NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A noose was found hanging on an upper floor of One World Trade Center Tuesday.

Police are investigating the matter as a bias crime.

The noose was found on the 64th floor of the building, which is still being built.

The noose was attached to a construction rope.

No other information about the incident was immediately available.

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  1. TomNJ says:

    The real issue here is that we are being manipulated by the media. They just love to play up an incident with racial tones to get readers and viewers. It was probably a looped rope used for construction to hoist something. But the minute the media gets involved, it becomes a “racial” thing. If someone really wanted to insult a race, they would have been more direct than a looped piece of rope. And to Randel’s comments, “relax, most of us are over the whole white/black thing. Let it go and enjoy your life. Do not let a few racist idiots ruin your day”.

  2. RitaAnn Newton says:

    Maybe someone is anti America. Wierd!!!

  3. Joel says:

    Maybe the job sucks so bad, they were contemplating suicide?

  4. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    . . .ok, unfair to say that all construction workers are bad people.
    However, it was amazing to see a strong contingent of them, protesting against the 9/11 mosque. Yelling, screaming, perhaps some of them are high school drop-outs – it was amusing to see that some of them were the “faces” of the (paranoid, bigoted) opposition to the mosque.

    Wow – now a noose? Some of them really are idiots (maybe influenced by one-too-many gun-toting, country/western types that seem to visit the 9/11 memorial in droves)!

  5. Tommy says:

    Construction guys play jokes, it helps the day go by faster. There is absolutely no evidence that this is racially motivated.

    1. Randall says:

      Really –
      and why is it that 98% of construction workers are white, live mostly outisde New York City (or in neighborhoods like Bay Ridge), and have a reputation for being ignorant/obnoxious/intolerant (racial jokes, whistling loudly at any woman that walks by them, or screaming racist comments during the anti-9/11 mosque rally)? I’m sure some construction workers are decent people, but the “trend is not their friend.”

      The FDNY has similar problems (b/c OF THEIR SIMILAR PROFILE), but the problem seems more extreme with construction workers.

      1. Tommy says:

        I am on that jobsite almost every day, a-hole. There are more blacks and latinos on the job than whites. FDNY maybe, I don’t know, but I do know Union construction in this city and you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. Also, the vast vast majority of my co-workers are color blind. The only guys we hate are the lazy ones who don’t work, and those type come in all colors.

        1. Randall says:

          (Thank goodness) I don’t work in construction.
          Let me guess – you live in Long Island and your white.

          No need to use foul language “Tommy” – or maybe that HARD HAT is not protecting your HARD HEAD. 🙂

  6. PaPa Joe says:

    I’m sorry to put it this way but, does this surprise anybody? No matter what we do to extend the hand of peace and brotherhood ther will always be the fools who refuse to accept it, especially arounf the holidays. All I can say to the creature who did this – think about it – and a Peacefull Next Year to you. To everybody else, Happy – Healthy – Prosperous New Year.

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