When today’s radio show began, it sounded as if Craig had not learned a thing after picking against the New York football Giants last Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.  As you know, the Giants went out and throttled the Falcons setting up Sunday’s date with destiny in Green Bay.

Craig believes Sunday will mark the day this Giants ride comes to an end.  Boomer wasn’t ready to go write the Giants off just yet, but it is clear the former NFL MVP is rather impressed by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers performance on the field, particularly since December 26th of 2010.

You see, that day Rodgers (25-37, 404 yards, 4 TDs) and the Packers torched the Giants 45-17 at Lambeau Field.  In Boomer’s opinion, what Rodgers has done since then is unparalleled.  With that said, it is clear the Giants will have their hands full come Sunday.

Some terribly sad news surrounding the Packers, as offensive coordinator Mike Philbin’s son Joe – who had been reported reported missing – was reportedly found dead Monday.  Boomer & Craig discussed the loss and what effect it might have on Sunday’s game.

On a lighter note, Craig informs Boomer that some guy named Jerry Ferrara – who’s acting resume includes a role as a ‘Turtle’  and little else – hates him.  After figuring out who this ‘Turtle’ playing fella was, Boomer didn’t seem all that torn-up by the news.

In other news, while Boomer prepares to co-host alongside Kelly Ripa tomorrow on ABC’s ‘Live with Kelly’ – Craig tries to put on a happy face, as he was obviously on edge out of fear of losing his radio partner to the bright lights of TV…

LISTEN: Aaron Rodgers Poses Stiff Test For Big Blue – And He Knows It (01/10)

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