Spot Under Delancey Street May Be Developed Into Subterranean Paradise

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When most people think of the New York City underground, the subway, rats and bad lighting are among the first things that come to mind.

But, how about beautiful spaces with natural sunlight, grass, trees and remarkably good-looking people relaxing in a park-like setting? Well, that’s exactly what pops into the heads of architect James Ramsey and his partner Dan Barasch. The pair want to turn the rundown, graffiti-covered trolley terminal under Delancey Street into an underground park, reports CBS 2’s Don Dahler.

“It’s part historical rediscovery of an amazing space; it’s part science-fiction. And I think it’s part just sort of a green, magical community renewal,” Ramsey said.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

“This is a space that could be used on a day like this that’s rainy and cold and grey. And it could be used in winter and it could be used when it’s freezing outside,” Barasch added.

While the plan may seem far-fetched to some, Ramsey and Barasch appear to be the right men for the job. Their resumes include words like “NASA,” “Yale,” “Cornell” and “Google.”

The ambitious duo were inspired by the overwhelming success of the “High Line” project, an elevated old train line turned park. The proposed “low line” park would take up three blocks underneath the Lower East Side, and would feature actual trees and greenery, thanks to technology straight out of science fiction.

Ramsey described the process, which would turn the dark bowels of Lower Manhattan, into a year-round sunny day, saying, “There’s three portions to this. There’s collecting the light and concentrating it. There’s sending it through either a shaft or fiber optic cable. And then there’s distributing it.”

The proposed park, which would be free to the public, has gotten a positive response from the city and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and although the developers aren’t sure yet how much it would cost, they’ve already started raising funds for their subterranean vision of the future.

For more information on the proposed park check out

With the temperature dropping and winter on the horizon, how would you feel about soaking up some sun in a subterranean paradise? Comment Below.

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  1. uthinka says:

    Read Heidegger’s Glasses by Thaisa Frank (review: ) This is not a new idea.

    1. dog says:

      An underground park?

      No wonder why America is bankrupt.

      Stupid politicians will be the death of us all

      1. Bob Obringer says:

        uh… you ok dog?

        Where did it mention politicians doing this? Also… you notice it said “raising funds” right? If this is done with private money, why do you care?

        I’m what so many love to call a “right wing nut job” because I believe in limited government, supply side economics, and fiscal responsibility.

        That also means I understand the PRIVATE SECTOR’S role in our world… and if PRIVATE citizens want to spend THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY on something like this… why would I ever want to stop them?

        1. Spend til Its All Gone says:

          Hmm. . . Did it say free to the public? Why would an underground park that is free have anything to do with the private sector?
          Don’t be naive! This will be massively expensive, if it ever gets done at all.

          1. Harper says:

            Zuccotti was free (before the 15th, anyway) and it was entirely privately funded. I hear certain businesses and large corporations can get tax breaks/ zoning permits by funding projects like this? I’m sure you’re right in that such places don’t exist without incentives. But they do exist.

          2. phil; says:

            You are so narrow minded. Why would an airport decorate and put in sculptures and lots of natural lighting. It is to make it a more comfortable place to travel. Even if it is the city paying for it personally if the subway stations looked like that I would love to use the subway. Here in Colorado we are spending millions to completely renovate union station in downtown Denver to attract shopping and more train and light rail travel. I swear to god why don’t you try actually thinking about an article before you spout off your gut reaction.

            1. phil; says:

              huh his comment disappeared when I posted this. Confusing now.

      2. Delmont 88 says:

        Underground wilding. Can’t wait.

        1. Do you know about this? says:

          What you’re not being told by the mainstream media is that radiation from Japan’s 3 nuclear meltdowns was found in the milk, air water, etc. in the United States. So maybe this park is a good idea.

          Learn more about this here:

          1. phil; says:

            I will enjoy spamming your website back

    2. Garr Obo says:

      Gee, I wish I lived in NYC so that I could pay the highest taxes in the world. Maybe Bloomberg could pay for this BS out of pocket.

  2. WDDB says:

    Apparently “politics” must be “kept out of” the comments only if they are not Right-Wing.

    I didn’t think billionaires posted here.

    Oh, you’re not a billionaire? LOSER! (P.S. You can vote “R” all you want, but if you ain’t rich, you’re being laughed at by those who are, suckah!).

    1. jennie says:

      Demoncrats are overwhelmingly the party if the rich, all of the Government data show that so not really sure what you are talking about. This project is a huge waste of money and Blooming idiot like all good lefty totalitarians changed the rules to get a third term even though it was voted on and approved 3 times by the electorate.

    2. algoa456 says:

      Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any Republican candidate.

      I see you were educated in one of the left wing schools – suckah!

      1. Thought Recon says:

        Correction; he has received more money from Wall Street than any candidate in HISTORY.

    3. whk says:

      What a great place for flash mobs! It’s the perfect space for them: Enclosed, few escape exits for their prey, and plenty of non-violent New Yorkers will be attracted to the space to offer “opportunities”.

  3. josetoyou says:

    I thought this city had money problems??? This underground park will be a haven for the homeless. What about flooding? This seems like a looney idea!

    1. Detex says:

      the subways and other parks seem to be ok for the most part. Go back to Ohio.

  4. Crazy Sex Poodle says:

    It’s not “free to the public” if our tax dollars pay for it. Should be a real nice place during a blackout or flood. I guess the dopes behind this colossal waste of time and money failed to realize NYC is at sea level.

  5. mytram59 says:

    Sounds like a place for the “Occutards” to get out of the weather.

  6. ma67 says:

    Create a retractable nuclear bomb shield over the park to be activated when China starts firing nuclear fortified ICBM’s our way.

  7. Bertman says:

    While they’re down there, maybe they should fix the 200 year old infrastructure.

  8. Bertman says:

    While they’re down there, maybe they should fix they 200 year old infrastructure.

  9. Off Duty says:

    The city is over 60 billion in the hole over the next ten years of projected deficits…….and……this? Has the whole world gone mad?

  10. Phil says:

    A perfect home for the Flea Party!

    1. GregBuls says:

      Get over it, loser. Socialism is dead. This article isn’t even about the tea party, you sociopath.

      1. Joe says:

        Greg, “Flea Party” is named after liberals that fled the state of Wisconsin to Illinois rather than do their constitutional duty and take a vote… and lose. It was spelled “Flee”.

        It is now being used to describe groups of liberals such as OWS because of their often times lack of hygiene at the camps. Thus the word “Flea”.

        1. Raymond A. Collier says:

          Or “Fleabaggers.” Gee, It’s nice to know that Liberals start a word game & then it thrown back on them! Life’s So Fun! 🙂

          1. Bob Obringer says:

            Alinsky’s 5th Rule. Written by a leftist nutjob… and those of us on the right use it against the left in ways they could only imagine.

  11. Kennewick Man says:


    1. Michelle says:

      Ha! That was my first thought. Send the Morlocks down to the fake park and leave the Eloi upstairs…

  12. ExLibris says:

    Sounds like the concept pitch for the 1975 movie “A Boy and His Dog”, starring Don Johnson.

    Talk about life imitating art!

  13. JM in San Diego CA says:

    “They’ve started raising funds,” it says. Yeah, they’re planning a campaign to get somebody else to pay for it.

  14. Papi says:

    So how many hours will it take for this to be $2 billion homeless encampment? Then how many weeks will it take before it’s shut down because some horrific crime occurs?

    I mean, c’mon, this is New York.

  15. Chester the says:

    I love this line in the story “and remarkably good-looking people relaxing “. OK boys yes I am a stud and just once I will go underground to see what 2 billion of the TAX PAYERS money bought. If the US is in a new great depresion than I may stay awhile since it should be warmer down there. Food court for the homeless included? I NEED TO KEEP “BUFF” FOR THIS BABY!

  16. pinky lee says:

    What happened to the days when American men looked like men? Why do these “men” look so….womanish? Masculine women, effeminate men! Everywhere you look, America has become a homo cesspool! Disgusting! Oh, the park? Who cares!!

  17. JB says:

    It will make a perfect aquarium when the ocean level rises. Speaking of that: The subways will become water and sewer pipes. See, everything works out.

  18. Alice_Polarbear says:

    Maybe some “important person” has in mind that it can always be turned into a bomb shelter or some such, if needed. If that happens, probably won’t be ordinary citizens who get to use it. The elites will keep out the rabble….like all of us.

  19. TomB says:

    construction is scheduled to end shortly after the opening of the 2nd avenue subway line.

  20. Escape from What? says:

    This was the theme from the movie “A Boy and His Dog” or was it the “Time Machine”….

  21. Marie says:

    They need to have lots of security there. I always hated the subway 40 years ago, with all the creeps riding the trains. Looks like a muggers dream.

  22. Fritz Von says:

    Imagine the stench when the Wall Street occupiers invade that place. I can’t wait until they do, hopefully there are enough cement mixers available to fill the place.

  23. Central American (Midwest) says:

    I love NY’ers comments on these news articles. They always crack me up with their quick witty truthful humor. Sanity does exist in NYC after all. May Jesus bless and guard your bank accounts.

  24. Gibbs Bentley says:

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 to 10 illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 22%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 3rd year of the depression carries on … An Underground Park?

    Are these people new or on glue?

  25. NipplyOutside says:

    They should build this park, fill it up with the “remarkably ugly” political gasbags in Washington DC and seal it with steel-reinforced concrete. Only after that will the rest of America be able to breath a sigh of relief.

  26. elevenhundred says:

    Space is cleared out and prepared for said park including running plumbing down there and all the necessities prior to actually building the park. Then there will be a bit of a budget crunch as there are every few years. The politicians will decide to “sell” the space to private companies owned by their friends to turn it into something more profitable.

    They may or may not recoup the initial remodeling costs.

  27. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    This will become a haven for men who are interested in other mens rectums before the paint is even dry on the benches ..

    1. Jewfromhell says:

      Is this where they will film the remake of “Rear Window?”

      1. vost says:

        No, but the Mole Men of Manhattan will be.

    2. Son of Samanthia says:

      YES! You are right on this! Good read!

      I love this line in the story “and remarkably good-looking people relaxing ” I NEED TO KEEP “BUFF” FOR THIS BABY!


  28. jnsesq says:

    Under Giuliani, sure. Under Unca Mikey it will be graffiti strewn and urine scented in no time.

  29. currentdesigns says:

    Interesting, but the bureaucrats in Bloomberg’s administration will bottle neck that for 10 + years.

  30. chris says:

    What passes for journalism today is a heap of crap. To wit:

    1. This story is ripped directly from the Gray Lady.
    2. The author also copied the laudatory praise that the NYT bestowed on Yale, even though anyone with a passing familiarity with Elis know that at least Old Blue is full of itself.
    3. An important fact omitted from the story is that the MTA wants to make money off the tunnel. Note that this story doesn’t say how that will be done.

    Most importantly though, I sure as hell these liberals don’t expect taxpayers to pay for another park. How many damn parks are there going to be in this city?

  31. Liberals kill cities says:

    And the day after it opens, the sub-human thugs that are allowed to infest NYC and terrorize its citizens are going to trash it. Next.

  32. Jim says:

    >>>OR we could put all the OWS protesters in there, and seal it off!~

  33. Joe Doakes says:

    In the old days if you wanted to build a bomb shelter you called it one.

    Now you call it a park.

    What ever floats your boat.

  34. Hazel Burke says:

    Of course it will be in Manhattan.

  35. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Yes, these times definitely cry out for a lawless trillion-dollar homeless shelter.

  36. Oscarphone says:

    I can almost smell the urine from here!

  37. Sandra Rou Weber says:

    The “City of Ember” comes to mind.

  38. Sandra Rou Weber says:

    The “City of Ember” come to mind.

  39. Shawn says:

    So, Gerry, you believe it’s okay to murder protesters? How American!

  40. LEL says:

    I imagine a warm sheltered place where communist “occupiers” will stay the winter month, building piles of dung and trash in addition to there pillage & rape escapades.

    1. UpChuck.Liberals says:

      Oh I hope they plan on the ventilation system of all ventilation systems. If it doenn’t smell like a cess pool within a week, I’ll be surprised.

      1. septic rat says:

        Chuck the current sewer manhole tops will be retrofitted with fans. All is good!

  41. Bill Purkins says:

    Why waste the money? Eventually it would just wind up as the strategic headquarters of “Occupy the Sewers.”

  42. BillYBoy says:

    Montreal Canada has over 20 miles of tunnels over about 5 square miles. Been there done that. It works, it’s fantastic. USA will drop the ball once the EPA, FDA, CIA, TSA, USPS, etc. get involved. Too bad.

    1. Bill in Houston says:

      Houston has seven miles of tunnels covering its downtown area.

  43. Give Me 60 Armed Men says:

    As a citizen and informed observer it is readily apparent that whomever concocted this idea should have their head sliced off.

  44. Kirisu says:

    Looks like NYC must have a budget surplus this year…

  45. Jace says:

    As long as tehy pay for it themselves adn dont’ suck up the taxpayer money, I say go for it. But don’t steal what we work for for your dubai-like fantasies.

    1. Thos Weatherby says:

      You not only have the cost of building this but then you’ll have the upkeep of the park to contend with. How about auctioning the place off to the highest bidder. Why does Government need to be involved.

      1. Bob Obringer says:

        Where in the world does it say the government is involved? I assume the MTA controls the space and that is the only indication of any government involvement at all… their approval.

        Every indication is that this would be privately funded.

        Where is everybody getting this… it seems like 90% of the people on this thread are repeating the same thing even though it’s not mentioned ANYWHERE in the article.

  46. Cmate says:

    While Rome burns…

  47. MeJay says:

    talk about another huge terrorist target.

  48. Bob Carson says:

    Would the OWS vermin be allowed to put up tents in this park? Would it be well ventillated?

    1. Gerry says:

      It would be easy to fumigate it at night to get rid of the OWS trash since it would be a closed environment. They can haul the carcasses out before anyone sees them in the morning.

      1. lel says:

        I do believe the NYC trash hauler are union. Not so sure there open to heavy hauling in the late evening.

  49. dollars and SENSE says:

    What is being done about financial public assistance being awarded to those who don’t deserve it?

    1. Criminal federal Reserve says:

      Quite certain it’s being increased to attract greater hordes of non integrating illegals with the eventual goal of out breeding the native white population, destroying any sense of allegiance and creating a super voting block who will always vote to overrule the constitution to obtain more cheese.

      1. Gerald Carter says:

        They said the same thing when the Irish was coming to this country and when the Italians were coming to this country. When will you people ever stop? Your never right and you are always on the wrong side of history.

        1. LearnHistory says:

          Hey Gerald

          When earlier generations of immigrants came to America there were QUOTAS and THEY WERE INSPECTED UPON ARRIVAL. Nobody SNUCK IN.They were not breaking the LAW. So when this country goes down the tubes it’ll be because
          IMBECILES like YOU who think that a MASSIVE ILLEGAL ALIEN POPULATION is the “right” side of history.

          1. Gerald Carter says:

            Racist like you never had any problems with quotas when whites were coming in. Now that mostly browns are coming in you think there should be quotas. We need more people and citizens in this country. We can use more people to pay taxes and contribute to social security. I say open up the flood gates and allow more to come here.

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