CLIFTON, N.J. (1010 WINS) — What did he say??

While stumping for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, this weekend, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addressed a female heckler in the crowd.

Listen To Christie’s Comment Here

It’s not surprising that the loquacious governor responded to a heckler, but what he said is: “You know something may go down tonight, but it ain’t gonna be jobs sweetheart,” Christie can be heard saying to the woman.

Christie’s spokesman wouldn’t comment or clarify — only to urge you keep perspective over the nugget that dropped from Christie’s mouth, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

Sandberg talked to women in New Jersey and asked what they thought about Christie’s comment. Rebecca from North Bergen called the statement condescending and demeaning to women. “Every time you talk to somebody like that … it just doesn’t make you feel like you’re being considered or you’re being taken as a person.”

Theresa from Paramus said the following: “First off if a governor called me sweetheart, I’d have a couple of choice words for him right back. I don’t know what he means by ‘Something’s going down but not jobs.’ What’s going down? I don’t think he’s funny.”

“Oh My God. I am shocked,” added “Dawn.” “That’s just a pretty rude statement altogether. My jaw dropped. That’s like crude, crude–I’m sorry. Oh he needs to backpeddle fast.”

“It was a sexual comment and he shouldn’t have done that. He should have addressed her with respect,” Karen from Kinnelon said.

Christie has been stumping for the GOP presidential hopeful for weeks. Romney is heading into Tuesday’s primary in first place. The latest Suffolk University tracking poll has Romney at 35, Ron Paul at 20, Jon Huntsman at 11, Newt Gingrich at 9, Rick Santorum at 8 and Rick Perry at 1 percent.

What do you think he meant by the comment? Should he issue an apology to the heckler? Sound Off below

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  1. MouthWash says:

    Christie was telling the woman that she was “going down”–evidently on him. Since the woman wouldn’t willing go down on the rotund NJ governor, he was evidently implying that he would force her to give him head. He was saying, Stop interrupting me, or I’ll force you to fellate me. Basically, threatening rape. Very classy. The “sweetheart” at the end of the comment just emphasizes his disregard for the woman.

  2. Tania says:

    Don’t see any problem with Christie’s comment. The heckler should take a good look a her life, then apologize to everyone for her ridiculous outburst.

  3. sharon johnson says:

    I live in the state of New Jersey and this man is so fell of his self he is always stepping out of line he needs to go fine his feet, i wonder when was the last time he seen his feel. he is a 600 hundred pound fool.

  4. Gov munchabunch says:

    Its a sad state of New Jersey when Snooki and the Situation are not the lowest form of Jersey life and the Gov is

  5. markz says:

    I want to add that I am moved how the liberals posting on this site – you know liberals, who portray themselves as the tolerant, kind party – just seem to enjoy calling Christie fat. That’s mature – and kind, and tolerant.

    1. Amy says:

      I agree, enough is enough, he replied to rudeness with rudeness…..not a Christie fan but I think his remark was taken totally out of context. We are all human beings subject to human emotions……even if you are Governor!!!

  6. niklu52 says:

    I don’t understand why this windbag is allowed to travel anywhere/anytime he feels like it on NJ money? Are these vacations he is taking? Who is paying for these trips? Hotel… large amounts of food…. gas…. security.. time away from work?
    Why isn’t he here doing NJ work on NJ salary?
    How many days vacation is he allowed?

  7. Tommy C says:

    She got what she deserved Classless heckling met with a Classless remark. Hey, Sweetheart if you can stand the heat get the hell out of the kitchen………………LMAO

  8. MarkZ says:

    Do you think a Presidental hopeful in 4 or 8 years – at a public forum – would tell a heckler that she was going to deliver oral sex? He was clearly telling her that she was going down – in the traditional sense of a fighter telling their opponent they are going down. As for sweetheart, so what. I t was used as a prejorative manner – but, she was the freakin’ protester iwho was interrupting – should she be called madam?

  9. Carol M. says:

    I’m so sick of this – on all sides.

    Our governing body stinks in every direction. Glad my WWII veteran parents, and relatives are deceased and cannot see what our country, the country they loved, believed in, and fought for, has become!

    Shame on you all!

    1. Beyonce says:

      Up yours, sweetcakes!

  10. Ron says:

    Are you so dumb not to realize they were equally offended by the word and “timing” of sweetheart?

  11. jerseyjoey says:

    Oh my, look at all these wonderful open minded liberals who say they are fair and compassionate and stand tall for the human condition, PHaaaaaaa what a bunch of Horse hockey people they are, all you liberals do is pick on Christies physical problems but he cant help being a fat sewer speaking liar , so lighten up on the fat comments, does not look good for your lost causes. Me i say this,Christie has done nothing of any real difference than any other Gov, his claim to the fame of the conseritive rich is, (Hey look i laid off thousands of state workers and cut the pensions so you can save money to hire illegal Mexicans to manicure your yards) End Quote. So be happy with your remedial jobs or he will cut you next.

  12. Andrew Nutra says:

    What kind of response was the heckler expecting from him?

    1. Angelica says:

      Something intelligent…..

  13. Ramona LeBlanc says:

    This is par for this dolt! He was asked by one of his constituents (not a heckler) why he didn’t send his children to public school since he said the education programs can do with less money. “Frankly, it’s none of your business,” was the reply. He reminds me of an old-time gangster used to getting his way by force if necessary. Sick, sick man.

  14. HERMAN WYATT says:


  15. spicer says:

    That sounds like you believe in the ‘eye for an eye’ approach…?
    Regardless of what any heckler says, the “leader” should not respond the way he did. And his response was wrong on two levels – – the crudity of the ‘going down’ part, and the tone/timing/use of ‘sweetheart’. People use that, or similar words, when they try to get the upper hand by condescension such as this. As to those who think women are getting bent out of shape here, no, we’re not. We’re just noting that what Christie has said here speaks volumes about his shortcomings and his lack of fitness for leadership. He is a childish bully, a control freak who lacks even the most basic level of self control. He is just plain foul.

  16. Howard Beck says:

    interesting on how cbs left out the hecklers comments. nah it’s not interesting it’s typical

  17. Woody McBreairty says:

    This dude is a pig – in more ways than one. Disguting morbidly obbese porker

  18. sharon wolff says:

    I agree heckling a speaker is rude. However, I hope Romney does not consider Gov Christie as his running mate. The larger than life Gov of my home state would be an embarrasment to the world!

    1. President Christie will happen says:

      He would be better off as President .Actually there is noone running that he won’t beat.

  19. Mack Seagrave says:

    “What did he say??” … ‘SUPER-SIZE that order … I didn’t become morbidly obese by watching what I eat …’ Christie is as ignorant as he is enormous and he and Romney deserve each other.

  20. Caroline Sauers says:

    He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. In other words. If you want to heckle.. be prepared to be hekled back. TWICEFOLD!

    1. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

      Is Christie doing all this stumping for Romney on his own dime, or is he still drawing a salary while not Governing in NJ. Last time I looked, NJ needs a full time Governor not a VP wannabe, but on second thought, maybe him being out of the picture here is a good thing.

  21. Jay says:

    You all have got to be kidding. Do you mean to tell me women that you will dwell on this comment made by our Governor. I hope this is the worse tragedy that occurs in your life. Really, give us all a break and find something relevant and important to complain about. Truly this is a joke. I feel sorry for your significant others if god forbid they ever call you sweetheart. I feel sorry for those guys that chose to live with you.

  22. Jay says:

    You all have got to be kidding. Do you mean to tell me women that you will dwell on this comment made by our Governor. I hope this is the worse tragedy that occurs in your life. Really, give us all a break and find something relevant and important to complain about. Truly this is a joke. I feel sorry for your significant others if god forbid they ever call you sweetheart. I fell sorry for those guys that chose to live with you.

    1. Alan says:

      Uh, the offensive part was the “go down”, not the sweetheart. Are you really that dumb and don’t know what that means.

  23. nsnyder says:

    “Sweetheart?” This is the comment from a presidential supporter? How about “Humpty Dumpty!” Christie shows is disdain for women AND anyone that bothers him over and over again. He is an embarrassment to politics. “Humpty Dumpty” is a bully and anyone that has him in their campaign will loose my vote. I used to like Romney. Not any more!

  24. Paul G says:

    Again the good ole media leaves out the other half of the story. She came in disrupting an event and Christie gave it to her.

  25. Amy says:

    He is not tactful, for sure but I agree with a couple of other posters who said we are “just too sensitive” if you are going to be rude, you should not expect to be treated with respect.

  26. Derek says:

    And the feminists claws come out. Would you have had a problem if Bachman told a male heckler to grow some balls. The problem is people show up to stuff just to instigate things. It’s no different than the kids that push teachers to the breaking point then film them snapping, and the teacher gets fired.

    1. Alan says:

      You do realize that “go down” refers to oral sex. The more direct analogy would be if Bachman said “blow me”. You think that might just be a little crude?

      1. Silence the sheep says:

        You realize he may just simply means the jobless rate is not going down overnight but she will be taken down (removed by security??!)

        A man that’s not afraid and dance around things is a good leader to run the country!

        1. Alan says:

          Sure, that’s what he meant. And if I call you a tool, that is referring to a hammer or screwdriver. Can you be that obtuse?

          1. Jay Dee says:

            Something is going down, not someONE is going down. Sheesh, you can find a grade school sexual reference in just about anything, ie Rick SANTORUM

  27. jh says:

    everytime I see him he looks fatter…he needs a relay team to put his belt on….how could anyone ever vote for someone with so little discipline…the real shocker is he doesn’t seem embarassed by looking like an elephant…

  28. Nick R. says:

    come on now, this is getting ridiculous. Why isn’t what she heckled being reported?? -the other half of this is being left out. He responded swiftly to someone mocking him and Mr. Romney and someone clearly not part their event. Christie isn’t phased by hurting people’s feelings because the work he’s done speaks for it itself. New Jersey needs to wake up from the fantasy world John Corzine left them in (and carried on to MF Global!) and start actually acknowledging tremendous amount of fiscal rehabilitation Chris Christie has done for their state.

  29. Steve M says:

    She should follow Debbie Wasserman Shultz around and heckle that moron.

    1. The Nanny says:

      Wasserman-Schultz reminds me of Fran Drescher and they are both from Forest Hills, except Fran Drescher is attractive.

  30. Chris says:

    I can’t stand the guy but the last time I checked heckling was also considered rude. She got what she deserved IMO. We’re too sensitive these days it makes me sick.

    1. Steve M says:

      yes Chris,you are correct.

      1. steve m says:

        wait your turn and then ask your question.

    2. nsnyder says:

      Political candidates need to keep their cool. Their will always be hecklers. SO if Christie was on a world wide tour and someone bothered him it is OK to be as ass? These politicians are supposed to represent the American people. “Humpty Dumpty” just fell off the wall. He is a rude bully.

    3. stivee says:

      How come white men are always asking why everyone’s so sensitive?

  31. Will says:

    It’s scary how much political influence this bully has.

    1. steve M says:

      and you have to respect a heckler?. She’s a POS.

      1. Then we are all POS says:

        She’s not running for office, she can be what she wants. An elected official there on public dollars or public time – requires him to act with decorum.

        When we start celebrating thugs with power and criminalize grievances, we should all be looking at what isn’t making this country great anymore, and it ain’t just Romney’s corporate raider mentality.

        1. Jen says:

          We’ve seen this before with Chris Christie – yelling in an ugly fashion at a woman when she asked him about where his kids go to school on a radio show. The man has no filter on his mouth. And yes, I would be quite rankled if a “leader” patronized me with “sweetheart”. And yes, if Michele Bachmann told a male heckler to grow some, I’d be offended, too.

  32. lilly Brown says:

    And he thinks “Jersey Shore ” is an embarrassment to NJ? Who is he kidding.

  33. None Of Your Business says:

    Christie is a male Republican. Need any further explanation as to why he would make a rude, lewd comment to a woman? He’s a male Republican. He’s a Neanderthal.

    1. Laughing at it All says:

      And Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer were always perfect gentlemen around women. Get a clue.

  34. Donna Skjeveland says:

    to call him a pig would be an insult to pigs

    1. karen says:

      well said donna!

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