Residents On Streets Of Brooklyn Looking For Clarification, Feel Betrayal

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A social media scandal has hit the NYPD.

Internal Affairs is looking into whether police officers posted ugly comments on Facebook about New York’s West Indian community, reports CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

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Cops were said to have used language that doesn’t live up to the department motto, harsh words about Brooklyn’s massive “West Indian Day Parade” — a party weekend that is always raucous, and often marred by violence.

“‘Send in the National Guard and let the government handle these animals,’ I was floored by what I saw,” public defender Benjamin Moore said.

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Public defenders preparing a case stumbled upon the comments in a public Facebook group. Several dozen comments, many that appeared to be from current or former NYPD officers, were posted. Some of the messages called parade goers “filth.”

One apparent cop suggests: “drop a bomb and wipe them all out.”

Another wrote: “let them kill each other – a two-day event for these animals.”

“I think it’s really unfortunate that so many officers jumped onto this website and expressed disparaging comments about the community they are sworn to serve,” Public defender Lisa Schreibersdorf said.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With Attorney Benjamin Moore

The harsh comments have caused hard feelings on the streets of Brooklyn.

“I think they should be fired. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them in my neighborhood,” Brownsville resident Essence Bowens said.

“That’s showing the true colors of the NYPD,” added Blair Diviak of Fort Greene.

“The police, they should have repercussions against them because that was not fair,” added Delores Conrad of Canarsie.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With City Councilman Jumaane Williams

Many of the comments express fear about working West Indian weekend. Two cops were injured by gunfire this year.

Several other comments warn those posting to watch their words — “you know big brother is watching.”

One City Council member said the scandal shows the NYPD has a racism problem.

“What I hear is it’s a bad apple. This is a bad apple. These are bushels, they’re not bad apples.  We have bushels of problems,” Councilman Jumaane Williams said.

Problems, including accusations of “selective enforcement.” Many of the Facebook commenters claim the West Indian parade is the only event where cops are told not to bust people for alcohol or pot.

There was comment Tuesday from the police union. The NYPD would only say Internal Affairs is investigating.

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  1. Proud West Indian says:

    What RACIST FOOLS you are, what makes any of you think you can sit on you high horse and dare try to look down on caribbean people, when thousands of you flock to our shores to take part in the culture of the ‘savages’? so lets see when american college kids get drunk, wasted and do far more revealing things than what is seen at the west indian parade, its considered ‘American’ and normal? i wonder….. probably because its a bunch of white kids born to racist fools like the ones commenting here. besides the st.patricks day parade is far wost full of drunk over weight white dude who paint their bodies in white and green paint and run through the streets shirtless, what about all the breast ‘boob’ flashing which goes on there? i guess its ok because their white? racist fools. ME PROUD TO BE A WEST INDIAN, AN ME NO CARE BOUT RACIST LIKE U, JUS FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS WHITE….BY THE WAY…AMERICA WHICH U ALL SAY U WERE THERE FIRST…. THE NATIVE INDIANS WERE THERE FIRST BUT THEY HAVE THE LEAST RIGHTS TO A COUNTRY WHICH THEY INHABITED LONG BEFORE RACIST LIKE YOU EXISTED….SET A RACIST AWU BE

  2. Brian Mcguinnity says:

    These savages do not belong in a civilized society. The cops speak the truth. Raymond Kelly should get a pair and defend his cops. Notice how all these welfare recipients seem to have enough money for expensive costumes and money for a parade. THESE ARE YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

    That public defender POS should be disbarred for using an extraneous posting to acquit his criminal client.

    Lastly, the New York Times fought a major legal battle for First Amendment rights when they published the “Pentagon Papers,” and they won! Others considered their acts treasonous. Now when a cop is exercising his first amendment rights, the Times does an about face and tries to take this freedom away from him. It is their prerogative to disagree with his message, but they should defend his right to say it. Likewise, the police brass and the mayor should uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution and defend the cop’s right to express himself, even if they disagree with his message.

    Here is a good article on freedom of speech:

  3. Reggin Retah says:

    How can you criticize the police for speaking the truth?

  4. James McVetty says:

    What ever happened to free speech?

  5. TomNJ says:

    To be honest, I think the cops should not have posted the comments online. Social sites are the same as standing in a room with all the people that read them. Nothing is private. In the past, cops would never say this stuff in front of newspaper people, parade organizers or anyone else that would be offended be cause they would not want to lose their jobs. Now, weather I agree or not with the comments is not the point, but use the same common sense when posting stuff that you would at a political fundraiser or any other event where your words are heard by all. Duh!

  6. Truther says:

    Hmmm, let’s analyze this. The people in the parade are filthy naked animals, flaunting sex (this is apparently their “culture,” so, somehow, it’s supposed to be acceptable); the people who go to the parade smoke pot, grope women, and wail like banshees (all cultural as well, presumably); and the police (or anyone else) are supposed to respect these people??? It has nothing to do with being black – I know a zillion black people who are horrified by this trash. Here’s a simple concept: if you want respect, earn it. And have some for yourself. Otherwise, don’t bitch when people call you out for being trash.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    NYPD does a great job at all major events in NYC screw the NYT .This event is nothing more than a weekend at the jungle on Flatbush and Eastern Pkwy complete with savages and animals…..I have seen murders ,rapes and kids killed at this so called parade.The only thing worse is the GAY parade with all those filthy animals with Aids.

  8. Mendel Fitzhume says:

    It’s not only about race or religion, unfortunately cops pretty much have little or no respect for anyone who isn’t a cop [there are some exceptions, but there are many on the NYPD who only respect their own.].

  9. jay Pee says:

    HPV everywhere

    1. Huh says:

      Including your butt hole..,

  10. Jesus says:

    only the newspapers can say what they feel or what they think and anyone else who does the same is simply wrong. remember when you vote you want someone who speaks their mind not someone who tells you what he is told you want to hear. being a racist is wrong and disgusting but expressing yourself is your god given right.

  11. bullett says:

    Not what I consider as proper attire for a parade. If I want beef, I go to the meat market.

  12. Fritz Von says:

    You forgot the neck stretchers. Nothing sexier than a stretched neck on a quasi human.

  13. Fritz Von says:

    Animals ? That’s an insult to animals.

  14. cluxx clamsman says:

    If a bomb should be dropped,hopfully the NYPD biggots are standing right there too.

  15. T says:

    I’m tired of all parades that allow the participants to do whatever they want legal or illegal. When I lived in Greenwich Village the behavior going on in the streets outside my apartment was terrible during gay pride. If I and my wife did anything of the sort it would be jail time for the both of us, fines etc.

  16. Amused but not misled says:

    Remember the ravings of Mark Furman? They did not matter in the OJ trial- right

  17. Sam says:

    Please, I don’t know what would be worse, these fat woman in skimpy outfits or the lip plates. Gosh.

  18. Vik says:

    It is well knonw by both law enforcement and civilians that this parade is bad news. Both for the violence and disrespect the parade goers have for each other, their neighbors and law enforcement assigned to keep watch. Was it and is it really necessary for half naked women to grind against cops?! Have some class ladies. Oh wait — you all don’t have any. And another thing — the only people you made a fool out of that day and every year are yourselves. Cover up and have some dignity.

  19. McBrooklyn says:

    It’s worse than the Puerto Rican Day parade. Just another date for native New Yorkers to spend a weekend OUT of the city. I don’t see any racism here. These so-called “revelers” ARE animals and savages. Obviously, no one at the NYT has ever been to one of these events. Ask all the women who get groped every year. End this ethnic BS. We’re all supposed to be Americans, right? Have the parades in their own countries, not here…..

    1. Att. Hoar says:

      I take it I won’t be seeing you at next year’s.?

    2. McD says:

      Well, at least its not as bad as the St. Patricks Day Parade…thats the one where every man, woman and child is drunk and puking in the subway…

  20. Steve says:

    So what? Who cares? Is every police officer supposed to be in love with every citizen and idiot in this city, and with everything they do? Guess what, I hate the fudge packers parade every June. There, I said it. It’s called free speech.
    Just another left wing media attempt to bad mouth NYPD.

  21. Christopher says:

    Another irrelevant New York Times “expose” meant to stir the pot on an event that is known to come with problems. What is the point of this??

  22. Very conservative says:

    Guess the NY Times can’t handle the truth. Now they have to potentially destroy the careers of some police officers.

  23. Surfin Bird says:

    The police have every to state how they feel. Freedom of speech.

    If they get dsiciplined then the union mst step in since it will be a violation of their civil rights

  24. Peter says:

    please have these woman cover up a little more they are close to being naked !!!

  25. Ellen says:

    Can’t blame the cops for this if all this so called parade is about violence. Blame the culture that encourages such outrageous behavior.

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