BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Shoppers at a mall in New Jersey on Tuesday had a sobering experience when they took a DWI test with special goggles that mimicked the effects of alcohol.

CBS2’s Emily Smith was at Bridgewater Commons where shoppers were lured to an interactive booth aimed at teaching drivers about the dangers of drunk driving.

Alexa Griggs of Bridgewater admitted that the test was a real challenge.

“I didn’t have any control over what I was doing. Everything was in different places, it was hard,” she said.

After the driving simulation was over shoppers faced a New Jersey State Trooper for a sobriety test while wearing high-tech, vision-impaired goggles, designed to replicate the experience of being drunk.

Same Codd of Long Valley, N.J. said that it would be difficult to control a vehicle under such a high level of impairment.

“Trying to drive like that you wouldn’t be able to stay on the road at all,” he said.

CBS 2’s Smith tried the test out for herself and failed. In real life she would have been taken to jail.

The interactive booth comes just days after the federal government proposed a potential ban on texting, e-mailing, and talking on cell phones while driving, even on hands-free devices.

Authorities said that a simple conversation can delay your reaction time as much as driving while intoxicated can.

And while the booth, which was set up by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, spread the message in a fun way, the real life consequences of distracted driving can be anything but.

Nearly 5,400 Americans die every year in accidents caused by distracted driving, according to the Motor Vehicle Commission.

What do you think of the proposed legislation to ban hands free cell phone use on the road? Let us know in our comments section below…

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  1. jerseyjoey says:

    IF there was not money in DWI witch hunts for the COPS they would not give a rats about your safty, its laughable. We need to layoff 35% of the lackeys that only saw a gun on the military channel. And as for the power of the pen, Ha

  2. eli says:

    i think it is a big mistake i mean we dont ban food because we might get food poisoning or how about we ban police lights and sirens they can be distracting too

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