UPPER FREEHOLD, NJ (AP / WCBS 880) – Officials in a central New Jersey town have voted to prevent a legal marijuana growing facility from taking root.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

Upper Freehold officials adopted an ordinance that would block the town from approving anything that breaks federal law.

The idea came after Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center announced plans to grow medical marijuana in greenhouses on a farm in the rural Monmouth County community.

There is no word whether Breakwater will challenge the ordinance.

New Jersey’s law that allows medical marijuana for patients with certain conditions has been slow to launch. The state selected six nonprofit groups to grow and sell the pot. But so far only one has announced full zoning approval for its operations.

Others have run into local opposition.

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  1. Callster says:

    You are off topic – not an issue of whether town supports mm or not. Town not equipped for a controversial business. As you can see from your own feelings it is just that. Here is what Gov Christie of NJ said yesterday regarding towns being force fed these type of facilities. Segment 4, Caller 2


  2. dario b says:

    most people whom oppose medical marijuana are ignorant of the positive benefits which cannabis creates for individuals struggling with serious illnesses. yes, many people in California have received medicinal marijuana cards for, (in my opinion less serious problems like) anxiety, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Depression..etc So, instead of letting individuals take advantage of the confusing and otherwise obscure regulations made by those whom prescribe medical marijuana to ” patients” , why don’t we just legalize the drug already???? if only the government can find a way to tax marijuana then maybe it will be legal once again.

  3. Powell T. Steenson says:

    Dude: You better get you facts straight on what matijuana does to people. I have been involved with the Partnership for a drug free NJ and the statistics are there. of all the people I know who have had major drug problems, everyone started with marijuana. All of the dispensaryies in California are crime magnets

    1. KPMc says:


      None of them started with sugar, caffeine, nicotine and then alcohol?

      If you are going to use the “gateway” drug argument at least use your head.

  4. Dave E. says:

    In the states that have “medical” marijuana, the pot dispesaries and grow operations have created crime and destroyed neighborhoods. Some examples of the problems caused by the “medical” marijuana dispensaries are:

    Street level dealers attempting to sell to people entering the business
    Smoking of marijuana in public areas
    Increased “driving while under the influence of marijuana” violations
    Attempted burglaries of marijuana establishments
    Robberies of clients as they leave businesses with their purchase
    Adverse impact an neighboring businesses
    Lack of effort on the part of dispensary owners/employees to control unlawful or nuisance behavior in and around the business
    Increased loitering and associated nuisances
    Complaints that other illegal drugs were sold from the dispensaries
    Trading of marijuana purchased at a dispensary to a minor for sex
    Purchasers congregating and smoking marijuana in areas frequented by children
    Sales of marijuana to persons not holding the appropriate certificate.

    Upper Freehold was right to do what they did.

    Smoked marijuana is not medicine. Let the FDA decide what is a medicne not politics.

    1. KPMc says:

      “Smoked marijuana is not medicine. Let the FDA decide what is a medicne not politics.”

      Yeah… because they have done such a bang-up job so far. We have no problems with prescription drugs in this country and the FDA has never approved a chemical/drug that turned out to do more harm then good.

      Keep letting the FDA think for you, that way you can have more time to follow the Kardashians!

  5. Dude says:

    these same people who voted no are the ones who go to a party or bar get drunk and drive home and kill innocent people.marijuana is the least harmful substance in the world.check out the movie on youtube: the union(full movie)

  6. Mari N says:

    I volunteer my backyard.

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