NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) –A U.S. senator is warning that a new batch of super painkillers now under review could lead to violent robberies.

Sen. Charles Schumer is urging the Food and Drug Administration to take extra care as it considers approving the drugs. He worries they would be prized on the black market.

1010 WINS Reporter Terry Sheridan was in midtown…

“We all know that with a rise in addicts comes a rise in the amount of related crime in the robberies of the pharmacies on Long Island,” he said.

He said he’s not against strong pain killers administered by doctors.

“Crooks like Oxycontin and Vicodin, yet you leave the doctor’s office, the dentist’s office, the oral surgeon’s office after you have a root canal, they routinely give you 20 to 30 of these pills. That can’t happen with these new powerful drugs,” he said.

A New Year’s Eve robbery at a Long Island pharmacy netted prescription painkillers and cash and left the robber and a federal agent shot dead. In June, four died in another Long Island pharmacy robbery in which 11,000 hydrocodone pills were stolen.

There was no immediate comment from the FDA on Schumer’s warning.

The Associated Press reported last month about addiction experts’ fears that the new drugs would lead to abuse.

What do you think? Are the new “Super Painkillers” necessary? Or do they pose a dangerous threat? Let us know in our comments section below…

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  1. Sarah Debenedetto says:

    dear senator,
    Drug companies are going to continue the manufacture of new products every day and continue to make deals with medical professionals so that they can all make money at the expense of their patients. Doctors will write prescriptions even when not needed and as often as they are requested. Is there a way that doctors can be monitored so that our children do not become addicted like my son, who passed away recently from a prescription drug overdose.

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Chuck Shumer can you please do something about men who are interested in other mens rectums in NYC.The Mayor the Governor and Cardinal Dolan support this type of behavior .There are law against it that must be enforced by the NYPD.

    1. CBS Employee says:

      I just LOVE to imitate other people’s names. Mostly because I’m a stupid f\/ck that nobody listens to.

  3. nycheb says:

    My Dear Senator< How do sleep with yu wife she looks like a man?

  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Is it because Schmucker is Jewish that he always makes some moronic announcement about policy on a Sunday.This man is a Schmuck as they say in Brooklyn NY..

  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Chuck Shumer is one of the biggest phonies in Washington.

    Instead of blaming the medication and pharmaceutical companies, try blaming the criminals and bad gun control laws in this country Mr. Senator.

    Try living with chronic daily pain like I do after being struck by a car in 2005 with a brain injury, broken shoulder and paralytic neuropathy in my right leg which has partial paralysis below the knee from nerve damage.

    I suffer every day from headaches, leg nerve pain, shoulder pain and arthralgia.

    My life is hell so don’t punish people like me to promote another agenda.

    Punish the criminals.

  6. Gregory Miller von Richter says:

    My Dear Senator: I regularly write to you on various subjects. Today I ran across a news story about your concerns concerning new painkillers. I am delighted to see you take a stand on this issue. I hold a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University Of New Haven and am also a LPN. I live in the Finger Lakes Region and as you know it is very rural here. I am deeply concerned about the amount of crime involved in the trafficing of pills in my community. I– like you–feel the development of “super painkillers” is completely unnecessary. I don’t think the research is that harmful and having patents issued is not that bad of idea–but to put them on the market at this time is unneeded. The profits made by the drug companies comes at a huge cost to average Americans by the amount of criminal activity these pills create. I know of no reason why we need newer painkillers. I guess it is just one more product to sell and has no redeeming value. I hope your quest is to slow down the marketing of these pills is successful

    1. mj says:

      ok so you’re an lpn . i’m a radiation therapist , i see people daily who are in excruciating pain , plus my mom suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. if they can develop pain meds that can ease their pain and suffering by all means do it . do it to HELP people and find a means to combat crime without denying people the pain meds they need

      1. Jessica Zaffarese says:

        As a Radiation Therapist–You must see folks that talk about people breaking in thier homes and stealing their pills. If it happens here in the sticks it must happen where you live. Some of your patients who have pain may end up being permanently relieved when they get shot in their homes if they walk in on a pill theft. I certainly am familiar with pain. I do know people suffer terribly–but aren’t the meds we have already sufficient? I am not against relieving pain–I am against drug companies pushing new meds that kids will want to steal. Can you disagree with that???

        1. Jessica Zaffarese says:

          The message that says from Jessica was written by me Gregory Miller von Richter. For some reason her email address ended up on my computer. I do know her and apolagize for the error.

          1. mj says:

            i’ve been a radiation therapist for for over 20 years in ny and nj and i’ve NEVER heard of anyone being help up for their pills. surepeople have stolm neds but 99 times out of a hundred its a famil member or friend. i’ve NEVER heard of a violent theft in a home.BTW no the meds we have now are NOT suuficient…peopled evelop tolerances to pain meds and they need stronger doses to get the same amount of relief . plus persons size and metabolism enter into it as well. like i said work on controling he criminals NOT peoples chances to be relieved from pain. SET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT

            1. Jessica Zaffarese says:

              Oh Yes Ma’m: I will certainly listen to You. You’re a Radiation Therapist. I wonder what 5 dead people in this tiny county here in the sticks would think about your opinion, seeing as the were murdered walking in on a pill theft. You can assult my nursing credentials all you want. However I also have a Associates, Bachelors and Masters degree in Criminal Justice and am very familiar with criminal activity including some valium stolen from my own home. I suggest you ask your local police about the number of pill thefts in your neighborhood –or do you have a private security staff protecting your home? I do understand how the body adjusts to medications. However there are perhaps over a dozen different one and they are not all of the same class. Don’t bother responding—I do not care to discuss this situation any further.

  7. truth says:

    then stop suing the doctors!!! many patients who are intolerant to pain or have a history of pain killer abuse requires stronger medications to minimize their pain. without such drugs, doctors get sued for improper management yielding millions of dollars of medical malpractice payout!

  8. Husband of chronic pain sufferer says:

    Senator Schumer needs to stop trying to get his name in the paper any way he can. He obviously has no idea what people go through who live with chronic pain; the inability to lead a normal life, the specter of being viewed as a drug abuser by every doctor who doesn’t understand pain management, the freedom that pain killers give just to function and not want to commit suicide everyday. Maybe if Senator Schumer would focus his attention on balancing the budget and and reversing the budget deficit, or fixing Social Security and Medicare, then he wouldn’t have to resort to headline grabbing.
    This “super painkiller” is a vital new weapon for fighting pain in those who have no other means to live a normal life. It is not “OxyC”, but a purified form of the same opiate, but contains no other analgesic (Tylenol or Panadol). Zohydro as one company is calling it, would give chronic pain suffers a new lease on life, offering more pain relief while taking fewer pills. Being more potent and extended release would allow patients to take fewer pills each day, giving their stomachs a break. With or without Zohydro, there will still be drug abusers and drug criminals, and they will commit their crimes regardless. But for the people who need it, it is manna from heaven.

  9. mj says:

    INSTEAD of worrying about how these drugs will be used illegally, more effort should be spent wondering how these new drugs can help the people who are in serious chronic pain that will benefit from their use

  10. Chuck Really? says:

    Yeah, and coffee mixed with orange juice will make you masterbate without compassion

  11. Mayor Koch's Tomb 4 sale says:

    “3 buck Chuck” go ,man go .
    On TV like every 15 seconds with a cause then he
    goes away. This talk about this OXYC. danger has been in the news
    for years ,but Chucky just found our about it.

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