NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Baruch College has decided to postpone its classes on Monday to ensure safety of all students, faculty and staff following last week’s tuition price hike protest.

The protest over the proposed tuition hike led to 15 arrests. No Baruch students were arrests, and none of those arrested were seriously injured.

Mitchel Wallerstein, president of Baruch College, said the college is trying to avoid any repetition of unrest that happened last week.

“I want to restate again my commitment to the right of free expression on the Baruch College campus,” he said in a statement. “Until such time as we are able to obtain an outdoor public plaza, we will work to identify other public spaces where members of the Baruch College community can gather to express their views in a peaceful and orderly fashion.”

All classes scheduled to begin after 3 p.m. on Monday will be rescheduled for Dec. 2, according to the statement.

The CUNY Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on the tuition hike proposal on Monday.

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  1. CUNY to make Jews attend class on Friday night says:

    Rather than cancel classes scheduled for Monday afternoon and evening at Baruch College outright, President Wallerstein has “rescheduled” such classes for Friday December 2nd, where they are “to meet in their same rooms at the same times.”

    This rearrangement poses a serious problem:

    Although less prevalent than decades ago, there are still a substantial number of Jewish students, and faculty, at CUNY schools, including Baruch. Indeed, unlike all major private institutions of higher learning in New York, all of the CUNY schools schedule their annual “Spring Break” to coincide with the dates of the Passover holiday, which in some years has fallen in late April, making for a rather delayed “Spring Break.”

    The announced rescheduling of today’s classes for FRIDAY means that observant Jews who would have had classes today must either compromise their religious beliefs by attending their rescheduled classes on Friday, or must skip such classes to avoid violating Sabbath restrictions.

    The CUNY adminstration should carefully review New York State Education Law, Article 5, section 224-a, which states the following:

    § 224-a. Students unable because of religious beliefs to register or
    attend classes on certain days.

    2. Any student in an institution of higher education who is unable,
    because of his or her religious beliefs, to attend classes on a
    particular day or days shall, because of such absence on the particular
    day or days, be excused from any examination or any study or work

    4. If registration, classes, examinations, study or work requirements
    are held on Friday after four o’clock post meridian or on Saturday,
    similar or makeup classes, examinations, study or work requirements or
    opportunity to register shall be made available on other days, where it
    is possible and practicable to do so.

    Jewish students and all faculty should note this law.

  2. A Baruch Faculty Member says:

    The main reason Baruch had to cancel classes is that CUNY’s Board of Trustees simply refused requests either to postpone their meeting or to move it to another venue that would allow for better crowd participation and control. It makes no sense to cancel almost 250 classes with thousands of students just to convenience the Chancellor and the fifteen politically-appointed trustees. Remember, this is the same group of trustees who voted to withhold an honorary degree from Tony Kushner last Spring.

  3. Baruch Senior says:

    As a Baruch Student I do not approve of the tuition hikes. Its not fair for students to pay so much money for a degree. There are no jobs out there. At the end of the day all we are left with is HUGE bank loans and shattered dreams!

  4. Danielson says:

    People if your parents did not save for your college get a job.A $300 increase over 5 years get real they should raise it 5 times that.Everything is going up you want a good education join the military earn it.

    1. sharon says:

      why dont you pay for us if you think its that easy. you get real and look at it this way, some people cant afford it for so many reason. consdiering this is the “best” business school in the city, we expect better, not worse!!

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