NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  Some hospital patients are fuming, saying the birth of Beyonce‘s and Jay-Z‘s baby girl, Ivy Blue Carter, kept them from seeing their own newborns in intensive care.

Lenox Hill Hospital says because of privacy issues, they cannot confirm that Beyonce gave birth there Saturday, but reports indicate the singer and her husband Jay-Z rented out a $1.3 million suite at the hospital and had a baby girl.

A father of premature newborn twins says hospital security kept putting the hallway on lockdown to accommodate Beyonce’s visitors, keeping him, his wife, and their families either locked in or out of their rooms for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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Neil Nash-Coulon of Bedford-Stuyvesant says the hospital even kicked his family out of the waiting area.

“They should have been more strategic with where they put her.  You can’t cordon off the NICU. These are small newborns who need care and you’re just going to take over the hospital like you own it?” he said.

The Hospital told CBS 2 that lockdown for a patient is not uncommon and is usually done for safety reasons.

However, the Hospital was not ready to comment on specific measures taken this weekend.

The father, Coulon, says he wants an apology.

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  1. Skins4Life says:

    She is no different than any other woman besides the fact that she has millions…..I would be LIVID if I was there and all this took place. The birth of a child should be one of the most joyous times in your life, not a nightmare. Personally I don’t even think she was pregnant and that is more than likely the main reason for all this hoopla. BOO on them…..very disappointing.

  2. Zazu says:

    Just like with dogs & cats we have too many people in the world.
    We must learn to adopt loving babies who are up for adoption from
    parent’s that do not want then.
    300 thousand died in Haiti and the world hardly blinks ,lot’s of
    kids live on garbage over there. adopt so they don’t drop.

  3. Ray Belly says:

    Oh I smell a lawyer coming .Get dem big “people o color “who haz dem
    bodyguards who dit knot lemme see my own baybe.
    JZ make s money from bar ownership, treats the hospittel
    dah same way. Oh my! a lore suit is b ing filed

  4. Tommy C says:

    Hospitals could care less . Its all about the benjamins…..To Hell w/that no talent hack JZ.

  5. jacque mehauf says:

    who is the real daddy, and will the get on afdc rolls

  6. FRENCH Congosa says:


  7. Susan Farris-Fournier says:

    Take it from a parent who’s child was ill even before birth if a newborn is in NICU that is very serious! I can not believe they would alloiw such a thing ti happen on NICU flloor! The parents as well as the babies need extra TLC. You have a party going on around NICU that is terrible!

    1. Never a Fan anyway says:

      I agree with you. My eldest was a preemie, and in the NICU. I can’t believe the insensitivity of it all. I never had much of an opinion about Beyonce or Jay-Z before, but now…..after this…I look at them differently.

    2. Not a fan says:

      I agree with you. My eldest was a preemie, and in the NICU for a while. I would have be miserable if they didn’t let me see him. I never had much of an opinion about Beyonce or Jay-Z before, but now I feel differently about them.

  8. Ted Offord says:

    “Lenox Hill Hospital and its staff were delighted to welcome the Carter family for the birth of their firstborn on Saturday evening, but we are troubled by the misinformation being circulated in some news media reports. The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true. The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations. Our executive suites are available for any patient, including the food service and amenities provided to the Carter family.

    1. susan says:

      many years ago while in college i worked as a dietary assistant in a hospital..part of my duties was to go to patients rooms and deliver and pick up menus and chat with the patients if they could speak, about their choices..this hospital was not in new york, but they did have a suite on an upper floor that was very expensive and not done as a hospital was for those who were ill but could afford a bit had q double poster type bed,regular very nice bedroom furniture, drapes on the window,a very large bathroom , and other extra amenities, as well as room for a family member to “the carter family” the benefit of the doubt,it is possible they did not “rent” an entire floor, but were accommodated in a suite like hospital room with a lot of extra security as this ted offord person has said..the problems may have stemmed from too much security and the perception of other patients and visitors.. …

  9. Brooklyn True Blue says:

    If other patients and their immediate family members were prevented from access to their newborns or other, usual access, then this is indeed very wrong on the part of the hospital and the famous couple. Yes, they and other celebrities need proper security, but no, they do not have the right to bar others from their babies. Shame on Lenox Hill hospital for not handling this better and special shame on those of us who elevate mere mortals to the level of kings and queens. I am not a fan of anyone who thinks they are better than the rest of us. “Let ’em eat cake” syndrome is so true, sadly!

  10. andrew&ian's aunt k says:

    as the aunt of 2 nephews who were both in neonatal icu’s, i can totally sympathize & empathize with the families whose access to their babies was compromised by the presence of a celebrity’s baby. the presence of “private security” and not at the level of the US State Department that delays for any amount of time parents deserving of immediate access to their nicu babies is deplorable. the life of a nicu baby is sometimes measured not in hours, but in segments of hours – eg 15 minutes. in the hospital i work at there is security on the maternity floor, and when babies are transferred from the delivery area or nicu to the regular nursery. trash your jay-z & beyonce cd’s/albums, and boycott their concerts. hit them, albeit minutely in their wallets. it wasn’t their baby’s fault. shame on lenox hill for apparently not being more concerned about the other parents and babies.

  11. Candice says:

    Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z may GOD bless you and your baby girl…..

  12. “m a petite woman and I’m the mother Of a wonderful little girl who’s now eight years old. during my pregnancy unlike many mothers i didn’t feel the need to stuff my face in every food that seamed delicious, I kept my eating habit as healthy as i could with my doctor’s approval and thankfully my baby was healthier for it and i didn’t endure any major physical changes beside my stomach which didn’t start showing until six months into the pregnancy and i gave birth to a health 6.7pound baby. To simply feel free to judge someone you don’t even know and say anything about them that comes to mind because you were able to read a few published article (true or not) now you feel like you’re the top know it all in the world is simply uncalled for. Yes mistakes were made on their part as well as the hospital for privacy reasons and others that are yet to be disclosed, and because money seam to solve everything I’m sure who ever is not satisfied will be compensated. The fact of the matter is babies are born every day and the joy runs deeper than anything you could ever imagined unless experienced because suddenly there’s this little angel, this tiny little life who’s staring at you filled with wonders and questions with ten fingers and ten toes ready to guide you back to your heart and it’s amazing. I for one I’m happy for all the new parents and wish them the best of luck, i know how hard it is to have a kid in the ICU because you as a parent no longer exist you only want to be by their side and that moment once it’s gone it’s either replaced by happiness or sadness but it can never be recaptured i hope all these parents will find a common ground with less anguish and more time with their new perfect little joy.
    CONGRATS to all the parents, may you have many more and WELCOME to wold all the new innocents smiles 🙂

  13. None Of Your Business says:

    That no-talent Beyonce goes to the bathroom like everyone else. I can’t believe Lenox Hill would treat other patients like dirt just because Ms. No-Talent is hatching junior in their hospital.

    1. talented says:

      No talent and more money then you and your family and their friends will make in lifetimes.I would love to be that un-talented.

  14. JohnW9540 says:

    They never made a dime off of me. One has to wonder how much good 1.3 million dollars could do for underpriviliged children

  15. Me says:

    Here is a idea – Can we be happy for the new parents – not just J and B – but the other new parents in the hospital?, Be happy that despite all the supposed chaos, there was no emergency and the babies and families all will be JUST FINE! God Bless!

  16. Sir Lenox of Hill says:

    The other parents are 100% at fault here. They should have thought about such things BEFORE Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to have a kid.

    1. Never a Fan anyway says:

      How are the other parents 100% at fault here? What??? That they had their babies at THIS hospital??? Like you have a choice when the baby is ready to come out!!!

      1. Yep says:

        I think Sir Lenox was being sarcastic, Never a Fan. Duh!

  17. OLD BLACK JOE says:


  18. A.F. says:

    It’s sad to see that we as people have some much hate in our heart. What happen was not right but in this system if you have money you can get things done. However, we don’t need to show the hate for the Father or mother, hate the system. If any of you had the money to throw around you would do the same thing. What you all should hate is the fact that you have hate for someone you know know. WOW and we call ourself a human race.

    1. K Charron says:

      Your comment of ” However, we don’t need to show the hate for the Father or mother, hate the system.” is naive. Who made the choice?? the system or the rich couple??? If they were soo worried about security they should have used a wing in one of their mansions and brought all equipment and doctors there for a private birth if that’s what they really wanted. People are ANGRY over this and they should be. The Administrator and board of the hospital are the ones who should be held responsible. They are the ones that accepted the money and allowed this pompous ass and his wife to be selfish and put others at risk.

      1. timechanges says:

        I like this and your right need to say no more blame the hospital and jayz came from nothing and should no better. When you get money you change like i said i wish i had a child in there at that moment things would have been different cause i would have been taser and everything all my friends said that security would have been in the booking. Im not missing no moment for nobody.

  19. Stan says:

    $1.3 million for a hospital suite? Give me a break.

    1. Money talks says:

      Yes it is nice to have money that is like a couple hundred to us regular everyday people.You have to understand the hospital gets 1.3 million up front no need to worry about health provider approving it.All the babies familiy in NICU if you were paying cash you would of got in to see your children.This world will always be money first all else wait in line.

    2. Joe says:

      So right, to only be there for 2 days. But it is Lennox Hill where the rich have their babies.

  20. bullett says:

    I don’t consider this as featured news, and let’s all remember, she’s not the first so-called celebrity to have a”baby”. If I were a news editor, I’m more then sure I can find something more important for its readers and stock holders!

  21. sandra says:

    hey uncle – would you be calling the whites who’d do the same thing “cracker” or “honkies”?! why the name calling at all? if the situation is true (as reported), you still need to restrain you immaturity and bigotry!

  22. sandra says:

    I guess if it was Angelina Jolie or some other white, you’d be praising them!

  23. RS says:

    Pathetic! Another case of how these celebrities forget where they came from. And yet another case of how establishments will be so easily bribed. Because that’s what this was.

  24. oldwolf49 says:

    the rich are better than us don’t ya know.

  25. The Realist says:

    I’m still shocked that the media are covering the “other parents, other babies” angle. Jay-Z is influential enough to get anybody’s broadcast or publishing licenses revoked, and he won’t be shy about using his pull to get revenge over this angle of reporting.

  26. prolly was diddy... says:

    …who got dissed. jes sayin, yo.

  27. G says:

    Sadly MONEY overrides EVERYTHING…

  28. fed up says:

    is she living in the real world what makes her baby so special that others cant see there own children ? rediculous .. somone needs to slap that bitch into reality !

    1. Reality Check says:

      Unfortunately your comment is the fantasy world where everything is fair. The real world allows such a thing. Money speaks power. That B is living reality. Was it fair? Absolutely not. Because of this, I will no longer support her music but the real world is harsh indeed!

      1. jigga man says:

        This is total bull the parents can get to their babies YOu have 2 people who are trying to go where they cannot go.They have access to there children they just have to go TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT .

  29. liz says:

    Totally ridiculous! Could have put their money to better use! Such nonsense.
    Oh well, pretty predictable – but really selfish and stupid.

    1. JomoDaMusicMan says:

      are u suggesting that Jay Z should have had an open ward where any and everybody could come & view their child & possibly profit from taking unauthorized pictures or maybe steal the child & hold for ranson. when u said totally rediculous your are absolutley right U ARE TOTALLY REDICULOUS & STUPID

      1. Keep-It-Real says:

        Jomo you are the stipid one – Who will profit from this the parents and seel a picture for $$$$$$$$$$$ – You bet dummy – And does all of this mean that someone still can’t kidnap the child and hold it for ranson – You along with those two dummies need a dose of reality!

      2. Helen G Thomas says:

        If they were that concerned, maybe a home birth would have been better. 1.3M would have tricked out an ob/gyn state of the art birthing room right there in their own home. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with the common folk.
        Another classic example of 21st century let them eat cake….

        1. Heidi says:

          Oh but then they couldn’t have had their scheduled c-section. seriously?? Having a baby must have interfered with her schedule so she decided to have major surgery with countless risks to her child just so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced with labor. Un-freaking believable. I wasn’t a fan before and I am definitely not a fan now.

          1. Mother of 2 says:

            That’s what I’m sayin’ too… if there was a scheduled C-section, they should have moved the other patients to other hospitals in anticipation of the lock-down, not separated them from their parents. Some of these little ones’ lives are hanging by a thread and the sound and smell of their Mommy could buy them more time. It’s not like it was a few hours… I’m thinkin’ close to a day or more…. totally unacceptable… can you imagine losing the ability to nurse your baby altogether because of something like this? I would file a lawsuit in a half second.

  30. uhoh says:

    The anti christ has entered the world

    1. Vernon Hell says:


  31. Richard Lawsonjr says:

    Good luck JZ.

  32. Richard Lawsonjr says:

    Good luck JZ I hope you have many more.

  33. jermal says:

    didnt JayZ like brutally stab someone….crime does pay kids…

  34. Shea says:

    Only in America that Beyonce and Jay-Z could paid $1.3-million to rent out the entire fourth floor of the hospital and the hospital agree this was the best way to make money. What about the other patients and mothers who gave birth to their children. What about doctors who were on call and mandated to give in cell phones and the doctors who were barred from the floors from checking win with their patients. If Beyonce and Jay-Z were so worried about people knowing about this delivery, they could have delivered the baby in their home and have the best of the best at their whim. Im sorry, I think that is just a little selfish on her part and the hospital part to allow that to happen.

    1. Keep-It-Real says:

      This hospital should be fined $10 million or be shut down – By allowing vital staff to turn in cell phone and pagers everyone was put into a tremendous amount of risk! Someone needs to be held accountable for this !

      1. Not the Baby Daddy says:

        It’s not just about the cell phones. Remember that ONLY Beyonce’s doctors and nurses were allowed on that floor, so nobody would have been allowed to treat any other baby in case of an emergency.

  35. millz says:

    Congratz to both jay & beyonce… It really is nobody’s business if the baby came from beyonce or not. As for the whole hospital floor being rented out I am sure it was planned months ago, and none of the patients were complaining. Uncle Tom your an ignorant racist s.o.b. Who needs to get a life.

  36. susan says:

    wow..some real beyonce lovers and haters have commented here..whether the baby was (as some have said)conceived and delivered by a surrogate, or beyonce actually cariied and delivered her child, congratulatipns to the new parents..i have never heard of “renting” a whole floor of a hospital for any patient, no matter how rich or would seem for privacy and security, an undisclosed location that was very small would have served the purpose..this article makes the hospital seem greedy and other patients needs overlooked for money…

    1. Really??? says:

      while I am happy for the new parents. it seems as though the hospital could have provided security as well as safety to the Carters without renting the enitire floor. Why were a dozen rooms renovated for their arrival and stay??? It seems toooo over the top. Shame on that hosipital for allowing this to take place….MONEY!!!

  37. edisha emmanuel says:

    Happy birthday baby ivy welcome to the world

  38. princeton1991 says:

    It was up to the hospital administration to figure out in advance whether problems among patients would possibly arise on the floor, not the new born or the parents. After all, the hospital gladly took the money.

  39. Chana says:

    a friend just had twins at Lennox Hill in NYC. They are in the NICU and she is not being allowed to see them. Why? Because Jay Z & Beyonce rented the whole floor and no one else is being allowed access. She has contacted media outlets and they are ignoring it. Spread the word… Maybe someone can help fix this outrageous situation!

    1. The Realist says:

      The media outlets aren’t going to touch that because Jay-Z has enough influence to get their broadcast or publishing licenses revoked.

  40. Iysisrose says:

    People just love to cook things up for one I am a mother of two babies and for both I was able to wear heels and in pictures people didn’t notice I was pregnant. Beyonce has also always been private about her personal life we just saw one picture of her wedding recently and she never spoke about her relationship with jay-z so why would she talk about something more private like her pregnancy. People need to understand that she doesn’t need the publicity or money from selling her baby shower or pregnancy pictures because she is popular and rich. Congrats to them

  41. sandra allen says:

    Congradulation! Baby ivey blue carter on coming into this world. Beyonce,i will never believe you gave birth to this child. You were too secretative with this pregnancy. What happen to february birth?

  42. Roberta LLoyd says:

    Congrats to Baby Ivy. When something is done in such a shroud of secrecy it makes you wonder if the truth lies somewhere else. I agree with the comment comcerning a women’s metamorphisis during pregnancy. I am a mother of 3 boys (17, 24, 28). each time i was pregnant you could tell not just from the baby bump but there were tell tale signs throughout my entire body including my feet. I wish i could put on my high heeled shoes but I couldn’t. And SHAME ON YOU Lenox Hill Hospital for playing into this farce. I guess money can buy anything and anyone!!!

  43. LAY-Z says:

    Free cheese and grape soda foe everyone!!!!!!!!

  44. sandra allen says:

    This sure was a quick prenancy, why would anyone want to fake something so natural and precious that god gives to each woman on earth….. Whoever gave natural birth to baby ivey carter congradulations! On a successful healthy baby girl… I don’t believe beyonce carried a child in her stomach for nine months. We never say her stomach in the flesh, her nose did not spread, her feet were not swollen, her face was not fat, her neck did not have a fat black wring around it, her fingers did not swell, and she always looked the same in the media… I’m sorry beyonce, but real true ladies who are pregnant are not secretative with caring a child. They have baby showers, they take pictures of their belly with the black line going down the center of their stomach, their husbands are present in the delivery room filming, taking kodak pictures, & videoing their first born. None of these special sequence did’nt take place for you. Mariah carey, jessica simpson, alecia keys, jennifer hudson, fantasia, & even the camera lady on the wendy williams show all had body metamorphsis changes. Plus, they were happy to let the world see them pregnant! Beyonce, I am a mother of two kids & I know what a real woman looks like who is caring a child. Good luck on your adoption mother hood.

    1. Stupid Sandra says:

      You need a sllap in the face! I feel sorry for you dirt bag

    2. Sandra Allen's An IDIOT says:

      Um, did you ever see pictures of Victoria Beckham pregnant? She doesn’t ever gain an ounce or appear to endure all the “signs” of a pregnancy and she did indeed deliver FOUR children. Every woman is different when it comes to pregnancy. Those “signs” you mentioned do not occur for every woman, so give the world a break and shut your mouth.

    3. not the same Sandra! says:

      what a totally ignorant comment you left! and by the way “God” is always spelled with a capital G!

  45. Coco says:

    Our life is driven by total unconscious craziness. All the logical part in our brain just died long ago.If she will decided to give the birth of her child in total seclusion in her own home for $100 000 mostly,one million should go for charities of her choice in the celebration of a new human life.These people absolutely do not honor-respect money value and with no moral code–they just play God….just sad how far selfishness may go….

    1. Shea says:

      I agree to the fullest!

  46. Lynn Rose says:

    happy birthday ivy

  47. Charles DeWeese says:

    Terrible how they handled it. What if the fourth floor was needed for other patients?!

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