Pundit: With Feds Investigating Him, He'll Likely Have Very Difficult Time

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — City Comptroller John Liu wants to replace Michael Bloomberg as mayor, but will a campaign fund raising scandal derail his political career?

The comptroller is on the defense, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

They said a prayer for Liu at a Flushing senior center on Friday and by all accounts he’ll need it. The federal government is scrutinizing his campaign fund raising operation. One of his top money men was busted for using bogus donors to hide massive contributions, and Liu was forced to hire a criminal attorney to represent him in the ongoing probe.

Kramer spoke with Liu on Friday.

Kramer: “There are some people who are wondering about your political viability given the fact that there’s a federal investigation and that you’ve hired a criminal attorney. Would you like to address that?

Liu: “I’m aware that there’s an investigation and we intend to fully cooperate.”

But the political viability question is a real one. Liu may be the comptroller, but he is anxious to run for mayor in 2013.

Friday’s visit to the senior center was just one of seven political appearances in a jam-packed 14-hour day as he doggedly pursued supporters, especially members of the Asian community. Experts say that in a crowded mayoral field Asian voters will help put him out in front. Liu pointedly signed his name in both Chinese and English in the senior center’s guest book.

But it’s hard to remember a candidate under the federal microscope being elected to the city’s top job.

“You can’t count anybody out in this business,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said. “But you can say this: in an era when people are very, very sensitive to scandal, corruption and abuse of office how is it possible that a man under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney can be elected mayor? It’s not likely.”

When asked if he’s still planning to run for mayor, Liu told Kramer, “Ah, ha ha, there’s been more and more talk of that.”

Other than saying he was “sad” about the arrest of his money man Liu did not address specific questions about the probe. His campaign did not return calls and neither did his criminal lawyer.

Meanwhile, the former state attorney general hired by Liu to conduct an internal audit of his fundraising resigned.

Should Liu run? Can he win? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Suzannah Troy says:

    SAIC, Mike Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Howard Rubenstein did everything but hire a hit main to take-out John Liu. I gave you a post to read and you need to read my post John Liu dead man walking part 2 why Murdoch wants Liu out of the pensions and the picture. http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2011/11/joyce-purnick-mike-bloomberg-howard.html John Liu stopped the largest white collar crimes ever in NYC gov. and not one NYC gov official arrested. Mean while Mike pushed SAIC like a drug king pin and committed perjury in court not covered by immunity that Cy gave him….why don’t New Yorkers no this so why isn’t Mike in jail?

  2. Vernier Boocannon says:

    Comptroller John Liu has uncovered lot’s of corrupt spending that has been done by Bloomberg & company. Liu also showed Bloomberg to be a liar when the Mayor blamed city workers pensions for the city’s fiscal woes. The pension funds are well funded via employer / employee contributions which are well invested. Liu gets my vote. I wish we had him as mayor rather than the ‘little CEO’ …

  3. Linda says:

    No he should not run nor should he still be in office as Comptroller. We are trying to get rid of the corruption not give these crooks a better job. Past time for New York State to really clean house and take out the trash.

  4. Nick says:

    Dead in the water

  5. simon goldfarb says:

    We at the United Jewish Federation fully support Liu. Bloomberg is the biggest disgrace of a Jew since God created Abraham.

    1. Suzannah Troy says:

      http://youtu.be/xkGvTLJloMk Please don’t forget the very “nice” Rudin Family, billionaires who need more billions selling luxury condos — great philanthropist and Bill Rudin, a civil leader quoted in the NYTimes stating we need a world class hospital in the West Village…April 1, 2008. Was that an April fool’s joke? I am just glad Amanda the People’s Burden is not Jewish and Mike’s mini-me Christine Quinn, not Jewish. Howard Rubenstein, Rudin and Bloomberg making it tough on us.

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