WANTAGH, NY (WCBS 880) – A simple yellow dot could save your life if a new program in Nassau County is successful.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

“It makes a great difference. It makes great difference, life saving difference,” said Wantagh fire commissioner Craig Craft.

Craft and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano announced the Yellow Dot program on Wednesday.

It’s a simple yellow sticker on the back of an automobile’s rear window that would alert emergency workers responding to an accident of vital information in the glove compartment that can assist them in treating victims during critical minutes.

“If life saving efforts are going to occur, that’s when they are going to occur,” said Craft.

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  1. mm says:

    why do you have to put a yellow dot on your car, just look in the damm glove box. Don’t announce to the world you have medical concerns. How idiotic!

  2. OEM Patronage in Nassau! says:

    Isn’t the Wantagh Fire Commissioner also the Nassau County politically connected Commissioner of the Office of Emergeny Management?Ahhh, Patronage, it seems to be working out real well.

  3. louis puglia says:

    Where can I find specific information about this program? I can not submit comments about a program that has not been defined.

    1. Common Sense should prevail. says:

      Try the internet.

      1. louis puglia says:

        where? I tried Nassau county, nassau county police….the only thing I can find is where to buy a yellow pack.

  4. Angela DeLeon says:

    I am the person who invented the Yellow Dot program in Connecticut. I would like to speak to the people who are using the program in Long Island to make sure it is being done properly. Could you please give them my name and e-mail address. It is important that this program be done properly in order to “save lives” Angela DeLeon

    1. louis puglia says:

      Angela, please identify exactly where to get specific information – as to what information is to go in the glove box. I have no intention of putting personal information in the glove box and then announcing to the world that it is there by putting a yellow tag on the car. It would be better if the information is provided to the police via the internet and then the police provide an account number that we put in the glove box. That way the emergency response people could just radio the police the account number and get the vital information.

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