NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Another horse driving a carriage has collapsed in Manhattan.

Holiday shoppers and tourists watched as the animal went down late Sunday afternoon at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Many are calling for an end to hansom cab rides following several recent incidents including the death of a 15-year-old draft horse named Charlie.

Charlie collapsed on a midtown street in October. The ASPCA found the horse had a stomach ulcer and a fractured tooth.

(LINK: ASPCA Releases Findings on Carriage Horse Death)

Some groups who oppose carriage rides said at the time that the results proved the horse was suffering while still being forced to work.

Back on July 25, three tourists from Ohio and a hansom cab driver were injured when the carriage was flipped on its side, knocking the horse onto the street.

State Senator Tony Avella sponsored legislation to ban the buggy rides.

“It’s a dangerous situation for the horse for the driver for the passengers and for motorists and pedestrians and this accident is just one more indication that, and pardon the pun, that this practice should put out to pasture,” he said.

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  1. we'll miss you, charlie says:

    Around five years ago or so, my niece and i spent the day in NYC and took a carriage ride through the park. It was a cold day, so the polite driver gave us a soft blanket to cover our lap. We took a nice slow ride through the park, Afterward, I asked the driver what our dappled gray horse’s name was,and he said Charlie. As I patted Charlie’s neck, he gently nodded his head up and down as if he knew I were thanking him. When I heard news about a carriage horse, I knew right away that was the Charlie that we enjoyed being with, even for that little time We love you and will miss you. I just cannot bring myself to blame his job for it. I will always love seeing the horses in NY, and the mounted police on their beautiful horses too. It’s the traffic that should be made to go away, not the horses.

  2. Rina Deych says:

    Enough is enough! This industry should have been banned DECADES ago. Horse carriages have no place in NYC. The bill to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC is S5013 in the NYS Senate and A7748 in the NYS Assembly. It is referred to as the bill that PROHIBITS THE OPERATION OF HORSE DRAWN CABS IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK. The time has come to cast this cruel, exploitative industry into the dustbin of history.
    Rina Deych, RN

  3. horseowner says:

    To end the carriage rides would have an even more detrament effect on the horses. The slaughterhouses are reopening, and without the income of the carrage rides, the owners would have to sell the horses to a already flooded horsemarket. That means they would more than likely be sold to a kill buyer and become dinner on a plate in Europe.
    A better solution would be regulating how much time a carrage horse is used. And records on its care.

  4. roy rogers and trigger says:

    stop the hansom rides. a hores doesnt need to be in traffic in the dead of winter. all for the almighty buck. touristas dont neeed no stinkin horse ride. you want ot ride horses….vacation in wyoming. you want museums…vacation in nyc

  5. Mikester935 says:

    King Michael would be very dissapointed if this practice were to end. After all, this is why people come to NYC from all over the world. Truly shameful.

    1. Dee says:

      This is really a place where PETA should assert itself and demonstrate in the areas where the horses are daily. Perhaps if we make the tourists and’r omantics’ uncomfortable enough they’ll stop this insane exploitation

      1. Melissa J Dooley says:

        you DO NOT want PETA involved! They claim to care for animals yet they “rescue” them only to put them down themselves in a supposedly more humane manner. PETA is smoke and mirror.

    2. cathy delano says:

      II agree completely! Why not show some NYC ingenuity and have an innovative engine pulling the Hansom carriages. It could still be decorative with all the bells and whistles – there are lots of images that come to mind that would still be attractive to tourists and residents. It would garner attention for intelligence, creativity, and technological advancement instead of mindless cruelty that poses for seasonal charm. This could be a win-win. No jobs would be lost, NYC would be positioned as innovative and humane, and tourists and children would be equally entertained. Everyone could be engaged in the transition — perhaps even hatching inventions of their own to solve the cruelty problem nobody wants to see. Mayor Bloomberg surly has the resources and contacts to get this off the ground. Let’s meet the challenge in a solution-oriented way and give the horses the environment and care – worthy of the sentient creatures that they are.

  6. William says:

    Horse carriage rides exploit vulnerable animals who can not defend themselves. It’s time to end the horse carraiges in New York City

  7. susan says:

    the city and the spca need to get together to stop this drawn carriages were never meant for crowded polluted city streets nor to compete with taxis…

  8. Johanna Fredrics says:

    It really is time for this terrible abuse to come to an end!! There is nothing romantic about enslaving horses to enact some stupid fantasy while the creature is forced to breathe car exhaust and at risk for being struck by cars. These beautiful creatures deserve to be allowed to live quiet lives on a farm not running around a track or hauling around tourists.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Poor horses, the human being has no right to ride them on such crowded, noisy and car-rushing streets.

  10. Dee says:

    The exploitation of these animals should stop . No moron needs a carriage ride around the park-let them walk it’s healthier. They can take their lives in their hands by walking through the park the same way those poor horses do walking through traffic and inhaling those crappy fumes all day long.

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