NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Marlins contacted Jose Reyes the moment he became a free agent.

The Mets never made a formal offer.

And that, says Reyes, is one of the reasons he’s taking his talents to South Beach.

“If they wanted me back I should be there in New York,” Reyes told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Wednesday. “Right now I’m a Miami Marlin.”

Listen: Reyes thanks fans, explains move to Miami on WFAN

So there it is. The Marlins have officially signed Reyes to a six-year, $106 million deal.

The wildly popular “Please Stay Jose” campaign is kaput — for good.

The All-Star shortstop thanked Mets fans for their support, and said he’s looking forward to tipping his cap to them as a visitor at Citi Field.

“I have to say thank you to all the fans there in New York,” Reyes told Benigno & Roberts. “I know I went through some bad times, some good times there. They never walk away on me. They always support me. But it was time for me to move on.”

Earlier on Wednesday, during his official introduction as a member of the Marlins, Reyes admitted New York didn’t offer “anything, really.” Even Mets general manager Sandy Alderson owned up to not making Reyes an official offer earlier this week.

“They don’t make a real offer,” Reyes said. “So that’s me, like, they don’t want me there.”

Your thoughts on how the Mets handled Reyes’ free agency? Be heard in the comments below…

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  1. Shamus MacAnurney says:

    This was a smart move by the Mets. Reyes has an uncertain future due to his failing orthopedic health. The money he wanted is way too much.

  2. EP3 says:

    As a met fan i’m sad to see him go but we didn’t win with him here. Nor have we won with David Wright,Yohan Santana and Jason Bay. We didn’t win when the Wilpons spent 145 Million dollars the last 4 seasons either.What does that tell you. Well it tells me that it is a subpar organization that has been poorly run for years.Bad move after bad move. The best thing that could happen is that Bud Selig will step in at some point because he realizes that the Wilpons are not capable owners anymore or they lose there shirt in court and cant afford the team anymore. They have lost 70 million in each of the last two seasons. So expect what your getting right now, rebuilding because thats all the mets are capable of. They might lose 100 million this year!!!!! They have already lost alot of the fans.

  3. ernest says:

    why would anyone play for the marlins

  4. Robert S. says:

    It;’s amazing how some fans wont hold Mets ownership accountable for their sub-par dealings with this team. “It’s Jose;’ fault…he should have waiting for an offer…” Now we’re going to wait…for a winning season! The Wilpons should sell the team. Period.

  5. scorp980 says:

    The only one to blame is here is Fred Coupon.for destroying the Mets, How can you let your team go broke in the greatest baseball City in the world?

  6. Bob says:

    If he cared at all about the Mets, he could of at least waited for an offer. It’s not like the season starts next week. He was definitely going to get a raise from his previous contract. All it boils down to is: GREED. Jose showed his true colors when he took himself out of the game so he can win the battling title which equals extra money in a new deal!

    1. Mike D. says:

      He wanted money and attention. And in return, instead of working for an owner who was a dupe to a fraud (Madoff), he now works for an owner who is a fraud (Loria).

      Why didn’t anyone at the press conference ask Loria how he’s going to sustain that payroll in a city that doesn’t care about baseball, or if Jose has a no-trade clause in his contract?

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