Want A Script From The Show, Signed By The Stars? Saturday Is Your Chance

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On the heels of the ritzy Elizabeth Taylor auction, another star’s personal items will be on the block on Saturday. It’s a golden opportunity for fans of “Golden Girl” Rue McClanahan to bid for scripts, costumes and more.

The actress, best known for playing the fun-loving “Blanche” on the Golden Girls, died in New York at age 76 in June 2010. She had left instructions for her family to auction off belongings from her East Side Apartment.

Many of her personal effects are at Adam Hutter’s Auction Gallery on West 55th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenue.

“A lot of fun things that remind everybody of Rue,” Hutter said. “A photograph that proves it is from her apartment. If there is any doubt then we have clothing, a faux fur, because she was very adamant about animal rights.”

Also on the block are head shots and letters from her days as a struggling actress here in New York City in the late 1950s.

Other items cover many of her professional triumphs on television, in movies, and on the stage, including Broadway’s “Wicked” in 2005.

Auction goers will also get a glimpse of McClanahan the artist.

“When she was doodling she meant it and she brought her colorful life in to her doodling as well,” Hutter said.

“Right here I have what is expected to be the most sought after item of the auction: this Golden Girls script entitled ‘The Burglary,’ signed by the cast. Inside, look, McClanahan circled Blanche’s lines, including this one about her shock at having just be robbed,” he said.

McClanahan fan Gail Geibel said she will be at Saturday’s auction.

“I like her jewelry. I like her bags,” she explained.

Delighted to see many opening bids of less than $100, Geibel intends to get several items as her way of telling the iconic star: “Rue, thank you for being a friend.”

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