NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 3-month-old boy recovering from an often fatal liver disease is home for the first time since birth.

“He was diagnosed with a very rare disease, neonatal hemochromatosis, and speaking to the doctors, there’s been 30 cases in the last 20 years in the U.S.,” said father Hussain Gadit.

Baby Ali Gadit, born on October 3, tested positive right at birth. The red flags were extremely low blood sugar and platelet count. He’s alive today because of an 11th hour organ donation at Mount Sinai Hospital from an anonymous family whose child had a terminal illness.

That one baby might’ve saved five or six others. The Gadits will never know that family, however.

“No, we respect their privacy,” Gadit told CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

The Gadits shared their little miracle with CBS 2, and hope that by sharing their story, others will be inspired to donate organs. It saved their baby’s life, and you never know whose life you may save.

“You don’t know who or where you’re going to help but it’s definitely worth it,” Gadit said.

The family calls baby Ali their miracle boy. Ali takes 10 medications a day, but the liver transplant so far has been a success.

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  1. Michele Frost says:

    God bless both families and baby Ali.

  2. afreen says:

    You are an uneducated person, plz keep ur comments to urself if u dont have something nice to say… may i remind u that it is the same g-d who made all of us with the same organs!

  3. mike sims says:

    An amazing story, I also have the iron overload

  4. Barbara says:

    My best wishes go out to the family of baby Ali. My daughter was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma which is a form of liver cancer at the age of 20 months. She underwent surgery and 8 months of chemo. At age 3 she had a liver transplant and is now a very happy, healthy almost 21 year old student. I thank
    God everyday for the parents of the baby that lost it’s life. Please stay strong and always think positive.

  5. Andrew's Aunt says:

    my very best wishes to ali and his family. what an incredibly special gift you have received. live well and be happy, may you have many years to pay your gift forward. my family knows the joys and the sorrows of babies born with a difficult road. 2 nephews were born 3 months prematurely. one survived and is doing very well. sadly, the other lost his battle to live. my condolences to the self-less family who donated their child’s liver at the end of his life. how truly brave of you. another good spirit/angel taken from those who loved him. so many tears shed. the young spirits keep watch over their charges from above.

  6. Maya Smith says:

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