STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Madonna Badger will say her final farewell to her three children and parents at a funeral service set for next Thursday.

They were all killed in a tragic Christmas Day fire in Badger’s Stamford home, which was being renovated.

A private wake will be held Wednesday afternoon at Frank E. Campbell funeral home on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

On Thursday, 10-year-old Lily, 7-year-old twins Grace and Sarah and their grandparents Lomer and Pauline Johnson will be eulogized at a funeral service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church at 10:30 a.m. The service will be open to the public.

Following the service, there will be a private committal at Woodlawn Cemetery. Grace, Sarah and Lily will be buried there.

Badger’s parents will be cremated and the cremains sent to Louisville, Kentucky.

In lieu of flowers, the family is expected to ask for donations to a memorial fund, which will likely benefit a scholarship in the girls’ names.

Meanwhile, Stamford police are stepping up their involvement in the investigation into the deadly blaze. Up until now they had been playing an advisory role to fire investigators.

“Absolutely detectives should be involved, right from the beginning,” said Prof. Robert McCrie of John Jay College.

CBS 2 has learned they will now play a more active role with experienced detectives working to get to the bottom of the sequence of events that ended with the deaths of three children and their grandparents.

Investigators have determined that improperly placed fire embers sparked the blaze but many questions in the case still remain unanswered.

The house on Shippan Avenue was being extensively renovated and Badger, who survived the blaze, had been dating the contractor, Michael Borcina, who is accused of starting the fire after moving a bag of fireplace ashes into the rear mudroom.

Borcina told the fire marshal he left the ashes in the mudroom.

“Was it laziness?  Carelessness?  An accident?  Difficult as those issues are, they need to be explored.  And those are issues best explored by investigators, detectives, not the fire marshal,” McCrie said.

A law enforcement source tells CBS 2 detectives want to ask Borcina what he did that night and why.

They will also focus on the work he was doing at the house and ask why the smoke detector system was wired but not activated.

Detectives will also look to question Madonna Badger but that difficult task is on hold until after the funeral services next week.

CBS 2 News has learned Badger was released yesterday from a psychiatric care facility in Westchester County.

Her uncle, Al McCarthy, said you can only imagine her grief.

“I talked to her a couple times.  She’s like any mother, and she was a real good mother to the children,” McCarthy said. “I can’t even get my head around what she’s going through.  I mean she lost her whole family, there’s nobody left.”

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  1. 10128 says:

    The Stamford police and the homeowner’s insurance investigator should work together to get to the reason for this tragedy. Ms. Badger and Borcina will not speak publicly about that tragic evening until the homeowner’s insurance claim is paid…..if it gets paid. It will not be a slam dunk for the Insurance company to write a check for 1.7 million given the lack of smoke detectors, a disconnected fire alarm system and recklessly removing embers from the fireplace. Keeping the boyfriend happy that night was priority number 1.

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      And people keep referring to her as a “strong woman.” Sorry, but a “strong woman” wouldn’t have given that weasel ultimate power over the safety of her family and guests in the home, and would have overseen the disposal of ashes from HER fireplace in HER home. She wouldn’t have turned her back and allowed him to do whatever he damned pleased with them. A “strong woman” would have installed battery operated smoke detectors when he failed to activate the hardwired one, and made sure her home was up to code before allowing her family to live there. Oh, I could go on…..

  2. LearnFireSafety says:

    From NY Daily News: “Someone identifying himself as a former employee of Michael Borcina’s company wrote about his bad experience working with Michael Borcina on Madonna Badger’s house. Maybe the police would be interested in speaking with the author? Below is his published account of his time working alongside the contractor: Zeke Says: January 5th, 2012 at 10:51 am “I worked for Borcina in that house last year. After more than 25 yrs in the trades I never experienced anything like it. The guy was impossible to work for, nobody was good enough ( in his opinion ). I lasted 5 weeks. In that time I saw at least 15 highly qualified workers,either quit or get fired. Although I had no other employment I had to get away from the madness. A revolving door of workers some only lasted a couple of hours. There is a word for this type of individual psychopath. The authorities really should take a long hard look at this marginal individual. Dangerous on many levels Zeke Says: January 5th, 2012 at 12:04 pm Just a few more points. At the time I was working for him, he was not romantically interested in her (he was dating another woman), but he was interested in her wealth. Commenting to me that she is rich and if we (Tiberias Const.) play our cards right there is the potential for alot more work to be had. The other point concerning his character. Borcina would regularly steel from his workers, wage theft. Every week he shorted us our hours. In my case 4 to 6 hours. By the way I do not write these comments because I’m disgruntled. I write them because five people lost their lives.”

    1. susan says:

      the comments from the gentleman who actually worked with mr borcina on ms badgers home are very telling..although i feel you should not keep making judgemental comments about he and ms badger,this person should certainly be interviewed by the arson and crime is possible she was lonely enough for male companionship that she allowed herself to be seduced by does not bring happiness nor does it take away loneliness..the extreme tragedy of it all is she now has no parents nor her three lovely children..

  3. LearnFireSafety says:

    More bizarre behavior. I sure wouldn’t be able to look at the man who was responsible for the tragic demise of my children and parents so soon after their deaths. And I certainly wouldn’t flaunt my relationship with the murderer by walking arm-in-arm with him at the funeral in front of the children’s father, no less. (photos at The Stamford Advocate) One day I might be able to forgive him, but she sounds as if she’s defending Michael B. by calling this tragedy “incomprehensible.” Is it? If your BF leaves live embers in a paper bag against a wood wall in an 100 year old Victorian house that doesn’t have smoke detectors….it’s really not so “incomprehensible.” I found her eulogy extremely narcissistic and strange, but it goes along with all of the other choices of these two possible sociopaths.

    1. May says:

      Give the poor woman a break. She’s out of her mind with grief. Let’s focus on the fire safety lesson here folks. !

  4. Deborah Jeffries says:

    To the person who asked who am I to demand an investigation?

    I’m a taxpaying Stamford resident who has every right to ask why this woman and her boyfriend are getting preferential treatment.

    Any other citizen here would have been questioned by now and we are talking about five deaths by gross negligence.

    To call this a mistake is absurd. A mistake is forgetting to take out the trash.

    Not many people here share your sappy sympathetic views.

    If Madonna Badger was so concerned about her family’s welfare, she would have waited to move in after City approval.

    I understand she donated thousands to Obama’s campaign but was too cheap to buy battery powered smoke detectors as someone previously posted.

    That shows where her priorities were and of course on her boy toy contractor who also conveniently escaped.

    1. Wake up and Smell the coffee says:

      The mayor of Stamford has his head as far up the marketing “genius’s” butt as humanly possible. Why do you think that is? Possible civil lawsuits? Ms. Badger’s $24,000 annual property taxes? John Q Public would have been interrogated by now and their house would still be standing as forensic evidence.

  5. sam says:

    Michael Borcina is currently involved in two civil suits in Connecticut – see State of Connecticut Case LookUp on the web.

  6. Wake up and Smell the Coffee says:

    I am sure Ms. Badger the “marketing genius” is reading these articles and comments to keep boost her ego as most people are expressing sympathy, not outrage. Having Borcina on her arm at the funeral is all part of the Public Relations strategy to keep the curiosity levels high. She is a narcissitic selfish silly woman who put her children in harms way by being negligent and letting them sleep on an upstairs floor without a smoke alarm far away from her master suite love nest.

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      She also reportedly changed her Facebook photo only a few days after the fire – from a dowdy one to a more glamorous shot. Who in their right mind is concerned about their vanity and public image immediately after their entire family is wiped out? And so you’re spot on with her PR strategy in the midst of this horrific tragedy.

      1. Wuastc says:

        More public relations coming our way. Diane Sawyer or Ann Curry is who she will choose to be interviewed by. But not yet…. In 2 or 3 weeks.

        1. LearnFireSafety says:

          Ugh. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already shopping a book deal.

  7. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I’ve read some of the commentary from people who worked for both Badger and Borcina and none of them portray them as nice people.

    Also soliciting donations through her company is not only in poor taste, but a disgusting publicity ploy for her business.

    It’s a good PR move by capitalizing on the deaths of your entire family to get business.

    No public comments from Madonna Badger or Michael Borcina during the funeral.

    They will never say they feel guilt, because it can be used against them in a court of law.

    The firefighters feel guilt I’ve heard in interviews.

    They shouldn’t because they did everything possible.

    The guilty are Badger and Borcina and them alone.

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      Her eulogy at the funeral is bizarre (see link below) She calls the fire “incomprehensible.” Oh, really? Is she really in such denial? I don’t think so. It sounds like she’s defending Borcina. It’s both their actions, including placing live fireplace embers into a paper bag and leaning them against a wall in a sprawling Victorian home, and allowing her family to sleep there without a Certificate of Occupancy or any working smoke detectors that’s truly “incomprehensible.”

      1. Joanie Joy Thompson says:

        Thanks for sharing this information. I know that the father of children couldn’t be more devatated. Poor man.

    2. AE says:

      Dear Deborah,
      I have read all your posts and I am amazed… Who are you to accuse, judge, and condemn these people?
      Were you there? Are you a witness? Or are you simply speculating?
      In one of your post, you write that you are “demanding an investigation.”
      It seems to me that you have already done your own investigation, found them guilty, and are ready to send them to the guillotine!

    3. Nancy Grace says:

      Do not forget who you are dealing with here. The mom is a Public Relations “Genius” After all the fashion and advertisin¬g “luminarie¬s” including Calvin Klein came to church today. This story will be in the news every day, to keep the donations coming. The wording about the use of the funds is intentiona¬lly vague. She saw that almost 2 million dollars was recently raised for the 4 children of a slain police office in NY. My heart bleeds for the father of the children. The mom and boyfriend’¬s negligence is the reason for her loss. Everything about this woman is opportunis¬tic and calculated¬, including her stay in the psychiatri¬c center, and allowing the boyfriend to attend the wake. He should have stayed home. She should check back into the psych ward to figure out how to get him out of her life. Everything about this story turns my stomach.Co¬incidental that the Santa chimney embers explanatio¬n was provided the same day the donation appeal was relaeased. Anyone else wonder why the house was torn down? I doubt that 5 more people would have died if the city of Stamford left it standing for a proper forensic investigat¬ion. Ms. Badger pays approximat¬ely $24,000 per year in property taxes there..con¬nect the dots. She had $14,000 available to donate to Obama, but could not spend $200 on smokealarm¬s and an escape ladder. This was a senseless loss that could have been prevented by a “marketing genius” and her contractor boyfriend. May they live happily ever after!

    4. May says:

      Oh, come on for Pete’s sake. Where’s your heart? We need to focus on the fire safety lesson here, not mean spirited comments that help no one.

      1. LearnFireSafety says:

        Where’s YOUR heart and common sense? Keeping your head buried in the sand won’t save lives in the future from the negligence that both Madonna B. and her contractor boyfriend caused. We are people who have huge hearts who are rightly outraged at the tragic loss of five lives for no other reason than their criminal negligence. So STFU.

      2. AE says:

        I totally agree with you…. Some people here are playing detectives and investigators..Too much TV maybe.. They have no tolerance for a difference of opinion. I was told that most people do not share my “sappy sympathetic views”, and you are told to STFU. Oh well, at least their ranting is entertaining!

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    After watching CBS 2 NY coverage of the funeral, I’m sickened.

    Borcina is standing behind Madonna and Matthew Badger.

    The only sympathy I feel is for Matthew Badger who is crying hysterically as Madonna Badger is literally holding him up.

    I notice as Borcina stands behind him, he is stone faced.

    How can we expect the victims of this horrific result of gross negligence, when society throws roses at the two who directly caused their deaths?

    Can you imagine slowly choking to death from the smoke? How horrible it must’ve been for them?

    My thoughts and sympathies go out to Matthew Badger. May he find the courage to go on in life.

    It’s also comforting to know that there are many who feel the same as I do about Badger and Borcina.

    We are not villains, just people who want justice for five lives taken because of the recklessness of two people who selfishly saved themselves.

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      I just came here to post the same thing. Here’s a photo with Madonna and Michael B., arm in arm from the funeral. I feel terrible for the father:

    2. LearnFireSafety says:

      Also, a couple of comments on this Huffington Post article are by people who used to work with Borcina, and say he displayed irrational, angry and what sounds like totally bizarre behavior, didn’t pay employees, and one person said he lacked “people skills.” The site won’t allow me to copy comments, but it’s on the first two pages of the comments section under the article:

  9. Deborah Jeffries says:

    The answer is yes Matthew Badger did attend the wake yesterday.

    The funeral is today. I also agree with the post of don’t expect any criminal action.

    It’s hard to be objective when the Mayor is on her side.

    If this happened in my neighborhood on the West Side of Stamford instead of the high tax revenue area of affluent Shippan Point, they both would be in Bridgeport County Jail.

    Her money DOES make a difference because rich people get treatedly differently in Stamford when it comes to crime. I know, I live here.

    She is being treated like a saint by the Mayor (he attended the wake and funeral), the news media and the community of Shippan (rich folk stick together).

    She is soliciting donations for the funeral? This woman bought a 1.7 million dollar home cash.

    She doesn’t have any hardship so why the solicitation?

    I really wish that people will stop the sympathy parade for Madonna Badger and Michael Borcina and see the reality that five people died because of their actions.

    Only in America can you kill five people, show up at their funeral and have public sympathy..for you.

    My sympathy is with the dead, not with their killers.


  10. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Michael Borcina attended the wake of all five victims today.

    Considering his it’s not a big deal attitude and the fact that he is their killer, I found this information sickening.

    Wake up Madonna Badger, this vermin killed your entire family and he’s at the wake.


    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      Might take a few lifetimes for her to wake up. It doesn’t sound like she’s a very awake human being, sad to say. The lack of outrage and allowing this guy to be at the wake is very telling, just like all the other bizarre events in this tragedy. I doubt she’ll even break-up with him even after all this. They probably enable each other in some sick way.

      1. Red says:

        I agree – do we know if the father attended as well? If I were him I could not be within 2 feet of either one of them. I await the outcome of the police involvement after they can question the mom. She and the boyfriend have had plenty of time to align their statements and will be ready to talk with the police. Don’t expect anything to come out of it cause if this lady pays big property taxes and give $ 14,000 donations to Obama she can also make a big contribution elsewhere to have the investigation come out in her favor. You will not find anyone with the courage to even utter the word negligent homicide. These are the arrogant people that put firefighters in harm’s way. Notice how the media never reveals the cause of most fires? This was a senseless loss that could have been prevented by a “marketing genius” and her boyfriend who has a bachelors of science in chemistry. Two highly educated fools!

        1. Joanie Joy Thompson says:

          If he has a Bachelor in Science, wouldnt he know that he should not throw ashes near a building. He killed the woman’s family, or was it a plan?

          1. Red says:

            Well now she is soliciting donations to be sent to her office. This story is way too unbelievable that people could be so irresponsible. Something not right.

    2. robert says:

      perhaps he is covering for her and it was SHE who actually incorrectly disposed of the bag of embers? just a crazy thought

  11. Mbee says:

    Obviously, this Borcina fellow was not a boy scout!

  12. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Thank you for pointing out that this Santa Claus story that Badger and Borcina told investigators was yet another version of events that’s inconsistent with their first interview.

    Last night I watched the evening edition of NEWS 12 CONNECTICUT and the airhead anchor had to tell the story about how the children told the mother and Borcina they feared Santa may get burned coming down the chimney.

    The news anchor reported this with a pout on her face. The police investigation part was conveniently left out of the commentary and put on the info bar below the screen.

    This is what I mean by spin. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THESE PEOPLE (Badger and Borcina) AND STATE THE FACTS!!

    At least the New York stations have reported the true facts of this horrible story and their reporters are willing to ask the authorities the tough questions that need to be asked.

    1. robert says:

      I agree with you, unfortunately.

  13. Deborah Jeffries says:

    The more information that comes out in the press about this investigation, the worse Badger and Borcina look.

    It was reported that the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection doesn’t have a record of Borcina’s contractor registration, though they declined to confirm this pending further investigation.

    And when interviewed they apparently said out of the girls’ concern for Santa Claus, it was decided to empty the fireplace.

    Sure blame it on the kids!!

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      Agree. Their excuse about the ashes being removed to protect Santa sounds very suspicious. They initially told fire investigators they were wrapping Xmas gifts at 3:00 AM and everybody else was asleep. So it doesn’t make any sense.

      This is also very odd and inappropriate:

      1. robert says:

        This is the weirdest move ever.

        1. Joanie Joy Thompson says:

          Thank you Robert. At least you and I are on the same page

          1. robert says:

            I feel badly for my thoughts because the grief has to be overwhelming for these poor families but who does this? I find it terribly bizarre to my way of thinking.

  14. Deborah Jeffries says:

    And shame on my two local news outlets The Stamford Advocate and cable News 12 Connecticut for their blatantly one sided coverage of this tragedy which was heavy on the sympathy for the survivors and light on the reporting of the police investigation.

    This goes beyond the spin of a news story. It’s lacking journalistic integrity.

    Most of the information about the police investigation I got was from WNBC, WCBS or on the internet.


  15. Anon says:

    I feel terrible for Madonna Badger and can’t even fathom what she is going through right now. As a mother, it makes me feel queasy to even try. In addition to unimaginable grief, she is probably wracked with guilt that will torture her for the rest of her life. I think about the girls’ father, too…what a horrible, horrible nightmare for him.

    The fact that this tragedy was most likely preventable makes it that much worse. To live in any house without smoke detectors is taking a chance. To live in an older home undergoing renovations with three young children and not have working smoke detectors is just plain crazy. People think these things will never happen to them; then it does, and it’s too late.

    I haven’t read anything about the fireplace having doors. That could explain why Borcina felt the need to get rid of the embers. If it had glass doors, there was no need to clean it out. If it didn’t have any doors (and I mean doors, not just a screen), then it should not have been used in the first place.

    Assuming this fireplace had no doors, then the hot embers should have been placed in a metal container located away from the house. Even a child knows that paper and plastic will burn. What was Borcina thinking?? For whatever reason – stupidity, carelessness, impaired judgment from drinking – he did something incredibly reckless, and now five people are dead. To give an interview a few days later and say that the mother who lost everything “will be okay” and that they are “trying to stay positive” is an outrage. Why he would even give an interview is beyond me, but his incredibly callous remarks say a lot about him. Accidental or not, he is directly responsible for the fire that killed five people. I’m glad that the police are investigating now, and hope he is somehow held accountable.

    1. Mbee says:

      Bravo! Well said!

  16. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Such reckless negligence is a crime under the law either manslaughter in the second degree or it’s at minimum criminally negligent homicide.

    This was way beyond a lack of common sense or an OOPS moment.

    If it weren’t for the fact that Madonna Badger was a fashion advertising icon or Michael Borcina a contractor to Hollywood’s elite, both of them would’ve been arrested a long time ago.

    Because she’s a big payer of property taxes in the City of Stamford, that’s why it took so long for police involvement.

    A grave injustice to the five who are dead because of them.

  17. mia says:

    This is such a disturbing story that it is 1:35 am and I have to wake up at 7 am to go to work, but I can’t sleep. I have a townhome with an indoor fire sprinkler system, but who knows if it really works, so because of this tragedy, I just bought a 3 story fire escape ladder. I also made my husband check all of our fire alarms.

    When my son was born almost 4 years ago, my first purchase were, not one, but 2 carbon monoxide alarms. When I moved into my home, I even bought a fire extinguisher, and my husband and I rarely cooked back then. I just don’t understand how this mother didn’t think to have any, if not all of these safety mechanisms in place with 3 young girls. Maybe it was because she didn’t know about such things since she lived in a NYC apartment for many years? Took fire safety for granted?

    We just put away our Christmas tree today, but I have never left the lights on the whole night on the tree while we slept. That’s how anal I am. We have a gas fireplace, which is so easy to shut off, but I remember growing up in my childhood house, and my father is an Asian immigrant, but he always left the ashes/embers in the fireplace after putting out the fire. He was never stupid enough to bag them up right away. Who does that? We were bumf*** fresh off the boat immigrants, and we didn’t even do that?!! I asked my husband now what would he have done with hot ashes, and even he said he would leave them in the fireplace. Or if he took them out, he said he would put them in a container and dump gallons of water over them outside. What was this Borcino thinking? He must have been so willing to impress Madonna, and clean up the fireplace to make it neat and clean. Dumb nut.

    I don’t know what to make of his comments to the press, but I don’t really want to judge him or the mother harshly like the other commentators. However, I think both of them will feel really guilty for the rest of their lives. I pray for the mother, because this is any mother’s worst nightmare, especially on Christmas Day of all days to lose so many family members. This will haunt Madonna’s soul till her last day on Earth. A very heart breaking story that even I can’t sleep easily tonight. I feel so sad for her.

  18. Deborah Jeffries says:

    What a breath of fresh air to see some common sense commentary here.

    People who are questioning the negligent actions of the mother and Borcina are being called heartless, sick and cyber bullies.

    We are none of the above, just people who are demanding a proper investigation of two negligent people who managed to get out alive.

    Also a comment I saw on gothamist was very valid asking why THEY didn’t call 911?

    I live in Stamford and our newspaper and cable News 12 Connecticut have nothing but sappy sympathy stories about Badger and Borcina.

    Stop with the spin people, five people are dead.

  19. ChelseaCanuck says:

    While it’s true that negative comments about the boyfriend will not bring the deceased family members back, I think they need to be expressed. The fire was not intentional but it was not purely accidental either. It was a result of negligence pure and simple. That cannot be denied. Yes it’s true we don’t know the mother’s boyfriend but anyone who would make a media statement to the effect of “we’re going to be okay” is seriously devoid of human emotion. That is indisputable. Who would say such a thing? He might be okay but who cares about him? Madonna will NEVER be okay. The girls’ father will NEVER be okay. Of all the arrogant, narcissistic, heartless things to say, his statement takes the cake. Sorry, but he deserves to be charged for the construction violations and publicly shamed for his careless words.

    1. LearnFireSafety says:

      They were both equally negligent. She allowed him to have way too much power, and she paid the most terrible cost for it. He failed to activate the hard-wired smoke detection system, so she should have bought battery operated ones in the meantime. She was sleeping with this contractor boyfriend before her divorce was final in front of her little girls, which points to more lapses in judgement and parenting skills. Ultimately, how the fireplace embers were disposed was also her responsibility, since Michael B. was only a guest in her home. She should have been watching him much more closely, obviously. They share equal blame.

  20. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Badger and Borcina were both grossly negligent and should face prosecution.

    Borcina’s comments after the fire were devoid of any humanity for the victims.

    Badger is a highly educated woman and Borcina is a contractor.

    So much could’ve been prevented. They both knew better.

    Finally police involvement. About time.

  21. Motheroftwo says:

    Michael Borcina absolutely needs to be not only investigated, but actually prosecuted on 5 counts of Manslaughter. I feel TERRIBLE for the mother and father but there is no reason for Borcina to just get away with starting the fire that killed 5 people. Never mind his responsibilities as the contractor for the home, how neglectful and stupid does anyone have to be to place hot embers in a “BAG” and place it within, or near, an old wooden home?! It’s inconceivable that anyone could be that stupid. So he either wanted the children out of the way or he had been drinking, or was on meds of some type. If he isn’t just down right evil then something had to have gotten in the way of clear thinking to place embers in a “BAG”. Either way, his brush off attitude is infuriating. If I was the Father, Mother, Aunt , Uncle or anyone remotely related or close to that family, I would be pressing charges on the person responsible for causing the deaths. And in this case the cause of death(s) is Michael Borcina. He needs to answer to his crimes. No it won’t bring that family back, but it is still justice and it is the right thing to do. I’m sorry but I’m disgusted by this man. He had the nerve to complain that, “it seemed he was in the hospital forever”…Then further saying how he and the mother will be “okay” and how they are both “staying positive”. Are you kidding me?! Yes, that’s why she is in a Psychiatric ward because she’s doing so well you jack-ass! The more I think about it, the more I would personally like to ensure that he “Burn in Hell”. It would be an extreme “Injustice” for Michael Borcina to not be prosecuted to the highest degree.

  22. logcabin4 says:

    Only a person with no heart can come out of the hospital and state: “We will be OK. We are just trying to stay positive.” This person is a selfish, narcissist, who has no children of his own, has been living the high life all these years (look at his face book page) and has absolutely no morals or decency. Every since this horrifying tragedy, I have been praying that this man will be held accountable for his actions, despite the wealth he has, or his 30 years experience as a contractor. It means absolutely nothing.

    1. Anon says:

      I agree. His interview was an outrage; the fact that he would consent to an interview at all speaks volumes about him. I’ve been hoping the police would get involved…at the very least, there was gross negligence in the way those embers/ashes were carelessly disposed of. A contractor certainly should have known better.

  23. susan says:

    were any of you bloggers there at the scene? do any of you know ms badger or her family personally, or the contracter friend? are any of you certified forensics experts or fire investigators, or do you even work as a police investigator with the city of stamford? if you answer no to any of the above, then refrain from the nasty,malicious comments about murder, and affairs and some underhanded dealings by the city..allow for the people in charge to do the investigating and allow this poor woman who the article said was just released from a psyciatric care facility (indicating she had a nervous breakdown), to grieve..none of you know how you would react and none of you know that she didnt try to rescue the family..this is not an epiisode of “csi miami,” or” law and order”, so just shuit up!!!

    1. NannyBug says:

      Susan, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. Mr. Borcina was stupid, careless and yes, very negligent. Even so, this does not constitute all of these hateful comments and hasty judgments I see here. What you people have written is disgusting and hurtful to this family and disgraceful to the memory of the souls who have been lost.
      There are several accounts reported that make this look “suspicious” but there are just as many accounts that show otherwise. In order to grasp the horrific experience of a house fire, go to “Youtube” and type in “Christmas tree fire”. There are several videos that illustrate the rapid spread of a fire. After watching, let’s see if your views have changed.

      1. LearnFireSafety says:

        As uncomfortable as it may be to you two for others to point fingers, that is the only way to prevent more tragic and senseless loss of lives in the future. Every moment counts. Both of them were negligent – and even though Michael B. was responsible for improperly disposing of the embers, it was Madonna’s home. SHE is ultimately responsible for the safety of HER home’s inhabitants and visitors, and should have overseen the actions and choices of Michael B. from moment to moment, especially not allowed him to dispose of those embers. She is the captain of the ship, nobody else. Yet clearly she gave him ultimate power over the safety of her children, even to the point of not installing battery operated smoke detectors herself when he failed to hook up the hard-wired system. Again, that was HER responsibility, not smart for her to leave everything to him. Obviously. The buck stopped with her. Or should have. You may think these comments are harsh, but the truth needs to be said in order to save lives in the future, whether you like it or not. You would prefer to keep your heads buried in the sand – others want to do whatever it takes to save lives and raise public awareness for fire safety.

        1. Just saying says:

          I agree with NannyBug and susan, No one is talking about fire safety here; this is just a cyber-lynch mob.

          I agree the matter should be investigated and pursued for cause, but condemning people based on scant facts or how they live their lives is hateful. I personally come down on the side of Matthew 7:1-2.

          Also if you are thinking this fire was like what you see on TV, nothing could be further from truth – and frankly, the Stamford Fire Department could talk about the conditions where firefighters clothed and equipped for the situation were turned back – and educate the public not only about what those in fires are truly up against in terms of rescuing or being rescued – but also in the process actually educate people how to prevent and survive a file.

          1. Just saying says:


  24. Roland says:

    the answer from the Bldg ZDept was we do not know if or even if they where active , so the hell why pullit down ahah that is right evidence redistribution, cant argue a fire when all is gone can you seen housswes standing burned out for years not a week or two ,, so this on known section could have made into private road easily but no cover up and anal retarded comments fromm all dept bldg, fire and rescue teamms >>?>??? come give me my brain back thanks moron,,,,, he did not want horsecarigage with 3 kids and not mine so burn collect buil d smaller,, i could take down eaach wall the the studs and rebuild each room with in 2 weeks that would be 3 to 4 mth here we got nothing done each day to much triggy dragg and then sleep while she went to work, littel done each day waiting for material i guess aeah y

  25. roland says:

    the reason we had to pull down this house right away is it was dangerouse for the tousands of people passing by coming and going to work,, then what the city could be sued>??? uhm so what they can no longer argue thsi that look here look htere makes no sense so the ZBldg dept to cover it’s track off failure not to have revisited the missing fire detectors uhm uihm a ha that is why

  26. THE INSPECTOR says:

    Michael Borcina IS A MURDERER

    1. May Justice Be Served says:

      Agree. Five lives snuffed out senselessly by a so-called “contractor” slash boyfriend of the mother. In his repugant iinterview with the media, he was stonishingly cold and arrogant, leading any rational person to wonder whether he is a moron with a subnormal IQ, or a sociopath. Let us hope that he will be held accountable for all of the deaths.

      1. Joanie Jaye says:

        He should be held accountable. Why wouldn’t he?

    2. logcabin4 says:

      I completely agree

  27. Kevin says:

    Thank God law enforcement is taking over this case. The City of stamford officials proclaimed this person’s innocence and then demolished the house before forensic evidence could be obtained against the cretin Borcina? Smells very fishy.

  28. Vik says:

    Note to the Stamford legal authorities: nail this incompetent jerk!!!!

  29. Vik says:

    Ah Ha!!!!! Sorry … but this was just too big of something to just call tragic and move on. Somebody has to pay for what happened – even if it doesn’t bring back those sweet girls or adoring grandparents — and I have a feeling it’s goiung to fall on Borcina. He was careless and maybe so was the mother; it wasn’t intentional – maybe. But it still caused this and forever pain and loss for this family. Not his family — the Badger and Johnson family! He’s the contractor and should have known not to have people live in that house while under rennovation. And if so, have working smoke detectors and NEVER leave smoldering ashes anywhere near a wooden house. He needs to be held responsible. A so-called professional building contractor — MY A$$ !!!!!!!

  30. sue says:

    I agree. How were Madonna and seedy boyfriend able to escape without any children? They would have had to have been on a lower floor, but I have read that they slept on the second floor with two of the children. Why did this man run from the fire without grabbing these girls? Who does that? Something just isn’t right. No smoke detectors and little children living in a house for months? I agree that the father needs to fight for these little girls and find out what really happened. What is most tragic is that these children were put in harms way when Madonna Badger became entangled with this obviously opportunistic ‘contractor’.

  31. Joanie Jaye says:

    Why oh Why five people have to suffer in a burning house that seen suspicious?

    I am sorry but it look suspicious. Why were ashes been thrown out at that time of the morning, and why was it thrown by the building. If ashes is that hot why wasnt it sprayed with water. If it was that hot to burn down a building, wouldn’t be hot for the person who bring it out of the house to know? Come on people use your common sense. Why was he the one who throw out ashes and one of who was saved too. I would have to die with my family. Unfortunately this look suspicious and I am very happy to know the officers are getting involved. It is very sad. I will not put anyone before my children. Father of the children, please get to the bottom of it with the help of the officers to know what happen. It will come to light, please do not give up.

    1. Sandy says:

      Is English not your native language? If if is, please take a remedial grammar class immediately.

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