HEMPSTEAD, NY (WCBS 880) – On January 1, Long Island Bus, which is currently run by the MTA, will go private.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

As the bus system prepares for the transition, about half of the buses inspected are failing inspection and that’s creating all kinds of problems for riders like Stephen from Hempstead.

“Buses not showing up,” he said. “Longer waits. It gets so crowded on one bus, it won’t even stop at the bus stops. It’ll keep on going.”

Many of the problems are serious according to the state DOT – things like brake defects and doors that won’t open. The failure rate is 50 percent.

In the meantime, riders hope things get fixed soon.

“The line is around the corner just to get on the bus. It is very important,” said one rider.

According to Newsday, Veolia Transportation, who will begun running the buses in 2012, and Nassau County say these inspection results raise concerns about the MTA’s maintenance practices.

Some 100,000 riders use Long Island Bus every week.

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  1. Rugbyball says:

    The Outer Boroughs of NYC had private run bus lines, Tri-Boro Coach, Green Line, Jamaica Bus Line, ect. It sucked, and after 40+ years they finally rolled those line back into the MTA. Now I am not saying the lines now under MTA are great, they just suck less than when they where private lines. Good luck L.I.

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