Lenox Hill Hospital Issues Statement, Calls Media Reports Inaccurate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy Carter this weekend, and issued the following statement Monday:

Hello Hello Baby Blue!  We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.  Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.  She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives.

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

– Beyoncé & JAY Z

However, the joyous occasion has landed Lenox Hill Hospital in the middle of a controversy.

One new parent at the hospital is furious, claiming Blue Ivy’s arrival kept them from spending time with their own newborns in intensive care.

Neil Nash-Coulon of Bedford-Stuyvesant said hospital security kept putting the hallway on lockdown to accommodate Beyonce’s visitors.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: All Babies Are Not Created Equal

“People don’t need to be treated like this when dealing with sick children,” Coulon said.

Coulon said Lenox Hill Hospital kept his family out of the waiting area.

“They should have been more strategic with where they put her,” Coulon said. “You can’t cordon off the [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit]. These are small newborns who need care, and you’re just going to take over the hospital like you own it?”

Furious new dad Edgar Ramirez told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez the superstars’ security wouldn’t let him into the intensive care unit to see his newborn daughter, Charlotte.

“I was arguing with the security guards to go see my baby. ‘Why not? We can’t, we can’t.’ I couldn’t see my baby until three hours later because of the security,” Ramirez said.

Lenox Hill Hospital Executive Director Frank Danza issued the following statement in response to what he calls inaccurate news media reports regarding the presence of the Carter family at the hospital:

Lenox Hill Hospital and its staff were delighted to welcome the Carter family for the birth of their firstborn on Saturday evening, but we are troubled by the misinformation being circulated in some news media reports. The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true. The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations.

Our executive suites are available for any patient, including the food service and amenities provided to the Carter family.

The family does have its own security detail on site. However, the hospital has been and continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility. We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days. No security plan that we or the Carter’s security team put in place would have prevented or delayed families from gaining access to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and to date, no families have complained to the hospital about being denied access to the NICU.

Lenox Hill Hospital takes patient privacy and safety very seriously. And while we congratulate the Carter family on the birth of their child, we value the loyalty of ALL of our patients and always strive to ensure a positive experience, knowing that the birth of a child is a wonderful moment producing memories that last a lifetime.”

Coulon said his family and other patients affected deserve an apology.

“We shouldn’t have to deal with drama because they’re superstars… It isn’t fair,” he said.

Patient advocates said if the allegations are true the hospital needs to make ammends.

“When their privacy interferes with the privacy of other rights of patients or rights of other families who are caring for those parents, that’s really when the line is crossed,” Dr. Paul Appelbaum told CBS 2’s Sanchez.

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  1. laffin'atcha says:

    So the supporter of OWS pays, according to the article, $1.3 MILLION to rent the floor. Simple solution to the problem, call out JayZ for the hypocrite that he is AND offer the chance to rent out the floor to all the other parents. If they can’t, or choose not to, rent the entire floor then STFU and quit whining. Fact is JayZ is a 1% who BUYS what he feels he wants or needs. So he does deserve the VIP treatment he bought and paid for. Don’t like it, quit buying their music and supporting their lifestyle.

    1. Mike says:

      If it was a conservative white person, I.e. Trump, E Hasslebeck, Rush or Sean Hanniety, what would the liberal press and liberal warriors say?

      1. single-payer says:

        Flash. It’s because the baby didn’t look like Jay-Z.

        1. David Lanham says:

          Who is Jay-Z?

          1. youngfart says:

            Who is Bounce? I thought it was fabric softener.

            1. The First Wookie says:

              What a surprise! Bounce and Lay-Z have an illegitimate shorty.

            2. The Sage Waitress says:

              In true fashion with 70% of their kind.

              Entertainment is the opiate of the masses.

            3. freecheese says:

              “They ain’t married ?” Well heck, this is a good start on multiple-fathered “chillins.” Their fame is mostely fueled by the hopeless ghetto culture.
              Maybe she will turn up on Jenny Craig commercials.

          2. ShellShocked says:

            Oh my gosh… did I stumble into a Klan meeting?

            1. robert frost says:

              no kidding.

        2. Bawanna says:

          LMMFAO 🙂

      2. Bradley Allen says:

        if it was a conservative white person they would not do such a sociopathic, senseless and shameful thing. This is the difference. The black on white racism is off the scale. Clearly while the vile gutter trash celebrities earn big bucks for spreading trash, who ever was in charge at that hospital needs to be not only fired but prosecuted. This amounts to a terrorist style attack, and parents, NORMAL parents should be infuriated, this could have easily escalated into violence, but then consider the source? lawless, anti social thugs and animals use cash to what?? if I were in charge, I’d have called in the national guard to regain control of the hospital and tell the SWAT team to be standing by

          1. george says:

            I liked “holier than though.”

        1. lars brew says:

          yes, like Newt. You picked a perfect example. We all know about Newt and his crap because the media reported it. Because he is conservative. Thanks for helping us make our point.

          1. Jacob says:

            Newt is not a conservative. He is a moderate at best. Also, it does not matter the skin color. When celebrities pull this crap it just stinks overall.

          2. Michael H. says:

            …and the media isn’t reporting this? your point is moot because “both sides of the aisle” are being reported on.

        2. Bradley Allen says:

          len thats a very vile thing to write there. I recommend trying to clean up your mind, it may help you in other ways as well.

          Some people have values which means, for example, they make a decision NOT to tell lies and stand by it. Or it means to live by the Golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Now I know this is a strange and unfamiliar way of thinking to so many out there, but this is what civilized and normal people do.

          I do know a fair amount about white supremacy, and can say that I am not part of it.

          Newt nor other normal people would have done this kind of domestic terrorism, but look at who it was, thats not a racist comment, its factual.

          And I suspect you are a liberal because of bringing up the Newt and 3 wives thing; and to say conservatives caught in scandals? to imply no democrat has ever done anything wrong?

          1. Michael H. says:

            Democrats don’t run as champions of “american/conservative/family/christian values” and subsequently get caught looking for sex in mens’ rooms, on their third wives, trolling craigslist, etc. etc. etc. Yes democrats, just like any other politicians, get caught in scandals. It’s the hypocrisy of it when it comes to conservatives that is laughable.

            1. Darren says:

              Yes, shameless democratic party members know all too well that by keeping their standards as low as possible, and by infecting the culture with their low standards, that no one will blink when they steal lie and cheat. No one lifts an eyebrow when the pervert is a democrat because we all expect it.

              1. James says:

                Because clearly Republicans are the epitome of honesty and truth. Seems to be the only low standards are set by people who stand on either party and not in the middle–morons such as yourself.

                “No one lifts an eyebrow when the pervert is a democrat because we all expect it.”

                Herman Cain, Christopher Lee, Mark Foley, Bob Packwood, Strom Thurmond…the list goes on. It’s not like any of these Republicans ever had a perverted sex scandal right?

                Oh wait….

          2. Anonymoose says:


          3. Tamalezebra says:

            You know who the liberals are by their bad manners and foul language.

            1. Jeff Sayin says:

              And you know who the conervatives are because they spend all their time completely off topic trying to insulting liberals with false stereotypes.

              1. Turban says:

                You know who the liberals are by their fascination with body fluids and effluents.

        3. konc1 says:

          You know how you can spot a dumbass liberal like len? They always tell you that they are not a liberal and then go one to spot moronic liberal horsedung. Try another tactic leftwing troll.

        4. SeanIndy says:

          You missed the point. It isn’t about how many wives Gingrich has had. It’s about the fact that someone with tons of money can buy a hosptial floor and exclude other people from seeing their own babies. Especially someone who supports the anarchy that is the “occupy” movement, then turn around and exclude the very people he supposes to support. How many conservative, Tea Party movement people have purchased a hospital floor so that other people, the “99%” couldn’t even see their own babies? in the ICU no less…?

        5. Zeke says:

          Hey Len,
          Your response is quite enigmatic. Provides a hint that the wheels are not turning very well in your wheelhouse… 🙂 Please explain what there is about Newt Gingrich and his life having anything at all to do with what Bradley Allen (and just about everybody else here) stated? Judging by your clumsy and childish reply, you apparently feel it your place to provide a defensive justification for the behavior of marginally talented, overpaid “entertainers” that bring nothing to the table of humanity other than their boorish behavior and childish cravings for attention.

        6. Deb G. says:

          You have it completely wrong. You might actually look it up before you repeat lies. Gingrich did not cheat on his ill wife. He and his wife split up because it was her desire to do so and she was not ill at the time they split. When he visited her in the hospital it was also at her request so her could sign some divorce papers.

          What Bradley Allen was trying to point out, is that now that there is a black man in the WH, black racism towards whites is getting extremely blantant and no one calls them on it. I don’t care how much money you have, who should have the rights to block other parents from seeing their newborns? No one. It should be equal treatment for all patients regardless of money and fame.

          Why does it seem, that when you put liberals in power they always go overboard, stompping all over everyone else’s rights?

        7. Michelle says:

          what!? The black on white racism is off the scale?? This has nothing to do with Race… If this was true all parents couldn’t see their children not just white parents….

        8. norma says:

          animals and anti-social thugs? where the hell did you get that from? There is nothing bad in either of their music. Terrorist style attack? What are you talking about? First you say a conservative white person wouldn’t do such a thing, then you start the white conservative bs calling them names? Are you mad because they are successful and black? Good Lord, the article even states that none of this were true and that the hospital maintained security at all times. These people that complained were probably jerks like you that hate black people.

      3. suzanne says:

        all hell would brake loose!!!!

        1. norma says:

          break. go back to school.

      4. PowerPC says:

        This is a perfect example of how people with money get treated versus the average citizen. This is absolutely ridiculous that people could not see their children because these spoiled pop stars think they are better than everyone else. What other reason would they have for keeping the other parents away from their children? I do not care about their stardom, they should not rent floors to anyone and block average people from seeing their babies. I hope some of those parents sue the hospital and the Jay-Z’s or whatever they call their saturated superiority over everyone else. Why did they not go to a large hospital like the John Hopkins or any of the other large hospitals on the east coast?

        1. Mary Zahm says:

          Where are the “occupiers” when you need them?

        2. Martha says:

          That is very true… It doesn’t matter if they are conservative, liberal, independent, black, white, hispanic, asian or middle-eastern. Money talks!

      5. SandyLester says:

        It would not be an issue, the people you mentions would not have considered themselves privileged to disrupt the lives of others. It is only liberals who feel they are entitled.

        1. Anthony Cavalea IV says:

          @SandyLester: VERY insightful!!!!

          Sandy’s Comment: “It would not be an issue, the people you mentions would not have considered themselves privileged to disrupt the lives of others. It is only liberals who feel they are entitled.”

      6. BUCK says:


        ROUGH CROWD!!!!!


      7. Kathleen says:

        I’m not sure who is worse….the people with the nerve to ask for this to happen, or the people who allow it.

      8. Pat in NJ says:

        You know what I object to?? The fact that CBS 2 led off its 5 o’clock news program with this story. WHO CARES???? This belongs on those “Insider”-type entertainment programs with the rest of the tabloid garbage. Those shows are fine for people who like that sort of thing—-the rest of us can choose not to watch. If you have to lead off your newscasts this way to attract viewers, something is very wrong with your programming.

      9. Jeff says:

        Isn’t Blue a name of a dog? I know of a lot of hound dogs in the south named Blue. Also one that gives out clues!

    2. Fred Sherman says:

      Oh hell no. I don’t care who they are or how much money they have. This is a damned NICU! The health and welfare of the children in their care trumps money and “privacy” (i.e. I don’t want any paparazzi taking pictures of my baby). The affected parents should band together and file a class action lawsuit against the hospital, Z-Jay and Bouncy charging negligence, neglect of minors, unlawful restraint, and medical malpractice. Donate the proceed to charity, but establish case law showing this is illegal.

      1. Mike says:

        Just because the parents weren’t there doesn’t mean they weren’t receiving care. Do you have any evidence of that?

        Think like a free market advocate. If you don’t like the service, let everybody know. They will lose customers and go out of business or change their ways. Problem solved.

        I agree though, the whole situation is stupid and was avoidable while securing their bought and paid for privacy.

        1. beentheredonethat says:

          you’re clueless. babies in nicu need their parents there. mothers have to provide breast milk. dads feed babies and are back up.

          1. Jeff Sayin says:

            Completely clueless – I have been in an NICU with a 2 year old and thought that a hospital would allow somebody to show up and spend lots of money and deny the ability of another parent to be with their sick child is reprehensible.

            Shame on Jay-Z and Lennoz Hill Hospital for expecting and delivering VIP treatment at the expensive of other patients.

            1. Mike B says:

              A 2 yr old in neonatal? Neonatal pertains to newborns.

              1. Jana says:

                NICU is for more than newborns.

        2. KimH says:

          Mike, you are really stupid. They are going to move sick infants out of NICU because Beyonce and Jay Z are so fricking special? How,exactly, do you suggest the other less-than-full-of-themselves non-superstars get out of the way of these two idiots? I can only imagine your reaction to being told you couldn’t visit your critically ill infant because some idiots with more money than sense said so. Yeah, right.

          1. norma says:

            It clearly states in the article that the hospital sent out a statement that none of these claims were true and that no one can rent out an entire floor of the hospital. It said that jayz and beyonce’s families were in a private suite and the hospital maintained control of security. Maybe this one guy was lying because I can’t see the hospital denying parents to see their infants in nicu. Hospitals just don’t work that way.

        3. neattrick says:

          Oh wow Mike – all of the sudden the hospital is a business with customers??? Wait, I’m confused. I thought it was just a building that doled out health care entitlements. What happened?

        4. Fred Sherman says:

          Parents are ALWAYS the primary care giver and decision maker. BY LAW, they are entitled to 24×7 access to their child. Stop defending the indefensible.

          1. Chris says:

            Well said, and thank you Fred, for the best comments on this thread.

            I am about to have my child in a couple months, and it bring tears to my eyes to even THINK if something were to go wrong and to be denied access to my child in distress!!

            SHAME on Beyonce and Jay-Z!!! I will NEVER support any of their work. Selfish bourgeouis hypoocrites.

        5. Jan S says:

          The evidence is the mother of the commoner baby was denied access to her child. Some NICU babies can be fine one minute and then turn the next day and die. And parents are crucial for recovery for mother’s milk as well as comfort and holding of the child. Doctors and nurses don’t provide all the care.
          If that was my baby, you bet I would be mouthing of about the treatment. Imagine if a parent was told that they couldn’t visit the NICU that day and their baby took a turn for the worse and died.
          I agree, selfish, self absorbed individuals who are probably pandering to the highest bidding rag mag for their baby’s pic.

        6. Rich1776Patriot says:

          If my newborn was in the ward at the time, they couldn’t hire enough security to keep me out. Keeping me away from my infant at that time would be tantamount to kidnapping in my eyes. This kind of two-faced arrogance is, supporting OWS, and pulling this kind of crap at the same time is mind boggling when one considers that the liberal lame-stream media just doesn’t seem to see it.

      2. Schleuser says:

        If he get access to my newborn denied, i would rally the parents and break his head open.

    3. Paul says:

      Well said. I despise folks that pick on rich folks for spending their money on the finer things of this life. I do not think JayZ was in wrong. I think Lenox Hill was. They owe poor Coulon an apology. In fact a dare say they should compensate her for the pain. She paid to get a service as well, but it seems like Lenox Hill did not give do their part very well.

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        And II despised rich folks think that because they have money their baby deservers special treatment at the expense of other sick children – hell reserves a special place for such vermin

    4. Ashley says:

      He is not a supporter of OWS, he tried to profit off of it. Please don’t associate him with the movement.

      1. Fred Sherman says:

        OWS is only a movement in the same sense that a bowel movement is a movement. Irrelevant neo-hippies that don’t even realize the strings were being pulled in Toronto, Canada by a socialist organization.

        Dance, puppets, dance. Lenin called you useful idiots.

        1. noryne says:

          totally agree , these people are being used and don’t even know it , so sad ,maybe instead of sitting in parks all day they should be sitting in a library reading on how this country was founded and why it works better then any other !!!

          1. Jeff Sayin says:

            ANd you are being used by Fox News to spew your anti-OWS hatred – so sad.

            1. youranidiot says:

              And you, sir… are just a tool.

            2. james4usa says:

              noryne can spew what he pleases and hate them too.You must love Stalin eh Jeff Sayin.

          2. mastermind says:

            I think, you should spend more time in the library as well… If you think United-states is better than any other country out there, keep reading because you have been brainwash… % homeless? USA financial situation (how much you guys own to china?)? …and the list goes on….

            Jay-z & Miss B. didn’t do anything wrong, the hospital didnt handle the situation correctly and yes I ague that the parents who were affected should sue the hospital !!!
            P.s: Jay-z was just trying to protect his newborn baby at any mean necessary…
            Any parents who had money would have done the same thing…

            1. MorganGray says:

              Hey… um… mastermind?
              If you think there is a better country on earth, please feel free to leave this one.
              And perhaps you should go back to middle school where you might learn how to spell, punctuate and capitalize.
              Yes, those two pieces of human debris *did* do wrong. I seriously doubt the hospital would have forbidden parents to see their children had your idols (and I mean that in the Biblical sense) not demanded special treatment.
              I could protect my newborn well enough without having to close an entire hospital unit in the process – it’s called the Second Amendment.
              And no, jackass, any parent with money would not have done the same thing. They might have gone to a private hospital where they could have arranged extra security, or they may have made similar arrangements at this hospital. No, mastermind, I have to read this for just what it is; a desperate grab for publicity at the expense of their child.

        2. Justme says:


    5. JEANIE BAUM says:

      I think that Celebrity’s ( most of them anyway ) are too prideful, and full of themselves – If other parents were inconvenienced, to get to their babies, because of these celebrities, then that’s awful. talk about Ur predjudices. Ur not famous so Ur baby doesn’t matter. If this did happen and I was one of the other parents, I’d sue them for what happened.

    6. Ghostsouls says:

      They have enough money between the two of them to birth at home and not interrupt other newborns and parents. Why is their baby any more important, than other babies in the hospital, especially those in neonatal?? The should have put her in a room even on another floor where she would be the least obtrusive to others. Right after the birth of a baby, especially those babies that are sick or starting to nurse are very important for bonding and/or healing. That time can never be regained. Not to mention the hospital made allowances for people NOT the parents of that baby, just regular visitors, over actual patients and newborn patients. Sue them, that is the only thing they understand.

    7. Bette Napier Pritchett says:

      I could not have said it better. WHY do people pay such outrageous amounts to these singers, etc. All they do is vibrate their vocal cords, they are not solving the world’s problems or discovering the cure for a disease or doing inventions like Steve Jobs to make ALL our lives better. Just stop paying them!!!

    8. Barry Wisecrack says:

      The National Enquirer is paying these losers 1.5 million for exclusive rights to the pics of the baby and didn’t want any accidental pics that could be sold. These people don’t understand that class doesn’t come from money. She did a concert in Libya for Gaddafi’s birthday and got a million dollars that they kept.

    9. Clarity-jane Seer says:

      He is nothing but a puppet and a mouth piece for the Illuminati and the NWO.

    10. Helen Whitcomb says:

      Celebrities should NOT go into a business that makes them ‘so special’ that the rest of us can’t live our lives as normal. NO HOSPITAL SHOULD CATER TO THESE SO CALLED STARS HO ARE ADDICTED TO APPLAUSE. Maybe they should build a maternity wing n those big ass mansions they live it to birth their offspring and leave the rest of us to live our lives without having to bow down to these flash in the pan celebrities.

      1. jbmw says:

        AMEN! I actually liked Bounce once, but have lot any and all respect for her after this.

    11. Bill K says:

      Jay Z is not a supporter of OWS; he is a hip capitalist who tried to exploit and rip off the OWS name and make money for himself by selling t-shirts. He is fundamentally a parasite. As to the 99 percenter parents who were not allowed to see their own children because of the arrogance of the talentless1 percenter parents Jay Z and Beyonce, and because of Lenox Hill Hospital’s capitulation to wealth and fawning over useless celebrities, they should sue both the hospital and the happy couple for everything they can get.

    12. nicanora says:

      LOL! You people are so funny! I love and live to read comments.

    13. beazr says:

      He doesn’t care OR support OWS take your lies some where else. He wanted to profit off OWS hence the occupy everything t-shirts he was selling NOT giving away.

    14. Chris says:

      Exactly. Most Hip Hop main stream is 1% and don’t care about any of us

    15. Jeff Sayin says:

      Jay-Z has nothing to do with OWS but nice try to link the two. Also note that Drudge Report is linking to this article which explains all the off-topic liberal bashing from trolls.

    16. Logo4245 says:

      Thank you for pointing out the obvious hypocrisy that seems to escape so many. Such as The Wonderful Health Care Package that we all have to pay for and use while Obama and friends get personal waivers and gold plated health care. When will people realize that the Democrats who champion the poor NEED POOR PEOPLE. They do not want you to prosper or stray off the plantation. They need you to be poor – it suit their agenda. I am always amazed at how many people are willing to live on food stamps so that Democrats and their cronies can live like this.

    17. k says:

      Ghetto thug behavior.

    18. freecheese says:

      Who made this lard-ass buckwheat “Royalty?” While I am at it, I will never forget the cruel treatment that Condoleeza Rice went through for having her “Afro” locks straigheted. Political cartoons portrayed her is a monkey in a tree. She was said to “be ashamed of her race,” by straightining her hair.
      NEVER said anything about Oprah, though.

      1. just sayin' says:

        That’s cause Oprah wears a wig, she’s ashamed of her real hair.

    19. pammie says:

      When these antiamerican pigs dance for terrorists especially the pap smear dance, they can afford anything they want. An ugly baby already.

    20. Sassy McFattle says:

      Jay-Z and his gang bangin jungle boyz be smokin dat crack on da hospital floor.
      jay-z aka:lay-z and his Bouncy ho bit.h be gettin down wit dem jay-z lips on big butt bouncy’s fat tail.
      Dem jungle animals be partyin and gettin down wit dem hoes from da hood.

    21. Anita Shaw says:

      Maybe concerned parents need to do an ” O NICU” in a protest. This proves that there are two Americas, One for the political connected elites and we 99% working slubs have to suck it up. Outraged.

    22. Marilyn says:

      I wish that mother that was shutout from the neonatal unit,SUES the hospital. It’s pretty disgusting how they take over. She wants all this security, give birth in you own home. Who do they think they are anyway??

    23. robin duncan says:

      theres about 70 % of us who dont buy his or her crap and everyone needs to pull their head out of all superstars a z z es

    24. norma says:

      according to the article, they did NOT rent out the entire floor! can’t you read?

    25. LiliQ says:

      The floor security was rented out, and access to the floor was rented out, but the patients there didn’t give consent, soo–

      There is a problem when someone else sells rights they don’t own.

    26. Rae says:

      So let’s say your child is born a severe premie that may not even live and is in the NICU hooked up to monitors, machinery etc. and every moment may be the last, you would be comfortable not being there to hold your dying baby for the sake of JayZ and Beyonce??? What if these peoples children died and they couldn’t get to them….oh no let me change it because you don’t care about these peoples children because these two useless hip hoppers are more important…what if YOUR CHILD DIED AND THEY WOULDN’T LET YOU IN….PLEASE DON’T HAVE KIDS

    27. dave mowers says:

      Poor people have no voice only money vote in America. Give up thinking this was ever a democracy and know point blank, CAPITALISM IS A FRAUD.

  2. Bubby says:

    I’m sure POTUS and FLOTUS were there. Spend it whilst they can.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Do you have proof of this visitation?

      1. The First Wookie says:

        We have proof that you are either jetblack or suffer from white guilt.

        1. Michael H. says:

          First of all, Wookiee is spelled with 2 e’s. Secondly, what does my race have anything to do with this?

          I forgot, this article got linked on Stormfront and Drudge, so of course you’re going to bring race into this.

  3. Dee Stone says:

    Apology? If I was denied access to my child the hospital and M/M Diva would hear from my lawyer.

    1. Lisa Rogers Krause says:

      MY thoughts exactly! I dont care if they’re superstars…they dont own the whole dang hospital!

    2. Captain-Mac says:

      Agreed … this is de facto kidnapping

    3. Deskboy says:

      Oh I would be a little more vocal than that. Let’s say that someone would be spending the night in the hospital or the morgue, and the other would be in jail.

      1. HeadHoncho says:

        agree 100% with who posted the comment about those barring entry to my newborn spending the night in ICU or the mourge. There is nobody that would have kept me from my offspring – nobody and nothing.

      2. len says:

        “the morgue” really? you talk a big game behind a keyboard chump.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          LOL who says they would be dead? You make assumptions… They would no longer be working with newborns, they wo0uld be working in the morgue with dead people… quit taking things out of context….LOL

    4. GreatGranny Smith says:

      Sue. That’s the only way to show this is America! Be grateful it wasn’t MY CHILD and I was being denied access. Revenge is the only solution.

    5. Hospital wins says:

      Should read hospital policy then.Hospital is in right legally not morally.

      1. Ghostsouls says:

        BS there is NO hospital policy that says celebrities giving birth, will seal off floors and that parents of newborns would be denied access to their babies while celebrity couples are there giving birth.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          This is from Lenox HIl POlicy: “Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU)

          Parents may visit at any time except 7:00am-9:00am and 7:00pm and 9:00pm and during physician rounds.
          All visitors must be accompanied by the infant’s parent and only two visitors (including the parent) are permitted at a time. Visitors must be at least 16 years old.”

          The woman was denied her rights to visit her own baby. Upon reading the rest of the policy, I see nothing in there that says that sections of any part of the hospital can be shut down completely from patients and/or newborn because celebrities are there and to accommodate their visitors. Google is your friend…go find it and read yourself.

          1. Kaththee says:

            I stayed with my babies during ”rounds” too. I did not allow my children to be separated from me at all in the hospital. The doctor had the choice of seeing my babies in my room or seeing letting me follow them in the nursery. I didn’t care. My husband followed them to the nursery for that first exam. Parents have a right to complete access to their children. I don’t trust strangers with my children. With my first baby I trusted the nurses and they let my baby scream and writhe until she had rubbed the skin off her knees and elbows. After that she stayed with me. They would have had to call the police and lock me up if they had tried to keep me from one of my children after that. Beonce is nothing special and either is her baby. I can’t believe other parents were kept from their sick babies so no pictures were leaked of that Diva’s little publicity stunt in diapers.

  4. Saxophones-too says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. Royalty have always received special privileges.

    I still remember when that ambulance-chasing, filthy-rich, phony John Edwards was running around squawking about two Americans. My thoughts were always, yeh phony, the one you live in and the one I live in.

  5. Maud St. James says:

    How disgraceful that a once-great hospital should cave in and cater to these egotistical, utterly trashy people. As the rights of the other patients have been so shamefully violated, all federal funding should be pulled from the hospital, every doctor with any morality at all should pull their papers and never practice there again, the unions should pull a strike and every potential patient should find another hospital in protest.

    Oh, wait – that can’t happen. Beyonce et al are black, and it’s a well known fact that it is impossible for a black to violate the rights of a white

    1. Fair Is Fair says:

      That’s sad but true. It’s a well known fact that black people can’t be and are not racist in any way. And white people are racist especially if they don’t support black causes or organisations or politicians. Sorry, but it’s true !

      1. Offended says:

        Same thing happened to me. When asked who I was voting for, in the last presidential election, and I answered John McCain, I was told outright that I was a racist; the person with whom I was speaking was black. That’s when my point of view started to change.

        1. Chickenooble says:

          You should’ve called the black person racist for not voting for the white guy.

          1. Offended says:

            I was thinking about that but, I thought, that would make me like the fool who was judging me !

          2. demsvoteblindly says:

            Not sure what was more racist… blacks voting 99% for a black man even though they knew nothing about him. They asked Obama’s voters what they liked most about him and why they voted for him… then read off McClain’s positions on things and 9 our of 10 liked McCain’s stance… just pointed out how racist they were. They voted for him cause he was black and only reason why.

            1. Daizy says:

              Yes, our reason for voting for obama was the same reason why you didn’t vote for obama. he’s black …. LOL! Have nice day ; ) Racist.

        2. Shrinks in the pool says:

          People who accuse others of racism are examples of the old psychology theory of PROJECTION, only racists accuse others of racism, because they they feel everyone must be racist if they are. So that explains Jesse Jackson.

          1. Sammy says:

            Do you mean: “It takes one to know one”?

        3. Shannon Kimbrell says:

          Let me say, I had the same thing happen to me and I left the job for fear of my life! I was listening to my ipod and they were a yaking away when they motioned for me to take off my earphones. I did, then they proceeded to ask who I voted for in the election. I refused to comment telling them that is my constitutional right. They proceeded to call me racist and every word in between, then they threatened to cut me with “kinives:”. This hostility went on every day and the management knew it and agreed it was a hostile work enviroment but never did anything to correct the situtation. I left the job.

          1. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

            EOE hires. I’ve worked around them too and it was intolerable.

      2. private says:

        not true – by definition racist is:
        1.animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races
        2.belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior
        #1 applies to anyone – historically, #2 has applied (look at your history books) to those considered “white”. – though, its crossed into the “black” race by those who had light colored skin and decided to believe #2 (even when they would be considred “black” under that stupid 1-drop, or whatever it was, blood rule)
        whomever you’ve been talking with (those below this comment and the one to which i’m responding) – you’re wrong
        the issue in this string is about money and ethics — someone said it best in one of the posts — a hospital should have a private wing (floor, whatever) that celebrities (or, really, just those with cash who wish to spend it as they choose, which is their right, its their money) so long as it is not putting other people in harm’s way or keeping others from their own (like parents who want to see their children)
        the hospital (according to what we’ve seen, we may not know the whole story) just screwed up — knowing that other parents had children on the floor, they should have been given some type of securtiy badge/clearance to see their child and check their phones (as they made the hospital staff do, again, if that is true based on what we’ve seen/heard/read) before seeing thier little loved one — then the story could have a happy ending and a story for their children to tell their grandchildren, “hey, I was born when b’s/j-z’s baby was born and was on the same floor, yadda yadda tadda” — it would have been more positive … now, it isn’t . now, its how can we sue the hospital for not letting us have access to our child who was in the NICU…… so wrong …. so very very wrong……

        1. Poor Me says:

          You’re obviously a member of Mensa and, intelectually, well above me but, what the heck are you talking about ?

          1. private says:

            funny – i was responding to “fair is fair” comment but it fell at the end of all replys and so, it would appear to be out of nowhere — mensa — i’ll take that (even if it was said tongue in cheek, sarcastically…)

      3. hot grammy says:

        That’s supposed to be sarcastic, I hope!

      4. Mama & Papa supporter says:

        Mama Coulon is not white y’all, just saying! Dont make this a race thing…..

    2. Bob says:

      Amen to that. You hit the nail right on the head it is impossible for a black to viloate the rights of a while. I am glad someone else see the reality of the situation.

      1. Bob says:

        White not while…:-)

    3. Bradley Allen says:

      Yes, the way the culture is, because of slavery and racism, blacks must commit the same level of abuse on whites, so it balances out. This is printed in books, the racist loser Spike Lee would spout it daily, its the teaching out there that blacks must harm whites as payback for the racism.

      Long ago i wanted to be “super rich” which meant having a diamond coated car, and whatever else, then looking at these gutter trash celebrities who show off their millions? It so sickens me that I would never want to be like that. How is it that America struggles financially yet people who peddle such trash have cash?

      Thats bad enough, but block me out of the ICU for the reasons stated? there is going to be trouble.

  6. FckJayZnB says:

    Let me guess…the taxpayer is paying for this.

    1. Michael H. says:

      How did you come to this mind bending conclusion?

  7. P. Ahns says:

    “Other Parents Claim They Couldn’t Get Access To Their Newborns Due To Birth Of Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Baby”

    Of course they couldn’t.

    Who do these other parents think they are anyway, Jay-Z and Beyonce?

    Attention: Commoners, remove your infirm and infants. Make way for their Highnesses…

    1. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      Why would anyone name a child Blue Ivy? She will hate them when she is older.

      1. Lex Icon says:

        At least it’s better than the name they had picked out for a boy:

        “Blue Toe”

        After Popeye’s nemesis, we assume…

  8. PaPa Joe says:

    What amazes me is the number of emotional responses in a short period of time this non-story has inspired. Another puplished article drew well over 100 responses in an equally short period of time. It seems the folks, including me, are quite disturbed about what happened – and – this is a good thing.

    1. Deb Budd says:

      It’s only a non-story to those who don’t believe that limousine liberals aren’t waging class warfare and dividing this country like never before.

  9. Snackie says:

    The only section of a hospital those 2 should have to themselves is the oncology ward

    1. wascal51 says:


  10. Tom Tucker says:

    “the singer and husband Jay-Z paid the hospital around $1.3 million.” Well there you go, then. Money trumps mercy every time when it comes to hospital care in America today. Just wait until they start deciding who lives or dies based upon cost expenditures and profit margins. Thanks Obama.

    1. ridiculous says:

      You’re incredibly ignorant.

      “Just wait until they start deciding who lives or dies based upon cost expenditures and profit margins.

      THEY ALREADY DO, it’s call FOR-PROFIT healthcare insurance where you are denied coverage and only the rich people get transplants.

      1. Justme says:

        I got a transplant. Thank goodness it wasn’t based on money because I’m certainly not “rich,” not even close. Thank goodness Obamacare wasn’t in place or it wouldn’t have happened. Yep, incredibly ignorant…oh, not Tom Tucker though.

      2. yesyouare says:

        But when there are no more rich people, who is going to pay for your free health care?

        Ridiculous indeed.

  11. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Ahh yes, respect shown to a class of people where no respect is ever given.

    1. Cheryl Boyd says:

      Respect is different from special treatment. No one’s child is more valuable than another and to deny parents the opportunity to visit their critically ill infants is just wrong. These people just walked in and paid for their priveleges that then were denied to those who were just normal, average patients. Gives a whole new meaning to “Occupy.”

    2. Cheryl Boyd says:

      Plus, Barry, respect is earned not just given. If people are disrespectful to others do they deserve respect in return? If people are rich or famous is that alone reason for them to be respected? If they are a certain race, creed, or religion, is that alone the basis for respect regardless of how they treat others? It doesn’t make any sense.

  12. Sandra says:

    Now there is another Monarch Mind Control Victim born into a MMC family. Poor baby. She doesn’t have a chance. And it is totally not fair that this hospital did such an outrageous thing to other parents. I don’t care how much you make or how popular you think your sucky music is, you don’t own the world and it doesn’t revolve around you.

    1. American Infidel says:

      I can understand the hospital wanting to protect their property from the fans (fanatics) of those two “parents,” but they should have put her some place where it did not interfere with other parents wanting to hold and/or care for their desparately ill babies. And I agree, their so-called “music” is sucky. The rapper and the urban yodeler must be doing quite well to afford to pay 1.3 million to block the floor from anyone but their family and friends..

    2. Chris says:

      Well, obviously they DO, and obviously in this case it DOES. No doubt it shouldn’t be that way, but when you are allowed to ‘rent’ a hospital floor to the detriment of other patients, then obviously they do ‘run’ things. Unfortunately, millions of fans allow them to continue to act that way.

      Welcome to the celebrity Animal Farm where ‘All animals are equal; some are more equal than others’

  13. Sid says:

    They would have had to take me out in handcuffs if those goons stopped me from seeing my newborn. Shame on Lennox hill. Disgraceful. Jay Z support for OWS. What a hypocrite. another egotistical pompous jerk.

    1. Kenny says:

      Agreed! I would’ve gone nuts!!!!!

    2. Daniel says:

      You said it, Sid!

      1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

        Well said, Sid – in many peoples’ minds, this is how the top 1% stereotypically behaves.

  14. Ted Wagoner says:

    Sorry but if I have a child in ICU it is going to take a hell of a lot more to keep me away from them,,

  15. Aj says:

    It’s funny how many people put up with this crap from clowns that call themselves “artists.” Had it been a child of mine in that ward there would have been more than one punkmonkey with his teeth on the floor.

  16. E. Morales says:

    This kind of stuff happens all the time, celebrities having their babies in hospitals and everyone else just has to deal with all the drama and celebrity status that comes along with it. Really not fair for all new parents who are going through the stresses of being a parent, I have a 2-year old myself and remember how much stress it was. Then, you can’t see your baby because Mr. and Mrs. celebrity paid millions so they can own the floor themselves. Not right. Beyonce and Jay-Z will continue to make millions and people will still continue to give them attention, but this kind of stuff just makes you realize that they don’t care about you and I…they just want your $$ and only care for themselves.

    1. polly joe says:

      Well I’m pretty tired of this crap with performers being treated like royalty. People are you sick of this crap? Time to get on your high horse and say NO I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

    2. JamesT says:

      Totally right! the other parents should SUE the hospital and the two jerks. that type of behaviour is totally getto and is intolable!

    3. ROBERT MCCLUNG says:


    4. Jen says:

      This is an issue the hospital has to take care of. If the Carter’s baby was actually delivered at the hospital and they paid for a certain amount of privacy, then this is what they got. If other relatives and friends of patients had a problem gaining access to the areas they wanted, then they have to take up their issue with the hospital. I pay for what I want as well and expect what I pay for to be given to me. This situation is no different. The fact that this guy complained to the media rather than the hospital clearly shows what his motivation was.

    5. Candy Martin says:

      Exactly E! That’s why people should STOP BUYING THEIR ALBUMS!

    6. Mamaof5 says:

      Well said, well said. I agree..

    7. india says:

      First I would like to say as a mother of seven children there is know way that I could have kept a mother from its child .I say that celebrities are not no diffrent from us because all in all we are all human.I say to that the hospital staff they should be very ashamed of themselves,and i pray that God will forgive you for putting that parent in that state of mind because they didn’t know if everything was alright with thier new born,and if it wasn’t you wouldn’t tell them no way because it was the Cater family,and if Mr.& Mrs.Carter really did have a baby of their on then as parents theirselves would apologize to that family,and if they don’t then thats just devlish.

  17. TroyG says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t buy CDs from anyone anymore.
    Seriously, these idiots are made famous by ignorant groupies, and then they act like they are royalty!

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      This has mothing to do with music moron but if you need an irrational eason not to not enjoy msuci – go right ahead. . Plenty of respectful wealthy people who go to hostpitals that woudln’t expect special treatment at the expense of other patients. Sad comment on Jay-Z/Beyonce and Lennox Hill Hostpital.

  18. Carlos says:

    so freaking rude, so unfair to other parents. I know this celebrities do feel they have the right to stop the world as they walk by it. But there must be a limit, and that limit must be exercised in a place like a hospital, where every patient whether is a old person in his last moments, or a regular check up…or a newborn in the newborn ward; must have equal and respectful treatment. I am so conflicted by this lack of real connection to the world by this people. Shameful!

  19. Big Dumb Ape says:

    This article managed to leave out a BIG detail, which makes the situation even more of a CROCK. The article states (quote): “Lenox Hill hospital tells CBS 2 putting a hallway on lockdown for a patient is not uncommon and is usually done for safety reasons. The hospital says it does not rent out floors, but it wasn’t ready to comment on specific measures taken this past weekend.” Well, those so-called specific measures the hospital is trying to cover up is that in weeks PRIOR to the delivery, they let the celebrity couple REDO Beyonce’s pre-reserved room — right down to installing bulletproof glass and taping over windows, so that nothing could be seen. Plus several private guards were hired to stand guard at all times, and THEY were the ones blocking parents from seeing the other babies in the ward. In fact, it’s now being reported that these same morons kept HOSPITAL STAFF from making certain rounds just to accommodate the celebrity couple. So think about THAT. Jay-Z and Beyonce were so egotistical and self-serving that they actually detained DOCTORS and NURSES from seeing the other prenatal babies, many of whom needed attention, just to have their way. And the reason they got away with it is because Lenox Hill Administration was willing to look the other way, simply because they wanted to pocket the cool million that Jay-Z was shelling out. They should be ASHAMED of themselves and issue a public apology. Heck, that million they pocketed should be used to pay the hospital bills of the OTHER families who were brushed aside, to try and make up for all the emotional turmoil that THOSE parents were put through at a clearly stressful time.

    1. Hmmm... says:

      All this is going to do is fuel the rumors that she wasn’t even pregnant to begin with and a surrogate carried the babies. GEEEZ…they are a couple of craptastic celebrities, not the first family. I don’t think Mariah Carey or Celine Dion are as a big a diva as this chick.

    2. Carlos says:

      Wow…imagine….even worse is this situation. Amazing this can happen in a hospital in America. Once again….shameful!

    3. Yeah Yeah says:

      Isn’t this how you libertarians want it? Jay-Z and Beyonce pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. They have the money. They can do with it what they want, right? If the other parents wanted this type of care they should have pulled their bootstraps harder.

      1. zaugg says:

        Why do you confuse liberty with this trash couple? Their rights stop at infringing on the rights of the other affected parents. Your class envy is shining through.

        1. Yeah Yeah says:

          The other parents had a right to chose another hospital, right? Alternatively, they had a right to spend 2.5 million dollars or whatever and bring body guards into the hospital.

          Don’t you see the hypocrisy of simultaneously being outraged by this story and being against equality in health care? My “class envy” might be shining through, but I think some “-ism” might be shining through on many of these comments.

          1. Eric says:

            Libertarians believe you have the right to do what you want, as long as it doesnt harm or otherwise impede the rights of other people….get a clue.

            1. Power to the Peop..Corporations says:

              You refusing to help the poorest of the poor with reliable health care impedes on the rights of those people to live and help grow a stronger America. By being a stick-in-the-mud you are harming others. Just like Jay-Z and Beyonce supposedly harmed all of those helpless little babies.

              Libertarianism, more than any other belief system, is filled to the brim with hypocrisy when tested in the real world.

      2. Big Dumb Ape says:

        First of all, I don’t know who exactly you’re replying to. But if it was me, I’m NOT a Libertarian. I’m actually a fairly middle of the road style Independent. NOT that politics matter in this ANYWAY, but nice try at creating a smokescreen to mask or to pitifully defend Jay-Z and Beyonce’s clearly atrocious behavior.

        Bottom line: it’s a freaking HOSPITAL. Which means that — on a purely human level — ANYONE who was staying there was due the compassion of an ill person needing medical attention, certainly to the degree that they had TO BE in a hospital. And that would ESPECIALLY be true of helpless prenatal babies who need careful monitoring and attention, not to mention the compassion that should be shown to all the other parents who had newborns at the same time as these two egotistical nitwits.

        Oh, and since you’re so proud of the way these two clowns “pulled up their bootstraps” and are spending their money, Yeah Yeah, how about a trade? Given that Lenox Hill is still a PUBLIC hospital that receives taxpayer money, how about Lexon Hill Administration keeps Jay-Z’s lousy million, but RETURNS all the other taxpayer money they received? If they want to cater to rich celebs or only to whoever writes the biggest check, that’s fine by me. Just make sure Mayor Bloomberg calls over and CANCELS the checks they received using taxpayer money that the rest of NYers actually paid for!

    4. Bradley Allen says:

      ashamed and apologize? NO WAY! they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and then be deported and sent to Gitmo.

      Bullet proof glass? what kind of criminals are these that they would bring in the low life thugs into a hospital area where CIVILIZED people need and use a hospital? let me guess, Oprah and other black on white racist pigs are fully okay with what happened?

      Its not illegal aliens that make hospitals bad, its the hospital decision makers! then you got thugs who shoot at each other wanting to bring in their criminal lifestyle to an infant ICU???

      This is not worthy of an apology, as that would imply someone with the faculty to know they did something wrong. The celebrity/thugs pushed their criminal lifestyle into an ICU, obviously the thug visitors were heavily armed and ready for a gunfight.

  20. BigBoa says:

    The mighty Boa would boycott their silly CDs, but he doesn’t buy them anyways….

    Just more members of the “do as we say, not as we do” crowd….. O’Bozo supporters all…..

  21. Reagan Rules says:

    Jay Z is a punk. Just research the people renting in a building he owns. He sends thugs to harass them.


  22. SimpleLogic says:

    These are the same people who let us how to live our lives. They vote for Obama so that the “middle class” get a chance. SURE – until they want something and then it is screw you. When U vote, vote with knowldege, research your candidates and stop litensing to their US and THEM speech – the THEM is the politican tell US what to do.

  23. Jeremy says:

    And this guy was aligned with the occupiers? Does anyone see the hypocrisy of these elitists? I have no issue with wealth and or buying a floor of the hospital, but the hypocrisy of Jay Z and the ignorance of the vast majority Occupiers is maddening.

    1. Hammer says:

      How can you not have an issue with them buying the floor of a PUBLICLY-FUNDED hospital? You and half the posters on here are missing the main point. THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE HOSPITAL. Do you understand what that means? How about if I pay a school for the 6th grade classroom for my child for two weeks, and they lock down the hallways and deny access to class to the rest of the students? Would you have a problem with that?

      1. Bradley Allen says:

        if its an intensive care unit and there are infants who need the care of Nurses and Doctors, but some lowlife thugs block access to the infants?

        What next? did the JZ thugs install their own metal detector checkpoint? so if one of their thug friends goes thru and the machine is silent they stop them, hand them some weapons and make them go back thru before going to the hospital ICU?

        when is a Democrat that shuts down a freeway so they can get a haircut or stalls an airline flight (as Clinton and Edwards did) that’s bad but it has some reason to it. When uncivilized street thug animals use cash to lock down a hospital and put children in harms way? its a domestic terrorist event

  24. MacCane says:

    And folks keep buying their music and paying good money to see their concerts. As if their child’s poop don’t stink. All these ‘artists’ need to be brought down a notch or two, you think?

  25. lenny says:

    Boycott all Beyoncee and Jay Z. This is ridiculous

  26. Bees says:

    Once Beyonce took off her wig, make-up and Spanx, no one would have recognized her anyway!!! Shame on the hospital for the interruption of bonding between the little ones and their families………. No one is more special than a baby in NICU!!

  27. buggaz says:

    This cow of a woman and her equally idiotic husband need a good public caning.

  28. David Moore says:

    Shame on these parents
    Nobody and I mean nobody would deprive me of my rights to see my baby over some celebrities percieved rights.

  29. Vince says:

    I am so sick of pampered, preening, self-centered and entitled celebrities. When my wife delivered at Lenox Hill, there were two celebs that gave birth at the same time, and they acted and were treated like everyone else. These two think they are the center of the world. Meanwhille, someone like Frank Sinatra had more talent in his pinky than Jay_Z has in his whole body.

  30. Retired 1SG says:

    Obviously this hospital no longer sees itself as a public hospital, but rather a private one. As such, it should NO LONGER receive public (city, state, or federal) funding. You people of New York should be up in arms about this travesty, but,then again, since it doesn’t include the opportunity for conservative bashing, you won’t say anything!! I love it. Two “supporters” of the 99%rs screwing them over. Go ahead and show them how you feel…buy more of thier cds!!

  31. kimdi01 says:

    This this proves what the egotistical, selfiserving people with money, more concerned about themselves and their status will do to pamper themselves. The hospital is as much to blame as these people who feel they are the center of the universe when they have done nothing to deserve such treatment. It makes one wonder why the public would put up with these. They should be made to pay for the other patients discomfort during that time, and pay BIG.

  32. the bandid says:


    1. Nico says:

      “You can take the boy and girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them”. These people are trash with money.

  33. Nancy says:

    I think it’s horrendous that Lenox Hill Hospiral deprived parents being with their babies. The administration needs a formal reprimand and the whole thing should be investigated. What because they are celebrities and have money they can do what they want, I really don’t think so. Shame on you Lenox Hill Hospital & Beyonce.

  34. Denny says:

    I imagine it has more to do with security issue than anything else. Back off folks!

    1. private says:

      agree about the security but, they could have delivered at home and had all the privacy (sans helicopters over their home, etc.) they needed — I believe $1.3million would have paid for that and then some…

    2. elizabethrc says:

      Would you be telling us to back off if it was you being denied access to your child?
      This has less to do with special privileges for monied people than it does with people with no breeding, no social conscience and is just another example of ‘street people’ indulging in obnoxious behaviour.

    3. Think about it says:

      Then Beyonce should have delivered her children at another hospital that could have provided security without disrupting the care of the other patients–and this hosptial should have told them that they couldn’t provide the security they wanted up front.

    4. Mary Urech Stallings says:

      NICU is for seriously premature or ill babies. The parents should be allowed 24/7 access. You back off.

    5. Meloday says:

      re: I imagine it has more to do with security issue than anything else. Back off folks!

      Yes, it does have to do with security, but when Beyonce’s make-up artist and entourage have easier access to the NICU than do the fathers and families of premature babies, it goes beyond a simple security issue!

    6. Gloria Guerriera says:

      Why am I told to slow down because I am posting to quickly. Did I say something the screeners did not agree with.

  35. ThrowObummerOut says:

    SUE ‘EM!

    1. Mary Urech Stallings says:

      What if one of those babies had died without the parents by her/his side. Yes, sue the hospital.

      1. Hammer says:

        Thank you, Mary Stallings. Finally, in this long thread, someone stated the obvious. This is neo-natal INTENSIVE CARE. These are babies that are completely at risk, some on deaths doorstep. This is not a wing you deny any parent access to. This has NOTHING to do with “bonding” with your baby as some have stated.

  36. homero says:


    1. artemis133 says:

      Namaste, homero.

  37. Sam says:

    Thats what happens when you have your baby in a place where celebrities do. I have no idea why these celebrities don’t just have their babies at the hospital then move to a posh hotel with a nurse after a few hours. or better yet they should have a private delivery suite on a floor away from everyone else

  38. Dennis Rutherford says:

    I think it is absolutely hillarious that you morons ar complaining. You are the very people who give these clowns their celebrety status.

    1. Sam says:

      Don’t put that responsibility on me. I do not support these ‘people’ in any way, shape or form. You may be guilty of that, but don’t blame the rest of us!

    2. Not Guilty says:

      I’ve never bought any of their albums and don’t listen to their music. The only reason I even know who they are is because I have to stare at their ugly mugs on the cover of magazines while I wait in line at the supermarket.

      1. Hammer says:

        LOL…me too! Great comment.

  39. carlb says:

    well if he can buy a whole floor for over a maillion he could have set up a neo natal icu in his own home and paid the doctors and nurses to come to his house to deliver and watch the premie. it looks like money is the thing at lennox hospital. about 1.5 million would have covered the whole price tag on the home gig and also the clean up later and a bonus a tax break for donating all the equipment to the hospital for there use. rich people do not think they just do what they want and get away with it! maybe next time. lol

  40. Susan says:

    Had this celebrity couple really wanted a private birth for their child they have the means to have had a home birth attended by all the physicians and equipment they needed. The hospital administration should be ashamed.

  41. exBronxite says:

    Unfair? How about TOTALLY DISGRACEFUL! Has the once-great Lenox Hill Hospital become THAT desperate that they have to cater to former well-known Brooklyn drug dealers like Jay -Z to pay their bills? If I were to collapse in Manhattan I’d rather go to a city hospital now; at least I’d get the same treatment as the drug dealers there. And my doctor is a affiliated with Lenox Hill!

  42. Lebek Johnson says:

    Us and them. The new American aristocracy.

  43. Wondering says:

    I wonder what Jay-Z and Betonce are thinking abot the ruckus this has started.

    1. fred says:

      They have not given it a first thought, let alone a second.

  44. Crashing Boulder says:

    There is your ‘celebrity’ run amok for you. These hospital administrators should be fired for allowing this kind of abject nonsense to occur in their hospital. Celebrity stops at the door in a situation like this. Shame on all of them.

  45. hOMERO says:


    1. Hammer says:

      Homero, please give the caps key a rest. We recognize your passion, but that’s hard to look at.

  46. PaPa Joe says:

    Mr. Coulon is totally correct. My twin grandsons were in the NICU for ten days. Where do you think Grandma and Grandpa were each of those ten days? Lenox Hill Hosp. has a lot of explaining to do and, maybe a refund to Mr. Coulon – Ha Ha – The hospital will not make any comment though because of OBRA, the law addressing, among other things, patient privacy. So, Mr. Coulon, good fortune to you, mommy and the children. Happy New Year !

  47. lenny says:

    give me a break, this is from the same guy that showed support for the OWS’ers, then sold t-shirts for his profit, then pulls a elitist move like this. Take your support and shove it HYPOCRITE

    1. Paul Revere says:

      It never gets old watching you OWS people slowly learn your lesson one betrayal at a time by all your heroes, cheerleaders, and flawed “ideas”.

      1. mary beason says:

        Way to lump all OWS supporters in the same category. You just show how ignorant you are. I support the OWS movement but Jay Z, Byonce, not Russell Simmons for that matter, have ever been nor will ever be my heros. I doubt they are for most who support the OWS movement.

  48. JERSEY MOM says:


    1. LMB says:

      good for you – CT is a better state to be born in anyway….

      1. JERSEY MOM says:

        GOOD LUCK!!!!

    2. private says:

      agree agree agree .– my baby was in the NICU when she was born and the first days/hours are bonding time — that is PRICELESS — JayZ/Beyonce — shame on you!

      1. LSKKMa says:

        .If they want the privacy let them have 2 rooms, one for mother and one for baby or have rooming in so the baby is with the mother. This nonsense of cordoning off the the nursery and hallways from other new parents and their visitors is insane. If the hospital allowed the whole floor to be purchased by JayZ (questionable report) it should not have been the Maternity floor unless the hospital was going to refuse all maternity cases in the time frame that B & J were due..

        1. Mary Wright Pippert says:

          If they wanted provacy they should have hired a staff and had the baby at home.

  49. J Fruch says:

    That’s a load of garbage. They shouldn’t be treated any different than any other patient. Someone needs to give them both a swift kick in the butt to bring them back to the real world.

  50. Curtis S. Lawson says:

    First off that claim sounds bogus. They did that because they didn’t want people to try and get photos of the kid to sell to tabloids and websites all over the world. Now the hospital is going to have to suffer for this nonsense.

    1. Charles says:

      Then have your baby in your house if you want that kind or privacy. Or better yet try now to draw attention to yourself – Most people in the world would not recognize you idiots or care who you are in the first place – if you just came in and acted like a normal patient, then you would be treated as such. I doubt any parents there cared 2 cents about snapping a stupid pict of their ugly kid they are their only to look at be with their new born.
      Those areas of the hospital are locked down anyway and the only ones granted access are the parents and close family none of which cares about these loosers.

      1. Denny says:

        You are mean and should be ashamed. Why the hate?

        1. Paul Revere says:

          They earned it. If you want “privacy” hire your own doctor to deliver at home. You use a public facility, namely a hospital…and ESPECIALLY a neonatal intensive care unit, then you need to be considerate and respectful to others who also have need of that public facility and cant or choose not to pay the staff to lock YOU out. The hospital admin should have done the right thing and refused their money and told them they will get the same privacy that everyone gets or else they can go elsewhere. I dont pin this on two morons from the entertainment industry, I dont expect much better out of them. I do and should expect better out of hospital administration.

          1. JERSEY MOM says:

            I heard the they put tape over the camera lenes and ordered the staff to turn in their cell phone at the start of their shift.What they were hiding is the fact she didnt carry her own child and paid some one to carry her pregnancy.Yes it was her eggs and his sperm but she didnt want her figure ruined!!!!!!! SHALLOW.Money is the root of all evil,WHEN YOU DIE YOUR NOT TAKING IT WITH YOU!!!! YOUR BOTH CAUGHT UP IN EARTHLY MATERIAL THINGS.HELP PEOPLE WITH YOUR WEALTH.SAD WORLD

      2. bubby says:

        Hmmm. I guess noone wanted to see your “ugly” kids?

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