NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police and protesters faced off  throughout the day today as Occupy Wall Street protesters marked the 2-month anniversary of “Occupy Wall Street” with a “Day of Action.” 

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street “Day Of Action

Clashes between protesters and police in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere in Lower Manhattan left seven police officers injured, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said during an afternoon press conference.

Two of the officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital and 5 others were treated and released from Beekman Downtown Hospital after splashed with what was likely vinegar near Broadway and Wall Street, Kelly said.

One of the officers suffered cuts to his hand — a defensive would, Kelly said.  Bloomberg said that officer was 24-year-old Matthew Walters, who received about 20 stitches.  Walters apparently received the laceration on his left hand after being contacted by some type of star-shaped glass object, the mayor said.

Earlier Thursday Kelly said 177 people were arrested, five for assault in the second-degree.  However, as of 10 p.m. Thursday night, the number of arrests rose to 250.

Mayor Bloomberg said 10,000 people were expected to protest Thursday, but far fewer had actually turned out.

Bloomberg further downplayed the protesters’ numbers and said they caused only “minimal disruptions to our city.”

Bloomberg said the while most protesters “acted responsibly,” those who didn’t would be dealt with accordingly.

“You can rest assured the NYPD has trained for this kind of event, they’ll be where they need to be,” Bloomberg said.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported that protesters were also throwing batteries at officers. A bottle was also reportedly thrown at a cop.

Occupy Wall Street protesters clash with police in Zuccotti Park on November 17, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Earlier in the day, police barricaded hundreds of protesters inside Zuccotti Park after they marched onto Wall Street.

Despite the number of arrests, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told 1010 WINS’ that the protest has been orderly overall.

“People were able to get to work and leave the area,” he said. “Most, when they were told to return to the sidewalk, did. Those who didn’t were arrested.”

According to their website, protesters returned to Zuccotti in what they called a “victory march.”

As police tried to corral protesters inside the park, many began knocking over barricades and lifting them up over the crowd. Some even danced on them.

Arrests being made during the 'Day of Action' at Wall and Nassau Streets on Nov. 17, 2011. (credit: Kristin Thorne/CBS 2)

Hundreds of protesters marched around the Financial District chanting “Occupy Wall Street, all day, all week” and “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Protesters were greeted by a large police presence, who had essentially turned the blocks surrounding the NYSE into a large “frozen zone.” Area residents and workers could get past police barricades by showing identification and proof they work there.

Many residents, workers and children had to thread through crowds of protesters to make their way past barricades which triggered several shoving matches and arrests.

“You do not have a parade permit! You are blocking the street,” a police officer said through a bullhorn to demonstrators.

According to messages sent out on Twitter this morning, some protesters were wearing suits to try to blend in with the business crowd.

They also claimed that about 20 protesters locked arms and blocked access to a TD Bank while a sanitation truck blocked Beaver Street “in solidarity with OWS.”

The protests also delayed bus service on the M5 bus line near Broadway and Chambers Street, according to MTA.

A member of the Occupy Wall Street Press team said Thursday’s demonstration, even if it’s not entirely successful, is the first step to toward affecting change.

“Change starts with awareness,” Mark Bray told CBS 2’s Jay Dow. “And if you look at any significant change in American history, it takes years.”

Mounted police officers in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011 (credit: Kristin Thorne/CBS 2)

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  1. DP says:

    Blocking traffic and keeping people from work is not going to solve the problems they’re complaining about. What’s more, they have yet to articulate any specific solutions to their gripes. It is more like a mass childish temper tantrum than a real political movement.

    Thing is, the 1st amendment talks about things people do when they share common interests (e.g. hope for a political solution to injuries): assembly (well, they have that part, sort of — except a) they have not incorporated as far as anyone has reported in the press, b) they don’t have a platform or a leadership per se who, at the least, manages the finances of their operations, and c) they didn’t actually file for NYC permits for assembly), publication (expressing common interests and goals – this implies a need for finances, except as much as the news services give them free press), petitioning government for redress of grievances (they have expressed grievances, but haven’t actually made a formal petition for redress — that would imply that they agreed on a platform of things they want to see done). The first amendment gives an outline of what people need to do in order to be politically effective, and to bring constructive solutions to the table. OWS isn’t doing it.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      You are correct that civil disobedience in and of itself does not solve problems but the first step is to raise awareness of the problem – in this case gross economic injustice – before something can be done. The fact that some people find this “inconvenient” is too bad but maybe it will wake some people up to the apathy and complacency that has allowed these injustices. From Gandhi to MLK, civil disobedience has been used to raise awareness of injustice.

      Your ramblings about the first amendment make little sense – the first amendment protects those protesting injustice, not just those offering a solution.

      1. Fred says:

        The problem is the Government.

        1. Captain Killarny says:

          Then the problem is us!

          1. leron says:

            i blame the backs

            1. Devenio says:

              leron: who are these backs you speak of?

            2. Julie Boolie says:

              The backs, huh? Those backs are the worst!!

            3. Julie Boolie says:

              Leron, please don’t reproduce, because 1) You don’t capitalize your first name, and 2) You don’t spell check. I hope the backs eat you.

              1. Debra R Steinman says:

                Please stop SLANDERING everyone. You do know it’s a VIOLATION of CBS TOS POLICY right you pathetic little BULLY?

            4. Rocco Rizzo says:

              I blame the fronts as well ! 😉

        2. 1 of the 99% says:

          The Government is being purchased by Wall St., so yes they are a variable. The problem here is greed, money and Wall St. and its subsidiaries.

          1. J.H. says:

            The Republican Paty is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

            1. harvell r says:

              Oh really? How about Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading? I thought she was a democrat.

            2. Winston Smith says:

              And the whopping sums OWEbama is getting from Wall Streeters? A BILLION DOLLAR War Chest with $5.00 donations?

              1. JH says:

                Go join your Rethug congress and debate whether pizza is a vegetable. Seems to be Rethugs limit to intelligence.

            3. Debra R Steinman says:

              Can you PROVE that? Or are you speaking from your ‘hip’ yet again?

          2. Devenio says:

            1 of the 99%: the government has been owed by business for decades. Remember a certain president warning about the military industrial complex… guess what? we didn’t listen.

            1. Debra R Steinman says:

              Is that why #OWS is going after people who created their own ‘small businesses’ via destroying their only means of INCOME and STEALING their MERCHANDISE?

              You do REALIZE that SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS aren’t making MILLIONS of DOLLARS right? Yet you suipport the fact that #OWS went after SOCAL venders … destroying their little carts and stealing their merchandise.

              Hypocritical much?

          3. Norris says:

            If that is true, then why aren’t the Occupiers at the White House? This is the self-esteem, everyone gets a trophy, no one tells at my kid generation throwing a tantrum because they don’t want to grow up. These are the people that cannot accept that they have become useless, unproductive leeches on society and blame everyone else for their personal failures. And they are too ignorant and immature to properly articulate their frustrations. But what should we expect, our society has trained them to be just that.

      2. 1 of the 99% says:

        We have common interest, we want change, reform and fairness as it relates to wall st. Your insults “It is more like a mass childish temper tantrum than a real political movement,” proves that we have your attention and clearly alludes to your position. They said the same thing about civil rights, this is a movement for equality!

        1. The Realist says:

          No, O.W.S. is a movement for HANDOUTS. The protesters oppose anybody with a job (because that undermines the argument that there are no jobs). The protesters harass small children for trying to get to school. Admit it: O.W.S.’s top executives want to replace the American Dream with an AMERICAN ENTITLEMENT.

          1. Rocco Rizzo says:

            I guess that wanting a job that pays a living wage is an “entitlement?” What if the parents of the kids took an active part in their kids’ education, and explained why people were shouting. Funny, I didn’t see or hear of any child molestation, as is done in some SCHOOLS, by staff, then covered up.
            How about the people who make all the money contributing their fair share, instead of getting bailouts? Aren’t the entitlements that banks got from Bush, part of the problem? Aren’t the entitlements that corporations get, then move jobs overseas a problem?
            You should educate yourself before commenting.

            1. Yaspar says:

              You mean corporations like Solyndra, that Obama gave 530 million of OUR dollars to, and which promptly folded up? Or Freddie and Fannie, semi-Federal mortgage guarantors that paid Jamie Gorelick 26 million dollars, while destroying the home mortgage business, and triggering an economic collapse? Those kind of corporations?
              You should educate yourself before commenting.

    2. AV says:

      DP you are right on target…The only thing they accomplished is more distain as seen by many law abiding citizens. I feel they show no respect to others especially seniors, school children and the working class, I also feel they show a lack of control and respect for authority most likely due to their upbringing. Hopefully they will melt away like a bad dream without any more damage to NYC’s reputation.

    3. Debra R Steinman says:

      But they don’t talk about screaming at terrified children! The #OWS THUGS belong in JAIL! They’re 1st amendment rights END where the harassment of Law abiding citizens AND THEIR CHILDREN begin!

      1. RealFreedom says:

        @Dear Debra

        Harrassing children is the last thing they should do indeed. But what if the main stream news (like CBS) is exactly telling you what you want to hear and not the truth? Does it ever occur to you the government only tells you what they want you to hear to infulence public opinion? May it all be staged to discredit the movement? May it be to instigate fights between citizens to distract you from the real problems and Martial Law can go into full effect? In the end you will actually vote against the 1st amendement? How ironic this is. Start asking some serious questions first please.

        Like, why is there police in riot gear in the first place already waiting and completely locking down streets? So all the folks on the Stock Exchange can go to work without a problem? If you believe that is just normal, please think again….

  2. Jo Watts says:

    thats some pretty scary stuff when you really think about it wow.

  3. j says:


    1. Julie Boolie says:


      1. Debra R Steinman says:


  4. Liberty Anna says:

    …if you’re going to insult me, or try to guess where I shop, try to be more creative. Insulting by insinuating a lower socio-economic status only reflects negatively back on you.

    1. LiberalAnna says:

      Anna, go back to work. Someone needs fries……

      1. Liberty Anna says:

        Congratulations, LiberalAnna, you have achieved equality in funniness and creativity.

      2. Julie Boolie says:

        Probably you, fat-ass glutton consumer. Answer me this: How many days per week do you work out, what is your workout routine, and what does your diet consist of? How many hours per week do you watch of TV? Do you drive to work, walk, or bike? When you’re sitting in the drive-thru, getting your FRIES, do you leave the engine running? What kind of car do you drive? Do you recycle? Do you give a about anything? Wait, you’re probably already preoccupied about Christmas shopping. Acting like a rude as.shole on the road and in parking lots, and also in the store, all so you can drive yourself into debt in the name of giving your evil spawn undeserved gifts. And I bet you give your spawn fries, too, just to have the convenience of not having to actually cook a nutritious f.ucking dinner. You are so much more important than the rest of us. (And I have a job and a degree. So don’t even go there with me)

        1. Debra R Steinman says:

          WOW! First you falsely accuse someone of STOCKPILING WEAPANS, and now YOU falsely accuse someone of being FAT all because YOU disagree with them.

          Are you really that unhappy with YOURSELF, that you have to tear down every one else to BUILD yourself UP?

          BTW You do know that by Falsely accusing people of things they did NOT DO you are GUILTY of SLANDER, and ere go VIOLATION of CBS TOS TERMS.

          Your BEHAVIOR, and LIES show how TRULY PATHETIC you are!

    2. Francis Kelly says:

      I need some ketchup for my fries!

    3. Liberty Anna says:

      Let me get this straight…you tolerant liberals are demeaning people who work in the food service industry? Careful, your masks are slipping off for all to see.

  5. vigilantechronicler says:

    Want to know why I still believe Bill Murray is dying (even after his PR control/visit to the last Clemson game)?

    No profit is sought from this. All I want, is for Bill Murray to step forward and start talking about this.

  6. Mike Baldwin says:

    “Let me complain about corporate greed on my micro-blog which is hosted on a billionaire’s web service using my $600 iPhone..”


    Hippies go home. Put your effort towards something philanthropic if you’ve got that much time..

    1. Bee says:

      Exactly, Mike!

      1. Mike Baldwin says:


        1. Bee says:

          🙂 back at ya!

    2. Average American says:

      Well said!

      They also constantly complain about we “Rich Capitalists”.

  7. BOSTINKS! says:

    When BO’s commie army goes to disrupt the subways they should demonstrate they’re tough and commited to the cause by getting down on the tracks, maybe some real NYC residents can “help” them get there.

  8. Glenn Erdmann says:

    ARRESTED……………..NEXT…….. They will soon be tired of getting arrested time and time again.

    1. NYC says:

      put all them in jail

  9. Liberty Anna says:

    I’ve said this elsewhere, but I do not like the closeness in messaging or tactics between the more violent OWS agitators and the fervent Ron Paul supporters. I see the extremes of both left and right touching. Anyone else share this viewpoint?

    1. LiberalAnna says:


      1. Liberty Anna says:

        Articulate the differences then…

      2. Liberty Anna says:

        Someone else did it for you below. After a long pro Ron Paul rant in which the writer also slammed Jews, an OWS person voices his/her agreement with the author. Proof enough for me that the extremes are commingling.

  10. Steven says:

    Awesome hypocricy of OWS. Their website is selling shoes at $99 a pop because it is vegan friendly and part of the profits are going to the factory workers in Pakistan. Go support a people who want your head on a stick and have cost you money for protecting terrorists against our great nation.
    OWS, you have rights, but not the right to hurt your fellow Americans who work hard every day to protect the liberties you errode and to protect the hard working New Yorker’s who have jobs and try to support teir families.

    Get jobs and stop complaining that your unemployment checks are not big enough.

  11. RealFreedom says:

    It is about time the whole Occupy movement and everyone else will start focussing on the real criminals. Disrupting the lives of others trying to make ends meet won’t solve anything.

    The whole world – so not only the USA – got into trouble since 2008. All this because in 1999 the globalist bankers managed to have Bush repeal the Glass-Steagall Act. This opened up de way for the megabanks to corrupt everything. To steal all your money, property and have themselves bailded out also by you. This whole criminal and totally corrupt corporate driven military industrial complex of globalists is rapidly taking over this planet. The whole of the EU faces the same problems. And they have been working on that for decades already. It’s better known as the New World Order.

    The real criminals are:

    Goldman Sachs and several other megabanks (making record profits)
    The FED (a PRIVATE bank that keeps printing the money, making everything worthless. Audit them!)
    The CIA (ever seen and organisation that can do as they please without facing any consequences? Wars, Fast and Furious, they don’t care)
    The military complex (they keep pushing for more wars. bankers fund TWO sides of wars and make record profits on them)
    Big Pharma (trying to poison you with flu shots, Gardasil and other dangerous crap)
    Obama (who is basically a dictator already, starting wars without consent)
    Congress (that keeps being bought by lobbyists)
    The lame stream Media (that ONLY keeps spreading government run propaganda)
    The Clintons and the Bushes (ask them where the money has gone for Haïti for instance, private funds!)
    DHS (it is NOT for keeping you safe, but for teaching you to obey government while they make you sick with radiation)
    The Hollywood empire (with their fake messages in movies and tv series)
    IMF (created by the megabanks, to “save” us)
    Worldbank (created by the magabanks, to “save” us)

    and many others involved.

    All this has absolutly nothing to do with left or right, rasicism, tea parties or other crap put into you mind by the lame stream media all day long. The USA has become a real police state already. All over the country the FEMA camps are waiting for you already. Get yourself arrested and it will only benefit the globalists.

    Instead, understand how fractional banking works. It is in place to make sure you loose it all. Just FOLLOW THE MONEY and you will find the real criminals. It is high time to stop them after decades of manipulation and mind control. We do not need a bankers/industrial run fasisct world government with their Bank of the World!

    While everyone is ‘occupying’ the wrong things, Obama is signing new Bills into law to restrict your freemdom even further and make you pay more for the damage they themselves cause with continuing to create more debt.

    You just know there something is seriously wrong in this world. Everyone can feel that. It’s only hard to figure out what it really is. If you need more information, there are many out there explaining what really is going on on this planet. Guys like Alex Jones, Noagenda and many others will try to help you understand the bigger picture. Inform yourself. Wake up people! Return to the Constiturion. The ‘American Dream” does not exist! This is a real serious globalists attack on EVERYONES liberty. On ALL of you. Also those that do not protest…

    1. Penone says:

      Umm…you do realize that Bush was not president in 1999, right? It was Bill Clinton.

      1. RealFreedom says:

        Yes. Tiny error from typing it all by heart. You are right indeed. It was Clinton who did that already. But it’s only a detail as Clinton, Bush and Obama are all in the same globaist camp anyway (Bilderbergers). So are Perry, McCain, Bachmann and a ton of other of these fake globalist candidates. Keep voting for them and more misery will definiately come your way.

    2. gotoworkyoubum says:

      You are paranoid. you need help. Bush was not president in 1999. You make paranoid clams. Obama has done good thing to kill terrorists. .

      1. RealFreedom says:

        @gotoworkyoubum (FYI: I am not part of the occupy movement. Not even close)

        As you could have seen in the replies, that was a tiny error about Bush/Clinton and I corrected that already. I only hope you actually know what the Glass-Steagall Act was also?

        I am afraid reality is far more worse then you can obviously can imagine. I don’t blame you for not being informed. It’s as expected. All I can advise you (and everyone else) is to stop watching the government propaganda on tv and do some of your own research in history. You will soon discover there is lots more to the story then a bunch of so called ‘terrorists’.

        The country is 14 Trillion dollar (yes, with a T) in debt and that just didn’t happen overnight (look at this for example: That won’t ‘just disappear’ either. Also serious devaluation of the dollar is happening as we speak. Basically the USA is in far more worse financial shape then Greece they all tend to yell about on tv so much. Towns are going bankrupt. One state after another is going bankrupt. And ‘your wonderfull killing’ Obama simply expects you to pay back all the debt in taxes also!

        Isn’t all that already enough reason for you to start asking some more serious questions how you actually ended up in this giant mess,..?

  12. Amtracmarine says:

    These Adbusters tools want a bloddy confrontation with the Cops. While the main insigators are safe up in Canada they are hoping to Americans turn on one another and see our cities burn they way they did in Europe

  13. YELLOW CHEESE says:

    Weather you like it or not, Wall Street will be the cause of the YELLOW CHEESE TRUCK, coming to a street near you.
    When your money is no good, and the shelf are empty in the store, you will most definitely have a moment to yourselves and in retrospect, you will say to yourself, “what could I have done to prevent what is now a very disconsolate reality?” Make fun, criticize these folks all you want, but at the end of the day, when America is no longer a use to the World’s Banking Elite, they are inevitably just going to pull the plug on the Dollar, and be advised, once the Dollar starts that spiral dive downward, THERE IS NO STOPPING IT Google (Webster Tarpley video), for a good u tube in this.

    Ron Paul 2012

    1. The Fall of the Republic says:

      You Tube this…..

  14. Steve says:

    Time to crack some heads, NYPD. New York has had enough of these troublemakers.

  15. tc says:

    The OWS movement lost me today. While I can definately relate to the cause of the rich getting richer while the working class is squeezed out of exsistance, there has to be a better way. No leader has arisen within the movement and most of the people that the media is portraying are hippy types who are just in it for something to do. Nothing will get accopmlished this way. The better plan would be a mass movement in which all the “working class” people dont show up for work and see what happens–no mail delivery- not public transportaion- nothing in this country would work without the middle pushing things along. Something I think this most of the wealthiest citizens have certanly forgotten. I myself am proud to be a working class hero. My fiance and myself work very hard every day all to just survive. We all know that things are completely out of balance and its scary when you live paycheck to paycheck, but I will not organize a protest. If you want real change one needs to be really organized and with a definate plan of action. While the OWS moment has a plan it has major flaws and that is why the have accomplished little. Take a lesson from years past, the protestors of the 60-70’s generation got shit done and that is the major differnce between the two.

    1. edrews says:

      If you and your fieance dive paycheck to paycheck, it isnt because the middle class is disappearing, it is because you are living beyond your means. Stop worrying about what others make, or who gets bailed out, and all that. and concentrate on what you can do to live within your means. It can be done, but it takes work, discipline and long term commitment.

      Every OWS prtester out there could improve their lot in life, but it takes work, discipline and long term commitment. By ‘long term’, I’m taking 10 ,15, and 20 YEARS, not 10, 15 and 20 minutes. Unfortunately most people want everything instantly, and is didn’t work that way in the past, it doesn’t work that way now,, and protesting isn’t going to make it happen in the future. If you don’t have the skills to improve your employment, get them. You’re not going to get a raise for being a nice person. You’re also not going to have a siz figure salary for being a janitor either – regardless of that the CEO of the company makes.

      See if you can throw off the moniker that someone on one of these boards put on the OWS people — the Gimme Generation. From what I see right now, it looks like it fits… real well.

      As for me, I am far from the 1%,, but I live comfortably (within my means), and enjoy my life. I didn’t get where I am today by wanting someone to hand it all to me. It took the better part of 30 years – YES, YEARS) to get where I am today. Trust me, those years have had their share of both ups and downs.

      The only one that can improve YOUR lot in life, is YOU!! Start working on improving your lot in life TODAY. The best place to start is to figure out how much is coming in, and where (and on what) it is going out.

  16. Ellen says:

    I have an idea. Instead of protesting downtown where your nothing but a pain in the ass why not then just protest in front of the homes of politicians that got us in this mess.

    1. McBee950 says:

      Or go down to Washington…New York doesnt deserve this crap.

    2. Facebook says:

      I like this

      1. Faceoff says:

        I like like I

  17. steve says:

    a sanitation truck blocked a street in solidarity. Easy one, fire the driver ASAP. This way he can join the dirtbaggers full time.

    1. Bee says:

      Not too easy, Steve, I’m afraid. He’s union and he’ll fall back on that.

  18. Surfin Bird says:

    IF a protester is in your way while driving should you run him over?

    1. Michael H. says:

      No, because that’s vehicular homicide.

      1. McBee950 says:

        dont we all feel like we should?

      2. steve says:

        and it is restricting my civil rights by not allowing me to walk. OWS = TERRORISM.Take em down NYPD.

        1. McBee950 says:

          And Communism and anarchy and a waste of time…

        2. Lets get them says:

          Yes it will be great if someone did run them down.I am just curious when they go into subway service and tryi to disrupt train service I think New Yorkers will fight back .Do not mess with people trying to get home to kids or go to work get ready for a fight.Lets see this idiots try that in harlem or bronx and see if they dont get hit upside there head .

    2. Don Juan says:

      That’s a ‘bird brain’ idea. Either your a sociopath or fascist . . . either way you’re very dangerous.

      1. Charlie says:

        “fascist” lol you’re either gay, or a commie using that word, they’re both the same anyway……..

  19. thomas mc says:

    We The People will NOT be silenced!

    1. Liberty Anna says:

      …and seeing how the stock exchange is up and running, and our 401k dollars and our stocks are being traded and our money is being invested I’d say ‘We the People’ have NOT been silenced! Thank you, NYPD!

      1. Nik says:

        You really think your 401k dollars are working? You are not very intelligent. Bank of America is already planning for the next crash – moving toxic assets from their ibanking arm (which is not insured by taxpayers) to their commercial banking arm (which is insured by tax payers). You really want to bail out these jerks again? You’ll get the opportunity soon enough I guess. The next crash is just around the corner.

        1. USA 99 cents says:

          She shops at the dollar store, USA 99 cents, that is the scope of Anna’s world

        2. Liberty Anna says:

          What did I say about public school education earlier? I guess I left out the bit about comprehension. What did I write? I said nothing about those investments actually working or growing.

    2. Thomas Dck says:

      Waaaaaaaaaa….I’m a dirt bag loser because of all the bad decisions I’ve made…….Waaaaaaaaa. I want what successful people have without the effort. Waaaaaaaa… I hate soap… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  20. DianeD says:

    It’s borderline anarchy. Enough is enough and go home. The change they want will not happen overnight. They made their point so go home. But they won’t and it will end ugly. We are all braced for that.

    1. McBee950 says:

      Somebody finally understands…! Throughout history, anarchy and communism have all failed. But I guess these protestors do not know ANYTHING…
      Either protest the GOVERNMENT who got us into this mess or be prepared for the worst OWP

      1. Bee says:

        Really? I mean, really?

  21. timr1271 says:

    Can someone tell me definitively what these people are protesting? I’ve been looking and reading and listening for 2+ months and there seems to be absolutely no logic to their actions or reasons for protesting. It seems to me that most of them have no idea what they’re protesting and why, but they joined in because protesting something…anything…sounded cool. It strikes me as quite fascinating how many of their actions have caused the one of the things some of them claim to be protesting – their actions and protests against the alleged disparity between the rich and the poor have cost a number of people their jobs…which, logic would say, creates a wider disparity by creating a new poor / unemployed person. This whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me…and I’m hoping someone can shed some insight into what’s going on…

    1. Nik says:

      Thank you for at least asking. The people commenting on here are really, really ignorant. They seem to think they are part of the 1%. These people are not anarchists, nor communists. They don’t like that Wall Street banks and other huge corporations have bought our politicians lock stock and barrel. They are fighting for you people. Don’t you understand how corrupt and broken Wash DC has become? They don’t listen to their constituents anymore, simply the high paid lobbyists of large, multinational corporations. The same ones that shirk taxes and ship jobs overseas. The protesters don’t care if you’re wealthy, just that you got that wealth on a fair playing field. Corporations have gamed the system. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! yOUR IGNORANCE IS SHAMEFUL. We don’t have capitalism in this country, we have corporate welfare. If you can’t see that, you need some serious education.

      1. This is a good starting place says:

        The Federal Reserve Bank enforces globalist strategies to be key instrumentally, in their long term goal of dismantling the middle class concept, that has been preserved by evoking the first revolution against the Bank Of England, who intended to subject us to British serfdom, yes feudal states, like the entire world before the existence of the rebellious Americans.

        It has been the Globalist ( mostly Zionists), master plan to systematically dismantle the free state of America, by

        1.) in 1907, JP Morgan bought up all the media of that time. 24 newspapers, so
        as to corral public opinion. Today, the three major networks are the
        continuum of this corralling of popular disposition. When JP Morgan died,
        80% of his estate went back to the Rothschild’s.
        2.) The re-establishment of the very thing that our forefathers, who revolted
        against the British over, the establishment of a fractional reserve central
        bank, which enslaves a nation through debt, and is owned by foreigners,
        (mostly Zionists).
        3.) The destruction of our working middle class through the three pronged
        method of illegal immigrant workers(NAFTA), the destruction of our currency,
        and the purchasing of the majority of all our political representatives, with the
        good help of the media. The over regulation by government with ridiculous
        statutes and over taxation.

        There is so much stuff besieging us that the above is just the tip of the iceberg, with regard to how the American people are being reduced to the quality of a fourth world nation.
        The American people had best wake up when it comes to voting in their reps. This is a diabolic and spiteful development. The government can very very easily trim the budget simply by closing down just a portion of the 900 ineffective military bases that we have policing imaginary enemies globally, when the real enemy is our economic responsibility, or lack of, that is. To you understand that on top of the military bases, we build schools and fire houses in the remotest Kush mountains, in all the provinces, in all the countries that we’ve been in, not ruling out Libya either.
        Americans have their backs to the wall, we need a change from the atypical paradigm that has besieged Washington since the inception of The Federal Reserve System, in 1913. Clearly, Ron Paul will be the Next President.

        Simply and honestly,
        all he is asking for is prudent clarity and focus in your logic by, reducing the size of over bloated government, pork barrel lobbying politics, our global military presence (and the exorbitant billions of spending that go with it), more States rights, the return of the gold and silver backed dollar, and the elimination of worthless printing of the present inflated fiat Federal Reserve Currency. and last but not least, by ending the illegal presence of the neither Federal , which there are no reserves, because they print currency out of thin air then bill the taxpayer for it, to END THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK !!!

        Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:
        1. Rothschild Bank of London
        2. Warburg Bank of Hamburg
        3. Rothschild Bank of Berlin
        4. Lehman Brothers of New York
        5. Lazard Brothers of Paris
        6. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
        7. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
        8. Goldman, Sachs of New York
        9. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
        10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

        By the way, get this, the FED actually owns part of the majority of these companies, e.g., it owns, %12 to %15, of Goldman Sachs.
        The Apocoliptical vision of a serpent devouring its own tail, comes to mind.

        1. Liberty Anna says:

          Anyone else notice the anti-Semitic slant? Keep this in mind and think about where else this has popped up in the historical record. Think BEFORE you support these anti-American socialists.

        2. truthseekerone says:

          Finally an educated response to idiot and ignorant commenters like Liberty Anna.
          Those of us in the know, actually did extensive research on the rulers of our world. Sadly, they are too powerful and until some of those brave occupyers actually drag one of them down on the street and publicly linch them, to scare them away from America, nothing will ever change. I’m not picky. The hanging of Paulson and Bernanke will bring me immense satisfaction.
          ONWARD OWS!

          1. Liberty Anna says:

            Voila! Proof that OWS and Ron Paul supporters are one in the same.

          2. Schmellma Arss says:

            My you are a fine Christian soul are you not!

        3. Mimi says:

          Your ignornance is showing. Kuhn Loeb was acquired in 1978. Lehman filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Chase is now part of J.P. Morgan.
          Go home! You are not supported by the 99% who want to work and succeed. Your hatred of success, probably because you can’t achieve it, is poisoning your thoughts and your mind. Work hard and achieve something – therein lies satisfaction, success and self-worth. You poor soul!

    2. Whhhen you loose your job...... says:

      I guess if I could get a job I would think like you?, wait, my MBA didn’t get me one, and this leaf machine is in spanish….

      1. RingaDingDing says:

        Loose? I guess they didn’t teach spelling in grad school.

  22. Schmellma Arss says:

    They are protesting right outside the RUMP BUILDING !!! This is an outrage, of course you know this means war ?!?!?!

  23. The Realist says:

    How does keeping ME off a train benefit THEM?

    1. Janet says:

      Are they somehow under the impression that billionaires ride the subways?

      1. kezinic says:

        I am thinking their intent is to force the rest of the 99% (those who are not a part of the OWS protest) to join them.

    2. McBee950 says:

      To try and make you benefit for them…which will not do anything for anyone. Notice that many don’t care about what they want…and what exactly do they want anyway?? lol

  24. Toy says:

    Those who feel that the 1% (who have been feeding off American consumers like vampires) are justly deserving of their feast, while their deregulated practices work to the detriment of the middle class and poor, would be great champions and defenders of King George against America’s founding fathers…. It’s time for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to have a say…..Just like the Viet Nam protests,

    1. Susan says:

      Oh please. This is nothing like the Vietnam protests. It is nothing like the Montgomery boycott. It is nothing like the Suffrage movement. And it is nothing like the Tea Party (original or current). You people have no coherent goals — and certainly none that can be accomplished with what you’re doing. All you’re doing is ranting about The Man and disrupting the lives and livelihoods of ordinary citizens. You are not a movement. You are a mob.

      1. ECS says:

        Totally agree Susan. So these people want to disrupt the 99% on their way to work? And then they want the 99% to pay the bill for their protest? So they are not in fact fighting for the 99%…they disrupting neighborhoods, hurting small local businesses, disrupting the subway…THAT is the 99%…how wasteful these people are. GO HOME OWS!

        1. McBee950 says:

          The one percent of the 99% protesting is a disgrace. I agree with both Susan and ECS. OWS is a waste of time. Do you really think the government is going to do s*** for what you’re doing?! Hell no! We get that you’re angry and such about the economy, but how about you HELP the economy by getting a job OWS. Then you can make your statement.

      2. Toy says:

        If you don’t see a similarity between people seeking redress for grievances through civil disobedience, and peaceful protest during the Viet Nam war, or now, bailing out financial institutions who bet YOUR money, lost and now YOU get to pay for THEIR losing bets (because, hey, THEY are too big to fail, bit the little guy isn’t even a consideration… well, all I can say , ,that many of us don’t have YOUR vision limitations…

        1. Nik says:

          Here here Toy! I’m shocked at the level of ignorance on display in these comments.

      3. Rocco Rizzo says:

        The real mob is the crew who want to give everything away to the corporations. I guess we should give them more of our resources and jobs, so that they can take them overseas on our dime.
        I guess we should bail out banks who fail, so that their executives can get multi-million dollar bonuses?
        That’s your mob, not the people who want to just make you aware that you are being swindled, and at least making an attempt to raise awareness!

        1. Winston Smith says:

          The leader of that “Mob” is Obama! HE and his cronies demanded that the banks take the money loaned or gave billions to foreign affiliated companies, allowed businesses to skate on taxes and such IF they contributed to HIM. If they want to “attempt to raise awareness” of the problem – “Occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”!

  25. Matt Hardy says:

    Better think twice about ‘disrupting’ my commute…

    1. Bee says:

      Amen, Matt – God help them if they come near me

    2. Jeff Sayin says:

      OK – tough guy

  26. steve says:

    •479 Port Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond

    This is Ralph’s Ice’s, what would possible be there to protest against? Plus, they are closed for the season.

  27. Mark Wright says:

    Obama’s ability as a community organizer continues to dazzle. His ability to create class warfare by defining the enemy as the top 1% is impressive. And Obama’s Army follows him blindly in his witch hunt.

    1. L C says:

      Couldn’t agree mor3e. And ask them who they voted for in the last election- it pi$$es them right off.

    2. L C says:

      Couldn’t agree more. And ask them who they voted for in the last election- it pi$$es them right off.

    3. Jeff Sayin says:

      Your ability to regurgitate Fox News talking points is dazzling too!!

      Try thinking for yourself somethime

  28. AL says:


    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      So long as we also execute all people who only write with ALL CAPS.

  29. Jenny1 says:

    I have a job & not a dirtbag and I support thier cause. The 1% are on the side of morally corrupt activity sanctified by scuzzy lawyers who dig for loopholes, crooked politics & sneaky greedy banks. Mr. Mayor Billioniareberg is a biased individual who feels threated by civil unrest. He has a Tiger by the tail.

    1. Penone says:

      Jenny1 – you do realize that the reason you have a job – are able to feed & cloth your family – is because of the 1%, right? Last I remember poor people don’t hire people to work for them.

      1. kezinic says:

        I love your response. Jenny1 “Don’t bite the hands that feed you!”

      2. Nik says:

        Then how exactly is it, Penone, that we have “jobless” recovery then? The 1% do not care about hiring American workers, only about profits. They don’t reinvest those profits in the community, they only give their employees ridiculous bonuses for destroying the economy. I continued to be shocked by how ignorant you people are. I’m guessing you’re part of the 99%. You need to wake up and understand that your government is pursuing policies that are quite harmful to you and your family. Get educated, get involved, and get real.

    2. steve says:

      You suppor them stopping the 99% from going to work? Stopping the subway system is helping the 99% how? Stopping people that drive for a living -trucks, cabs, etc. is helping the 99% how? Please explain your logic?

      1. LittleEddy says:

        Exactly Steve, they are not helping me pay my mortgage by preventing me from going to work! I am the 99% and I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT!

        1. Jeff Sayin says:

          Nobody was prevented from getting to work – maybe a little inconvenience and maybe that’s what it takes to wake people from their apathy and ignorance.

    3. Liberty Anna says:

      Jenny1…you wrote that in the best public schooleeze I’ve ever read. You are a glowing testament to the truth behind the OWS movement.

      …and Steve, really? LMAO at your request for logic! Seriously? What does ‘logic’ have to do with anything in the last two months? These people are agitators, and many of them aren’t local or even Native born Americans. The only logic, which none of them will be able to articulate, is that these protests are being directed by community organizers and are designed to frighten the Independents away from voting. The end game is four more years…and herd animals, like Jenny1, will be herded and stampeded through our cities (in front of cameras as this is most important) until they trample the regular folk.

      The funny thing in all this is that these agitators really do not understand New Yorkers (true NYers) at all. We are tolerant to a point, but large scale civil unrest is not acceptable in the community at the crossroads of culture.

      1. Charlie says:

        Thank you Liberty Anna, perfectly put!!!!

      2. WFB says:

        Liberty Anna you are my hero. That was the most cogent statement made by anyone I’ve read. And you couldn’t be more correct about Jenny1, she is a scathing indictment of our education system (as are so many others I read on this). Thank you. I wish us ALL good luck today.

  30. How says:

    How about some investigative reporter finding out and reporting on who is funding these people. Follow the money

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      The money is coming from different sources. Alot of it from overseas.. Any entity that would benifit from America failing is donating. The main media source for them is a Canadian magizine,Adbusters.

      1. How says:

        Good information. I guess the mainstream news media does not think this is an important enough issue to report on. Maybe they are afraid of the answer

        1. Amtracmarine says:

          How, I have been following this so called movement from the beginning and I have been to Adbusters web site. They claim to be the main insigators.

  31. eek57 says:

    Sign of the times. Protesters need to work harder to support Obama and what he is trying to do. Undermining his presidency is not the solution when Republicans continue to stalemate his attempts to improve the job picture and the economy
    Tax the rich….support the poor. Is anyone protesting about the unfair racial milieu of our country. Attention to the news media who supported Bush and his cronnies his entire presidency. Work to change the investment laws and short selling in the exchanges. Come on ….walking around and beating drums is hardly the solution.

    1. steve says:

      “the news media who supported Bush and his cronnies his entire presidency”

      What bizaaro world were you living in during GW’s presidency? Media support? Holy cripes.

  32. Tee-Jay says:

    Somebody needs to check the photo captions.

    The mounted police shown in the photo are NOT in front of the Stock Exchange – they’re in front of Federal Hall (Wall & Nassau), which is diagonally opposite the Stock Exchange (30 Broad Street).

    1. McBee950 says:

      That is actually the Stock Exchange…the columns of the building are on the right of the photo.

      1. Tee-Jay says:

        No, it isn’t. The steps leading up to the columns clearly give the building away as the Federal Hall National Memorial ( at the northeast corner of Wall & Nassau – also evidenced by the presence of a STREET SIGN.

        The Stock Exchange building has taller columns and NO STEPS; plus, it’s on Broad, mid-block between Wall and Exchange Place, so a photo of it would not show a street sign.

        Visit that location (or check Google Images) any time and see for yourself.

  33. Lawrence Zhg says:

    enough!!!! can you guys face the real problem of yourself first before pointing finger to others? God is fare everyone has 2 hands and 1 brain.. why some people can make a million with and you just a meatball sitting in the street so call yourself “protester”? who gonna be funding the students, retiree, unemployment without the stock market? Why don’t you guys take this up to DC?

    1. Lawrence Zhg says:

      Fair.. oop typo!!!

  34. Dixie Normous says:

    I think these people just need a good healthy bowel movement..

    1. steve says:

      I thought they were doing that in the park?

  35. steve says:

    So if they want ot protest the bridges and jump onto the road, if they get hit – too bad.

  36. steve says:

    Are the dirtbaggers upset about the 1% that have jobs or about anyone that has a job? Why would you want to stop people from getting to work? Get in my way today and 6-5, 250 won’t be pleasant walking over your body.

    1. kezinic says:

      They’re not worth that trouble Steve.

  37. Joan C says:

    They’re going to have a rally at Ralph’s Ices on Staten Island?

  38. steve says:

    ““We do hope to stop people from getting to work,” said demonstrator Austin Guest.”

    Enough said Nothing to do with unfair economy, all to do with just causing disrpuption with no meaing or purpose and being whiny little brats. The people they are stopping from going to work are the 99%.

  39. Brendan Quigley says:

    If these folks want to push for real change they need to focus on the corruption of government at the federal level. Obama and his cronies bailed out the wall street gang because they are in bed with them. The unions want the democrats agenda so they too are in bed with Obama’s socialist gang in power

  40. L C says:

    If they spent that much energy looking for a job or going back to school, they’d be much better off. Or they could work for cahnge by running for local office and being a part of the solution.

  41. TheEye says:

    Such an excellent cause presented in the most juvenile and immature way. The message still hasn’t been delivered.

    1. steve says:

      Because there is no message. If they haven’t been able to deliver the so called message in two months, there musn’t be one. Or, there isn’t a solution to THEIR problem. Not being able to pay your school loan isn’t the fault of Wall Street, but maybe the fault of colleges that charge high tuition. If these dirtbaggers can’t get jobs, maybe they need to look beyond their degrees and take what they can until something opens up. Instead of getting in the way of us 99%ers that need to get to work, maybe they should get out of our way and allow us to do our jobs.

  42. Tee-Jay says:

    Three comments:

    – The “official” list of disruption locations ( is probably incomplete or a total decoy.


    – How many of these trust fund “we’re really protesting because we love to protest and have little to protest about, but we want to protest anyway” kids have ever been to Jamaica Center or East New York or Bushwick or Staten Island or Yankee Stadium (during off-season)??

    1. Liberty Anna says:

      My question is why 125th Street? Intimidating anyone we all know, the general public, or trying to fire up those poor, underprivileged Columbia students? You are right Tee-Jay, these folks just like to protest. Nothing quite as warm as a mob on a blustery November day, I guess.

  43. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Unlike others I use my real name.

  44. Glenn Erdmann says:

    The answer to this is keep arresting all the protesters IF THEY BREAK THE LAW. Eventually they will get tired of being arrested and paying the fines or serving jail times. Termination is what will win. Remember slow but steady.

    1. L C says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I’ll support anyone’s First Amendment right to protest. But there’s a huge difference between peaceful protesting and causing trouble.

    2. McBee950 says:

      In addition, when winter comes, these people will become weak and tired of “surviving” in Zuccotti and just leave. Why cant they do it now?

  45. Liberty Anna says:

    If the protesters haven’t taken the step to get a permit, I hope the City goes after them (and their bank account rumored to have $500K) to cover the cost of security and clean up. Regular groups have to abide by the law, and so should anyone…even if you are only exercising your free speech.

  46. RealFreedom says:

    Riot against the police and you will give them plenty of reasons to restrict your freedom even more. The real answer is just stop using ‘the system” and it will fall apart in front of your eyes. Game over!

    And don’t be fooled with milliionaires suddenly wanting to pay taxes. Read the bills and you will soon notice the real taxes will be upon you instead. Not the millionaires. It’s bogus Obama campaign propaganda. Ron Paul is the ONLY real solution for all the problems. Return to the Constitution.

    1. michaelfury says:

      Thanks for the example of moral cowardice and degradation, spook.

  47. LG says:

    Get a life you idiots!!!

  48. TomNJ says:

    The 1% don’t ride subways. All they are doing is disrupting the daily lives of the working people who they claim to represent.

    1. Michael H. says:

      To be fair, the 1% do ride subways, but can afford to take cabs when there are train troubles.

  49. michaelfury says:

    “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus — and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you’re free the machine will be prevented from working at all!!”

    – Mario Savio on the steps of Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley, December 2, 1964

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