NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– The latest twist in the Herman Cain campaign saga is an abrupt cancellation of a private New York City dinner with some high-profile members of the media, according to a report by NY1.

The network reported that the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO now running for the Republican nomination for President was supposed to meet with guests, including Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, Lesley Stahl, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Greta Van Susteren at the Park Avenue apartment of New York Post columnist Cindy Adams this Sunday.

On Tuesday, Cain told aides that he was assessing whether the latest allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct against him “create too much of a cloud'” for him to continue his run for President.

On Monday, a woman from the Atlanta area came forward alleging that she and Cain had an “extended” 13-year extramarital affair. Cain has denied the claims.

Cain’s latest accuser, Ginger White, told a Fox affiliate in Atlanta that her affair with Cain ended shortly before he began he candidacy for the White House.

“It was fun,” White told the network. “It was something that took me away from my sort of humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting.”

Meanwhile, Cain has said he denies the claims “unequivocally.”  Cain had even come out swinging — vehemently denying the alleged affair hours before White even made the accusation public.

“I wanted to get out in front of it becasue I have nothing to hide. I have done nothing wrong,” Cain told CNN.

Cain’s attorney, meanwhile, told the Associated Press that “any report that Mr. Cain has decided to withdraw his candidacy is inaccurate.”

Political analyst Hank Sheinkopf said it doesn’t even matter if the allegations are true or false because they have become a distraction that Cain cannot overcome.

“It makes it impossible for him to continue because the only thing he can answer is the allegations. He can’t talk about national policy. He can’t talk about his plans, the only thing he can talk about is sex,” Sheinkopf told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Will Cain Continue His Bid For The White House Or Drop Out Soon?  Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Section…

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. anontdh says:


    1. Scarf says:

      As I accurately predicted, Cain never had a remote hope of being President. For those of us who have degrees in tax law, the “999” plan was delusional with absolute zero chance of becoming law. It would have yielded further cuts to the wealthy while stiffing the middle class with more taxes. Zero doubt about that.

      Obviously, Cain is a serial groper, adulterer and liar as well as clueless on basic foreign policy matters. He was never Presidential material by any possible definition of the word. Frankly, he is an embarrassment to the GOP and it is astonishing that there are so many stupid people out there who actually would vote for this buffoon. Scary actually.

  3. al says:

    I’m a liberal. I’m a veteran. I’m a father of two, a homeowner and I’m a taxpayer. I want us to hold our government to higher standards. We have too many criminals and deadbeats in congress who live above the law. I’m for illegals’ amnesty like Newt, state-mandated healthcare like Mitt, and legalized pot like many other conservatives.

    I’m pro-choice. It’s the only humane way as I see it. Who will care for the millions of unwanted children that will end up in poverty in this country? Certainly not many on this board.

    So all of you morons bashing people like me, a self-described liberal, should tone it down. We are never going to solve the problems of this great nation when only 50% of the citizenry are considered. We need common bonds, compromise and to work together, much like Ronald Reagan did when he was president.

    I’m in the Ron Paul camp right now, as I don’t see any other candidate who is a change from the status quo. and I’m sure we all agree that drastic change is badly needed!

    1. Gerad R. says:

      who cares Al. What does this have to do with Cain??

    2. BigDaddddy says:

      “So all of you morons bashing people like me, a self-described liberal, should tone it down.”

      Thanks for setting the example.

    3. 1972Patriot says:

      Correction… Newt does not support amnesty… He envisions a process in which deep rooted illegals could stay, but would not enjoy the same benefits as citizens… such as voting. He suggests offering them a road to legalization, but would not require it.

  4. meme says:

    “Cain’s latest accuser, Ginger White”

    Who would have thought pimp kingpin David Axelrod has so many b-itches at his disposal?

  5. Pounce Kitty says:

    Another black man put in his place by the liberal media. Who are the real racists??

    1. ClassicHornyBlaakGuy says:

      (Mc)Cain vs. Obama: pizza vs. foodstampZ

  6. 'Nother Son O' Ursus says:

    …H. Cain, ‘toying’ with dropping-out-of-the-race, because…he’s, ‘been thinkin’ w/ his ‘other’ head…?
    …’Toying’, like he was ‘toying’ with the fantasy, (of being the next U.S.President)?
    …’Toying’ with…US!

    1. Jeffy1 says:

      The ideas / facts we should be focused on, are what is this candidate or anyone else going to do to help out the economy.
      That should be the main thing first.

    2. Idaho Spud says:

      This was a very shallow, thoughtless and horrible thing to say…if you were using your brain you would think about the fact that during this so called 13 years Herman Cain was fighting stage 4 cancer, going thru chemo etc etc, I am soooo sure he was worried about having an affair….NOT!! This woman has no proof, none, zilch, nodda….there are probably 100’s of people with personally signed books and who also have Mr Cain’s phone number and converse with him….this woman was accused of being a stalker by her former business partner….don’t judge lest ye yourself be judged!!

      1. Taylor O says:

        Mr. Cain should run as a Democrat, then the media would celebrate this alleged activity.

  7. e pluribus unum says:

    Gosh, you’d think he was being accused of driving off a bridge and killing a campaign workers without reporting it to police or something. Oh, right, that was a Democrat who went on the 30 years in Congress.
    There is no shortage of losers(they all have histories of filing complaints, whining, bankruptcy, financial problems) who can be enticed by ????(who is putting them up to this)????? to publicly humiliate themselves by telling lies. Jerry Springer made a whole industry using such people.

    1. 'Nother Son O' Ursus says:

      Re: “Jerry Springer made a whole industry using such people…” {e plurbis unum}

      While J Springer has provided many’s – a – laugh, he’s a ‘Rank_Amature’, compared with the ‘2012-Never_Wills’, of whom H. Cain is merely ‘Dunce-O’-The-Moment!

  8. anontdh says:


    1. Britt E says:

      Agreed. Good thing he didn’t. Judge not lest ye be judged.

    2. Idaho Spud says:

      There is no PROOF that he has!!!

  9. Keefer Beefer says:

    Why would Bill O’Reilly go to such a meeting with evil morons such as Barbara Walters Chuck Schumer, etc?

    Why would Cain even consider being in the same room as those creeps?

  10. Debra says:

    I do not know if the alligations against Cain are true or not, but one thing I do know the media are hypocrites…I believe there is plenty to report on Obama, I remember the woman who helped him in one of his senate races, seems Michelle got rid of her pretty quick with a ticket to the Virgin Islands….but then democrats don’t really care about moral issues anyway, their candidates can rape, and kill women and still get elected….or their candidates lover can run brothels out of the basements of their candidates home, and then all they have to do is deny they knew anything about it, and that is enough to convience their voters, and lapdogs in the media.

    1. Angyl Ricardi says:

      THere are also several stories of 2 men that Obama had affairs with were both SHOT execution style right before he annonced he was running. Do a search on Larry Sinclair, Kal Penn.

      1. Angyl Ricardi says:

        I also can’t understand why liberals ENJOY the fact that the media covers stuff up when it comes to Obama and other dems. Why don’t liberals ever want to know the truth? They obviously enjoy being blissfully ignorant.

        1. Debra says:

          Because liberals live on lies, that is thier way of life, lie, lie, lie….and unfortunately it works for them most of the time.

          1. Angyl Ricardi says:

            You’re right. It would drive me crazy if I didn’t have facts. I like forming my own opinion. I don’t enjoy someone talking AT me telling me what to think, but it appears that liberals NEED it. They NEED someone telling them who to like and what to think. They have to know that everything Obama does that isn’t ‘perfect’ gets covered up and they are fine with it .. just fine. Rainbows and lollipops all day long. And they lie to themselves all the time, and accuse everyone else of being what THEY are – intolerant, close minded drones. If you don’t walk the exact line they want you to they sling mud at you, and or cry and whine and stomp thier feet – and now they call you a racist. But it’s okay to defame Mr. Cain .. they aren’t racists, they just disagree with him. Must be nice to disagree with a black man without being called a racist – (and I agree,that is as it should be .. but it’d be nice if republicans got that same luxury)

            1. CW says:

              Yep-liberal progressivism is an insidious mental disorder that seems to affect many in our country.

              Question is what can be done about it?

  11. Angyl Ricardi says:

    AND every one of these women all have sued in the past. This last woman >>Ginger White’s background. We found she filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001. That case was settled.
    Also a lawsuit filed by a former business partner, Kimberly Vay, who once sought a “stalking temporary protective order” against Ms. White for “repeated e-mails/texts threatening lawsuit and defamation of character.” The case was dismissed; but was followed by a libel lawsuit against Ms. White. A judge entered an order in favor of Kimberly Vay because Ms. White failed to respond to the lawsuit. So, just like the other 2 women she has sued in the past. Bialek has over 6 suits going and a paternity suit that she LOST .. odd to sue for paternity unless you are sure who the fater is. Yet she said she was ‘afraid’ to sue Herman Cain? She sued almost every employer but she was afraid to sue Mr. Cain? none of this makes sense. And what do they mean a fifth accuser. there are 2 before her. you can’t count people that don’t even have a name. what are the names of the others? Doesn’t anyone care about facts anymore?

    1. Retired 44 says:

      Poor Herman, didn’t any one tell him, if you have ambitions to run for high public office, you must keep it in your pants…..

      1. nix15 says:

        Unless you last name is Kennedy or Clinton of course.

  12. Angyl Ricardi says:

    Where was this woman in 2004 when Herman Cain ran for the senate? All these women went unnoticed by the media hounds during a black republican’s senate campaign? I find that hard to believe.

  13. Idaho Spud says:

    I am totally disgusted with this whole process, they couldn’t go after hiim on his record since he is not a politician so they just keep parading out these poor white women! It is no wonder we never get any new blood into the White House or Congress, we just keep recycling the oldies because anybody new and challenging they just destroy them just like they did Sarah Palin…these were ordinary folks like you and me who wanted to help this country and for that their lives, character and integrity were attacked relentlessly, there words were manipulated to make them seem stupid and unacceptable….SHAME ON US! the american public for allowing ourselves to be sooo wishy washy and let good people be treated this way….we are so quick to judge them and throw them to the wolves, what if it was you who were being accused or made to look stupid? You would not like it one bit and besides, where was all this scrutiny when Obama was running for President???? Even Herman Cain would do a better job than Obama, our country is going down the tubes people…WAKE UP!!!

    1. mike says:

      Wow!! You do know Sarah Palin literally quit her job as governor of Alaska to go be on television. She is out for no one but herself. And putting aside all these allegations on Mr. Cain he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. Did you happen to catch his China comment or his Libya comment or did you happen to look at the details of his 999 plan. This is why I believe these woman. There was no need for a scandal. Cain was going to take himself out with his own incompetence.

      1. Angyl Ricardi says:

        Sara Palin didn’t quite her job as governor to go be on Television. What the heck? Do liberals ever care about facts? what’s wrong with you people? SHe quit because of the endless frivolous investigations into her, there was no time left to do her job. They baraged her with countless law suits – the democrat attack machine has nothing else to do, they made it impossible for her to do her job and she quit for the good of the people of Alaska, she saved them the expense. Wake up, stop believing every stupid kool aid drinking idiot you hear tell a lie about republicans.

        1. mike says:

          Wow I am about as far away from liberal as you can get. Yeah your right life was so difficult with all that attention that she needed a break so she decided national television was the best way to get away from all the attention. Oh and make millions in the process. It must have been a tough decision. You know how many politicians have been thoroughly scrutinized by the MSM and didn’t walk away from their job. Quit a few. People need to stop picking team a or team b and start using common sense. And that whole liberal comment, if you read my other posts you would have seen I ain’t no liberal. RON PAUL 2012. I’m sure you’ll have something to say about that.

      2. A Reader says:

        “Wow!! You do know Sarah Palin literally quit her job as governor of Alaska to go be on television. She is out for no one but herself.” Sorry to say, you are an uninformed individual.

        1. mike says:

          And of course you have nothing to say accept your wrong I’m right. Great argument.

          1. SunnyJ says:

            I like Paul and I like Palin..what I don’t like is someone like you making a point of fact over motive…which you cannot possibly can say, “it’s my opinion” but, you do not know. We have to take Palin at her word…she has been truthful in the past…she said she quit because there was going to be an Alinsky Rules, “use their own rules to collapse them” campaign in the making with hundreds of phony lawsuits on which the state of Alaska citizens would have had to pay the bill. She said she thought it was ludicrous to spend the next yr and half doing that, when her exit just put it to rest. Don’t act like a fool by making attacks you can’t really back up…she’s successful, good for her… Ron Paul would like that, right? Stick up for your guy and leave it at that.

            1. mike says:

              I wont leave it at that. I think she is a bimbo. And no I am not sexist. I know quit a few intelligent woman who are just as capable as any man. She is not one of them. And the way you put it, it sounds like the job got a little tough so she bailed. Sarah Palin is a PHONY

  14. Jason says:

    Ron Paul is the only HONEST candidate and the only one intending on following the constitution.

    1. mike says:

      I agree. Ron Paul is the answer to this countries problems.

      1. otlaca says:

        ron paul d’ont know politics;he is a doctor

        1. ohnoohso says:

          Ron Paul congressman in Texas for the last 30 years. But he doesn’t know anything about politics. Thanks for your intelligent contribution to this comment section.

  15. Dr. Max says:

    Cain is a joke and just wants this all over so he can write his book and make more cash … to spend on his divorce lawyer.

    1. George says:

      thanks for that informative and fact filled post..nevermind, you’re just a blithering idiot.

      1. mike says:

        Man you are really gay for Herman aren’t you. The poster is right Cain is a joke. You should listen, hes a Doctor.

      2. Not Herman says:

        I bet you were the guy Cain groped. Stockholm syndrome. So were you on top or did he plant you in the pillow? What a sycophant creepy degenerate water carrier. A real brown noser.

  16. Geep Bryant says:

    Show me some concrete evidence, hotel receipts, plane reservations, texts, emails etc. 50 phone calls…so what?, the allegation is of a sexual affair, show me the beef

    1. mike says:

      50 proven phone calls a month to a woman who is not his wife. I think you got your beef.

      1. Angyl Ricardi says:

        Again, no facts. They said there were 61 calls to a number that had the same first three numbers as Cain – 678. That area code covers the city of Atlanta Georgia and 9 surrounding smaller towns outside of it. And you’re a Ron Paul supporter? You’re making fun of Cain and Palin … lemme guess, you stand for NOTHING because Ron Paul has never be the nominee, so you obviously did not vote for the idiot McCain – u voted for obama right? Yeah, a real freedome loving, constitution loving guy that Obama is. Or did u not even vote, just like all the other tin foil hat wearing morons

        1. mike says:

          It seems you read the same article I did. Funny how you left out when they called the number Herman Cain called back. There is your facts. Your pretty good at making assumptions. In this case you just made an ass out of yourself. And as far as voting in 2008 I didn’t vote. I do not see the point in voting for the lesser of 2 evils. But pretty intelligent of you to assume I voted for Obama. That insight must be serving you well in life. The only reason I am voting this time around is because of Ron Paul.

          1. SunnyJ says:

            Not voting,unless you were too young, in 2008 was a vote for Obama…so you own this mess too. Funny how you left out that they are her phone records, not his…so the calls can be dialed as well as incoming. What if 49 of them were from her and he had one reply? You are cherry picking yourself in your rush to judgement. I’m happy you think you’ve found your candidate, but you are doing Paul no favors with your hack job posts. If you really want to support Paul, then drop the Alinsky like behavior and act like a true libertarian.

            1. mike says:

              You got a point but the reality is I dont care. I am sitting here with a cold and have nothing better to do. You would have realized that if you read some of my other comments. Put all these allegations and Cain never had a chance. You people need to stop taking the comment section so seriously. Were not changing anything here. What will be really funny is if he admits to it all. What will all you people who had his back say then. If it turns out to be false or it is never proven then that sucks for him. But seriously what are we up to now 6 or 7 woman. Your right some of them do have a questionable past. But come on there cant be this many woman out to get him.

            2. mike says:

              Oh and voting for the lesser of 2 evils doesn’t make you right. It makes you ignorant. This isn’t my mess. I was pulling for Ron Paul in 08 but the people were 2 got up in what the MSM was feeding them. And besides if your looking in a comments section to get a feel for a candidate you got problems. And just because you don’t agree with something I said your not going to support the candidate I support. That is sad. Think for yourself.

          2. George says:

            Holy crap! String him up! A friend (cain admitted she was a friend) has his phone number! What a SOB he must be for giving his friend his cell number! G-damn moron.

          3. George says:

            And a Paultard to boot. That explains a lot.

      2. Tax Law says:

        I make that many phone calls to multiple women every month. It’s called having friends who are women. Anyone who spends more than 10 minutes a day outside the basement should understand.

        1. mike says:

          And you should understand that he wasn’t calling multiple woman. He was calling one. Its called having an affair. Anyone with 2 ounces of common sense should understand.

          1. George says:

            Or more like some simpleton thinks if you call a women friend you must be having an affair with her. Back to your basement Paultard.

            1. mike says:

              God your an idiot. Let me ask you George if you had a wife and she made or received 50 phone calls a month from one man would you think they were just friends. Based on your reply you just might.

      3. SunnyJ says:

        Which way did the calls go? Did the come from her…the reporter said she showed him her bill and they dialed the number, but the bills show calls you dial, right? She has a restraining order out on her from another person for harassment with phone, email/text…if you can run with little or nothing to attack Cain…imagine what you can do with those actual facts…unless of course you think attacking him is good for your candidate? Which I have news for you…if your goals is getting undecideds to come to Paul, your behavior thru posts on this subject would certainly send me the other way. If one person is willing to tell you that…how many think it and just turn off to Paul? Give that some thought.

      4. john Forrest says:

        liberalism is a mental disorder and you are insane.

      5. TxSon says:

        First of all, it wasn’t 50 calls a month. Secondly, phone calls do not prove an affair. You are just jumping to conclusions just like every other non-thinking person. It is much more likely that this woman in desperate financial trouble is looking for cash. She knows Cain, she has his number, he has called her, people are ready to buy whatever story she gives…she sees a pay day.

  17. Phil says:

    I am for Gingrich. I state that up front. He has the vision and sweep of history that the office demands right now. However, with all seriousness, who can stand the scrutiny of the media and now social media for the office of president without some things popping up. I know of no one. We all have challenges, failures and mistakes in our past or we have lived life without pursuing anything. Business, church, family, government, we are all at blame for something. But you live and learn and move forward trying to do better for the sake of others including our posterity. We need leadership more than ever from both Republicans and Democrats if we are going to turn this country around.

    1. mike says:

      Your right we all make mistakes. But most of us aren’t running for president. If he did have a 13 year affair (which I believe he did) are you comfortable electing someone who can lie to his wife’s face to tell you the truth. If you are running for the highest office in the world your personal character matters. And in terms of mistakes, there are good mistakes and bad mistakes. Cheating on your wife for 13 years is a bad mistake.

    2. Angyl Ricardi says:

      Well good luck to you if Newt is the nominee – he’s had affairs, and it doesn’t bother me as far as that goes. I like Newt, but they are saving all that crap to throw at him when they are through with Cain = then you’re buddy ‘mike’ below will be slinging his crap your way. Ron Paul has no chance, and he never will because all his supporters turn people off. I’ve been to his facebook page and tried to ask questions. I’ve tried to talk to people but all they do is yell and sling mud. Anything I’ve learned about RP is by trying my best to find out myself. All I hear from his “fans” is END THE FED, Cain sucks, … blah blah blah.. they are all full of hate. They never have a conversation with you, they just talk AT you. They are a horrible endorsement of Ron Paul AND most of them voted for Obama. Most also say they are not voting if he doesn’t get the nomination .. so that would mean that they never voted before?

      1. Mike says:

        Angyl, if you have an honest question about Ron Paul I would be more than happy to have an honest discussion. And I wont talk at you. Me not liking Cain has nothing to do with me supporting Ron Paul. Honestly I took a good look at Cain when he started to rise and for a second I started to get behind him. But then I did the math on his 999 plan and did not like what I saw. And then he started talking about foreign policy and he just seemed uneducated. I’m not saying I am a genius at foreign policy but then again I am not running for president. And the truth be told I never comment on article but I am sitting here with a cold and have nothing better to do. It is interesting how little it takes to get people started.

  18. Mike says:

    Is it me or does it seem weird Mr. Cain would be meeting with these people. What is the point of meeting with them. Maybe to direct Mr. Cain how he needs to act to help push the globalist agenda. I am obviously just guessing here but it does seem strange he would be meeting with these people who are known to be the most biased people in the MSM.

  19. John says:

    So… Herman Cain was hiding a 13-year affair from his wife and family WHILE going through intensive surgery and treatment? Yeah, right… more BS!

    1. mike says:

      I have been through intensive surgery. It doesn’t last 13 years. I am from Georgia and the accusing woman first broke the story with a local news station. She showed them her phone log where it showed one telephone number calling around 50 times a month. The news station called the number and it turns out it was Herman Cains private phone. I personally think he did have an affair. His 999 plan was garbage and he didn’t know the first thing about what was going on in the world. There was no reason to have to sabotage his campaign. He was going to do that himself.

      1. Tax Law says:

        The 9-9-9 Plan isn’t garbage. It’s 100 times better than the current tax code.

        1. mike says:

          That is not saying much. Its basically the lesser of 2 evils. We need a real plan not some gimmick.

      2. George says:

        So a woman with a history of stalking and filing harassment charges against employees calls Cains number 50+ times and HE’S the guilty party. I think they put you in the gulag for that much craziness, Comrade.

        1. mike says:

          I ain’t your comrade kid.

    2. Idaho Spud says:

      YEAAAA!! Someone with common sense! Glad to see you here John!!

  20. Annie66 says:

    Whomever wrote this article needs to do better research. The media people are referred to as ‘elite.’ That is a lie, however. They are actually a bunch of lying dirtbags that need to be drawn and quartered or some such. What drivel! Too bad Barack Hussein Obama received no scrutiny; he had dirt piled up 60 feet high. Maybe the Republic need to start paying a bunch of people to tell their stories about him. It would be revealing, at the least.

    1. al says:

      The initial report from the accuser was filed by FOX news in Atlanta, and FOX reporters. I guess that FOX is now part of the left-leaning media too?


    Susan Daniels, the Private Investigator from Ohio, who uncovered Barry’s fraudulent CT. (042-68-4425) SSN, more than 2 years ago. And Linda Jordan, who took it upon herself, to run Barry’s identity info. through the FEDS ‘E-VERIFY’ database, where it FAILED. Just google OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY to see the official “Notice of Mismatch” letter.

    Any media interested in talking with these women?

    1. db says:

      Hopefully someone with your command of common sense is not responsible for any children or heavy machinery.

      1. OBAMA-BIDEN 2012 says:

        Don’t you worry. I just reported them to

        Anyone with common sense KNOWS that the e-verify computer program is racist.

        1. Booyah! says:

          Oooooh.. Attack watch. Get a real life you POS. Go lick obammy’s boots. It’ll get the taste of his a– out of your mouth.

        2. Angyl Ricardi says:

          Yes, by all means, make sure u report anyone that does not agree with or has a different opinion than your lord and master obama! Heil obama! I forgot that anyone that disagrees with his royal highness obama is a racist. Sling all the mud u like at cain – that just means you disagree with him politically, but if you’re against obama wipe that info off line – don’t anyone dare say a word against the almighty. Libs are so intolerant of anyone that doesn’t tow thier line. Don’t dare have a thought of your own – ever. Lemme guess, you’re fine with every other falsehood out there about anyone else, it’s just free speech right? Right, unless YOU don’t agree with it, then it needs to be wiped clean, taken offline. f*ckin N A Z I s

  22. I spy 4 U says:

    What would Michael Corleone think?
    Adios Cain , The Ladies came forward for that moolah
    and you are now history.
    Gingrich left his wife for another Lady when his wife was dying of Cancer, nice guy right! ,wonder if
    this stuff will come out against the white candidate?

    1. Joseph says:

      Like it’s been some kind of secret? What planet do you live on?

    2. Joseph says:

      I mean, is the Race Card the only one you’ve got or what?

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