NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It has been a rough day for those who live and work in and around the Financial District as thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters descended on the area for their so-called “Day of Action.”

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street “Day Of Action”

The day of protests throughout the city planned by demonstrators began with a morning march.

The protesters said their actions were designed to galvanize public support for their cause. However, it created the opposite sentiment among many who live and work in the area.

Protestors chanting “Wall Street’s closed” tried to keep many from going to work by forming a human chain near the New York Stock Exchange.

“I don’t care, I don’t care,” one yelled at a protester.  “I want to get to work.”

“They’re making it harder for the average guy to make a living,” said another man. “They’re not hurting banks, they’re just hurting the regular guy.”

“This is horrible,” said one woman. “I’m waiting for the tanks to come rolling in.”

Some even charged protesters after they wouldn’t let them through their linked arms.

A businessman tries to break through a line of Occupy Wall Street protesters who had locked arms and blocked access to the New York Stock Exchange area November 17, 2011 in New York. (Photo credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

One woman trying to get to work was even reportedly knocked down by protesters about a block from the NYSE.

NYSE trader Basile Nahas said he still feels unsafe despite the police presence.

“There were large crowds of people pushing and shoving and it was almost like being in the mosh pit of a rock concert,” he said. “It was a little scary.”

Nahas said he too had to push his way into the exchange this morning.

Others left their house early and took precautions.

“I was not afraid but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it,” said NYSE floor trader Doreen Mogavero. “I did dress down a little bit so that I might blend in and not be noticed in case there was any trouble.”

Traders hope getting home will be easier when protestors are expected to move a few blocks north.

Protesters say the inconvenience placed on those living and working in lower Manhattan is a small price to pay.

“It doesn’t come gift wrapped, so there are going to be some little inconveniences. But those against what is at stake is a small thing,” said protester Bill Dobbs.

Parents trying to take their children to school also caught up in the confusion.

“For them, it’s horrible,” said one mother. “They’re afraid with all the crowds. We can’t get through, we’re very afraid now.”

But not everyone who was out protesting was against Wall Street. Some counter-protesters held signs that read “Occupy A Desk” and “Get A Job.”

Occupy had posted on its website that it had delayed the opening of the NYSE by about 15 minutes.

But Rich Adamonis, a spokesman for the exchange, said the opening was in fact not delayed and business has gone on as usual.

Do you think the “Day of Action” will help garner public support for the Occupy Wall Street movement? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Tee-Jay says:

    Any court will rule that the occupiers are from OUT OF TOWN and thus have far more rights than mere city residents, including…

    (1) absolute priority in the use of public spaces, and

    (2) full exemption from ALL LAWS.

  2. Linda says:

    These occupiers are that close to causing someone’s serious injury or death. It is only going to take a handful to start the stampede. What thye are doing is STUPID. Stop scaring the kids as”’wipes!

  3. Melissa says:

    You know what’s coming don’t you???! legislation to FORCE parents to pay for their children’s college regardless of marital status. Because the poor “children” have a fundamental right to “HIGHER EDUCATION”

  4. Pat Touchton says:

    Those people are just pawns for Soros, Van Jones, Obama, etc. Beck was correct about this, and, unfortunately, it will get worse.

  5. Gary says:

    I just have to say that if I worked on Wall Street or had children who went to school there and some of these losers decided to scare them and follow them, the Occupy Wall Street would have been Occupying the Hospital. Get a life you losers.

  6. Braden More says:

    Good idea protesters! Prevent people from going to work and taking their children to school. That will really get people on your side. No wonder so many of you people can’t find jobs.

  7. lyjohn says:

    Globalists! How vague a term to use for a scapegoat. You have masterfully weaved truths with many falsehoods, It kind of reminds me of the protesters. They use the vague, wall street word, as a label for every ill they have experienced in life. Did Wall street really cause the 15 trillion dollar debt. Did Wallstreet pass all these stupid laws and regulations the first 2 years of Obama that have paralyzed aspects of the business cycle in that the future can not be predictably analyzed and discounted for the prudent business proprietor? Lets tell it like it is, these are angry morons who will be lead like sheep to strike at whatever target their organizers have chosen. Those who seek the truth are in the light, those who shade it are in the dark.

  8. Virginia Mom says:

    The SEIU and other labor unions are behind this. They collect your union dues and use them against the very people who would employ you, if you’d work.

    1. Nekoti Kweewa says:

      I can remember a time when the Longshore men would have taken up a few pieces of pipe and made short work of this kind of evil. A time when it would never have been tolorated, especially the mistreatment of those children. Not now, not under Obama’s rule. They, like all the unions, are now ‘Obama’s Army’.

  9. Riki says:

    I find these protests quite comical. A good laugh at the end of a long hard day at work.

  10. Jim Tucker says:

    Time to leave the Democratic Party, it was fun, but now I am done. Nothing but a bunch of emotional freaks that no nothing about creating wealth and buying locally.

  11. mogar says:

    Its all fun and games until somebody gets their face broken. Get between me and my job and you will learn how far you can spit a molar.

  12. Michael Pelletier says:

    “People Before Profits?”

    What they don’t seem to understand is that without PROFITS, there can be no PEOPLE. They’re living in a fantasy land.

  13. RealFreedom says:

    This is so funny to watch. Everyone is “so troubled” with some disruption in their daily lives because of some protests. Calling everyone names. Lively (but totally useless) debates about left and right. “Go get a job!”. Typical responses of those who are still in the dark. And CBS also loves to emphasize all that. I have not seen real riots yet. So far everything is fairly calm in general.

    To be honest, most of the protesters probably have no clue what they are actually protesting about. And it all got hijacked by the Obama election people already. But at least they show their frustration with the bankers and corporate world ruling the country. At least they have a gut feeling something is really wrong. And they are right. There certainly is…

    If you really understand what is actually happening with the total take over by globalists forcing everyone into modern slavery under a world government, you can predict the riots will become a lot worse in the very near future. More like what we have seen happening in the UK recently. And probably even worse with all the guns around.

    And then, those who now shout and scream about some disruption of traffic, will probably be the first throwing rocks through the windows of the corrupt White House, the Fed and the megabanks. Or they will bang their heads against the wall in pure frustration about why they didn’t pay any attention to the real (global) politics going on.

    This will happen when the dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency, as it will be replaced with something else other countries are going to choose it to be. As the mega debts of the USA are not backed by any gold anymore, it will generate the biggest depression in history. A total collapse of the economy. You think you are in a depression right now? Compared to that, this is still holiday season.

    It is high time everyone (not only the protestors) wakes up into the real world. Stop trying to dream the American Dream, as it does not exist! Discover how globalists have been screwing everyone for decades already. Those are the real ones causing all the problems. Change will come. But not the change Obama promised you. He does not keep his promises. The globalists however do. Everyone should be outraged already about the globalist take over already going on. Continue argueing about silly things, fight amongst eachother and it may be too late real soon!

    (Remark: Don’t get me wrong here. I do NOT call for violence. I hate violence. It would be the most stupid thing to do right now. I only conclude it will happen spontaniously in the near future as a result of global developements, almost nobody here is really paying attention to).

  14. Sally says:

    They say there are no jobs I see help wanted signs everywhere. The school loans of 60 thousand to get masters in art blame yourself maybe they r educated but art but at the same time the dumbest people ever

  15. Marilyn says:

    I’m a recent college grad…$60k in debt because of it. Since graduation I’ve had no job prospects. Do you know why? Because so many jobs are being sent overseas. Big corporations got HUGE bailouts from the government, turned record profits and then lay off thousands of people. How about Bank of America foreclosing on people’s homes that they didn’t lend to? The problem here is that NYPD decided to ignore a court order and today even denied access to public transportation and sidewalk use. That’s unconstitutional and they should be held accountable. Of course they won’t be.

    1. Brian Frankfurt says:

      you are clueless – no jobs because your government is attacking businesses, and keeping corporate taxes among the highest in the world – where would you go if you ran a large b usiness – get a grip

      1. Rob says:

        you do realize that your comment is demonstrable false and can be proven so by a simple question: IF ‘government is attacking businesses, and keeping corporate taxes among the highest in the world” and IF “where would you go if you ran a large b usiness[sic]” Then….. why would any large corporation be in America, (70% of jobs in the USA are at ‘large corporations’), and how come it has the largest economy in the world as percentage of GDP coming from corporate profits?

    2. John Galt says:

      Marilyn, Yes, I do know why you have no job prospects. You’re a grad of the University of Phoenix.

    3. CM says:

      oh boo hoo, poor baby. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten so deep in debt to major in art history.

      1. Dereck says:

        I am an art history major. I have a phd, which required me to learn two languages, and publish a dissertation. I spent in total 8 years in school and specialize in spanish art in the early twentieth century. I am tutoring now and publishing articles while I look for a teaching position. What is your point?

        During my travels in Europe, which was a component of my education, all the French historians would crack jokes about America having no culture because all it cares about is money. From the posts here today, it is sad they look so right.

        1. njoriole says:

          Unfortunately, your reply proves the point. You spent eight years in school, going heavily in to debt, to finance an education that (apparently) won’t earn you a decent living. Specializing in early 20th-century Spanish art may, I suppose, have some value in Spain, but other than there, where else? This was your choice, and it’s no one else’s responsibility to make it pay off for you. As for French historians and their lowly opinions of Americans, should I really give a rat’s behind what they say? They’re too busy turning a blind eye to their own country’s impending implosion.

          1. Dereck says:

            @njoriole Where did I say I went heavy into debt? Phd’s are funded. What world are you living in with a comment like this:

            “to finance an education that (apparently) won’t earn you a decent living. Specializing in early 20th-century Spanish art may, I suppose, have some value in Spain, but other than there, where else?”

            Do you have any idea how phds work or college in general? People major in all types of specialties. It is expected that we publish research in peer-reviewed journals. To think that people only get a phds in something that concerns their country is astronomically off the mark, in all fields. When you take classes at a university, that university wants to offer you a range of topics. So if you major in history in college, do you expect all classes to be about US history? If not, who is going to teach Russian history, or early modern japan, or medieval European–people who specialize in it. This is the point of your professors being scholars in their field. Seriously, that is really, really, silly comment.
            My education will earn a fine living because I do what I love. I get to travel frequently for research and publish articles and contribute to intellectual debate. Some people do not care about earning loads of money, but gain more value from the type of work they do. I actually chose the profession I engage in. I did not just slide into something because it pays or it has a nice routine..

            1. ThrowTheBumsOut says:

              “My education will earn a fine living because I do what I love.” Um, so what is your complaint, again?

    4. Shamrock says:

      Marilyn wasn’t the objective of today’s protests to deny access to public transportation? What’s your problem?

    5. Jerry Confer says:

      Marilyn, if your college is like most, it has a HUGE endowment fund, and yet increases tuition at twice the rate of inflation. It pays professors to teach whatever they want, rather than something valuable to an employer, so that you are totally unprepared to even balance your checkbook. Your post shows a stunning lack of understanding of, or appreciation for the American business world. Your job is not overseas, but it is not here, as long as you think you deserve it. You must get out and earn that position, whatever it may be – flipping burgers, greeting folks at Wal-Mart, WHATEVER, until you prove you can be anything but a whining mass of entitlement attitude.

      1. Finbar says:

        Good job Jerry! The veins in my neck would have exploded before I finished the first sentence.

        1. Thomas says:

          Yeah Lets all yell at people! I get paid minimum wage and have no health care! I do not want anything better! I work 60 hours a week and can barely support myself, but I will blame myself for that! My cousins in the Netherlands have more vacation time, retire earlier, have healthcare, have less crime, have lower rates of drug abuse (even though more drugs are legal!), lower levels of mental health problems, better physical health, lower obesity, higher social mobility, higher levels of surveyed trust, lower levels of teenage pregnancies, higher levels of children well-being, and all that stuff, BUT who needs that! All the millions of the unemployed, it is their fault! ARGH! ARGH! oh wait…

      2. Rob says:

        You do realize you contradicted yourself

        1) “it has a HUGE endowment fund, and yet increases tuition at twice the rate of inflation.” –an argument that tuition is too high and does not follow inflation rates, which would be for marilyn’s side.

        2) “It pays professors to teach whatever they want, rather than something valuable to an employer, so that you are totally unprepared to even balance your checkbook.” –you seem to be saying she was taught wrong, which would absolve her partially, but then switch to blame everything on her.

        You set up blaming universities, and they lay all the blame on her. learn how to argue first please.

    6. ThrowTheBumsOut says:

      Marilyn–Why would a college grad be looking for a job that was outsourceable? Those are not jobs for college graduates; those are call center jobs, manufacturing, and the like. What was your major? Did you do an internships? What jobs are you looking for? I’m genuinely interested. I do know that every other kid I know wants to major in “ecology,” all the while not knowing exactly what that means and not at all interested in determining whether jobs in the field were available. I was an anthropology major for two years in the 60s, until it became clear to me that the field was overrun. Sure, that was a fun major, but if I wanted to pay back MY student loans, I needed something marketable.

  16. Mitchell Lehrer says:

    hear!!!! hear!!!!

  17. SokrMom says:

    I look forward to CBS’ article on the frustration and anger of the OWS protesters, and that majority of us who agree with them, about the extent to which the greedy rich have had it all their own way in this country for more than 30 years now, while the middle class fades and the 99% are asked to handle more and more medical, college and retirement expenses.

    1. Atlas11 says:

      “the 99% are asked to handle more and more medical, college and retirement expenses”

      OH MY GOD!!! THE HORROR! You actually have to PAY for what you use?! Wow thats so unfair whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.

    2. Finbar says:

      Ha-ha-ha. She so funny. She make you laugh long time.

    3. Debra says:

      Pitch that tent and pack your lunch, you’ll be waiting awhile. Oh, and the expenses you speak of are rising because the government can’t keep it’s hands out of yours and everyone else’s business.

  18. Mitchell Lehrer says:

    I’m so glad the police cleared out that cesspool shantytown at Zucotti Park. Most of OWS are nothing more than trouble makers who don’t care about any one else other than themselves. Most of them are Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and other assorted misfits who have nothing better to do than create trouble and bash America. They don’t care about change. They just want to cause mayhem. They should go to Washington and blame our Socialist President and his radical left-wing cronies. They are responsible for much of our economic mess.

    1. cm says:

      They don’t protest Obama because Obama pays them for protesting. Welcome to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign!

  19. Pete says:

    The OWS brigade think they are 1960’s protesters ‘re-invented’. Meanwhile, the difference is back then they were fighting not to go to war. Today, they are fighting because they are jealous and spoiled and don’t want to work hard like their parents did. They don’t realize many men back in the day held TWO jobs. These are the type of jobs they feel is ‘beneath’ them, but they ARE available now, just like in the past. I could see if they were ‘starving’ but many of them look pretty well fed and even over-wieght.

    1. An American Citizen says:

      Do you honestly believe what you say? Do you really believe ows is a group of human clones who can all be explained away in the same way? Do you really believe this kind of comment drives people away from ows? If so, it’s time for a reality check you silly boy. This kind of talk only attracts the “crazies” out there. No one in their right mind believes they can trust someone so full of hatred. I am much more offended and disgusted by people like you than anyone I have seen from ows.

      1. Braden More says:

        You seem more hateful than anybody.

      2. buntcake72 says:

        So the OWS protestors who go after schoolchildren leave a warm and fuzzy feeling in your belly?

      3. Sue Darling says:

        Actually as much as I hate to admit it Pete is correct. The 60s activists, though probably more violent than OWS(sofar), protested issues that ONLY the government could resolve. Did you see the video of the job recruiters that set up at Zuccotti Park? They had hundreds of jobs to be filled and the protestors sat there, looked at the lists & explained why there was not 1 job there they would apply for. These people don’t want to work – they want hand-outs. For School, for healthcare, for life. I am a 54 year old, unemployed woman struggling to find a job. I support myself and have worked FULLTIME since I was 18. At one point I was working fulltime & going to school fulltime. At another point in my life I worked 1 fulltime job & 2 parttime jobs to support my 2 children. These protestors don’t even seem to want 1 job. It’s sad. I am so glad both my kids went to college & now work for a living.

  20. Hershel Horowitz says:

    the time has come to use some mustard gas or other toxic nerve agents on these useless pigs of society.

    put on the riot gear and bash their skulls to pieces !

    1. Peter says:

      Classy! What the hell is wrong with you?

      1. AtlasObjectivist says:

        I agree Peter, napalm would be much more cost effective.

        1. Finbar says:

          Caterpillars are out. That’s torture.

  21. rico says:

    dude your a joke. How much money do you think these clowns cost the city today. Probably more money than you will ever make in your life. Your talking about thousands and thousands of NYPD officers who spend their shifts dealing with these people. ” Most of these people don’t even know what they are really protesting for they are just followers, following something that in the end isn’t gonna do anything for them.

  22. John Galt says:

    Right on, Jeff! OWS is raising society’s perception of the importance of the gross personal hygene of the young people in our country.

    If you refuse to use deodorant or brush your teeth – that is your problem.

  23. takethemout says:

    Lazy, greedy, thieves.
    Scammers, crooks, pigs.
    I am describing OWS…the wanna be but oh wait, I have to dive into Starbucks
    to re-charge my iphone and take a dump…L O S E R S G O H O M E.
    Time for New Yorkers to TAKE BACK NY.
    THE RIVER. ENOUGH! Their safety is no longer guaranteed and it’s ME and
    the other locals who they have to fear – not the police.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      Wow – tough guy you know how to insult people on the interent


      1. Alydia says:

        I think the word you are looking for is “internet”…..

      2. Gary says:

        FAIL…you spelled internet wrong. Look in the mirror before calling someone else pathetic.

      3. buntcake72 says:

        Jeff, use it, love it.

  24. The Realist says:

    O.W.S. doesn’t want anybody to have a job. They want the American Dream to become the American Handout.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      Another inane comment from the ignorant OWS haters

      1. Curious says:

        OWS’ers — what is it exactly that needs to happen for you all to pack it in and call it a day? Please define exactly what has to occur for you all to decide it’s time to end it and explain how squatting in a public space, chanting, screaming, drumming, and marching a few blocks here and there every now and then will bring about whatever it is you’re looking for to happen? I suspect you all just don’t know how to end it.

      2. cm says:

        Thats right, you OWS are so civil and intelligent. Hey, why don’t you try not raping, killing and destroying other people’s property…then maybe, just maybe somebody will listen to you!

  25. business owner says:

    I think a majority of the protesters are college grads. Why can’t they form a committee and come up with an agenda, so they can approach the corporations and congress a try to find a solution. What they are doing now is hurting the average wage earner and not really accomplishing anything.

    1. Kendra says:

      They have a committee. They have an agenda. They have a bank account. They have an overindulged sense of entitlement and otherwise no sense at all. They have chosen their “solution,” as a public tantrum. They have all but justified Planned Parenthood, and identified what is wrong with our libtard colleges and public education and why these “credentialed,” are uneducated. . If – as no one knows, especially the rebels without a clue, what this is about — it is because they cannot get a job, it is because they are unemployable yet feel they are “owed,” or that the rest of us (U.S.) owes “OWS,” them a living.

  26. Peter says:

    Derrick Tabacco is correct get a Job !!!!

  27. BOSTINKS! says:

    Lib on Lib Crime gotta love it. All of these NYC voters puts the left in power time and again and this is a result of that. Their three term mayor encoraged this, their Commuity Organizing President encoraged this, bless then said Pelosi, down on them went Barny Frank. Ha Ha Ha this is what you get.

  28. DaEmph says:

    LMAO!!! This is getting funnier and funnier.

  29. Kendra says:

    Asswipe hypocrites who want to be 60’s protesters… as if. YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – VOLUNTEER AT AN ANIMAL SHELTER. HOMELESS SHELTER. BATTERED WOMEN’S SHELTER — WHERE YOU MIGHT FIND THE RAPE VICTIMS OF THE OWS ENCAMPMENT!! BTW, which of the 1% of the OWS holds the bank account and controls funds for the other 99% of the OWS loser hypocrites

  30. enoughalready says:

    When is this senseless nonsense going to end? These people sure do have a lot of time on their hands! Why don’t they just volunteer for a charity and really help the world. Do any of them work??

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      This is not senseless nonsense – OWS is changing society’s perception of what is important and raising awareness of the gross economic injustices in our country.

      If you refuse to listen or consider their legitimate message – that is your problem

      1. Joe says:

        Such meandering nonsense. No wonder OWS is not taken seriously. It is essentially a forum for disenchanted people to work through their personal emotional issues, and achieve a sense of self-esteem, direction and importance that they otherwise find lacking in their daily lives. Deluded fools.

      2. rico says:

        dude your a joke. How much money do you think these clowns cost the city today. Probably more money than you will ever make in your life. Your talking about thousands and thousands of NYPD officers who spend their shifts dealing with these people. ” Most of these people don’t even know what they are really protesting for they are just followers, following something that in the end isn’t gonna do anything for them

      3. bonbry says:

        They don’t represent the 99%. They represent a failure to raise our kids to be responsible, hard-working, decent human beings. The perfect representation of who these folks are is the film of the OWS protestor taking a dump in the street. No concern for others around him that have to smell it, see it, or clean it up. Most of us would hold it until we could find an appropriate place to crap out of simple respect for those around us. That bowel movement encapsulates the entire OWS social movement. Doesn’t matter whose lives you disrupt, what you cost the city, that rape and murder is happening amongst you. Your pathetic need to air your selfish, juvenile, I-want-a-handout grievances is more important.

      4. buntcake72 says:

        Jeff, thanks for the laugh today. I love how they are raising perceptions of what is important by attacking and yelling at people trying to get to work. I love that they are parked outside Wall Street but not Congress which oversees how business is conducted in America. Every business operates within the laws and regulations that the government has or has not set up. Yet the OWS people aren’t anywhere near the White House or Capitol building because heaven forbid they mar President Obama.

    2. Chuck6134 says:

      it’ll likely end in colder weather so they’ll go back to their computer games and parties…

      while I feel for those who’ve lost jobs-I have no sympathy for the students/former students wanting loans forgiven and bemoaning a lack of jobs for their areas of study…whose fault is THAT?

    3. The Realist says:

      Volunteering would run counter to O.W.S.’s business plan.

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