New Incident Said To Be Mirror Image Of Previous 2; Rep. King Concerned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They are two elderly women with two humiliating stories, they say, at the hands of airport security at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The women say they were strip searched by Transportation Security Administration agents.

Now a third woman, Linda Kallish, has come forward as the outrage grows. She spoke to CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown on Monday afternoon.

Kallish, who is in her 60s, told Brown a nearly identical story about her experience going through security JFK last weekend. In fact, she was on the same flight as one of the other women.

She said she is outraged and embarrassed.

“It’s been my fear every time I fly, that something like this would happen,” Kallish told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Monday night.

The TSA confirmed it is investigating all three claims.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin spoke to the first two women to come forward on Sunday.

“They strip searched me. I was in shock,” said 85-year-old Leonore Zimmerman of Long Beach.

“It never happened to me before,” added 88-year-old Ruth Sherman of Florida.

Zimmerman and Sherman don’t know each other and they weren’t traveling together last weekend, but the women have strikingly similar stories.

“She said ‘pull your pants down. Then she pulled my underwear down,” Zimmerman said.

“She said lower your pants and that’s what I did,” Sherman added.

Both women said they were forced to take off their clothes in a private screening room at JFK  last weekend, one day apart as part of an extended pat down by TSA agents.

“They decide this 85-year-old lady needs to be strip-searched,” Zimmerman said.

Congressman Peter King, who chairs the committee on Homeland Security, pointed out not all terrorists look like terrorists and said the incidents highlight a frustrating problem.

“There have been cases overseas where elderly people and young children have been used to conceal bombs and explosives so I understand why the TSA is concerned, but you can’t treat everyone the same,” Rep. King said.

Security expert Bob Strang said there’s a need for sensitivity in searches but he understands where TSA agents are coming from.

“If you have an elderly person in a wheelchair or if you have a child with stuffed animals, sometimes those are the kinds of things terrorists look for to put explosives in,” Strang told CBS 2’s Hennessey.

“The TSA is getting better and better at finding the balance between security and privacy, but as this case shows they still have a ways to go,” added N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The TSA is looking into what happened and said it has interviewed the agents involved in both incidents, but issued a statement saying “TSA does not include strip searches in its protocols and a strip search did not occur in this case.”

But, there are no security cameras in the private screening rooms, so it boils down to a he said/she said situation.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris is outraged at what the two women say happened and at the agency’s response and is demanding a deeper investigation.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire and it seems we have TSA agents that are crossing the line in terms of their searches of passengers,” Gianaris.

At JFK on Monday night, passengers didn’t have much sympathy.

“It’s what they have to do. There really isn’t a happy medium, unfortunately,” said Josh Rolnick of Merrick.

“I think they do a great job,” Eileen Haggerty of Pleasantville.

Again, there are now three women with nearly the same story. The most recent woman to come forward said she has diabetes and when she told agents she had an insulin pump attached to her thigh that’s when they made her strip, and she was too afraid to say “no.”

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  1. Al says:

    Just remember during election time that it was Obummer administration that gave this power to the TSA. And second I would like to be on the jury so I could award this lady a huge payout. All the people that are treated this way such sue the TSA, Maybe this way we can teach them a lesson that we are NOT going to put up with this nonsense!

    1. WantChange? says:

      What lesson? That taxpayers will (continue to) pay for the mistakes the 1% who we appoint over us?

      That lesson has got to be understood already. If you really want change do it like they are doing to us (equal treatment under the constitution, right?); economically. We have to stop supporting their bad system with our money. Take away the money and the program stops. Part of your airline ticket fee goes to pay for the TSA. Stop flying, take away the money, the system collapses from it’s own weight. No lawsuits, no violence… It wouldn’t take 3 months.

  2. Garr Obo says:

    To add to what I stated before, if the low-lifes who organized the Occupy BS over the Internet can accomplish what they did why not the same thing with the TSA? I hope that someone who has enough brains will start it up.

  3. Garr Obo says:

    Did you all learn nothing from M L King? About two days with NO passengers on board the airlines will take care of the problem very quickly.

  4. LauraEns says:

    My 91 year old mother was taken away after asking for a pat down because of her ostomy pouch – we tried to explain to the agents at the Athens Greece airport this fall but they separated us and they did not understand English nor sign language. They had her pull down her pants and still didn’t know what it was.This behavior by TSA around the world is humiliating to our elderly and in no way stops terrorism.

  5. OMG1012 says:

    May I ask what your education level is?

  6. Snæbjörn says:

    you are an imbecile. no brains, you obviously LUV O-butthole, the commie traitor.

  7. Joey Too says:

    The TSA is clearly the biggest WASTE of an agency there is.

    1. Tom Davidson says:

      It is actually a training school for “Gestapo – The Next Generation”.

  8. machoman says:

    now you see why wimmen should never have been given voting privileges.

  9. freepatriot says:

    hahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahahaha1 BS !!!

  10. mr. liberty says:

    Hmmm…the founding fathers were tea-baggers, gun nuts and veterans. Seems ms. liberty does not have a clue what liberty really is.

  11. Ken says:

    You have a lot of nerve calling yourself “ms. liberty”. “Ms fascist” would be more appropriate.

    1. Marcus Allen says:

      Ms.Liberty is a Canuck Rag Headed Moose Lum here to cause anger among American Citizens who are either on the left or right but the Citizens are not for the most part that extremely polarized and our differences are not so far apart. These Paki/s and Palestinian camel humper trouble makers are pretending to be Leftist or Right wingers.

  12. Ellie Light says:

    If I can drive it in a day or less, then I drive. Screw the airlines and TSA.

    1. Nomore Obama says:

      Agreed. I refuse to fly anymore. The TSA and the airlines can go sit ‘n spin. It’s high time that “Big Sister” Napolitano was strip-searched and her dried-up bodily orifices probed for contraband so that she can get a “feel” for what her (poorly) trained monkeys are doing to the public.

    2. freepatriot says:

      I pack a hotdog bun in my pants and when they ask I tell them I bought him lunch and I’m keeping it warm…..they always want to search me in the lunch room I just don’t get it ???

    3. Helga says:

      Ellie, right on. I used to travel all over the world, and now stay at home, or drive.
      It was watching elderly people struggling in airports that pushed me over the edge.
      I am retired too, so I have the luxury to decide.

    4. Josey Montana says:

      AGREED. I quit flying more than a year ago and it was worth every cent lost to my income.

      There may not be many true Americans living in America, but damn it, enough is enough. The madness stops here and now.

  13. Cee says:

    Let them do this to a veiled Muslim and see what the reaction is. An elderly woman is less a threat than someone who wears long robes and covers her (his??? can we be sure when they hide their identity) face. When was the last time an elderly white – or black one for that matter – woman tried to blow anything up?

    1. Jack says:

      They are taking the path of least resistance. It’s like PETA idiots throwing red paint at elderly women weaingr a fur coat. Why don’t they try that with with some leather-wearing bikers? Because they’re scared. just like a TSA monkey who’s afraid to look under a veil or search a turban.

  14. HellaangryCitizen says:

    These TSA goons need to be shown the most patriotic use for a length of hemp and a streetlamp – every one of them. They are evil sub-human animals.

    1. Jay says:

      Do you think most of them like having to do this stuff? Anyone that has been working at the TSA for more than a couple of years joined the organization before these procedures were even in place, and certainly had no say in their implementation. Remember after 9/11 when everyone freaked out about how many holes there were in our airport security? Well, this is what you get. I’m not saying I agree with it, but you can only have it one way or another.

      1. Josey Montana says:



        “Just following orders” is no defense — according to the same government that treats its own people as criminals and terrorists in waiting.

        Give me Liberty or give me death!

      2. The Police are Corrupt! says:

        The same excuses were used at Nuremberg. I knew a man who was a guard there during the trials. He said they hung the Nazi’s in the morning before breakfast, and it ruined his appetite every time.

  15. R Delani says:

    The head of this agency, Pistole, keeps saying that they will be revamping this agency with less intrusive methods of screening passengers! If that is true, then
    what is to become of the 65,000 workers who are currently employed to harass
    and intimidate ordinary passengers?
    I have noticed a disturbing pattern that is going on with older folks and especially Jewish old people who are getting more and more profiled by these tsa government agents. If this is true, then I suggest that everybody who flies regularly contacts their U S Representative to file a complaint. Simply put, the American public don’t hold their representatives accountable for giving us the
    patriot act, homeland security and now the tsa. Where is Chuck Schumer on this!! Would he allow his elderly mother to be strip searched in a most demeaning manner.?

    1. Carol R. says:

      I sent an email to my newly elected state senator about the TSA- first time I ever wrote to a politician in my life- regarding my concerns about the safety of the scanning machines, and that the new invasive pat-downs were violations of my 4th amendment rights.

      All I got in response was a form letter spouting TSA propaganda. He might as well have sent me a link to the TSA website. He will not be getting my vote again.


      But I agree that people should take the time to write. Maybe if the volume of letters and emails is enough they will start to listen. Maybe.

      BTW- I also refuse to fly. If all the airlines go bankrupt, it will serve them right.

  16. Cheryl Thomson says:

    Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Sherman take the headlines, deservedly, but at the same time who is telling the public about the crime committed against all Americans by the U.S. Senate on Friday? 93 Senators out of 100 voted to pass the new “National Defense Authorization Act”. Unless the government is stopped, U.S. citizens will not only be strip-searched, they will be tortured and held for an indefinite length of time, without even knowing the charges against them. EVerything will be secret because of ‘national security’. Nobody knows what is really going on in this country, and the protestors were manipulated and financed to take to the streets, just so the freedoms of all of us can be taken away, permanently. The bill was S. 1867. It was in 1867 that the Posse Comitatus Act became law. No coincidence. Tyranny is here, and it is organized. I read “The Man Without A Country” when I was12.

    1. deejak says:

      right own! The TSA will stop – folks need to stop thinking all of this is for the “Muslims” it is not . It is for the everyday citizen. While folks watch their football, Laday GAGA all heck is breaking loose. I wish people would get it through their heads this security mess is not for the man in the cave its for the citizens!!!!! Folks make fun of OWS well why aren’t folks out and angry about the security. We deserve it if we do nothing about it!!

    2. Don says:

      Actually 1878

    3. Jenny says:

      I really am shocked. Where are all the libs who were so up in arms when Bush was tapping phones to catch terrorists? You would think they’d be even more upset at this!

    4. Josey Montana says:

      I read it too Cheryl. The time is here once again. It will not be pretty but it is inevitable.

  17. Streek Edee says:

    You know, it’s funny how the TSA is profiling elderly Jewish women, white men (Fmr Gov. Jesse Ventura) and white babies.
    You NEVER hear about a muslim being treated this way.
    This is by far discrimination at its worst.
    CAIR is behind this and the American public should wake up and demand any association with our politicians and CAIR be severed.
    How many of you see middle eastern folks getting treated the SAME way these elderly woman and toddlers get treated???????????????????

  18. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Wrinkles have consequences.

  19. Ted Ball says:

    To all you naysayers, when one of these passengers gets on board with something dangerous, you’ll be jumping down the throats of the tsa for not doing their job, i’ve been pulled out of line and searched and it did,nt bother me because I knew I was clean,. if the people would work together to take our country back from these threats and not just bad mouth the people doing there jobs, maybe we could get back to normal. but that won’t happen beacause we live in a Me first society, and nobody cares who or what they hurt just so they get what they want.

    1. Uncle Reggie says:

      They aren’t doing their jobs. They are a bunch of intellectually challenged neanderthals giddy with a sense of their own power to intimidate the weak and defenseless. I hope that they target you, teddy boy, and with a body cavity search for good measure.

      1. steamdwarf says:

        well put, Uncle Reg. God, this guy ADMIRES this homeland security brown shirted group of jackboots!`

    2. Streek Edee says:

      Did they make you pull your underware down??
      When that happens to you YOU will be first to complain!

    3. drawlr says:

      The Jews in Nazi Germany didn’t do anything wrong either, other than be born Jewish. You people who think there’s nothing to fear if you haven’t done anything wrong are deluded. When the tyrants get to define the terms, they are never guilty; but you can be guilty of nothing and end up in a camp. You’d better pull your head out.

    4. CFred says:

      In 2007, the researchers studied specifically the effects of a change to security practices instituted by the TSA in late 2002. They concluded that this change reduced the number of air travelers by 6%, and estimated that consequently, 129 more people died in car accidents in the fourth quarter of 2002.
      Extrapolating this rate of fatalities, New York Times contributor Nate Silver remarked that this is equivalent to “four fully loaded Boeing 737s crashing each year.”
      The 2007 study also noted that strict airport security hurts the airline industry; it was estimated that the 6% reduction in the number of passengers in the fourth quarter of 2002 cost the industry $1.1 billion in lost business.
      I won’t complain once they dismantle the TSA. We need REAL security, not this stupid excuse for one with power-crazed idiots.

    5. Mike says:

      TSA idiots are far less likely to catch someone who is a real threat becasue, due to political correctness overkill, they assume everyone is equally suspect. Therefore, most of their time is wasted on people who present no credible threat. The other obvious agenda is that the the more inefficient the process is, the more people it takes to staff it, hence more government union employees standing around wasting taxpayer money and subjecting ordinary citizens to unspeakable indignities and verbal abuse. This is not a Me First issue, it’s a bureaucratic, zero common sense solution to a need, and if you really feel it makes you safer, you are sadly mistaken.

    6. Anti-Ted Ball says:

      Ted, you sorry, crybaby apologist lemming. People of your ilk make my stomach turn. What happens if I kick the tar out of a passenger attempting to use, “something dangerous” on my flight? You’ll sob because they didn’t get a ‘fair trial’. Boo hoo. TSA is just trying to do their job. Sturmabteilung. Uneducated followers that’s the TSA and dimwits like you make apologies for them. “I was clean” eh? What happens when your jolly government decides those dandy penny-loafers you wear threaten our very existence, freedom and way-of-life? Rightfully so, I guess, because you *are* a dandy crybaby who’d rather see a nation of cowards run by brown-shirts than people of strength and integrity. Perhaps they will get you.

    7. michael says:

      They are not doing their job. They have flunked every internal test of the system and have never caught or prevented a single terrorist from boarding. |Look at their record. |Passengers, FBI and others have caught and prevented breaches of security but never |T|SA

    8. torre says:

      TSA agents are under educated goons who would otherwise be unemployable in the private sector.

    9. GREG says:

      You have given a length reply that never quite gets to the point. Like everyone else who defends these processes you assume that more frequent and more intrusive close inspections of old ladies, the infirm, infants and the disabled (or for that matter middle-aged white businessmen who have been traveling the same routes within the U.S for decades, like me) are the likely bombers. The premise is absurd, please face it.

  20. anon says:

    A person is allowed to have a public search conducted. I never allow myself to be taken from public view. I am certain much of the abuse wold not happen if people made them conduct the searches in public. It is your right to demand a public search.

    Also, it is your right to demand a fresh pair of rubber gloves. Think about how compromised the sterility of a pair of gloves is after they have been down 100 people’s pants. I always demand a fresh pair of gloves and watch the agent don them. That is also your right.

    To the person who said to demand a warrant. The courts have already ruled that these searches do not require warrants. Your advice is wrong and will only get a person denied boarding.

    1. C. Daniel says:

      You are right about public searches anon, but many older people are accustomed to cooperating with “authorities” and don’t realize they can ask for that. Sad. I would never voluntarily go into a “private” area where it would be their word against mine. If I have to fly in the future they can just pat me down. At 60 I don’t really give a rip but in a non-public area, no way!

      1. Sommer Gentry says:

        The TSA has repeatedly forced passengers into private screening rooms, telling them that they can not be screened in the private area. While TSA offers you the option to request private screening, the TSA distinctly and purposefully never guarantees you the right to public screening. It’s not a choice – these women were coerced into private rooms so they could be stripped of their clothing and their humanity. The villains who did this deserve to rot in jail – and I mean going all the way up this diseased chain of tyranny right to that child molester John Pistole and his sinister sexual assault partner Janet Napolitano.

  21. McBrooklyn says:

    I tried to go through in nothing but a Speedo. It did not go well.

  22. tom says:

    Its time to pull the plug on the TSA. Demand that Congress eliminate this fascist orgainization.

  23. Mark says:

    Quit Flying. We did when this bs started. This is NOT America anymore. Osama WON.

  24. Sibyl says:

    WE NEED TO hire a retired El AL Israeli security chief to be the new head of TSA – when we vote out our Islamist CiC.

  25. steamdwarf says:

    Sadly if you sue the TSA you are just costing taxpayers like yourself money to defend the activity. Better to focus on the VOTE and get Janet and Nancy and Harry and Barack and Eric out of public life and vote people in who will disband or extremely downsize the authority and staffing of agencies like TSA, EPA, FDA and their agenda driven ilk.

    1. freepatriot says:

      Yes, but then you get to fly like the dirtbags in the TSA, for free and on the public’s nickle. Lear jets will be a bargan soon enough

  26. Fred S says:

    From the article: “She said she wanted a patdown…”

    I don’t feel sorry for anything that happens to anybody who consents to be searched without a warrant or probable cause. Her proper response should have been, “you’re not searching me unless you can produce a search warrant or demonstrate probable cause.” I hope she loses her case, and that everybody who consents to be searched is strip-searched, groped, and videoed for the amusement of TSA workers.

    1. pointing out the obvious says:

      She had a medical reason you moron. Honestly, are really the best your parents could produce?

    2. Eliot says:

      Fred, I can’t wait to see your picture in the news for going to jail because you refused a search. You have obviously never refused one, because otherwise you would know that’s what happens. You must not read the news on a regular basis, either.

  27. Larz Larzen says:

    PC crap; just to make it look like they are not profiling, they strip and grope our white, northern European stock grandmothers. This is nothing new. In london in 2001, we were coming back from Norway visiting relatives, and the persons they took out of line on our flight were not the darker Middle-Easterners, but me and my elderly mother, who are both very fair.

    1. Elka says:

      YOur statement is 100% correct!

    2. Eliot says:

      Bingo. I’ve seen it every single time. I’ve been in line when people were joking about the fact that it’s only little kids and blonde or elderly women who get extra search treatment. I have never seen any man get singled out for extra searches. It must happen somewhere, but never where I have been.

  28. Former Flt. Att. says:

    Passengers need to be supportive of each other in the security lines. Recently my Husband and I were flying out of FLL on our way to Mexico. Apparently my Husband wasn’t moving fast enough to get his shoes off. A big, burley Agent screamed at him “Don’t You Listen? Look at me! You need to keep moving forward!” I replied to him in a loud voice “No! He can’t hear you. He’s a disabled Viet Nam Vet!” Other passengers exclaimed their disapproval towards the Agent and he actually left in embarresment to the cheers of us all!

  29. duh_swami says:

    The entire scenario is insane…What are they going to do if they actually find a bomb in someones shorts? How did the bomb get into the building to begin with? Well, it came right in the front door where there is no bomb security…Anyone can enter a crowded terminal with a bomb, undetected…This means that while the flights are safe, the crowed terminal is dangerous…Bomb searches should be done in the parking lot across the street, and only cleared people and baggage can enter the building…

    1. Fred S says:

      Then the “terrorists” (ha… we all know that there aren’t any) will just take their bombs to the entrance to the parking lot across the street, where the crowd is gathered waiting to get in. So we’ll move it somewhere further… rinse, repeat. The eventual outcome is a TSA agent stationed in front of every house in America, searching everybody before they can go outside.

  30. Ralph says:

    You want to get rid of this kind of TSA treatment? Convert to Islam, or kick the ragheads out. There is not much inbetween for a religion that condemns you to death for depicting their prophet, or for refusing to either convert or pay an “other” tax.

    1. torre says:

      Bulls eye! There is no such thing as peace loving islam. It is the religion of being blown to pieces.

  31. Granny says:

    The TSA screening is nothing more than a sham attempt to make us feel safe to fly. Last summer my husband had to be patted down because he had forgotten his sunglasses in his pocket. They were so focused on his pocket that they overlooked that he had left his quart zip lock bag inside his carry on, instead of putting it in the tray. Meanwhile, a man in a big flowing robe was allowed to pass through without any further screening. Also, the TSA agents confiscated water, deemed too dangerous to allow on an airplane, but disposed of it in a trash bin in the screening area. And what about the teen who was told she’d have to check her purse, because it had a “replica” of a gun on it. Has anyone ever been killed by a ladies handbag? Seriously…

    1. Sam says:

      Don’t have to convert, just wear what they wear. Muslims come in all sorts of ethnicities and their practices and custom in dress vary greatly. Just don’t wear a Star of David, cross or crucifix when doing so.

  32. GEOWashington says:

    The TSA is now a greater threat to the American public than the terrorists we once feared. When you fear your government you live in tyranny. We have no leadership anywhere in Homeland Security or TSA. We are being led by incompetents and thugs.

  33. Jackie says:

    I’m sure that employing pedophiles or sex offenders is not on the TSA “protocol” but the fact is they do both. When normal people who have nothing to hide protest about the TSA invasions the TSA takes that to mean that person has something to hide and the bravado behind the badge takes over. If you are #7 in line and that number is the lucky number for having your privacy invaded it makes no difference if the person behind you fits a certain profile, they go through without a hitch. Then you get TSA agents that can barely speak English and your privacy is invaded by someone with a green card. I recently went through a scanner that showed all these “questionable” areas and I had to go through a pat down. I asked the gal what all these questionable areas on the screen were because I had absolutely no metal whatsoever on me. She said that perhaps they were “folds in my clothes”… I looked at her and said “Look at me, I’m fat and fill out my clothes, there are no wrinkles!” I figured they would use some common sense on these screenings, but have decided that would be too much of a stretch for people who perhaps graduated the lower 10% of their classes.

  34. Chief Paul says:

    If everybody STOPPED FLYING maybe they would get the message. It’s like the Gestapo at the train stations in Nazi Germany.

    1. Exador says:

      EXACTLY! The only way politicians will listen is if the people boycott the airlines.

      1. Ken says:

        Don’t just punish the airlines, they have no choice. Punish the politicians, join the tea party movement, join the republican party and nominate Ron Paul in the primary.

    2. Fred S says:

      Or, if everybody refused to be searched, the TSA would be shut down in a week.

      1. Eliot says:

        And there would be a lot of people in jail. Once you are in the secure area, you cannot refuse a search. If you do, you are arrested and escorted to jail.

  35. Claudia says:

    I have an artificial hip and am a senior. I AVOID flying.

  36. Mike Alright says:

    As we all know, a US woman cannot lie. And by law, there is some man guilty somewhere that needs to be punished. There should also be another unappreciated, special rights law that protects just women from anything that offends them at anytime. That would be fair and American, right N.O.W.?.

    1. Ron Burgandy says:

      Well Mike, now there’s two of ’em- from the same terminal, one day apart. And who says what gender the TSA workers were?

      That aside, TSA must employ the most incompetent people on the planet. Some 17-yr old girl had to either hand over or check a purse that had an embroidered gun on it- they tried to classify it as a “gun replica”. That’s the mentality of these TSA folks.

    2. WDDB says:

      Ridiculous remark.

  37. Enough already says:

    All the TSA’s actions should be recorded including all security procedures at the airport – sane as in a bank. Case closed.

  38. Surfin Bird says:

    15 minutes of fame?

    1. Billy LeRoux says:

      Not stepping foot on another airplane as long as I live! F the TSA.

      1. Sea Otter says:

        I’m with you… Had planned a trip to Europe next summer… but as an implantable defibrillator challenged person of age… it has been embarrassing just to be hand searched … and NO I would never go into a private room. Now that groping, poking, prodding, sticking, teasing, playing, grabbing, etc… just to satisfy some peoples perversions…. is the NORM…. home sounds like a good place to remain…..

    2. ellen says:

      All of you people complaining about TSA. Your congressmen voted this agency into being, as paret of a broad, and in my opinion, overreaching Patriot Act. Passed under a Republican house, senate, and presidency. If you don’t like it, quit complaining on websites, quiz the candidates in your district, and vote for people who represent your views. Otherwise shut your mouths, and take the search.

      1. baboy says:

        The house and senate were not Republican, and the TSA did not begin these types of searches until Janet Incompitano was put in charge.

      2. Ben Franklin says:

        Newsflash: Many citizens HAVE complained to their elected representatives. As for your flip “shut your mouths and take the search,” — wow, really slick. Is your boyfriend a TSA agent? In case you’ve forgotten, we still live in a FREE country, so complaining is part of our rights to be heard. I’m glad these women are speaking up. It’s not as though either one were trying to avoid a search. They just didn’t count on someone asking them to do a strip search.

  39. 12345 says:

    How many times have you seen headlines with senior citizens arrested of doing things you would never expect? It’s not until you get your next underwear or shoe bomber you’ll be glad that we have the TSA. I agree their annoying but, a necessary evil 🙂
    Regarding the Racist comments above…who do you think are the TSA once you leave NYC? Get out more, see the world and expand your small mind. It’s always the people who never go more than a 5 mile radius of their home who want to tell you what the world is like LOL!!

    1. Senior Lady says:

      This kind of treatment is not a necessary evil – it’s just plain evil.

    2. Ed says:

      That would be a good point except… the TSA has not prevented any terrorist attacks or attempts. The only thing that has worked is alert airline passengers and flight attendants.

      If you really feel that way, you might as well be in favor of TSA and interstate roads, train stations, sports arenas, movie theaters, schools, malls, etc. I mean, a terrorist can attack anywhere. Why limit government protection to only air travel?

      1. Eliot says:

        That’s coming soon; the TSA has stated its intention to include all methods of transportation, plus malls and other buildings with public access, in its grip soon. They are already at some train stations, highway stops, government buildings, and football stadiums. They are well on their way to making us truly prisoners of our own government.

    3. pschieber says:

      I I am a 62 year old USA citizen with a titanium hip. I can verify that the TSA uses the most invasive techniques. Why doesn’t our Congress support using Israeli methods of security? Perhaps because Israelis use their most intelligent people for security and we use our most ignorant. and many, here in Florida, who don’t speak English too well. Remember, Hitler used the dumbest and
      neediest for his jackboots. I believe all fliers should refuse to take off their shoes, which, by the way, is disgusting and unsanitary.

      1. Fred S says:

        You are the one who let’s them use “the most invasive techniques.” Remember, the German people went along with Hitler’s plans. All flyers should refuse to be searched by government agents, period. If you don’t refuse, don’t come crying to me when they grope you. You get what you deserve.

        1. Claudia says:

          Fred, I suspect no one will come crying to you for anything. You really do sound hostile in most of your posts.

        2. Eliot says:

          Sure, and do you know what happens when you refuse? You are arrested and escorted to jail. Once you are in the security area, you are not given the right to refuse a search.

    4. KansasGirlyGirl says:

      “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation” (Herbert Spencer).

    5. 2FrequentFlyer says:

      First, I travel extensively. In the last year, I have been in Spain, Canada, Germany, France, England and Argentina. I can tell you with no reservations that the United States security at the airport is not only the most invasive, rediculous and humiliating of the countries I travel in, but also the most roundly criticized. The most common reaction when our TSA is mentioned to one of the secruity people in those countries is just a sad shake of the head. As you approach security in one of those countries, if you started doing the “strip down” required here, you will be observed, then asked, “American?” Then you notice that nobody else is doing this strange self humiliation and realize, “oh! I am in a civilized country!”
      Although I see a sinister power play behind the overall practices used by TSA, I have to admit that the majority of the invasions that are reported are simply the enactment of the old addage being played out on the American people by the group of people that find employment where the major requirement is breathing: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

    6. ertdfg says:

      I agree their annoying but, a necessary evil

      Right, when they posted results they found a full 50% of the test bombs and weapons in their searches…

      Who wouldn’t buy a bulletproof vest that was 50% guaranteed to stop a bullet? Clearly 50% is the new “good enough for government work” level of efficiency.

  40. Lisa Simeone says:

    The TSA has been abusing people for years. I’ve been compiling accounts:

    The abuse will continue and only get worse because so many Americans have shown they’re willing to put up with it.

  41. Silence Dogood says:

    There is no doubt that TSA is strip searching people, though they claim that they don’t.

    In arguments in US District Court the government argued that TSA has the absolute right to strip search passengers. They therefore will, and obviously do, strip search people, their “lady doth protest too much” statements to the contrary. Merely do a search for “EPIC TSA strip search” and read about half way down that page.

    TSA is a disgrace and should be abolished. There is no redemption for this band of perverts, child molesters, thieves, and drug smugglers. They are simply a collection of the worst incompetents ever assembled and couldn’t stop a terrorist from boarding a plane if they tried. In fact, TSA at JFK allowed the Times Square Bomber to sail right through while his bomb was smoking in the city.

    Disgraceful. You TSA employees who read these comments know this: America hates you. We recognize you as the greatest threat to American ideals and way of life. You are all an embarrassment to yourselves, your families, and this nation. FOAD. Every last one of you. FOAD.

    1. Doober says:

      Excellent comment!

  42. Sandra says:

    The TSA does strip search flyers, but perhaps that perverted agency doesn’t believe it’s a strip search unless all of one’s clothes are removed.

    A poster at has reminded us that DHS, the parent of TSA, has said it believes it has the right to strip search each and every traveler. It said in a federal courtroom in, I believe, June.

    There is no “dignity and respect” shown to travelers at a checkpoint. How can there be when screeners are trained to view each and every traveler as a potential terrorist?

    On the TSA Blog, Blogger Bob wrote:

    “The passenger (Mrs. Zimmerman) opted out of advanced imaging technology screening, requested a pat-down and told the officers that she was wearing a back brace or support belt which required private screening. ”

    Someone is lying and I don’t think it is Mrs. Zimmerman.

    The TSA messed up once again and is trying to place the blame on the passenger.

    One of these days, a passenger is going to die because of the TSA’s actions at a checkpoint.

  43. Peter S says:

    All of these so-called security measures are a show to give the illusion of safety. It is appropriate to use non-invasive sniffers to check for chemical residues, and detectors for metallic weapons. The greatest degree of safety in the air come from sky marshals and observant citizens. And yes, there is a profile for terrorists. El Al has used profiling for years and has a splendid safety record. Strip searching Granny or patting down a toddler shows the stupidity of current protocols. And think about how many “test” bombs have passed through screening at all 3 NYC airports as part of a quality review. Current screening techniques are as silly as trying to erect a flag pole after the building has been demolished! After all, a pencil and 8-10 inches of dental floss can be used to kill — why aren’t they prohibied???

  44. Bill Fisher says:

    These two reports raise some serious questions about the extent of the TSA abuses in our airports. They deny that strip searches are not part of their screening protocol, which is obviously a lie in view of five other similar reports this year. How many others have gone unreported?

    Pulling down a person’s pants and underwear meet most definitions of a strip search. This agency has been flagrantly assaulting people for a year now and has only been emboldened by their ability to get away with even the most egregious violations of basic standards of decency.

    TSA has repeatedly denied these types of abuses occur and usually blame the victim. This is the sort of defense that one would expect from a rapist or other assailant, not a Federal agency. The screeners and supervisors in these incidents must be prosecuted for what is clearly a criminal offense.

    This is at least the sixth reported TSA strip search of a passenger this year including the strip search of Shoshana Hebshi in Detroit on September 11th. In that incident TSA acknowledged that the search was recorded.

    How extreme must these TSA assaults become before Congress demands reform of this agency? This is the same agency that has had 62 screeners arrested for serious crimes, including murder and 10 charged with child sex crimes. This agency is obviously out of control and needs to be replaced.

    1. Eric P Turner says:

      lol congress will do nothing cause like every other law they create they are exempt from having it done to them they DO NOT LIVE BY THE LAWS WE DO and that’s an absolute fact. they can use insider trading if you do that you go to jail they don’t.
      the sooner people wake up this fact the sooner we can ban together and remove them all one way or another

  45. hattiejo509 says:

    Re the Zimmerman and Sherman cases: I am appalled! Same thing happened to me two years ago in a much smaller airport in Washington State. I wore trousers instead of a dress, and the woman tried to pull them down while telling me to keep my arms up, but I kept reaching for my elastic waist band. This was right out in public, mind you! I protested loudly but she persisted anyway until a male TSA agent appeared on the scene and I was sent back out into the terminal. The male agent quietly ushered me back into line, assured me I wouldn’t miss my flight, but still all my belongings had to be sent through the scanner again. I had to run for it to make it through the gate, in stocking feet, arms loaded with stuff, including shoes. Shameful! Shameful!

  46. m revere says:

    after hearing of these instances my mother who is in her late 70 s and now disabled from a stroke and uses a cane or walker refuses to fly for the holidays or ever my sister lives in san francisco and will now always have to come here to visit us the tsa has put fear in my mother s mind that this could happen to her what kind of nonhuman behaviour is this dont those tsa workers know or have senoor citizens in thier own families would they like this to happen to thier parents or grandparents something must be done for accountability here

  47. greta says:

    I refuse to fly because of the TSA. Because of them I will die without ever having been able to leave this state. This isn’t right, people should not have to live in fear of being sexually harassed by a government thug. I don’t understand what happened to this country or to my Constitution. I never thought I would live to see the day when the country I was born in turns into a police state. The worst part is that it doesn’t even make any sense, why are WE the U.S. citizens the enemy? I thought the enemy was in the Middle east?

    This is not the America I grew up in. Very Sad.

    1. Senior Lady says:

      I too have refused to fly for the past 2 years. My daughter graduates from college (2000 miles from where I live) this coming spring and I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and put up with this harassment. I have a hip replacement and am automatically sent to the side to be checked further. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS gone way out of bounds. There is absolutely no reason we can not profile!!

    2. T-Texas says:

      It is because we now have so many ragheads in the US that the raghead regime doesn’t trust them because they know that most terrorist are muslim.

  48. injun says:

    ghetto people working for the us government.

    1. Greta says:

      I do notice that many of these incidents involve a black TSA agent harassing a white person. There does seem to be some racism going on….

      1. Bonnie says:

        My husband got a very public pat down that was done by a white on an elderly white. the agent was much younger and definately had a blast trying to get him to have an erection. there were 3 white females near me and I asked what was going on with that type of a pat down. i got an answer, he has a pace maker so he gets a pat down. I agreed a pat down not a feel up. Oh my, they didn’t like that and it continued for quite awhile but then must be a boss came in the area, they were done and disappeared fast.

  49. Jackie Hammer says:

    I meant to write: “Dough boy of a security czar, Napolitano, head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.

  50. Jackie Hammer says:

    In Cass Sunstein’s theory “Nudge” he seems to forget that nudging works both ways and TSA & HLS is about to learn that. It is by no accident that Obama chose the most milquetoast butchy Pillsbury Dough boy of a security that he could find to project America’ new non-exceptional role in the world, The most effective way to destroy a superpower is from within. Obama is almost everything that Jimmy Carter hoped to be and accomplish.

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