The Dark Knight may have moved on, but Catwoman is still hanging around.

Anne Hathaway was in full-on Occupy mode on Thursday, when she joined the Occupy Wall Street crew in Union Square yesterday.

One eagle-eyed New Yorker spotted Hathaway in shades and a raincoat among the protesting masses and  Tweeted  a photo of Hathaway holding up a sign, saying  “Anne Hathaway supports students! Love! Blackboards Not Bullets!”

Hmm, the incognito outfit was pretty much voided by the giant sign with your name on it Anne, but hey it’s nice that you’re exercise your freedom of assembly.

Thanks to Twitter user @Elana_Brooklyn for playing amateur paparazzi.

Thursday marked the “Day of Action.”  Protesters expanded their reach from Zuccotti Park, and demonstrations on the subways, on the Brooklyn Bridge, and in Union Square.   Over 240 people were arrested, five were charged with felony assault, and seven officers and 10 protesters were injured in Thursday’s protests.  None on the injuries appear to be the doings of Catwoman.


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