New Incident Said To Be Mirror Image Of Previous 2; Rep. King Concerned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They are two elderly women with two humiliating stories, they say, at the hands of airport security at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The women say they were strip searched by Transportation Security Administration agents.

Now a third woman, Linda Kallish, has come forward as the outrage grows. She spoke to CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown on Monday afternoon.

Kallish, who is in her 60s, told Brown a nearly identical story about her experience going through security JFK last weekend. In fact, she was on the same flight as one of the other women.

She said she is outraged and embarrassed.

“It’s been my fear every time I fly, that something like this would happen,” Kallish told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Monday night.

The TSA confirmed it is investigating all three claims.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin spoke to the first two women to come forward on Sunday.

“They strip searched me. I was in shock,” said 85-year-old Leonore Zimmerman of Long Beach.

“It never happened to me before,” added 88-year-old Ruth Sherman of Florida.

Zimmerman and Sherman don’t know each other and they weren’t traveling together last weekend, but the women have strikingly similar stories.

“She said ‘pull your pants down. Then she pulled my underwear down,” Zimmerman said.

“She said lower your pants and that’s what I did,” Sherman added.

Both women said they were forced to take off their clothes in a private screening room at JFK  last weekend, one day apart as part of an extended pat down by TSA agents.

“They decide this 85-year-old lady needs to be strip-searched,” Zimmerman said.

Congressman Peter King, who chairs the committee on Homeland Security, pointed out not all terrorists look like terrorists and said the incidents highlight a frustrating problem.

“There have been cases overseas where elderly people and young children have been used to conceal bombs and explosives so I understand why the TSA is concerned, but you can’t treat everyone the same,” Rep. King said.

Security expert Bob Strang said there’s a need for sensitivity in searches but he understands where TSA agents are coming from.

“If you have an elderly person in a wheelchair or if you have a child with stuffed animals, sometimes those are the kinds of things terrorists look for to put explosives in,” Strang told CBS 2’s Hennessey.

“The TSA is getting better and better at finding the balance between security and privacy, but as this case shows they still have a ways to go,” added N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The TSA is looking into what happened and said it has interviewed the agents involved in both incidents, but issued a statement saying “TSA does not include strip searches in its protocols and a strip search did not occur in this case.”

But, there are no security cameras in the private screening rooms, so it boils down to a he said/she said situation.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris is outraged at what the two women say happened and at the agency’s response and is demanding a deeper investigation.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire and it seems we have TSA agents that are crossing the line in terms of their searches of passengers,” Gianaris.

At JFK on Monday night, passengers didn’t have much sympathy.

“It’s what they have to do. There really isn’t a happy medium, unfortunately,” said Josh Rolnick of Merrick.

“I think they do a great job,” Eileen Haggerty of Pleasantville.

Again, there are now three women with nearly the same story. The most recent woman to come forward said she has diabetes and when she told agents she had an insulin pump attached to her thigh that’s when they made her strip, and she was too afraid to say “no.”

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  1. Marcus wellby says:

    Terrorist are despicable but they could never be able to systematicly and forcibly be able to humilliate such large numbers of popultaion on a daily basics unless they took over of goberment or something…..oh wait. How long is it going to take before people buy into the idea that strip search granma makes us safer. Make the airlines handle the security they know how to profile, and treat their costumers with respect

    1. Archie Bunkert says:

      The Govt. creates a threat through false terrorism, the public has outcry, the
      Govt. takes away your rights and freedom and treats everyone like a criminal.

  2. FredJ says:

    Aren’t you glad we’ve got brave TSA here to protect us against disabled geriatrics. I sure feel safer now knowing this.

  3. Jeff NJ says:

    IF YOU ARE OUTRAGED by the TSA, please check out our group of citizens who have been fighting the TSA since last November.

    Download the INFORMATION KIT at the INFORMATION Menu to get objective explanation of legal, security, and abuse issues.

    See the LEGAL sub-menu and go to Jon Corbett’s lawsuit website to find the most advanced hero who has sued the TSA. SPOILER ALERT: The District Courts REFUSE to entertain lawsuits based on constitutional rights arguments, so as a collective people our freedoms are also being squeezed by the judicial branch, not just the legislative branch (definitely in the Senate overall) and the Executive branch (current President approves the actions of the TSA, which reports to him directly via the Dept. of Homeland Security).

  4. notinlove says:

    Yes, they’re strip searching people. They laugh about it and say they’ll never get caught because the government covers for them. They do it to punish people that irritate them. They know no one can see them and it will be their word against the passenger and the TSA will bluntly state that it “never happened”. These are high school dropouts, people. Theys havin’ FUN!

  5. Brandon Robbins says:

    This is the Democrats fault. If they would allow profiling like they should this stuff would never happen.

  6. porterv says:

    TSA agents are the dumbest people on the planet. They intentionally hire ignorant stupid thugs for these jobs. Intelligent people wouldn’t commit such evil acts. And that is how the government wants them to act. It’s called putting the fear in the public.

  7. sam says:

    I flew out of Flint MI the other day. In the Flint MI airport at 1pm on a Friday afternoon there are about 5 flights leaving. The TSA has over 15 agents on the clock there, every day. How we have allowed this rip-off to occur is unbelievable, whether you are a republican or a democrat. These government employees are surly and no different than the bureaucrats who worked for Hitler’s Germany. The entire department of homeland security needs to be dismantled along with the depts of commerce, labor, education and the epa. When will we all stand up and do it?

    1. molly says:

      Right on….

      Who sent this response to me?

      Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  8. Old Jarhead says:

    Last year when returning from overseas, a 27 hour trip in all, I refused to use the body scanner in DTW. I was pulled out of line and had a pat down. I was wearing my Marine Corps cap with Desert Storm pacth and my rank. I loudly told the useless TSA slugs that when I was in the Coprs, we shot terrorists! I then indicated to the arab in line with his turban and inquired as to why he wasn’t searched since 18-45 year old arab males make up 99% of the terrorists. The TSA guy apolpgized the entire time he was searching me. 4 more of them lined up when I got loud and I told them “bring it!!” Slovenly, out of shape, self grandious morons. They could’nt catch a terrorist if he was standing there with a gun. Always carry your pocket Constitution, they really hate that when you pull it out on them! We must resist the tyranny!

  9. George Washington says:

    In the year 2010 the number of Americans killed or injured in a terrorist attack worldwide outside the theater of war was 8, 6 of the 8 killed were just asking for it, the other 2 were innocent bystanders. In the same year of 2010 the number of Americans killed by a lightning strike on U.S. soil was 29, all 29 were just innocent bystanders.

  10. mark edward marchiafava says:

    she “FELT” she was violated? LOL, she WAS violated.
    Why do “you people” continue to fly?

    Stop it !

  11. NCT says:

    “TSA contacted the passenger to apologize that she feels she had an unpleasant screening experience”

    This is a typical liberal non-apology – TSA does not apologize for its actions, but only for how the victim “felt.” This is another example of putting the blame on this incident on the victim – much like a rapist apologizing that he is sorry that the victive did not enjoy his intrusive behavior – what kind of apology would that be???

  12. Frigate says:

    So, here’s the TSA sitting around saying, “Hmmmm who should we target today? Oh yeah! Let’s do little old ladies”. That’ll show ’em. And yeah, and let’s do toddlers tomorrow. We’ll save the hot chicks for Friday. Guys with nice ties, let ’em walk.

    Just shoot me now.

  13. 911resarcher says:

    The next president will, but only if it’s Ron Paul. The others could care less about these ladies or any of you. Ron Paul has already stated that this should be eliminated and feels as outraged about this as you do.

    1. SandyLester says:

      Paul positive supporter from a truther. Not surprising. Go away.

  14. Amy Brown says:

    While recovering from chemo, wearing only a small scarf to make baldness less of a shock to myself, feeling weak and insecure, I went through TSA line in Santa Rosa, CA. The TSA agents not only required a full check since the metal in my temporary iimplants set off their alarm, but the guard YELLED at me to take my “scarf” off so they could check it. This scarf was folded into a headband, there was absolutely no way anything could have been hidden in that scarf. Then I had to take my jacket off and allow the pat down. Good God, what a horrible experience and for what reason? I think something is behind this behavior and its not just terrorism.

    1. Archie Bunkert says:

      In 20 years, children born today will think this is perfectly OK, if it is allowed to go on and become more prevalent.

  15. Archie Bunkert says:

    We are headed toward living in 1943 Germany. It is a step by step process and includes everyone, except the criminal thugs and the Elites who control them.

  16. anymay says:

    ms. liberty, you are truly something else but liberty you aren’t. Liberty is a word you obviously don’t understand. The subject at hand is about airport security measures byt you start out with the traditional “haters and racists” then you condemn veterans who have fought for this country, but I am surprised you didn’t call them war mongers, did you forget that overused term? You condemn Tea Party folks, and use a cutesy nasty word to describe them, they who have never said a word against freedom and liberty. You show hate without knowledge, a not uncommon trait of rabid fascists, yes I called you a fascist…go learn what it really means. As far as gun nuts, I sincerely hope you don’t have a gun because you are clearly nuts already! You are an outstanding example people lacking critical thinking skills and so substitute clichés that they’ve absorbed from some outstanding news source like MTM or Saturday Night Live. Oh, I just reread your comment and hit upon another cliche, the so called privileged class. Have you ever taken a commercial airplane ride? I’m guessing no, because you’d not make such an ignorant statement about a mode of transportation that is essentially a cattle car that happens to go through the air rather than on wheels or rails. Good grief, what a tiny little mind you have. Perhaps it will improve with some life experience. No, I’ve changed my mind, you are just a garden variety nut, a little one that is rotting inside it’s moldy shell..

  17. RICK says:

    This BS is to let the Muslim population know that everybody is treated the same.
    No profiling.
    Would like to know how many Muslim women have been treated this way.

  18. George Washington says:

    In Hermann Göring’s own words:

    “The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way at any time and in any country. ”

    In an interview with Captain Gustave Gilbert in Göring’s jail cell during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (18 April 1946)

    1. The Police are Corrupt! says:

      Attacking the Pacifists angle works well. Last year I had a guy tear into me because I called Afghanistan a total waste. The S.O.B. shut up when he found out that I was the only Veteran in the room. How in H### can people talk patriotic nonsense when they’ve never lifted a finger to do anything, unless they are brain-washed?

  19. Charles Hogan says:

    TSA another wing of Liberal Democrat Party. They do the same thing as all the major networks and newspapers. Nothing more than a money laundering scheme for the Unions to send money back to the Democrats.
    If it’s Union Made I ain’t going to buy period. They serve no use at all and should be done away with.
    Charles A. Hogan

    1. Archie Bunkert says:

      TSA started under Bush and Chertoff, a Republican and former head of Homeland Security, now sells Radiation Machines. Both parties are as evil.

  20. HPS says:

    OK.. Now these women have kids.. grand-kids and GREAT GRAND-KIDS WHERE are they? WHERE are ALL THOSE who have or have had MOTHERS.. GRANDMOTHERS or GREAT GRANDMOTHERS (THIS APPLIES TO THE MALES ALSO).. HOW would you feel if those were your relatives?? WHY aren’t families..extended family etc. outraged? REMEMBER all you YOUNGSTERS some day GOD will you will be OLD to.. and you will reap what you sow..and it’s NOT as far away as you THINK

  21. Archie Bunkert says:

    WTC 7 was a modern steel building, 510 feet tall, NOT hit by a plane on 911.
    It collapsed symetrically, in on its own footprint in 8 SECONDS. It was a controlled demolition 1600 Architects and Engineers know the truth

  22. mike says:

    I can’t understand the political correctness run amuck. I accepted the scanners figuring everyones body parts looked the same as others (some better looking than others) but I’m pretty damn sure we have no case of an octogenarian commiting an act of terrorism. The TSA needs to get thier heads out and profile. Don’t care if they decide all people 50 and younger or by nationality, but grandma going home is probably not worthy of searching

  23. Jan says:

    Where can I get a burka?

    1. Anastasia Rominoff says:

      Great idea!. Then you won’t be searched, and if you are you can proclaim religious persecution of a follower of the moon god.

  24. Kellie says:

    Im a Flight Attendant and have been groped many times by the TSA goons. The last time the guy ran his hand up my skirt and asked for my phone number for a date I hit hem so hard in the head he fell on his back. Then I reported him as an assault.
    The TSA are idiots and you can get anything past them, they can be bribed and they are thieves.
    Naploitano ought to be thrown to the curb and run over by a TSA bus

    1. Archie Bunkert says:

      You are a terrorist?. How dare you say something against the all protective and mighty Government.. Off with your head.. to the gallows.. sarcasm

  25. Susan says:

    As you read this article you need to ask yourself these questions: Why does the TSA target people who are obviously no threat to aviation? And why do you never, or rarely at best, ever read a story like this where the search subject is of Middle-Eastern ethnicity and twenty to forty years of age? TSA has a quotient to meet, and must perform a range of searches daily. They tend to pick on older people, and also airline personel and their families, by the way. They know they won’t encounter much resistance.

  26. Archie Bunkert says:

    WTC 7 was a modern steel building, 510 feet tall, NOT hit by a plane on 911.
    It collapsed symetrically, in on its own footprint in 8 SECONDS. It was a controlled demolition 1600 Architects and Engineers know the truth.

    1. Anastasia Rominoff says:

      You post Crap! Bring forth the Christian architects and engineers. We know you can bring forth plenty of moon god people.

  27. Jim Harrington Sr says:

    I felt much better about flying after watching the sandwich-chomping, break-time discussing TSA thugs wanding an 85 year-old Sister of Notre Dame.

    Maybe she had busted one of their knuckle open with a ruler when they were kids….

  28. James says:

    In your case ignorance won!

  29. davec says:

    Theres another or larger problem (not that Granny being groped is a lesser problem) with TSA in that MANAGEMENT (read the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION) is not looking after Citizens Rights in monitoring their Employees and catching them on video and reprimanding or firing them


    Time to FIRE the Administration.


  30. Kurt says:

    Flying is not a right. That being said, I agree with the idea of slowing air travel to a crawl. TSA is a shambles because hiring practices and pay rates are so low. Cops get better pay and training for doing this same job. You get in a typical TSA agaent the same amount of pay and training as a contract security cop watching empty buildings in the dead of night. If we insist on strict control of security for passengers boarding jets, we must at least expect the same from those whom we entrust our lives to for maintaining such security.

    1. jason says:

      so if i own a store that sells woman’s clothing. i can strip search any female that i want to that comes into my store because coming into my store is not a right?!? listen as far as i know the Constitution is not suspended on private property or any where. the Constitution did not give us anything it is a declaration of the rights of all humanity as well as our law. Go to China or North Korea or any where and you still will not find this level of are one of the reasons our country is going down the toilet.

      1. WHAT?? says:

        very good.. common sense and logic however is does NOT apply to our GOVERNMENT and as long as THE SHEEP keep flying the TSA will keep it up.. NOW they are doing it on highways, sporting events, WHERE are these peoples HEADS up their rears I would suspect..

    2. Pensador says:

      Do away with the Union. The thug mentality is prevalent in Unions and it shows in the way they treat the people they deal with. Make the positions NON-Governmental. Private industry is used throughout Europe along with profiling. It works.

    3. Dog says:

      The right to travel from state to state without restriction is as old as the country.

      I bet you support the senate’s vote to remove the fourth amendment and allow the permanent secret detainment of Americans and summary execution. The TSA is there becasue your loving government is trying to protect you against the scary terrorists

      Truth be told you are FAR more likely to win the lottery than be affected by terrorists and the money being spent on the threat is way out of proportion to the problem

    4. GREG says:

      Wait. These people already accepted the jobs at the existing pay rates, and your idea is to make them better people by unilaterally raising their pay? Wow. I won’t copy off your economics exam.

    5. Matt says:

      Actually we have the right to free travel. Flying is a form of traveling, so that means we have the right to fly. There’s also a thing called the 4th amendment which says we are to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects. That means no searches without a warrant. People like you are helping to strip our rights away. You sure can put a few nice sentences together, and sound like you have a clue though. Don’t be a zombie, read the constitution. It takes about 10 minutes.

      1. Abner Hale says:

        No, you don’t have any right to fly. The airlines are privately owned enterprises and their aircraft are the private property of the company’s shareholders. You have no rights whatsoever. You have the opportunity to purchase a service they offer (air travel) but the Fourth Amendment in no way applies.

        Don’t be an idiot. Engage a few brain cells.

        1. Hmmm.... says:

          Okay, since the airlines are privately owned and their aircraft are private property, shouldn’t they have the right to conduct their own security? People are refusing to fly because of TSA practices. Sounds like government regulation is getting in the way of private enterprise.

        2. Kenneth E. Lamb says:

          No Abner, you are the one with no brain cells engaged.

          Using your logic, a privately owned restaurant can flaunt the constitutional guarantee of equality by saying they are a private business on private property, and you have no *right* to dine there. If you do want to dine, then you have to adhere to whatever conditions the restaurant sets up to allow you to enter the private establishment and partake of their food “service” – which we just decided doesn’t include people of color.

          You buying that? Why not? It’s the same logic you employ to justify the TSA’s illegal actions. According to your logic, If you don’t like the conditions, then tough luck – do something else.

          The Constitution isn’t suspended because of the nature of property ownership. These are blatantly unconstitutional searches – which are now spreading to train stations, bus stations, and highway checkpoints.

          Soon there will be checkpoints – just like you see in Iran, Russia, China, and every other totalitarian state. “Papers – I want to see your papers, old man!!”

          But that’s OK, Abner – it’s a freedom thing; you wouldn’t understand.

        3. Jeff NJ says:

          CORRECT FACTS. YEs, the Federal Code of Regulations specifically says US citizens have the RIGHT TO FLY. I have copied it below for you and others who might misunderstand this.




          subpart i–general


          Sec. 40103. Sovereignty and use of airspace

          (a) Sovereignty and Public Right of Transit.–(1) The United States Government has exclusive sovereignty of airspace of the United States.
          (2) A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace.

          1. Kyle TX says:

            I’m sorry but you are completely wrong. This regulation states that U.S. citizens ave the right to fly through federally controlled air space. It does NOT require private businesses, or anyone else for that matter, to provide the means of travel. Due to the safety concerns with air travel it is completely acceptable to have preconditions that come with flying. If you don’t want to be hasseled by the TSA then don’t fly. There are buses, trains, and cars that can get you places as well. I hate the TSA as much as the next traveler, but I am under no illusion that I have a RIGHT to air travel.

        4. Watchman says:

          Neither does the Government have the right to abuse citizens without cause.

        5. Kerux says:

          Ok. So if I travel by Greyhound bus I can be strip searched?

        6. The Police are Corrupt! says:

          The 4th Admend. applies to all Americans within the USA.

    6. Free Man says:

      The ability to move about freely is another unnamed inalienable right.. The TSA is interfering in a contract between two parties, the traveler who purchases a ticket and the airline that provides transportation. The government presumes the right to insert itself between these two parties as part of interstate commerce, when in reality it should be up to the airline to screen it’s customers, not the government. This would empower the traveler and make the airline responsible to it’s customers.

    7. Robert Garner says:

      Travel is a constitutionally protected right, and belongs to free people. What has happened to this nation?

    8. Carol says:

      Actually travelling without being humilated IS a guaranteed by the 4th ammendment(mode of transportation is irrelevant). How does groping and strip searching senior citizens make anyone feel safer??? How about 6 year olds? When did we sacrifice privacy and common sense for perceived security? I won’t fly… not because I am afraid of terrorists, but because I am afraid of what we have let our government get away with.

      1. Vicky Bevis says:

        Thank you Carol; my sentiments exactly. Even though we can get a direct flight to visit our son this Xmas, we are driving with an overnight each way to avoid this Charlie Foxtrot our flying industry has become.

        The Israelis can do it w/o such intrustion simply by “profiling” to the highest degree. But that would require very well educated professionals who know their skills.

        But if we HAVE to denigrate people, why not retired nurses who still want to work, but can’t deal with all the physical efforts of skilled nursing? They are professionals who could make the flying public much less frustrated. There’s NOTHING we haven’t seen & know how to put people more at ease!

        Just a suggestion since there appears to be no one making any others.

    9. SandyLester says:

      Your Constitutional protections are not suspended just because flying is a mode of transportation. The reality is we are guaranteed the RIGHT of travel. We do not need passports from one state to another because we have freedom of travel. Treating a person as a threat when they are guaranteed the right to travel IS a violation of the US Constitution.

    10. Mackey Chandler says:

      Free movement IS a right. Just because they have warped it to mean you are only free to walk where you want does not make it right. Life has risks – get over it. Terrorism is less of a risk than plain old accidents. Soon they will be stopping you in your car and then as a pedestrian. This is about power and subjugating people not protecting them.

      1. The Police are Corrupt! says:

        There’s a time to “Live Free or Die”. That time is different for every person.
        I can assure you I won’t be dragged out of my car and held indefinitely on trumped-up terrrorism charges!

    11. mark in las vegas says:

      Well Kurt, you must have drank the Kool Aid from the Homeland Security Department. Flying is a right. Our Constitution says that you will have the freedom to move from state to state. It doesn’t say how. This is in the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution. Don’t let the government tell you how you will have to travel.

    12. Kingfish says:

      Sounds like a pile of steaming horse poo to me.

    13. Funky Zero says:

      I believe you need to brush up on the the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the United States Constitution, Kurt.
      Your logic is not only flawed and incorrect, it’s dangerous.

    14. David Caskey says:

      No, flying is most definitely not a right. What is a right is to be free from search and seizure anywhere. Then you have the inconvient truth that the TSA does absolutely nothing to make you secure. So why do we have them? What is their purpose?

    15. I_Hate_TSA says:

      A congressional report says TSA is wasting $17,500 per employee just on training! To avoid TSA goons, I haven’t been inside a Stalinist airport in over 2-1/2 years. I driver EVERYWHERE.

      See congressional report at:

  31. J Faith says:

    We are the TSA, resistance is futile..

  32. Etaooin Shrdlu says:

    TSA inspectors routinely target elderly ladies . This together with all their other blundering and failures to detect contraband suggest that it is time for IQ tests for all TSA personnel starting with BIG SIS Napolitano.

    1. Tim Holt says:

      Union work at it’s finest!

      1. Capt. Ron says:

        The TSA are the TRUE terrorists.

      2. Neil Walsh says:

        Thomas Jefferson said “leave no authority existing not responsible to the people”

    2. Sally Burke says:

      To whom Mark Steyn refers as Janet Incompetano.

  33. PLS says:

    The candidate for President that will eliminate this absurdity and close the TSA does not seem to be running. Bu they would get my vote. Might even save our travel industry and airlines from further damage…

    1. davec says:

      that would be RON PAUL

  34. Sir Chauncey says:

    I suggest senior citizens start boycotting airlines altogether and travel Amtrak.

    It is far more comfortable, especially if you get a room or roomette.

    There are no intrusive cavity searches.

    You are even given a senior discount.

    If you travel in a room or roomette, all meals are free!

    Screw the lousy, crowded, dilapidated airlines and take the dilapidated, but spacious and economical train!

    1. Think about it says:

      The problem is that, even though our taxes subsidize Amtrak, it’s still way more expensive than flying. Also, how long do you think it will take before the TSA decides that they need to grope train passengers, too? When people stop flying and move to trains and buses, the TSA will just move over to those terminals.

  35. James says:

    I travel often and have probably been through more TSA searches than many people here combined. I have never felt like I have given away my liberty over these searches which for 99 % of the people quick and painless. These stories reported are rare and too far in between to require a softening of the searches for the sake of safety. You are REQUIRED to board a plan with limited devices. For most, there is nothing to be concerned about regarding encroachment on privacy. Normally, it’s the ones that don’t adhere to the rules that are searched more thoroughly. I do understand the challenges this places on searches on people of handicap or the elderly. I hope advancement in the future will make it easier on them. However, I respect the fact that we as Americans and Airlines as a company must insure the safety of everyone boarding a plan. I’m sorry if you don’t mind being an easy target for terrorist attacks but I do! We can’t just leave ourselves defenseless for the sake of an overly sensitive society when we have so much to lose while these lunatics have nothing to lose and everything to gain by killing innocent people.

    1. davec says:

      apparently you were absent in Kindergarten when the rest of us learned the module on ITS NOT ALL ABOUT ME?

      When you show up here talkign about yourself and evading the question, it marks you as an Obama Troll

      Didnt you notice the story isnt about YOU?

  36. Joe says:

    Al Qaeda is a Fraud the real terrorists are in Washington selling America down the river and stealing your rights everyday for a buck

    1. Fred762 says:

      Amen. IMHO this is exactly what the PTB want..serfs.

      As ole FDR wa so fond of saying…”In politics, IF it happens, WE planned it that way..”

      1. Sue, Grandmas, Sue says:

        Exactly who at JFK is responsible for this?

        Exactly whichTSA rule says that strip searches are allowed?

        Is this now TSA protocol?

        Release the names of the JFK employees who performed the strip searches.

    2. Archie Bunkert says:

      Exactly. Look into WTC7. Not hit by a plane and collapsed in 8 seconds on 911.
      1500 Architects and Engineers for 911 truth know it was a controlled demolition.

      1. Freedom isn't free says:

        Moron 911 truther, get back in you box and shut up.

        1. hebgb says:

          Insulting the person isn’t answering the statement by the way. You have no ideas with which to refute his statement so you instead, revert to the lib attack and insult platform and that really makes us wonder if the saying is true that to keep your mouth shut makes people wonder about you, but to speak is to display your ignorance for public speculation and remove all doubt of its existance.

        2. Archie Bunkert says:

          Attacking the person is not an answer to the argument.

          1. Krash says:

            Remember That next time you meet a climate change skeptic.

        3. JByrd42 says:

          It’s all Bush’s fault.

      2. Matt The Cimmerian says:

        Yeah WTC7 wasn’t hit by a plane. It was hit by the 110-story building right next to it, Moron 911 Truther..
        There I rebutted his argument so I get to call it a moron.

  37. TSA says:

    TSA = Turncoat Screwing Americans

  38. Mary Jones says:

    I refuse to fly too. I have kids in NYC and I ‘d fly in to visit every month if it weren’t for the TSA.
    Haven’t flown in 3 years and I hope ALL the airlines go bankrupt. They deserve it for going along with this.

    It’s TOTALLY Uncle Sam’s fault that 9/11 ever happened and that law abiding airline passengers and crew members have had to fly without LEGAL FIREARMS for over 40 years. This American Nazi nightmare would not have ever happened if the federal government had not been involved in the airlines.

    Our country has become a fascist state where bloated tax feeding bureaucrats & criminals think they can do anything they want to us.
    We need to abolish the TSA & Department of Homeland Security immediately and return FREEDOM and DIGNITY back to the people.

    1. davec says:

      10-4. The reason Ive not been to Hawaii is TSA, I REFUSE to tolerate that crap.

      We were plannign a vacation, but until we can DRIVE to Hawaii, I guess it aint happening.

      Govt and corporations dont give a flying crap about Citizens rights, ? OK, then how about LOST INCOME?

  39. RC says:

    When will folks ever learn. boycote flying and see how fast the TSA shuts down this perverted, moronic law. Follow the dollars

    1. James says:

      Please do since I love short lines at the airport

  40. Vic Livingston says:

    The original training contractor for the TSA was Homeland Security Co. LLC, which started out as a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, the prime U.S. government contractor coordinating communications and vigilante black ops of community “policing” Gestapo squad members, commonly referred to as “gang stalkers.” Lockheed also oversees operation of a covert electromagnetic attack system deployed on cell towers everywhere and camouflaged as “surveillance.” This military contractor and its government overlords have deliberately spawned a thugocracy, and Jews and other minorities appear to be chief targets of pseudo-Chiristian crusaders among its ranks, says this veteran journalist:
    If link is sabotaged, see (links above bio)

    1. davec says:

      Vic, I lookd at your website, havign enough RF engineering background to design such a system:

      “Each day, a nationwide microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation directed energy weapon attack system employing “phased array” cell tower antenna transmitter/receivers and GPS satellites — ”

      You are a LIAR or a NUTJOB, I dont know which. Utter Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy website.

      Not enough antenna size on a cell tower, not enough size of the “house” below to house a RF transmitter of that power, and the antenna are not steerable to accomplish your crackpot idea of ‘target RF exposure”

      You need to consult a PSYCHIATRIST, youve got a screw loose.

      1. Vic Livingston says:

        When you are over the target, you get flak.

        This is a multifunctional radio frequency directed energy weapon system. It can attack using microwave, ELF, or high-power scalar waves precision-targeted to within millimeters on military or HUMAN targets. Patent No. 7629918, Raytheon. Your post reeks of military contractor psyops blog-spamming desperation. Why don’t you get some honest work that does not involve slander and character assassination? Or is that the specialty of your overlords? DO NOT ANSWER: You may incriminate yourself. http;// (see links above bio)

  41. TSA Gestapo says:

    Looks like one or more of the TSA gestapo have a fetish, eh?

  42. i second that motion says:


    Since there isn’t a “vote” feature for these comments, I second your motion. It bears repeating:

    “The entire scenario is insane…What are they going to do if they actually find a bomb in someones shorts? How did the bomb get into the building to begin with? Well, it came right in the front door where there is no bomb security

    Anyone can enter a crowded terminal with a bomb, undetected…

    This means that while the flights are safe, the crowed terminal is dangerous…

    Bomb searches should be done in the parking lot across the street, and only cleared people and baggage can enter the building…”

    1. davec says:

      They DONT enter the terminal with bombs in ISRAEL.

      Proving that this is DELIBERATE with TSA. This is essentially, de-facto, TERRORISM on the part of the US Government, where there is no real, material threat, to fabricate one, cry “the sky is fallig” and “big bad wolf” then do NOTHING substantive to promote security (how long has it been since the LAST episode of an undercover agent smuggling a gun through TSA? a month?) in airports.

      This is a psychological play to essentially harass and threaten Americans, it has nothing functional to do with security. If there realy WAS a security threat, with the GROSS incompetence of TSA, the ‘bad guys’ could have ALREADY blown a plane up.

      They let the so called NYC bomber on a plane, DIDNT THEY????

      The rub is that “they” dont care about “us.” They hate the US Government and World Trade. On 9-11 did Islamist militants attack a Wal Mart or Public library?


      Create a crisis, claim need to build or expand the Police State.


    1. Lie and Deny says:

      TSA said Mrs. Zimmerman wasn’t strip searched!

      I’m so glad that these other 2 women have come forward!

      Let’s see TSA try to deny that all 3 were strip searched.

  43. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Old People is not a Crime.

    1. Vote them Out says:

      New Yorkers – please vote Chuck Schumer out!! He never defends our rights!

      I’d rather see Anthony Wiener take that Senate seat than Schumer haha !!!

    2. Gary says:

      This is not funny. This should never happen to those that do not fit a trouble profile. I’m sure their choice was not to go throught the maxchine as the have a deep fear of Cancer.

      Is there an I-Q Quoient that these people have to meet in order to been employed.

      Totally disgusting. Exceptions must be made.

  44. Butch Blosc says:

    These women should have worn burkas. The TSA would have been scared witless.

    1. Sam in Sag Harbor, NY says:


    2. joe says:

      Alan Chertov owns the controlling interest in Rapiscan manufacturer of the x ray scanners. These people are laughing all the way to the bank as law abiding citizens are subjected to canver causing radiation and degrading prison like body searches. Boycott the airlines and let them know why

      1. Sally Burke says:

        It isn’t the airlines that are doing this — it’s the government.

      2. Sandra says:

        It’s Michael Chertoff.

    3. TSA_Sucks says:

      …AND predominately toting a copy of the Koran!

  45. Kobutsu Malone says:

    I think it’s time for the kids to go after ’em…

    Occupy The TSA!!!!!

  46. denny says:

    No, its not simply time to stop strip searches, its time to COMPLETELY ABOLISH the TSA once and for all. Its purpose is actually to create 40,000 person unionized Army of the Federal Government
    I challenge anyone to point out a single case of where the TSA has PREVENTED anything. They violate American citizens 4th Amendment rights daily under the guise of security. In all the years these perverts have been fondling, groping, feeling and harassing citizens they have not a single incident of actually preventing a terrorist incident.

  47. James says:

    Yes, let’s ban these searches all together. Saving lives should come secondary to the inconvenience that people suffer through searches. I’m mean actually having expose underwear to strangers could be devastating to the fragile mental state of the general public. Then when the next bomb kills hundreds of people because a search was not performed and because we made it easy for someone to board a plan, we need to remind ourselves in underwear exposure that we are protecting and is most important. Seriously, it’s not like the whole transportation system would shut down because of one silly explosion.

    1. heil-james-salute says:

      I hate people like you who just don’t get it.

    2. John says:

      You are so willing to give up freedom to feel secure. What you miss is that in a free society, it is impossible to be secure, thus you are making the same mistake generations before you have made. Twenty years from now you will regret your views. Al-Qaeda succeeded in changing Americans way of life forever on 9/11. Frankly, they already won the fight because we are now our own enemy. We no longer value nor protect liberty.

      1. George says:

        I agree. Al-Qaeda assaults us every day, and the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington and the TSA thugs are their army. We need a well-thought-out strategy for defending America from terrorists, and it’s obvious that we don’t have smart people working on the problem. As for the TSA thugs … my wife and I had a bad experience in College Station, Texas, of all places, and we have vowed to not fly again because of it. The federal government has over-reached in numerous areas, and it’s time to coral the bureaucats and politicians.

    3. Joe says:

      This is the new America Boycott the Airlines hit them where they hurt. X ray scanners cause cancer dont be fooled.

      1. frank says:

        You are soooooo ill informed. You sound like a occupier. The Airlines have NOTHING to do with it.

        1. did you know? says:

          The airline CEO’s and the United Nations were instrumental in these new security procedures!

          Airline CEO’s could have fought for their passengers but didn’t!

      2. David Middlebrooke says:

        No, but if they are affected they will push for change

    4. Sam in Sag Harbor, NY says:

      James you are a moron. The point is do we need to strip search an 85 year old woman? From what I read Israel, who has to be on guard at all times, does not use the scanners to check for explosives but rather interviews passengers using people trained to notice body language etc to detect people for further investigation. But whatever corporation makes these scanners lobbied lawmakers into ordering these million dollar machines, and the TSA is attempting to bully us all into complying.

      1. James says:

        Israel is a very small country where the use travels more on arilines in a day than consist of the whole population of that country. It is unexceptable to think there is time for oral interviews on US Airlines. Search suck yeah I know but your logic sucks worst since you can’t just assume someone is innocent because of their or handicap. It wasn’t too long ago when no one ever heard of a women suicide bomber and since there have been many. There can be no exclusion as to who could board a plane with a bomb and unfortantely, the handicap and elderly carry allot of devices that can easily conceal a bomb.

        1. B says:


          You must be TSA because you obviously forgot Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. It’s not because of her handicap we must presume innocents, but because she is an American Citizen protected by the Constitution.

        2. Sally Burke says:

          Your post is so poorly constructed and ungrammatical as to be virtually incomprehensible.

      2. KN says:

        Israel Profiles which is what we should do here. Whens i s the last time an 85 year old white women blown up a plane?

        1. John Galt says:

          EXACTLY! The TSA scares the bejesus out of these elderly terror-queens, so they no longer have the wherewithal to carry out their evil missions!
          Yay TSA! Thanks for making us all SOOOOO safe!!!!!

          Thank you God, thank you so much for our wonderful F%$&%$&ING GOVERNMENT!

    5. Josey Montana says:

      I bet your ancestors made good little serfs back in the rump of the Roman Empire.

      Tell me, What is it like to be a groveling little boot licker?

      As for me and my house: We are Americans and have been since 1620.

      “Give me Liberty or give me death” was spoken by a neighbor and we all agree even today.

      Go back to your eurotrash hovel and leave my America for those that love freedom.

      1. heil-james-salute9910 says:

        Awesome! James *is* a groveling little boot-licker!

      2. Sally Burke says:

        Same for me and my house and we’re going to lose it all if this is allowed to continue.

    6. torre says:

      The point is don’t treat American citizens like TERRORISTS.

      Are you THAT DENSE???

      1. JenB says:

        Exactly, it is no longer “innocent until proven guilty” in this country. We are guilty until proven innocent. While we try not offend certain religions, we are treating law abiding citizens like criminals without a single bit of evidence supporting any crinimal activity. We are all terrorists until proven otherwise and that is NOT how it should be.

    7. Claudia Daniel says:

      so far James, no octogenarian granny has perpetrated an act of terrorism….are you serious??

    8. Think about it says:

      Okay, genius, what happens when they do something at a shopping mall? You going to let your teenage daughter be groped before entering? People have been shot up in churches. You ready to go through security there, too? Nobody is saying to stop using common sense here. But feeling up Grandma on her way home for Christmas is stupid. And it’s not going to make you one iota safer.

    9. Thor-Zone says:

      Dude….The TSA failure rate to find guns and other weappons is about 80%. That means 80% of the time the terriorist gets on the airplane with his bomb. The TSA is useless. As long as they contuniue to violate our Constitutional rights, the terrorists win.

    10. Robert says:

      You’re an idiot. The chances that the elderly that are being persecuted would be a terrorist is NIL. Profiling is the only reasonable solution or allow the a relative or victim’s advocate accompany the person to be ‘searched’. We should not have to give our Constitutional rights just because idiots like you want to ‘feel’ safe.

    11. Let the military take over says:

      Well they should overhaul TSA.Maybe raise the bar on who they hire right now it is just GED or high school diploma.Maybe goverment should change it to military experience only give a decent pay and hire our troops as they come back.

    12. Greg Buls says:

      James, other countries don’t train their citizens as if they’re hard core prisoners. And there are no scanners at many airports, but not everyone is patted down. If it;s necessary for security, why is it not universal? Terrorists can just pick airports – like many of those Ive passed through – where there is no scanner and no pat down.
      You can lick boots. I’ll pass.

    13. injun says:

      James you are paranoid !

  48. Miriam says:

    I personally witnessed a white-haired woman who looked to be in her eighties at least, being forced to STAND UP FROM HER WHEELCHAIR (sorry for yelling) so that she could be patted down. The agent told her that she could ‘lean on something’ if she were unable to stand.

    O. M. G.

    1. L Otano says:

      I also witnessed a frail elderly woman at DFW getting a pat down in a wheelchair THEN 2 TSA agents brought her into the X ray machine and this poor woman could hardly balance let alone raise her arms….it was disturbing, TSA= no common sense

      1. Sally Burke says:

        And all this while some swarthy type with a beard and a diaper on his head walks right onto the plane.

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