’t know the facts. The grand jury presentment is not a complete picture and is only designed to show that there is enough evidence for charging. It should not have even been leaked! You should wait until these issues have been adjudicated before condemning individuals and PSU.

      1. PatrioticUSGlory says:

        Wrong. That rule applies to jurors not the rest of us. Say, with your POV, why not invite Sandusky over to babysit your kids? Let’s test your principle there, my friend.

      2. David M says:

        PSU is an immoral hellhole and should be shut down. Paterno knew everything and is going to jail.

      3. bentdog says:

        You are an idiot. All indictments are public record. Nothing was leaked. Had there been an indictment, and Grand Jury testimony was released, then it would be leaked.
        The administration, football staff, and Athletic Department staff are all dirty. Cheer Penn State. Cheer all you want. Just know what you’re backing.

        1. jth says:

          See NY Times Nov 10: “The grand jury indictment had been filed under seal, but because of a computer glitch it had mistakenly been made public.”

      4. anna logan says:

        Go back under the rock you crawled out from. Your the kind who lets this garbage continue. Your most likely a defender of Casey Anthony’s innocence “because the evidence just wasn’t there.”

      5. Ghoul says:

        The tree branch is getting crowded, but there is room for one more pedophile supporter jth. What is your neck size? I’ll bring the rope.

    3. Ernie Kaputnik says:

      Outstanding observation on your part.

      Well said, Friend.

  11. santich says:

    lets see – one of the most successful assistant coaches in the country retires at the age of 55 and not one major university offers him a job. I wonder what they knew and what the Penn state athletic department knew?

  12. KCVet78 says:

    Here again is a man over 21 at the time as a grad asst, who says he suffered the same kind of abuse and was disgusted at what he saw…but like so many others in this world, just did nothing to stop it. Now he, who should have been one to raise a red flag or do “something” about it, talks bad about another (Joe) who did something, but could have done “more”. Interesting..

    1. PatrioticUSGlory says:

      There’s a saying about protecting women: Bodyguards cost money and can be unreliable. But a woman never need fear if a conservative man is around.” I think the same applies to children.

  13. DanTheManUnsual says:

    tim37. you are correct about problems are just beginning for the investigation. The order of magnitude is just dawning over the state of Penn. This is so big that everyone and I mean everyone is trying to create a positive ‘new norm’ The stakes are extremely high so what spin the best will be spinned. Triall ballons will be released and the ones that sound good and work will be kept, others that do not measure up will be changed..

    1. One Eyed Jacks says:

      Rhetorical question: This seems to have reached into the governor of Pennsylvanias office. By that I mean, the current governor was the state attorney general from 2005 to 2011. I other words, Gricar vanashd in 2005, on this governors watch? Those implications will be interesting to see. This situation has got tentacles and can go anywhere.

  14. Gina Spackle says:

    I feel horrible for Mrs. Sandusky and her children. Jerry is a monster and will get his payback by his fellow inmates.

    1. gregg says:

      Are you crazy! Mrs. Sandusky? Didnt she ever wonder what her husband was doing when he went down stairs to the basement bedroom in the middle of the night? What some late night bed time story..?? She s an enabler!! Please… The only, repeat the only, people to feel bad for is the victims..PERIOD!!

  15. tim37 says:

    The problems are just beginning for the investigation, McQueary’s story is changing, he says he told the police– if true the PSU officials are all off the hook, and the cops got some spliaing to do! On the other hand if he did not tell the cops was he lying then or was he lying now? This clown sounding off is just stupid and not worth responding too

    1. jeff says:

      If he actually told the cops, they would have taken a report and therefore have a record of what was said. if not, he’s lying and guilty as an accessory.

      1. tim37 says:

        I agree completely, but as for the case against Sandusky, MCQueary lying goes to destroying him as a witness against Sandusky as well as when he points the finger at the other Staff at PSU

        1. Edson says:

          How do you know Mc is lying. You believe everything you read in the press? Be specific, Take off the blinders.

          1. chris s says:

            Can you read English, Edson? Tim37 said IF Mc is lying in his intro comment, which Jeff also states – If he’s lying. Tim37 is then expounding on what would be the results assuming lying were to have occurred, and he is correct. If Mc is found to have lied, he is destroyed as a witness. Who’s got the blinders on?

            1. Edson says:

              There is no “if” in Tim’s comment. Glad you could interpet it for me.

    2. Nate says:

      His story is changing? How do you know? Are you a buddy of his and talked to him about it before? the only thing we know about his “story” is from the grand jury summary. It is not an unabridged version of the testimony. You don’t know what else he said before that grand jury.

    3. JPM says:

      McQ saw what he saw in the shower. Reported to police. Maybe even told JoPa. JoPa gets a call from police. “Joe, Jerry’s misbehaving again. Talk to him. You owe me one… Take care, buddy/ And , oh, thanks for the box seats for the Ohio game.”
      The report may never have been filed,,, lost!
      Just a hypotheses, but who knows, when one wields so much influence, who’s in whos’ pocket? The cover-ip probably started on Day One, 15-20 years ago.

  16. rudolph j. girandola says:

    How about we hear from Joe. Penn State cancelled his press conference and he has not said a word since this thing broke. Now he is lawyered up and the chances of his telling us what he knows is zero to nothing. Rudolph J. Girandola, Author: The Jade Chalice.

    1. Vincent says:

      Paterno said he wants to speak, his lawyers obviously clamming him up. This testimony is meaningless. Unless this fellow knows Paterno knew, this is inadmissable and speculative hearsay.

  17. Edson says:

    Obama has his cult worshipers and so it seems does Jopa. For those folks no matter how it turns out, it was somebodys else’s fault. Those kind of people never accept responsibility. Why did Jopa sell his house? Oh for no reason. Want to buy a bridge cheap, worshipers?

    1. EastSideHunky says:

      Amen! Something smells like yesterday’s diapers. Hard to believe ol’ senile Gumball Joe had no clue Sandusky was auditioning for a position with the TSA on the dime of the Pennsylvania taxpayers.

      He needs some quality time at Gimto or Abu Grab.

    2. Jeffrey George Moline says:

      What does POTUS have to do with this? Oh – you want to connect a pediphile to the President to make people feel like the president either is or supports child molesters. Guess who looks stupid – you.

      1. Edson says:

        You didn’t answer the question. Typ0ical worshiper response.

        1. Multipurpose Glue says:

          Sarah Palin has her cult worshippers also.

  18. DanTheManUnsual says:

    People, do you realize what is going to happen here! Thousands of students will be transferring out of PSU this spring, new student applications will fall to nothing, the sports department is dead. I would not want to take a shower in a facility where this occurred and allowed to reoccur for years. Tear the facility down or make it a showplace like Austwitz (Nazi torture camp) for future tourist. No new football players of any caliber would want to play here or use these facility. I heard where Nebraska playere would not shower there before returning home. Plus, the diplomas from PSU, past, current and future will always present a stinct of the ‘preverted coverup’. Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace, take that Paterno statue down and destroy it. All these cover-up people are sick and demented.

    1. James Head says:

      Your a disgrace!

      1. bdf says:

        your grammar is a disgrace.

    2. EastSideHunky says:

      Bravo! Those who have drunk the Paterno Kool Aid will be molesting deniers no matter how much evidence and witnesses surface. Throw the stinking place into the ka-ka station where it belongs!

    3. Norm Snow says:

      With all due respect, I would hardly compare the rape of a handful of boys to the mass murder of millions of people.

    4. Nicher says:

      Congratulations! It’s official! You are a dope.

    5. Vincent says:

      Try to remain calm. The hysteria of some people mystifies me. This will be investigated, the guilty will pay, and people will learn and move on. No, thousands will not leave Penn St. The diplomas are fine. Duh.

      1. DanTheManUnsual says:

        Vincent, I might have gotten a little heated once I read Paknis comments. Penn State has 20 undergraduate campuses and one distance learning opportunity through our World Campus. There campus at University Park has 35k students and that’s the one Imost angry with. They have student from 50 states and 131 countries. My main point, in their PSU Principles, the first item is how all that took place with these young boys is not tolerated. Where is the integrity, ethic and moral? Everyone has to be asking themselves. BYE for me. Sardusky had keys to the facilities, he may have parades 100s, 1000s of young boys through there as to the Austwitz comment. Just angry…

      2. snh says:

        You are really naive if you think we live in a world that the powerful pay..

    6. adp says:

      Comparing Penn State to a concentration camp?….now that is a new low….and condemning the entire student body and alumni association who had no role in this and have condemned it from the beginning. Well, that just shows your level of ignorance……Incidentally, Dan, “preverted” isn’t a word, neither is “stinct”, and “Auschwitz” was the concentration camp to which you are referring – and your fear of taking a shower in any facitily demonstrates a deep level of psychological paranoia rather than any level of support for your idiotic rant. Leave the coherent arguments to the smart people, Gomer.

      1. DanTheManUnsual says:

        adp, I was just talking about the facility where the showers are located. Again, the statement ‘Paknis also said that he could envision a scenario where Paterno attempted to cover up Sandusky’s actions’ made me incoherent. I’ve been in a state of rage for a couple of hours. I’ve calm down now, sorry to all the posters for my bad grammar and misspelled words and over-reaching on my diatribe. I’ ll finallyl put the bottle down….

    7. nomater says:


      You’re reaching.

      1. DanTheManUnsual says:

        nomater, reaching am I? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This link we are talking about is rotten to the core, sort of like selling your soul to the devil. Come on folks, 20 campuses, on-line classroom programs, students from all over the world. Hey, anyone can move or change scholols in an instant. PSU does not have a monoply on education. What happened here was intolerable, letting the athlehic dept, full of jocs and morons, disgrace the whole academic community. Paterno was there too long, treated like a god, give me a break, he was an old fool trying to protect a pervert along with his superiors and probably on Paterno’s orders. People with stupid physical education degrees overshadow engineering, science and math departmets. I said thousands of students going elsewhere, let’s make that 10 of thousands when considering multiple campuses and on-line classroom program. This is very serious folks, do not try to gloss over this.

  19. T Sloss says:

    He could envision a scenerio where Paterno……….

    I can envision a scenerio where Matt Paknis is the one who actually assaulted the children!! How is this a story? Someone who didn’t witness any illegal behavior (he saw headlocks???) said Paterno knows everything. And the sensationalist news organizations print this stuff like it’s proven fact. Give me a break.

    1. Denver says:

      “I can envision a scenerio where Matt Paknis is the one who actually assaulted the children!”

      !No, no you cannot

      1. T Sloss says:

        Yes I can. People who are abused (as he claims he was), are much more likely to be abusive themselves. That puts him as a more likely suspect than Paterno: ergo, I can envision a scenerio where Paknis assaulted the children, every bit as easily as I can envision Paterno having known “everything”.

        Even if my argument wasn’t better than your’s (which was non-existent), you trying to tell me what I can or can’t envision is pretty lame.

  20. Amvetru12 says:

    Paterno will be cleared of complicity because being a selfish, devious old fool is a viable defense and all the accusations will boil down to something mundane like McQueary snitching on Sandusky for farting in the shower. Right, JoePa fans?

  21. Killroy says:

    Is it all for the kids, or is the media drumming up business. How can ESPN and ABC, two Disney channels, call for the coaches head while other Disney networks are airing a Michael Jackson tribute on the same day. Am I reading too much into this or is this hypocracy?

    1. Jeffrey George Moline says:

      It is hypocracy.

      1. Karl says:

        Try using spell check.

  22. DonVA says:

    I am sorry that Paknis was the victim of child abuse, but where does he factually state anything. His comments are all based on conjecture and not fact, i.e. “…he could envision a scenario where Paterno attempted to cover up Sandusky’s actions.” That is not a factual statement. I am sick and tired of all the speculation and conjecture being tossed around as being factual. If he thought there was something wrong and he had factual information, why did he not do something at that time? Furthermore, if placing a kid in a head lock and messing around with them is now a form of child abuse, most coaches and even fathers would are abusers. What Sandusky is accused of IS ABUSE and if guilty he should be hanged. My point is that not every form of horse play is abuse and if so, we will have witch hunts taking place all over the country and no guy will ever want to coach or work with kids again.

  23. br says:

    This guy is just guessing and you are all using it to fuel your speculation and condmenation before the courts even have a chance. He clearly hates Paterno and is using the abuse of children to get his 15 minutes of fame and revenge– all the while talking about crimes he knows nothing about. I defend no one at PSU– but get a grip people. If we give crack pots like this a voice in this who is really being helped? The truth will come out and people should be punished– but Matt Paknis will have nothing relevant to do with it.

    1. Unclekeg says:

      Well Said br!

  24. Rob C says:

    “Paknis also said that he could envision a scenario where Paterno attempted to cover up Sandusky’s actions.”

    This is a BS story. I can envision the moon being made of cheese.

    And if this guy was so wise to the fact that Sandusky was a child molester, back in the late 80s, doesn’t that beg the question: Why weren’t you more aggressive in bringing Sandusky to justice, yourself?

    No….I think something of a personal vendetta to come out with a blanket statement like, “Joe knows everything.” How could he possibly know that Joe knows everything, unless HE HIMSELF knows everything? Having a reasonable suspicion that Paterno knew more than he’s letting on is one thing, but this guy is going all the way for full out character attack. It’s personal.

    ….oh, I mean to say, “I can envision this being personal.”

    1. James Head says:

      Very good points. The media has been out to get Paterno from day one. I have yet to see objective reposting.

      1. Uncleebby says:

        Agreed. The media wants to take down institutions. It’s bragging rights.

  25. Yetey says:

    Paterno knew the fall was coming. He sold his 5MM home to his wife for 1 dollar months ago.

    1. rrg says:

      I think the house is/ was valued at 500,000 + – not 5 million

    2. DonVA says:

      $550,000 give or take, not $5Million. More rumor.

    3. Unclekeg says:

      What do smart people do when their estate is greater than 5 Million and they want to give more to their family than the government? They start gifting stuff. The maximum gifting to one individual is $10K/year. But the sale of a house for $1 is legal.

    4. Nate says:

      That just tells me he expects to die before her and doesn’t want her to get crushed be inheritance tax. It’s not evidence of anything.

      1. Carol McDonald Henry says:

        If her name is placed on the deed there is no inheritance tax. That’s what MOST people do. It looks like he wanted off the deed. Hiding assets.

        1. adp says:

          Yes….thats’s it! He’s trying to hide the house that has been shown on every newscast for the last week…..good thinking.

        2. br says:

          Under PA law their joint assets would have been off limits for any judgment unless she died first. Your theory makes no legal/logical sense under PA law. House would have been safe. Clearly more an estate planning issue. More speculation from people without facts. Haters.

  26. smagnet says:



    Come on folks, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know what is going on inside someone else’s mind. You do not know what they know, or what they do not know. Use your education…what are the facts and how do you know that they are, in fact, facts and not just here-say…….

    1. smagnet says:

      Oops,,,,make that hearsay.

  27. Travis Busbar says:

    You gotta ask… Why did Paterno allow Sandusky’s continued abuse to go on? Was Paterno abusing kids himself? Yes, the answers may be worrisome, but justice must prevail.

    1. adp says:

      Ah, another genius who can’t seem to keep the players straight. Let’s try not to forget who the actual criminal is here and not bury him somewhere in the hype around Paterno. Sandusky should be at the forefront of this media lynching, but instead has become a footnote. By the way, baselessly suggesting that someone has committed such a horrifc crime is morally irresponsible, so climb down off of your soapbox and check your own moral compass before you start publicly commenting on others.

      1. Sean says:

        Sandusky has not become a footnote. He is still at the forefront, and McQueary is next, but that doesn’t excuse Joe Pa from ‘following a chain of command’ and never following up again. Does that make any sense? In Joe Pa’s own words he told the Grand Jury that McQuery told him that Sandusky was doing something of a sexual nature with a boy. What more details does Joe Pa need? Yet he never ever confronts Sandusky or ever tries to follow up with the AD as to what happened to Mcqueary’s allegations that Joe Pa had forwarded to the AD? So all these years after the allegations somehow Joe Pa was never curious to see if McQuery (whom he obviously trusted to promote him to Asst Coach and Offensive Coordinator) was telling the truth about something as serious as this?

        As Costas said about Joe Pa, his actions of never ever confronting Sandusky or following up his initial complaint to the DA can never be explained away. You don’t need more gory details than ‘something of a sexual nature with a boy’ to make sure you keep a grown adult away from other possible young victims until the issue is completely investigated and cleared. Joe Pa made no attempt to do so.

        1. Coordinator says:

          McQueary and Paterno did the right thing. It was Head of Police who broke the law by not going to state police, by believing Sandusky over McQueary and Paterno, and by lying to a grand jury about being told of the moles-tation.

        2. adp says:

          Sean, I did not excuse Joe Paterno’s actions at all. Personally, I will reserve my judgement until the whole story comes out, but I certainly will not excuse any level if inaction by any of the players in this case. My issue is that in Travis’ original post, he suggested that Joe was also abusing children – something that has not been alleged or reported by anyone. If someone accused you of being a child molester, having never met you and having no knowledge of your life except through media reporting, I would consider that to be morally irresponsible, as well.

          Incidentally, the evidence that Sandusky has become a footnote is apparent in the fact that in your argument above you mention/accuse JoePa/McQueary 11 times and reference Sandusky only 4, who seems to only be accused of “not being confronted by others”

  28. Rick says:

    I was curious to see several commentators say Sandusky’s admission of ‘horsing around” was significant re pedophilia, BUT these same commentators found Michael Jackson’s admission that the slept with, but only slept with, little boys (Mike was 36) was ok.

  29. Rick wade says:

    Looks like a great time for the NCAA DEATH PENALTY once again. All of PSU football people knew about Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia.

  30. JR says:

    So a former grad asst, himself a victim of child abuse, saw the behavoir in 1988, knew it was inappropriate, did nothing, and he is innocent. Yet McQueary, who in 2002 did much more than Paknis did, is guilty? How many kids could have been saved from this monster if Paknis had “done the right thing” 25 years ago?

  31. not a fan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Paterno ends up in the slammer too. He had to have known. This was a long time homosexual serial child molestor, how could he have not known?

    1. Jeffrey George Moline says:

      are you certain he is homosexual? Most child molesters identify as heterosexual and are married. Many screw their own kids. There are far more Hets who are perverts than homos. You guys make up most of society.

      1. abg says:

        What you saying is a lie and you know it.

  32. Jasonn says:

    When you listen to Sandusky talk you can pretty much tell he’s batting for the other team.

  33. maurice aker says:

    When all is said and done the Penn State debacle will be somewhat close to the debacle in the Catholic Church with Joe being somewhat like the coverup artist Cardinal Manning of the Los Angeles Church

  34. BearFlagFan says:

    This would be consistent with my theory that after the 1998 investigation was closed, JoePa was tipped off about the details of the investigation. Whether it was the Chief of (Campus) Police or some higher up with access to the files and wanting to protect JoePa slipped him a copy of the report or told him the details. The Grand Jury report says JoePa informed Sandusky he would not be the next head coach in May 1999. I think the investigation played into the decision. I’d make the further leap to say that JoePa told Sandusky he should just retire so he can keep his pension, because if he went for another job Sandusky’s secret would get out.

    1. s.dan says:

      Absolutely spot on.

  35. sam says:

    this is one persons opinion. no credibility
    station should put out a disclaimer
    the school officials new early on according to the grand jury
    where did this go then?
    this is not paterno’s responsibility as football coach
    this belongs to the pres. of university and the board

    1. Chris, Rockleigh, N. J. says:

      No credibility, Sam? How would you know that? It would appear Mr. Paterno had the president and board under his thumb for many years, as for example when asked to retire a few years ago. Joe said no. Sandusky’s abuse of boys on the scale alleged and at the locale of the Penn State facilities, using his authority as Penn State coach, present and former, could not have happened without Coach Paterno’s acquiescence. And that it happened with his knowledge has been proven in part already, hence his firing, with more to come as the criminal case proceeds.

    2. Greg says:

      It’s not Joe’s responsibility? Are you kidding me? You must be like one of those people who witness a crime and walk the other way because you don’t want to get involved. Hey, it’s not your responsibility, right? Come on man… think. Joe cared more about the consequences to Penn State’s reputation than the horror that those boys were exposed to.

  36. runnrdad says:

    You guys that continue to treat Joe like a saint are going to be humbled when the truth comes out. Paknis is on the money on this issue. Maybe the powers-that-be can cover things up for Joe, but he knew and after he passed up the first chance to broom and prosecute Sandusky, the inevitable cover-up process began. This is going to be the biggest child molestation case after the Catholic Church. And the current interim head coach was there for all of it, too.

  37. Geof says:

    I hear people say bathing with someone’s elses kid is bad but who takes a shower with their own kids naked. I have three and I’ve never done that…it sounds creepy. Maybe at the lake or pool with a suit on but what kind of person showers with any child, related or not?

  38. Frank says:

    We need to hear from Joe, the ” true story” , the whole truth and nothing but the truth, he was the one in charge. Not some prepared ststement or talking point, if not, it will only make ithings worse. It’s like… that old saying ” you make your bed you lay in it”

    The truth will set yiou free and is the only way to make things right in the end. For those Children….. the college and the nation.

  39. Barn Cat says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that Paterno didn’t know what was going on. It sounds like Sandusky was forced to retire in exchange for a cover up.

  40. David M says:

    Paterno is nothing more than Satan’s little helper in this whole affair. He and all of Penn State are completely disgraceful.

  41. Anon says:

    “former football grad assistant Matt Paknis believes Joe Paterno knew” – End of a non-story. Who cares what this guy THINKS he believes? Ridiculous “Press” searching for empty content to put on their website. Nothing more. Joe Paterno didn’t rape anyone, but this is what to so-called American Free Press makes it out to be. America in decline under the propagandists.

    1. Anon 2 says:

      He didn’t rape anyone, ok, but it is clear that he cared more about the reputation of the Penn State football program than the welfare of those boys. That is a crime in my book.

      1. Susan Gray says:

        Yes, Anon 2. That is the point! With great authority comes great responsibility, which Paterno abdicated. Weak.

  42. Aceman says:

    The lawyers are now in charge, McQueary changing his story and saying he had discussions with police, Sandusky interviewing with Costas. Getting very interesting. Time will tell. I still say find Gricar, he’s the DA who dissapeared without a trace after deciding not to bring criminal charges. So what happened to him: Did he crawl in a cave and have a heart attack? Did he get whacked and is hanging out with Jimmy Hoffa? or did he get paid off for making it go away?
    The reporter or investigator who finds out the truth about him, breaks the case.

    1. Retey says:

      It’s just that he was fired …period.

    2. UlyssesSG says:

      Or whacked after making it go away because ‘Dead men tell no tales’.

  43. rich says:

    What a moron — if he knew that Joe “knew everything” then it follows that he also “knew everything” and didn’t report it. Let’s lynch him.

    I’ve heard so many idiots blame Paterno for this, always with “he should have stopped it” or “he should have done more”. Exactly what? Don the bat suit and gone vigilante? Dragged the victims through the public spotlight in against their wishes? What if the cops and university were covering it up? What’s Joe supposed to do? And as far as we know he never even witnessed anything first hand. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, remember that in this country we have the rule of law not lynching and we are innocent until proven guilty.

    And NO, I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF PROTECTING PEDOPHILES!!!!! Just enforcing the rule of law.

    1. John says:

      You’re joking right? Even if the board of trustees and governor of PA was involved in a cover-up Paterno could’ve told any media outlet “I know of PSU covering up child rape” and they would be begging him to tell the story.

      People’s faith in him was absolute, which is why so many people have a hard time believing he was so sloppy in ‘reporting’ this. Penn state is a joke of a party school, they couldn’t cover a bed with a blanket.

      1. BV says:

        John, your “blanket” statement on PSU is a clear indication of your ignorance. Google “PSU THON” and read about the good things coming out of this university. But that would require some independent thought and critical thinking on your part.

        The real question we need to ask while those responsible are being brought to justice, is what can we do to prevent this from happening in the future? This exact situation exists somewhere else; in a different place with different names. Thinking this issue is isolated to PSU or a football program is absurd.

    2. Oh-my Lumbago says:

      It must be terribly frustrating for you, to be so much smarter than everyone else. You should consider the possibility that you are in disagreement with the overwhelming majority of your fellow humans not because you’re such a deep thinker, but because you’re wrong rich.

    3. DonVA says:

      Good to see some good sense being applied to this debate. Everyone seems to be pointing the finger ONLY at Paterno. Sandusky is the SOB here and that seems to be overlooked by many. Go posting,

  44. bob sunday says:

    Seems again like a great rush to judgment-and a ton of heresay comments The press has made this story not about chold abuse but about discrediting Joe Paterno.

    1. Retey says:

      Paterno knew, did nothing to keep a child rapist off campus and away from kids.
      It was right for him to have been fired…period.

      What a legacy!

      1. Randy says:

        If by nothing you mean reporting it to his superiors per procedure then yes he did nothing.

        1. Retey says:

          By nothing I mean he knowingly let this animal, child rapist, pedophile, on campus
          even after he did the bare minimum to protect his own so called “reputation”.

          If he is such a stand up guy, why didn’t he do more?
          Because he knew it would hurt his pathetic football program and his own reputation.
          Good riddance Joe the pedophile protector.

        2. Greg says:

          Randy, think for a second. How do you think that reporting conversation went?

          Scenario 1: “OMG, I was just told by someone that they witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in the showers. What are we going to do to stop this?

          Scenario 2: “Oh crap… I was just told by someone that they witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in the showers. If this gets out, the reputation of our school and our football program is going to take a hit. What are we going to do prevent that from happening?”

          Not only should he have been fired, he is probably culpable in the sense that he did not make sure that the man did not get away with his hienous actions.

  45. Harley Rummel says:

    McQueary must be greatly relieved about this, for Paknis now emerges as the hands-down most disgusting individual in this whole affair. On the basis of his being a telepath who could read Paterno’s thoughts, he now spews his odious vomit for no apparent end, seemingly, unless it be to have five seconds of notoriety? What a pathetic toad!

  46. tgc says:

    This whole thing is about to collapse on Penn State…they are all going to be in court very soon. If they prove that all this happened with the knowledge and support of Paterno and the athletic department, the NCAA will have to shut down that entire football program…and rightfully so.

    1. Greg says:

      Yes. I smell one hell of a class-action lawsuit. I’m sure there are some lawyers that are salivating at this very moment. Penn State is going to take one heck of a financial hit for this.

      1. jemimah says:

        none as brutal as what the boys took!

  47. GarySellersville says:

    If he Paknis (sp?) was a victim at one time also, why didn;t he (Paknis) report his misgivings about Sandusky?

  48. Pat Johnson says:

    Perhaps we might find out they were all approving this molestation and
    I hope this man comes to trial soon ,he sounds disgusting
    already…. hey Man, IT IS NOT NORMAL for men to shower with kids that are not
    your own ,who would but a pervert, ever think of doing this?
    His lawyer is bit weird as well ,I hope this costs this school a billion dollars
    in victim settlements down the road.

    1. kbernatovich says:

      I do not think it is normal for you to shower with your kids. What are you thinking? You sounds like you may be a ‘Sandusky’ to me.

  49. Walter Greenspan says:

    It seems probable that the interim coach Tom Bradley, who replaced Jerry Sandusky as the Defensive coach, also knew.

    1. adp says:

      Really? Probable? Did you conduct an extensive poll of your living room to come up with that? If you have some information that the rest of us are not privy to, please enlighten us…….

  50. Jay says:

    Great interview. Wish they would spell his name right in the article.

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