NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After months of hiding, the world is now hearing from Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted last summer of killing her daughter Caylee.

The video, uploaded on YouTube after apparently being recorded last October, shows a transformed Anthony. She wears new glasses and a short, blonde hairdo.

“I’m extremely excited to Skype and keep pictures and video,” she said. “Something I can finally call mine.”

1010 WINS’ Eileen Lehpamer reports

Anthony is at an undisclosed location in Florida serving a one-year probation sentence for check fraud.

In the video, she says recording the video makes her feel less lonely.

“Now I have someone to talk to, so I’m not by myself,” she said.

Anthony doesn’t talk about Caylee nor her estranged parents, who testified in the trial.

She was found guilty of lying to police about her daughter disappearing, but on the new video, she only briefly mentions the ordeal.

“It’s just surreal how things have changed since July,” she said. “And how many things haven’t changed.”

She says she’s looking forward to starting a new life later this year.

See the video below.

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  1. julie says:

    must be great living single and free, while your daughter is buried deep in the ground because of your actions.

  2. jennifer bee says:

    What do casey anthony and hildegard e. baldwin of nj have in common? they are both evil pisces and they both tortured their daughters!

  3. Jerry says:

    Shes just another piece of trash,one day she’ll screw up again and get what she deserves?

    I’ll bet she goes into the porn business like the one who shot Buttafucco?

    who else would want her?

  4. Kattiggy says:

    Susan you are so right. Why would she care about lawsuits? She beat killing here own child,why would she care about anything, or anyone else? It is ALL about HER. She is emotionalily disconnected for anyone other then her self, with no moral well being. And instead of everyone ignoring this video, it is just where she wants it to be. Now the news is going to talk to her? Why?

  5. Katiggy says:

    Why does anyone believe what Casey say’s? These so called hecked video’s, is just that! You will find out it was Casey herself who allowed them to be out there. Why? It is so clear, she is not the center of attention anymore. Casey is about Casey. She’s loney?! Well good, she should be. How lonely was that beautiful liittle baby before she died? Keep focused people, don’t forget why she is in the news in the first place. Ignore her. This is what she wants.Trust me she is nobody’s victom!

  6. Philip Lindner says:

    call some thing yours, last time your called something your child you killed it

  7. Soap says:

    Never used a computer before, not even for porn ?

  8. Street Talk says:

    She needed to have something of “her own”…nothing shared, like a child with her grandparents. i hope no one takes an interest in the dog. This girl is a starnge one.

    RIP Caylee… we know she did it.

  9. benz says:

    MMM…Maybe Caylee Knows and put her out in the public eyes..remember me

  10. peewee says:

    I agree with Susan.

  11. susan says:

    well, its a bit appalling to me..i saw a small clip on hln this afternoon..i guess she still wants to stay in the would think she would want to disappear,especially since she has so many civil lawsuits against her..she did so much damage to her parents and i am one of many who still feels justice was not served for caylee…

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