NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Lower Manhattan is quiet today after Thursday’s chaotic “Day of Action” by Occupy Wall Street brought thousands of protesters and police into the Financial District.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman In Zuccotti Park Friday Morning

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street “Day Of Action”

Only a handful of protesters were in Zuccotti Park this morning, a stark contrast from the thousands who were there 24 hours earlier.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Future For OWS

Organizers are assessing the future.

“So, what comes next?” asked WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell.

“Right now, literally, recharging, regrouping,” said spokesman Bill Dobbs. “What’s the best strategy to get more people involved?”

Dobbs knows there were a lot of people inconvenienced.

“There are plenty of things in everyday life that can get on our nerves, but don’t forget what this is about – economics.”

He says this is just the beginning.

Thursday’s loud but largely peaceful march near Wall Street to mark the two-month anniversary of the movement occasionally descended into violent clashes. Around 300 people were arrested throughout the day.

In his weekly WOR Radio show, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the protesters have made their voices heard, but now it’s time to move forward.

“I don’t think that the things they are trying to protest about have gone away,” he said. “They don’t know how to coalesce and get the message out, but that doesn’t mean that what they’re complaining about isn’t real but I think we have to sit back and say that’s true, not let’s go fix it.”

Scuffles between protesters and police in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere on Thursday in Lower Manhattan left seven police officers injured. One officer needed at least 20 stitches in his hand after blocking a glass object hurled at him.

Police officers clash with protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park on November 17, 2011 in New York City.(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

The goal of Thursday’s day of action was to shut down Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.

But the protesters ultimately failed to deliver on their promise. A spokesman for the NYSE said the opening bell went off as normal and there was no disruption in trading. Police had cordoned off a two-block area around the Exchange, turning it into a virtual frozen zone.

That lead to tense moments and occasional skirmishes between police, protesters and area residents and workers who were just trying to get by.

Protestors chanting “Wall Street’s closed” tried to keep many from going to work by forming a human chain near the Exchange.

“They’re making it harder for the average guy to make a living,” one man said. “They’re not hurting banks. They’re just hurting the regular guy.”

“The police just stormed in and just started grabbing people and throwing people to the ground,” said one protester.

Thursday night, 99 people sat in the street at the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge but were quickly arrested.

“This is what democracy looks like,” demonstrators shouted.

But Bloomberg said that the majority of those who marched over the Brooklyn Bridge did not fully represent the anti-Wall Street movement.

“I think that one of the noticeable things was that a vast percentage of the people were union members protesting, some private unions and municipal unions, and they had organized signs and leadership and that sort of thing, so it really wasn’t the protesters that have been in Zuccotti Park or that you see around the country,” he said.

Despite some widespread fears of protesters severely disrupting the New York City transit system, plans to Occupy the Subway never materialized. Protesters said they had no intention of disrupting subway service.

Now that the day of action is over, protester Mark Bray says the Occupy movement is moving forward.

“Change starts with awareness and if you look at any significant change that’s happened in history, it takes a really long time,” he said.

Bloomberg also defended his decision to dismantle the protesters’ camp in Zuccotti Park.

He said taking down the tents early Tuesday morning was the right thing to do and says now, the protesters need to move on.

“It was the right thing at the right time,” he said. “As you know, I’ve never been about looking back. Let’s go forward from here.”

Those who remained in Zuccotti this morning said a few here say they’ll occupy in shifts overnight just to keep a foothold at where it all started.

Similar day of action protests also took place in cities around the country like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, St. Louis and Seattle.

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Comments (27)
  1. Rob says:

    Yeh. Lets all call people names! Forget dealing with political and social arguments, lets denigrate people who protest! I do not want to read or learn, so I will just lob ad hominem attacks! I have never even been to NYC, which is a communist country in itself, but I know all about it! I work for a living, god damnit!
    Who cares that when compared to all other developed nations America has lower physical health, lower education scores, higher rates of imprisonment, higher rates of drug abuse, lower social mobility, higher levels of violent crime, higher rates of teenage pregnancies, and all that mumbo jumbo! I am happy just sitting here and writing on forums about commies! This makes me right and you wrong..

  2. RealFreedom says:

    Reality check

    15 trillion in debt and counting fast:
    Inflation of the dollar is skyrocketing.
    Obama just signed on to more debt to keep government services open. That’s the second time already.
    The private Fed keeps printing more money and as much as they themselves please. This money does not end up in the economy but goes straight to the megabanks.
    Other countries are steering away already from using the dollar as the world reserve currency. It’s only a matter of time it won’t be anymore.
    Over 30% REAL unemployment rate (not 7% as government likes to tell you).
    Over 40 million americans homeless already and living in tentcities or on the streets.
    Pension funds slowly disappear.
    Private bankaccounts are emptied ( IM Global bankruptcy)

    Those who still believe all this is sustainable, better wake up real quick.
    The economy is in a freefall and your jobs may soon disappear also.

    Do you ever wonder why CBS never reports on all this, but instead exstensively only reports on some protestors failing to deliver their message…?

  3. Edward Gibbon says:

    This is not what democracy looks like. This is what the end of American prominence looks like. This group of whiny, self-indulgent fools, who know only how to facebook, twitter and play Xbox while stoned, are the product of 40 + years of misguided social engineering, absurd political correctness and blind consumerism. They will be lucky if the Chinese who will inevitably take over, allow them janitorial jobs in their US factories.

    Think back to the men who died at Anzio, or Gettysburg, or Lexington and Concord. How bitterly ironic that what they died for has muted into this.

  4. Lancelot Link says:

    Awww, It got too cold without their comforters, valium, and hot cocoa, so I guess all the hippie wannabes and trustafarians were finally picked up by their parent’s limos and taken home to Connecticut, so they could take a shower, do their laundry, and get more money from mom and dad.

    Blaming your failures on the system is easy when you have wealthy parents willing indulge you by paying for degrees that render will you utterly useless in the work place.

    99%? Absolutely. They are 99% frauds
    And the 1%? Anarchists and homeless drug addicts.

    Together they are 100% irrelevant

  5. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS: playing 60s radicals they saw on TV because the liberal arts degree they mastered in is not doing them any good in a down economy (IT and Healthcare are the way to go). Well guess what? Drumming and kicking out the homeless and ex-cons will not help you either. God forbid you work with your hands or take minimum wage. This is a land of opportunity not guarantees. Wall streeters listen to shareholders, politicians listen to voters. No one listens to smelly, raping drummers. Maybe you shouldn’t have borrowed $200K to master in Medieval Eastern Ugandan poetry.

    1. Lancelot Link says:

      Well said!

  6. Andrew Nutra says:

    Overheard at their general meeting: “Why do I get the snare again? I want the bass, even timbales or congas!”

  7. Andrew Nutra says:

    I want to set up an “Attention Booth.” I’ll charge each OWS member $5 per 15 minute session. Tell me about your problems. Awww your liberal arts degree not doing anything for you in this down economy? You should have majored in IT or something in healthcare! POOR BABY!!! Do you want to drum some more? Bad bankers!! Bad bankers!! No no need to look for a job. Your drums made out of unicorn testicles when played will make everything better. Let’s bring in the soothing voice of Joan Baez. This is all about you!

  8. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS: The moment’s gone. Battles are about territories. You all folded like beach chairs when the cops came last Tuesday. TRUE REVOLUTIONARIES WOULD HAVE STAYED UNTIL DEATH! Not a good way to rally the troops. It used to be about spreading the message, now you just want revenge, spread fear, and intimidate for getting kicked out in the first place.

    Are bankers greedy? Are politicians corrupt? The reality is Wall Streeters listen to shareholders and they’re spread around the world. Politicians listen to voters and they’re all over the country. NO ONE listens to terrorists! The stunt you pulled Wednesday terrorized mostly the same hard working Americans you’re supposed to be trying to win over, the poor street vendors, the cab drivers, the food service people, the Cops, yes the cops. It caused trouble but it’s hardly sustainable.

    This is a down economy true, that’s why you gotta work a little harder. This is a land of opportunity and not guarantees.

  9. Moon Them says:

    The bedbugs, bed mites, stink bugs and head lice are all complaining about the OWS protestors.

  10. scamn1 says:

    only 11 overnighters, wonder what happened to the original OWS protesters???what happened to all the cash donations and oher items in storage not accounted for??? where did it all go…someone should do a follow-up report to track the money now that everyone has scattered

  11. karen s says:

    how refreshing to not have the lead 10 minutes (or more) of the news not be about ows. there’s more to what’s going on in the city, state, nation and elsewhere. keep this new and improved format cbs.

  12. true 99% says:

    Salute to NYPD for the job well done. I wish I could build a time machine and send the mob to Soviet Union on a one way trip.

  13. Don says:

    The OWS protesters’ only goal is to tear down our present system of Capitalism and implement Socialism. I wonder how many union people are calling in sick and protesting in place of working?

  14. Eddie says:

    These coward protesters shoud be sent to Rikers for a night or two. After a good beatdown, and other surprises for them there, they will never protest again.

  15. hector says:

    These comments are proof that CBS has the one of the dumbest audiences out in news-media land.

    1. Barbra Q says:

      If you want the real deal you go indy.

  16. BOSTINKS! says:

    “This is what democracy looks like,” demonstrators shouted

    What a bunch of idiot

    The whole mob should be sterilized.

  17. The Real Realist says:

    Anarchy is what the 1% have practiced all this time. Do what you want for profit and screw everyone else.

    Play fair and pay your share!

  18. OWS is a joke says:

    OWS gone down in history as a retarded movement. I hope the serious participants learn something from their experience not to dive head first in without thinking again. Like many have said over and over, this is not how you protest and exercise your 1st amendment. The media’s are not really covering the movement because there is NOTHING TO COVER. That’s why OWS has become the butt joke everywhere I go.

    Just go home.

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

      1. Andrew Nutra says:

        It’s over. Should have kept your stand at Zuccotti Park, even Al Qaeda died for their cause, you ran away like p-ussies. How do you expect to be taken seriously now? Your legacy will be drumming and occupying private space.

  19. Sarah says:

    To the writer of this article: how can something be loud yet peaceful?

  20. DianeD says:

    Lower Manhattan is quiet this morning because it got cold!!! Wait ’til the dead of Winter!!!

  21. Amtracmarine says:

    “The police just stormed in and just started grabbing people and throwing people to the ground,” said one protester. Why is it that these punks want to confront the NYPDn but cry when they get beat down???

  22. The Realist says:

    No, this is NOT “what democracy looks like” at all. The protests show what “anarchy for fun and profit” looks like.”

    1. DianaF says:

      OWS is very democratic – attend one of their General Meetings, in which everyone discusses, debates and votes on what to do, openly and publicly, and you will see democracy in action.

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