Red Tape Allowed Suspect To Be Released On Prior, Skip Arraignment In NYC

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A manhunt continued Monday night for the second suspect involved in the deadly shooting of a New York City police officer earlier in the morning.  New details also emerged suggesting that the alleged  gunman should have been in jail weeks ago.

Investigators said Officer Peter Figoski, 47, was shot in the face while responding to a gunpoint robbery around 2:15 a.m. Monday at a basement apartment on Pine Street in Cypress Hills.  After being rushed to Jamaica Hospital, Figoski died a few hours later.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Police said Figoski’s partner, Glenn Estrada, chased the alleged gunman, identified as 27-year-old Lamont Pride, of Coney Island, and arrested him.  As of Monday night, authorities had still not finalized charges against Pride.

Multiple reports say that Pride was released by a judge on $2,500 bail following a drug arrest in Coney Island last month, even though the judge knew of the outstanding warrant.

It turns out the suspected gunman got out due to court red tape. Extradition was limited to only North Carolina and by the time the state upgraded the warrant nationwide, Pride had been released, had skipped his arraignment in New York and was on the loose, CBS 2′ s Derricke Dennis reported.

A second man, described as a Hispanic male in his mid-20s wearing a grey, hooded sweatshirt and white pants, is still at large.

Officials would only describe him as a person of interest and released a surveillance video — taken from a nearby deli — showing an individual they would like to speak with.

Meanwhile, police said Pride is a career criminal and has five unsealed prior arrests, including several for drug possession and sale. He was wanted on an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault in North Carolina.

Police spent hours Monday scouring the neighborhood and searching for the gunman’s accomplice, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported. Authorities also said they were talking to witnesses at the scene.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

The organization COP SHOT, which stands for Citizens Outraged at Police Being Shot, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the second suspect.

The two suspects were apparently hiding in a side room as the officers arrived and were trying to flee through the rear of the building.  They hid in a side room as first responders walked past them, authorities said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that is when Pride ran out the front door, saw Figoski and shot him once in the face.

The bullet traveled to the back of his neck and severed his spinal cord. Figoski was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 7:17 a.m.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with stunned neighbors

Estrada sustained a shoulder injury after chasing Pride to the corner of Chestnut and Fulton streets, tackling him and taking him into custody.

“I want to commend Officer Estrada, who had the presence of mind to focus on the man with the gun, and the courage to chase him down and capture him,” Kelly said.

The 25-year-old tenant of the basement apartment said Pride and the other suspect knocked on his door and claimed to be police officers before demanding money and jewelry. Police said the suspects stole a watch and $770 cash.

Police are investigating whether some of the stolen cash was drug money.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Police said the tenant was knocked down and struck in the head with a firearm. He is being treated at Brookdale Hospital for head injuries.

Officers Salute Fellow Officer Killed In Brooklyn (credit: Kristin Thorne CBS 2)

A 9mm Ruger semi-automatic pistol was recovered under a parked car on Chestnut Street, Commissioner Kelly said.

“It appears that one round had been discharged from the weapon,” Kelly said in a statement.

Police also found a revolver stashed in a microwave at the apartment. Police believe it belongs to the second suspect.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Mayor Bloomberg

Figoski, a 22-year veteran of the force, had more than 200 arrests. He was awarded 12 medals, including eight for exceptional police duty.

Figoski could have retired two years ago with a full pension, but chose to stay on the force. On Monday, hundreds of his brothers in blue formed a somber wall of grief at Jamaica Hospital  as city leaders struggled to find the right words, CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reported.

“I’m the father of two myself and having to tell kids of any age what happened to their father or mother — without a doubt — is the hardest thing any mayor ever has to do,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Shawn Johnston, a fellow NYPD officer, was shaken to the core by Figoski’s death.

“He did his job and it’s the ultimate sacrifice for doing the job,” Johnston said.

PBA president Patrick J. Lynch issued a statement saying, “Police Officer Peter Figoski spent his entire career patrolling the streets of East New York and serving its citizens with respect and dignity.  Now it is time for all of his fellow officers and the people he dedicated his life to protecting to return that respect by keeping the Figoski family in their thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.”

Figoski leaves behind four daughters — Carolyn, 16, and Corrine, 14, who are in high school, and Christine, 20, and Caitlyn, 18, who are in college — and comes from a family of police officers.

News of his death shocked Figoski’s neighbors in West Babylon, where he was known as a great family man and devoted father.

“He was a wonderful man, always taking care of his yard after a long day of work and helping out if I needed anything,” Helen Krebs said.

Officer Peter Figoski with his four daughters Caitlyn, Corinne, Caroline, Christine. (credit: Facebook)

“It’s horrible anytime, but especially this time of the year. Every Christmas…this has to be a reminder,” neighbor Joe DiPietro said.

Figoski is the second officer to die in the line of duty this year. In March, Alain Schaberger was killed responding to a domestic violence call in Brooklyn. He fell nine feet off a stoop and broke his neck.

The man accused of pushing him has pleaded not guilty to murder.

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  1. Ben Enjerry says:

    I feel for his daughters and his wife. This time of year is supposed to be a joyous time. Instead it will always be a season remembered for tragedy and sorrow for this one particular family. My prayers go out to them to give them strength.

  2. JasonS says:

    You should have been drowned in a bucket at birth, you sub-human piece of dog excrement. I hope your mother gets shot in the face.

  3. Kris says:

    Kris- Two words….Flash mobs!!!!!!! Who’s doing them and are they for a good cause or to violently rob a store?????

  4. Squid says:

    It’s amazing that so much focus is being placed on the color of the perps and the officer. A POLICE officer was murdered, in the line of duty, you know, one of those men and women that go around putting their lives on the line so you can live yours without fear, protecting the weak and innocent. Yeah, those guys should get some respect and the dont forget this man has a family, who is dealing with the loss of a husband, father, son, friend, brother,etc. He was human just like the rest of us. Rest in peace Officer and may your family find some peace amid all the chaos and SOMEONE find the SOB who shot him and bring justice around.

  5. Ann Mason says:

    I’ve read different versions of the story on why the suspect was wandering freely in New York when there was a warrant for his arrest in another state. This should be investigated, and the news media should follow up. It’s possible this tragedy could have been avoided, and if mistakes were made those mistakes should be understood so they aren’t repeated. My heart goes out to this officer’s family.

  6. Soap says:

    I only wish his partner would of shot the guys groin off. One at a time. Then give the pieces to the other guy when they catch him.

    1. joanne says:

      They should have shot that animal dead on the spot so tax payers would not have to pay for his trial and the world would have been rid of trash so he can’t hurt anyone else again.

  7. Kris says:

    I agree with NYGIRL! I have nothing but love in my heart for all races including African Americans….however there is a ‘type’ of Black person who is committing 98% of the crime. Racist? Try reality. Watch the evening news!
    Do you see Asians, American Indians, Orthodox Jews or Gays for that matter on the news EVERY night for killing and armed robbery?
    They are uneducated ( and do not wish to become educated), hateful barbarians who are the MOST racist of anyone! They use and play the race card in their own defense. TRUTH does hurt. So does murdering a man of the law with a family! Oh…and yeah….where is Al Sharpton? He is the BIGGEST racist of them all!

    1. Soap says:

      Rite on Kris, I feel the same

    2. Lily says:

      Kris I you hit the note on every word you wrote !!

    3. UNCLE TOM says:


  8. jp says:

    It is a disgrace to be part of the human race with all of your racist comments.
    Each one of you racists should rot it hell….nah, probably to good for you

    1. Lily says:

      Oh stop being so dramatic!!

      1. D says:

        THey’re not racist, it’s the truth and you can’t accept it!

        1. Lily says:

          Exactly D!! At the end of the day the truth hurts lol

  9. John Marin says:

    Hispanic is an European who speaks the language of Spain (Hispania). How can they then determine that the second suspect is Hispanic? The United States media is an exercise in the art of bamboosling the illiterate.

    1. BROCCOLI ROB says:

      they should have just said ”SPIC”

    2. Ben Enjerry says:

      Actually, it occurred long before the U.S. media put finger to typewriter. The term is here to stay.

  10. BEOS says:


  11. capt bill's daughter says:

    my deepest condolences to officer figoski’s widow and daughters. my dad was nypd for 30+ yrs. i grew up in the neighborhood he and his partner served. the criminal justice system needs to be seriously ramped up to protect the people. this lowlife had a long history. time for 3 strikes and you’re in for life. unless of course, you’re involved in capital murder, then there should be a statute of limitation of 2 yrs for an appeal. to the perp’s escaped partner – hear that clock in your head? tick, tick, tick. the sand in your hourglass is running, and you will be caught. hope officer estrada will recover from his injury quickly. to those who know the escapee, drop a dime, he is not worthy of being free. my sympathies to my extended family of the long blue line in the 75 tonight. i’m sure a mass will be offered at blessed sacrament. rest in peace officer, final roll call answered. justice for the victim!

  12. sluggo says:

    Get rid of blogs.

  13. 757 says:

    using this crime to justify your already present hatred of black people is quite obvious, but detracts from the story….this officer lost his life and leaves behind a family and comrades. its disgusting that hes dead and over a petty crime, PERIOD. we as people of color watch the actions of the so called majorities, never met with any consequences, only impunity. when an officer kills a person of color, no chants for justice or death penalty for that officer leaves your mouths, so lets just keep it that way and cherish and honor the memory of this fallen officer. and this is directed to you cowards that talk tough about what you would’ve done if you were in situations where a white person were confronted by a person of color in an adverse situtation. heres a remedy, join a law enforcement service or the armed forces since you feel the need to protect your race. otherwise. stfu and salute this man who lost his life protecting people

  14. Fritz Von says:

    No such thing as a bad neighborhood, just bad neighbors.

  15. C says:

    How many blacks are killing other blacks? lots of violence in this country

  16. Twang says:

    Spell much?

  17. Mr Clean says:

    Does Jimmy Ellis use toilet paper?

    1. Dr. Seuss says:

      No, he just uses his fingers and then licks them clean.

  18. Jimmy Ellis says:

    ENOUGH OF YOU RACIST POS! A Cop is death. A family loss a father, husband, son, brother. This POS criminal who shot him will pay the price. I’m sure even now he has been beaten so bad, that now he looks nothing like the picture above. Condolence to the family. CBS – When the hell are you going to police your board of this racist trash? Do you condone this CBS?

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      Not necessarily racist when it is true.

      And what about anti-white comments? Could those be considered racist as well?

    2. Jimmy Ellis says:

      Why would you do this? You have slandered my name. I will copy this page, forward it to my lawyer and have a judge force CBS to reveal your name and address. Have you no understanding of how the law works. I own you now!

  19. IK says:

    Shame on those people who mix with dirt people who died. Specially when person had died protecting other people.

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:


  20. NYGirl says:

    And they wonder why cops make comments on Facebook, which of course the libs will call racist, but in actuality it is called TRUTH. I would like anyone who is NOT A COP to go visit Bushwick, East New York and other ghetto neighborhoods throughout our five boroughs and see how comfortable and safe you feel walking the street. It’s almost like you left the planet and ended up in a horror story. Sorry, but TRUTH hurts and until people start admitting truth, it’s just going to be same ole, same ole. No more guns for these savages!

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:

      Thank you idiot girl for your version of what truth is. What savages do you refer too? Poor people? Black People? What? Seems there are 10 times the amount of WHITE cops killers than black cops killer, idiot girl. That’s the truth idiot girl.

      1. NYGirl says:

        yea, right, I’m an idiot, unfortunately your the idiot that can’t see truth. There are plenty of people who are poor that don’t act like the people in those neighborhoods

    2. 757 says:

      was David Laffer a SAVAGE when he shot 8 innocent people in that pharmacy in Medford,Long Island in June? don’t use this crime to veil or justify your hatred.

      1. Al says:

        Yes, David Laffer WAS a savage. As is Lamont Pride. “Savage” is how one acts, not the ethnicity of a bloodline

    3. Ann Mason says:

      I hope this tragedy will not become a point of reference in our conversations of police misconduct. An officer has been killed in the line of duty, and it would be disrespectful to associate his misfortune with the bad behavior of others.

    4. Ben Enjerry says:

      How do you propose to keep guns out of their hands? No one in NYC is allowed a handgun. How do they get them??????


    Right on to xxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!

  22. Jimmy Ellis says:

    Your mother should have slain you at birth.

  23. The Good Samaritan says:

    The suspect first name is Lamont. Most people with that first name have been arrested at least once in their life. Condolences to the officers family.

    The Good Samaritan is outraged that this suspect was not in jail and has spoken.

  24. Philip F Clark says:

    All of you……please just stop it! God bless the cop; and God be with the men who robbed that tenant. Anger does not change a person’s color. FIVE lives were changed in this situation. Four of them are lucky to be able to think about how. Hatred is easy. Love is hard.

  25. The Man says:

    This skelll should be hung in times square on a friday during rush hour.

  26. Imagine this says:

    Imagine going through the rest of your life knowing that this ugly, mean, piece of trash killed a member of YOUR family. Execution is too humane; all murderers should suffer the same fate as their innocent victims.

    1. Diane Johnston says:

      I am sure Amado Diallo’s family goes through hell every day; remembering how their son was so brutally murdered at the hands of the police. 50 gun-shots? Please, give me a break. They even shot him on the bottom of his feet.. Just the other day the police killed another young man who somehow managed to escape from there grip. He menaced them with some lawn tools he found in the garage where he was hiding and once again, pow, pow, pow. Could they not have shot him in the knees, legs or feet which surely would have disabled him. When is this all going to stop. God gave his only begotten son for this. What a pathetic shame.

  27. Ellen says:

    He’s right. This country has become to gun happy. I remember when men use to use their fists to settle arguments, now its’ guns. We just had a retired cop shoot his wife, and here in Massachusetts we had yet another retired cop shoot both his brothers in law and his aged mother in law. We have story after story about people being murdered by guns. Something has to happen and soon.

    1. DJU says:


      1. Lily says:

        The cops were merely defending themselves from all those thugs!! That was a well deserved shot!! Maybe they will think before imposing their animal like behavior!!

    2. Taylor says:

      Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people. Stop blaming the guns, and blame the man who murdered a police officer. My condolences to his family and friends; I can only imagine the pain they must be going through.

      1. Lois says:

        yeah people with guns

  28. bullett says:

    Let’s hope someone has the gumption to put the death penalty up for a vote by the tax payers. Enough already, housing career criminals for 25+ years when they should be executed.

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:

      Move to China.. They have an outstanding death penalty. Your family even gets to pay for the bullet that they kill you with.

  29. Ellen says:

    Yes there are bad cops, and bad lawyers, judges, politicians, whether white or black , so a man gets shot in the face, a man you don’t even know from Adam and this is what you post. No don’t give your sympathy and prayers to the family, just go on and on about racial this and that. For your information more blacks kill blacks then anyone else. If this was a black cop boy would you be posting something entirely different. Talk about being racist.

    1. FUALL says:


      1. Ellen says:

        White, black, red, beige or whatever,. When a human being is killed so ruthlessly as being shot in the face then prayers should be said not put downs. And yes I am white, Irish and Catholic, so does that mean I have to hate English Protestants. that murdered many of my ancestors. Let it go will you. God doesn’t go by race, religion, or ethnicity. He goes by the goodness and humanity of the soul .

        1. Ellen says:

          Are you kidding me. What an attitude you have. And by the way telling me to keep my legs shut sounds a bit sexists to me. Guss you don’t like women as well. Gee, lucky for us.

          1. FUALL says:


            1. Ellen says:

              You don’t even know me, and by your own admission you are indeed a hateful person. My deepest sympathy goes out to your family.

        2. Rachel says:


      2. joanne says:

        Regardless of anyone’s color, if you commit a crime you should be punished. This is not about anyone’s race. A person was killed doing his job to protect the public from a career criminal. Forget race and focus on what really happened here.

  30. brooklyn4ever says:

    Where’s Reverend Al now? Oh wait, that’s right a WHITE cop is dead, so we won’t be needing the good Rev.

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:

      brooklyn4eve – WTF is wrong with you? A COP Is dead. Black or white it does not matter. A COP is dead doing his job and the best you can do is make racist remarks? Die you sucking coward.

      1. JimmyNeedsMeds says:


      2. Lily says:

        To the so called Jimmy Ellis you really must not have a job or just love to gossip all day like those gossiping old ladies that have nothing better to do!! Why don’t you see if Al Sharpton is hiring!! I’m sure he will Find use for ur “skills” lmao

        1. Mmmmm Ribs says:

          Where are Da Ribs At?

  31. Wil says:

    I see the special education you got making ignorant comments like that. You probably deserve being stopped by the cops for saying dumb sh-t like that.

  32. LiberalsRDopes says:

    Educated? Spell much?

    1. FUBACK says:


      1. Jimmy Ellis says:

        MULTICULTURALISM SUX – you have the right to feel and think anyway you want. Its what makes America. But this isn’t about your childish racist rants. This is about a dead cop. I understand you are a scared little mutant child who more than likely got beat up everyday in school my some little girl with one are but please, put your hatred of yourself aside.

        1. LiberalAnna says:


  33. @FU2, FU says:

    @FU2. You are a complete idiot. This cop was responding to a robbery in progress. He died trying to protect other people. A man is dead, his family is left without a husband and father. Why don’t you save your racist rants for another time, because this is not it. For someone is so educated, you spit out complete nonsense. Stupid fool.

    1. please already says:

      yea he died probably protecting black people. Please people grow up A man is dead killed by this disgusting animal.

  34. dennism says:

    Reverse Racisit…thats all you are….And if you are so educated, stop typing in all caps…

    1. eric says:

      Typical white person….always have to have the last word(especially with blacks) and always have to get a condescending insult in(especiallly with blacks).

  35. rich says:

    So sad. We all hurt from this. May God keep you by his side. May some peace come from this unbelievable pain for the family and friends who are suffering. Prison is to good for some people. There are no consequences and thats where the problem lies in this country. It doesn’t matter to some who lives or who dies, the alternative to them is prison and they don’t mind, yet they live amongst us. To the family and friends: You don’t know us but we hurt too. Words cannot heal your wounds but know that the good people also will not sleep tonight. God bless you now and forever. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  36. Amused but not misled says:

    Another simpleton heard from

  37. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Mike when I need a cop I’ll call you, or will your head be up your @ss?

    1. MIKE says:


      1. Glenn Erdmann says:

        Thank you Mike, your intelligence is overwhelming.

  38. jant1215 says:

    stupid comment.

    1. Glenn Erdmann says:

      VERY stupid.

      1. MIKE says:


    2. MIKE says:


  39. Dennis m says:

    Knowing he died protecting us is sad. Knowing he leaves 4 children is devastating and numbing. These children’s lives were forever altered and their childhood destroyed becuase of these stupid punks. I hope they are not treated as heros in prison, but rather that they face the wrath that child rapists do. Rest in Peace officer Figoski. I will be praying for you and your children.

  40. Sam says:

    You are an A$$hole. A man is dead. Show some respect. Fool

  41. Glenn Erdmann says:

    I hope you bite the dust.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Rest in peace PO Peter Figoski and I wish your family strength.. Estrada you should have just shot the 2 you caught. There is no justice in our legal system.

  43. AP says:

    My condolences to Officer Figoski’s entire family and friends.

  44. Jonathan Hermosa says:

    i saw all of it right before my eyes…ii live one block away and everything is locked down…im sorry fior the lost of an amazing officer..he leaves behind children…to see the girls wake up to know there dad is gone is just painful to know..godblkesshisfamily and the gunmaan got beatup and tossed in the polic car asoon as he jump up my garage…the cop was going to kill him but insteaad beat his ass… now i cant go anywhere unless i give my id,

  45. Kristh Ramjewan says:

    Really sorry for the loss of P.O. FIGOSKI without you guys life will be impossible R.I.P.

  46. me says:

    There is a family devestated right now and you jackholes can’t see past your hatred to realize that they will surely be reading this someday. Thanks for your compassion. God rest Officer Peter Figoski and God give his family strength and peace.

  47. Glenn says:

    Heaven must have needed a Police Officer.

  48. Gurpatrap Singh says:

    Deepest sympathy to the family of PO Peter Figoski and all the officers of the NYPD on the tragic loss of one of your own. As much as we sometimes bash police officers, we do understand that you are all human with friends and families and a killing of a police officer is just not acceptable behavior – even coming from a liberal like me who usually doesn’t have a good things to say about the police. God bless you officer in blue and Rest in Peace…

    1. Felix Santana says:

      Well Said Gurpatrap. We need to put political differences aside and thiink about the fallen and his family. He leaves behind 4 girls…… R.I.P. Officer Figoski and thank you for your service!

    2. Sarah Connor says:

      Well said. AMEN.

  49. Howard Sprague says:

    Condolences to the family of P.O. Figoski as well as his fellow officers. May he rest in peace.

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