WYCKOFF, NJ (WCBS 880) – A 14-year-old Wyckoff girl has been arrested and charged with terroristic threats.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

Whether it was an actual call for violence or the musing of a frustrated teenager is not clear, but in this day and age all threats are taken seriously.

Wyckoff detectives arrested the teenager after she allegedly posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to carry out a terrorist attack at Ramapo High School, which, while located in Franklin Lakes, serves the regional high school district.

“The nature of the posting as it was, you have to err on the side of caution and make a presumption that this could be real and I think this sends a strong clear message. You can’t do this. You absolutely cannot be posting something that is going to potentially terrorize people by their simply reading it and being concerned about showing up at a high school,” said Wyckoff police chief Benjamin Fox on Wednesday.

A teacher reportedly spotted the message and notified school officials.

In a letter, the superintendent said there is no perceived danger.

The chief says no one else is involved and the threat was limited to the one Internet posting.

Police say the girl told them that she did not intend to cause carnage.

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  1. tj says:

    I agree, up until the 90s, you could basically say whatever you wanted to your friends and family without anything getting blown out of proportion. As a teenager, I remember fights between girls or guys and there’d be threats, threats against family, against homes, cars etc. etc. It was all just words of anger or frustration. Part of growing up and learning to control your emotions and behavior. Nowadays you cant say a peep because everythign is recorded and tracked somehow. It’s a whole new world of technology. Some good, some evil.

  2. It's Here Now says:

    Facebook and the “social” networks are a real problem Lots of negative stuff since they became popular. I know, it’s not the network, it’s the people. Kind of like “It’s not guns that kill people,etc., etc.” Wake up people. There’s trouble in the networks. Could they be the real 666 that the internet was supposed to be?

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