NEW YORK(CBSNewYork)Mayor Michael Bloomberg is defending Donald Trump’s plan to operate the long promised golf course at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx. The plan will reportedly cost the city $97 million to build and Trump will be given four years to begin generating revenue.

1010 WINS Reporter Juliet Papa

Trump was given a 20-year deal to run the course, beginning in the fifth year he will have to generate an annual revenue of $300-thousand. The plan is for the 18-hole course to open in 2014 under the name “Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park.”

“We have to pick from whoever is willing to run a golf course. These are not terribly profitable things, and in this day and age more golf courses are closing rather than opening across the country,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Comment From Mayor Bloomberg

Trump plans to use the facility to host PGA events as well as other events in the course’s banquet hall which will be able to accommodate up to five-hundred people.

Greens fees will cost nearly three times the amount of fees at other city courses, reserving a tee time for Friday through Sunday will cost $125.

Trump has plunged a mere $10-million of his $7-billion net worth into the course, according to the Daily News. He will be responsible for building the clubhouse, a snack bar, and the course’s fairways and greens.

Some groups were less than pleased with the announcement.

“It’s outrageous that the public is paying to build a championship golf course for Donald Trump,” said Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates. “We will never make back our investment. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Croft went on to accuse the city of cozying up to Trump and giving him a “sweetheart deal.”

“It’s a boondoggle giveaway from one billionaire to another,” he told CBS2’s Don Dahler.

“There is no reason that the public should be paying for this, and at the end of the day the public isn’t going to be making any money from this,” Croft said.

And local residents questioned the need for a golf course in the neighborhood.

“Listen, mostly in this neighborhood we just need a supermarket,” said Jose Rodriguez, who lives in a local senior citizen’s center.

But according to the city, Trump’s proposal was the best choice.

“Trump’s was by far the strongest proposal,” park spokesman Zachary Feder said. “In both the other deals, there was far less committed capital with lower fees to the city.”

The mayor said that while golf courses aren’t profitable, this option was cheaper than meeting the environmental standards needed turn all the land into a park.

The original proposal for the Jack Nicklaus designed course was made in 1998 by Mayor Giuliani but was met with  delays and cost problems.

Trump and his staff understand that similar pitfalls could await them in the future.

“It’s a risky deal. We think it will be successful, but its success comes with a price,” said Trump Vice President Ron Lieberman.

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Comments (8)
  1. John Pagano says:

    Can the city really afford to front $97 million dollars for a golf course, when our schools are in financial trouble?
    It clearly indicates where our mayor’s thinking is; let’s create another play ground for the NYC billionaires. and screw the middle class and the poorer people of the city.
    Have we not learned building a golf course on land fill, does not work, ( Liberty State Park),.
    When the course first opened they played a golf tournamnt there, major players participated, Tiger Woods.
    It was a disaster the pros refused to play another tournamnet there because, of the bugs, the ordor and the fairways and greens that were wet and spongy.
    In the Bronx there is the oldest public golf course in the USA, (Van Cortland Park).
    Have the city invest $10 million and build a new chub house to hold events and re deign the course there.
    Bring the course up to todays standards.
    If Trump is so positive that this golf course will be so successful, why doesn’t he fund the building of the course and lease the golf course to the city for 99 years and the city will pay a yearly fee for the leasing of the course.
    Anyone that get’s involved with a Trump deal the only one that benefits is the “Donald” all his partners get screwed.
    And this deal will also screw the city and the citizen’s of NYC.

  2. pugphan says:

    That course is like the 2nd AV subway- it ain’t neva gon happen, not in me life time anyway. smokersodysseycom

  3. The Realist says:

    Why does government need to subsidize GOLF?

  4. Vernon Hell says:

    In a redux of the French Revolution, Bloomberg and Trump would be among the first to have their heads roll into the basket in front of a cheering crowd.

  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Donald Trump is a typical ruling class bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat.

    Go Occupy.

  6. Sam Cherubin says:

    The thing I don’t get it a billionaire who owns a humongous tower in NYC and sits on of almost the US government is in debt!? I think instead of having these people who either dislike or like the idea of a golf course in the Bronx, Trump has the money and can build it himself without the City of New York to help out only $97 million. It doesn’t seem fair to the people.

  7. can anybody say.... says:

    dude, give it a rest with the tanning already.

  8. Pope John Ratslapper says:

    There appears to be a golf course on his head.

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