NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A City Council hearing is focusing on privately operated immigration detention centers accused of abuse and brutality.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio calls the treatment of immigrants held in city detention centers run by the Geo Group a ticking time bomb.

“We only know one thing, that Geo Group has a horrible track record,” De Blasio said. “So much so that other governments have told them they could not operate in their nation.”

Council Member Daniel Dromm said he has received several reports about abuses in the privately run detention centers.

“It’s unbelieveable that over half the detention centers in the United States of America are privately run detention centers and therefor are not subject to the same oversight that publicly run centers are,” Drumm said. “This concerns us greatly.”

De Blasio claims the facilities have a history of abuses ranging from riots to mistreatment of prisoners.

“At a certain point, how do you let this continue? And why the silence from our government and why is Geo Group not giving us answers?” De Blasio said. “It makes me think they have something to hide.”



  1. YC says:

    I really doubt anything will get done – this has been an ongoing problem. My husband was detained for three months because of a questionable re-entry to the US from Dominican Republic. What’s funny is that they let him in and he ws not detained until hubby and I went to our first interview. They took him right on the spot – did not care that he had a job, wife, mortgage NO CRIMINAL background. Just like that his rights were taken away and being that he was the bread winner, I struggled with all the expenses we shared. We have yet to recover anad that was just three months!! From what hubby tells me there were people he met that have been there for over a year – I mean men with business’ I have no faith in the immigration system – what they do to people that actually try to make a good life here is inhumane.

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