Tiny Tots, Some As Young As 4, Overwhelmed By Hostility, Crush Of Humanity

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They were caught in the middle of madness.

Some grade school students were forced to walk a gauntlet of screaming “Occupy Wall Street” protesters just to get to school on Thursday.

It was a wild day in lower Manhattan for most everyone involved, including elementary school children who had to brave the mayhem just to get to class on the other side of Wall Street.

GALLERY: Occupy Wall Street  “Day Of Action”

In the middle of thousands of protestors yelling and chanting — some kicking and screaming – CBS 2’s Emily Smith found little school kids trying to get to class. Nervous parents led them through the barriers on Wall Street. The NYPD helped funnel the children, anything to ease their fears while some protestors chanted “follow those kids!”

“These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said.

“For them it’s horrible. They’re afraid of all the crowds. We’re not even able to get through. They’re just, he’s … very afraid now,” a mother added.

One protester followed a father and his little daughter all the way down the block. As the school day ended just after 3 p.m. children trickled out of Leman Manhattan Prep on Broad Street. Smith heard a 4-year-old boy telling his mom he was scared. He told Smith it looked like a parade.

“There was a parade. It was scary — crowded with school,” the boy said.

“After a while it got so bad some parents couldn’t get their children through and they had to go late,” said Gary Goldenstein of Tribeca.

Some saw the day’s doings as chaos; others saw it differently.

“The parents actually along with teachers were at every entry point into this area, which is fantastic,” said Vicki Pitcock of Tribeca.

School officials said they haven’t had to change school times or cancel class, and are trying to keep it that way.

How far is too far? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. DeusVult says:

    These ows SH!TBAGS did this around my kids; they would need serious medical attention the result of a Serious Ass-Kicking!
    ows & occupy “fill in the blank” are MOSTLY: young foolish Idiots, DOPERS, bums, and an assortment of socialist/marxist/anarchist LOSERS! ALL Fleabags, says I!
    NO MORE “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!
    To HELL with socialist/marxist/anarchist LOSERS!!!

    1. ruffsoft says:

      Calm down and take your meds. Anonymous internet bravado is worth zero.
      No one can hear you when you yell.

  2. Rico says:


  3. Tusk says:

    Hey people, let’s all calm down and take a breather from all the hateful rhetoric…

    Okay, I’m calm now…GTF out of my city scvmbags!!!!!

    1. ruffsoft says:

      The city belongs to all of us. If you don’t like liberals, perhaps you would feel more at home in North Korea or Iran, where liberalism is hated as you hate it. Share the hatred.

  4. Mikey Likes it! says:

    These are Barry’s children. He called out the evil 1% ers and class warfare rhetoric last summer. They are on marching orders. For all the terrible things that have happened and will happen. All will be remembered as his burden.

  5. Randy Randolf says:


  6. Freddy Vicente says:

    Welcome to Obamaville. Where your glorious failure of a leader has endorsed his Nazi followers to rape women, destroy property, use city streets as bathrooms, assault elderly people, threatening to firebomb stores in NY, and now threatening 4 and 5 year old children. Are you Obama supporters proud of these monsters??

  7. Randy Randolf says:

    Leave the children alone you OWS losers.

  8. Yaspar says:

    Imagine what would be said if a bunch of, gasp, Tea Party activists had followed a father and child down the street taunting them. BTW, if someone did that to me and my child, I would beat them to within an inch of their life.

  9. Mikey Likes it! says:

    If these D-bags could have visited Berlin before the wall came down they would have seen the beautiful and vibrant western side. And then wondered why all the crosses were posted along the canal that ran the length of the wall. These were the souls that died trying to escape the tyranny of social/communist regime to a better life of freedom. But you would never convince these brainwashed morons!

  10. trix says:

    “Follow those kids and show them what a bunch of idiotic morons they can become if they don’t go to school – just look at us!”
    If I were one of those parents, I’d be showing up with a hefty baton in my jacket to ensure my kid gets through safely.

  11. LeaveKidsAloneOWS says:

    We don’t need water cannons…just air drop job applications onto OWS and they’ll all be gone in 5 minutes……

    1. Tusk says:

      Hey people, let’s all calm down and take a breather from all the hateful rhetoric…

      Okay, I’m calm now…GTF out of my city scvmbags!!!!!

  12. GeorgeNYC says:

    My son actually goes to the school in the article. Not all of the kids that go there are in the “1%” While I am not unsympathetic to some of the goals of the OWS movement, he has actually really started to strongly dislike them. They are talking about it in school and obviously using it as a learning experience. I hope that his education will allow him to see past the generalizations and ideological rigidity that pass for educated discussion.

  13. Click Slap says:

    See full list of Occupy Video Streams at

    1. Anonymous says:


      Fox news?
      fair AND balanced.

      1. RWC says:

        Where did fox come into this? Idiot.

  14. John Borkowski says:

    I hope Obama, the Democrats and the Unions are proud of their protesters.

  15. AK says:

    Yup….just like the Tea Party….yepper…

    Please, OWS…do continue, just as you are….the more we see, the better we know just exactly who you are…..

  16. LeaveTheKidsAlone says:

    I wonder how much further their support will fall tomorrow now. For some reason, they just can’t comprehend that their tactics are destroying their movement and killing support for them, and the more support they lose, the harsher they act…thinking it will gain them support. What a disconnect from reality! They are like 5 year olds, where if they don’t get their way they think they can change things by throwing a bigger tantrum.
    America is all for free speech. It is not for a group trying to force their way on everyone by causing disturbances. That isn’t freedom or democracy, it’s mob tyranny. Put together a platform and a coherent message, then get out and vote. We will respect you for that. Trying to force your way without doing that makes people who love freedom and democracy reject you.
    If you think a group should be able to force a change by threatening disturbance and occupation until they get what they want, please do this: Think of a group that you don’t agree with and is in a minority. Now, image that group taking over parks and causing trouble, putting their rights before others, and refusing to stop until they get their way, even if the majority of people don’t want their way. If you wouldn’t support them, you shouldn’t support these people.


    1. Anna Key says:

      you’ll be joining them within 6 months.
      you just don’t know it yet =)

      1. Hal Lee says:

        You’ll be stoned again in 6 minutes.
        You just won’t know it then. =P

  17. ina_ginalship says:

    I guess the site didn’t like me talking about going snug(rev)high for messing with little kids and also assaulting the elderly in DC.

    Well if OWS “wants some, get some, bad enough take some” you punks. I don’t think their up to the task messing with kid an the elderly. Come check me and my crew; we got what you need. You seem to be begging for it. We’ll give it to you. Bring it.
    100% of us are ready. Believe it.

    1. Tim says:

      I second that. OWS, please, please … come and get some.

  18. Jojo says:

    These degenerates need to dealt with NOW!

    1. Jojo says:

      I am 100% for violence being used to deal with these losers. A few batons to the side of the head will have these bottom feeders running faster than a job fair.

  19. Leigh says:

    Wonder what these OWS people would be saying if the Tea Party acted they way they are. And sure Wall Street deserves to be criticized, but why aren’t they “occupying” the White House and Congress, both of which are equally, if not more, complicit in the destruction of our economy. It’s the self-righteousness of the OWS people that’s so galling – they don’t represent anyone but themselves – who died and made them the Big Kahuna? They look ridiculous.

    1. Jojo says:

      The WH supports them, and funds them through all the shadow orgs.

  20. Jose Arciniega says:

    “follow those kids!”

    Just when you thought the OWS movement couldn’t sink any lower.

    1. Leigh says:

      This “movement” has no class at all.

  21. mbs says:

    I’d love to know the percentage of OWSers who actually vote. I suspect it’s pretty low. Most of them don’t seem to understand we have a system that allows people to run for office and change things, if they so desire. Of course, it takes a heck of a lot of work. Somehow I doubt any of the OWSers are up for it.

    1. Jojo says:

      They are by and large Obama voters, which explains why they aren’t occupying 1600 Penn. Ave.

      1. Anonymous says:

        can you show where you are getting your statistics from?

        you can leave your pants on – just point.

  22. Soccer Mamasita says:

    Apparently I am one of the “terrorists” as I was there with my son peacefully protesting the injustices that are being done to his college fund, our mortgage, and my family’s future.

    I cannot imagine anyone feeling threatened by the peaceful protesters who are committed to non-violence. When my son and I discussed the rally afterwards, he told me that he was only scared by the police because “they seem so angry” and refused to smile back at him.

    While I feel badly for all the workers and students who were inconvenienced by our demonstration, I am certain that they will be far more inconvenienced by their dwindling savings as a larger and larger percentage of the pie gets funneled to corporate interests if we don’t all come together to protest these injustices.

    1. Hal Lee says:

      When you come down off the acid trip you’re obviously on, then maybe you’ll be able to see the protesters for what they are: Hateful, ignorant, and feeling entitled to everything for nothing. They are also being led by the nose by anti-American radical terrorists.

    2. donald says:

      It was this president that “bailed-out” the big guys! And you are attacking the “worker tax payers”! If you Support the “animals” that are involved in this revolution!! You are a “terrorist”! I agree!

    3. Soccer Papa says:

      Don’t like tuition? PROTEST the schools, where tuition costs are rising at 7 times inflation. That isn’t cost of living, it’s fat professors.
      Don’t like the banks getting bailed out, or the loans they were forced to make to high risk individuals, etc, etc…why aren’t you protesting in Washington. The guy in the White House bailed them out AND got the biggest donations from Wall Street EVER.
      So, what do you want? What did your protest do today? There is NO coherent message. There are fractured, individual messages..like the fact that OWS wants US to pay their loans off. Can’t get a job with your Russian Lit degree you owe $80k for? Why is that OUR responsibility..you made the bad choice.
      OWS would get more respect if they actually protested the CORRECT people…and of course stopped trying to force us all to accept their beliefs by refusing to leave or stop causing disturbances until we do. It’s sad that your son will think a MINORITY group can get laws and policies changed not through democracy, but by threatening the majority with occupation. That isn’t America.
      Perhaps someday your children will need a police officer to help them, I hope not..but if they do, I wonder if they will still find them “scary”.

    4. Jojo says:

      “refused to smile back at him” OH FFS. Are you kidding me?

    5. Jojo says:

      One wonders how your little pantywaist of a son would react when harassed by a bunch of delusional, entitlement-minded crybabies? I’m sure he would run back to mommy so she can tell him how special he is.

    6. Soccer Kick to your head says:

      What Kind of parent has their young child participate in this hostile environment? If you have a problem with school budget cuts you go to board meetings and speak-up with the others that share your opinions, you don’t drag a child into a hostile mob to glam for camera’s, you’re pathetic.

    7. Anonymous says:

      Don’t you be trying to bring rational facts into this!
      These people are filled with hate and rage and cannot hear your facts.
      They can only read emotive headlines and form half-informed opinions.
      And then they are too stubborn and proud to admit when they are wrong.

      Facts and evidence have no place here.

      1. Tim says:

        And, you have yet to post a factual, informed retort. Much less a name.

    8. Tim says:

      Lady, if you really are the mother of the child you say you have, I am shocked.

      You, as a mother, took your young child somewhere that has drug use, nudity, unsanitary conditions, and … violence? What the @*%$! is the matter with you!?!?

      If I knew your name, I would call Child Protective Services. If I were you, I wouldn’t be bragging about bringing your kid there!

      1. Adam Wentworth says:


  23. MaggieLyn says:

    Come on Mr. Mayor. You make platonic statements about how the law will be enforced and then ignore what is happening right in front of your eyes! Where are you when the working people cannot get to their jobs and children are harassed going to school? The longer the mayor waits to put an end to this mob action, the worse it will be when his hand is forced. In fact, he is playing into their hand because there will ultimately be violence and that is what they are hoping to provoke! Wake up Mayor Bloomberg!

    1. Justin Orwen says:

      Someone tell Mayor Bloomberg, that the OWS people are carrying contraband salt and transfat caoated potoato chips. He would probably call in an air strike.

      1. Jojo says:

        Nah, an airstrike would only spread all the disease and filth in the squatter camps to the normal people.

      2. Freddy Vicente says:


  24. As I See It says:

    NYC has one person to blame. His name is Bloomberg. He let it get started, let it fester, now its a full blown infection. The fools that are participating have been emboldened and now will escalate because they think they are invincible and beyond control by civil authority. This mob is trying to precipitate violence. This is going to get uglier because it is going to take some serious law enforcement to finally end it. The media is waiting on pins and needles to be the first to publish the bloody scenes, the poor battered unarmed protesters. Cries of excessive violence. Police brutality. Freedom of speech. It all in the playbook. And Bloombutt let it happen.
    Thank God he wasn’t mayor during 9/11. What a leaderless, gutless, fool.
    Well you New Yorkers now know what you elected.

  25. donald says:

    Some years back pro-life people were praying in front of the capitol in sacramento ca! As they had their heads bowed the police came and sprayed “mace” in their eyes from less than a foot from their face! And then “twisted” their arms behind their back ! As the “pro-aborts” hollered kill them ,kill them, and “bust their arms off”!! ALL THIS BECAUSE THEY WERE PRAYING!” Some differance to how some people are treated by the “authorites”! And how OTHERS are!!

  26. Walt says:

    It’s to break out the water cannons and wash the vermin into the river.

  27. akw says:

    “These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said.


    They are terrorizing cities across the country, and idiot mayors are putting up with it.

  28. Paul S. says:

    Q. How can you tell an OWS protester from a 5-year-old school kid?

    A. The 5-year-old is shorter, cleaner, more mature … and free of parasites.

    1. Jojo says:

      +9000 to you, sir!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Oh good.
        Just in case I was wondering about the mentality of the hate-filled right-wing rhetoric, we get a 4chan meme.
        Case Closed.

  29. read Proverbs daily says:

    Go to the ant you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise. Pr 6:6

  30. John Doe says:

    Really CBS??? You’re covering a story about a few kids having to walk through a protest? What kind of news crap is this? How about discussing important topics.

    I feel stupider after reading this and ashamed that you call yourself a legitimate news resource.

    1. Paul S. says:

      J.D.– I think you give CBS way too much credit regarding you feeling stupid and ashamed. They couldn’t have done it without you. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back now and then, as long as it doesn’t turn into a massage.

    2. Randy Randolf says:

      This was not just a few kids. Stop the propaganda. Which union are you working for John Doe? We know unions including SEIU are supporting this movement as are communist radicals like Van Jones. Whose your puppetmaster?

      1. John Doe says:

        Randy… you are a psychotic nut. I’m a suburban dad sitting in my computer room. Maybe you should wrap tin foil around your head and live in a room with padded walls so you don’t hurt yourself.

  31. Obamican says:

    I’m in debt, work 30 hours a week and make 25k a year.

    So forgive me if I’m not sympathetic to a bunch of kids seeing us protest greed (lower manhattan…hmmm…likely their parents’ greed as the 1 percent)


    1. Hal Lee says:

      Occupy a shower, occupy a job (liar – you’ve never worked), and occupy a toilet instead of a police car.

    2. Jamaica Jim says:

      And who do you feel owes you something and why?

    3. Pauper says:

      How are you occupying if you work 30 hours a week? Maybe you should get a second minimum-wage job for 30 hours/week and be just like the “1%” parents of these kids you’re terrorizing?

    4. mbs says:

      Maybe if you’d get off your lazy butt and get a second job, you wouldn’t need to occupy. Blaming others for your own failures never got anyone anywhere.

  32. Jim Bob says:

    Well at least the kids won’t grow up to be liberals now that they have seen them for what they are.

  33. OccuFail says:

    The 99% are laughing at these violent far left wing extremist idiots. Trying to intimidate a bunch of kids and their parents is sickening. These people have no morals at all. It is mob rule. Lord of the Flies.

    Yeah, we’re going to follow these idiots towards some undefined idea of .change’. The only thing they have accomplished is to show how civil, well behaved and clean the TEA Party people are.

  34. Snake Plissken says:

    Let the Children of Corn follow a bloodsucking leader… get out of the city now! Remember Escape from New York! Its time to turn it into the prison is was destined for.

  35. JohnRalph says:

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims, OWS and welfare voters on the dole.

  36. darin_clements says:

    There should have been some injuries to the punks. Mess with me or mine and I’ll beat you senseless.

    1. John Doe says:

      Ummm… NO one messed with anyone. What are you rambling about?

      1. Pauper says:

        Are you really so libtarded that you don’t understand the term “should have been?”

      2. Randy Randolf says:

        Another democrap useful idiot.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Don’t question him.
        He’s clearly very tough and frightening.

        1. Hal Lee says:

          You, on the other hand, would stand there like the coward that all you leftists are and allow these knuckle-dragging miscreants to shout at your kiddies until they cry.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Don’t make stupid accusations.
            If I was at all worried about my children’s welfare, I would remove them from harm’s way.
            Threatening violence online is just pathetic and impotent. Oh, and ILLEGAL.

            1. Tim says:

              You mean like threatening to toss a firebomb into Macy’s? 🙂

              Ooooh! Sorry, that was for *your* cause. Me so sorry. I see your “block” sign from here!

              1. Adam Wentworth says:

                what are you even talking about? who threatened who with violence…and when?
                Oh damn, I forgot. Dealing with idiots and made-up rumours.

  37. jane doe says:

    How far is ‘too far’??

    How far is a ‘CBS ‘journalist’ willing to go to beat the frothing masses into a frenzy with a biased ‘story’?

    poor kiddies were scared? how scared are they going to be once they realise that Wall St. stole their future??

    1. Mary Brown says:

      You mention “Wall Street” like it is actually a person. ha ha. Do you understand how the markets work? It’s not a person, it’s a system created from world supply and demand and you are a part of it, like it or not. Were you one of those people who used the phrases, “They” and “The man”?

      1. Anonymous says:

        It’s a system created by those who would corrupt the world supply and demand fo their own greed.

    2. Randy Randolf says:

      How far is too far? You maggots, leeches, dopeheads, rapists, child sex predators and revolutionaries will find out. Just keep pushing the good natured people of America and you’ll find out just how too far is. Maggot democraps.

      1. Anonymous says:

        are you one of the ‘good people’?
        or are you a vicious, unbalanced, lying, ranting half-wit?

        1. Hal Lee says:

          I vote for “one of the good people.” You, I’d have to group with the latter.

          1. Anonymous says:

            and who am I?

            I could be your father, Luke! Join ussssssssssssss!!

  38. Liberals are Evil says:

    These filthy maggots have crossed the line. It’s time to clean the park!

    1. John Doe says:

      How did they cross the line? By protesting?

      1. Randy Randolf says:

        by yelling at school children and threatening their parents. you hole. get back on your meds.

        1. Anna Key says:

          were you there?

  39. Blue State Disgust says:

    Blue on blue violence and intimidation—the city, state and its wretchedly twisted obama voters certainly deserve each other.

    Go ahead, when you’re not taxing everything to the hilt, regulating all minutia of life (right down to salt shakers, geez!) and copping uppity, leftist fringe attitudes, slug it out like the dupes that you are.

  40. Joanne Conti says:

    Obama, Bloomberg, Pelosi, and that misguided fool in Oakland, Quan, all own these people. They ignored hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans when the Tea Party protested in an orderly, and non-threatening manner. They trashed them, called them terrorists, yet embraced this vile little group of Acorn/Union led anarchy- bent twits. Obama often left town rather than listen to the Tea-party . Yet, he and his minions encouraged this Acorn, Union led “Protest”. Even to the extent that some fool at the Smithsonian went out and collected OWS samples to show the true American spirit….hope they got some of the feces this Spirited group of Americans have left behind. Biden rejoices in the Unions “firing the first shot”, Pelosi calls the Tea-party terrorist, and the media does what can only be considered yellow journalism, slavishly salivating over OWS…maybe they will camp out at NBC, or CBS…wouldn’t that be a hoot. Why should anyone be surprised that these trashy welfare-wanting losers think they have the right to frightened small children. They don’t want jobs, they want me and my husband to work to give them their little ipods, so they can text their little hearts out. They need to go home and destroy their parents homes. Obama, Pelosi, Biden and Bloomberg, need to go, hopefully to another Country.

    1. jane doe says:

      try inserting paragraphs, dear.

  41. lvh says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. There is no excusing this kind of activity,
    What a group of misguided people..moving along with the blessings of “our” president. Notice? he’s out of town..again !

    1. John Doe says:

      What activity? People protesting?

      1. Randy Randolf says:

        rape including underage girls, crapping everywhere including on police cars, hitting and kicking police officers, squatting on private property, calls for arson and looting. You jackA

        1. Anonymous says:

          really? sounds like media beat-up to me.
          Why did you leave out the part where the piggies sent the mentally-ill indigents and the homeless to flood the protest camp?
          This helped create the perceived disorder that the corporate-owned media could then spin into hate-propaganda for idiots like you to be brainwashed by?


      2. Hal Lee says:

        @John Doe, are you stupid in real life, or do you just play stupid online?

  42. jane doe says:

    Ah, I see. You only publish the comments that ‘support’ your ‘story’?

    Mainstream media is dead in the water.

    1. jane doe says:

      haha. what is the most this hatchet job of a story can hope for? a few hundred comments from spittle-flecked rednecks?
      THERE ARE 32,000 on the ground at Brooklyn Bridge.
      OWS is winning, rednecks.
      OWS is beating you, CBS.

      suck it.

      1. Hal Lee says:

        32,000 fleas sucking on a half-dozen flea-baggers!

      2. A. Lincoln says:

        Winning what exactly? Just curious.

        1. hey says:

          You know, like Charlie Sheen.

      3. Randy Randolf says:

        32K in New York city is no miracle you dope. There are that many mentally ill, social deviants, perverts, revolutionaries, dopeheads, ignorant inexperienced and naive students, and other assortments of lowlifes here in NYC. I’d bet they can bring out much larger crowds. It is not over yet you radical.

        1. Anonymous says:

          No. It isn’t over yet.

          Not by a long shot =)
          In fact, it’s just beginning.
          So you might want to try some breathing exercise – or something – so the rage doesn’t make you stroke out.

      4. Heather Mae says:

        If these idiots get the new system they want they will be the first to starve like the 60 million people that Moa and Stalin did, and if the anarchist get their way they will be the first looking for government protection when the real 99% protect the best way of life for humanity in the world. Sorros doesn’t have enough money to feed these idiots only the political class and the hired guns they will need to protect them from the people they wish to rule over

        1. Anonymous says:

          Oh? I thought they had no demands?
          What is this ‘new system’ that you, apparently, are the only person who knows of it’s existence??

          1. Unanimous says:

            OMG the brutal logic you’ve unleashed is too devastating!
            (Not! LOL!)

            1. Anna Key says:

              good answer. you are clearly a superior being. I’m so jelly of your mental powers and stuff.

            2. Heather Mae says:

              I am not scared by your “Revolution” I am not rich I was effected by this crisis and was on unemployment last year. I have a husband who is a vet and 3 kids I live very comfortably at $27k a year. We are considered to be at poverty level for our family size by the government yet we have everything that we need and more I have seen what real poverty is and I know that if you kids had to live at poverty in even a developed country like South Korea you would be thankful for the level of living that more people have than not have in this country. Please look at history and know that when you centralize power that there is only so much room at the top and without the liberty and the right to pursue happiness that we have now you will be enslaved and stuck in the position that you are in now.

  43. Carl Thisgus says:

    I was planning a family vacation to NYC in January to see some shows with the kids. Forget it. I don’t want to expose my family to lawlessness and mayhem. I’ll take my tourist dollars elsewhere. Maybe once the mayor gets replaced with someone who values law and order I will consider visiting NYC again. Mayor Bloomers has no backbone. He is a jellyfish of a mayor.

    1. Randy Randolf says:

      You see this irony over and over. They feign themselves to be fighting for jobs and for their “share”, yet they obstruct those with jobs and destroy other people’s property. Hypocrisy and liberalism are bedfellows.

  44. alexandron says:

    It would be interesting to see how police dogs would react to frightening them like OWS is doing to school children.

  45. Beau says:

    This is sick!

    Welcome to Obama’s world.

    1. Rob says:

      These OWS people are nothing but communists supporters wanting to end Capitalism and make America equal in misery for all. They would love it we all had to live in tents and lived in squalor and pestilance, with no running water or sanitation. This would be the result if they had their way to destroy all Corporations, Banks and Wall Street. They are playing into Obama’s hand. If he can encourage enough violence he can cancel the election and declare himself Ruler, moving his Czars into major positions of the government.
      We need to stop this now. These are terrorist acts and everyone participating should be charged, jailed and given life. No exceptions.

      1. Randy Randolf says:

        The claim to be protesting corporate greed but say nothing about their own greed to take what they have not earned. OWS Greed is what this is about.

        1. norma says:

          This is way over the top!Leave the kids alone. It’s way past time for the police,mayors of various cities to stand up for the people that elected them and shut these fools down.Should have been done at least a month ago.If they really want to protest…they should go protest if front of the WH.And make sure Obama is actually there.

        2. Bill says:

          The OWS protesters aren’t greedy. Wall street was built on greed. Corporations have been robbing peoples pensions for decades.

          1. Roger says:

            OWS protesters need to go home to mom. If they harassed my kid, I’d beat the living crap out of who did it.

            1. firedup49 says:

              Bravo I agree. Touch my child they be dead meat..

              1. Gordon Campbell says:

                Gutted like a fish.

                1. Jeff Sayin says:

                  First – this article is ridiculously bias expressing the opinion of a reporter as fact – these kids were treated with respect and got a first hand lesson in Americans expressing their constitutional rights.

                  More disturbing than this article though is the level of vitriolic hatred in these comments directed to people simply exercising their constitutional rights through non-violent civil disobedience to protest gross economic injustice.

                  I take solace though in knowing that the disproportionate number of OWS haters commenting here is due to the fact that the Drudge Report linked to this article and the army of pathetic Drudge Trolls have diligently regurgitated Fox News talking points along with their insults … of course. The last resort of a feeble mind.

                2. James Felix says:

                  Actually Jeff unless you’re contending that CBS news (hardly a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy) is inventing the incident there is simply no way to claim that these kids were treated with respect.

                  Secondly, if they want to demonstrate against “gross economic injustice” they should be in Washington. The First Amendment guarantees a right to seek redress from the GOVERNMENT, it’s not a license to harass and intimidate fellow citizens.

                  And finally when it comes to “vitriolic hatred” the people commenting here are rank amateurs compared to the OWS people themselves.

          2. Nancy Cohen says:

            If you want to talk about who’s been robbing who, go right to the source: Obama and his leftist infiltrators. Then be sure to go to the unions, tax exempt foundations, ACORN, Freddie & Fannie, and all the politicians who have used their power for personal gain.

            Wall Street didn’t do anything as evil as what these criminals have done and continue to do.

            Utopia will kill you too.

            1. liz says:

              Right on Nancy — I agree with you 1000%

          3. Jordan says:

            Bill, just where do you get that information? What pensions have you seen raided by a corporation? Or, do you mean union pensions being raided by the union leadership or politicians if it’s a public union?

            Please provide one example of a corporate pension being raided by the corporation?

            1. Lee Boice says:

              They will never answer because they are morons who haven’t a clue . All they do is mouth what their Marxist handlers tell them to say

            2. Anonymous says:

              And what about corporate pensions?
              We privatise the profit and socialise the loss, let foolish tax-payers worry about footing the bill.

              That’s you, too, btw. You’re paying for these foul deeds with higher taxes and reduced services and quality of life.
              OCCUPY didn’t cause that pain, friend. Don’t let the media focus your rage on Occupy. They really ARE NOT THE ENEMY.
              Occupy stand for freedom and equality for all Americans. How could that make them the enemy?

              1. Jack Kennedy says:

                occupy rapes, kills, terrorizes the Real Americans………….guess that does not count cuz they have oblamo support

                OBAMA CULTURE OF CORRUPTION is what the ows crowd should be protesting……….. but they have proven and continue to show that they have no intellectual honesty or integrity

                ows is just extension of the obama mob of America haters …………. and the minions of the radical democrats

              2. Bulldog says:

                Then why are occupiers terrorizing nearby businesses? Hmmm??? They have the right to PEACEFUL assembly. And if it is for freedom and equalith for all, how come they are split according to socioeconomics??

              3. Hal McCombs says:

                No, ‘Occupy’ is not the enemy. They are the enemies ‘useful idiots’.

          4. rjm2238 says:

            The protesters ought to be shot down for fooling with those little kids.
            Rich in New Mexico.

            1. sodacrackers2 says:

              They can use things like water hoses to send these people packing. These dupes don’t want a job. They just want to party.

              1. Jason says:

                wow really… do you have any idea what you just said here… I bet you hate black people too huh?
                Seriously hosing Americans is not right no matter how you look at it…

                1. Karen says:

                  What does being black have to do with jack sh*t? The race card is DEAD, you libturd. When people camp out where they are affecting OTHER people being able to use public facilities, sidewalks, buildings, parks, etc. they are saying ‘we own everything, and have an exclusive right to take over what the tax payers and private property owners have paid for. What arrogance. HOSE them off the sidewalks and cart them away to jail where they belong.

          5. Singularity says:

            Sorry, but it the government that has been robbing people’s pensions for decades, particularly one known as Social Security.

            And you demonstrate your supreme ignorance by suggesting that Wall Street was built on greed. Wall Street is nothing more than a conduit, where things are bought and sold. Where currency takes the form of investments.

            If you are going to embarrass yourself by spewing your ignorance, at least do it in a place where your stupidity won’t be so noticeable. Go to one of the Squatter sites….or the Daily Kos.

            1. bc says:

              well said…ditto

          6. Fed up with hypocrite says:

            Those who work hard and succeed are called greedy. They are vilified because they remind the so called 99% of what they are not capable of doing. They did not choose majors in college with limited job possibilities. The cast of characters that are down there only exemplifies why they are unemployable. There are jobs available to them except they are to full of them selves to accept. The one things for sure this economy really shows how weak some of our society really is. What made our country great was we attracted to hardest working individual from other countries that were willing to do what it takes. No job to small. Working hard and waiting for an opportunity. When one was not available they created one.

            1. anon says:

              no.no NO.
              Those who lie, cheat, steal and pollute are called greedy.
              Those who take government money in the form of BAIL OUTS to create jobs, then award themselves massive bonuses and DO NOT CREATE THE JOBS are, rightfully, called greedy.
              what about this is so hard to compute?

              1. fed up with hypocrite says:

                According to most sources not only dd the banks pay it back but there was also a 10 billion dollar profit. Most of the banks were forced to take the loans and as soon as they could they paid it back because they found the government interference in their business to restrictive. there are jobs available just not the one you want but don’t let the fact get in your way.

                1. TheTrue Pooka says:

                  Actually, that’s not true. The money was supposedly paid back but you’ll notice that the government did a swap deal right around that time, effectively giving the money right back to the banks. My understanding is the money (returned right back to the banks) was supposed to be used as loans for small/ start up businesses and as we all know… loans from banks have been rather scarce nowadays.
                  Which is one of the many reasons our economy is struggling.

                2. Anna Key says:

                  and they paid back the bonuses, too, right?

              2. ANON(ron paul 2012!) says:

                Sorry, but im going to have to disagree with my fellow anon here. Although it was greedy of them to do that, and it was entirely their fault for mis-using bailout funds. THOSE OBAMA BAILOUTS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. If a company pushed itself to the point of economic collapse let it fail! it is a financial natural selection as it were. When the government artificially props up companies that risked too much and lost, it makes other companies influenced to do the same rather than have a sense of responsibility, so yes would agree that the use of bailouts are bad, but I would disagree and say that the fault lies on where the bailouts came from
                We do not forgive
                We do not forget
                Expect us

                1. TheTrue Pooka says:

                  “Bush-Obama Bailouts”. Be accurate. Calling them “Obama Bailouts” is misleading.

                  1. Japes Macfarland says:

                    Bush-Obama bailouts? Wrong. What Bush did (and with a leftist congress since 06) was like stealing a car compared to Obama robbing Fort Knox. Yes, both are morally wrong, since stealing, but the latter has far more consequence. Obama spent more in one year than Bush did in all eight and with two wars. The scale of what Obama has spent is so far off the charts people can’t really grasp it. There really is no comparison if you look at the reality of what each spent. (and tarp was paid back)

                2. PV says:

                  We can’t even expect you to change your underwear you clown.

          7. Capitalist4Ever says:

            Shutting down peoples livelyhoods IS greedy. What do you OWS really want? I know what you want. To tair down the greatest country in the world. You should be greatful for being born here. Don’t you have goals in life? Other than taking what others worked hard for. You need to learn to do for yourself and climb lifes ladders like everyone else. None of us is truly intitled to anything. We are only intitled to what we labor in life for. I got news for you. All of you OWS children are going to loose, and loose big.

          8. Mike says:

            Wrong- UNIONS have been robbing people’s pensions for decades. The same unions that helped elect Obama. Welcome to the USSA, comrade.

          9. Melinda says:

            If the “OWS” maggots want to spread the wealth they can start just like the rest of us, by getting a job.

          10. Brian Epps says:

            Last I checked, my 401k with the CORPORATE matching contribution was doing OK. The Feds have been taking Social Security “pension” money all my working life and spending every penny. I am arranging things so that I don’t need SS since I don’t think it will be there for me.

            But that will only happen if the Feds don’t steal my 401k as the party that supports OWS has proposed. Government greed leaves people in need.

          11. Susan Gate says:

            Oh right Bill… All about you and your greed… those pensions are out of money because the Dems and unions didn’t set them up right, you ignoramous… they were NEVER fully funded… and what does this have to do with the kids? Greedy disgusting liberals

          12. Zara Rolon says:

            Bill. Really? Where is the proof of what you say? Where has this happened? Wall Street is where all people have a right to invest. If you don’t like it then don’t do it. Your making up lies to fit your agenda and we are not falling for it. You sound like an Obama drone, repeating what the lib media spouts without really thinking deep about how dumb it sounds. Nobody is forcing anybody to have anything to do with Wall Street! If you don’t want to have an account at a bank, then don’t. If you don’t want a mortgage then rent. If you don’t want a car loan then walk. If you don’t want a credit card then pay cash. If you can’t afford a student loan then get a job and pay your way. If you need money then work two jobs! There’s 24 hours in a day, millions of folks in this country work 16 or more hours in their small business’s every day to get by, so why can’t these losers work xtra hours to pay their own way? I’m sick of this nonsense and these idiots who just want a freebie at my expense!

          13. JT Hawke says:

            Where do think your pension dollars come from?

            Maybe you should return all the monies your pension received from corporations

          14. Loralee says:

            So where does frightening school children help their alleged “cause”?

      2. Bill says:

        Rob, you are a friggin moron.

        1. Ray says:

          You have to be a frickin’ idiot. You, like all the rest of your ilk, can’t even explain what it is you are protesting. If you really want to make a statement, you need to be able to tell the rest of the country what it is you want, besides getting everything free. If your parents never told you, nothing in this life is free. You pay for it one way or the other. Grow up Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Bobby says:

          Bill, you are an idiot.

        3. don says:

          Bill, you might want to tell your friends in the OWS that by harassing little children, they are doing a great disadvantage to themselves. They are already looked down upon by the American people as dregs of society. By attacking kids they have lost all sympathy. Oh, and grow up, Bill!

        4. Daniel says:

          That’s all you got Bill-calling someone names. Bring me one thing Obama did right to this economy. Oh, wait you’re one of the Obama coolaid drinker so you don’t see anything wrong.Go get a job or move back to your mom’s basement. You hate because your life sucks and you have no family to go home to during Christmas. Loser!

        5. Jullouwe says:

          Another mind-numbed robot!

      3. Deborah says:

        Rob..you are 100% right!

      4. Nancy Cohen says:

        I agree completely. The communists have infiltrated the USA so deeply into education, the media, our government , and they’ve had decades to create their fifth column of communist radical revolutionaries. This is Saul Alinsky poison at it’s most dangerous. Top down, bottom up, inside out. Obama is involved in this up to his neck and he should be removed from office and charged with treason. The same goes for Holder, Jarrett, and the CPC, CBC, and their union thugs, as well as ACORN, the Midwest Academy of Chicago, and all the other socialist front groups that fund them and train their revolutionaries. They are all guilty and must pay the price for sedition.

        1. Ray says:

          You are absolutely correct Nancy. If these ows idiots really want to change things, they’d better learn to communicate a message that explains how they would make changes that will improve the economy or whatever it is they want to change rather than stupidly chanting “follow the kids”. What a bunch of absolute morons!

        2. Edward Manhattan says:

          That’s right! Throw the president in PRISON for SEDITION!!!!

      5. Bobby says:

        well said. Parents should arm themselves and use deadly force to protect those kids from these lunatics. Who do these morons think they are. Put them on a boat headed for Venezuela and they can see Socialism first hand.

      6. Gibbons says:

        Rob, these people miss the 60’s when the world turned evil and has been going downhill since!

        1. BoxcarWillieX says:

          I throughly concur with your statement; I was in the Marine Corps in the 60s and well remember the crap the vets caught. I am with you, in my opinion some good things came out of the 60s but more bad things came out of that decade for which this nation is still paying the price. It is disheartening.

      7. Waffle says:

        Can’t tell if troll, or really stupid.

      8. Fred says:

        “These OWS people are nothing but communists supporters wanting to end Capitalism and make America equal in misery for all”

        Wall Street plays with highly leveraged instruments such as CDOs. Takes large bonuses when bets go well. When they don’t they receive a bailout from taxpayers.. Wanting to end this obscenity to capitalism is not anti-capitalist. In fact, it has been correctly argued it’s a matter of national security. The next melt-down of a “systemically important” financial institution and we don’t know what will happen except it will be worse than 2008. Why ? Because the remaining large financial institutions rather than being either (1) reduced in size or (2) precluded from engaging in activity in which the taxpayer stands behind losses, are all BIGGER than they were before.

        Now the mystery is not how we are in this position (Wall Street owns Washington, in fact, runs it to a large extent, see, e.g. Tim Geithner, and would always eviscerate any attempt to make changes to a game that works well for them). No the musteryt is how the average schmuck like you thinks it’s all well and good and anyone attempting to voice opposition wants to “end capitalism.”

        It’s comical. No, not too bright poster. They want to end CRONY CAPITALISM.

      9. rangerrebew says:

        They aren’t playing INTO his hand, they are playing his plan. Obama, Nazi Pelosi, the communist party, socialist party, neo-nazis, KKK, etal. all support the insurrection and the violence. Those are fine groups and the democratic can be proud of their support.

    2. Edward Manhattan says:

      Bunch of sick PEDOPHILES!!!

    3. Dan Flikweert says:

      Simply remember the flea…always looking for another dog! Parasites!!

    4. StraightUp says:

      Terrorists, backed by Pelosi as Obama “stands with them” —

    5. Mikie says:

      Deport them all to South Chicago!

    6. bullrider says:

      BINGO. SICK. OBAMA’S WORLD where allegedly caring, compassionate adults on the “Left” will hassle and frighten small children.

      The Occupy movement is a bunch of trash, and apparently Obama likes trash. Surprise.

    7. juan blanco says:

      This is called the building blocks of fear mongering…
      Make more of what the story was to create victims out of nobody.
      The parents are mostly unhappy because they could not get back to the TV at home fast enough to witch morning chit-chat shows.
      The “Taliban NYPD” puts up barricades to stop cross traffic to then incite an incident to further it’s cause.
      People should look at an incident without the influence of a headline.

      1. anon says:

        Did you see the kid in the interview? Did he look terribly traumatised to ANYBODY?

      2. Judith says:

        Oh, so stalking a kid and their parent is O.K.? Twisted thinking.

        1. jane doe says:

          the media does it ALL THE TIME.
          double standards, much?

    8. Stinky McGee says:

      I think it should be “welcome to Soros’ world”.

    9. Matrix7637 says:

      time for pepper spray and billy clubs. your free speach is over.

    10. Capitalist4Ever says:

      The best thing about all of this and Obama is single handedly Obama is destroying Liberalism and the Democratic Party. The world knows now how destructive Liberalism, Socialism is. Democrats is going to be a small minority as it sould be. It is now known liberals make up about 20% of the population. It shouldn’t be the 99%, it’s the 20%. The lazy, the ones who wants us all to be slaves of the government. Never happen. Not in this country.

    11. Screwy says:

      There are hermit souls that live withdrawn
      In the place of their self-content;
      There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
      In a fellowless firmament;
      There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths
      Where highways never ran-
      But let me live by the side of the road
      And be a friend to man.

      Let me live in a house by the side of the road
      Where the race of men go by-
      The men who are good and the men who are bad,
      As good and as bad as I.
      I would not sit in the scorner’s seat
      Nor hurl the cynic’s ban-
      Let me live in a house by the side of the road
      And be a friend to man.

      I see from my house by the side of the road
      By the side of the highway of life,
      The men who press with the ardor of hope,
      The men who are faint with the strife,
      But I turn not away from their smiles and tears,
      Both parts of an infinite plan-
      Let me live in a house by the side of the road
      And be a friend to man.

      I know there are brook-gladdened meadows ahead,
      And mountains of wearisome height;
      That the road passes on through the long afternoon
      And stretches away to the night.
      And still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice
      And weep with the strangers that moan,
      Nor live in my house by the side of the road
      Like a man who dwells alone.

      Let me live in my house by the side of the road,
      Where the race of men go by-
      They are good, they are bad, they are weak, they are strong,
      Wise, foolish – so am I.
      Then why should I sit in the scorner’s seat,
      Or hurl the cynic’s ban?
      Let me live in my house by the side of the road
      And be a friend to man.

      These protesters have made their point. It’s time to stop the violence and degenerate behavior It’s time for them to go occupy their own lives instead of imposing their presence on average people that haven’t done them any wrong.

    12. TheTrue Pooka says:

      Oh, and I question the veracity of this News Report. Considering the multitude of fallacious claims that have come out of the media on OWS, if I don’t see actual hard evidence I’m saying; “You’re lying and making it up.”

      Stop being lazy. There are legitimate complaints to be made about OWS. Going the whole South Park “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” route to fabricate up false fears is the height of journalistic irresponsibility.

      1. dydx says:


        …OF COURSE you question the truth of this. You have to be in DENIAL to be a true pookin’ supporter of OWS.

        And of course we know what your true legitimate complaints are about the OWS. Like how they didn’t salt the organic chicken they way you prefer, and how the condoms that were given away weren’t all ribbed. Well, mebbee they’ll get it right next time.

        In the meantime, all you have to do is look at the footage about the kids streaming through the gauntlet of fleabaggery to know how accurate this report is. Couple that with CBS’s long standing liberal bias, and I’d say this is pretty accurate as far as OWS fleabags disrupting these kids’ getting to school.

    13. Joe Padilla says:

      Obama’s kids are at a similar school. That’s Obama’s world.

    14. Susan Gate says:

      What do you bet those were Jewish kids… this is disgusting.. who is going to stand up for the children? Bloomberg better do something or citizens are going to take things into their own hands.

      1. JT Hawke says:

        What difference does it make what “race” those children are?

        1. Japes Macfarland says:

          His point is obviously related to the fact that you leftists are disproportionately anti Semitic. duh. 😉

    15. Lynn says:

      Good lord. I went to a protest with my family when I was a kid. What should be more scary is cops in full riot gear and packing guns and chemicals. And the cops were the ones who put up the barriers that caused the grid lock. The kids are fine, but I would imagine the parents complaining are not in support of Occupy Wall Street. Just guessing.

    16. izzie says:

      I AGREE….they are thugs, druggies and have the AUDACITY to do THIS to Little kids…!! Now what if it was his kids ? but our community organiger in chief does not care……..These people have made how many street vendors loose money, plus other businesses, BUT WHEN YOU START PICKING ON LITTLE CHILDREN ……..You can be called other things……..I say have a ” Special Draft ” if they are out of work……..send them to Afghanistan after bootcamp……….

    17. Anonymous says:

      what did they DO, exactly??
      I can’t see one single kid with so much as a frown.
      Certainly NO TEARS.
      beat-up article is a beat-up.

    18. Ron Rathbun says:

      Ditto Beau; These sickos show their true nature. Unfortunately America got what it voted for. I can only hope this country learns from it’s mistakes, despite the video game generation being in control of the voting booth.

    19. Mike says:

      It’s time to stop this crap before something regrettable happens. They called the Tea Party “Dangerous Radicals” and even “Terrorists” and yet, those same people wink and smile at this garbage. Obama, Pelosi and the crowd love this bunch of twisted, human filth. The question is why? But we already know the answer to that.

  46. Mercy Angel says:

    Not surprised at all. People Need to Protest The Protesters. When the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest in a town in Oklahoma the people counter protested and won. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSCy8CjMyCE Granted it was a smaller group. But with enough people I think it will do some good.

    1. lalalah says:

      its far past time the real 99% do the job the government will not do. If they do not read about the fall of the Weimar Republic to find out what happens next

      1. Randy Randolf says:

        The 99% number is pure propaganda cr4p no matter who uses it. It comes from marxist tactics inflating their own numbers (roughly 20-25%) against the majority of people who do not buy their fake and failed policies.

      2. Mark Matis says:

        Are you ready to take on “Law Enforcement”? For it is THEY who are enabling this swill, at the direction of their Masters. Or do you fail to notice that EVERY ONE OF THESE “protests” are in cities ruled by Leftists? And the “Law Enforcement” merely grovel before their Masters and then do WHATEVER they are told…

        1. Anonymous says:

          Every one of these tens of thousands of protests – all over the world – are ruled by leftists>

          Are you even smart enough to realise how stupid you are? =(


            1. Anonymous says:

              haha. nope.


              By the way, I just read some of that ‘zombie’ freak’s rants. He sure loves him some war, doesn’t he?

          1. bullrider says:

            Occupy = Stupidity.
            Loud mouths who don’t work, pay no taxes, and have only failed to get anyplace either by their own laziness or by subscribing to Obama’s political viewpoint.

            Let’s have an early, wet, frigid winter!!!

            1. grumpy_rage&hate-filled_redneck says:

              so, as a man who lost his business in the 2008 crash, have been working 3 minimum wage jobs since and am STILL getting foreclosed on as I don’t earn enough…YOU ARE CALLING ME LAZY???

              Say it to my angry, broke, scared face. I am not marching yet because I am ONE PAYCHECK away from starvation.

              1. E. says:

                Thank you for this, grumpy.

                I can only hope that someday, some of these commentators will realize that they, too, share many of the OWS movement’s concerns. Unfortunately, many of them have been convinced that being screwed by a corrupt economic and political system is somehow “patriotic”.

                To me, true patriotism is taking a stand against corruption, and that’s exactly what these occupy protesters are doing, even if it isn’t always pretty.

                All of you on here can continue dismissing the 99% movement as lazy, communist, marxist, facist, liberal, baby-hating, pedophilic, drug-using, or any other slew of controversial adjectives that you want to throw at them, but that won’t change the fact that there is serious corruption plaguing in this country. So whatever side of the political spectrum you’re on, why not do something about it?

                1. Lower Manhattan resident says:

                  I disagree with OWS in-your-face tactics. Stalking a parent and child is O.K.? Defacating in apartment buildings is O.K.? Drumming 24/7 is O.K.? Creating unsanitary conditions is O.K.? This Lower Manhattan resident is tired of being collateral damage. For the record I grew up on welfare and have lived in projects and cold-water/no heat slums. So I know what it means to be poor.

              2. Also a Lower Manhattan resident says:

                I’m ok with them.They are standing up for my rights.

  47. nix15 says:

    Quick, start a new season of American Idol so these fools go home.

    1. Anonymous says:

      brilliant. This is the kind of retarded mentality behind everything that is wrong with the western world.

      Screw American Idol.


      1. Matt says:

        Those kids are THE 1% AND MUST BE MADE TO PAY!!
        OCCUPY!!!!! OCCUPY!!!! OCCUPY!!!!

        (an elementary school education is for wimps, take it from me, an occupy “movement”)

      2. OccupyDeez says:

        and you didn’t even get the joke…

        Just shows you the retarded mentality behind the OWS movement.

        1. anon says:

          was it a joke?

          it wasn’t funny OR clever.

          p.s. ‘mentality’ is a big word for you. Did your carer type that?

          1. Ooops says:

            What made it most humorous was the fact that some dolt felt the urge to reply to it – and even scorn it by saying ‘Screw American Idol’. These 99% morons are 100% stupid.

            1. Anna Key says:

              and you had to reply because you’re a genius, right?

              please don’t have children.

              1. Tired of turdbasketry says:

                Someone should have said that to your mom. It isn’t like you’re making any sense.

      3. wildbill6996 says:

        Come on down to my house an occupy, brave boy !!!!!!

      4. Nelson Franks says:

        This doesn’t even qualify as a bowel movement.

  48. SocialistDemocratNYC says:





    1. Allison Culver says:

      i work i was NEVER privlaged and its you idiots that dont want to work and want to stop people from getting to work that need to GET OUT OF THE WAY

      1. Anna Key says:

        failing to grasp the point, dear?

        1. Hal Lee says:

          Grasp this, you filthy pig!

          1. Hal Lee says:

            I know you’re filthy and stupid by your allegiance to the filthy, stupid occupigpen (bowel) movement.

            1. Anonymous says:

              are you talking to yourself?

            1. Jane Doe = troll. says:

              Jane Doe = Troll

        2. Nomad says:

          That’s right…your entitled to be privileged. Everyone should have a college education and a high paying job handed to them. Then we can pay $100 for a Big Mac and be right back in the same boat.

    2. Beth Dennis says:

      The 1% are the only reason that the city has money to function, dimwit. Who is going to pay for it if they leave? You?

      1. Amie McCoy says:

        Bravo, Beth!

    3. jerky says:

      Hey Mr. President, you really shouldn’t be trolling on news comments sections.

      1. Anna Key says:

        hahahaha! ‘news’!!
        oh, you’re a funny one!
        news! hahahahaha
        This is supposed to be news?! I thought it was a series of emotive, heavily editorialised opinions??

        /chuckles to self. News! Oh dear me.

        1. Beth Dennis says:

          Just because an article inspires strong emotions doesn’t make it any less valuable. However, your response of ridicule and derision to valid concerns about the creepy behavior of your cohorts makes you even more creepy.

          1. Leigh says:

            Thank you, Beth.

          2. anon says:

            do you know what ‘creepy’ means? because you sound like a 12 year old.

    4. Jeff McCabe says:

      I’m curious. Specifically, how are the parents of these children taking your money? And when you want them to leave, I assume your good with them taking their money and paying taxes somewhere else?

    5. arealamerican says:

      You ARE the 1%, you left-wing nut job. If the 99% are able to get their hands on you, you are toast, babycake wannabe revolutionaries. Crybabies and cowards all.

      1. Anonymous says:

        you are sitting on ass, typing threats on a computer screen, and have the bald-faced nerve to call OTHER PEOPLE COWARDS?


        1. Pauper says:

          …says “Anonymous”

    6. Ben Franklin says:

      Is this not enough evidence that we need to take our civilization back from the demented Marxists who control our schools and colleges and indoctrinate future generations?

      Support the Youth for Western Civilization today!


    7. LA Doc says:

      Ahh, poor little baby? Whatsa matter, you not getting enough government milk, you spoiled loser? Or are you just one of those hormonal poseurs throwing a temper tantrum. What a pathetic and worthless human being you are, lol.
      Wah, I’m such a victiim, nothing’s my fault, wah!

    8. leslie says:

      If the 1% leave then you will actually have to shower and de-lice and find a job.

    9. Qman says:

      There are many other countries for you to go to. Hey, that’s an idea. LEAVE you butt head!!!

    10. AtlasObjectivist says:

      LMAO – OSW people don’t work. Workers unite… that’s a good one.

      1. Shepdawg says:

        I’m with you John Galt!

    11. Henry Thoreau says:

      You NAZI shtbags touch a kid, and I will show you who the 99% really are..

    12. Heather Mae says:

      Good thing that you idiots didn’t threaten children in Pittsburgh we are allowed to carry guns openly (remember the African-American tea party whose picture was cropped to show just enough of the person to see his rifle but cut the rest out so you wouldn’t see that he was black) so how much money have you paid in income tax since 2008? Why aren’t you mad at Washington for insider trading or solyndra? Oh yeah its cool to take money as long as it enriches your special interest. Picking on 4 year old kids is almost as low as raping women, murder, dealing highly addictive substances.

    13. irishalaman says:

      you are a pathetic waste of humanity,
      born free, begging for chains..pathetic!
      Social Security, Food Stamps, Fed Housing, Welfare, medicaid, Medicare.
      Free High School, AND so much more…
      What else would you like in your Socialist Democratci Paradise?
      POWER..You do not deserve POWER or RESPONSIBLITY..
      YOU HAVE EARNED NEITHER, You wish to create fear and pain but
      all that will earn YOU in AMERICA is being a USELESS IDIOT and
      remanded as a financial ward of the state..Stalin got his caviar, Fidel got his cake,
      YOU will get garbage because that is what you have become..

    14. LMW says:

      You’re an idiot.
      You want to destroy the one thing that allows you express your idiocy publicly.
      Obviously you are part of the 1% that don’t know that only 5% of the worlds entire population that has ever lived, has lived in Freedom. If you believe that the system is unfair, then I feel sorry for you. Have you wondered by Lech Wałęsa declined to attend your little annoyance? It was because he knows very well what you want is exactly what he fought to defeat.

    15. Pauper says:

      Exactly what money are they taking from you? You live rent-free in your mom’s basement. You’re not smart or motivated enough to find a J-O-B (you’re barely smart enough to find the caps lock… once), so you obviously don’t pay any income taxes. You must be upset you have to pay for your pot.

    16. Matt says:

      YEAH!!! Kill those filthy kids!! Teach them to be born to people who actually did something with thier lives! Feed those greedy little 4 year olds nightmares of fleas and scabies and warts on the nethers, BO and unwashed hair (cant forget to bring the ipod, ipad, ibook, ect )

    17. RT Moore says:

      I am glad you admit you are a socialist, at least you have more balls than Obama. The problem is that by being a socialist you support the starvation of millions around the world. Only capitalism can feed the world. USAID..USAID…USAID

    18. AmericaTheGreat says:


  49. B da truth says:

    Mayor “Dinkins” Bloomberg doesn’t have the stones to deal with this and sends the Police out there now day after day to be abused,by OWS he sould resign Get a new Mayor willing to crack some heads, that’s what it is going to take Running them through an already overlaoded court system to be let loose again by the notoriously Leftist judges of NYC is no solution.

    1. Bob Gump says:

      “crack some heads”

      Obviously you haven’t been watching the news too well. Bring it on, tough guy… we greatly outnumber police.

      1. Cavalryman says:

        WTB 10 minutes on a water cannon; paying well

        1. Freddy says:

          This is not protesting this is disrupting and harassment , these Fleabags need to learn respect. Cops need to bust some head!

      2. Fancy says:

        The only police you outnumber, Gump, are the ones who have been sent to protect the real citizens of NYC so far. There are many more police and then theres always the national Guard, you dumbazz.

      3. David says:

        Do you out number 50,000 volts from a Taser? How about the number of heat units in OC Spray? How about the grains in a .45 bullet? You’re an asshole.

      4. Steve r says:

        Well, Bob. You are the reason there is a 2nd Amendment. “Greatly outnumber police” huh? You guys are headed down a bad path messing with people’s kids. You are upset that you are a loser? Fine. But let your loserness start threatening children and you will see parents violently defending them.

        So like all bullies, you find your strength in numbers and then have the gall to tease another about his toughness.

      5. jimlay says:

        You greatly outnumber the kids too, ASSHOLE!

      6. Jaxter says:

        So I guess to you the “tough guys” are the ones that scare little kids? You must be real proud.

      7. Lowcountry David says:

        Bob, it is tuff out here for all of us that WORK for a living. Oh wait, maybe you are one of the many that would rather sit on your duff and expect our government to give it to you for free. Sure things are tuff right now, but stop whining—start working—and be part of the solution, not the problem. By the way, elect people that want less government control and you would see our country turn around.

      8. boiz says:

        How about one on one, COWARD!!!

      9. James says:

        Doesnt matter HOW MANY OF YOU BUMS there are… YOU WILL LOOSE if you try to get tough with the NYPD you f’king a$$WIPE. You guys are NOT the 99%… you are the .001% of the A$ $H OL ES!

      10. Lowcountry Jim says:


        You and your kind are disgusting; pathetic drips of humanity.

        Guess your computer is fabricated from hemp, rainbows and Marxist platitudes, eh?

        I am soooo glad I left the Northeast and live in the vestiges of the United States.

        Enjoy your feces and body lice encrusted existence, you fool.

      11. LadyLiberty1885 says:

        This very reply is why no one believes this ‘movement’ has ever had non-violent intent. It’s nothing more than a Liberal mob throwing a public temper tantrum in a very ugly, violent and disgusting manner.

        The story asked “How far is too far?”
        Too far was 6 weeks ago. Period.
        Oh and CBS, your subtitle – “Crush of Humanity”? REALLY? That’s called being trampled by a mob, you biased hacks.

      12. bscott1227 says:

        Uh huh. What an idiot.

      13. leee says:

        But you don’t out number us 53%ers who will gladly come down on the weekend, we are paying mostly for your protest through taxes and work, and help the police rid the streets of vermin..ie you.

      14. Steve Daniel says:

        BUBBA I hate to break it to you, but you are a vocal minority of Thugs and lawbreakers… Get a job.

      15. Steve Lindsey says:

        Hey Bob Gump-Come on down to Georgia and pull your crap. Occupy Atlanta wanted to be so bad too but well we believe in the 2nd here so they decided they would quietly go away before we made them go away loudly.

      16. Justme says:

        That sounds like a threat, Bob Gump.

      17. top5%ofmyclass says:

        yeah 1000 useful idiots to 1…this paid for sham is so transparent…

      18. Ken says:

        Were could we meet? Tough Guy. Bring some friends.

      19. Hilary Elise Adams says:

        You outnumber police. Sure. But you won’t outnumber the riot pellets they’ll be shooting directly at your chest. Or the thousands upon thousands of citizens that want your whiny, lazy asses to go back to your life. Oh, wait. You don’t have one. That’s why you’re standing around claiming you’re protesting, when all you’re really doing is using it as an excuse to be a public nusance.

      20. McNeil Higgins says:

        Sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound you you being evicted from Zucotti Park

    2. FLEABAGS 1, Tough Guys 0 says:

      The anti-war movement of the 60s kicked your side’s ass, dummy.

      And you glass-jawed chickenhawks have been weeping ever since.

      1. ibdoubtful says:

        The 60’s was a load of BS where over protected over induldged Dr Spock raised un appreciateve kids through out everything ever done to provide for them to follow leftist communist instigators….and thought they were so brave for spitting in thier parents face…THE GREAT generation. The generation that understood sacrifice, understood unity and duty to a system and constitution that was the next step in the evolution of liberty, YOUR side stands for millions killed and oppressed past and present. YOUR SIR are a USEFUL idiot as is every OWS person. SOme may be some may mean well but it does not change the fact they are being used, what has changed is that the real 99 are not buying the crap this time, we were complacent last time…..but not this time.

      2. Tex Lovera says:

        Ummm, when and where was that, dood? You musta been pretty stoned & wearing rose-colored glasses, as your memory is quite effed up. But thanks for playing!!

        1. Really? says:

          Yeah, you ruff tuff creampuffs really handled the anti-war movement. The country can’t even HAVE a draft anymore, because bad war plans would instantly collapse.

          The entire social and political culture of this country has evolved tenfold in the last 40+ years. Yet some people are still whimpering about dirty lazy protesters who just need a good whack in the skull, and Stalinist Russia, and Dr. Spock. Real winners’ talk.

          1. Herr Stig says:

            Yup, now we have a professional military, and they don’t like fleabags very much.

          2. Sppamelot says:

            Actually Dr. Spocks own son committed suicide. His entire Psychological approach has been discredited and deemed a miserable failure. As for Stalinist Russia, is collapsed, and now is in the throws of democracy. They even have a “Flat Tax” that is less than ours. So why are you pointing to all these failures as your idea of success? Are you retarded?

            1. Cheryl Jocobs says:

              @ Sppamelot – “Actually Dr. Spocks own son committed suicide”

              WRONG! Read a book, do some research. A simple Google search will yield you the correct result.

              “Contrary to a popular rumor, Spock’s son did not commit suicide.[14] Spock had two children: Michael and John. Michael was formerly the director of the Boston Children’s Museum and since retired from the museum profession. John is the owner of a construction firm. However, Spock’s grandson Peter did commit suicide on December 25, 1983 at the age of 22 by jumping from the roof of the Boston Children’s Museum.[15] He had long suffered from schizophrenia.[16]”

              It is better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

              1. flyboy says:

                With four clicks of the mouse, you could have attributed that closing remark to Abraham Lincoln.

              2. Doug Dean says:

                Woah, that’s a relief! At least he was one for two. For a minute there, I thought his advice on parenting was completely worthless! Now you’ve shown us the truth — his advice on parenting was only 50/50 worthless.

          3. goatley says:

            funny its the hippies and lefties calling for a draft now. They think we should all be forced into some form of public service after completing school.

          4. Sue Darling says:

            Draft isn’t needed anymore. Drafts are only used when the number of servicemen needed is more than recruitment. That rarely happens anymore. The draft is still and always be an option. That’s why every 18 year old male in this country is required to register with the Selective Service. BTW – it is still illegal NOT to register. So there technically is still a draft infrastructure in the US.
            PS in regards to Dr Spock – it is the general concensus that his methods did not work & his books are no longer recommended by most ob/gyns to expecting parents. And Stalinist Russia was an epic fail.

            1. ConservativeBeaner says:

              Not only that, but on his deathbed, Dr. Spock admitted to a colleague that he had realized that all of his childcare theories were wrong.

            2. Joe Peeler says:

              Why should that state own your life? That is the inference of a draft. If people don’t want to go to war, it’s their life. Many people have caught on to the con that U.S. foriegn policy in about nation-building, serving the interests of connected firms, opening up new markets, and putting compliant govt.’s that are toadies for the west in power.

              A draft is slavery.

          5. Doug Dean says:

            Here’s a fun thing to do when you’re really bored… try to imagine what kind of parents these OWS cretins are going to be!

            You could wind up longing for the good old DR. Spock days…

      3. Japes Macfarland says:

        The anti war movement provoked the left congress to bully the lame duck President Ford (after Nixon) to abandon the South Vietnamese and turn our backs on the French Peace accords. We had won the war, and promised to protect them from the Communists. You monsters forced us, as a country, to abandon them, and Pol Pot and his communists proceeded to murder, drown and force starve upwards of 2 million people. More people died in the one year after we abandoned them then in the entire decade of war and on both sides combined. Your protests in the 60’s caused the brutal death of hundreds of thousands of real people. It was an absolute nightmare.

        1. Iron Mike says:

          The funny thing about it, the schools don’t teach that in school. We have a bunch of punks protesting against the 1% when in fact they are funded by the 1%.

          1. Doug Dean says:

            True, ‘dat! funded by George $oro$ and egged on by clueless college profe$$or$

          2. Markangelo says:

            That school cost $ 32.000 for one year of pre school
            for a education for the “international community”
            They ARE the children of Marie Antoinette.
            Perhaps they taste rich if one is hungry !!!

            1. Markangelo says:


        2. Heather Bowen says:

          @Jape ~You are spot on!
          Leftist who include the hippies of decades passed continue to demand failure when it comes to America’s military endeavors. America is no longer the Giant which should of awakened on 9/11.
          We are now led by a President who’s actions are contrary to the American people yet he supports the leftists only to get irrational vote again.
          I mourn for our country as the Constitution which was written to ensure a President like Obama could not pull the crap he does week after week.
          It is atrocious that there is no mass opposition from Republicans or Democrats who haven’t been bought into the progressive commie regime weekly. That is how often Obama and his irresponsible appointments to the highest positions of our country government fail,commit acts of treason or criminal acts.
          Leftists can state I’m just a right winged loon but if they had any ground to stand on,they would have read the Constitution,made the effort to learn world history outside of a textbook and followed national and international news that is too unseemly to make the news at 12,6 and 11.
          Had they had the integrity they too would be demanding resignations.
          Yet these people blindly enable a corrupt administration to shred the Constitution by setting up gun shops to create an outrage that would result in a complacent America allow these UN minions to revoke Americans right to bear arms.
          Which is quite hypocritical when you look at places like Africa who have war chests full of AK’s for 7 year old boys who Islamist rebels kidnapped to become soldiers who are double fisted with military might.
          Yet the UN is hell bent on eradicating a non Muslim country from having weapons to defend themselves.Hmmmm.
          Then we have the leftist lovah girl Hillary Clinton who happens to be the world worst Secretary of State has failed her duty to demand an end to the mass genocide of Christians,Jews,Buddhist’s,Hindu’s,Atheist you name a non Muslim.
          She has embraced the oppressive, enslaving Muslim Brotherhood.
          Worst of all due to it’s treacherous nature, is the acquiescence to the UN demands to begin the blasphemy law..
          You may think that no one would be prosecuted for such a thing in America. It doesn’t matter as you could be tried at the Hague if the whiner wanted.. ..

          1. Joe Peeler says:

            The neo-con foreign policy is a traditionally left-wing foreign policy of nation-bullding, “making the world safe for western companies, err, democracy,” foreign-aid, propping up of beholden autocrats to the west, etc.

            The reason that some in the M.E. resort to terrorism is that is the only weapon they have. The U.S. govt. has overthrown two democratic govt.’s in the M.E. (Iran 1953, Pakistan 1990’s). It has propped up tyrants that abuse citizens of those countries. It has occupied other countries.

            I think you should look at it from their perspective. What would you advocate if a M.E. country propped up a puppet govt. here in the U.S. that abused you? What would you do? That’s what the U.S. govt. has done for decades.

            I think you have been bamboozled into supporting a leftist foreign policy. It’s wrapped in patriotism. Patriotism is love of country. A country is its borders, langauge, and culture. A govt. is not a country. You are not the govt.

            Why do neo-cons think it foolish for the govt. to attempt to centrally plan society and the economy domestically, but then given sanction to that same govt. to try to centrally plan the world. It’s a glaring contradiction.

            I favor a tradtionally conservative foreign policy where the govt. minds its own business. We can trade, travel, be friends, engage in diplomacy, but the government should not try to manipulate the internal affairs of other countries. That is a very leftist conceit.

        3. Dane says:

          True. Why is it that the protesters of the 60’s and our education system won’t remember this or teach it? Is it bc they just ignore it? Or is it bc they really don’t know and are ignorant of it? It was terrible and the ppl responsible should be ashamed.

      4. Dr. Michael says:

        I was a high school and college kid in the 60s. Our parents were the “Greatest Generation” surviving the great depression and WW II and then making America the world superpower. In retrospect, I am embarrassed to say mine is the “most pathetic generation.” Look what we have brought America to.

        Is it any wonder our kids act like this?

        1. Ted K. says:

          You are right on, Dr. Michael! Even though the Wall has come down, it sure seems that the seeds planted by the Communists have taken root and steadily poisoned the West. The “Entitlement” generation must make Lenin and Stalin chuckle as they burn in hell.

      5. Mike says:

        The 60s “movement” was a crock. Just a buch of p*ssys that wanted to take another year or 2 off to do drugs and not bathe before mommy and daddy cut the funds off and they HAD to go to work. Should have been in a rice paddy in Laos. You idiots should be taken and pushed out of a plane over N. Korea Protest there, punk.

      6. MY FAMILY $150,000, FLEABAGS $0 says:

        Yeah, and treated my father like crap, a respectful citizen who worked his way up from a coal miner/aluminum worker family in PA, first to go to college and went on to become a surgeon who voluntarily left his family at home for a year to serve his country in Vietnam.
        It is quite pathetic that now your movement has resorted to terrorizing 4 year olds and 110 pound women trying to get their kids to school to get educated. What is your next target, granny in a wheelchair on oxygen? The mentally handicapped man bagging your groceries? The nuns feeding the homeless downtown?

      7. econ101lab says:

        Excuse me? What planet are YOU living on? Having lived thru the 60’s as a high school and college student, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the anti-war movement accomplished NOTHING positive.

        They caused a premature withdrawal from Viet Nam which resulted in the deaths of MILLIONS of Vietnamese at the hands of the Khmer Rouge, they caused the demoralization of hundreds of thousands of the nations young people who served in the armed forces either willingly or unwillingly…a totally undeserved fate, and ultimately they did nothing other than cause regret at the way they behaved during that period…by most who participated and certainly by the vast majority of Americans who watched it happen.

        1. ruffsoft says:

          Where did you go to college? You seem totally ignorant of history. The Khmer Rouge came to power after the CIA supported the coup against Prince Sihanouk.
          During this time there was a movement to get the Vietnamese out of Cambodia.

          After much chaos, Pol Pot came to power and his attempt to create an agrarian communist society resulted in the death of 1.5 million Cambodians. The claim that millions of Vietnamese were killed is based on confusing Cambodians with Vietnamese. Finally, Pol Pot was thrown out and had he not died early, he would have stood trial.

          Meanwhile, the US was secretly and illegally bombing sites in Cambodia, a move which when discovered contributed to the public turning against the War, which was based on the lie of The Gulf of Tonkin incident (which never happened) and which killed several million innocent civlians, as well as millions fighting against the foreign invaders. The idea that more millions of dead would have been a preferable outcome appeals only to someone ignorant enough to confuse the Cambodians with the Vietnamese.

          The anti-war movement turned the vast majority of Americans against this evil and unnecessary war; it caused LBJ to end his Presidency after one term and brought pressure to end the war before more millions were killed.

          Many who served in the war turned against their military superiors with fragging and other acts of resistance; many veterans became the leaders of the anti-war movement, knowing from personal experience how evil and stupid this war was.

          Many on the pro-war right have claimed that we should have killed more people but for what? Today, Vietnam is a growing economy, with a strong market economy and doing business with many American firms.

          As Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. Your distortion of history shows how ignorant you are of the historical record.

          I can tell you with absolute certainty that the anti-war movement was one of the noble moments in our checkered history, along with the civil rights movement and the union movement, as well as the abolitionist movement.

          Most Americans came to oppose the War in Vietnam, and those who put their bodies on the line to protest are among the real patriots of the modern period.

          The MILLIONS killed were not kiled by the Khmer Rouge (after all, they were communists like the Viet Cong) but by the US. 90% were civilians; the other 10% were doing what you would do if the US were invaded: fighting the foreign invaders.

          The US had subverted the reunification of North and South Vietnam, which had it been allowed, would have resulted in a democratic vote to establish one unitied nation. This subversion created the pretext for war, which was promoted by both the Military/Industrial Complex but the hawks, Democratic and Republican.

          May we never again lie to justify an invasion (which is a war crime, per the United States Charter which the US signed), already repeated in Iraq (with more hundreds of thousands of civilians killed).

          If those killed were your family, you too would fight back. Blaming the Cambodians for the slaughter done by the US military earns you an F in history.

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            Ruff wrote:
            ” The claim that millions of Vietnamese were killed is based on confusing Cambodians with Vietnamese. ”

            If we had honoured our promise to the South Vietnamese, the Communists throughout the region would never have gotten away with and murdered so many. (BTW Pol Po t was educated in a secular left, Western university. Same as the current mass murdering slaver in Syria.)

            Secular leftism, aka Communism has murdered and force starved upwards of 150 to 200 million people in the 20th century. More than all the religious wars in human history put together. The Left is an absolute nightmare.

            Nice try at the revisionist history there though, Leftist.

      8. Tim says:

        Really, cuss I kind of remember vietnam continuing on for several year, and several more wars thereafter. The anti-war hippies of the 60’s are hippies only, useless to society, there to just kind of amuse us and to use as an example of what are kids should not become.

      9. Barry A Kenyan says:

        REALLY……….. When did this happen. I remember the cops kicking the crap out of you dumbasses. Come on down to the ATL and lets get it on.

      10. Doug Dean says:

        Thanks to your precious worthless 60s anti-war movement (same style as OWS and originating from the same source — overpaid clueless college professors) our soldiers in Vietnam (who were NOT volunteers) got their asses kicked (and when they finally got home you jerks had the gall to heckle them), we lost the war and millions of innocent people were murdered in the communist bloodbath that ensued.

        It took our country almost 25 years to recover.

        Thanks, clueless hioppies!

        I’m not afraid to sign my name

      11. DW says:

        You are an idiot. If one of you useless jerks had followed me and my child for a block, I would have kicked your worthless, waste of walking space, ass. Come on down to Maryville, Tennessee and try that crap, and see how it works out for you. Dumb Ass. Go occupy a job.

      12. Dennis Campbell says:

        You fleabaggers couldn’t kick the asses of the rest of us if we parked them on golf tees and gave you a free swing. You have mob bravery, and that’s it. Time to shove gun barrels up your backsides, you turd-sniffing moron.

      13. JS says:

        Picking on children and you have the nerve to use the term ‘chickenhawk’?

      14. Joe Peeler says:

        Last I checked, it was the D’s who threw American citizens into that war, many of whom were compelled by the draft. I don’t think “your side” is helpful at all. Both parties do pretty much the same things on the really big issues: foreign policy, monetary policy (Federal Reserve, debt-based paper currency, planned interest rates, bailouts, etc.), and they both favor centralization of power in D.C. They are nationalists, not federalists. The only difference is the rhetoric. And there is only vigorous debate along a narrow band of “acceptable” political opinion.

        I’ll be voting for Dr. Paul.

      15. Japes Macfarland says:

        You wrote: “The anti-war movement of the 60s kicked your side’s ass”

        The real point there, is that because of the anti war movement of the 60’s, the leftists in Congress decided to break their promise to the South Vietnamese and abandon them, and the French Peace accords. As a result the communists and Pol Pot murdered, drowned and force starved more people in the year after we left than in all the many years of the war itself, on both sides put together. You gave peace a chance, and evil had a party.

    3. epc613 says:

      OWS has morphed from its start as a legitimate protest into an illegal “disturbing the peace”. The protester’s myopic view of themselves has blinded their ability to recognize the fact that they are no longer “protester”, but are instead “criminals”.

      1. nick says:

        owning a gun has gone from “stupid” to “dangerous & criminal”
        the fact my neighbor has a gun, puts both my family and my own life in danger
        if the gun was to accidentally discharge, if the was an intruder in my neighbors house and he decides to shoot that intruder, what if my neighbors son decides to commit suicide, all those situations put my families life in danger and i believe that is criminal

        sure, back when people needed to fight for their rights, guns were helpful
        but obviously we don’t need them anymore, we have a bill of rights and its not like the cops are infringing on the FIRST amendment on anything…
        oh wait… freedom to assemble… freedom of the press… and arresting peaceful protesters sure infringes on their right of free speech

        … so which do you choose…
        the bill of rights or something else?

        1. JByrd42 says:

          Sorry you feel so scared Nick. My neighbors have guns and I don’t fee scared. Maybe you need to grow a pair you liberal wussy.

          1. nick says:

            im actually a gun owner myself… im making a point dude, the first amendment is the most important… the second amendment protects it
            if law enforcement can ignore the first amendment, whats stopping them from ignoring the second amendment..
            im a patriot and believe in the bill of right that our forefarthers believed every american deserves
            They fought and died for what the believed in, are you really willing to throw that away to get right of some protestors that annoy you?

            1. linnilu says:

              Your First Amendment does not mean you can infringe on someone else’s by assault. Chasing school children and terrifying them by yelling is akin to yelling “Fire” in a theater. And actions like this do not help the cause one little bit. Most of the men in my family and my husband’s family did not serve to protect some scuzzy imbecile’s imagined right to harass and assault children. Kicking? Really? That’s in the First Amendment?

              1. READTHEENTIREARTICLE says:

                shouting is better than shooting them in front of children.

                sounds like civility to me compared to what I read in history books.

                1. Ram says:

                  This ain’t the middle ages, ya tard. Shouting at these children, scaring the crap out of them & thier parents is anything but civility. Punk asses.

            2. Ginger says:

              Your squirt gun does not count you as a “gun owner.” That the neighbour’s kid might commit suicide with the gun in HIS house — taking HIS life — only the most selfish psycho would somehow deem that as an attack on them /you is thus forced to live next door to a grieving family! That we are throwing away the constitution by not allowing these other wackos to harass children — are you smoking anything? Also, the Second Amendment most directly enforces the Fourth and Fifth. It certainly adds support to the First, but not like protecting your property rights.

            3. dydx says:


              Love it. So you’re okay with putting your neighbors’ and your neighbors’ families in danger (as you put it.) because it’s fine and dandy for you to own a gun. A gun, which you also point out…that you obviously don’t need anymore.

              But it’s not okay for them to have one because it puts you and your family in danger.

              You, sir…perfectly epitomize the OWS movement. Narcissistic, blind, and lacking in wisdom. Good job!

            4. Havoc says:

              You sir are rediculous! First you say “owning a gun has gone from “stupid” to “dangerous & criminal”, then you say you are a gun owner? I call BS!
              I hope you have made it clear to your neighbor your disdain for guns, so
              if your family is ever attacked he won’t upset you by using his to defend you.

            5. Joe says:

              Wow Nick,

              Do you think all of these people who missed your obvious sarcasm realize that they are making fools of themselves?

              WAKE UP! READ! And please try to comprehend. What Nick is doing is called sarcasm, satire, ie. making a point by highlighting the whole of the Bill of Rights.

              Nick, I really hope these people are trolls, because if not we’re both going to be wasting our time saving some very unintelligent people when SHTF. I really wonder if they’re worth saving for any other reason than strength in numbers?

              1. Jacob says:

                It does take all types, yes even the trolls will come around eventually when they realize we are all in the same situation. One of the qualities that I admire about OWS is it’s calm and reason in the face of aggression and ignorance. In the meantime it’s good to see even those who disagree post, if only because most of them just reinforce the point.

                1. tony says:

                  Someone please explain to me exactly what OWS wants? I’ve been following them on the news but I’ve heard everything from a free handjob to a revolution

          2. liz says:

            Such a liberal wussy.

        2. JenB says:

          The fact that your neighbor drives a car can put your family in danger too. Shall we get rid of cars? Should your neighbors house catch fire, that could put your family in danger. Shall we get rid of all matches, lighters and electricity? Good grief, all these cars and things that could cause fire are just criminal I tell ya! Get rid of anything that could possibly cause harm to anyone, otherwise it is just criminal to have these items. Peanuts can cause harm to those who are allergic. What is a peanut fell out of snack bag and a small child allergic to peanuts picked it up and ate it. It is just criminal to have peanuts anymore!!!

          As for peaceful protesters….I say hogwash. The minute they are scaring little kids, they lost ANY possible chance of considering them peaceful. Scaring children and yelling “follow those kids” is NOT PEACEFUL AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

          1. nick says:

            the kids were walking into a part of the city that the protestors were being restricted from… do you really think “follow those kids” meant anything directed at the kids? this story was written to hurt occupy… associating all of occupy with some creep following a child…even calling the creep a protestor…

            1. linnilu says:

              nick, Occupy is hurting occupy. Not the reporter. They are a bunch of spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum.

              1. Philip Sullivan says:

                if occupy is hurting occupy so badly, and this was a real danger to the children, then why didn’t they postpone or cancel school that day? Why didn’t the police move the occupiers?

                Because this is all part of the media’s tactics to discredit the occupiers in any way they can, and why? Because they feel threatened! Open your eyes you drone!

            2. Ginger says:

              “Do you really think ‘follow those KIDS’ meant anything directed at the KIDS?” Are you serious?? Is English not your first language? Also, you seem to think that child stalker was just called a protestor by the press. Like, the guy shooting at the white house, the rapists, and vandals, the murderers…. wake up McFly. At least, just get back to class so the adults can talk.

              1. Philip Sullivan says:

                In any movement, or group there are going to be a few who take it overboard and get out of hand. If you were such an “adult” then you would realize this isn’t as bad as it could be, and this is just the media’s way of discrediting Occupy. If this was so “dangerous” for the children, then why wasn’t school cancelled or postponed that day? Why didn’t the police move the protestors? Because they haven’t done anything wrong! I think you need to “wake up McFly”. You are a drone of the media… just like the majority of people!

            3. overload says:

              Yes, I think it was directed at the kids. They saw them, figured they were an easy target of opportunity, and traumatized them while they were trying to go to school. Completely discredited the entire movement in my eyes. There is nothing you can say that makes those actions acceptable. Nothing. It was wrong, you know it was wrong, so dont try to defend it or any argument you put forth from that point on will be considered tainted in the light of your opinion on this matter. Not to mention the sexual assaults that the movement doesnt want reported to police (tell someone in a pink armband!), the physical attacks on police officers, the destruction of property because they dont get what they want for FREE. They have yet to come up with an agreed upon and official statement telling people what changes they expect. So apparently all they want is to make noise and get things for free. Sorry, it doesnt work that way. Get a job or start a business.

            4. ruffsoft says:

              Nick, good luck getting through to those who are sitting at their computers, watching Fox news, and repeating corporate propaganda to fulfill their need to demonize those with the courage to put their bodies on the line against police brutality.

              It is important to expose lies and propaganda, but those hooked on the rightwing hatred of all social justice movements, from civil rights to the anti-war movement to the OWS movement, will only stand on the sidelines and heckle the protesters.

              They will stupidly call for shooting into the crowd or cracking heads without realizing that this is exactly what grows a mass movement. The police macing of seated students at Davis has created a movement across every campus in America, just as the day after the Kent State Massacre, 4 million students went on strike (most with the support of their colleges).

              Police brutality energies non-violent movements. After Bull Conner called out the dogs and water hoses in Selma, Alabama, tens of thousands from all around the country (myself included) rushed to Selma to defy the brutality of the racist police. The result was to win over the American people, who recognized the just cause and the courage of the demonstrators, and after MLK got 300K people to assemble in Wash DC, the 200 year unresolved debate about equal rights resulted in the Civil Rights Act being passed within a few months.

              Those who hate the protesters fail to understand that movements thrive on being attacked. Crackdowns do not work in a wired world; the whole world IS watching, and when something blatantly brutal takes place, more and more people are inspired to join.

              In Rome, a week or so ago, 200,000 protesters marched in solidarity with the OWS. Demonstrations took place on every continent in over 80 nations; today in the US, every campus is mobilizing to join the movement.

              Violence, when confronted with the power of non-violent love and resistance, always backfires.

              Today, not only in the US, but in Egypt, hundreds of thousands are fighting the brutality of the police state, the naked violence of the ruling class. In the end, as Ghandi and MLK showed, massive non-violent resistance wins, but first it is ridiculed, then demonized, then physically attacked. Then, standing firm, inspiring more and more people to join, it wins.

              Jefferson said”I hope we crush the moneyed aristocracy…” before they destroy America and our laws. The police violence is the face of the moneyed aristocracy and the more it shows its true nature, the more widespread the support for opposing it.

              All successful movements start with a handful of people and grow to embody the majority of the public. Those who urge and practice violence against the protesters insure its ultimate success.

              At 70, I honor and join the brave patriots of the OWS movement, all across the world. It is now a global movement, which is necessary since the plutocracy of the banks and other large corporations is also global(and enforced by military aggression). The people united will never be defeated. And nothing unites like police violence, as I witnessed in the civil rights and anti-war movements which grew to be embraced by the vast majority of Americans. Only now it is the entire world fighting back.

        3. mema says:

          So your neighbor hasn’t broken any laws, but you would infringe on his rights. Yet, OWS has broken laws, including traffic laws, and you think they are all good.

          Seems you think people who share your political view are fine to break the laws, just not those who don’t agree with you politically. Just the kind of politics we need to get rid of and the kind OWS represents.

          1. ruffsoft says:

            Demonstrators, as during the Civil Rights and anti-War movements deliberately and non-violently commit acts of civil disobedience in order to bring their cause before the court of justice.

            If someone commits a crime, like sitting down when asked to disperse, the legal behavior is to arrest them and give them their day in court. Attacking the protesters with violence is illegal and backfires. It inspires many more to join in the protest, as the original cause (let’s call it economic justice) is amplified with the crime of state terrorism (using violence against unarmed citizens, as in Tunesia, Egypt, and Davis, California).

            As the great teachers of non-violent revolution taught, only the power of love, so profound it is willing to make personal sacrifices for the cause of others, can defeat the power of hatred, which expresses itself with violence.

            The War to End all Wars (WWII) led not to peace but to the most deadly war in history (WWII); the violence of Bull Conners and the racist police in Selma, Alabama, led to a massive movement supported by the majority of Americans after first being mocked and demonized (just like the OWS).

            Violence begets violence; compassion, love, non-violent resistence to evil begets justice and brotherhood.

            The rights of free speech and assembly are fundamental; that means they trump other laws of convenience (traffic laws, etc). The police are required to protect those rights ABOVE ALL OTHER RIGHTS. When the police, representing the ruling class, attack those exercising their First Amendment Rights, they betray their oath to protect and defend our basic rights.

            Why is the right to dissent primary? Because all our other rights, from the right to an education to the right to drive down the street, depend on the fundamental right of the people to speak and assemble and seek change. For without our primary rights, we are just a well-behaved group of slaves, following rules which we have no means to create or change.

            It is not guns (which the 2nd Amendment justifies with the need, no longer applicable, for a way for the state, in the absence of a standing army, which Jefferson and other FF greatly feared as a threat to liberty, to have a well-regulated militia to defend itself) but free speech and assembly which fuels democracy. When the guns (or mace) come out out, freedom and democracy are crushed.

            Only the people united, using their fundamental rights of speech and assembly, can challenge the rule of the few, the subversion of democracy which is represented by the rule of the wealthy, using their power to corrupt not only our economy (by stealing all the wealth at the expense of the workers) but our politics.

            End the power of the banks and other corporations to control politics and you will end the corruption of our politics. Ban all corporate money in politics and suddenly, the politicians, who unlike the corporations are held accountable by the voters, will serve the people, not the those who seduce them with the funding needed to win elections.

            We can vote the bums out in Congress, but the real rulers, who bribe the bums, can only be challenged (since a corrupted government cannot end the corruption) by a mobilized citizenry. Only citizen activism, democracy in action, can take down the plutocrats.

            You can heckle from the sidelines, repeating the lies and propaganda of the corporate media (where you get all your ideas), or you can summon up your courage and join the citizen activists to challenge the powers that have wrecked our economy and our government. You can join the corrupters and demonize the mobilized citizen, or you can say: hell no, I”m not going to take it anymore.
            I will join those who are protesting the decades of injustice and corruption.

            But if an assembly of protesters blocking traffic for a few hours is enough to make you turn your back on our Fundamental freedoms, then you probably prefer the fascist mantra of “the trains run on time” to the sometimes messy advance of democratic exercise of liberty.

            It’s up to you. It’s time to decide whether you are on the side of the 99% (all those who have lost ground during the past 30 yrs in which median wage has declined by 30% and workers rights have been crushed) or the 1/10 of 1% who have tripled their wealth by buying elections, politicians, laws, subsidies, and tax loopholes. You can stand on the sidelines cursing the protesters or you can join them. I suggest spending one day at an OWS event getting to know the people.

            Then decide if the corporate media (ie the 1%) is telling the truth or lying. But without personal experience you are condemned to repeating the narrative presented by those who are being challenged, without anyway to know the actual truth about who these bold protesters are and what they are thinking.

            Remember, all successful and just movements are initially ridiculed, then demonized, then attacked. Then they win. Which side will you be on? Educate yourself and get personal experience to decide that question. Do NOT believe the propaganda the media churns out. The corporate media is the 1% and they are invested in destroying any movement which challenges their domination of public opinion. Leave the herd, forsake the tv, and find out for yourself.

        4. Lynne says:

          You can’t possibly be serious, can you!? “back when people needed to fight for their rights”? You can watch a large, hulking, wackjob follow a father and his little child and tell me that if this guy needed to protect his child from the thug, he shouldn’t be able to? ARE YOU FREAKING LIVING ON MARS!? DO US ALL A FAVOR AND GO TO CUBA OR ANOTHER COMMUNIST COUNTRY WHERE THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS!

          1. Joe says:


            Do me a favor and go back to school. The guy was using SATIRE/SARCASM. Are you really that dim???

            Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks people like this woman are going to be the true ruination of us all.

        5. gfy2734.com says:

          You’re actually serious and living proof of what’s gone wrong in this country. When you stop trembling, rethink your position.

        6. Leo Leone says:

          I choose to own 3 handguns and a shotgun. I’m licensed to carry concealed. These rights are more relevant today than they ever were. And these Occupy thugs demonstrate precisely why. They rob and rape their own. They clash with police and destroy provate property.

          If you’re not responsible enough to possess firearms it’s best you don’t attempt it. It takes a special breed of man or woman. One who trusts himself and his neighbors to be decent and responsible in their own right. Flighty or paranoid people should avoid firearms. Their view of the world makes them prone to reactionaryand anti-social patterns of behavior–like your post clearly illustrates.

          The problem isn’t your neighbors. It’s your flagging faith in your fellow man and your willingness to fault others for your fears and insecurities. Do try not to worry so much….Look on the bright side—there’s plenty of generic brand Prozac tablets available today that are just as tasty as the real thing.

        7. Sick and tired says:

          The kids they are yelling and verbaly abusing have very little clue as to what/why they are being yelled at. This is rediculous that they do this to children. It really make me sick, these people need to get their mission on the right path or go back to the hole they came from!

        8. AWM In CA says:

          Um, Nick? May I take this opportunity to inform you that you are a moronic, gutless turd? You neighbor has a gun, so you aren’t safe? When these a-hole Defecrat OWS punks decide that YOU are part of the 1%, your armed neighbor may the the only thing that saves your useless hide. Personally, I hope he refuses.

        9. Skychief says:

          Don’t forget the right to bear arms. Our founding fathers put that in there for citizens to protect themselves from their own government. Towns that require their community to own guns have a much lower rate of gun violence than communities that make it difficult to own guns. You praise then denounce our country’s historical formation. Hard to have it both ways if you use logic.

        10. Brianna says:

          Maybe you should take a course on guns and learn something about them, so that you do not have all these foolish, completely irrational fears. As for fighting for rights, if you don’t maintain the ability to fight for them, pretty soon you’ll find yourself without them. Having a liking for individual liberty, I think I’ll keep my shooting abilities sharp.

        11. Tony says:

          I am thankful every day now that I own weapons. I am also well trained to use them. Many of your so called peaceful protesters have been accused of heinous crimes, including murder, rape, sexual assault, assault, stalking and drug dealing and use. Accused by other protesters. As well as being criminals they have also been accused of throwing feces at people. Yes peaceful protesters. The minute they decided to break the law, they lost all credibility and will not be remembered for something great, but remembered as the disgusting low life pieces of garbage that you so vehemently defend. As of right now, it’s legal to own guns. I have a right to defend myself and my family if an intruder comes into my neighborhood. Being these animals continue to defile wall street and other areas, police have to assign most of their officers at the protest sites to ensure no one else gets murdered or raped by your peaceful protesters. If I have to call 911 there will be a delayed response, my family as well as your family may be injured or worse yet, killed. I have no choice but to defend myself and your sorry soul. If they were attacking you or your partner or children, instead of shooting them, perhaps we should do what the protesters have taken to doing. Throwing human waste at the intruder. Owning weapons as well as free speech and freedom to assemble legally is protected by our constitution. You can’t pick and choose which freedom you want enforced. They must all be enforced. If not your point is moot.

        12. Jon says:

          you’re way off topic now. Your neighbor’s gun puts your children in danger no more than everything poisonous under your kitchen sink that they could decide to drink. Its more likely than your neighbor’s son killing himself, and somehow that bullet could ricochet through both your houses and into one of your children right after. That’s some extreme velocity.
          And it has nothing to do with Wall Street. Epc613 was saying something went from “legitimate” to “criminal.” Then you said owning a gun has gone from stupid to criminal/dangerous. If you had a connection there, I missed it.

        13. JohnB says:

          Guns are less dangerous than pools. The vast majority of people who own guns are normal, law-abiding citizens who don’t want to harm anyone. Stop being paranoid, take a gun safety course, and realize that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

      2. Ronald Moscatello says:

        It was never legit ! They don’t have single message that makes sense. Dumb Dirty Sheep !

      3. Doc Justice says:

        You can’t lump all “occupiers” in with the few…read the first amendment…just an idea

        1. kurt says:

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          1. Skychief says:

            Also, they are not exempt from the same laws of those that they govern. How’s that working out? Healthcare, insider trading, sexual harrassment, tax evasion, etc. Our current leaders have a long way to go to even the playing field. But, then again, most are not even trying.

          2. Ivan says:

            Where is the part where the first amendment protects camping out in private property….?

    4. jim says:

      We know that there is a gap between the rich and the poor. So, what are the demands of the protesters???? Is it better to take down wall street? why don’t they protest to the White House and Congress?

      1. Sppamelot says:

        They want trickle up poverty. Like all liberal progressives, instead of supporting individual success and achievement, they want all to be equally miserable and poor.

      2. Ignatzz says:

        [So, what are the demands of the protesters???? ]

        Fraud should be prosecuted, bribery should stop being legal, and banks should have to obey the same rules as everybody else.

        An individual who bought too big of a house because he thought the real estate market would keep going up gets foreclosed and turned out in the street. A bank that did the SAME EXACT THING – bet that the market would increase and long everything when they were wrong – are handed public money and rewarded. And the rest of us suffer because of THEIR ACTIONS. While THEY sacrifice NOTHING.

        1. ConservativeBeaner says:

          Why blame the banks for the bailout? It was the Democrat led congress and the president who bailed them out. I think your protesting the wrong people. Get yourself down to D.C. and complain to those who are REALLY to blame.

          1. Reginald Winthorp says:

            You are exactly right. While Michelle Obama continues to wine and dine the very people OWS thinks are evil, they decry people work work hard, and employ other people, while the government continues to give taxpayers money to people who are just wanna be wall street fat cats. (not that OWS knows what paying taxes is…)

            Go protest the White House!

          2. Doc Justice says:

            this problem is sooooo much bigger than “left” or “right” how blind can you really be?

            1. Joe says:

              Amen brother. They’re so caught up in the paradigm they’ve been fed that they don’t even realize that they are being divided and conquered. They believe everything that fits “their side” without realizing they’re being played all the way to the bank.

              I don’t know if it’s a blessing or curse that my father taught me how to think instead of blindly accepting the programming and then reacting accordingly. I do know that it doesn’t make me feel great about the critical thinking skills of the masses. And this blindness on both, every, and all sides……

              We have much more in common than you ragers realize. Maybe when you wake up and realize that – if you ever do – then we will see real change. Until then the elite will continue to look at you like the slobbering dolts that you portray.

            2. Philip Sullivan says:

              Yes! Thank you Doc Justice!

        2. Steve Reiter says:

          The banks were forced to make loans they knew were risky. These loans were based on a Carter administration blunder demanding that housing loans could not discriminate. So banks were forced to make risky loans to people who didn’t have the means to pay them back. The housing market reaped the benefits, people mortgaged believing the inflated value of the house would support the loan, and then the bubble burst. The conservatives opposed this from the beginning and consistantly warned us about this. I got out of real estate in 2006 because the writing was on the wall. I agree with the protestors that there is fault and fraud, the problem is they don’t quite know where to vent their anger properly.

          1. Ginger says:

            The Clinton Administration that changed the Housing Act that HUD loans and such other high risk loans can — must — account for a higher percentage of mortgage loans, and WHICH LOANS COULD THEN BE RE-PACKAGED INTO MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES. That had NEVER, ever been done before. Oh, and look at what happened. Obama actually sued Chase or Citibank for not generating MORE such loans, then repackaged… Look at the OWS protesters cry and throw public tantrums now that they are forced to live in the world they created.

          2. ruffsoft says:

            This is a total distortion of the CRA, which was instituted to prevent discrimination in housing (red-lining). The CRA had the same rate of successful loans for about 25 yrs until the Bush administration said: laissez faire, and with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which permitted commercial banks to merge with investment banks, the underwriting rules, which had worked for 25 years, were abused from the brokers to the big banks, and this is what caused the meltdown, not a law against racial discrimination in housing.

            No one was ever “forced” to make a loan to a party which could not afford it. These loans were eagerly sold because exectutive bonuses were based not on quality of loans but on quantity, even if bad loans.

            Blamimg a 30 yr old anti-discrimination act for the reckless lack of regulation and the greed of the lending industry, just won’t wash. It is refuted by the historical record.

            1. Japes Macfarland says:

              Leftists in government power should not have pushed to insure loans. It is *risk* that keeps the bank’s inherent greed at bay, and the Left took this risk away. All around the inherently LEFT notion of equality, in that everyone should have a home. Or that it is not fair that everyone doesn’t have a home. (especially people in their constituent minority groups. Note: they don’t consider Cuban Americans a minority because they don’t vote Left)
              Anyway, this egalitarian idea may have been gone along with by some left leaning Republicans, but it by no means came from the conservative side of politics. It was the left’s idea, and implemented primarily by the Left, and the Left should own it, because they do.
              (Yet they won’t. “The Left never has to say they’re sorry.” Dennis Prager

              1. ruffsoft says:

                Since I did not call your mother names, I have no need to answer to your “criteria.” You called me a monster, etc. for acts I did not do. Your inability to apologize for a false accusation signals a lack of moral integrity.

                You seem not to be reading my posts, as you ignore most of what I say. I guess it’s useless to attempt a rational discussion with someone who calls you a monster for acts you did not commit and then refuses to apologize. You have no decency, and your abstraction of the left, by which you condemn everyone to the right of your position, makes all your claims meaningless.

                I have no desire to have a discussion with a person who cannot admit fault when they demonize an innocent person. Let’s just drop it, as you are incapable of seeing the truth when it smacks you in the face.

                Your insulting tone reflects on your lack of civility and decency. Enjoy your bitterness. I have no desire to continue with you, tho I tried.

                1. Japes Macfarland says:

                  Oh but Ruff, you are ignoring truth, again. I admitted that I was doing a parody of you guys, the Left, for how you’ve decimated the character of millions in the tea party (Like my mom) for over two years, and without good reason (or enough evidence considering the size and scope of people in the tea party) The Left, which includes most media and the very popular culture, has been, on a daily basis, calling people like my mom subhuman consistently. I said that I would apologize to you for my parody (ie. doing the same thing, with tongue in cheek or in that it isn’t really meant by me as literal, to make a larger point I do mean. Language is about communicating intent with reason, Ruff.) Yet you did not admit that you have never called the tea party ‘tea baggers’ (which you know means two men sucking on each other’s genitals.) If you tell me that you’ve never done this, then I will take back my parody towards you, as this is unfair to you as an individual, even though you are of the Left. I will also thank you for calling me out on this and giving me the chance to apologize. The ball’s in your court, Ruff.

              2. ruffsoft says:

                Since I did not call your mother names, I have no need to answer to your “criteria.” You called me a monster, etc. for acts I did not do. Your inability to apologize for a false accusation signals a lack of moral integrity.

                You seem not to be reading my posts, as you ignore most of what I say.

                Regarding the CRA: here is a descripton from About.com:

                ” the original intent of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) served a useful purpose. It was enacted to curtail industry-wide discriminatory lending practices.

                CRA is an Act that requires periodic review of certain federally insured institutions to identify and help eliminate “redlining” practices in lending.

                CRA was controversial in 1977 when it was enacted and is now being hotly debated today as Republicans attempt to blame Democrats for the Wall Street and mortgage meltdown based on this 30-year-old law.

                What is the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)?

                Does CRA Require Lenders to Make Subprime and High-Risk Loans?


                CRA was enacted to protect consumers in certain geographic areas that were being lumped together and denied access to credit, including business loans, based on their neighborhood, not their own credit. CRA does not require quotas to be met nor forces banks and thrifts to make high-risk loans. In fact, CRA wording specifically cautions against this practice.

                Is The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to Blame for the Mortgage Crisis?

                Who Must Comply with CRA Regulations?

                The CRA is not an industry-wide Act. It only affects federally insured lenders, and it is estimated that 75% of all the predatory subprime loans were offered by institutions not fully covered under CRA.

                If the government is committing tax payer money to insure these institutions does it not also have the right to examine how these lenders are performing to serve the people? We are not just bailing out CRA-regulated lenders but greedy lenders without “excuse” of “the government made me do it.”

                Does CRA Require Lenders to Meet Quotas on Minority and Low-Income Loans?


                It is important to remember that CRA is not a “mortgage law.” It is an Act that was intended to address redlining (which still persists throughout the U.S. today) and discriminatory lending practices that also includes commercial business loans.:

                I guess it’s useless to attempt a rational discussion with someone who calls you a monster for acts you did not commit and then refuses to apologize. You have no decency, and your abstraction of the left, by which you condemn everyone to the right of your position, makes all your claims meaningless.

                I have no desire to have a discussion with a person who cannot admit fault when they demonize an innocent person. Let’s just drop it, as you are incapable of seeing the truth when it smacks you in the face.

                Your insulting tone reflects on your lack of civility and decency. Enjoy your bitterness. I have no desire to continue with you. May you find the truth of honesty and compassion.

                1. Japes Macfarland says:

                  Oh but Ruff, you are ignoring truth, again. I admitted that I was doing a parody of you guys, the Left, for how you’ve decimated the character of millions in the tea party (Like my mom) for over two years, and without good reason (or enough evidence considering the size and scope of people in the tea party) The Left, which includes most media and the very popular culture, has been, on a daily basis, calling people like my mom subhuman consistently. I said that I would apologize to you for my parody (ie. doing the same thing the Left’s done to us, but with tongue in cheek or in that it isn’t really meant by me as literal, since making a larger point I do mean to communicate by using the parody language. Language is about communicating intent with reason, Ruff.)

                  Yet you did not admit that you have never called the tea party ‘tea baggers’ (which you know means two men sucking on each other’s genitals.) If you tell me that you’ve never done this, then I will take back my parody towards you, as this is unfair to you as an individual, even though you are of the Left.
                  I will also thank you for calling me out on this and giving me the chance to apologize.

                  The ball’s in your court, Ruff.

      3. JByrd42 says:

        They wouldn’t protest the White House. They voted for Obama, How can they portest hm? They want him to give them more handouts. Can’t bite the hand that literally feeds you.

      4. Doc Justice says:

        you have to form a foundation, all good battle plans start as small unit tactics

        1. Havoc says:

          Smoking dope, rapeing women and scaring children is hardly a battle plan…

          1. Joe says:

            Believing everything you hear without looking into it. Trusting everything that the news feeds you. Seems like you shouldn’t be the one making the battle plans either.

            You seem more suited for a subject in propaganda/misinformation testing.

            1. Japes Macfarland says:

              Joe, we all know that the media have a vested interest in pursuing every possible story of indecency in this group. We also know that they had the same, and more, interest in pursuing subhuman behaviour in the tea party for over two years now. Yet the difference is, that in spite of millions of tea party people and far more protests, there have been a thousandfold more incidents of subhuman evidence within the OWS group. (at least when compared relatively, statistically and fairly to the tea party. The point is, these same people have been calling people like my mom a racist and other accusations, implying they are subhuman on a daily basis and for a long time. Yet you guys, as a group, are starting to show that you actually deserve it.

    5. TRINA says:


      1. sean says:

        Would you people please stop saying WE THE PEOPLE. I am one of those people, and you do NOT represent me. I am part of that 99% you claim to represent, but you do NOT represent me. I work 65 hour weeks just to barely be able to afford food clothes and some memories for my kids, and I don’t blame anyone, except maybe the government for getting in our way. Let the rich get richer, leave them be. Live your own life, accept some responsibility for it.

        1. Matt says:

          You’re exactly who OWS represents.

          OWS is not about left or right. It’s about wealth inequality. Rich CEOs sit on their ass and do nothing and make millions. You work 65 hours a week to support your family.

          You don’t see something wrong there?

          1. ChaCha says:

            Truly exceptionally stupid nick. You say people don’t need guns anymore? Have you seen the violence and crime going on? And those protestors are anything but peaceful. Just read the story about them terrorizing school children. And people have died and women have been raped and people held hostage in Oakland. My daughter lives in NYC and she can’t get to work safely right now. Saw a video of people urinating and defecating on the sidewalk. It will get worse and people should be able to protect themselves.

          2. Ginger says:

            Like one should not support one’s family, but collect welfare? Usually a rich CEO does not sit on “his ass,” or he is replaced by another. Also, when that rich CEO invented software each of our computers now has, or created the standard for publication hardware and software (MAC), they EARNED that right. What I see wrong here is that you think it OWED to you. No one should have to work late and that in your mental haze, you can’t grasp that the New Yorkers paying the highest taxes in the country to support you, the illegals, crooks/judges that requires one to work 65 hours so the THEY can have some of their own money to spend.

          3. linnilu says:

            You do NOT represent me. My husband retired from the Navy and is about to retire from his second job, 20 years at Wal-Mart. I have raised kids, cleaned motel rooms, cleaned houses and have worked janitorial and I do NOT resent the rich the monies they have earned. I do NOT covet what someone else has. Take your sanctimonious attitude and leave me out of that crappy rhetoric. And please grow up. Someday you too may want to make more than what you bring in sitting on your butt whining.

        2. chacha says:

          Good point sean. I’m the 99% too. I started out with nothing and managed to make a good life for myself. The rich CEO did not keep me from doing that. Hard work works. Give it a try OWS crowd. Besides, Obama’s best friends with many CEO (GM and GE) to name a few and rides high with Goldman Sachs execs…..

      2. Ted K. says:

        Tell that to the Anarchists leading your “movement”, Trina. Do you even know what Anarchists stand for? Who will wipe your butt when the government isn’t there to do it? Your movement is filled with miguided fools who are being used. “WE THE PEOPLE”, please! You don’t speak for me, or the vast majority of our nation who are actually productive.
        And PLEASE take your keyboard off “caps lock”.

      3. David says:

        What planet do you come from? If it weren’t for the rich, you would not have to park to protest in. Completely naive.

      4. Ginger says:

        Well, Trina, put down your keyboard, and join your fellow Occupods who feel we “OW[e]S” them a living, and harass toddlers. No one chooses to be strong together with the Occupods. Their stench is strong enough. Overpowering. “Getting rich….” ooh, and whose money are you spending? Unless you are dealing drugs, paying rent and buying groceries in NYC is to work an 18-hour-day. Apparently, you have never had a job in NYC?

    6. Barry A Kenyan says:

      I agree……….. And I will CHEER.

      1. Gus says:

        Nice to see how people let their hatred rule them. I think we all see why this country is where it is, and it’s not because of hippies and protesters. Thanks for reminding us of how unintelligent and selfish those on the right are and have always been. You people are sick.

        1. commie_shooter says:

          The most selfish people I have ever seen in my young adult life are on the left. They are the biggest gimme gimme gimme crowd. They don’t respect other people’s property and think that just because they merely exist they are entitled to other people’s money, property, and labor. These extreme responses stem directly from the violence, vitriol, and hate the left spewing. The left wing extremists want violence, the problem is you all hate the cops and guns so good luck carrying out your jihad against the productive members of America.

          1. Gus says:

            Odd, I’ve never met a lefty like that. I guess you probably don’t get out much, as evidenced by your paranoid and incoherent response. No one on the left wants violence, while the right is always pushing for more wars, more militarization of the police, less freedom for everyone (except the ultra rich of course), and no protections for consumers and those who, for whatever reason, are unable to support themselves. Of course, this country has swung so far to the right, that the Democratic party can no longer be called “left” anymore anyway. I’m an Independent, by the way, and have voted for Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and a couple of other parties in my time.

            1. Twistedsis says:

              I have to agree tha liberals are the most slefish people I have ever met. It really is all about them and thier “gimme” atitude, If liberals don’t lkie violence why do the particiapte williingly in violence? I would bet the at least 90 percent of the ows croud would identify with liberals. Shame on all of you.
              Now they are trying to attack children on the street trying to go to school. What kind of a person threatens a CHILD?

            2. Me says:

              Didn’t you read the article? the OWS – lefty – protestors – were trying to intimidate kids.

              And leftists call for violence all the time. Several OWS speakers have made it plain that they see violent revolution as a likely direction. The left has used violence for years, in the 60s and even more so abroad.

              So, either you are dishonest or very uninformed. Neither is any more impressive than the stupid “Kent State” comments earlier.

            3. Edword says:

              Well I sure as hell have. I”m a musician and one of the few who is not a liberal. Never seen a whinier, arrogant, sanctimonious bunch, with their silly, over-simplified pat answers to everything. Can’t tell them ANYTHING, cannot reason, cannot open their minds to considering the fallacies and contradictions the have internalized.

            4. IOUNothing says:

              Oh “sure”, Gus….that’s why the Tea Party, and those on the right had SO “many’ arrests and rapes, etc and have to set up “safe tents” to shelter the liberal women…and of “course” the Tea Party protests were left so “dirty” and costs the tax payers (the 53%) MILLIONS in over time to police, damage and clean up costs…..oh wait…what ?
              Never mind.

              Hey, Gus, heard your hero Bill Ayers is teaching a class : “How to be a Fleabagger 101″….why don’t you take it and come back to discuss it ? LOL

            5. Bil says:

              The notion that this country is moving further right is laughable. Give me one indication that we are moving to the right.

            6. Bil says:

              Gus, take five minutes and look up Saul Alinsky, then you will understand why OWS is happening. He wrote a book titled “Rules for Radicals”, which is the textbook for the far left on “community organizing”. Oh, by the way, our current president used to teach classes based on Alinsky’s revolution strategy at a community college in Chicago. I will grant you that on the whole the far left is not into violence as a means of revolution. Alinsky called for revolution via infiltrating societal influencers rather than violence. He was a Marxist, but disagreed with the typical violent overthrow strategy.

            7. Dee Richard says:

              who is the POTUS that just sent our troops to 3 more countries? hint it wasn’t a REP

          2. Twistedsis says:

            I am right there with you, the lossers at ows are now threatening children. I cannot abid a bunch of loser hippie wannabees threatening little kids that are frightened. Enough is enough. Take your mouth off of the hooka and go get a job. You are a disgrace to the country, your family and yourself. The time has come to start arresting these little jerks. They need to go back to kindergarden where they belong.. If they hurt my kid there will be no place to hide.

          3. Markangelo says:

            Which cops are U talking about.
            The ones from the federal government
            or the local sheriffs, who are increasingly
            confronting them.

        2. JS says:

          These protesters are calling for violence and demanding property of others and you call those who respond to their BS as sick? You are the one who is ill in the head, and it appears you lack any intelligence.

          1. Gus says:

            Oooo, good comeback. Can you direct me to video or audio of them calling for violence? No, I don’t think you can because there isn’t any. Perhaps you should actually visit a protest and see who actually carries out the violence (I’ll give you a hint, they used to “protect and serve” long ago). You obviously have no clue about what is really going on in your own country (or your own native language, for that matter). So keep believing the media hype that is fed to you to keep you docile and subservient to your corporate masters. Let us know how that works out for you.

            1. commie_shooter says:

              Why would I want to go these protests when they do not represent me. I work for a living. Your beloved occupiers have a wonderful rap sheet too:


              I know it is the evil Breitbart’s site, but every single crime has the properly sourced news link.

              The OWS is the Democrat Party which has been over run with left wing terrorist extremists, anarchists, socialists, communists, and high school drop out welfare leeches.

            2. You're Wrong says:

              Actually, here is the link to a video on ABC news. An occupy Wall Street protester was arrested for making terroristic threats. There is link to his You Tube video embedded in this story.
              I don’t see the man wearing a badge.
              To quote the report:
              “The 29-year-old was arrested Wednesday. Online video showed him saying protesters were going “to burn this city” amid protests planned Thursday. He also mentioned attacking Macy’s.”

              I don’t know about you, but I think that burning down a city is a violent act.

            3. Lucy says:

              The Left, like you Gus, has to lie. No decent American will tolerate the Marxist garbage that you dream about.

              Here is your direction to video and audio: http://biggovernment.com/jjmnolte/2011/10/28/occupywallstreet-the-rap-sheet-so-far/

            4. Patrick says:

              Seriosly? There are plenty of videos calling for violence and plenty of other nonsense. The guy calling for a ‘bloody revolution’ a la the French revolution and the most recent guy stating NY is going to burn. This OWS rabble has done one thing positive in my view, it has given credence to the fact that the modern leftist is mentally challenged. They called the TEA party racist etc. with no proof what-so-ever but when presented with almost daily doses of the debauchery happening with the occupiers they vehemently deny anything is wrong with the so-called movement. People who defend these losers are pathetic and have no credibility.

            5. Dont Know says:

              I am guessing Glenn Beck will turn you off but he has a video with a bunch of violent speech from a variety of protesters and speakers at OWS.

              1. tBone says:

                GB predicted this crap well over a year ago. and they called him crazy.

              2. Russ D says:

                haha what a load of BS. Nice that he takes a bunch of AUDIO SAMPLES out of context. How do we know where any of these samples come from? They could be from the 60’s 70’s or even from a Tea Party rally for all we know.
                AFAIK Farrakhan is not a leftist, he is a race hate monger and is not welcome at any inclusive OWS rally.

              3. eh says:

                It is true what he said about the media’s attack on the Tea Party, suggesting that they are violent racists….and it’s clear most reports are sympathetic to protesters. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be protesting, but protest the people that actually waste our money! THE GOV’T! Wall st hasn’t stolen our money, the gov’t gave it to them! WTF

            6. Cowboy Bob says:

              Gus, your proctologist called. They found your head.

              If you actually watched TV with your head OUT of your A$$, you’d see plenty of these “protestors” spitting out hatred and calls for violence. But you’re too self-righteous to see anything but what you want to see. So go back to your self-righteous pity party. Enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of us are about done with you and people like you. Our patience only lasts for so long.

            7. craig54 says:

              Whether they call for violence or not what they are doing is blatantly wrong. This is civil disobedience plain and simple. they should be ashamed intimating children.

            8. Fred says:

              “Freedom is our canvas. Your blood is our paint.” Thanks for playing, Gus.

            9. Occupy Stupidity says:

              Gus, you are a good, little, brainwashed, LibTard. You regurgitate the rhetoric of the Left with great aplomb. Lemme guess… you’re somewhere between 18 and 25, white, still living with mommy and daddy, and your favorite show is Twilight. That about cover you? Here’s a picture of your boyfriends…http://www.occupystupidity.org/Pics/twiboyz.jpg

              1. LilacQueenNubia says:

                OccupyStupidity is a great site. Keep up the good work

        3. JByrd42 says:

          How about the hatred of the OWS losers? You probably support their hatred don’t you? Terrorizing small children on their way to school. Round these losers up and ship them to Somalia, and you can join them libturd!

          1. commie_shooter says:

            I am 29 years old and work for a living in network and telecommunications. I have had a job since I was 14 bussing tables at Shakey’s. I am a libertarian.

            This is a 29 year old OWS liberal deadbeat:

            “The 29-year-old was arrested Wednesday. Online video showed him saying protesters were going “to burn this city” amid protests planned Thursday. He also mentioned attacking Macy’s.”

            1. 53Percent says:

              Not a fan of your name, that aside…… I feel better knowing that behind the scenes there are GOOD, DECENT, young professional people, like you and I…. people who can’t spend TWO MONTHS protesting because we have families and (FLEABAGGERS and Illegals) to support.
              I am a Libertarian also and I believe it is THE party of the future…the old, liberal, “progressive” movement has been proven over and over again NOT to work (See Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal et al) and the ONLY way to brighter future to is wean everyone off the Govt,. TEAT, not being the world’s police and take care ONLY of those who are TRULY in need. (And that does NOT include the illegals, and welfare mamas)

            2. eh says:

              Why do I see so many protesters using Iphones, pods, pads, laptops, wearing nike, and other brand names, and also drinking starbucks or eating mcdonalds. These people aren’t forced to buy an iphone? They aren’t forced to buy brand name clothes. They look like spoiled rotten children, throwing tantrums because things aren’t going their way. I’m begining to think that’s just what they are.
              Attack Macy’s? Walking into Bank of America….etc what will this accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Why the hell would anyone at boa or macys care about protesters? They didn’t steal from anyone, the gov’t gave them the money! Specifically Obama. Why aren’t we protesting the white house?

        4. The Truth says:

          Gus, you are one ignorant SOB. Now get off my planet – you’re using oxygen that thinking people need to fuel their minds.

        5. George F Doughty says:

          Hey Gus….and those leftists slime are NOT full of hate. Scaring children is HEROIC? Please try to live on earth, or leave it.

        6. walljasper says:

          Oh suck it, you hand-wring hypocrite and parasite.

          I watched your ilk through the late sixties…you can’t fool me or a lot of us these days.

          Just sod off.

    7. GMScott says:

      Thank God I don’t have little ones trying to get to school thru all that! There would be some MAJOR trouble between me & the fleabaggers if they stalked my kid!

    8. hector says:

      How far is too far? Pepper spraying an 80 year old woman is going too far. But the protesters wouldn’t stoop to the tactics of the NYPD.

      1. linnilu says:

        You’re right. In DC they only push 78 year old ladies down steps.

    9. Tired of the garbage says:

      I don’t know about cracking heads but these people have become terrorists. Don;t this so? Ask one of those school kids if they felt afraid, terrorized. If Bloomberg doesn’t have the testosterone to deal with it, send in the National Guard.

    10. Mic says:

      You want your fellow Americans to be killed?

      What happened to everyone having a right to be free?

      1. commie_shooter says:

        No that is not what he said. He wants domestic terrorists that are going after childeren, people who work for a living, and other decent Americans killed if they incite violence against them.

      2. b4u66 says:

        Here’s one for you. Freedom without limitations is CHAOS and that is exactly what you are seeing. These people have no respect for the law when they inject violence into their actions and overshadow what their intended message may have been.

        1. Mic says:

          We’ve been doing that in this country since day one, from various segments of our society..

          How do you suggest we balance the first amendment with police brutality?

          How do you suggest we bring justice to the corrupt elements that have destabilized our nation?

      3. Freddy Vicente says:

        Hey Mic, monsters who threaten children, rape children, rape women, threaten to firebomb streets are domestic terrorists. Domestic terrorists should not be allowed to live in our society. Go back to your Obama altar Mic. Your side is on the same level as the Taliban and child molesters.

    11. Tom D. says:

      Maybe the mayor should have let them stay in the park. Now, they have no where else to protest but in the streets.
      “Cracking heads” will only make the mayor look like a police-state dictator. He should have just let them be.

      1. Ginger says:

        Oh, not in the street? Where will they urinate, then? That the mayor “will only look like a police state dictator…?” So? When my italian leather shoes are not harmed by human feces, I care what the mayor looks like? Only “libs” care about what things “look like.” Look like you care about people, without really helping. Stand around coctail parties in Park Slope or the Upper West carrying on about the plight of blacks when no one in the rooms knows any. Tear down the town, business and lives fellow citizens who disagree so you can appear to care.

    12. Brett says:

      99% of the population WORKS and takes care of their families. These loaded, STD spreading, lazy, entitlement oriented spoiled brats need a good spanking. We have grown way to tolerent in this country when we let demanding worthless refuse like this disrupt everyone elses lives.

      1. Steve says:

        You know the unemployment rate is not 1% right? So, NO, 99% of the population doesn’t work. I think you would be singing a different tune if you didn’t have a job right now.

    13. Deb G. says:

      What kind of POS are these people? How in the world does this help our country? What do little children have to do with Wall Street, or corporate bailouts? And they wonder why most of the rest of the US think they are violent, rabble rousing communists trying to bring down the US all together. They succeeded in Egypt and now they think they can do it here. Same people too, the SEIU is firmly behind the violence.

    14. Paolo says:

      The occupy Wall Street crowd have it all wrong. Like lemmings they are following the orders of Obama’s Democrat High Command and blaming business, the very people that make life in America as they know it possible. What these geniuses fail to understand is government IS the problem. Good government, that which is not a bloated, self-important dictatorship but one that understands its role as a steward of the nation, staying out of the way of honest commerce but that which the lazy, entitled occupiers continuously elect to insure hand outs and a free ride. Can you say Union Yes or I want a green card?

      1. Mic says:

        I can appreciate your position.

        How do you propose we deal with the fact that there currently no justice for those who commit white collar crimes?

        Business is the heart of America. This is not the business that lobbies for laws that erode the public good, private state institutions, or write and influence legislation that hurts medium sized business owners.

        I am not for people living off welfare, and I am not for corruption.

        How do you propose we shift our justice system to deal with corruption?

        1. Ginger says:

          Clearly. Abolish, replacing each Circuit one at a time, starting with the ninth, second, sixth, third. There is no business where courts are corrupt. IIf you are referring to the fact that Nancy Pelosi has been insider trading for years and not prosecuted than you can say that there is no justice for those commit white collar crimes. Martha Stewart was prosecuted. Pelosi’s man Hastings was prosecuted and impeached for taking bribes as a federal judge. Look how he was promoted. There is no white collar crime quite like this administration, its congress, and its judges

          1. Mic says:

            First of all, if you look at the public record, for at least the last 20 years we as Americans say “This is the most corrupt administration ever.” It’s not that this one is more or less corrupt. The crime being perpetrated (particularly the insider trading) is being proven to be both parties,R and D.

            Cronyism is not somehow miraculously worse now. We as people tend to hate it when it;s not ours is all.

            I also don;t think removing judiciary will help. I’d like to see real judicial reform.

            Calling everyone who we don;t agree with names and asking for only those who agree with us to be in power is not democracy.

            I respect your right to believe what you believe whether I agree or not. That’s the America I want to live in.

            And you and I share this nation, whether we think so or not.

            1. Ginger says:

              What are you talking about?? YOU ASKED “how do we shift our justice system?” YOUR QUESTION. Which, I answered. So? Then, in the same sentence in your response “don;t think removing judiciary will help. I’d like to see real judicial reform.” Contradictory. “Calling everyone who we don;t agree with names –” who called you anything?! Do you even READ what you are commenting to? Do you even read YOUR OWN comments? Here’s a name for you: “Lib-iot.

              1. Joe says:

                Divide and conquer is the oldest rule of engagement. But you don’t even realize that your vehement opposition to only one side plays right into the game. You should be against the corruption on both sides.

                You should question EVERYTHING you hear on the news and do your own investigation. Do you even realize that you are being lied to all day every day? Do you ever consider who owns the news and who is benefitting from those lies? No, you don’t think. Instead you call people names while Bush senior and Slick Willy are playing the back nine and having a good laugh together.

                The information is freely available, but you willfully ignore it and continue in your slumber. When the time comes you will deserve everything you get.

                I can’t wait for your enlightened response that has nothing to do with what I’ve just told you.

                1. Mic says:

                  I am against all corruption, both public and private, and I agree with everything you said.

                  I consider myself somewhat informed, and I am aware that anyone who earns money from journalism is paid by someone, and reports to some kind of editorial review.

                  If everyone would get what you just said, there;’s be real momentum behind social reform in our nation.

                  Great stuff. 🙂

              2. ruffsoft says:

                Name-calling is a logical fallacy and strips you of all credibility.

                The most blatant act of judicial activism in our history was when the SC gave the 2000 election to Bush. As the minority dissent wrote: never have so few defeated the will of so many.

                The Supreme Court also determined that institutions, which are not God-given but legal constructs, are individuals, with basic First Amendment rights.
                That is a God-damned lie! Jefferson said: “We must crush the power of the money aristocracy” before they destroy us and our laws.

                Rights are given by the creator, according to the DOI to natural human beings.
                Giving corporations the rights of individuals is absurd and allows the corporatocracy to drown out the voice of ordinary Americans. In the past, all states banned any corporate money in politics, punishable by prison. We need to return to that standard if we wish to end the plutocracy and return to democracy, government of, for and by the people (Lincoln).

                Fallacious thinking and name-calling only masks the evil we need to root out: the corruption of our economy and our government by powerful corporations able to use their wealth to buy elections, politicians, laws, policies, subsidies, and tax loopholes to control our democracy and rip off the public.

                To quote Jefferson again (thinking of the OWS protests): “Banks are more dangerous than standing armies.” It’s time we listened to Jefferson and crush the moneyed aristocracy, the economic royalty of the banks and corporations which dominate our political economy and deprive us of our fortunes and our voice. The American Revolution is a revolt against elites, against royalty, and against the rule of the corporations. We need to restore these principles by ending the corporatocracy and the judicial activism of the SC which supports it.

                We need to impeach Scalia and Thomas for taking funds and being honored by the same organizations which are bringing suits before the court. We need to restore honor and credibility to the Court by getting rid of the corrupted judges who take money and honors from people whose cases they judge.

                And we must do all this without losing our credibility by descending to name-calling.

        2. spockdockpock says:

          You mean like illegal aliens? Or perhaps lynch mobs? Take the law into your own hands, that’s the spirit!

          1. Mic says:

            I’m for judicial reform.
            I deeply enjoy having technology and transportation.
            The price of living in a world of technology and sanitation is sharing it with everyone.
            I can live with that.
            We are the 100%, and we’re in this society together.i

    15. Ginger says:

      Yes, but we can only hope and pray that soon, soon, they will have their Kent State moment, when the bullets go ripping through their crowds. Just the thought of the National Guard spraying the crowd with live ammo,I gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

      1. george says:

        one could think this is a joke by a democrat making fun of the violence right wingers love to aspouse, but I Think Ginger is for real.

        She really celebrated the unprovoked slaughter at Kent State, and encouraged NYPD to SHOOT GUNS in down town manhattan, with no regard if someone gets hit.

        Thats right I forgot when the NRA did their convention next to Columbine, and the republicans cheered.

        1. Ginger says:

          George put down your bong: The NRA did not do their convention at Columbine and the Republicans did not cheer. It so easy to lie when a lib. If you don’t have the facts, make them up. The “slaugher,” at Kent state was not unprovoked. I believe there were 4 students killed and the protest was ordered to disburse ahead of time. They were warned. What was un-provoked was you Occutards taunting toddlers, slashing cops, raping, shooting at the white house and how many murders so far have been committed by the Occutards? Yet, you have the nerve to comment on “violent,” right wingers. You and your occutards justify it.

          1. Dawn Lussier says:

            You left out the part where the students burnt down the Rotc building at Kent State and the instigating incidents with national guard and police. Bad behavior that needed to be quelled and it was quelled.

            What about all the rape victimes at OWS and the poor people being terrorizec. Go home and do something constructive because you all look like fools.

            1. ruffsoft says:

              Shooting into an unarmed crowd is not justice. Those who burned he ROTC building could be tried for a crime, but shooting unarmed protesters is murder, state terrorism. Within days, 4 million students throughout the US went on strike, and public opinion against the war became mainstream. Killing innocents is not only evil; it often results in strengthening the movement.

              Several million Vietnamese, the majority civilians, hundreds of thousands being children, were killed for no rational reason during the Vietnam war, which was justified by the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin. When the violence of the military was turned on American students, most Americans said: enough. The anti-war movement caused LBJ to refuse to run for re-election and ended the US participation far earlier (Bush II said we should have stayed longer; some generals called for nuclear strikes), saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

              The Massacre at Kent State was a catalyst in turning ordinary Americans into anti-war supporters. When troops shoot on American protesters, that is fascism. Look at the context (millions dead in a phony war) and the results (masses turn against war effort and support protesters).

              Those who support shooting into crowds are American fascists, reminders of the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany and the armies of tyrants shooting their own citizens.

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                You leftists murdered more people in the first year after the Vietnam war, than in all the people on both sides killed in the entire decade of the war itself. How? By letting the Communist murder, drown and force starve the South Vietnamese. When you leftists got into congress, and bullied the lame duck President Ford to abandon the French Peace accords, you took a win, and turned it into hell. For 1 to 2 million people. It is your fault.
                It is your fault that over 40 million people have died in Africa in the past 40 or so years. Why? Because you leftists were warned that people would die if you banned DDT. You did not care. You still don’t.

                1. ruffsoft says:

                  So we should have killed a few million more (90% civilians) instead of letting the Vietnamese solve their own problems? “We had to kill them to save them.”

                  Re DDT: it is outlawed in most nations for agriculture because of its proven ill effects on human and other animal life (it nearly killed off the bald eagle) but IS allowed for vector control where it is effective. It was never effective in sub-Saharan Africa.

                  Here (from wikipedia, with sources) are some of the reasons its was banned on food production:

                  The US Environmental Protection Agency states that DDT exposure damages the reproductive system and reduces reproductive success. These effects may cause developmental and reproductive toxicity:
                  A review article in The Lancet states, “research has shown that exposure to DDT at amounts that would be needed in malaria control might cause preterm birth and early weaning … toxicological evidence shows endocrine-disrupting properties; human data also indicate possible disruption in semen quality, menstruation, gestational length, and duration of lactation.”[23]
                  Human epidemiological studies suggest that exposure is a risk factor for premature birth and low birth weight, and may harm a mother’s ability to breast feed.[55] Some 21st century researchers argue that these effects may increase infant deaths, offsetting any anti-malarial benefits.[56] A 2008 study, however, failed to confirm the association between exposure and difficulty breastfeeding.[57]
                  Several recent studies demonstrate a link between in utero exposure to DDT or DDE and developmental neurotoxicity in humans. For example, a 2006 University of California, Berkeley study suggests that children exposed while in the womb have a greater chance of development problems,[58] and other studies have found that even low levels of DDT or DDE in umbilical cord serum at birth are associated with decreased attention at infancy[59] and decreased cognitive skills at 4 years of age.[60] Similarly, Mexican researchers have linked first trimester DDE exposure to retarded psychomotor development.[61];:

                  The first limits on DDT in the US were under the rule of the EPA, which Nixon, a Republican, created.

                  Blaming all evils (including those which are actually benefits) on the left is h ow Hitler rose to power, inciting the vulgar rightwing mobs and Brownshirts with lying diatribes about the evil of the left. Repeating it today only reminds us that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

                  That is the choice: repeat the disasters of the past (DDT on food, fascist persecution of leftists, evil wars) or join the movement to create a new future.

                  Heckle from the sidelines or join the march for change (the end of corporatocracy(Mussolini’s term for fascism)), the transformation through citicen activism to democracy.

                  If you persist in thinking we need more war and death and more toxins in our food, then you are beyond help or hope.

                  1. JapesMacFarland says:

                    “Letting the Vieatnamese solve their own problems”
                    Wow, you really are a creep. America *promised* to protect and help the South Vietnamese against the Communist North. You abandoned them! The Communists then proceeded to murder (often one by one, with a type of tree that has branches that can take a person’s head off) drown and force starve up to 2 million. You go to Cambodia, to the killing fields, and then tell you story to the people. Racist

                    Re DDT. You animals said that it made certain birds eggs thinner, and so had to be banned. We told you that Africans would dies from malaria if you banned it. You banned it anyway, and to date, about 40 million people, mostly children, are dead. It is your fault. (and btw you were wrong about the egg shell thing. Not that this matters next to human life!!!) You, the Left, are swimming in oceans of blood.

                    Just like you’re doing now w/ refusing to let the US use her own resources and keeping us in the Mid East. You heartless monsters don’t care about all the people suffering from the wars and strife caused by this. You say you care about the environment to justify it, yet ignore that we’re all on the same planet and it’s just being drilled elsewhere but with less pollution controls than we’d have. Evil and stupid: Congratulations.

                  2. JapesMacFarland says:

                    This article can tell you everything you need to know re DDT. Hint: it is *not* harmful to humans, and because you leftists *felt* that it was, you banned it. You put your feelings over the lives of millions upon millions of people. Despicable, heartless, monsters.


                    1. ruffsoft says:

                      The ban was done under Republican EPA administrator Ruckelshaus, appointed by Republican Nixon,, who founded the EPA. Reagan, another Republican, later appointed him administrator for the EPA during part of his term.

                      The entire program was started and run by Republicans. Why are you making absurd claims about “the left” and blaming me for killing millions. I didn’t do it! The Republicans in power did!

                      As for being a heartless monster, that is just your imagination gone wild.
                      For a fact, regarding drilling for oil, Obama has opened up the Eastern shelf which was closed under Bush. In addition, there are 86 billion barrels of oil which are open for drilling in the Gulf (with only 18 billion restricted). The big oil companies are NOT drilling because they can both make more money by limiting supplies, just like OPEC does, and thus keeping the price higher and then they can, relying on ignoramuses like you, claim the government is keeping them from drilling. It isn’t! They 86 billion barrels to drill for but choose not to. Of the 13 drilling rigs in the Gulf, only 3 are currently being used.

                      You need to take your meds, stop calling people you don’t know monsters and murderers, and stop getting your information from a website which promotes Lynden LaRouche, who is described as:

                      “The Washington Post and The New York Times, have described him over the years as a conspiracy theorist, fascist, and anti-Semite, and have characterized his movement as a cult.”

                      Wikipedia reports: “According to The Los Angeles Times, LaRouche established ties with the Ku Klux Klan and the Liberty Lobby in 1974.[44] Frank Donner and Randall Rothenberg wrote that he made successful overtures to the Liberty Lobby and George Wallace’s American Independent Party, adding that the “racist” policies of LaRouche’s U.S. Labor Party endeared it to members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

                      You seem both ignorant and extremist, a dangerous combination.

                      The studies that were cited in my previous post all showed that DDT has harmful effects on human reproduction. It is not banned for spraying for maleria but for spraying on food crops. You are welcome to eat as much DDT as you please.

                    2. ruffsoft says:

                      More on the Larouche connection of the website you offered as telling the truth that DDT is harmless to humans.

                      “1984: NBC lawsuit
                      In January 1984 NBC aired a news segment about LaRouche, and in March a “First Camera” report produced by Pat Lynch. In an article for the Columbia Journalism Review in 1985, Lynch wrote that the reports included the allegation that LaRouche was “the leader of a violence-prone, anti-Semitic cult that smeared its opponents and sued its critics.”[93] In interviews, former members of the movement gave details about their fundraising practices, and alleged that LaRouche had spoken about assassinating U.S. President Jimmy Carter. The reports said an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would lead to an indictment, and quoted Irwin Suall, the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) fact-finding director, who called LaRouche a “small-time Hitler.” After the broadcast, LaRouche members picketed NBC’s office carrying signs saying “Lynch Pat Lynch,” and the NBC switchboard said it received a death threat against her. Another NBC researcher said someone placed fliers around her parents’ neighborhood saying she was running a call-girl ring from her parents’ home.[94] Lynch said LaRouche members began to impersonate her and her researchers in telephone calls, and called her “Fat Lynch” in their publications.[93]
                      LaRouche filed a defamation suit against NBC and the ADL, arguing that the programs were the result of a deliberate campaign of defamation against him.[95] The judge ruled that NBC need not reveal its sources, and LaRouche lost the case. NBC won a countersuit, the jury awarding the network $3 million in damages,,,,: (Wikipedia)

                      You have lost all credibility. I will not stoop to your level but let the facts speak for themselves. I have no interest in continuing the “dialogue.” It is idiotic to argue with idiots. But I thank you for showing your true colors (fascist black). Fini.

                    3. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Oh come on now. It was obviously a 60’s liberal policy to ban ddt, and I never said, implied or thought that there are always conservatives in Republican office. But these left leaning Republicans were lobbied by clearly leftist environmentalists (near always one in the same) to ban DDT. You are making excuses. Bottom line is that the Left, who wanted this, were told it would likely cause death, and they did not care. They cared more about the bird eggs. Despicable. And your websites by pathetic leftists trying to rewrite history (as usual) will not change anything.

                      And energy, you really do live in a dream world. Even as Obama is backing down from approving the pipe line from Canada. They are now saying they will simply sell their oil to Asia instead (where there are *less* environmental controls, and on the same planet, genius) The EPA has written 8 volumes over years now, to conclude that it is environmentally safe to have that pipeline. Yet YOU DO NOT CARE! Nor will admit it is the fault of the Left that we are likely losing this opportunity.
                      Also, Obama had personally used the gulf spill to prevent off-shore drilling, beyond even what was recommended. France gets 80% of their energy from nuclear power. We get hardly any, even though most of the concern has long been proven to be nonsense and fear mongering.

                      You leftists simply do not care about human life over what you want to believe and your emotion driven ideals.
                      And I don’t who this LaRouche is, or care. That website was found in 20 seconds, which seemed to lay out succinctly this issue of DDT. Yet it was you, the Left, who started the K*K and used them as the strong arm of the Democratic party. It was the Democrats who wouldn’t enforce existing civil rights laws when in power, and so sparked the whole need for the civil rights movement in the first place, once out of office. As usual they capitalized on compassion. Far more Republicans voted for the civil rights bill than Dems anyway. You on the Left always re-write history. But the truth will always come out, eventually.
                      When blacks find out how they’ve been had, and how you’ve decimated their communities for 40 years, it’s over. Republican MLK’s dream of a color-blind society just may have a chance to finally be realized once people like you are not in able to get lies out there, as easily as now.

                      re your: “stop calling people you don’t know monsters and murderers” My tongue remains firmly in cheek, as for years now, you on the Left have been calling people like my mother racists, horrible human beings and worse, for simply being in the Tea Party. It is disgusting, and simply because they believe that the bigger the government gets, the smaller the citizen.

                      You have no excuse for what you’ve done, especially after we see how the Left’s version of the tea party has turned out. So really, now that you know how feels, how do you like it, racist?

                  3. Japes Macfarland says:

                    umm., Hitler was a racist Socialist and blamed all of Germany’s troubles on Jews, not the Left, genius. If he hated the Left he wouldn’t have acted like and been a leftist. He wouldn’t have named his party the National Socialist party. He wouldn’t have banned guns from all the citizens first thing when he came to power. Christian conservatives wouldn’t have hated him, and risked their lives to save Jews.
                    You are twisted, angry, bitter, dishonest and ugly human being. Shame on you.

                    1. Russ D says:

                      NAZI does not equal socialist. You are using an accident of etymology to claim the Nazi’s were leftist. None of their political actions were socialist. None of their economics were socialist. If you know anything about the pre WWII nazi party you would know they fought street battles with the Communists and socialists.

                    2. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Hey there, racist. Besides my example of them banning guns, it took me 30 secs to find out you are wrong about the Nazis. Check out this post )not my writing)
                      Here in America the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Democrat Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP or simply “the Nazi Party”, or even more simply “the Democrats”) use strongarm tactics to remove Christianity from public view, populate the universities and newsrooms to rewrite history and propagandize the daily news, attack traditional cultural institutions like marriage, the nuclear family, and even the Boy Scouts, and personally destroy scientists and professors who do not toe the line with regard to Democrat Party doctrine on abortion, embryonic stem cells, the environment, and “global warming”.
                      Naturally, imposing rationed state-controlled health care on the masses, threatening to suppress opposing opinion and free speech through a “fairness doctrine”, and using quasi-terrorist tactics to stonewall any attempt to roll back socialism (for example, legislators in Wisconsin fleeing the state with a clap on the back from Fuhrer Ubama in order to prevent a vote on pending legislation) perfectly fits the modus operandi of America’s own 21st century Nazi party.

                      In other words, America’s Democrats are operating in EXACTLY the same way the original version of their party operated in Germany during the 1930s.

                    3. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Ruff: Besides my example of them banning guns, it took me 30 secs to find out you are wrong about the Nazis. Check out this post (not my writing)
                      Here in America the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Democrat Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP or simply “the Nazi Party”, or even more simply “the Democrats”) use strongarm tactics to remove Christianity from public view, populate the universities and newsrooms to rewrite history and propagandize the daily news, attack traditional cultural institutions like marriage, the nuclear family, and even the Boy Scouts, and personally destroy scientists and professors who do not toe the line with regard to Democrat Party doctrine on abortion, embryonic stem cells, the environment, and “global warming”.
                      Naturally, imposing rationed state-controlled health care on the masses, threatening to suppress opposing opinion and free speech through a “fairness doctrine”, and using quasi-terrorist tactics to stonewall any attempt to roll back socialism (for example, legislators in Wisconsin fleeing the state with a clap on the back from Fuhrer Ubama in order to prevent a vote on pending legislation) perfectly fits the modus operandi of America’s own 21st century Nazi party.

                      In other words, America’s Democrats are operating in EXACTLY the same way the original version of their party operated in Germany during the 1930s.

                      Every example he gives I’ve heard about the Nazis doing. (…but worse than the Left in the States, of course)

                    4. ruffsoft says:

                      Hitler demonized liberals and leftists, and they were the first to be taken to the concentration camps. All serious scholars of Nazism find it rooted in the extreme rightwing, which gained power by demonizing the liberal Weimar Republic.

                      The American fascist rightwing has tried to revise history by claiming Hitler was a lefty. Goldberg cites a term “liberal fascism” once used by HG Wells in 1932.
                      The fact is that Hilter hated the left and persecuted them; the rightwing in the US also hates and persecutes liberals, using the same dehumanizing rhetoric that Hitler used. For confirmation see the speechs of Hitler and the Doctrine of Fascism (1932) by Mussolini.

                      Rightwing fascism is the merging of the interests of the corporations and the state (Mussolini called it corporatocracy). The fascists attacked the left, denounced liberalism and democracy, and found fellow travelers among American rightwingers like Edison and Lindberg.

                      The anti-fascists were leftwingers who fought against Hitler and the fascists in Italy and Spain.

                      The new fascism is to call those who fought against fascism “fascists.”

                      Just as the Democratic Republic of North Korea is not “democratic,” the National socialists were not “socialists” but rather rounded them up and killed them.

                      Socialism is against corporate rule, against the class structure of society, and supports strong unions. The fascists merged with the corporations, embraced class structure, and banned and attacked union leaders.

                      Guns were strongly regulated long before Hitler took power. Hitler was a Christian who got the support of mainstream churches. David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan an American activist and writer, and former Republican Louisiana State Representative. He was also a former candidate in the Republican presidential primaries in 1992…” You need to spend more than 30 seconds locating a rightwing revisionist “history” to refute 80 years of solid scholarship on fascism.

                    5. Japes Macfarland says:

                      There is actually no such thing as “extreme right wing”. That’s just emotive crap, and lies, repeated by leftists over and over and over, and over, again. Yet as I’ve shown, near everything about Hitler, the supposed most extreme right winger of all, was a leftist in what he actually did and much of what he said. He did NOT believe that the bigger the government the smaller the citizen. His core values were NOT rooted in individual liberty over and above the State. He did NOT believe that all people were precious and sacred, even the unborn, because they had *objective* worth as being made by God; the source of all value itself. You are repeating garbage, and you will continue to do so, because you don’t care for the truth.
                      You don’t care about why you are wrong, because you and others like you want control over others, you want to be like God because you do not want to believe in God. And I think you, and leftists in general, are deeply pathetic, and probably far worse than I can imagine.

                    6. Mic says:

                      Can we agree that none of us want to live in a Nazi, Fascist, Totalitarian, elitist, or otherwise dictatorial regime here in the US?

                      We might all find out that we have common ground.

                      Some elements in our nation is trying to turn us all against each other, an incite civil or class war.

                      I am not on the left, and I am not on the right. I am among the majority who disapprove of my Congress, my judiciary, and my corporate leadership.

                      I am a capitalist, patriot, and I want all of you to be free, especially anyone who I don;t agree with. I want you to have freedom the most.

                    7. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Thank you Mic, for your, frankly, gentle and wise words. I do believe I am fighting for truth, often, when I am putting my thoughts out there. But yours are the deeper truth and the real point.

                    8. ruffsoft says:

                      Calling people monsters (especially Christians like myself) is hardly fighting for truth. Repeating rightwing dogma is hardly fighting for the truth. The truth comes when you put aside ideology and look at things as they actually are.

                      Name-calling, personal attacks, etc. strip you of all credibility.

                      PS they only call it class warfare when you fight back.

                    9. Mic says:

                      IMO, whoever “they” is calls it class war when tey want large groups of the population to go to war against each other.

                      I believe that America in 2011 is savvy enough to find out who the criminal and corrupt individuals are, and to administer justice to them.

                      Class War is the Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

                    10. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Nice try Ruff. You missed the part where I said I often feel and believe I am fighting for truth, not always. There are times though, when dealing with clear, outspoken deceivers like yourself, that I find myself getting a bit uppity. It is nothing less than you deserve though, frankly.
                      It was also, as explained, in irony beside your calling people like my beautiful Mother, in the tea party, subhuman beasts (as racists, essentially, are.) You should know how it feels, fancy pants. 🙂

                    11. ruffsoft says:

                      Honest Japes, I don’t know your beautiful mother and I never called her anything, not knowing her. I never called anyone subhuman. You must have mistaken me for someone else.

                      As for my fancy pants, well that’s your perverse imagination at work.

                      And as for your logic: since someone called some Tea Party people racists (some actually are, of course, but not your lovely mother), you have decided to blame it on me and thus justify calling me a racist. Now a racist discriminates against a certain racial group. Exactly what racial group have I discriminated against?.

                      I admit I marched with Dr King in Selma but that does not make me anti-white, for his call for equality was universal.

                      Racists discriminate against other races. What race did I discriminate against?

                      And since I did not DID NOT I REALLY DID NOT HONEST TO gOD CALL YOUR mother a racist, I swear! I expect you as an honorable person to apologize for your mistake.

                      I honor your beautiful mother and condemn whoever called her a racist.
                      Did you know there are no races: it’s a myth. Racism was invented by slave owners to justify treating other humans as subhuman. Point that out does not mean I am calling anyone subhuman. Only fascists do that; I am totally anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-evil…..

                      So forgive me for not calling your mother a racist. I hardly know her.

                    12. Japes Macfarland says:

                      The Left have uniformly, and on a daily basis for over 2 years, been calling people in the tea party unjust, dehumanizing names.
                      Yet Ruff, there are millions of tea party people, millions of video phones on leftists like yourself, and barely evidence in all this time to back up the accusation in the cultural ether. This means that the scant evidence, in science or logic is called a ‘statistical anomaly’, which means it *proves the opposite* of the Left’s ugly accusation.
                      Now, from memory (I don’t pay enough attention to user names) I thought you had been calling people in the tea party “tea-baggers”. (The Left knowing this means two men sucking on each other’s genitals, which is why they use it to try and dehumanize people like my mom.)
                      If I am wrong, that you have never, ever used this term to describe the people in the tea party. If you have never portrayed the group as racist or uneducated or red-neck or similar (in spite of the now scientific evidence that these accusing leftists, even in the main stream media, are incorrect) than I will apologize.

                      But if you have judged and accused this entire group in such ways, in the past two years or so, than again, fancy pants, you should know how it feels. ie. Are you a racist? Can you prove you are not?
                      Do you get it now? No? I didn’t think so.

                      “The single greatest weapon of the Left is to demonize their opponents.”
                      Dennis Prager

                    13. ruffsoft says:

                      Now do you see the evil done by judging individuals on the basis of an abstract label like “leftist?” This is guilt by association, which is an injustice. If a KKK wizard like David Duke runs (and wins) as a Republican, can I then portray all Republicans as racists? If a OWS protester makes a stupid or extreme statement, does that mean that all OWS protesters share that statement? No. So it is wrong for you to go around calling people YOU lump together as “the Left” monsters, etc. There is no such thing as “the Left,” and individuals who disagree with you cannot, with justice, be condemned because they fit into YOUR label for them.

                      I know there are racists in the Tea Party because in several “discussions” with Tea Party members (at Townhall.com), they referred me to links like the Stormfront.org David Duke racist website to back up their opinions. If David Duke is your*in the generic sense) authority, I think it reasonable to assume you share his White Pride philosophy of racism. This is not guilt by association, for it was the Tea Party people who directed me to the racist website. Nor does this mean all Tea Party members are racists, but even the Tea Party Nation had to distance itself from the racism of some members.

                      The origin of the term Tea baggers arose because some of the original Tea Party people called themselves tea baggers and wore tea bangs dangling from their hats. This was picked up by critics and used to mock their naive use of the term.

                      I believe people have the right to be called by the name they choose (I do not like to be called Ruff). Tea Party people should not be called tea baggers (even by themselves) just as those who call the President Obummer and Democrats libtards are offending common decency. This does NOT mean that a person who uses red-baiting and other fascist rhetorical tactics should be tolerated without calling him out. I use fascism in its historical text, based on the scholarship on the fascist movements and the primary sources such as Mussolini’s Doctrine of Fascism (1932) and the speeches of Hitler. Fascism is the merging of the interests of the state and the corporations, a form of crony capitalism, with an aggressive military posture and the denunciation of liberalism and democracy. If someone defends corporate ability to integrate their private interests with that of the government, urges pre-emptive war, and blames all evil on liberals, I call lthat historic fascism.

                      The Tea Party, which began in 2007 with the Ron Paul anti-war/anti corporate welfare state rallies, has since been hijacked and transformed into an arm of the Republican Party urging corporate subsidies, military aggression, and blaming liberals for all that is evil…in other words, it is totally reversed the positions of the libertarian Tea Party to become a fascist look-a-like, in the historical sense.
                      If your mother disagrees with the co-opted Tea Party, she might consider resigning unless she agrees with these pro-corporate,pro-war positions.

                      I accept your apology for falsely condemning me for actions I did not do.
                      If you are going to call people monsters, you ought to first find out if they are the guilty parties. Otherwise, you are acting like a Brownshirt lumping all lefties together and then attacking. Your apology, tho hedged, shows you have the makings of a decent person. Now stop judging all on “the Left” by the stereotypes promulgated in the corporate media and educate yourself on “the Left” by reading journals like the Nation and the Progressive. You will find that your ideas of the left are distorted by the rightwing media. Always go to the primary sources to validate your opinions. Relying on propaganda is a deadend on the journey to truth.

                      Denying the achievements of government “bureaucrats” who invented nuclear energy, the internet, the GPS, and satellite technology is NOT the way to honor the achievements of individuals. Government bureaucrats, teachers, cops, and researchers are also individuals. It is important to recognize their accomplishments.

                      It makes no sense to celebrate Steve Jobs, who invented the mouse, while ignoring that his whole career and innovations were based on a system created by individuals (working in teams, as they do in private industry) working for the government. To be fair, we must admit that the government has provided the innovations which have revolutionized the past half century while celebrating the achievements, based on these innovations, by private individuals.

                      Apology accepted.

                    14. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Oh come on Ruff! The word ‘leftist’ is not an insult, it is descriptive of a person’s value system. Just like the word conservative or libertarian. What are you talking about? Calling someone a teabagger is meant to dehumanize and insult, and you know it.

                      A leftist has a whole set of values and dogmas and faiths, just like any other value system. They just often try and pretend that they don’t have contrasting views with others, to appear utterly ‘normal’. It is why Bolshevism, (which means the majority) who were a minority called themselves bolshevics, to give the illusion that they were the majority. I think secular leftism and Statism is a bad one world view with bad ideas, which have greatly increased cruelty, suffering and death on earth. Yet leftists think horribly of conservatives, but usually attack the person instead of their ideas. (eg. He is greedy from wanting to cut that tax and doesn’t care about kids. Rather than addressing his idea/belief that cutting the tax would bring in more for the kids.) The MO of the Left is to attack the motives, or the person. Which is what I was doing a parody of with you. I do still believe that you are deceitful, to be honest.

                      And look at what you’re writing. You completely missed the point that out of *millions* of tea party people, thousands of protests over two years, and millions of video phones, that the relatively scant evidence of bad behavior is literally a statistical anomaly. Why this is important is that a statistical anomaly suggests that the *opposite* is true. ie. Tea Party people are disproportionately decent rather than otherwise.
                      Yet the amount of bad behavior from your side, the Left or in this OWS version of the tea party, has gone beyond a statistical anomaly for evidence of bad behavior. And it was they who have been calling the tea party people dehumanizing names all these years. Is the irony is too rich for you, still? Don’t you get it? I didn’t think so.
                      I never apologized, because you never answered my criteria. Pay attention: Ruff!!!

                    15. Japes Macfarland says:

                      And Hitler was functioning, before and during the time he was trying to gain power, in a deeply Christian culture or one that had centuries of Christian capital that he had to work with. You’ll notice that *before* he got total control over everyone (him and his STATE Gov., that is…ie. a leftist) he used Christian terminology. Once he had power he didn’t bother, and in fact said many things (as well as did) which utterly contradicted any notion that he was a believer. So if you think Hitler was a Christian, and you know what I’m saying, than you are nothing more than an idiot or a liar.

                    16. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Socialism is about growing the State’s power over individuals. (Sure, ostensibly for and with good intentions as in western Europe) Hitler grew the power the State had over individual liberty a thousandfold. He was the exact opposite of a small government libertarian/conservative. I’m sick of you and your pathetic lies. Lies are the real source of all evil. Grow up, and stop trying to hurt others for the sake of what you *want* to be true.

                    17. ruffsoft says:

                      There are many socialist traditions: the original socialist utopian vision was of self-governing collectives of worker-owned enterprise (compatible with free markets); Marx’s vision was of the ELIMINATION OF THE STATE, and the end of a class-based society with worker-ownership and control of industry. Both of these traditions are anti-statist.

                      The statist version of socialism is epitomized by Stalin, who turned the traditions of socialism on their head by having the state own everything, which is a form of state capitalism (the state owns all the capital).

                      The social democracies of all the developed nations are a hybrid of socialist values (equality, liberty, workers rights) within a capitalist market economy.
                      These hybrid systems have both an excellent record of civil rights and econoimic growth.

                      So there are 3 distinct traditions of socialism: anti-statist worker-run collectives (of which there are thousands in the US, from steel foundaries to bakeries), state socialism (which exists only in a few marginal societies like North Koriea), and the social democracies, which incorporate socialist workers’ values and rights into market economies.

                      A 4th variation is the Chinese example of an authoritarian state which operates,, both on the public and private levels, in a free market economy. Please note that this variation has the highest growth of GDP, profits, jobs, and rising wages, but that it has a strong fascist element of a state-controlled system of corporations.Of the top 45 corps in China, 90% are state-owned.

                      So we have at least 4 distinct varieties of socialism. Critics usually ignore 3 of them and focus on the state socialism model, which today is rare except for China. To have a rational discussion about socialism, it is necessary to define which kind of socialism you are talking about. After all, the police and teachers are all part of a socialist concept of public instituitions.

                      For those of us on the libertarian left, the only way that we can actually have free enterprise in free markets is to dismantle the corporatocracy (the state merged with corporate interests, which is how Mussolini defined fascism) and create a system of employee-owned enterprise, non-profits (like the credit unions, which have 93 million owner-members and did not collapse as the private banks did), and private enterprise with robust workers’s rights, as in the case of the co-determination models of Europe, or Southwest Airlines, with 39 yrs of consecutive profit in a risky industry, and 90% unionized.

                      Making sweeping generalizations about socialism or capitalism without defining terms inevitably leads to chaos. Left libertarians support decentralized, non-statist socialism, in which employees own and control their business. Only when the current corporatocracy is crushed (Jefferson wrote we must “crush…the moneyed aristocracy” before they destroy liberty) and replaced with a pluralistic, decentralized system of coops, non-profits, and private enterprise with strong worker representation. This transformation will end the corruption of government by ending the rule of the wealthy corporations. Among the many new forms of economic organization, we can envision public or municipal enterprise, such as current city utilities which operate 10% cheaper than private utilities.

                      Economic democracy will bring political democracy. If this bothers you, perhaps you could think about Hitler’s famous speech in which he said: “Liberalism will create democracy which will create communism.”

                      This statement shows how undefined terms can be used to link anything.

                      Those inclined to use personal attacks instead of rational discourse should be warned in advance that ad hominem is a logical fallacy and discredits those who use insults and denunciations (always in undefined terms) as a replacement for rational discussion.

                      Under utopian and Marxian socialism,the state withers away and actual workers take control. This is the opposite of state socialism, which we already have in the form of socialism for the rich, the corporate welfare state. For example, one industry, drugs, gets more each yr in free money (120 billion a year) from the government than do the TANF (welfare) and Foodstamps combined.

                      Educate yourself and organize and make your voice heard. But first, define your terms.

                    18. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Remember, generalizations are the Mother of wisdom. Yet examples need to be given. You wrote about “statist version of socialism”., yet I am saying that there really is no other possible version of socialism but one that includes an unacceptably large State or abusive infringement on individual liberty.
                      The reason for this is basically that individual liberty and egalitarianism are very often mutually exclusive. Or, one *has* to be prioritized over the other. EVERY type of socialism prioritized our decent instinct for egalitarianism far more than is acceptable to the small gov conservative or Libertarian. We really do see government as almost always the problem and not the solution. The Socialist depends on the State, the conservative depends on themselves and each other; thereby making real community.

                      “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
                      Dennis Prager

                      “the bigger the government the smaller the church”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the charities”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the families.”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the trust in each other”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the art.”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the character”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the liberty”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the innovation”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the prosperity”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the quality”
                      “the bigger the government the smaller the peace”

                    19. ruffsoft says:

                      The historical record refutes your ideological dogma. The nations with the biggest governments have the strongest economies, including China and the European and Asian social democracies. The nations with the weakest governments are the poorest and most violent: for example,, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Sudan.

                      Big government is the creation of Big Industry, which requires a big state to protect foreign economic interests as well as provide bailouts and subsidies, and to socialize the the costs of the inevitable result of financial capitalism: the cast off and unemployed.

                      The system we currently have is economic fascism, which is the merging of state and corporate interests, the integration of wealth and power.. In this system, corporations profit by promoting wars, which the government must borrow and expand in order to execute.

                      For example, Reagan tripled the debt while drastically increasing defense spending, which provides lucrative contracts to large weapons, etc. corporations. Cheney, who had been CEO of Haliburton, gave Haliburton a no-bid 9 billion contract after invading Iraq. Bush doubled the debt with massive defense spending, as he created zero private sector jobs but 2 million new federal l jobs (mostly in defense).

                      All Republican Presidents since Hoover have increased the debt ratio and expanding the size of government; all Democratic Presidents since Truman have decreased the debt ratio, reducing the size of government relative to the GDP.

                      Under Obama, government jobs have been lost by the hundreds of thousands at all levels. Government has shrunk, relative to the enormous wealth of this nation, to the point where even in the wealthy county where I live, the govt can’t afford to fix the roads or keep the libraries open. This in a country where the average household income is 70K!

                      In the richest nation ever, goverrnment is starved of funds as the corporations and the rich have appropriated all new wealth for the past 30 yrs. The Bush recession caused a decrease in govt revenues of 20%. But in order to fund wars and tax cuts for the rich and subsidies for large corps, we must borrow.

                      The more sweeping the generalization, the more likely it is to be wrong.

                      The happiest people in the world, according to a poll of 80,000 worldwide, are the Danes, who have the highest taxes in the world and a large public sector.
                      Why are they satisfied? Because for their higher taxes, they get universal healthcare and education, a strong social safety net, and a record of excellence in civil rights. Big government, a robust economy, a satisfied public, liberty and a higher degree of equality all combine in Denmark. Canada, much more socialist than the US, has, according to Forbes, a freer economy, as do many European nations.

                      To have a sustainable and growing economy, it is necessary to have both a robust government and a robust private sector in balance.

                      The biggest government, China, has the highest growth and wage hikes in the world and 300 million have risen from abject poverty in just one generation.

                      History refutes your dogmatic assertions. The unhappiest people in the world are in Somalia, with the weakest government. The happiest people are in Scandanavia, with big governments which deliver big benefits.

                      BTW, Jefferson and most of the FF were against the church, so a smaller church would be good; smaller famiilies are also a great benefit. As for art, some of the greatest art has been produced under the most tyrannical regimes.

                      Here is the truth you are avoiding: the smaller the government, the bigger the private corporations, armies, and warlords. Corporations and armies exercise more tyrannical control over people than government and they cannot be voted out, like politicians.

                      Short version: if big government is bad, what is the alternative? Big banks and corporations. That leads to (remember 2008) economic collapse, which then requires Big Government to bail them out. Big Industry created Big Government,*executed by the Republicans, for the most part) and has brainwashed the masses into thinking they want small government.
                      That is a naive illusion. Small government means the citizens are at the mercy of the corporations and private unaccountable powers. That is why all of us have lost 15 trillion in equity in the past 5 years. When corporations can control government thru their wealth, they will redistribute all wealth to themselves at the expense of the working class. This is theft and only citizen activisim (democracy in action) can challenge the corruption of government by the corporatocracy and return us to a point of balance.

                      If workers median wages had risen at the same rate as the top 1% did over the past 30 yrs, today the median wage (which is 26K) would be over 100K! The govt coffers would be full of tax revenue and business would be brisk with high consumer demand. The engineered inequality which is choking the economy (the demand gap) would be replaced with rising wages and growing profits for business, as during 1945-75, the golden era of shared prosperity.

                      It’s not about big…it’s about effective. As Jefferson said, “We must crush the moneyed aristocracy…” before they defy government and the laws. He also said: “Banks are even more dangerous than standing armies.” He saw the need for a strong government to balance the power of the corporations and banks and warned us 200 yrs ago. It’s time to listen to his message.

                      Ps..re innovations, the govt developed the internet, GPS, and the NIH drug research is the basis of US drug profits. NASA developed the satellite technology which we all use today. Government innovations have been the primary engine of economic growth for many decades, going back to the Interstate Highway System under Eisenhower. Govt innovations have created millions of new jobs (commercialized by the private sector as a gift/benefit of govt) and trillions in new wealth. It ought to be shared.

                      The bigger the lie, the more often it is repeated.
                      The bigger the myth, the more it is believed.
                      The bigger the dogma, the more vehemently it is defended.
                      The bigger the unsupported claims, the more name-calling will ensue when it is challenged.

                      The strongest economiies today are China and Germany, both with Big Governments. Canada is both more socialistic and richer and has a freer economy than the US. Denmark with the highest taxes has the most satisfied citizens. The poorest countries like Afghanistan and Somalia have the smallest governments. The US under the Articles of Confederation was a weak and failed state: thus the Constitution. Facts are stubborn things.

                    20. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Wow! You’ve talked yourself into a tizzy there. You forget to mention that the issue is not only about a big government being bad, or not, for the economy. It is also about it being bad for the individual, their character and for innovation. (eg. compare the innovation of those countries you’ve mentioned compared to the State in the 20th century even.) You also forget to mention that to what degree China is successful, it is because they’ve *allowed8″ a certain degree of freedom from the State (Like land ownership or capitalism within their parameters) In other words, it is because of the State has held back, that they have had any success at all. Look at the bread lines image re Russia, or look at Cuba. One man and the bad idea of Communism has destroyed two generations of people. It used to be such a prosperous place until the State took over individual liberties. You fight, with passion, for the misery of your fellow human beings.
                      You have everything, in every way, completely backwards. You must have gone to graduate school.

                      “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
                      Dennis Prager

                    21. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Canada’s recent success has to do with two things. One, they elected a conservative government. Two, they are exploiting their natural resources big time. You’ve just talked yourself into a corner there Ruff. Also, re innovation, you talk about the government getting involved with funding research of other individual Americans, as if bureaucrats actually have discovered or done anything useful. What a joke! The State never should have gotten involved in the first place. Every-time they do, for one thing, things get more expensive. Columbia U used to be about 10k only about a decade ago. Now it is many times that, and since the government got involved with tuition. You leftists did the same thing to medicine. It’s gotten so expensive because the government got involved. (of course, your solution now is to only get more involved) Look what happened to Japan. Everyone thought they’d be the next great power and for a long time, in the 80’s. The government got too intermingled in their free market and they’ve been in the economic doldrums for over 20 years.

                      Everything you do via your big State, big government solutions, ends up making things worse. Everything.

                    22. ruffsoft says:

                      Government innovations which have created millions of jobs and trillions in wealth for the private sector:

                      the internet, GPS, basic drug research by NIH, satellite technology thru NASA research and development, nuclear power. These government innovations, developed by government employees, have been the chief engines of recent economic growth, just as the Interstate Highway system under Eisenhower led to great productivity and economic growth in an earlier era.

                      Yes, what you call bureaucrats developed nuclear energy, the internet, the global positioning system, the foundation for many commercialized drugs, the satellite technology I am using right now (along with the internet) to communicate with you. These are indisputable facts which demolish your “as if bureaucrats actually have discovered or done anything useful.” conceit. The inventors of the internet and the other revolutionary technologies which have boosted our economy were all “bureaucrats,” just like the other other useless bureaucrats like teachers, cops, firemen, food inspectors, and other parasitical public servants.

                      I am for a decentralized self-goverment model, both political and economic, but I recognize that the government has created the enabling innovations of our time and you have to use them to even tell me how full of shi. I am. QED.

                      So take that Macfarland, you knucklehead (but I still love ya).

                      PS: I did not call your attractive mother a racist. I don’t even know what race she is. Besides, there is no such thing as race: only racism, the myth/lie that men are divided into races. That makes as much sense as dividing people by their eye color. Therefore, logically, since I do not believe that races exist, I cannot by definition be a racist. Only those who believe in races are racists.

                      I reject the concept of race and repeat once more, I did not nor will I ever call your gorgeous mother a racist, whatever her race might be.


                    23. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Of course there’s no such thing as race. There are only two races, the decent and the indecent. And I came back and explained why I brought my mom into it (she could be called a tea party person) and said I would apologize if certain things were true that you’ve said or did not say. You did not answer these, and went back to saying you didn’t specifically call my mother names. Obviously, but that was no longer the point.

                      Innovations are by individuals. The government getting involved with grants and building whole bureaucratic systems around certain schools in and in conjunction with bribes or agenda driven lobbying and so on, has only hindered progress, in my opinion. (that’s a hard one to prove) Yet I see how government involvement in general has made so much else worse in our society (eg. education, healthcare, poverty, crime, community, culture, etc.)

                      So there is no ‘conceit’ as you accuse. Obviously, by saying it wasn’t government I was standing up for the achievements of those *individuals* who have made so many disproportionately amazing discoveries in America (compared to the rest of the world for the last couple hundred years. That includes not only things like the airplane, car, motorcycle and telephone and lightbulb and vital areas of medicine; but Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Rock and Roll, movies, and fun stuff too.)
                      Saying “the government invented the internet” is an oft repeated assertion leftists use to justify growing the State. I don’t agree.

                    24. Japes Macfarland says:

                      Cuba has recently, finally, decided to allow land ownership.
                      Sorry Charlie.

      2. Not-a-liberal-but-I-play-one-on-TV says:

        You are a very sick person to pray that unarmed people will be shot by our law enforcement professionals. I hope that you get the help you so desparately need, and that nothing like what you wish on others ever intrudes on your life.

        1. Ginger says:

          ‘Un-armed,” tell that to the cop that was slashed today. Or the murdered victims from the Occutard camps. The help “I so desparately need,” is the same as all us New Yorkers desperately need. Running out criminals trying to shroud their crime in the First Amendment, is what we all desperately need.

      3. ruffsoft says:

        This is unadulterated fascism. Hitler is applauding you from his deepest rung in hell.
        Yes, shoot the protesters! Only in death and destruction is there hope.

        In what religion are you allowed to pray that bullets go ripping through a crowd?

        1. Japes Macfarland says:

          He probably just copied and pasted stuff that you leftists have been saying about tea party people every day for two years. Karma’s a b***h, creep.

          1. ruffsoft says:

            You probably just pulled this lie straight out of your as. This isn’t karma: it’s just pure hatred, pure fascism, pure lying. and you know it.

            1. Japes Macfarland says:

              Nope. Wrong again, Ruff. It’s the whole world seeing that it is really you leftists who are the sub-humans, and that you’ve been lying about the tea party people for the last two years.
              Racists are inherently evil. You are a racist.

              1. ruffsoft says:

                I said shooting into peaceful protesters is evil.
                I said it was fascism.

                You responded that I am a racist.

                You are out of your mind! Calling those who disagree sub-human is exactly how Hitler and all fascists dehumanize opposition. You are joining an evil crowd, my friend. If you are a typical Tea Party supporter, I fear for liberty and tolerance of dissent.

                I am not the left, I have not lied about the Tea Party, I am an anti-fascist who marched with MLK, who was also called a commie by the reactionaries of that era. I am an independent who loves justice and liberty and hates state brutality.

                Do you think those OWS protests in 80 nations are conducted by anti-OWS protesters? Do you disagree with Jefferson and the DOI: “all men are created equal…”? Are you out of your mind? Your rhetoric echoes the fascist tyrants of all ages: scapegoat and dehumanize. This sets up persecution and brutality against those who are identified as “the left.” For examples, study the speeches of Hitler, which call leftists filthy vermin. First the hate speech, then the brutality.

                Your soul is twisted with hatred. Only the power of love, in the form of non-violent resistance, can overcome the evil of hatred. Choose your side. And remember, hatred first poisons the bearer. I choose compassion and resistance.

                1. Japes Macfarland says:

                  Obviously shooting at a peaceful protester is evil. duh. Yet mobs are evil too. When you have dozens to hundreds of screaming, hate filled leftists getting angrier and angrier, and destroying other people family businesses and scaring little kids, and you’re a cop, you had better be trained properly to deal with it. This does not include shooting into the mob. We have technology now that can disperse angry mobs without hurting the people, and I wish we could use that more.
                  Now grow up and quit making excuses, racist!

    16. Ginger says:

      “Notoriously Leftist judges of NYC” you know da truth — we in NYC have the best judges money can buy. Look at the supreme court judges — each running unopposed on the ballot. One day we will have free elections, like Iraq. The federal judges are the worst crooks. Holder announced that NYC would host terrorist trials, only two weeks after the crooked Judge G. Lynch and his pup Chen were confirmed for the 2nd Circuit. When they mean “unified,” court system here, they mean it.

    17. Doc Justice says:

      Occupy is not a violent movement, the FIRST AMENDMENT grants the RIGHT to PEACEFUL assembly, you know, WITH OUT GUNS AND NIGHT STICKS and FASCIST.

      1. linnilu says:

        Peaceful also means not interfering with the small businesses they’ve hurt or terrorizing small school children, some as young as four. The Constitution with all it’s amendments pertain to others too, not just the Fleabaggers.

    18. Doc Justice says:

      You are completely retarded, but that is your constitutionally protected right!

    19. Bill Jacobson says:

      Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is going to be real fun to watch with these goons running about New York.

      YOU KNOW they are going to disrupt this event.

      Check out this website: Occupy-Madison.com to keep updated with some of these crazy stories. 🙂

    20. Robert K says:

      The OWS crowd IS a bunch of kids- misguided large ones. Bleve it was Churchill that said: “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, and if you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no head.” Hopefully they’ll wise up some day. Altho it appears that their ’60’s/’70’s hippie predecessors have not.

      I was pretty liberal when in my ’20’s. Then I got a “higher” education and learned what really makes the world go round. Rich people do what they do & get richer. Poor people do what they do & get poorer. No “cause & effect” exists between one class & the other. Generally speaking, of course-

      Free market capitalism is SUPPOSED TO generate wealth, and our American liberty allows ANYONE to reach out and grab a slice. But it takes dedication & effort. So OTW- Stop whining, Stand up & get to work to improve your own lives! The government is not your mommy & good things don’t come easily.

    21. ruffsoft says:

      :crack some heads….” reminds me of how the Brownshirts dealt with dissent, protest, and the left in general back then when the Nazi’s gained power.

      Cracking heads….a rational response to First Amendment rights! When freedom is exercised, the fascists come out with their violent behavior.

    22. Aidan Moore says:

      cracking heads in front of school children… cool… you cant solve problems with the same thinking that caused them in the first place. this country was founded on genocide. people have a reason to be upset, if you havent realized that yet. yea, it is getting a little ridiculous, but thats the only way anything’s gonna happen. do u realize the corruption on wall street, in the government, in loan, inscurance and mortgage companies? its almost the same thing enron pullled. all the world needs is LOVE. love is ALWAYS the answer to any problem. people dont even realize what a rapid perpetual motion society throws you into at this point. we are at a tipping point, whichever side we feed the most is where we’re going to tip. its either love or evil… ascension or some sort of hell. be careful, and attempt to love. theres nothing wrong with that.

      1. Ivan says:

        Yes. These kids need to LOVE hard work.

    23. Mirza B. Demirović says:

      id like to see these cops do that in Europe,especialy the Balkans!
      You realy need to stand together against this kind of represion and show them thay you feed them and their families by paying enormous taxes !dont be so pacifistic and calm!burn something down,brake some cop heads,prove them that you wont fail to succed in your ideas !

    24. Rose says:

      I totally agree,these people are destroying businesses,costing small business’ damage and employees can’t get to work,plus thousands for cleanup.They’re terrorists and now they’re scaring kids only trying to get to school.This Bloomberg is a pretty worthless Mayor.

    25. Markangelo says:

      Maybe they will taste rich.
      That school is $ 32.000
      per year for pre school !!!

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