Never let it be said that Miranda Kerr, aka Mrs. Orlando Bloom, practice what she preaches.  Sales clerks at the Fifth Avenue and 19th Street Victoria’s Secret shop can vouch that the model actually does wear the skivvies she poses in.

According to PageSix, Kerr confused the staff of the shop when she showed up last week, baby Flynn in tow, to buy some underwear.

You’d think she’d be chocked full of free product after walking in the  Victoria’s Secret fashion show  last week.  I guess they didn’t let her leave with that diamond encrusted bra.

Sales staff at the Flatiron store scratched their heads when Kerr came in, looking back and forth between the beautiful customer and the pouty-lipped seductress lining the walls of the store.  It took a brave customer to confirm for everyone that it was, in fact, the Angel.

No word on what she bought, but whatever it is Orlando Bloom is one lucky man.