Tiny Tots, Some As Young As 4, Overwhelmed By Hostility, Crush Of Humanity

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They were caught in the middle of madness.

Some grade school students were forced to walk a gauntlet of screaming “Occupy Wall Street” protesters just to get to school on Thursday.

It was a wild day in lower Manhattan for most everyone involved, including elementary school children who had to brave the mayhem just to get to class on the other side of Wall Street.

GALLERY: Occupy Wall Street  “Day Of Action”

In the middle of thousands of protestors yelling and chanting — some kicking and screaming – CBS 2’s Emily Smith found little school kids trying to get to class. Nervous parents led them through the barriers on Wall Street. The NYPD helped funnel the children, anything to ease their fears while some protestors chanted “follow those kids!”

“These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said.

“For them it’s horrible. They’re afraid of all the crowds. We’re not even able to get through. They’re just, he’s … very afraid now,” a mother added.

One protester followed a father and his little daughter all the way down the block. As the school day ended just after 3 p.m. children trickled out of Leman Manhattan Prep on Broad Street. Smith heard a 4-year-old boy telling his mom he was scared. He told Smith it looked like a parade.

“There was a parade. It was scary — crowded with school,” the boy said.

“After a while it got so bad some parents couldn’t get their children through and they had to go late,” said Gary Goldenstein of Tribeca.

Some saw the day’s doings as chaos; others saw it differently.

“The parents actually along with teachers were at every entry point into this area, which is fantastic,” said Vicki Pitcock of Tribeca.

School officials said they haven’t had to change school times or cancel class, and are trying to keep it that way.

How far is too far? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. mikey says:

    WAY TOO FAR – it the mayor had any balls he would have shipped the whole group to Riker’s Island weeks ago.

  2. daveshoot says:

    And, if a police baton upside your jealous head hurts like hell… it’s supposed to.

    The less-than-one-percent that drag on our society far beyond their actual weight are really covering themselves with glory today..

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Kids are saying:

      Wow, these “adults” need a time out.

      They also need to quit crying and get jobs….

      …..and get in the kitchen to make me a sammich!

  3. The Rock says:

    Time to put Boots To A$$es!!

    1. linnilu says:

      Past time.

  4. jane doe says:

    Perfect storm of ingredients here. Emotive, biased media ‘report’? check.
    Baying, uniformed rednecks calling for violence? check.
    America going down the s-bend while I laugh? CHECK.
    Work it out, you sad acts. Your country is dying and the OWS protesters are the only people DOING ANYTHING. And you abuse them for this???

    1. mikey says:

      What exactly are they ‘doing’? Camping out? Mugging? Littering? Defecating in public? Raping? Spreading STD? Costing the city millions in police overtime and security? Disrupting people who actually WORK for a living and kids going to school? This is your idea of DOING?

      If the country is dying, it’s mostly because people like you think that this is indeed ‘doing something’. Nobody owes you, or them, anything.

      1. Carmel Hart says:


        1. Carl says:

          No no no…. it’s more like

          Dees is Obamas Bitches! Rat on!

      2. Anonymous says:

        you should get out more.

      3. Anonymous says:

        If only they enforced bank regulations like they do park rules, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        1. julie says:

          They do …. and it took 2 months to clean up the park and damage already done! Not so good at the enforcement!

        2. LadyHel says:

          Right, that’s why they are harassing ordinary people trying to care for their families by working the job they luckily still have, because the park and Americans did it right???? Ever ask yourself who “THEY” are….the police and American people don’t have much control over bank regulations!

        3. The Classical Liberal says:

          The bank regulations forced the banks to make loans to unqualified people. It was the government that created the sub-prime market.

          1. Gus says:

            It didn’t force them to make those loans into derivatives and other risky and dangerous financial “instruments”. They did that all on their own. Of course, the banks own most of our politicians, so no doubt they colluded on the whole scheme from the very beginning anyway.

            1. Rationalist says:

              Maybe not, but your back door buddy Barney Frank et al authored this catastophe. But there again, arguing with you and the other obamabots is akin to expecting Dumb & Dumber to invent the light bulb.

              1. ruffsoft says:

                It wasn’t the banks, it wasn’t the Bush administration; it wasn’t the Feds. It was Barney Franks. Well, let’s lock him up and everything will be fine, right?

                Orwell is saying: yes, scapegoat the outsider and you can control the masses.
                And Gingrich advised FM and FM for 5 yrs until they failed. He says they didn’t take his advice, but why did they pay him for 5 yrs if they didn’t listen to his advice.

                More lies. More scapegoats. More denial.

            2. Ginger says:

              Yes, it did Gus. The government under Clinton changed the Housing Act, that these risky loans could be re-packaged. They were. I disagree that the banks own most of our politicians. Cair, the Saudis, and the Chinese — just ask the Clintons who came here instead of returning home to Arkansas — own most of our politicians starting with the funding of Jimmy pathetic Carter’s campaign and his continued biased against Israel.

              1. ruffsoft says:

                “The bill that ultimately “repealed” the Act was brought up in the Senate by Phil Gramm (R-Texas) and in the House of Representatives by Jim Leach (R-Iowa) in 1999. The bills were passed by a Republican majority, basically following party lines by a 54–44 vote in the Senate[15] and by a bi-partisan 343–86 vote in the House of Representatives.[16] After passing both the Senate and House the bill was moved to a conference committee to work out the differences between the Senate and House versions. The final bill resolving the differences was passed in the Senate 90–8 (one not voting) and in the House: 362–57 (15 not voting). The legislation was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on November 12, 1999.” (Wikipedia)

                I don’t think it is accurate to say that the Congress (dominated by Republicans) was controlled by Clinton. Even his veto would not have overturned the huge majority support for repeal. It was not the Housing Act but the Glass-Steagall which was changed and enabled the banks to merge gambling with banking and become to big to fail. This was a Republican project which weak-willed Democrats too often fell for. But follow the money: behind it all, the power and wealth of the big banks. Time to fight back.

                The Cairs, Saudis and Chinese own our politicians but not the banks? Have you looked at the funding for elections and lobbying? It is US banks and mega corporations who rule.

                You are looking for ways to distract blame from those responsible, the 1/10th of 1% who control our economy, politics, and foreign policy.

      4. Carmen says:

        Well said.

      5. ruffsoft says:

        They are forcing americans to deal with the inequality at the root of our problems and the role of Wall St. in bringing economic fascism (corporatocracy, a term invented by Mussolinni) to America. They are interrupting business as usual, which is the fundamental right of free citizens when business as usual is destroying their lives. You can tell the fascists: they are calling for violence against the protesters while stirring up lies to justify the brutality they desire. How sad.

    2. Erik says:


      Yes, very biased report. The headline should say: “OWS Lionhearts Attempt to Enlighten America’s Youth”

      What exactly are they doing to supposed keep the country from dying? Wait, wait, don’t tell me: they are fighting the system!

      And just to complete the circle: Jane, your a jacka$$.

      1. MaggieLyn says:

        Perhaps you should get off the street and go back to school. If you want to call Jane a name, it should be “you’re”, not “your”! BTW, I bet Jane would have better grammar than you.

        1. Mike says:

          Maybe, but I bet he’s got a better job than Jane. Whenever you resort to running grammar smack, you have nothing.

        2. Bruce F says:

          oh Maggie dear —

          YOUR comment about Jane having better grammar was pretty laughable considering she wrote “uniformed rednecks” when she most assuredly meant to write “uniNformed rednecks”

          So perhaps YOUR advice on returning to school should apply to you as well. Why don’t you dispense with the ad hominem attacks and stay on topic.

      2. JByrd42 says:

        C’mon, you are being too hard on Jane. She is just a libturd and doesn’t know any better. She just regurgitates what she here’s from her lefty friends. Useful idiots, all of them

        1. ruffsoft says:

          The useful idiots are those who are not themselves rich but defend the rich who are picking their pockets.

    3. Harvard@Cal says:

      “…OWS protesters are the only people DOING ANYTHING. ”

      Yeah, doing destructive street theater mixed with an aggrieved sense of entitlement to terrify children. And hell yeah, they should be abused for this. You are a fool and a tool, striking the heroic pose as you figure out how to slip out of your college loan obligations (what, it was the evil bank’s fault? pretty dumazz rube for a college student, don’t ya think?) and mooch off of everyone else as you “find yourself” or whatever delusional quest you are on. Why don’t you “occupy” the people who make the rules, not the one’s who are playing by them, as crooked as they may seem to you? Go petition your government….oh, but if you do that, and cast aspersion onto Mr. President, someone might call you a RACIST!

    4. Zelda says:

      I second the question. What exactly do they want? What is there that could occur that would make them decide to pack up and go home? So far the only impression they give is that they are helpless, dirty, and disordered. They don’t even have the skills to articulate exactly what they want, so what power are we supposed to give them?

      1. ruffsoft says:

        Everything you know about the protesters you got from the corporate propaganda machine. During the civil rights struggle, the same insults were heaped upon the patriots who marched for justice. During the anti-war movement, the same lies were spread about those who marched for peace. Today, the same fascist elements are making the same charges, defending the rich who are picking their pockets,while demonizing the patriots who are actually standing up for the benefit of the vast majority (the 99%).

        Conservativism (as in the Right) started as a defense of the French monarchy and its absolute rule. Later, it opposed womens’ right to vote, the Civil Rights Act, and the rights of gays and the disabled. Today, they accept the lies of the media to oppose those who are standing up for what Jefferson called for when he said: ““I hope we shall crush… in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

        Jefferson also said that “Banks are even more dangerous than standing armies.”

        That Jefferson must have been a dirty, smelly hippiie leftist looking for a handout.
        Or, perhaps he was a patriot.

        I honor the protesters and denounce those who parrot the media lies about the first genuine challenge in my lifetime of 70 yrs to the “moneyed aristocracy” and banks that Jefferson warned us about.

        Today, Jefferson would march with the occupiers, as he greatly distrusted the corporations and the banks as threats to our liberty.

        Those who corrupt (the corporatocracy) and those who are corrupted (most politicians) are not equal. If you go after the politicians, the corporations will just drown out your voice with their wealth of free speech and replace one set of politicians with another.

        But if you go after the corrupters (banning all corporate money in politics, as a start), you will dry up the swamp and politicians will no longer be corrupted and therefore compelled to represent the interests of their constituency.

        It will take massise citizen activism, and the instrument of government responding to the popular will, to end the corruption. A good model is the Civil Rights Movement, which was first attacked as “dirty Marxists and troublemakers” but with their steadfast non-violent resistance to government (local and state) support of segregation. In the end, the mockers and racists were forced to stand down, as the Federal government responded to the will of the people and ended Jim Crow. Likewise, the anti-war movement was demonized as filthy hippies and traitors but in the end, the majority of Americans joined the anti-war cause and a terrible and evil war was finally ended before more millions of innocents (90% of those killed were civilians, including hundreds of thousands of children) were slaughtered.

        The OWS is the ultimate protest against the ultimate corrupters of our economy and our politics. It has spread to 80 nations (200K marched in Rome) and thousands of American cities, including many small towns. I salute those patriotic young people who are standing up to police brutality and the fascist rhetoric of the rightwing propagandists for the sake of finally bringing Wall St to the bar of public justice.

        The politicians can be voted out; they are accountable, but the bankers and corporate elites are not, and therefore, it is up to the mobilized citizens themselves to issue the challenge. What do we want? And end to corporatocracy (ie fascism) and the creation of economic and political justice and democracy. We want what Jefferson wanted: an end to the corrupting power of economic royalty and the establishment of a government of, for and by the people (Lincoln said that). The goal is justice; the means is non-violent resistance.

        To quote again the great conservative Edmund Burke: “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

        Standing on the sidelines (with your laptop) heckling and insulting the protesters is doing nothing but defending the evil. It’s time to step up and fight back against decades of class warfare and the destruction of our democratic institutions by the financial and corporate oligarchies and their bought and paid for pawns in Congress. The time is come, and the young people, once again, are leading the way.

        Only the power of love is strong enough to defeat the power of hatred. Which side are you on?

        1. Japes Macfarland says:

          Jefferson would be far more disgusted with the abuse of power and bad decisions of those elected into office, then with the banks. He was no fool, and everyone knows that banks and bug buiss., will almost always choose greed and profit over ethics, if they can get away with it. Greed is nothing new, our leaders letting them get away with murder, to the degree they have, is what is new. And our politicians getting their fingers in every societal pie, like medicine and education, would be what may just give him a heat attack. You aren’t making sense again, Ruff.

          Also your accusation that the “right” (as you define it) was started by those who opposed rights for others is crap, as well. (no offence 😉 It was (what you would call today) Christian Conservatives who started and mostly led the opposition to slavery in the first place. Well before the civil rights bill, it was conservative Republican leaders who passed civil rights laws initially in the US, and Democratic leftists, in mostly Southern States, who did NOT honor or enforce those laws. Once a Dem got into the Presidency, the Civil Rights movement began, as the Left decided to capitalize on compassion; which is ugly as to motives even though a good thing was accomplished.
          Yet even still, far more Republicans voted for the civil rights bill than did Dems, including supporter, Republican Martin Luther King.

          So you are wrong. The right in America means one who has the core value of a belief in small government. That the smaller the government, the greater the prosperity, the charity, the community, the art, the culture. If you often see growing the State as a solution rather than actually, ultimately, the problem, you are on the Left.

        2. Larry says:

          I keep seeing references to the 99%. Heck, I can’t even account for a good 40% in support of this movement. If you want to change things, just vote.

    5. Heat Seeker says:

      I did not care much for OWS or their various causes.

      Then, I read that they harassed little kids who were on their way to school.

      That makes me REALLY like OWS. It convinces me of the justness of their causes.


    6. Atilla The Hun says:

      @jane doe; The OWS protesters are the only people doing anything” she says.

      I guess infesting pubilc/private parks with rats, disease and human feces qualifies as “doing something”. That is what OWS is infamous for whether you realize it or not. There are consequences for not having a coherent, organized message. Getting press coverage about occutards screaming at little kids is one of the consequences.

      1. ruffsoft says:

        The original Tea Party which trespassed and destroyed private property at least had the decency to take along porta potties for their stunt!

        So the chanting protesters was a form of terrorism on the children! Meanwhile, in June, the House Republicans cut $834 million from the Emergency Food fund for mothers and their children. No children were terrorized in the process, as hardly anyone heard about it tho little children will feel the hunger pangs as a result.

        What a crock of scapegoatism!

        1. Japes Macfarland says:

          It is your (the Left) strangling and killing of free enterprise and preventing us from exploiting our own resources that is hurting children, Ruff.

    7. Amie McCoy says:

      Please, Jane, provide us with a detailed list of what exactly your mobs have accomplished, other than speed the death of the extreme left & spread TB and ringworm.

      1. jane doe says:

        why should I hold your hand and educate you?
        are you too stupid to do your own research?

        1. /b/tard says:

          Actually you have yet to say anything of importance nor have you made any arguments but attacked those that you perceive to disagree with you. Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.
          What I find amazing is that while you rail against corporations you are typing on most probably a Macbook or PC while talking on your smartphone. Yeah way to be hypocritical.
          Your ignorance on the real problem is showing and it also shows you can not even use the brain you have but spew talking points of other Marxists. You chant and rail in NY when the real problem is in DC and the fact that no branch is following their constitutional duties and both parties create laws that they do not have to abide and profit through insider trading…..but according to you and your ilk it’s Koch, jews, banks and WS……all people that have to follow the rules and not the later who make the rules but do not.

          1. Anonymous says:

            your point being?

            http://occupydc.org/…oh! haha!

          2. ruffsoft says:

            Who invented the internet? (Govt) Who corrupted Washington? (the corporations).
            When you use your wealth and power to make the rules by bribing politicians, it is not hard to follow them. Corporatocracy, the merging of corporate and state interests, is how Mussolini defined fascism. This is a protest against the system of corporatocracy, in which the corporations control government to their own benefit at our expense.

            All the lies being told about OWS are designed to blind us to the fact that this is the only movement which is challenging the status quo of corporate domination of both our economy and our politics. Plutocracy meet democracy, messy, easy to mock, but essential if we are not to be silent victims of economic fascism and the rule of the plutocrats.

            We want: political democracy, economic democracy, and the end to American militarism, which is the result of a failed system which needs war to create unity and massive govt spending on defense.

            I am 70 and I say: OWS is our only hope, citizen activism is our only method of confronting a broken, corrupted system. The corrupters are the wealthy elites; deal with them and government can become the servant of the people.

            1. Japes Macfarland says:

              Be quiet you anti-Semitic creep.

            2. Daveman says:

              Oh yes, bash the corporations for bribing the politicians but say nothing about holding accountable the politicians who ultimately ACCEPTED the bribes. The recipient of a bribe is just as corrupt as the one who offers the bribe. Corporations wouldn’t have so much power if the politicians gave a damn about more than just money, votes, and power.

        2. Barry Manifold says:

          Jane – In other words, ‘you got nothing’.

          1. Smarty Brainhead says:

            Yeah, Jane, why don’t you give a detailed explanation of the economy to these highly intelligent thinkers baying about feces, Jews and ringworm? But you don’t, because you can’t outwit debaters who are this sophisticated!

            1. The Bobster says:

              At least they have the Jews pegged correctly.

              1. HR says:

                Bobster……you’re an idiot

        3. Ginger says:

          Jane you ignorant _____ (to steal from Saturday Night Live). Because, Jane, dear, you seem to know so much about grammar, perhaps you can continue with all you know about the “movement.” And, having done her own research, as I, and most of the others who have posted on this site we have not found one single, solitary report; even a vague rumour, that the “occutards (to steal from a fellow commenter — loved it) have accomplished a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, positive. Really. Have you or anyone heard of a rich CEO fat cat (like, perhaps, the parent of one of these ‘tards) given all to the homeless shelter, the animal shelter, as a result of these protests? Has cake flown from the windows of heaven to feed the masses? Has these protests stopped child abuse? Animal abuse? Paid the ConEd bill for a single mom? Never. And, while you are carrying on in blind support — please name the names of the 1% of the protesters that are holding the monies, and ‘tard bank account for the other 99% of the protesters? I have done my research and like Amie, and all others, all the ‘tards have done is illegal and hypocritical.

          1. ruffsoft says:

            I would say inspiring movements against corporatocracy (fascism) in 80 nations and in 600 American cities is an enormous achievement. This movement is the energy and the demands will emerge out of the movement. The goal is to replace fascist corporatocracy and a corrupt economic and political model with real democracy and a government which serves the majority. you

            If you need it simple: this is the first powerful challenge to plutocracy to be replaced with democracy (citizen activism) in a long time. All movements are scorned and lied about by the defenders of the status quo (often equally

            The Civil Rights protesters (I was one) and MLK were called commies and filthy.
            The anti-war movement was initially called treason. Eventually the majority of Americans came to support these movements and America was transformed.

            The OWS is no different in its receptions by the reactionaries but its outreach is unprecedented: movements in 80 nations are inspired by this unexpected uprising. You can ignore that but you can’t deny it is a remarkable accomplishment.

            Banks are global; the challenge to the rule of the bankers must also be global.
            If anyone had predicted this global response 6 months ago, they would have been ridiculed. Those throwing verbal brickbats and urging the police to crack heads are like hecklers on the sidelines of history, left out and throwing taunts at those with the courage to stand up to power for what they believe.

            By contrast the only international outreach of the Tea Party was the mass murder by the Norwegian Tea Party fan, who laced his Manifesto with much praise for the Tea Party and many quotes from its leaders.

            1. Japes Macfarland says:

              You wrote:
              “By contrast the only international outreach of the Tea Party was the mass murder by the Norwegian Tea Party fan”

              You are a disgusting, thick, hypocritical human being. And a racist.

    8. Dolores Bruker says:

      Fake name. Check
      Absurd statement. Check.
      Abusive name calling. Check.
      Hatred of America. Check.
      More name calling, hatred of America, and absurd statements. Check.
      End it with more name calling. Check. My work is done here.

    9. statesrule says:

      The country is crumbling because of Obama and his thugs making this a ruse to distract from their epic failure.

      The ACORN leftist began the OWS and now there’s a Critter following lapping up the Kool-Aid….ie you…Jane Doe..the fleas, lice, and STDs…all the pestulence..kind of reminds me of the mindless mobs in the 1999 film The Mummy where Obama is Imhotep

    10. JohnF says:

      @Jan Doe … Idiots?? Himm.. I have a job, a house, and some wealth. I think the idiots are those without jobs blocking children from getting to school and trying to keep those with jobs from going to work. Those are idiots, thinking that somehow by inconveniencing others will magically make public sentiment swing their way.

      Get a clue .. the Tea Party held legal rallys with permits, and good, honest discussions about REAL topics that can be addressed instead of vague concepts. They got millions on their side by cleaning up after themselves and getting organized a bit around real ideals.

      OWS has NO idea what they are for or against, just vague concepts like ‘Stop Corporate Greed’. WTH does that mean?? When does ‘profit’ become ‘greed’ anyway?? And who is going to determine that, some kid with no business or work background??

      Go away kids .. you bother me.

      1. Gunnerdad says:

        I don’t suppose any of the over educated, electronically raised, spoiled rotten brats noticed that their Hero O-brother’s buddy and GE paid ZIP on 14 Billion in profits. But hey he’s buys a mean round of golf.

    11. Steve r says:

      Hey Jane,

      You don’t see the “follow that kid” as remotely threatening? Your defenders below say that, based on your grammar, you are super smart. But you are apparently lacking in cognitive ability.

      “Follow that kid” is an implied threat of violence. So who is the redneck? The person promoting violence to defend children or the people threatening violence against children.

      You are a moron. The country is dying because people like you want an easy life of leisure sitting around in working groups and acting smart without actually contributing a goddamn thing to society.

    12. Tex Lovera says:

      Oh my God, you are precious!! How old are you? Three??

    13. bandit says:

      Name calling with cap locks on – the height of progressive thought. Dear Jane – what exactly is squatting in public parks doing? Except bringing losers together?

    14. bscott1227 says:

      Obamas Wasted Slugs are sure doing a lot. Show us how it’s done! What a cool country it would be if we all could live in tents and crap on the streets! Free everything for everybody! Wow! Sign me up. Idiot.

    15. JS says:

      If you believe the OWS is doing anything at all constructive, then the ‘idiot’ tag would be best applied to you.

    16. dw says:

      You are far beyond useless. Go occupy a job, if you are capable.

    17. Joe says:

      These people are willfully blind to fact that certain interests – those same who own all MSM – benefit from these stories. So many uninformed believers of lies out there. And no you emotionally unstable nuts, I don’t mean this story in particular.

      These people will either be the ones digging their own graves or the ones putting other in theirs. But of one thing there is no doubt – Cattle one and all.

  5. 99erProgLiberal says:

    The kids will get over it, it is their rich parents’ fault we are in this mess anyway, so frankly I could care less about spoiled kids who will just grow up to be 1%ers anyway.

    Stay out of our way. Give us what we want.

    WE ARE THE 99%!!!

    1. Pauli Gela says:

      heheahaha. What you want is a ride in a tuna boat with cement shoes.

    2. Toothless Dawg says:

      You’re nothing but a loser and that is the best you will ever be.

    3. person who works for a lliving says:

      u r an idiot!

    4. Jebster says:

      You get near me and my kids, I will blow your maggot infested head off that scrawny little body of yours you fuc#stick…

      1. ruffsoft says:

        This is pure hatred. Only a robust threat to the status quo can inspire such
        irrational hatred. Thanks.

    5. A.Adams says:

      You’re not 99% of anything! Get off you fat ass and get a job…slob. Once you apply yourself you might find over time that America is the best place. Matter of fact why don’t come down here to the CSA and tell us your “big talk” face to face?

    6. jerky says:

      You are not the 99%

      You are a freeloader.

    7. nix15 says:

      Back, back to the 60’s you loser.

      1. ruffsoft says:

        The 60’s: Civil rights, anti-war, a new culture. Sorry you missed out.
        You are missing out again, heckling on the sidelines of history, throwing insults as a substitute for rational action or speech. Sorry for you.

    8. Tim Ball says:

      You are the 99% ? No, you are the 1%………. I’ll explain:

      1% – insanely rich
      98% – not insanely rich, but too busy with jobs and grown up lives to live in a park.
      1% – unemployed people who aren’t bright enough to spend their time looking for a job, so they camp out in the park and crap on the sidewalk and scare kids.

      YOU ARE THE 1 % !!!!!!

      1. 53Percent says:

        I am SO copy and pasting this all over the internet, Tim!
        Well done, sir !

        1. Joe says:

          You’re going to paste a conditioned response of cattle to an obvious troll/provocateur. You want to sign 99erProgLib’s paycheck too? Because you’re making his job way too easy.

          Baaaah! Baaaah! Sheep.

    9. chris says:

      “GIVE us what we want! GIMME! GIMME!

      Therein lies the problem.

    10. RRS says:

      What do you want?

    11. bill says:

      take on someone your own size, punk.

    12. Allison Culver says:

      you wanna blame the kids beacuse the parent are out working cause you refuse to? what about your beloved NBA players why dont you go protest at there houses they want millions more there the ones you should be going after.

    13. ObamaSupporter says:

      Must suck living your life in jealousy. You should just off yourself.

      1. Capitalist4Ever says:

        Why are you a Obamasupporter? These people “OWS” is his base. Obama is the one who started this class warfare. They are the ones that is going to sink him.

        1. LearnToGrammar says:

          I think you meant: “The people participating in OWS are his base. They are the ones who are going to to sink him.” It’s bad enough to be dumb; it’s even worse to be dumb and be trying to put someone else in their place at the same time. Obama started the class warfare? Wow, you’re just like a whole new level of stupid, aren’t you? It’s kind of cute. More redneck spew from people with no education. Keep sippin’ that moonshine!

          1. kenwood17 says:

            Take a trip to Greece and you will see the 99% that are now just starting to live in the end result of “what OWS” wants.
            QWS is not new or novel, they are copies of what went wrong in so many other countries around the world. Simply copies of people who can not think rationally through the end consequences of their desires or actions.
            OWS doesn’t even realize that getting what they want makes survival for them impossible.
            Our government education system failed to teach them this. That is where all American’s should be very concerned.

            1. ruffsoft says:

              You may not be aware that Greece is in a pre-revolutionary period. The people are fighting back and sometimes, when we are united, , we win. Which side are you on? The 1% or the 99%?

          2. Mommyof7 says:

            And using the word “just” is just so like completely proper English,right?

          3. Ginger says:

            LearntoGrammer: “It’s bad enough to be dumb; it’s even worse to be dumb and trying to put someone in their place at the same time. Obama started the class warfare?” Have you spoken to your therapist about projecting? Class warfare started when Obama wanted to tax those who make $200,000 or more. Perhaps, you missed the alleged point of the ObamaCare memo?That the “rich,” could fund the poor, has been his campaign. Won with illegal votes. Suing Arizona, while running guns to illegals to kill us with. Golfing during one of the worst eco-disasters in world history. Using NASA as an Islamic outreach, instead of helping to cap the underwater gusher since NASA is adept in completing repairs in an oxygen free environment. “America is lazy…” Says President Golfpants, driving 70 limos, with wife Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama vacationing in Spain with her staff of 22. After, their $800 million inaugeration, the most, most expensive in history, thrown in the middle of a recession. You just keep sipping your kool-aid.

            1. ruffsoft says:

              So class warfare is only 2 1/2 years old? Obama started it? Hmnnnnnn.
              The crushing of unions and the deregulation of the past 30 yrs has created a tripling of the wealth and income of the top 1% while the median wage has declined by 30%. In June, the Republicans insisted on making tax cuts for the rich permanent while cutting $830 million from the Emergency Food program for poor mothers and their children.

              They only call it class warfare when we fight back.

      2. Trent says:

        So why do you refer to yourself by the pen-name “ObamaSupporter?” Could it be because you are a lice-ridden, criminalistic, statist, Marxist, and Alynskyite so-called “Community Organizer” street thug perhaps?

      3. JS says:

        It’s your side being covetous. And you have the nerve to tell those who disagree with you to OFF themselves? You are a true totalitarian.

    14. philbre says:

      “we are the 99” is reminiscent of the name the Bolsheviks gave themselves during the Russian revolution. “Bolshevik” loosely translates to “majority.” The Bolsheviks actually were a minority even within the Communist party; they called themselves “Bolsheviks” to give the impression that they represented the people as a whole. The Bolsheviks then took over the party and liquidated their opponents, including those Communists who disagreed. Look where that got the Russian people.

    15. Kenwood17 says:

      “Give us what we want”
      “Give us what we want”
      “Give us what we want”
      “Give us what we want”
      “Give us what we want”

      There it is all summed up in 5 words.

    16. mollen3 says:

      You’re an idiot. Your mentality is what is killing the movement.

    17. JS says:

      You are the 99% of zero, which amounts to zero. And you are little more than a repulsive bully to pick on kids.

    18. JByrd42 says:

      You are an f-ing tard and a useful idiot. Have a nice day:)

  6. Jebster says:

    Time to shoot some of these effers in the face…metaphorically speaking…

  7. Joe says:

    What a bunch of losers. If you didn’t get a degree in sociology or art, then maybe you’d find a decent paying job.

  8. Ashley Henderson says:

    What happens if these OWS protestors procreate with the PETA people? Would that be considered the apocalypse?

    1. MisterJones says:

      Nah just shoot and see targets lmao.

  9. Mike says:

    This is exactly why income gaps exist. Some people go to school, study hard, and contribute to society. The rest join the OWS protests.

  10. Jake Blacke says:

    These lunatic radicals were given the imprimatur from Barack Hussein Obama. These are the brown-shirts of the radical DNC whos forefathers were Rousseau and Robespierre .

    1. Vince Paul says:

      Don’t know about Rousseau or Robespierre, but brown-shirts is exactly right. These are the expendable goons who create a climate of fear for the benefit of their master, until the day comes when their only use is to be disbanded and destroyed to demonstrate the wisdom and compassion of that same political master. Only difference is, the brown-shirts were at least a little disciplined. No taking dumps in the streets of Berlin.

      1. rip300rog says:

        I would imagine, given the culturaly historical German efficiencies and mannerisms, they are much cleaner, better groomed and disease free. But Brown shirts in spirt,

      2. C.Jackson says:

        Jake is referring to the French Revolution and the results of it, most likely the time period known as Reign of Terror where the guillotine was used on any and everyone to keep the masses in line. The so called freedom from a king to a tyrant, the thing that the useful idiots are wanting. It took about a year for the Thermidorian Reaction to take place to end Robspierre’s reign. The funny thing is that his goon squad and kangaroo court was called Committee of Public Safety, sound familiar? History repeats itself only right now instead of Marie Antoinette in the WH and DC they are going after fellow citizens right off the bat.
        They don’t teach the above at any level of school anymore.

      3. ruffsoft says:

        The Brownshirts of today are calling for the police to crack heads and often threatening to do it themselves. The Brownshirts, then as today, arise out of the frustrated but angry rightwing, whose primary target, as an Orwellian scapegoat, are the liberals, the libtards, the socialists, the Marxists, the lefties. This was the standard fascist attack on liberalism. American fascism is copying Nazi fascism by defending the corporations, attacking protesters, and calling for violence, justified by the endless repetition of lies (OWS are murderers, terrorists, child-molesters, park-poopers, lazy bums).

        When protesters challenge fascism in our legal/economic/political system, it is met with the fascism of the street: police brutality, calls for crackdowns, dehumanizing rhetoric which reduces human beings to animals. Hitler, Mussolini, Marcos, Pinochet were expert at this form of thuggery. Today’s fascists are emulating the early fascists.

        Brownshirts were rightwing thugs used to attack liberals and lefties. I am shocked,shocked that the OWS is now attacking liberals and lefties, murdering, mugging, and terrorizing little children.and pooping in the streets. I did not know it was a rightwing fascist movement. Fooled once, don’t be fooled again…………


        1. Joe says:


          These people have absolutely no clue. They don’t even realize that as they insult the useful idiots in the OWS movement, they themselves are pawns on the same side on the board. At times like this I am rudely reminded of the ignorance of the masses and it really worries me. No wonder the elite treat them all like slobbering fools. When it comes to the simple matter of recognizing their own plight have they proven themselves to be anything else? I often wonder if humanity has always been this dim.

  11. Misty Youngblood says:

    Good for you! Disabled veterans are the biggest heroes this country has. I will take a look right now!!

    1. jane doe says:

      omg! omg! omg!
      What if a disabled vet gets accused of scaring a small child?? will the fabric of reality collapse??

      1. Bulldog says:

        If a disabled vet knowingly and with intent scares a small child, he should get what is coming to him. Good night. Can’t you even STRAW-MAN correctly?

      2. Ginger says:

        OMG — YOUR fabric of reality collapsed along time ago. You do not see this as wrong? You have no conscience and yet, you troll brit s___ are going to preach to US? “Scaring,” like “boo,” to a little child is not abuse. Standing over their little selves, angrily screaming and kicking at them is. There is a difference. Your inability to determine that difference is a felony conviction. Also, really helpful fo you when applying for work in Darfur. You could actually get a job, and doing a job you like.

      3. Ginger says:

        OMG — YOUR fabric of reality collapsed along time ago. You do not see this as wrong? You have no conscience and yet, you troll brit s___ are going to preach to US? “Scaring,” like “boo,” to a little child is not abuse. Standing over their little selves, angrily screaming and kicking at them is. There is a difference. Your inability to determine that difference is a cry for psyciatric help. If you think intimidating a a child supports your cause, you apply for work in Darfur. You could actually get a job doing what you like.

        1. Mic says:

          Please don’t feed the trolls.

  12. Dantes says:

    How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for y’all?\

    OWS is Barrack Obama’s doing. If these morons were really serious, they would be down in DC harassing Barnie Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other democrats who took money from Fannie and Freddy, etc. It’s the federal government that is screwing this up, morons.

    1. Ray says:

      Right on Dantes. Either the OWS kids are too stupid or they are way too immature to understand how the liberals in our government have created the very situation they think they are protesting.

    2. Tom says:

      Dnates? Ha ha!

      You aren’t Ender’s sister!


  13. Atilla The Hun says:

    Nice job scaring little kids Occutards. Way to advance the movement.

    1. Tim Ball says:

      my favorite new word….occutards. nice.

      1. jerky says:


        1. KT Blue says:

          Occupiers = ObamaPoops. They are a “waste product” of his presidency. They are the greedy ones — greedy for what other people have worked hard to achieve. ObamaPoops want something for nothing. They are simply full of envy because they can’t get off their backsides to produce a living and contribute to society.

          1. Anonymous says:

            maybe they could get jobs with Koch Industries? Those are some noble, successful, freedom-loving Americans.


            1. Randy Randolf says:

              Another “have not” too damn lazy to get off his butt and earn his own living. While you wrongly target the Kochs, we’ll justly point out Van Jones, SEIU and all the other radicals using these useful idiots to advanced their anti-American agenda.

              1. Anna Key says:

                “wrongly target the Kochs?”

                You are a dog licking his abusive master’s boot.

                1. Singularity says:

                  And how does that Soros boot taste to you, dear? The King of greed and manipulation has left his jackboot print permanently emblazoned on your face.

                  For your edification, the Kochs support and fund 1 organization, which promotes ways to increase prosperity. Whereas Soros supports and funds at least 30 organizations (that we know about), which promote ways to dismantle this country. Who do you think it was that bet 1 billion dollars on the U.S. losing it’s credit rating? Nobody loves shorting stocks better than George Soros.

                  So, I guess it’s you who is like a dog going back to it’s own vomit.

                2. Anna Key says:

                  America is dog’s vomit??
                  And you call yourself a patriot??
                  You make me ashamed to not be American.

                3. Herr Stig says:

                  Soros, anti-Semitiic, (like the rest of you) convicted, and affirmed on appeal, insider trader who makes his “filthy” money shorting the US dollar. And the Kochs brothers have been convicted of WHAT????

            2. Successful Freedom-loving American says:

              “[Kochs] are some noble, successful, freedom-loving Americans.”

              You finally said something that makes sense. Did the mushrooms wear off?

              1. Le Tigre says:

                The Koch’s companies have been convicted of criminal activity in other countries no less than 5 times. Your heroes are villains, you ig’nernt hillbillies. Soros not a criminal. Kochs are. Shaddapa you face. You are tool of the Rovian Right, and you’ll be ground under their heel while waving your flag before you know what happened.

                1. Dorkyman says:

                  Tiger, I truly feel sorry for you. I hope you expand your reading list before you get sucked up into this vortex of Occutards. This will not end well for the anarchists.

                2. Herr Stig says:

                  Five times, eh??? name them. All ya gotta do is GOOGLE “Soros conviction”

                3. Ginger says:

                  Name them. Name all five times the Koch brothers were convicted in other countries. Occupon

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    Lying is a sin, Ginger. I hope that’s not what you just did. Besides, it is about values. Soros is a hard core leftist, a communist. The Koch bros have more traditional American specific values. That’s why you demonize them. You are on the Left, are incapable of fighting our ideas (since yours are based on emotion) and so attack the person. We *hate* Soros’ ideas. You hate the Koch bros.

  14. Dan L says:

    Pelosi said “thank God for the Occupiers”.

    1. Cynthia Marin says:

      The only reason people like HER are thanking God for them is because the occupiers shift the blame from Capitol Hill to Wall Street. The wool is too easily pulled over these people’s eyes and they can’t see who’s really taking them for a ride. Lying, stealing, cheating, greedy POLITICIANS. We need a complete governmental OVERHAUL.

      1. Anonymous says:

        yeah. occupy.

        1. lovekidshateOWS says:

          Have you no sense of morality? Sorry that was a silly question, you don’t.

          1. Anonymous says:

            I get the sad feeling you ask a lot of silly questions.
            And then you invent a moronic answer.

      2. Joe says:

        I’m leaning toward the notion that Pelosi’s comment was meant to rile up the other side. She is one of the elite, and as such this movement is as much a threat to her as to her accomplices on both sides of the aisle. A classic divide and conquer technique.

        Also, don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Politicians are indeed corrupt, but the companies and banks pumping vast sums into lobbying are just as guilty. The masses are also to blame for allowing themselves to be hoodwinked into this mess.

        I do agree however that the ENTIRE government needs a thorough cleaning. That won’t happen until the Sith death grip of the FED is ended however. We can not have a free government when we owe interest on every new dollar that comes off the printing press. Debt is the ultimate form of slavery because we are complicit in the arrangement.

  15. Jesse Kanagy says:

    Who is greedy, you jerks want what you haven’t earned taken from us who have worked hard and achieved a degree of success. Why don’t you direct your energy to achieving something other than communism! You live in a country where there is no limit to your accomplishments as long as you provide a service or product that the public or industry wants,
    You don’t like the USA get the XXXX out and go to Cuba or China!

    1. ThatIsAll says:

      “You live in a country where there is no limit to your accomplishments as long as you provide a service or product that the public or industry wants,”

      Seriously … I mean:

      Gary Dahl = “Pet Rocks”

      Joe Pedott = “Chia Pets”

      Imagine if they spent half their energy actually coming up with something better, and it shouldn’t be hard, given their $40+K college debts they’re griping about), if they’d just put down the spoon-fed Marx they are trying to market…

  16. Bob says:

    This is terrorism. Swift twenty to thirty prison sentences for those folks would do alot to restore order.

  17. Dan L says:

    This is the face of the modern DEMOCRAT party. Obama is proud of them.

    1. Eric D. Mertz says:

      The Occutards are right about one thing. This is what Democracy looks like, mob rule. In a democracy, there is nothing stopping the lions from voting themselves thee right to eat the lambs, which is exactly the metaphorical action the Occutards wish to do to the rich. Thank God we live in a Republic founded on Natural Law instead.

  18. Midas Mulligan says:

    I’m really so horrified by this it is nearly unbelievable. This just … beyond the pale of decency.

  19. Hussein says:

    OWS are the domestic terrorists that Big Sis has been ignoring.

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        He probably means those people who are breaking up family businesses and terrorizing little kids for attention.

        1. Anonymous says:

          the government?

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            No, the people in the OWS vids I’ve seen that were destroying a coffee shop – or that’s what I was thinking of. Or when they pushed the old lady down the stairs and didn’t even stop chanting to help her. Or when they leave a huge mess around and behind them, and expect others to clean up after them. It’s just pathetic, and yes, sometimes terrifying.

            1. HaveABrain says:

              Don’t forget the Occuturd who was filmed pooping in the street.

              P.S. he didn’t use any toilet paper either.

              Don’t like them? Vote their Democrat supporters out of office EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT, spread the word.

              1. jane doe says:

                Look, is there any actual substance to this? or just heresay?

                Post some evidence or don’t post at all.

                School-yard rumours, gossip and innuendo isn’t a particularly compelling argument.

                1. Benjamin says:

                  We’ve all seen the videos and photos, ad nauseum. Pull your head out of your butt and look.

                2. Eric D. Mertz says:

                  Verum Serum has the list and the links: http://www.verumserum.com/?p=33490

            2. Anonymous says:

              Eric D. Mertz That is ridiculously dishonest and not even close to accurate. Did you click any of those spurious links? The vast majority were quoted from 3rd hand sources, and most of them had NO PROOF that actual protesters were involved in the incidents.
              You ARE aware that not everyone in a public park is the to support the protesters, right? And that violence in public parks has been a huge issue that you were happy to ignore until now?

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                You must not have seen the scores of videos showing the bad behaviour of the OWS across the country. Remember, they are being contrasted to over two years of near daily condemnation of the tea party by most of the media and culture. In two months you guys have well surpassed the tea party as far as bad and indecent behaviour.

                1. Anonymous says:

                  ‘they are being contrasted to the tea party’? wtf? why? by who and WHO CARES? it’s like contrasting apples to a whole forest.
                  We are not having a tea party dear, we’re having a revolution.

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    You wrote:
                    “‘they are being contrasted to the tea party’? wtf? why? by who and WHO CARES?”

                    Because both movements are by Americans who are fed up with abuse of power and corruption, and as Sarah Palin puts it, ‘crony capitalism’. The OWS is the Left’s version of the tea party movement which has been happening over the past two years or so. Except there have been millions of tea party people and countless thousands of protests and gatherings; and we pick up our trash. 🙂

                2. anonymous says:

                  well post a link then, if there are ‘scores’…I can’t seem to find one single incident.

          2. Ginger says:

            Make up your mind — at least when sober. First the enemy was Wall Street. Now, it is the “government.” Perhaps, you learned. Now, go cash your Acorn or NYCC — whatever they are calling themselves, now — check, and you might (if you shower) be able to grab a beer and a life tonight. OccuTROLL

      2. Randy Randolf says:

        Van Jones and the other behind the scenes OWS organizers.

      3. madmommy09 says:

        This link,…. the story sources are goldman sachs (arent they one of the major players in the housing bubble?) and two progressive associations often linked with Soros (isnt Soros the same thing as the Koch brothers,… but for the “progressive” left?) Attacking the far-right with anecdotes from the far-left? IMO, you just nullified your argument!

        1. Anna Key says:

          I’m not sure how it nullifies the argument, but because you, internet stranger, said it with such dismissive conviction then it must be so, right?


  20. krt64 says:

    Gawd you people are pathetic. It’s funny how most people in good times sit back and collect a check be it from a job or welfare and say nothing.
    Then they see some countries in the mid east rise up against tyrants and act as if they are doing the same thing here only against corporations who made it possible for them to live pretty damn good.
    How many of you losers have been to other countries where the people are lucky to have more than a few clothes or even shoes? How about those that don’t 1 square meal a day?
    Pull your heads out and realize how good you have, you bunch of whiny asses.
    It’s time you quit suckling off the teet of society, namely My tax dollar

    1. Cody says:

      How about the wars, do you like how those are going for you? You know, since the tax payer is paying more than 50% of his earning to pay for it which could have gone to a better way of living for people here.

      1. Pauper says:

        So you’re claiming that 50% of the average taxpayer’s check is going for defense spending? You are willfully ignorant and obviously not a math major. It’s amzaing you can write, since you definitely don’t read much.

        1. kissmeassboy says:

          but u cant spell………..mmmmmmm…………classic

          1. Ginger says:

            You can’t either. Your point??

      2. Zelda says:

        That is not what is being spent on defense. Your paycheck is going to entitlement programs that can’t be sustained.

      3. Anonymous says:

        America’s wars are sending her to her knees.

        Halliburton, on the other hand, is making out just fine from them.

        1. John Czach says:

          cool, Halliburton is one of the customers of the company I work for.

        2. Herr Stig says:

          And the leader of these Fleabags, the Kenyan Obie, is STILL contracting with Halliburton. Must be a reason for THAT, eh?

      4. Chris says:

        Well, little Cody. As a defense contractor I have to say you have no idea what your talking about. Your probably a young man from around a big old city that the schools system and your liberal parents told you about this. I can say there are a lot of hard working people who work in the defense industry. Do you even know that the governments main job is to provide for the defense of it’s citizens? Yeah, our tax dollars are not to protect mice in a swamp, provide welfare to you, force EPA standards on companies, tell the school system what to teach, or pay medical bills for illegals. You have no idea what your talking about and just the assumuption that 50% of our tax money goes to war proves it. Your an idiot and this reflects on your parents too.

      5. Randy Randolf says:

        You mean, you want my so-called in taxes 50% to go into your pocket rather than the military. I get it. If you don’t like where your taxes are going, you take it up with uncle Sam. Don’t tell me where to send my money, specially when it’s OWS Greed.

      6. kenwood17 says:

        The Defense budget should be at least 50% of the budget but in reality it is 20% not 50 when one reads the constitution and what the government is supposed to be doing.
        If we cut ALL entitlements that are NOT in the constitution we could easily cut taxes in half and still fund what the constitution does allow government to spend taxes on. Then the un-educated people who think defense cost are 50% or more of the budget might be closer to being correct.

      7. lazlo says:

        Preach it brother. Our failed war on poverty is 50 years and running, cost us trillions and created a permanent under class. We need to stop throwing money down the well.

  21. the Dude says:

    When is beat a flea bagger day?

    1. 53Percent says:

      After Labor and before Memorial Day, I believe…have to check what day it falls on this year…can’t wait…think I’ll do my “beat a fleabagger” shopping early this year !
      Happy beat a Flebagger Day in advance, all ! 🙂

  22. David Huser says:

    Occupy Wall Street organizers are using prostitutes in an effort to deter rapists at demonstration sites. http://www.thedailyrash.com/occupy-wall-street-hires-prostitutes-to-combat-rising-rape-allegations

    1. Z says:

      You do realize that The Daily Rash is a satire website, right?

  23. Ashley Henderson says:

    I say we protest the OWS protesters giving them a taste of their own. LMFAO!

    1. Anonymous says:

      isn’t cbs satire as well?

    2. Tom says:

      It’s impossible to trash the property of a homeless guy.

  24. greg says:

    Donnie Dionne you are so much of an idiot words can’t begin to describe you. If you think scaring little kids is acceptable behavior you need to have your face kicked in.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you think that using ‘news’ reports such as this to beat up isolated and very regrettable incidents to make it appear worse than it is, then you are the idiot, pal.
      No one was harmed. Kids scare easy. Boo Hoo
      The fact is there were 32,000 people there – with the overwhelming majority acting peaceably and within their rights.

      Grow up and learn to make an informed decision using ALL facts that are available, not just some knee-jerk reaction from an article that was published for that very reason.
      How dumb are you rednecks, anyway?

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        “Dumb” & “Rednecks”? Wow you leftist, Jew hating racists are creepy. Racism is inherently evil, by the way.

        1. Anonymous says:

          I guess ‘dumb’ was wrong.
          Sadly, you do have the ability to make a noise. But almost all of that noise is completely wrong and stupid – but bless your little cotton socks for having a go.

          Very amateur attempt at a STRAW-MAN argument, btw. This thread had nothing to do with the Jewish people. Where did you pull the hate from, and WHY?

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            Tell it to the judge, you racist. But thanks for apologizing for unjustly calling people dumb. 🙂

            1. Anonymous says:

              yes. my bad.
              I totally meant ‘moronic’.


              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                Wow, racist *and* unintelligent. I guess the two go hand in hand. Isn’t that right, racist?

                1. Anonymous says:

                  ‘moronic redneck’ is not a race.
                  It is a curse.

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know that you racists are capable of all sorts of hatreds. Hating so called ‘rednecks’ and intellectually challenged people is almost a given. ie. if you hate blacks, you will probably hate all sorts of other groups as well. duh. Now be quiet, racist. You have no real right to speak. Racists are inherently evil.

            2. Z says:

              What race is a redneck?

              1. Anna Key says:

                it’s a sub-species of human, not a race.

                1. Japes Macfarland says:

                  There are really only two races of people, the decent and the indecent.

                  This thought is anathema to the Left. They *depend* on division and their groups feeling victimised. This is how they stay in power. They capitalists of the most insidious kind. They capitalize on compassion.

                2. anonymous says:

                  japes, do you wear a cape and twirl a sinister moustache, too?
                  because you are very cartoonishly evil.

                  Carry a cane. It would suit a weapons-grade douche like you.

          2. Tim says:

            “Sadly, you do have the ability to make a noise. But almost all of that noise is completely wrong and stupid – but bless your little cotton socks for having a go.”

            Right … the First Amendment – the ability to “make a noise” – is something only meant for those that feel that they are intellectually capable, like yourself. You people are so damned condescending, yet you get so frustrated and “full of rage” as to why people “just … just … don’t get it”. I bet your little hormones get you all red in the face then, don’t they? 🙂

            How arrogant can you be? Who the hell do you think you are?

            1. Anonymous says:

              the person taunting you.

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                But he’s not being taunted, rather, baiting you. He, like me, is just enjoying speaking the truth to your face, racist.

                1. Anonymous says:

                  to my face.

                  /shakes head.
                  Oh Japesy! You win at EVERYTHING, don’t you?

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    Oh gee, you know what I mean, don’t you? (re to your face’) speaking the truth out loud, here there or anywhere is a good thing, for us decent people. (And it may encourage more people to discover how they’ve been fooled by leftism) It isn’t about confrontation, dear. It is about truth.

            2. Bulldog says:

              You sound pretty condescending and arrogant. Perhaps you should become intellectually capable of expressing yourself in a manner that is not hypocritical. If you are going to make a noise about something, you should know what you are noising about, so, yeah, it takes intelligence to make a difference. If you don’t have intelligence backing your protests, you look like a moron, and you won’t change squat by squating, You do have the first amendment rights (peaceful assembly–snicker), but if you cannot be cogent about it, why the hell should anyone listen? I’ll bet you’re red in the face. Logic is a disturbance in the force to lefties.

      2. Shalee says:

        No one was harmed? Kids scare easy? Are you sick! What they did to those children is called child abuse. Only a Sick-O, like you, aparently would condone such action.

        1. jane doe says:

          kids get scared at baseball games.

          your move, pal.

          1. Tim says:

            Yes, you are right. By action NOT directed at them. Imagine how a poor child feels when they are walking through a crowd of strange looking people and hear “Follow those kids!”?

            Let’s put it this way: The protesters did not care about the interests of those children. Your cause is more important than piping down for a few minutes to let little kids go to school. In fact, you try to pull them into this crap. That is indisputable, inexcusable, and you cannot call yourself a mature member of society if you argue otherwise.

            1. jane doe says:

              just because cbs ‘reported’ it, doesn’t mean it is even close to true. I’m holding judgement until all the facts are in. Or at least SOME FACTS.
              This story makes little sense, even a foaming knee-jerk reactionary like yourself could see that there is little substance to support the headline.

              1. Tim says:

                I’m not foaming, but you sure seem a bit … edgy and intense. 🙂 So, you came to this page, read the news, decided that you didn’t like what you read, and further decided that there weren’t enough facts. What kind of facts are you looking for? Videos of crying children? You can put your fingers up and wave them, if you want, I’ll take that as an affirmative. Haha …

                I thought you and your liberal friends liked all media, so long as it was Fox News? What evidence are you expecting, Pravda? Sorry, I don’t think they have a bureau in NYC.

                So, Jane. What are you wearing?

                1. Z says:

                  Please, link us to a video where a protester can be heard yelling “follow those kids!”.

              2. Bulldog says:

                CBS is a liberal channel.

          2. Jorge says:

            Wow Jane doe, you must have had a lot of abortins for you to hate children so much.

          3. Japes Macfarland says:

            It does sound pretty intimidating, Jane Doe. Remember, this was no parade with people singing Christmas songs. This was a group of people, adults, screaming in anger about perceived injustices that these little kids have no idea about. All they see is screaming, angry, giant adults. It’s pretty lame that you can’t see this. Are you really female?

            1. jane doe says:

              ‘screaming in anger’? Who was doing that?
              And for how long, exactly?
              I imagine that it would be quite tiring, all that screaming, and one would grow rather hoarse, rather quickly. Or do they have ‘screaming in anger rotations’ or something?
              How is a constant barrage of ‘screaming in anger’ even possible, do ya think??

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                Wow, are you actually saying that you believe people in these OWS protests do not frequently scream in anger their phrases over perceived injustices?
                Unbelievable. The lack of self awareness on the Left never ceases to amaze me.

                1. jane doe says:

                  No – if you would care to NOT put words in my mouth, thank you.
                  I AM saying that the wall of angrily screaming fanatics you and cbs are trying so hard to create is an unreasonable and unrealistic scenario.
                  The kid said he thought it was a parade.

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    No, his parents told him it was a parade, and now he will associate the word parade, with angry HUGE adult protesters in a mob like mass, for a long time if not the rest of his life. Hurting kids is not cool.

                2. jane doe says:

                  oh please. the kid was laughing.

                3. Japes Macfarland says:

                  You wrote: “oh please. the kid was laughing.”

                  No, this is how you leftists perceive kids when they are actually crying, and frightened. You are a horrible person.

              2. anon says:

                You are seriously going to try to deny that this group spends a lot of their time screaming in anger? Are you sure that’s the best debate tactic?

            2. Ginger says:

              You missed the part Jane You Ignorant ____ where the other children were afraid — and he said he was scared because of the crowd — like a parade. Not a good thing!

      3. Redneck says:

        Hmm. I distinctly recall you people telling the Tea Party that. Except, they actually cleaned up after themselves, took showers, and went home at the end of the day because … they had to go to work.

        All it took was a handful of people spewing hate to get the Tea Party branded as “racist”.

        Guess what? You now are branded as a pack of rancid little Communists that scare kids.

        1. Z says:


          Who had to go to work? The Occupy protestors? Statistics show that more of them are employed than Tea Party supporters.

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            The link w/ study you pointed to is flawed. One of the criteria or labels for tea party people was racist. Yet there are millions of tea party people who have been protesting at countless thousands of gatherings for over two years. All this with millions of video phones and millions of leftists who would love to catch them being subhuman, as racists are. Yet the barely a handful (if that) of evidence, is what is called in science or logic a ‘statistical anomaly’, which means that it *proves* the opposite. In other words, you’ve been had. Tea party people are mostly decent, and by now this is not just asserted opinion, it is a reasonable hypothesis based on readily available data.
            So if this obvious thing is wrong in that so called study you’ve linked to, why would anyone suppose that there’s no leftist bias distorting the results?

            1. jane doe says:

              why are you so obsessed with racism??

              it’s a bit worrying.

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                Being obsessed and being against are two different things. I’m sure you are against child abuse, aren’t you? I would hope so, racist. You leftists used the idea of ‘racism’ to try and demonize the tea party, and it didn’t work. You’ve been found out, as I’ve illustrated above. In less than two months you leftists have had a mountain more of evidence against you as being decent or indecent human beings over all. Yet w/ the tea party, one person in a million who was a creep, and over two years now, is depicted by your secular leftist culture as representative of the entire movement. You simply lied, and repeatedly. You still do. yet it was you, racist, who obsessed about racism. Now you’ve been found out to have been projecting. It is disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

                1. jane doe says:

                  can you give me a brief summation?

      4. anon says:

        “No one was harmed. Kids scare easy. Boo Hoo”

        So if I wave a baseball bat in your face and “suggest” that you take your smug self righteous attitude elsewhere lest I turn your face into meat sauce, I’m absolved since you “scare easily” and are probabloy a giant cry baby?

        I kind of like that philosophy. I look forward to seeing you twits in my neighborhood.

      5. Ginger says:

        How dumb are you Jane You Ignorant _____t! There were NOT 32,000 people there! NOT. NOT. Maybe a few hundred. “Kids scare easy — Boo hoo.” So that gives you the right torment them, frighten them because YOU want to throw a TANTRUM. Do you know want happens to child abuses in this town’s jails? Pull your head out of your ass sweetie. These are FACTS. The abuse and crime of the OWS is status quo. The cop who was slashed was that made up? YOU grow up and learn to make an informed decision, instead of trolling for Acorn.

  25. Todd says:

    If these people could look any more like losers…

  26. NDSue says:

    There’s no excuse for adults to be screaming at little children and intimidating them. None. Blaming others for their boorish, self-centered behavior is just what is causing this “movement” to lose the little, if any, support it has had across the country – among the non-hating non-rich, anyway.

  27. Adam says:

    All of you that respond approbatively to this destructive, incoherent and decidedly stupid mob, especially regarding the actions described above, are not only complicit, but beyond redemption.

    That, or you’re all under 20 years old.

    1. jane doe says:

      That, or they’re just sick of greed and corruption.
      How immature of them.

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        The corruption which allowed the inherent greed of the banks and big buiss. was only possible because of your left wing politicians. It was *risk* the held back their inherent greed, and the Left took away that risk by saying they’d insure bad loans if they weren’t paid back. So of course the banks took advantage! They’re greedy, duh. You should be protesting the Dems., frankly.

        1. jane doe says:

          Really? And this is your informed opinion is it?

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            Are you honestly ignorant of all this, or just pretending to be? I’m honestly curious.

            1. Tim says:

              Funny how the liberal doesn’t respond to you. She’s probably answering nature’s call in front of a school. It’s one thing to protest, it’s another thing to scare little kids, and disrupt the work day of the “99%” that they claim to be. They are quickly changing from a nuisance to a threat – not to the so-called 1%, but to the real 99% that have just about had it with them.

              Since they’re out playing hippy, I think I’ll live in the past for a bit, too. Why not tell the NYPD to go home to their families and send a horsemounted charge of Pinkertons at them? 🙂

            2. Anonymous says:

              Japes, baby, I doubt that you are ‘curious’. I doubt that you are capable of giving any rational consideration to facts that fall outside of your pre-conceived rhetoric and comfort zone.
              Time is on my side here. I don’t HAVE to make any kind of case here because I’ll just wait you out.
              In 6 months, you’ll be on the streets yourself.Or you will know people who are.

              You’ll come around.

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                Well, I guess by your response you really are ignorant of who’s really at fault. (and so, how to fix it)

                “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
                Dennis Prager

              2. Jorge says:

                Anonymous, great name for a chicken sh@t that prob. hides behind a mask. I don’t think Japes or anyone else is worried about being on the street because most don’t give up. your obviously not just a coward but also a bum whoes made excuses his\her whole miserable existance and has never amounted to anything. Poor sad little rabbit. You finally found something to give you poor souless life meaning, but no one cares. Your words and arguments are as pointless as you. There is no 99%. It is a typical Marxist ploy to over inflate numbers. You represent no one but you own bloated self. Please don’t shoot yourself because it would be a waste of a good bullet. Why don’t you and your companions drink real hard then form a line on a set of railroad tracks outside of town, then you can all lay down in a line go to sleep and let a speeding train do the rest. Then you will have truly served your country.

                1. Anonymous says:

                  you need a hug?
                  That sure was a lot of botheration just to tell me you doesn’t care, Jorgey-Porgey..

          2. Biteme says:

            Funny how even PMSNBC pointed this out, and Janie still doesn’t get it.

            1. anonymous says:

              PMSNBC?! OMG! really? How about Fox? did they, did they???
              WELL. IT MUST BE TRUE THEN.

              1. Ginger says:

                F- Off Jane Anonymous you tired tramp

      2. sodacrackers2 says:

        They are not sick of greed, they are sick with greed, not wanting to pay their own bills, or get a job. Didn’t your mama ever tell you that she didn’t care what anyone else did, she just cared what you did. Live your life honestly, don’t be envious of those who have more than you or gloat over those who have less. And if you truly think that sleeping outside in a filthy, disease ridden tent city will rid the world of corruption, than have at it! It might be better if you went to some country where refugees are forced to live like that and can’t sneak home to get a shower and a good night’s sleep.

      3. Ginger says:

        So abuse children?! Jane you ignorant ______

  28. SickOfOWS says:

    This message brought to you by MoveOn, the DNC, Obama, Pelosi, SEIU, and AFL CIO

  29. Paul Wolf says:

    Why doesn’t the Occupy Crowd get together and buy an island or take over a state like RI or Vermont and get their own crew in there (Politicians) Run the way the want to kick all the big bank and corporation out and show the rest of America how its done right . Funny ha

  30. ProudOnePercenter says:

    I know how I would explain it: every society has its parasites and every once in a while they make things uncomfortable and then they need to be fumigated. They may get loud and nasty, but in the end, as all loosers, they are impotent to actually do anything and end up crawling back under the rock whence they came.

    1. Big Bear says:

      The media needs to start ignoring them. Most of their rallies have fewer participants than a bagpipe concert. It’s getting boring, hearing the same chants, seeing the same scruffy idealists. Boring.

      1. sodacrackers2 says:

        It is better if we see it all. They are literally exposing themselves for all to see and it is not pretty. It is nice to see some in the msm not afraid to report the truth for once.

    2. too true says:

      Well said.

      1. jane doe says:

        how come the rabid right didn’t comment on this?

        1. Towlie says:

          Foaming spittle in their eyes no doubt. I have never seen such seething hatred outside a Fox site. Note that this level of ignorance and rage is the only way conservatives have to advance their agenda right now. Get the rightie mob foaming about the people trying to stop the country from falling into a state not unlike Somalia, so they can push us one step closer while we rail at each other on sites like these, leaving them free to carry on unmolested. The mob is so ignorant they fall right for it. Fooking Puppets. Funny how they say the same about us. And sad.

          “Yer a towel!” “No YER a towel!”

          1. Tim says:

            And, you mean to tell me that the park where you flea baggers are hanging out doesn’t smell like mule $h!t and look like Mogadishu? If that’s your vision for America, well …

            1. Anonymous says:

              Timothy, stop now.
              You’re changing the subject.
              Would you tell retired Philadelphia Police Captain, Ray Lewis that he is a ‘flea bagger’?? TO HIS FACE?

              1. jane doe says:

                haha I’d love to see Japes Macfarland call him a racist to his face 🙂
                But i suspect young japes is a coward, tbh.

                1. Japes Macfarland says:

                  Why do you suspect I am a coward, Jane? Would you like to contact me off the forum and I can see if I can help you?

                2. Tim says:

                  To Anonymous and Jane,

                  I wouldn’t care if he had the Congressional Medal of Honor around his neck. If he, like the others, hasn’t showered, shouts at little kids, destroys private property, and acts like an animal? Damn straight. And, I’d stand there and see what he does about it, too. Just like I would do to the two of you.

                  So, Jane. What are you wearing?

  31. Jerry Brant says:

    These OCW terrorists are pure evil. They have no shame or decency scaring the children. They have no problem abusing little kids like this. They are sick. The movement is pure evil and to think this is sponsored by the Democrat Party.

    1. anon says:

      the movement is pure evil?
      how so, foamy?

      1. Tim says:

        Easy. Aside from the current topic of scaring school children: Rapes, murders, theft, drug-dealing, threats of terrorism, indecent exposure, destroying (and defecating upon) public and private property … do I need to continue? Are you going to refute this? Or, are you going to channel one of your heroes and say “One must break a few eggs to make an omelette”? Here’s a hint, and I think that what I have to say speaks for many parents: Should you consider my child an egg, take caution. So much as breathe on her or spill filth from your diseased little mouth towards her, I’ll break you in half.

        Stop whining and crying about your damned cause, and look at what they hell you’re doing!! You are doing nothing but further dividing this country. I am terribly sorry to inform you, but you have no idea precisely what little percentage of this country you represent – surely not the “99%”. Find another Communist slogan to bleat.

        Hugs and Kisses.

        1. Anonymous says:

          “Rapes, murders, theft, drug-dealing, threats of terrorism, indecent exposure, destroying (and defecating upon) public and private property”

          Ummmm it wasn’t the protesters, you wool-blind little sheeple.

          don’t take my word for it – do a google search using these key words -cops send homeless to zuccotti

          1. Adam Wentworth says:

            Actually you intellectual neophyte is is the OWS that are doing it. You sure talk a lot of smack anonymous yet you lack the balls to post with a name. Have you ever had to fire a weapon in anger? I’ll bet not. you’ll will be fighting many of us who have though anon…….. You better think long and hard about that fact boy.

            1. Tim says:

              These guys don’t get it. They’re beginning to change from being an irritant to the general population to being a threat to the general population. They are being ignored because they have either a message that is incohesive or incompatible with the views of the people whom they fantasize of being “about”. Because they were being ignored, they have now begun to turn to violence.

              OWS, if you are arrogant and stupid enough not think we will defend ourselves against them, they’re sadly mistaken.

            2. No, I'M Adam Wentworth says:

              See? Posting with a name here!
              In fact, Adam Wentworth is going to be my new handle on all my hippy-loving homsex sites.

          2. Ginger says:

            IT WAS TOO THE OCCUTARD YOU MORON!!! MY God, how are you sooo stupid!! GET Take your OCCUTROLL check and leave already. Are all your body parts as small as your brain!? You F-idiot.

  32. carla t says:

    harassing innocent children, a new low. these kids have a right to walk to school without having to run a gauntlet of protestors kicking barricades, yelling, reaching over barricades. the goon who followed a father and his child is lucky i wasn’t that parent. leave the kids alone. i know miranda and can recite it, and will if i have to.

  33. Bill Clinton says:

    Looks like the dregs of society (OWS people) have taken over this thread…

    1. jane doe says:

      ok Bill, I believe you.

      wait, weren’t you impeached for being a liar??

  34. Tomas says:

    It’s time for all Mayors and businesses affected by this madness to sue the organizers. Who are they? It’s easy, find a ten year old, ask them to look up SIEU’s Steven Lerner’s op ed from March, any of his audio and videos on line. Van Jones’s videos. The Main Stream Media has been deceiving the American people for the last two months. They’re not worth our time or a dime. Sue them into a financial coma!!

  35. ron says:

    attacking kids ??? do the protesters think that will move public opinion to their way of thinking ???? stupid

    1. Anonymous says:

      attacking children, now, is it?

      F for reading and comprehension skills, chief.

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        Yes, attacking. Making little kids cry and afraid can be considered ‘attacking’ just as much as someone using a politically incorrect phrase at one of your leftist seminaries (universities) is considered an “attack” on another.

        1. Anna Key says:

          wow. so sending a kid to his room for a timeout is an attack, too?
          Or only if he cries….?

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            If you were a stranger, yes, genius. It would be an attack to force them to go to their room without their parent’s permission. Or do you want bureaucrats to further take over raising our kids? Don’t you know that growing the government is the problem, not the solution. When you guys insured the loans of banks, why do act surprised that they took advantage. It was risk that was holding back their greed, and the Left took away the risk and also told them they’d be called racist if they didn’t make the loans. They made gabs of dirty cash and stayed out of trouble with the Left. Now everyone hates, good. But you should be hating the leftist politicians that caused this more.

            1. Anna Key says:

              You think everything is very black and white, don’t you?
              Does it make it easier for you to understand if you just ignore whole nuances of meaning, simply because you lack the capacity to adequately express yourself?
              That IS what you are saying, isn’t it?

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                No Anna, for nuances are part of the real joys of life. Yet I do believe that if I was in a large group of adults, protesting “the MAN”, and another group of kids were trying to get by and looked scared, I would not yell out “Let’s follow them!!” I’d like to think that I’d stop my chanting and yelling, and even run over to comfort them. I certainly wouldn’t follow them and continue being what was obviously perceived as intimidating (and scary) to them.
                You don’t understand or empathise with what I am saying because you are a secular leftist.

                1. jane doe says:

                  don’t believe everything you read, bozo.

          2. Ginger says:

            If you cannot determine the difference, I am sure Social Services will be taking your children soon. In any case, clearly why you and your occutrolls, and occutards should not be in the general public and kept from children

      2. Ginger says:

        FU for comprehension skills you sick F### Chanting at 5 year-old that you tower above in adult clusters is attackking. Hence the cops. Attacked by same!

  36. none says:

    you people are human garbage. scaring and chasing children. what the hell is wrong with you? get a job you bums.

    1. The Sage Waitress says:

      OWS types think getting a job is a violation of their civil rights.

      1. Anna Key says:

        Because they don’t want to be a waitress all their lives?
        Yeah. How ignorant of them.

        1. Anna Key has anal fleas says:

          Got a problem with people who work, Anna? You just insulted a lot of good, decent people, turdbasket!

          1. Adam Wentworth says:

            haha. yeah. The internet = serious business.

        2. Ginger says:

          Because that is the highest level of achievement that occutrolls and tards as yourself will ever reach. Oh, and taking a NYCC check to protest and troll

  37. Bill Holland says:

    Sorry kids, liberals don’t like anyone that have more money than they do! They would rather whine and complain about it at your own expense than to take steps to better their own lives.

  38. David says:

    The only thing worse than what these thugs did to a bunch of young children are the people who are trying to excuse and justify it.

    That said, I’m glad everyone has a chance to see just who and what these people really are. I’m also glad that in this election year, Democrats from Obama on down have ( by choice ) hitched themselves to this group of thugs and degenerate bullies.

    Stay classy libs.

  39. Donnie, your attitude is part of the reason why OWS won’t succeed. They claim to be targeting rich Wall Street executives, but all they’re doing is annoying regular people. Actually, my theory is that the protesters are just a bunch of attention wh*res.

  40. gdogs says:

    Just another negative view of the OWS. These guys really aren’t doing themselves any favors. Does pi$$ing off the general population really seem like a good idea to the OWS crowd? How does slowing down traffic and commuters help your cause? Do yourselves a favor and think about how the average person is affected by your actions.

    1. yiddishlion says:

      All you stupid liberal fools are starting to see the ‘change” you voted for. How do you like it so far? It will only get worse. If you had any brains you would be protesting the White House and the Senate. But being that dumb has it’s consequences…..like,… misdirected anger…….

  41. Mike Wilson says:

    Wow three stupid ignorant comments in a row! Yes let’s scare the crap out of these little rich kids!! And since the Obama green economy is such a disaster, lets spend Billions we don’t have and build a high speed rail system!! That way, losers from around the country can crawl out of their parents basements and quickly get to the next occupy rally! Brilliant!

  42. Muddywood says:

    The ends justify the means, right?

  43. poorhardworker says:

    Pathetic display.! Where is their humanity? The kids have nothing to do with their complaints!!! Have they no shred of human decency left>

    1. tboyz says:

      Think about this. Most of the OWS crowd are college kids who are routinely used and manipulated by college professors. These professors, even though they are well aware of it, just disregard that young people are naive and can be coerced into doing things. They just use them, because they can.

      So is anyone really surprised when these college students do exactly the same thing to kids younger then them.

      That is what they have been taught to do, and they are doing it. There professors I’m sure are beaming with pride at this very moment.

  44. jnsesq says:

    This would never have happened in Rudy’s New York. Yeah, now go ahead and call him a fascist, Lefty morons. (Oh, and me too, of course.)

  45. John Moser says:

    Surprising that none of these creeps waved their pickles at the children. They seem to like that(the occupy perverts, not the children)..

  46. Tom Smith says:

    What a bunch of idiots. If your not going to protest like normal human beings get a life and do something better with your time and life.

  47. lee says:

    sad sad commentary when you try to justify scaring kids who havent done anything

  48. Gregory Miller says:

    If the parents are concerned about the safety of their kids–they should move upstate. If their rich parents would demand High Speed Rail Service and break up the Republican desire to stop such a project, they could live in Utica New York and be in Penn Station everyday in 1 hour and 20 minutes for their daily commute.

    1. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Is it fun to be so painfully stupid? Unfortunately everyone who has wasted their time reading your post is dumber because of it.

    2. Get ajobhippie says:

      If you want socialism, move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. nobody will miss you, less burden on the rest of us. It’s not all about YOU

    3. Daniel says:

      Right. Because the people who take their kids to school are the problem.

      This is greed: verbally assaulting children because you are jealous of the wealth of their parents. Fools.

      Stop being ignorant, expecting the government to solve your problems, and go out there and do something with you life. Drop the entitlement, get a job, start a career, find a hobby. You’d be amazed at how easy the real world is if you stop expecting handouts and start providing for yourself.

    4. jnsesq says:

      LOLOL. Sadly, your hilarity is simultaneously disturbing.

    5. Uncle Samantha says:

      That’s just a band-aid that won’t fix any real problems. In fact, that would just add to our problems. You see, WE’RE BROKE. The Chinese credit card that taxpayers have to pay off has 15 trillion dollars on it already. We can’t build some Disney Epcot fantasy land future train right now.

    6. fizzbin says:

      Live in Utica? Please, just shoot me!.

    7. Japes Macfarland says:

      Lol., high speed rail?! Leftists are always trying to get us out of our cars, because the car is the working symbol of American independence and freedom. I can where I want, when I want. I can listen to what music I want, as loud as I want it. I can smoke. I can pull over and look at the sunrise, and take a nap. Leftists can’t stand this.

    8. Tim says:


      You must be an idiot. They should move upstate if they want their kids to be safe? Does that mean you admit these occupy thugs are making the city unsafe? You actualy found a way to blame a political party for the mob that is making life difficult for everyone else. How about this…..they have the right to protest, but they DO NOT have the right to disrupt the lives of people around them. Or frighten children, which I’m sure goes without saying for everyone but you.

    9. jasmine says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. So, all of these people should have to move so they will be safe. Are you saying that they are in danger from the Occupiers? Sure sounds like it to me. Why not have the occupiers go back home and leave these people alone? Yes, the occupiers should be the ones to have to move. Why don’t the occupiers do something constructive instead or standing around the streets all day long, yelling, screaming, banging drums – in other words – harassing anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them? Why don’t they find a candidate that they trust and work to get them elected? If they want the system to change, they have to work from within the system. But, of course, they won’t do that and I’ll tell you why – it would mean they would have to actually work for a change. Its so much easier to hang out with your buds, smoking a little weed (or snorting something else), and just walk around carrying signs and screaming at little kids.

  49. Donnie Dionne says:

    Sorry guys,this is what protesting is all about,if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s suppose to,if it disrupts your life, it’s suppose to !

    1. ron says:

      attack kids ???? that what its about to you ???

      1. ALibertarian says:

        Well kids, this is what democracy looks like, as the crybabies say.
        Be glad we live in a Constitutional Republic.

        1. jsamine says:

          Thank you for pointing out that ours is a Constitutional Republic. Most people these days don’t know that, since they don’t teach it in schools anymore (thanks to the liberals).

    2. yiddishlion says:

      So terrifying little children is what it is all about? You better pray to God you don’t run into someone like me. I would k i l l you on the spot if you got to close to my child.

    3. kimo says:

      then why be upset when what wall streeters make you uncomfortable?

    4. Chip says:

      …and what in Hades do you think gives these screaming loons the imaginary right to disrupt the lives of innocent strangers? This is one of the reasons we have police and the military — to protect normal working responsible people and their childern from the crazy violent lunatics and fanatics of the world.

      And by the way… do you also then accept the fact that SELF DEFENSE is supposed to make violent lunatics and fanatics “uncomfortable”??

    5. pr says:

      In America we don’t terrorize children… the right to protest peacefully is American, you communist thugs think kids should be a target. This is what you are…thugs.

    6. Tim says:

      No, Donnie, you’re wrong. You can think of protesting how you like, but it doesn’t change the fact. You have a right to say what you want and come and go as you please…..AND SO DO I !!!! You don’t have the right to impede me from going to work or the store or taking my kids to school. Freedom goes both ways, chucklehead.

    7. Ione says:

      This is not protesting nor is it free speech it is Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is ILLEGAL. If you do it to make a point plan on getting arrested. Civil Disobedience (and scaring little children) is what you do when you are not the majority and don’t have an idea the majority would except. You stamp your feet, scream louder, break things, refuse to go to home and hold your breath until you turn blue. Kind of like when you were two. Only as a grown up you get to go to jail.

    8. Tim says:

      Hey Donnie.

      If your movement isn’t careful, it is going to start to make the real 99% mad. Some of that 99% might be willing to return the favor of having their lives “disrupted” by “disrupting” the lives of Occupiers … permanently. Especially when you screw around with kids. If Occupy wanted to be responsible, as that seems to be a word they toss around a bit, perhaps it would serve them well to warn the schools of where they will be so that they can make sure that kids are out of their way.

    9. Ginger says:

      No it isn’t. “Peaceful assembly” is a right. If it makes me or other citizens uncomfortable or disrupts my life — by definition, it is not PEACEFUL. So, therefore, all protesting that “makes you uncomfortable or disrupts my life” — is ILLEGAL. Chargeable as disturbance of the peace, harassment, and then the charges rack from there — endangering the welfare of a minor, by kicking at barricades, screaming at 5-year-old passing by it. Like you have some nerve justifying that crap.

  50. Gregory Miller says:

    Kids going to school near Wall Street? It’s a shame they were exposed to so much anger–I am sure they will never forget it. I hope when they get older they ask their parents why the people were so mad and yelling. I wonder how the rich parents will explain that Wall Streeters greed caused this whole mess.

    1. ron says:

      so greed made them go after kids ??? FUC# you

    2. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Gregory – how is the weather on planet Loon today?

    3. GetAJobHippie says:

      And the parents will say “Envious lazy hippies caused it”

    4. idesign says:

      Washington makes the rules not Wall street….


    5. Chip says:

      Yes, the children will remember it, and this will give the parents a perfect opportunity to explain the concepts of laziness and mental illness to their kids. Also, some day the kids will then thank their parents for raising them better than the failure parents of the protestors.

    6. Del says:

      Yea traumatize a little kid, that will show them. What a bunch of creeps.

    7. Japes Macfarland says:

      It wasn’t Wall Street greed any more than it’s ever been. Bank and big buiss. have always been greedy, this is nothing new. It’s been *risk* that has held back the major excesses of their inherent greed. Yet the Left (in political power) took away that risk. That’s what is new. This idea was stupid, and they’re still too stupid, apparently, to admit it.

      1. jane doe says:

        just because banks have always been greedy, doesn’t mean it should continue this way. If you are too small-minded to envisage a future without greed, then stand aside little boy, there’s real work to be done and you’re just gettin’ underfoot.

        1. Japes Macfarland says:

          You wrote: “just because banks have always been greedy, doesn’t mean it should continue this way.”

          Wrong again, Jane. I said that the government insuring the loans of the banks was a *new* idea. And a bad one. I also said that it was *risk* that held back the inherent greed of the banks, and it was your leftist politicians that took away that risk by insuring the loans. Pay attention!

        2. Ginger says:

          Yes, Jane you ignorant _____ apparenlty, like the little children were getting underfoot today? So that justifies their torment. The greedy banks that lent you money to go to college, must be eliminated? “Too small minded to envisage a future without greed” O.k., you Brit commie s___. Troll on. Take a look at your failed banks, failed healthcare system, London burning from the riots, the Islamic marches, and pay us back for WWII then get out from underfoot. If you don’t like “greed,” put down your keyboard and volunteer in a local London shelter.

    8. Steve says:

      More likely they will ask their parents how a whole generation of Gregory Miller’s managed to get through 12 years of public school without a 3 year old’s grasp on reality.

    9. ProudOnePercenter says:

      I know how I would explain it: Every society has its parasites and every so often they come out and need to be fumigated. They may be loud and nasty but as with all losers they are essentially harmless and will crawl back under the rock whence they came. It’s a good lesson for children.

    10. MikeATL says:

      Really you are trying to justify scaring children over your protest? How do you know all the parents are what you deem rich? Some might be going to that school on grants and charity. Did that ever dawn on you? What a cowardly excuse to scare children.

      1. Steve r says:

        What is really funny..They will grow up thinking, “I don’t want to be a loser like that…I better study hard!” And in 20 years these OWS protestors will be interviewing for a job and these kids will be the hiring managers! Ha!

    11. VA_Dan says:

      The more likely explanation given by the parents will be that a bunch of people with entitlement issues decided to a fit in public, and that they were so far detached from reality that they thought scaring children was a valid form of political discourse.

    12. Tim says:


      Wall street greed alone didn’t cause this mess. Lots of people’s greed did. Plenty of people bought plenty of houses they really knew they shouldn’t, then forclosures shot up. Congress pushed Fannie and Freddie to make riskier and riskier sub prime loans, then forclosures shot up. We can’t blame this on any one group. I will say this, I hope you jobless morons don’t take this too far with the kids. You scare the crap out of one too many kids and some father is going to throw you a beating.

      Who knows, though, maybe you’re not a jobless moron. Maybe you just feel for them, but don’t have time to join because you’re a grown who either has a job or is busy looking for one.

      1. ruffsoft says:

        Of the top 45 corporations in China, the state owns 41. The markets are controlled by the government. This is authoritarian state-run capitalism, in other words fascism. We have corporate run government, which is still fascism.

        The conservatives in Canada would be leftists in the US, support universal healthcare and education, etc. Canada is much more socialized, yet freer. This refute your dogma. German has big government and big unions and is the most stable economy in the world today. Denmark with the highest taxes has the most satisfied (because best served) citizens, with an admirable record of civil rights and peace. You are ignoring the historical record and repeating your dogma like a religious catechism.

        I do not support Big government. I have explained it is the creation of Big Industry and in cases like china, is authoritarian. I support decentralized pluralism, or left libertarianism, which is a hybrid system of employee owned enterprise, non-profits, and private enterprise with strong workers rights in sharing profits and management (like European co-determination). The big banks and big oil and big pharma all want big government; I do not: I want decentralized enterprise with govt acting as cop to make sure everyone plays fair. You got me all wrong, you are so blinded by your polarizing ideology of a mythical small goverment/big freedom scenario. In fact, small governments have the most corruption and violence. That is because they are outpowered by private interests, warlords, global corporations, etc.

        My vision is of a hybrid system of many forms of economic organizaitons, based on successful models like Southwest (39 yrs profitable and 90% unionized), the Mondragon in Spain, a workers coop of 92,000, and the non-profit credit unions with 92 million member/owners in the US, as well as the thousands of successful workers coops from steel manufacturing to baking. This system assume the “crushing of the moneyed aristorcracy (Jefferson)” so that the various forms of enterprise can compete in free and competitive markets on an equal footing, without the ability to corrupt government to distort the market and gain special interest advantages.

        You got me all wrong because your ideology is rigid and has no room for creative alternatives to our current system of corporatocracy and plutocracy.
        Unless we can agree on some basic facts, there is no hope for productive discussion. Repeating ideological dogma only blinds us to the complex reality in which we actually live. In blinding us, it prevents us from imagining new solutions.

        PS, sorry I killed those 40 million.

    13. WOW says:

      No I’m pretty sure their parents will tell them how pathetic the people are who tried to scare them and tell them that if they stay in school and work hard they will never end up like those insane people who scared them. They’ll be motivated to actually get a job and not cry to the rest of the world and want everything to be handed to them. Keep trying to justify scaring children, cause it’ll never happen.

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