NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New Yorkers are living it up.

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorkers are living longer than most people anywhere else in the country.

Despite the fact that New York City is known for its notorious traffic, stress, and go-go-go, it looks like the positives prevalent in the city are outweighing the negatives.

The latest statistics show life expectancy in the Big Apple is 80.6 years – more than two years longer than the national average. It’s also up almost three years since 2000.

“If you want to live longer and healthier than the average American, then come to New York City,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday. “If you have friends and relatives that you really care about and they live elsewhere, on average, if they move to New York City, they will live longer.”

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Babies born in 2009 are looking at 80.6 years of life, 40-year-olds have another 42 years left and 70-year-olds can expect 16.9 more years in NYC, according to the city’s Department of Health.

Not only did the city’s life expectancy rate surpass the national rate, it also improved faster than any other major city for both men and women.

“New York City residents are healthier than ever,” said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Linda Gibbs. “Cleaner air, safer streets, healthier food – these all contribute to improved quality of our lives, and added years of life.”

Officials tout the city’s health interventions — including smoking prevention programs and expanded HIV testing and treatment — have contributed to the increase in life expectancy.

New Yorkers credit their active lifestyle for their higher life expectancy and city health officials say they are right. New York City actually has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country.

“An active lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to be healthy. Probably only second only to quitting smoking,” Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City’s Health Commissioner, said.

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Farley said since 2002, nearly half a million New Yorkers quit smoking. In addition, early identification and treatment of HIV infection has greatly reduced AIDS and HIV-related mortality.

Officials said drug-related deaths and the infant mortality rate also have fallen.

City health officials also credit city-wide smoking prevention programs, expanded HIV testing and treatment and lower crime rates. People who spoke with CBS 2, however, chalk it up to the vivacious nature of the bustling city.

“The spark of the energy here keeps you young and alive,” Janet Paszkiewicz said.

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  1. S. Reh says:

    We’re not living longer, under Bloomberg it just feels like longer.

  2. MommyMayor says:

    What a healthy looking couple there-Old prune face and Herman Munster.

  3. Ed says:

    Hey Anthony, if your lucky to reach the golden years, remember to consider jumping off a bridge, so the government gets more money from all the hard work you did throughout the years, taking those federal Social Security taxes from your gross salary every pay period.
    Seriously, the government doesn”t give you something for nothing, the Social Security benefits received were paid for by each and every person, who worked and paid in to Social Security, and most people work beyond 65 as the mandatory age to qualify, so the way I see it, someone who starts working at age 23 – 65 = 43 worked, add that number to 65 if you decide to retire and start collecting, that adds up to 108, and most people don’t make it to 108, so the way I see it the government is winning on this one, Take Care ANTHONY

  4. MAYOR MIKE IS A POS says:


  5. Anthony says:

    This one of the main reasons why every level of government (Federal, state, and local) has gone broke. People are living into their 60s, 70s. 80s, and even 90s, and they are collecting Social Security, pensions, health insurance, SNAP, disability, Medicaid, Medicare, and a host of other benefits and safety nets ad infinitum. There is no statute of limitations on these benefits, and government cannot keep up with its fixed costs. Thank goodness for lotteries, red light cameras, and parking tickets to help close the budget deficit.

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